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Several key stories have quickly developed to the point at which secrets are about to come out, some will be kept hidden a bit longer, and new relationships will be forged.

Just two weeks ago, I lamented that several key stories on OLTL have been progressing at such a slow pace that it's difficult to maintain much interest in them. Now, all of a sudden, several key stories have quickly developed to the point at which secrets are about to come out, some will be kept hidden a bit longer, and new relationships will be forged. I'm elated that some plots are moving in new directions and allowing viewers to explore other possibilities. Anything can happen right now in Llanview, and I'm excited that some stories are about to explode!

First is the continuing saga of Margaret and Todd. I must admit that when Todd found Margaret a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised that her location had been so quickly discovered. Further, when Todd slumped to the ground after being stabbed in the gut with a pair of scissors, I was really on the edge of my seat. In fact, I was completely prepared for that whole sequence to be just a dream or thought in someone's head. But, it was indeed the real deal. In typical soap fashion, Spencer "Busybody" Truman found Todd as he uttered the horrible truth that Margaret is carrying Todd's baby.

Now, we are all set up for some explosive results! Where is Margaret, and what will her next plan of action be (or who will be her next target)? What will Spencer do with the information that Todd accidentally slipped while he was fading in and out of consciousness? Incidentally, I don't know why it is such a big deal for Todd to keep this a secret from Blair. After all, the two of them already talked about her pregnancy as a possibility, and Blair knows that Todd was forced to have sex with Margaret. She couldn't possibly hold this against Todd, so I don't know why he doesn't tell her. I'm sure that this is a convenient way for Spencer to somehow get his grips into Blair a little bit more (and to possibly woo her into bed??).

I also find it interesting that over the years so many female characters suffer miscarriages on the show for plot purposes, shock value, or because of lazy writing. Yet despite all of the miscarriages by characters we truly sympathize with and adore, here is Margaret carrying Todd's baby safe and sound. Don't take that as it sounds -- I'm not saying that I would wish a miscarriage on anyone (even Margaret), but I'm just saying that in the writing world of soap operas, the miscarriage is so often used as a convenient tool to let certain characters "off the hook," so to speak, regarding accidental pregnancies or pregnancies that might further complicate other plots. We've all probably complained about this typical plot device, and here is one character pretty much universally despised by viewers who we wouldn't mind having slither away and disappear for good. Anyway, I think you see my point...

Then we have the rescue of Natalie, which has single-handedly kick-started a number of different sub-stories. First, we see John in a tailspin and all caught up in his conflicted feelings for Nat. Poor Evangeline who is on the outside looking in (again!) is in one corner, and poor battered-and-beaten Natalie is in the other corner. John, in the middle, has actually seemed to start soul-searching where it comes to his unresolved feelings for Natalie, who is making no bones about wanting John by her side throughout the whole ordeal.

But what is ready to explode is the fact that Cristian is now apparently back in the scene. Keeping tabs on Natalie from inside prison, it appears as though his love for her has not subsided, judging by her wedding day photo prominently displayed in his cell. But with Cris making a comeback, we have several key revelations still kept under wraps. Remember that John still knows that Cristian is not the imposter he claimed to be, and he's been keeping that a secret from Natalie all this time. How will she feel when she not only finds out her husband is really alive and well but also that her beloved John chose not to tell her! That is a far better story to explore than the back and forth decisions John makes in his relationships with Nat and Evangeline. I can't wait to see how this plays out!

Finally, we have the Tess/Jess story brimming with potentially explosive and exciting moments. Not only is Jess thisclose to telling her mother about her alternate personality (which will prove for some mighty interesting acting moments, I dare say), but we also have the added complication of Nash. What is so interesting about this complicated story is that Nash knows Tess and has no clue about Jess (well, he has only heard Tess's version of who "Jessica" really is), so running into the person he thinks is Tess but is really someone else is going to be fun to watch. Also, what will happen when Jess meets him? What if she likes him as much as Tess does? In an unusual triangle for any soap, the Antonio/Jess-Tess/Nash relationship is great drama on any level, since one alter loves Antonio while the other alter loves Nash. How does either relationship work when one alter can emerge at any moment?

I say this all the time, but Bree Williamson has gone from forgettable to must-watch throughout the course of this D.I.D. storyline. I know that a lot of people were cringing at the thought of another revisit to the multiple personality storyline, but what a refreshing surprise this has turned out to be! This has been my guilty pleasure of the entire summer! One story kept me riveted to the show throughout these very hot summer months, and that was Tess and her adventures in New York City. I loved that the show took the time to let us see the slow-building relationship form between Tess and Nash. Even though nothing truly "exciting" happened in NYC, just watching the two of them get to know one another and explore each other's feelings for the other made them a couple truly worth watching and rooting for!

With these three stories keeping us glued, I do still have some burning questions that I want answered:

1. Where is Carlo? I can't believe that he's idly sitting in jail, taking his being duped by Asa lightly.

2. Why isn't Rex enrolling in the police academy? It's so obvious that the show is setting him up to be some sort of sidekick for Bo, so why not get him on the fast track and involved in some sort of program?

3. Where is Duke's mother, LeeAnn? With Duke being in Llanview all this time, it seems odd that she isn't mentioned more. Wouldn't her arrival back in Llanview be a great disruption for Kevin and Kelly's reconciliation?

4. Did anyone really miss Paige (or even notice she was gone)?

Enjoy your week,

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