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I continue to hear rumors to the fact that Josh will turn out to be Erica's son.

I don't understand why writers try to change past history. Perhaps it's because they aren't familiar with the history, they don't care about the history, they think the viewers won't notice or they just forge ahead with what they want for the present. An example of a successful history change was bringing Kendall to town as Erica's daughter of rape. This added to Erica's family, allowed for a range of feelings to be explored and brought in a real spit fire as Kendall. Changing history to have Greenlee become Jackson's daughter was not done for the same type of reasons, instead it appeared to basically stop Jackson and Erica's wedding, have Erica keep secrets from Jackson and show Greenlee up as a spoiled and nasty brat. This change was unnecessary and served no useful purpose. Another similar instance was having David become Babe's father. This was done to get buy in to the baby switch story, continue to have David be the bad guy and give him some kind of family connections. David was fine without this as he's a wonderful actor and doesn't need "fluff."

I bring this up because I continue to hear rumors to the fact that Josh will turn out to be Erica's son. There are speculations out there as to how this will be explained such as: Dr. Madden was involved with one of Erica's miscarriages, got one of her eggs and proceeded from there, another idea is Erica had twins from the rape, Dr. Madden was the doctor and stole the other baby (as if no one would have known there was a twin), another which is the most absurd, far fetched and completely impossible is that Dr. Madden was the doctor that performed Erica's abortion and took the aborted fetus and implanted into his wife thus producing Josh. To actually go down this history changing path isn't crucial to create a suspenseful story. It would be highly unlikely Dr. Madden could have done any of those things so long ago. Technology was not developed back in the days this would have happened. This will add confusion to the mix and long time fans would prefer not to have history distorted. It appears to me the writers are trying to add another Kane heir. Instead how about a Jackson/Erica baby - a son? What's wrong with that? Why aren't we seeing more of the married couple? How about a real home for Jackson and Erica to live in? I've received lots of mail on this issue as Jackson's place sure isn't big enough and Erica's penthouse doesn't seem to be overly child friendly so how about moving. I'm thinking the Marick mansion should be available now after the fireworks we saw on Friday!! Also, Erica is vastly familiar with the floor plan.

Jonathan has returned and again history (not long ago history) will be changed. There is no way Jonathan can just be redeemed from his many crimes. So there will have to be some manipulation of what we all saw to become what we thought we saw/knew, etc. Erin found Jonathan in the woods - don't you just love those rescue folks in PV? Even though the doctor that patched Jonathan up, thought the gunshot wound was a hunting accident, he would have still had to report that to the authorities. Erin is putting all the blame on Ryan but excuse me Jonathan was about to blow up several folks in a cave. Don't get me wrong, we've been oversaturated with Mr. Hero (Ryan) but Jonathan has been evil. Now they are trying to generate sympathy from all of us as we see how "fragile" he is because he came from an abusive home. Yes, Ryan was wrong not to go to the authorities after he left home, but couldn't Erin have gone for help at some point as well?

Di isn't Dixie but instead Del's sister and Dixie's half-sister. I never once thought Di was Dixie, not once. That's one bit of history that would not go over very well for many of us. In my eyes, there is only 1 Dixie --- Cady McClain. Now we are supposed to believe that Del knew all of these many intimate details of Dixie's life, relayed them to Di and Di was then able to fake everyone out. JR with all his many faults certainly doesn't deserve this. To once again have his world ripped out from under him this time by an imposter. I don't feel pain for Tad as he dismissed Del without listening and deserves whatever heartbreak he might encounter. To think Tad used to be such a fun character, but now he's portrayed as a "know it all" self righteous mean person too often. Yes, Del and his father were less than honest when they originally came to PV, but isn't that par for the course? Just look at Di as she is continuing with the lie of being Dixie. Why is it Di didn't donate her kidney before Dixie did??? Oh, right Di hadn't been dreamed up back then!

Julia's return isn't entertaining to me yet. Noah's dead but there was no body found so my question is when is Noah returning from the dead? I don't really get that much chemistry between Julia and Zach. Perhaps since I remember Noah and Julia I just can't place her with someone else. We now have someone trying to kill Julia and it's being masterminded by someone known as The Dragon. Could The Dragon equal Proteus if the rumors of Marj Dusay returning are accurate? Talk about evil characters she was one and I thoroughly enjoyed her. Considering she was presumed dead along with Leo, does this mean if she comes back, Greenlee will decide to go searching for Leo?

Babe has successfully driven Jamie out of her life and now appears to be aiming to get her hooks into JR again. This opens up the door for new Miss Slut, Amanda and it appears Jamie is regrettably jumping at the bait.

It's apparent Garret is interested in Danielle and could be considered a sexual predator. Danielle speaks to Simone about Garret, then Greenlee is asked her opinion and unfortunately Greenlee's advice is for Danielle to ask Garret if he's interested. This based on Greenlee thinking Garret is a great guy. I personally think Danielle should go to Derek before another rape occurs. Garret is one creepy guy. Another creepy character is Dr. Madden. Any sane doctor would tell Greenlee to take time to heal after losing her husband and baby. Instead he's encouraging Kendall to get pregnant for Greenlee. This storyline is a big old mess. Now David is involved and keeping secrets once again.

Rumors of Cady McClain returning are rising again and if it happens I couldn't be happier. Dixie needs to come back with Kate and come back with a vengeance. No sweet thing - instead why have you stolen my life to Di and forget you to Tad. Boy, what a turnaround that would be! See you back here in two weeks.


Mary Page
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