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Even though Nora dropped the charges against Clint for Eddie's murder, the judge sent him to jail anyway. Bo learned that Nate had had an altercation with Matthew after finding out that Matthew had killed Eddie. Rex admitted to seeing Gigi, and he was certain she was still alive. Everyone reacted to the man with the scar's claims in a different way; not everyone was happy to see him. John received the DNA test results.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 1, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, August 1, 2011

After the debacle of the Vicker Man preview at the Palace, Rex hid behind a curtain and pointed his gun at various members of the Manning family. The family had gathered to hear Tomas' revelation. "This man is not Todd Manning," Tomas simply stated as he pointed at Todd. "I am," the man with the scar announced as he stepped into view.

Aghast, Blair, Téa, and Starr looked at the man. "Oh, my God," Starr gasped. The man repeated, "I'm Todd Manning. And I'm home." Starr walked over to the man and reached up to touch his cheek. She pulled her hand away quickly, as if the man's cheek were too hot to touch. "Dad," Starr whispered. "Hi," the man replied gently. Starr recounted how Sam had claimed to have a friend with a line on his face. "Oh, my God, you're real," Starr said anxiously.

"I'm real. And you're not," the man said to Todd. "And I need you to stay the hell away from my family," the man concluded. Todd appeared to be amused. "Where have you been?" Blair asked the man. He explained that he'd been locked up for eight years, and he had no knowledge of the where or why. The man advised Blair that she'd kept him alive. It was the thought of being with his family again that had helped him.

In the meantime, Rex received a goodnight text message from Shane. Rex had second thoughts about shooting someone, and he departed the hotel.

The man with the scar explained that he had tried to get back for all of those years. He had wanted to be with the love of his life, but someone else had taken his place. "This guy's out of his mind," Todd grumbled. The man was certain that Blair knew in her heart who the man was. Blair had believed that the man had been dead. Todd continued to insist that the man was "nuts," and the man had kidnapped Sam.

The man maintained that he'd only been trying to get Todd's attention. He'd wanted to understand why Todd had taken everything from him. Todd pointed out that the man had attacked Jack. Blair lost her temper. "Todd would never strike his own children," she shouted. She wouldn't give the man a chance to explain. Todd smirked as he took in the scene. The man tried to say that it had been a mistake, but Blair wanted no part of what he had to say.

Finally, the man managed to point out that Jack had changed since the last time he'd seen his son. He hadn't recognized him. Téa had remained quiet, but she suddenly recalled that Tomas had just finished telling everyone that Todd wasn't Todd. She reminded everyone that Todd had asked Tomas not to say anything. "Look at my face," the man said. He mentioned the island that he'd been stranded on with Ross Rayburn and Téa. The man had been married to Téa twice.

At the Manning residence, Nate tried to explain his reason for performing in the porn film, but Dani didn't want to hear it. She was disgusted and upset. Nate managed to get across that he'd been forced to do it, but Dani didn't buy it. She realized that Rick must have known something about Nate, and she demanded that Nate tell her what it was. Nate refused at first, but then awkwardly revealed that Rick had been aware that Nate had done something bad.

Nate confirmed that he'd done something to Matthew, because Matthew had idly stood by as both Nate and Inez had taken the blame for killing Eddie. One of them could have ended up in prison because of Matthew. Nate explained how he'd visited Matthew and had punched him because of Matthew's behavior after Matthew had been the one to kill Eddie all along. Nate hadn't meant to hurt Matthew, but Matthew had hit his head when he'd fallen.

The teens had even engaged in a conversation after the punch and fall, Nate justified. As far as Nate knew, Matthew had been fine when Nate had left the Buchanan residence. Nate had only realized that he might have been to blame for Matthew's injury after Matthew had been hospitalized. Dani was incredulous. She was astonished to hear that Nate might have been the person responsible for Matthew's hospitalization, but she was able to finally understand why Nate had been so concerned about Matthew's condition when he hated Matthew.

Nate admitted that he had felt terrible, but Dani accused him of not telling anyone about it. Nate clarified that Deanna had known, and Deanna had convinced Nate that he wasn't to blame. Sarcastically, Dani stated that of course Nate had told Deanna, because he didn't have a girlfriend, mother, or brothers to tell.

Nate maintained that he had thought Matthew would tell everyone what had happened, but then the teen had taken a turn for the worse. Rick had overheard Nate and Deanna talking in the café, and he'd blackmailed them. Nate hadn't wanted to go to jail. Dani finally comprehended why Deanna had always been around. She pointed out that Matthew might never awaken enough to tell anyone what had happened.

Nate assured Dani that he would never expect her to keep his secret, and she was free to do what she needed to do. He wondered if she would talk to Bo and Nora. Dani was distressed and crying. She had no idea what she'd do with the information, but she knew that she couldn't look at Nate any longer. Matthew was one of her best friends. Nate declared that Deanna and the movie meant nothing to him. He just hadn't wanted to go to jail. Dani was the one who meant everything to him, and he loved her. Dani ordered him out of the house.

Bo and Nora arrived home. Bo received a text message from David that stated how happy he'd been that Bo hadn't been around to see the fiasco that the movie premiere had turned out to be. Nora thought it possible that David might be exaggerating. The couple was interrupted when there was a knock at their front door. It was Destiny. "I had to see you," the teenager confessed.

Destiny apologized for her visit, but Nora advised the girl that she'd been aware that Destiny had something on her mind. Destiny stated that she'd been thinking about Matthew, and she wanted to find out how her friend was doing. Nora suggested that there had been something else that Destiny had wanted to talk about, but the teen maintained that she only wanted an update on Matthew's condition. Bo and Nora eagerly filled her in.

Destiny wondered if the couple had any further information on the possible suspect who'd landed Matthew in the hospital. Bo showed Destiny the bagged gum wrapper again. Destiny thought the wrapper was a "weird" brand. Bo believed that someone had been in the apartment and had fought with Matthew. Destiny swore that she didn't know anything, and she asked the Buchanans to tell Matthew she'd been waiting for him.

Bo appreciated the fact that Destiny and Matthew were such good friends. Nora wondered if the young couple was more than friends, but Destiny hurried out. Bo wondered if what Nora had said were true. Nora indicated that had been her impression. Bo was adamant that there was someone who knew the truth about Matthew's injury.

Destiny made a frantic call to Dani, but she was unable to reach her friend on the phone.

Shaun and Vivian shared a meal at the Buenos Dias Café, and Shaun informed his girlfriend that he could tell that something was bothering her. "Destiny," Vivian stated simply. Shaun pressed Vivian for more details. The doctor declared that she was certain that Destiny had to talk to someone. "Shaun, I think Destiny's pregnant," Vivian finally managed to voice.

Shaun wanted to laugh. He couldn't believe that Destiny of all people would be pregnant. "That's ridiculous," he exclaimed. Destiny had always told him everything, and besides, the only thing Destiny did was hang out with Dani and Matthew. She'd given Darren the boot quite a while before. Shaun looked at Vivian's face. "Wait. Are you telling me Matthew Buchanan and Destiny?" he asked.

Vivian nodded her head. "Yes," she said. Shaun was livid, but Vivian assured him that she wasn't certain. She only knew that Destiny had displayed many of the signs, and the girl appeared to be unwilling to deal with it. If Matthew were the father, Destiny had been pregnant for some time. She advised Shaun to calm down before he broached Destiny on the subject. Vivian informed him that she wanted to be present during the conversation, and Shaun readily agreed.

Destiny ran into Nate outside of the café. She saw his unusual gum wrapper.

John nodded to the police officer to remove Agent Baker's gag, as Baker sat tied to a chair in John's apartment. John inquired about the other man who had been there prior to Baker's arrival. John asked where the man had gone. Baker insisted that the man was his prisoner. John went through Baker's wallet, but Baker ordered John to "stay out of it." He thought that John was in over his head, and he noted that there were many powerful people involved. "Forget about the two Todd Mannings," Baker advised.

John wanted Baker taken to the police station. Baker informed John that John would regret it, but John was willing to take his chances. Baker suggested that the man was probably out shooting people, because the man had taken a gun.

Rex returned home, shaken. He couldn't believe he had been about to shoot someone. He grabbed a framed photo of Gigi and spoke to her. He was shocked that he'd turned into Clint and had almost killed one of the Mannings. Rex had only wanted to have some power, and he wanted the pain to go away, he said to the photo. He had the house and money in exchange for Gigi's heart, but he still didn't have justice. No one had paid for Gigi's death.

Rex was upset. He still had a need for Gigi, and he really didn't want to kill anyone. "I just want you back. Please come back," Rex cried. He looked across the room and saw Gigi, bathed in a white glowing light. He called out to her as he ran in her direction, but she disappeared. Rex ran around the house, trying to find her again. He was unsuccessful. He was certain he'd seen her, and he wondered where she had gone.

John arrived at the Palace and walked into the Manning family meeting. He asked the man to leave with him, reminding the man that he'd been ordered to remain at Todd's place. The man refused to go. He'd been separated from his family long enough. Suddenly, he pulled out the gun and pointed it at Todd. "That man is not going to live one more moment of my life," the man announced.

"Don't do this," John begged the man. The man replied that the one who everyone knew as Todd had taken everything. Todd replied that the man was crazy. John tried to calm the man down, and John ignored Todd. John spoke calmly and quietly to the man, and urged him to not take drastic measures, so that he would be able to get his family back. That wouldn't happen if he shot people, John pointed out.

John stated that they needed to get to the truth, and he didn't want the man to lose everything all over again. John grasped the offered gun from the man and announced that Baker was in custody. Todd pointedly asked whether John and the man were best friends. Todd thought it was all very touching, but he wanted John to arrest the man. Todd rattled off the charges.

John wanted to take the man into confinement, but the man asked about Todd's arrest. Todd had stolen the man's entire life. John assured the man that he knew where to find Todd. An indignant Todd ordered his family to follow him out. Téa stared at the man with Todd's original face. "Téa!" Todd shouted, and insisted, "Our daughter needs us." Téa stood still. "This daughter of yours. Dani. Danielle," the man said to Téa.

Todd shouted about the porn film that Dani's sleazy boyfriend had made, and as Téa ignored him, Todd headed for Starr and Jack. "I'm your father," Todd stated, and he deemed the man a "fruitcake." He reminded Starr that she hadn't doubted his identity when he'd first returned to them. "You didn't doubt me then. You don't doubt me now," Todd advised her. Todd turned to go. Téa finally broke her stare at the man and followed Todd out.

The man wandered over to Starr, who appeared to be on the verge of an anxiety attack. "Whatever he told you to get you to believe he was me, he was lying," the man stated. "But you already know that," he added. He called Starr by her nickname, Shorty, and he thought that Jack would believe him soon enough.

Next, the man walked over to Blair. "You know me," he said. "I don't know," she replied. He was upset and held up their wedding photo. He knew that she remembered that day. He admitted to having stalked her "a little," and he'd overheard a conversation that Blair had had with Starr at La Boulaie. Blair had stated that she'd never been so happy. He leaned over, grabbed her, and began to kiss her.

The man pulled away. "I dare you to ever forget me. I dare you," the man said. He pointed to the people in the photo. "That's you, and that's me. The man who made you so happy," he said. John led him away. Blair grabbed Starr and Jack, and the women cried.

Todd and Téa returned home, and Téa headed for the stairs to check on Dani. Todd stopped her. He touched her back gently. He couldn't believe that Téa thought that the imposter was actually Todd. Téa remained silent. Todd had no idea of who the man was or what he was doing. "I'm Todd Manning," he said. He was Téa's husband and Dani's father, and he had always loved Téa. His wife began to cry and continued up the stairs. Todd was angry with her response.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joey and Kelly arrived at La Boulaie after a trip to England to visit with Zane. They asked about David's movie premiere, and Dorian promptly held up the latest edition of the Sun for them to see. The front-page headline read "EXPOSED" and featured a still photo of Nate Salinger from the porn film. Joey and Kelly heard about the fiasco of the movie premiere, and they also learned that Echo had been released from jail.

Dorian claimed that she was taking the "high road" with Echo, and she'd been more focused on the film anyway. David was excited for Kelly and Joey to view his film, but the couple indicated that they were in a hurry to get to Clint's arraignment. David was disappointed, and he thought that maybe he and Dorian could visit with Bo and Nora and show them the film instead. Dorian thought it would be a good idea for David to spend quality time with his family alone.

Destiny paid a visit to Dani and showed her the cover of the Sun. Dani admitted that she felt like she didn't know Nate at all. Destiny revealed that there was more to tell, and she related the latest news in the search for Matthew's attacker. Destiny told Dani about the gum wrapper that had been found at the Buchanan residence and the assumption that it had belonged to whoever had fought with Matthew.

Destiny explained that the wrapper wasn't from a common brand of gum, and she had seen Nate with the same type of gum when she'd run into him at the café. Nate had known that Matthew had killed Eddie. Dani disclosed that Nate had explained his reasons for doing the porn film. Destiny thought that Dani had an obligation to go to Matthew's parents to tell them the truth.

Dani wasn't certain what her move should be, but she reminded Destiny that Destiny had asked Dani to keep quiet about Matthew's killing Eddie, and Dani had listened to her friend. Dani was more upset about how she'd seen Nate and Deanna having sex in the film, and Dani couldn't get over it. The problem was that Dani still loved Nate, and she wasn't sure if Nate should go to prison for his act.

Dani wanted time to think about things. Suddenly, Destiny began to cry. "I'm pregnant," Destiny told her friend. She informed Dani that no one else knew. Dani advised her friend that she had to go to a doctor, possibly even Vivian. Destiny was certain that she didn't want to see Vivian, because the woman would tell Shaun.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Ford showed Nate the latest edition of the Sun. Ford was angry at his brother for making the porn film, and Nate tried to explain that he'd been blackmailed into doing it. Nate had punched Matthew, because Nate had wanted Matthew to pay. "He killed our dad," Nate informed his brother. Matthew had been okay when Nate had left him, but Rick had eventually learned what Nate had done. Nate had been forced to do the film to stay out of jail.

Ford admitted that he probably would have hit Matthew, too, but he wondered why Nate hadn't told Matthew's parents the truth. Nate explained that Deanna had told him it wouldn't help anyone if Nate had gone to jail, but he was aware that the Buchanans were on the warpath. They were searching for the person who had hurt their son.

Ford still couldn't believe that Nate had consented to making the movie, and he asked whether there might be anyone else who was aware of the truth. Nate confessed that he'd told Dani what he had done to Matthew, and he wasn't aware of what Dani might do with the secret. Ford wanted to understand why Nate hadn't told his brother about it, but Nate maintained that Ford had been involved in his own problems.

Ford thought that maybe Nate should speak to Bo and Nora and explain that it had all been an accident. Nate unwrapped a piece of gum and tucked the package into his pocket. Nate pointed out that it had been a long time since the incident, and he had kept quiet for too long. Ford thought that Nate would have to find out what Dani planned to do.

David ran into the café and saw Nate. He thanked the teen for ruining his movie premiere and told him that he was a horrible actor. David asked Nate for a piece of gum, and Nate handed him the package. He told David to keep all of it.

Shaun and Vivian sat in a booth at the café, and a disappointed Shaun revealed that he hadn't seen Destiny since his last talk with Vivian. He couldn't believe that Destiny was afraid to talk to him. Vivian advised Shaun to tell Destiny he loved her, but she wondered what kind of advice he'd give the teenager. Shaun was at a loss. He painted a picture of Destiny with her teddy bear, and how she was still a child.

Shaun just couldn't understand the idea of Destiny being pregnant, and he admitted that if Matthew were around, he would have been at the teenager's door. Vivian explained that even with birth control, accidents happened. Shaun was adamant that no male should have been anywhere close to Destiny until she turned 30. Vivian stressed the fact that Destiny needed to feel safe. Looking at how pregnant Destiny probably was given Matthew's circumstances, a decision would have to be made soon.

Shaun reiterated that he was unaware of what was best for Destiny, but Vivian reminded him that it was Destiny's choice. Vivian would talk to the girl too. Shaun announced that he was lucky to have Vivian, and she told him that she loved both him and Destiny.

Bo and Nora discussed the fact that it was the day for Clint's arraignment. Bo wondered if Nora had to go through with the court date, and Nora assured Bo that it was her job to prosecute Clint, especially because Clint had confessed to his crimes. It would look suspicious if she didn't go through with it, Nora explained. Bo reminded her that they were aware that Clint hadn't been the one to murder Eddie. Clint's confession had only been okay when they had thought he would die from his heart problems.

Both Nora and Bo agreed that they'd had difficulty sleeping, and they didn't know what they should do as far as Clint was concerned. Nora could only recognize that Matthew had been fighting to get back to his old self, and she couldn't see him going to prison once he returned. She was unable to even think about it. Bo pointed out that someone knew the truth about Matthew, and that person could expose them at any time. Nora understood that it was the person who had hurt Matthew.

Nora had to leave for court; she had no choice. Clint had confessed to the crimes. Bo made a phone call to the rehabilitation hospital and learned that Matthew's condition hadn't improved. Bo was surprised when David turned up and announced that he had the movie premiere for Bo to view.

Bo insisted that it wasn't a good time, but David explained that a private family premiere would be better than the public one he'd scheduled. He'd also bought Bo a breakfast burrito, and it would mean a lot to him if Bo would watch. Bo stated that he was honored, and he agreed. David asked for Nora, but Bo revealed that she was in court for Clint's arraignment. David declared that Clint belonged in prison.

Bo wasn't hungry, but David offered his father some gum. Bo stared at the package and asked where David had obtained the gum. David told Bo that Nate had given it to him.

Viki wheeled Clint into the courtroom before the start of his arraignment. Clint acknowledged that he hadn't wanted his daughters to be there, but he knew that all of his children would be okay. All except for Rex, he added. He was concerned about Rex, especially the way the young man had been conducting business. Viki pointed out that Rex had been grieving, but Clint felt that Rex had shown that there was ice water in his veins.

Clint added that Rex was still greedy and manipulative, and he was headed down a "dark path." Clint, of all people, understood Rex's desire for revenge, but he was worried about Shane. The boy needed a father. Viki asked if Shane was the one who Clint was really worried about. "Of course it is," Clint said firmly.

Viki wanted to concentrate on Clint, and she reminded him that he was being charged for a crime that he hadn't committed. Clint agreed that he had thought he was dying when he'd confessed to killing Eddie to protect Matthew, but another 20 years added on to his possible 90-year sentence didn't matter to him. "It matters to me," Viki stated. She couldn't believe that Clint's first stop after heart surgery had been a courtroom.

Just then, Clint's attorney arrived, and Clint introduced Mr. Higgins to Viki. Clint was aware that he had to plead guilty because he'd confessed to all of the crimes. Higgins implied that he could make charges disappear if Clint desired. Viki read a document that stated that Clint hadn't been in his right mind when he'd confessed, due to the medication and circumstances of his heart problems. Viki wondered if that were true.

Clint pointed out that Viki should be familiar with the situation, and she agreed it was all possible. Joey and Kelly arrived, and Clint voiced his happiness at the couple being together. They belonged together, he added. Nora walked into the courtroom, and Viki approached her. Viki managed to state that she was aware that Clint had been awful, but she was cut short when the court was called to order. The judge had taken his seat.

The judge began to read the list of charges against Clint. There were multiple counts of criminal conspiracy. The list was extensive and included the charges of DNA tampering, kidnapping, and murder in the second degree. Higgins announced that Clint wanted to make a statement.

Clint picked up the paper that contained his already prepared speech, but he crumbled it up instead. "Your Honor, I have nothing to say," Clint said. "On all charges, I plead..." Nora jumped up. "I have something to say," she announced. Nora wanted to remove the charge of Eddie Ford's murder. The judge asked why.

Echo arrived at Rex's place. "Free at last," she shouted. She thanked Rex for making it possible for her to be released from jail. Rex advised her that Shane had been visiting a friend overnight, but Rex hadn't been alone. "Gigi was here," Rex revealed. Echo looked at her son skeptically, and Rex conceded that he was aware that Gigi was dead. He'd seen her outside, and he'd run out to look for her, but she'd disappeared.

"You think I'm crazy," Rex said to his mother. Echo shook her head. She was sure that Rex saw Gigi everywhere, much like Echo saw Charlie. She thought that Rex had probably heard an animal outside though. Rex agreed that Echo was probably right. "I saw what I wanted to see. It couldn't have been Gigi," Rex admitted.

Echo wanted to celebrate her release, and she offered to figure out how to make a peanut butter smoothie like Gigi had. Rex advised Echo that she didn't owe him anything. Echo was sorry for putting Rex into an awkward position in the first place when she'd kidnapped Dorian, and she promised she would never do it again. Rex understood how Echo had felt. "I'd go another way," he said mysteriously. He chuckled eerily.

Echo thought she'd been desperate, but Rex divulged that he'd been worse. "I almost committed murder last night," he told her. Rex ran to the safe and showed Echo the gun that he'd taken to the movie premiere at the Palace. He had been watching on television, and he saw that Todd had been with his family. When Blanca Morales had questioned Todd about Jack's involvement in Gigi's murder, Todd had merely shrugged the question off. Rex had taken off for the Palace.

Rex had aimed the gun at various members of the Manning family, but then he'd received a text message from Shane. His son had wished him goodnight, and he'd told Rex he missed him. At that point, Rex had only been able to think about Shane, and he pictured what Gigi would have said if Rex had killed someone. "Balsom, what were you thinking?" Rex imitated Gigi. Echo assured Rex that he'd done the right thing. Rex was inconsolable. He couldn't go on without Gigi, and he didn't know what to do about it.

Rex admitted that he slept little, and he didn't want to hear Echo's words of encouragement. He didn't want to hear that he'd have someone else someday. Echo assured him that one day he would sleep well after not thinking about Gigi all day. He still had his son, Echo reminded him. Gigi had thought that Rex was the greatest guy in the world, and she'd waited ten years for him. Echo suggested that he think about the future, but Rex insisted that he couldn't.

The doorbell rang, and Echo went to answer it. "Fair warning, Echo. Freedom comes with a price," Dorian proclaimed. Echo reminded the mayor that the charges had all been dropped, but Dorian was the one who could go to prison for attempted murder after allowing Clint to suffer. Dorian promised that she wouldn't rest until Echo was gone. "Bring it on," Echo replied as she closed the door.

Rex looked at a photo of Gigi. He said that it would be the two of them forever. Suddenly, Rex saw her reflection in the mirror as she stood behind him. "Gigi," he called out as he turned and looked at her.

Dani and Destiny were interrupted when there was a knock at the front door. It was Nate, and Dani told him that she was busy. Destiny assured her that it was all right, and she really had to leave anyway. The girls hugged, and Destiny left. Dani advised Nate that every time she closed her eyes, she saw Deanna and Nate "doing it." Nate wanted her forgiveness, but Dani wasn't sure she could give it.

Dani was certain that she wasn't going to tell anyone what she knew though. She didn't want Nate to go to prison.

Shaun tried to reach Destiny unsuccessfully via cell phone. He and Vivian were happy when Destiny walked into the café and announced that she had to talk to them. Shaun replied that he'd been looking for her. Gently, Shaun pulled Destiny into the seat beside him as she told him she was pregnant. Shaun put his arm around her and drew her close.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rex saw Gigi behind him in the mirror. He excitedly turned and chased after her, but she was gone. He ran around inside and outside the house yelling for her. As he ran through the foyer, Echo entered. He ran right past her to the front of the house. When he returned, he explained to Echo how he'd seen Gigi, but she'd run away.

Rex insisted that he wasn't crazy, but Echo wondered why Gigi would run away if she and Rex loved each other. Rex didn't know the answer to Echo's question, but needed to find Gigi. He decided that Gigi must have run because she was in some kind of trouble. Echo asked if his explanations made sense to him, and suggested that he was hallucinating. She reminded him that he'd barely been sleeping.

A short while later, Rex returned from looking around upstairs. Echo recommended that Rex get help. He related that police would probably scare Gigi more. Echo clarified that a psychiatrist had helped Shane, so maybe one would help Rex as well. Rex denied the proposal, and suggested that there had been a mistake with the transplant, so Gigi was really alive. Echo wondered if Rex wanted Shane to hear Rex talk like that. Rex wanted to find Gigi first before telling Shane anything.

Bo demanded to know where David had gotten the gum. David answered that Nate had given it to him. Bo explained his and Nora's investigation of what had happened to Matthew, and that Nate must have been the one to hurt Matthew. David wondered why Nate would have wanted to hurt Matthew, but Bo didn't know. He made David promise not to breathe a word to anyone. David agreed, and told his father that Nate had mentioned going to Dani's. Bo thanked David and left, and David was proud of himself for helping Bo.

Blair looked at her and Todd's wedding picture, and remembered the kiss that the man had given her the night before. Dorian entered, excited that she'd gotten the master copy of Vicker Man back. Noticing that Blair wasn't listening, she wondered why Blair looked like she'd seen a ghost. Blair explained what had happened the night before with the two men who each claimed to be Todd Manning. Blair hadn't been able to decide which man was the real Todd. Dorian wondered what Blair's first reaction was. Blair related that the man sounded and acted like Todd, and Dorian added that he certainly looked like Todd.

Blair wondered, if the new man was the real Todd, how she'd let in who she'd believed was Todd. She questioned if she'd wanted Todd back in her life so bad, that she'd just accepted the man with the new face. She related that her life was a sham, but Dorian didn't think it was, especially if the man with the new face was the real Todd. Blair admitted that the man with Todd's original face hadn't seemed like a fraud when he'd kissed her. Blair needed answers soon.

Dorian didn't know how she'd feel if there were suddenly two Davids. "Christmas morning!" David exclaimed as he entered. Dorian briefly explained the Todd situation to a confused David. Dorian wondered if Bo had liked Vicker Man, but David told her that Bo hadn't seen the movie yet. David wanted Blair to be the first to see the movie, but Blair declined the offer. David and Dorian went upstairs to watch the movie.

Blair picked up her phone, and made a call to Tomas. She needed to see him. She wanted him to tell her everything he knew about the two Todds.

Nate appreciated Dani's promise not to tell his secret. Todd entered, and wondered what secret Dani had agreed to keep for Nate. Todd taunted Nate about Hold the Diploma, and told him to get out of his house for breaking Dani's heart. Todd wondered why Dani had agreed to keep a secret for Nate anyway. Dani related that Todd should understand, because he'd kept many secrets in his life.

Todd told Dani that she didn't care about Nate. She didn't think that what Nate had done was as bad as anything Todd had ever done. Dani related that people thought she was crazy for still caring about Todd. He told her that he would always be her dad, and that she was too young to make her own decisions. Nate didn't want to cause any more problems, so he turned to leave. Todd followed him out, and told him to never return. He promised to hurt Nate if he ever tried to make contact with Dani again.

As Todd closed his front door, Bo arrived to see Nate. He handed Nate a piece of the gum David had given him, and asked if Nate liked it. He admitted that he did, and Bo marveled at how hard the rare gum was to find. Bo explained to Nate about the gum wrapper he and Nora found from the day Matthew had gotten hurt. He knew it was probably an accident, but he and Nora just wanted to know what had happened to Matthew. "It was me," Nate finally admitted.

Nate swore that he hadn't meant to hurt Matthew, and would give anything to take back what he'd done. He explained how he'd hit Matthew, but Matthew had seemed fine. Bo wondered what had made Nate so angry at Matthew. Eventually, Nate told Bo that Matthew had killed Eddie, but had left Nate and Inez to take the rap for it. Nate knew that it wasn't an excuse, but he'd been scared. Nate wondered what would happen to him.

The judge wondered why Nora wanted to drop the murder charge against Clint. She revealed that Clint's confession was false. Bluffing, she continued that she and Bo had a hunch about who the real killer was, but the person was "out of the jurisdiction." She wanted to proceed with caution, so she didn't want to reveal the name of the suspect.

The judge wondered why Clint had confessed if he was innocent. Clint explained that he'd caused a lot of hurt in the lives of Bo and Nora. Once he'd found out that he was dying, he'd wanted to confess to help Bo and Nora out, and make amends. He continued that, when he'd thought he was dying, he'd wanted to face up to all the wrongs he'd done to all of his loved ones. He related that one extra charge hadn't mattered to a dying man.

The judge wanted to know Clint's pleas for the rest of the charges against him. Clint replied that he pleaded guilty, as Viki shook her head behind him. The judge stated that Clint would remain in jail without bail until his sentencing. Joey stood, and argued that Clint wasn't yet well enough to be in jail. Viki stood, and told the judge that she'd survived the same surgery that Clint had had. She believed that it was too soon. The judge related that Clint's doctors had signed off on Clint's release, and that there was treatment in jail. He announced that the bailiff would take Clint immediately, and adjourned the hearing.

Joey assured his father that they would file an appeal. Clint told Joey not to waste his time, and added that he'd see them at his sentencing. Joey and Kelly left as the bailiff arrived to wheel Clint away. He wanted a minute with Nora, so the bailiff gave them privacy. He told Nora that he would be in jail for a long time, so one extra charge wouldn't have made a difference. However, she hadn't thought it was fair to let Clint take the rap for the murder.

A short while later, Clint was gone. Bo entered the courtroom, and asked what had happened. Nora admitted that she'd dropped the murder charge against Clint. The two agreed that it had been the right thing to do. However, she told him that Clint was going to jail for the rest of his crimes anyway. Bo confessed that he'd found out what had happened to Matthew.

The guard told the man with Todd's original face that he had a visitor. He was surprised when Téa appeared. However, he wondered when she was going to post bail for him, and get the charges against him dropped. She replied that she would do anything to save her husband, but "who the hell are you?" The man wondered why she was there, and suggested that she wasn't sure about her husband. She replied that the man had taken "a chainsaw to my life. Why not?"

The man wondered if there had been trouble at home. Téa answered that she would be fine once the man was taken care of. She wanted him to answer some questions, but he wanted answers to his questions first. He wondered how Téa had fallen for her husband's act. She replied that she'd loved her husband for years, and that she wouldn't let the man destroy her family. "My family!" he yelled. The man wanted to meet "my daughter" Dani, but Téa vowed to never let him near Dani.

"You know how I feel about my children," the man told Téa. He added that it hadn't been Téa's husband on that beach. She remembered being on the island with Todd. "And it wasn't just that night," he added. She reminisced about making love to Todd in the ocean. The man continued that the only people who would remember what had happened on that island were him and her. Téa commended the man for doing his research. She turned to leave, but he offered to give her five million dollars to defend him.

Téa was angry at the man for spitting out "trivia" from her own life. The man thought it was a good thing that there were no shovels around, and Téa remembered hitting Todd over the head with a shovel. He added that it hadn't been the worst thing one of them had ever done to the other, and she remembered Todd once demanding that she leave him. He apologized for the way he'd treated her. The man insisted that he was Todd, and held out his hands to her. However, a clearly upset Téa left.

As Téa left, Viki entered with a guard. She instructed the guard about getting Clint's medication to him on time. As the guard went to help Clint settled in, Viki stood in front of the man's cell. She turned and looked into the cell. She was shocked to see whose face was staring back out at her.

Todd wondered how he was the bad guy, when Nate had been the one to cheat on Dani. Dani told Todd that he had to let her go sometime, and that he couldn't keep her from getting hurt. Todd refused, and accepted being the bad guy if it kept her from getting hurt for one day. Dani admitted that she had cried and yelled, but she was dealing with things. She informed her father that she was tougher than she looked.

Dani insisted that she could handle things, and reminded Todd that she'd be on her own soon enough. Todd vowed that she would never be alone as long as he was alive. He told her to never forget that he was her father, and that he was always only one phone call away.

Téa entered the house, trying to be as quiet as possible. Téa jumped when she turned to see Todd, who asked what was wrong with his scared-looking wife. He told her that he'd been trying to reach her all day. "Are you an imposter?" she asked.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starr found Jack in the park, and demanded to know where he'd been. He claimed to be busy with work, but Starr wondered how he could concentrate with the events from the night before looming over the family. "Dad is dad and that's it," Jack replied. Jack wondered "what kind of idiot" would make himself look like the "before picture" anyway. Starr explained to Jack that she remembered the old Todd, and the man who'd shown up had Todd's face, body, voice, and expressions. Jack thought that the man had just been thorough.

Jack thought that Starr was abandoning their father, but Starr insisted that she wasn't. Jack couldn't believe that Starr was betraying Todd after what he'd done for Jack. A confused Starr asked Jack to elaborate. He reluctantly admitted that Todd had gotten him out of murder charges. He didn't think that his father would have done that if the man weren't really Todd Manning. Starr told Jack that their father had done things that the old Todd never would have, and cited all the trouble with Cole.

Jack thought that Starr was just guessing, and told her that she hadn't been a "pregnant teenager" before Todd had plastic surgery. He said that she could "replace dad with a nut job," but to leave him out of it. He stormed away from his sister.

Téa demanded to know if she was married to "the real Todd Manning." Not looking at Todd, she admitted that she'd gone to the jail to talk to the man with Todd's original face. Todd asked her to look at him, and wondered what she saw. "My husband," she replied. He wanted her to say his name, and believe that he was the real Todd.

Téa tried to think about things logically, but wondered how the man had known things about her and Todd's past. Todd explained it away as information found on the Internet. Téa informed him that the man had known how much Todd had paid her to marry him the first time. However, Todd recited several things that he didn't think the man would ever know. Todd wanted to know what she had said to the man, because he had a right to know if she were doubting him. Téa wanted to know why Tomas had said that Todd wasn't the real Todd. Todd believed that Tomas liked making trouble for him.

Téa demanded that he tell her everything, and he agreed. He explained that Baker had helped him close a business deal a few years before. As a return favor, Baker had wanted Todd to launder money. Baker had told Todd that he would be helping his country, since Baker was a CIA agent. Todd had agreed, until Téa had gotten sick. Todd had looked into Baker, and found out that he was a rogue CIA agent. Todd had backed out of the deal, and assumed that Baker had sent someone to shoot him. Téa was grateful that Todd had finally told her.

Todd hoped Téa believed him. He didn't know what was going on, but had felt like he'd been looking in the mirror when the mysterious man had first shown his face. "I fell in love with that face," Téa related. She wondered if Todd had any idea who the man was. Todd had a hunch that Baker had sent to man to "kill me from the inside out." Baker probably wanted Todd's family to turn against him, so Todd yelled that Téa was playing right into Baker's hands.

As Todd asked again if Téa believed him, Jack entered the house. Jack didn't care about the mysterious man, or what anyone else said -- Jack believed his father. "I'm on your side, and always will be," Jack assured his father.

"Hi, sis," the man with Todd's original face said as a shocked Viki looked into the jail cell, "You don't recognize your own brother?" he asked. Viki recognized the man as Sam's friend, but wondered how he had Todd's old face. The man explained that he'd been locked up for eight years, tortured, and drugged. He'd escaped and returned to Llanview for his family, and had found someone else posing as Todd Manning.

The man knew he could count on Viki, because he trusted her "above all others." He begged her not to give up on him. Viki told him that Todd had gotten plastic surgery because of how badly he'd been beaten up, but the man reminded her that she had seen him in the cemetery once, and couldn't believe it was him. She remembered the moment, and the man begged her to believe him.

The man reminded her how he'd once wanted to leave town, but Viki had gotten Starr to him, convincing him to stay. She remembered the moment, as he told her that she'd taught him how to be a father. Both in tears, he talked about when he'd taken the Buchanans hostage. He'd thought that Asa had been faking the heart attack, but Viki was the one who'd convinced him to get help for Asa. She remembered that moment, as well, as the man told her that she always found the good in him.

The man told Viki that she had gone outside one day to look for him, and she realized that he'd been the one to break the picture of her and Todd. She wondered why he hadn't said anything, but he replied that Viki had been in the house with Todd. Viki thought that the situation was impossible. The man pleaded with her to believe him. Both in tears, Viki turned to leave. She promised to get to the bottom of things, and left.

Starr entered the jail, to the happiness of the man. "Hi, Shorty," he said, beaming at Starr. He marveled at how grown-up she was. In tears, he expressed how happy he was that she believed him. She pulled a chair in front of his cell and sat down. She said that he knew her nickname, but wanted to see what else he knew about her and her family.

Blair looked at her and Todd's wedding photo as Tomas arrived. Blair wanted to know everything Tomas knew about the two Todds, and demanded to know which man was the real Todd. Tomas thought that she should have been able to tell from the kiss, but she didn't know. Tomas agreed to tell her what he knew, but hoped she'd forgive him for his past actions. He removed a folder from his bag, and handed it to Blair.

Tomas started that he hadn't realized that the man he'd reported to in the CIA had gone rogue. He'd thought that he'd been helping his country, when he'd really been committing unethical, unsanctioned operations. He confessed that he'd been an assassin. He continued that he'd been told to assassinate "this man" years before, and handed an old picture of Todd to Blair. Blair wondered why. He told her that Todd had allegedly been funding terrorist activity, but the evidence had eventually turned out to be faked.

Tomas had arrived in Llanview eight years before to "eliminate" Todd. He said that Mitch Lawrence had gotten to Todd first. Tomas had found Todd beaten up in Victor Lord's mausoleum. Baker had wanted Todd alive, so Tomas had delivered the man to Baker. A shocked Blair called Tomas a monster. Tomas revealed that Todd had been holding his and Blair's wedding photo. Tomas had held onto the photo because of guilt, and because he'd believed that Todd had been innocent. Tomas had eventually found out the truth about Baker, and had enlisted Claude's help to get out of the CIA.

Tomas had started to paint pictures of the photo over and over, wondering if he'd left the woman in the photo to raise children alone. Disgusted, Blair only wanted to know which man was the real Todd. Tomas had tried to get a sample of Todd's blood when Todd had been in a coma. Tomas had been interrupted, so he didn't know. Blair wondered why Tomas hadn't gone to John. Tomas thought that Baker would have found out, and Todd's family would have become targets for Baker.

Tomas admitted that Todd believed that he was the real Todd. He wouldn't blame Blair if she didn't believe him, because he'd given her no reason to trust him. He swore that he'd take back "that moment eight years ago" if he could. Blair related that she'd been in love with Todd for half of her life, and she didn't even know who the real Todd was. Tomas knew they'd find out soon because of John's DNA test.

Baker sat in John's office, because John wanted to talk about Todd. Baker played dumb, so John went through Baker's wallet. He found a business card with the same logo as the encrypted files, but Baker played dumb again. John wanted to know why Baker had been trying to kill the man with Todd's original face. Baker replied that the man had killed one of Baker's agents. Baker believed that the man was a loose cannon, and that he needed to be stopped before more people were killed.

John wanted to know who the man was. Baker was silent, so John told him that he was free to stay locked up for another night. Baker replied that John wouldn't live long enough to do anything about it if Baker told John who the man was. John decided to take his chances. There was a knock on the door, and an officer entered with two of Baker's agents. As Baker smirked, the two agents showed identification, and a federal court order to have Baker released.

The agents added that they would also need the other prisoner that John had locked up. John refused, because the man had committed a crime within the jurisdiction. He also told them that there was nothing on the court order about releasing the man into the agents' custody. John offered to call the judge to ask why Baker had had the man locked up for eight years for no reason.

Baker assured his agents that they could call the judge for another court order for the man. John told them to get out of his office, so they left. He asked the officer to follow the men, but not to let on that he was following them. The officer agreed, and handed John the envelope with the DNA results. Viki entered John's office and asked who the man in the jail cell was. John told her that the answer everyone was looking for would be in the envelope in his hand.

Friday, August 5, 2011

As they waited in the hospital lobby, Shaun expressed to Dani that he could no longer deny that Destiny was pregnant. Dani acknowledged that Matthew would be with Destiny, if he could, while Shaun regretted that Destiny would have to deal with the pregnancy alone. Dani reminded Shaun that Destiny had Shaun, Dani, and Destiny's family for support. Dr. Wright walked out and announced that Destiny had asked to see Dani only.

After Shaun yelled that he also wanted to see Destiny, Vivian insisted that Destiny would talk to him later. The doctor stated that her main goal was to make Destiny comfortable with her pregnancy. When Destiny walked out and stated that she just needed Dani, Shaun asked if Destiny thought that Shaun would embarrass her. Shaun pleaded with Destiny to include him, and to let him be a part of her pregnancy. Destiny allowed Shaun to enter her room with Dani and Dr. Wright.

Vivian announced that Destiny's pregnancy was normal, although it was also unexpected and advanced. Dr. Wright warned that if the pregnancy were to be terminated, it would have to be done quickly. When Shaun asked Destiny if she would terminate the pregnancy, Destiny replied that she did not know. After Shaun requested to know about other options, Vivian stated that Destiny could also place the baby up for adoption, or raise the baby herself. Destiny joked that she preferred the option to travel back in time to undo her condition.

Shaun noted that if Matthew were not already in a Philadelphia rehab, Shaun would kick Matthew's rear. Dr. Wright asked the girls to leave, and as she handed Shaun a bag, Vivian requested that Shaun breathe into it. Shaun exclaimed that he just wanted what was best for Destiny, and Vivian reminded Shaun that Destiny would be fine, because she was a bright, ambitious, and talented young lady. Vivian added that Destiny had Dani and Shaun, and that Shaun would be there for Destiny, just as Vivian would be there for Shaun. Dr. Wright hugged Shaun.

In the lobby, once Destiny feared that she would make the wrong decision, Dani said that they should discuss Destiny's options. When Dani asked about adoption, Destiny worried that her baby would never know her mother, just as Destiny had not. Destiny believed that the easiest decision would be to keep the baby, but Dani reminded her that Starr had been lucky, because her family had the money and the time to give to Hope. Dani reflected that Starr had given up a lot for Hope also.

Destiny realized that she had already made her decision, and Dani asked if Destiny was sure it was what she wanted. Destiny claimed that it was the best decision, and that she just had to tell Shaun. Back in the hospital room, Shaun wondered what a beautiful, brilliant woman like Vivian was doing with a guy like him. Vivian responded that she was very lucky, just as Destiny and Dani entered the room. Destiny announced that she had made up her mind, and that she had decided what she would do.

In the park, Blair accepted that she finally knew the truth from Tomas, but she still wanted to know which Todd was the father of her children. Blair indicated to Tomas that they needed to find out what had happened before the prior eight years, when Todd had first met Baker. Tomas remarked that only Todd knew what had happened at that time. Blair realized that Baker had ordered Tomas to kill Todd at the time, and that they needed to talk to Todd.

Blair maintained that she had to know who the man with the scar was and reminded Tomas that the Todd Manning in her first wedding was the love of her life. Tomas voiced that Dorian had warned him that Blair had a habit of always gravitating back to Todd. Tomas hoped that he had broken that cycle.

At the Manning estate, Jack declared that Todd was his father, even if Starr did not believe it. When Téa asked if Starr had admitted that she did not believe it, Jack said that Starr had only said some crazy things about how Todd had changed, since her dad had altered his original face. Todd was relieved that Jack believed him and then asked Téa where she stood.

When Téa did not answer quickly enough, Todd asked if a cat had gotten her tongue and remarked that Dani should join them. Téa revealed that Dani had needed to attend an important appointment and then remembered about the DNA sample that John had recovered for the tests. When Todd asked if it had been illegal for John to get the sample, Téa wanted to know why it mattered.

Todd stressed that he was not afraid of the test results, because he was who he said he was. Todd insisted that he would talk to John, but Téa said that she would leave to question John, as she kissed Todd on the cheek. After Téa left, Jack said that the test would prove that Todd was his dad and then admitted that he did not even remember his father's original face. Todd exclaimed that he loved Jack, as Blair and Tomas walked in.

Todd demanded that Tomas leave his house, or he would arrest Tomas for trespassing. Once Jack left the room, Blair declared that Todd could not kick Tomas out, however, Todd reflected that Tomas had just accused him of being an imposter. Blair explained that Tomas had said he was sorry. Blair then questioned Todd on what had happened to him in the mausoleum, after Mitch Laurence had beaten him and left him there to die. When Todd seemed confused, Blair asked him how he had gotten out of the crypt.

In John's office at the police station, John showed Viki a packet that contained the DNA test documentation, and Viki almost feared to know the results. Viki believed that if the man with the scar was the real Todd Manning, that would mean that "Todd" was an imposter. Viki noted that the man with the scar had known too much, and that he had remembered about the ceremony. Viki pointed out that the man had stated that Viki was the one person above all others, and anyone else, that he could trust.

Viki exclaimed that would mean that she had betrayed her brother by being loving and loyal to an imposter, which would stab her in the heart. When John wondered how Viki could maintain being loyal to someone like Todd for all those years, Viki acknowledged that it had not always been easy. Viki remembered Marty's rape, when Todd had let Kevin take the blame, but then Viki had discovered that Todd was her brother.

Viki explained that she and Todd had both been damaged by their father, Victor Lord, but John pointed out that Viki was not a sociopath. Viki cried, "I know. He's a rapist. He's a child. He's a liar. He's a monster sometimes. He's also just a human being, and he is capable of great love and remorse and...and acts of kindness and courage that are completely unexpected. But more than anything, he loves his family."

John claimed that Todd had excuses, and that when Todd's family was in trouble, he would try to save them, but that was after he had put them in danger himself. Viki realized that also but stated that Todd was a child, who was hurt and damaged and fractured, and that she would always love him. John reminded Viki that Gigi had been her friend, and that Todd had paid to cover up Jack's part in Gigi's death. When John asked if Viki could ignore that, Viki replied that she could not turn her back on her brother.

John announced that it was time to find out the truth. Just as Viki exclaimed that she wanted the answers, Téa ran in and demanded that John not open the packet. Téa declared that John had used an illegal search to get access to the toothbrush on Todd's desk, but John explained that he had used probable cause due to Jack's case. John asked Téa if she wanted to know who her husband was and then stressed that Viki needed answers. Téa agreed, and when she asked how they should proceed, John indicated that he had an idea.

At the jail, Starr visited the man with the scar, who had Todd's original face, and demanded to know what else he knew about her family. As Starr pulled out a sheet of paper with questions, she explained that she still was not convinced. Starr's first question was how she and her dad communicated to each other, when she was a little girl, and when he was away. The man with the scar answered correctly that they communicated through a stuffed frog named Fred the Magic Frog.

When Starr asked what her first snake was, the man replied that she had owned a boa constrictor named Barney, who had eaten white mice for lunch. After Starr questioned what her favorite spider was, the man explained that tarantulas were not really spiders, because a spider's fangs moved in an axis, while a tarantula's fangs were fixed. The man continued with the answer, black widow, because they ate their mates.

The man provided the correct answers, Reptile Round-up, for Starr's favorite place, and taxi for her favorite mode of transportation, especially when she was grounded. The man stated that Starr's favorite arch-nemesis had been Max Holden, and that she had once put piranhas in his bathtub. Starr had even bought horse poop with a credit card that she had stolen from Max. When Starr had once battled Asa Buchanan, her choice of weapon had been Silly String. Starr then cried out that the man with the scar had cheated, because all of those answers had been in the book, Todd Manning: the Unauthorized Biography.

The man with Todd's original face asked to see the book and insisted that he had remembered everything, because it had been his life. The man claimed that he could remember every moment, because it had been all he had left to hang onto for eight years. Starr cried that her father would never have stayed away from her for that long, and that the man with the scar was cruel for what he was doing. Starr dropped a stuffed frog, and when the man with the scar handed it back to her, she stated that it belonged to her daughter, Hope.

The man with the scar was stunned to learn that Starr had a daughter, because news traveled slowly to remote top-secret paramilitary outposts. Starr explained that she had become pregnant when she was 16, and that Hope was the best thing that had ever happened to her. The man related with Starr and said that he knew how she felt. The man then said, "Can I...can I ask you something? Who was the lowlife that knocked you up?"

Starr exclaimed that Hope's father was not a lowlife, and that he had been her first love. The man with the scar asked about him and wanted to know if he had ever heard of a condom. Starr revealed that his name was Cole, and that he was the son of Patrick and Marty Thornhart. When the man pondered that he had a granddaughter by Marty's son, Starr screamed that her dad was Hope's grandfather, not the man with the scar.

The man with Todd's original face requested to see a picture of Hope, and Starr showed him a photo on her phone. The man broke into tears and sniffled that Hope had Starr's smile. The man cried, "The first time I ever held you, Viki put you in my arms, and you this. It was the first time in my life that the sun came out. Thank you, my little Starr." John walked into the jail and asked for the guard to release the man. John told Starr and the man with the scar to follow him.

When Téa and Viki arrived outside of the Manning estate, Téa stated that she was terrified, and Viki said, "That makes two of us." Inside the mansion, Todd yelled that he did not owe Blair and Tomas an explanation. Once Todd saw Téa, he asked if Téa had been able to have the test results squashed. After Todd saw Viki, he demanded to know why she was there. Jack ran down the stairs and announced that a cop car was parked in front of the house.

As Starr, the man with a scar, and John walked into the mansion, Téa declared, "We agreed that this was the best way to do this." Blair cried out, "What...what...what is...what is this all about?" Outraged at seeing the man with the scar, Todd yelled, "Would someone like to tell me what is going on? What's he doing here?" Téa announced, "We are now going to hear the results of the DNA test." John responded, "Time to find out who the real Todd Manning is." Todd looked on, as the man with the scar glanced at John.

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