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First off, let me just say that I am still trying to cool myself off after Kendall and Zach's encounter at her apartment this week.

Well, I'm back for another kick at the can, fellow AMC fans! I want to thank everyone who emailed me with feedback on my first column -- I appreciated each one, even if you disagreed with me. Enough of the mushy stuff -- it's time to talk Pine Valley!

First off, let me just say that I am still trying to cool myself off after Kendall and Zach's encounter at her apartment this week. Those small steps they took toward each other looked like giant leaps towards supercouple status to me. On their own, Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye would have chemistry with a cactus -- put them together and the sky's the limit.

Even though it's agonizing at times, I like that the writers are sticking with a slow-burn approach to putting these two together. Kendall and Zach definitely have their own issues, and putting them together too soon just wouldn't ring true. And after the baby saga, we all know that some stories are worth the wait (although I hope this one doesn't take quite as long!)

I found Zach's advice to Kendall about the truth always coming out a little hypocritical. He better hope that certain truths don't ever come out (Ryan's alive, and you helped him "die"!), or else Mrs. Slater is going to be pretty darn angry. It makes it a little harder to look forward to Zendall as a couple, knowing that this giant secret is hanging over them -- but I guess that's par for the course in a soap opera. We've just got to have a little faith.

I'm not sure I'm on board with this surrogacy storyline -- mostly because it looks as though Rebecca Budig is on her way out, and I'm afraid that the writers are setting the stage for a Kendall/Ryan reunion. I admit, I was a Kendall/Ryan gal in the past, but I'd rather Kendall move forward -- preferably with a certain casino owner. But I've always liked the friendship between Kendall and Greenlee, so I've enjoyed their recent scenes.

How funny were those scenes with Kendall and Greenlee at Dr. Madden's office? The look on Kendall's face when she realized she could give birth to multiple babies was priceless. And how about this quote from Greens about her past with Kendall: "You tried to drown me, you locked me up, you made plays for Ryan behind my back -- and that was just my wedding day." Classic!

Look Out! There's a Psycho in the Closet!

Speaking of Ryan, I'm still having a hard time caring about his story, especially with everything Greenlee has been going through. I certainly don't buy the "evil is in my blood" argument that he's been spouting -- how insulting is that to Kendall and Miranda, two people who he claims to care about?

Ryan has changed so drastically that I barely recognize him. Gone is the once suave and charming con man who won Gillian's heart, or the world-weary guy who stood up for Kendall during some of the toughest times of her life. If Ryan were truly interested in doing what was best for Greenlee, he would face his demons and try to deal with them (in a shrink's office, not a fight club) before resorting to such drastic measures. He certainly wouldn't fake his death -- and fake it in a way that is eerily reminiscent of the other great tragedy in Greenlee's life, Leo's death.

The person in this story that I'm most interested in is Jonathan, and how they might try to rehabilitate him. He's lucky that his very forgiving sister Erin happened to find a house with a safe room in the coat closet! And good for her for calling Pine Valley to rat out Ryan to "Mrs. Lavery." It was certainly the best way to get him to shut up.

Long Time, No See

Was I hallucinating or was that actually Brooke in Jamie's apartment? Miracle of miracles! I cannot believe that AMC is wasting a woman as talented as Julia Barr, who's been a part of so many huge stories. This is Brooke English, for crying out loud! There are a million story possibilities for her, the most obvious one being an Adam/Brooke reunion. Instead, they're limiting her to attending funerals, scolding Jamie about his girlfriend, and running around town doing DNA tests for Tad.

After seeing this week's scenes between Adam and Krystal, I'd even go for an Adam/Brooke/Krystal triangle if it meant some more screen time for Ms. Barr. Krystal and Brooke are already at odds over their kids -- and I'm sure Brooke will hate her even more now that Babe has "cheated" on Jamie. Adam and Krystal provided some great comic relief this week when they tried to drug David, and they seem to have a little chemistry of their own. I'm still pulling for Adam and Brooke, but throwing Krystal in the mix could add a little fun and a few laughs.

I wasn't that impressed with the scenes where Jamie found Ms. Guac-and-Chips in bed with Josh. I did love the fact that Jamie brought up Babe and Bianca's plot to trap JR, though. Babe is definitely determined, but she's not very creative!

On another note, I absolutely loved Julia's flashbacks of Noah this week. It was a great way to introduce newer fans to this character while giving longtime viewers a nice trip down memory lane. I am still holding out hope that The Powers That Be will find a way to lure Keith Hamilton Cobb back for a Noah/Julia reunion.

She's Just Whistling Dixie

Well, it looks like Di is not actually Dixie -- surprise, surprise! And even though I knew it was coming, I was still thrown off by the appearance of Dixie's half-brother, Del Henry. It looks as though Di knew Del before, and I guess that's how they're going to explain her stunning knowledge of Dixie's life. The new Del -- the winner of the second edition of SoapNet's I Wanna Be a Soap Star -- certainly has a different look than B&B's Winsor Harmon, who originally filled the role. Does anyone else think he looks a little bit like a miniature Ryan? I can't wait until he crosses paths with his old girlfriend, Kendall. I can just imagine her reaction: "Gee, Del, you look a lot shorter and a lot younger than the last time I saw you!"

And I love when a recast character starts appearing, and everyone says his or her name over and over, just to remind us who the heck this is actually supposed to be. I'm sure we'll hear a lot of "Well, if it isn't Del Henry!" and "Hi there, Del Henry! We haven't seen you in a while!" I know it's necessary, but I still find it pretty amusing.

Well, I think that sums it up. I hope I'll hear from some of your again -- you took the time to read my thoughts, and I'd love to know yours too. Thanks!

Have a great week,
-- Kristine

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