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Questionable decisions
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Michelle, alone and pregnant, is due to give birth at any time. Why would she trust Edmund with her life, and the life of her unborn child? How can this end well for Michelle?

Giving advice is always such a tricky thing. Everyone has a friend who asks for advice, but the ignores it all of the time. This week I felt like I was trying to give advice to two GL characters who just weren't listening.

First off is Michelle. Alone (by her own choice) and pregnant, she is due to give birth (thanks to Edmund's little shot) at any time. I understand that you probably are pretty tired and vulnerable during pregnancy, and you might not be your sharpest. But if you know what a cad Edmund has always been (and you do seem to have your memory back) why would you trust him with your life and your unborn child's as well? Was I the only GL fan practically screaming at the television this week for her to get as far away from Edmund as humanly possible? I doubt it. Of course, this makes a good ending to Edmund's little scheme to get a child to hold over Cassie, but how can this end well for Michelle? And what of Dinah - the wild card in all of this. She knows that she lost the baby - will Edmund's scheme - and her own to be with him at any cost - possibly end well?

And then there is the other woman in Danny's life - Marina. First of all, how can Mallet send a rookie not even out of the police academy on this assignment? And how in the world can she expect to survive life on the force when she cannot follow simple directions? I can see a lot of young Harley in the way they are writing this character - which means that there will be lots of scrapes for Marina to get out of in the years to come.

For those who don't mind being "spoiled" the Fall Spoilers are here - with my two cents about what will happen (or what I would like to happen). Of course, with so many characters leaving town (or going on recurring status) there are quite a few characters that you won't see mentioned. I hope that we can at least get some of our veterans back on the screen a little more often this fall!!

Things will get pretty crazy in Springfield this week, so I can't wait to see how it all turns out. And what in the world kind of name will Edmund give a baby? I guess Dinah is not an option ; ) Can't imagine how this will all come together before Danny and Michelle leave the canvas this fall. Since we are getting used to stories moving at a snail's pace, this will certainly be interesting!

I hope to have more info on the King's Dominion event next week. I called the park and never spoke to a live human being - just an ancient recording that was no help at all. GL is certainly promoting it on WUSA, so I hope we see a lot of fans out there!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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