Casey still lies

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Casey still lies
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Margo wants to believe her son, so when Gwen told her last week that Casey was the only guy that she had ever slept with, you could see the doubt in Margo's eyes. Meanwhile, Casey's doing everything in his power to discredit Gwen.

I don't want anyone to be confused this week - Jennifer Biller is taking the week off with me subbing for her; Jennifer will be here next week and the following week.
What is happening in Oakdale - the lies, the drugs and the blackmail make for some interesting times right now.

The Baby Switch
The writers have said that most of the cast would be involved in this story and they are all being touched in one way or another. For instance, Emily finally convinced Paul it was time to tell the truth and he agreed. Poor Jennifer is now on drugs to keep her from feeling her pain and she says almost the exact words that Paul did to convince Emily of his reasoning for keeping this a secret. I have to commend Jennifer Ferrin on her acting of late, she has been terrific as the grieving mother and now as this drug-hyped designer who suddenly has everything together. I am enjoying her performances but can't people see she is too up these days - no one makes such a change after being so depressed even on medication. Paul thinks that now he has done the right thing by his sister. By the way, a couple of readers sent their opinions on Paul:
Susanne says, "To begin with Roger Howarth was brought on to bring about a darker Paul and although I do like him being portrayed as a romantic I love it better when he is playing edgier, more darker personalities. I mean come on they have wasted this guy on so many levels it's beyond reason. If Paul is going to postal, let him!"
Victoria thinks that what Paul is doing, "It's pretty sick. He is definitely a spawn of James and Barbara put together."
Gwen is trying hard to do the right thing for her baby and is being beat up at every turn from Casey, Margo and especially Carly. She stood up to Margo this week with the truth and I know that Margo heard her. Margo wants to believe her son so when Gwen told her that Casey was the only guy that she has ever slept with, you could see the doubt in Margo's eyes. Then we have Casey doing everything in his power to discredit Gwen - still lying to his parents and trying to get Will to cover for him once again. There seemed to a moment when he was about to crack when he saw the baby. The paternity test results on Monday will be the key - but since Craig is his uncle, will they show he could possibly the baby's father or do they go for 99% possibility; I guess we will see. This kid cannot get away will lying like this.
Why didn't Carly just tell Jack that Iris was blackmailing her? The only way to stop a blackmailer is to call their bluff. Iris seems to have a lot of information regarding this baby case and I am sure that all of this information is not in the Oakdale newspapers; so where is she getting her information?

Lucinda and Keith
Lucinda freaked out when she saw Keith at the clinic and she was Lucinda at her best when she was snooping around finding out what this guy was up to. I knew he was doing something illegal, it was surprising to find out that it was transporting human organs. Should Lucinda want to be involved with a place that is obviously doing illegal business like that? There is something strange about that clinic anyway; it reminds me of THE SPA.

Mike/Katie/ Henry/Maddie
These folks need to just be honest with each other and move on with their lives. It's obvious that Mike and Katie are sneaking around - Henry wanted the divorce so he should be okay with this. Solution: Mike and Katie could move back to his place then Henry and Maddie can stay where they are. Maddie is too involved in her brother's problems but I assume it's all because she wants to stay in Oakdale. I would like to know more of her story regarding their family.
Finally, Meg is becoming too needy where Dusty is concerned; he told her he was not ready for a relationship... with her because I think he has real feelings for Jennifer. We'll see how far they go after the kiss on Friday.
I will be back on September 18.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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