Break-ups, reunions, and Snoop Dogg

by Dawn
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Break-ups, reunions, and Snoop Dogg
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Nothing that happened between Gigi and Schuyler during their break-up scenes was shocking, although it was emotionally charged for both characters.

A few weeks ago, I predicted that Gigi and Schuyler's romance would be short-lived, and it was. I am not claiming any type of credit because it wasn't hard to predict. Nothing that happened between Gigi and Schuyler during their break-up scenes was shocking, although it was emotionally charged for both characters. I felt bad for both of them, but I am not sad to see them break up. Their relationship never felt real. Gigi was trying to live a fairy tale after enduring months of misery with Rex, and Schuyler made a bad decision to keep Gigi in his life. That's hardly the recipe for epic romance.

However, I don't want to see Gigi run back into Rex's arms and declare undying love. It was nice of Rex to come to the hospital to support Gigi during Sierra's surgery, but that doesn't mean that their problems are gone. It was excruciating to watch them pretend to be happy right before they broke up because of their problems.

While it's true that Sierra isn't Rex's daughter and Stacy is presumed dead, there were some major trust issues standing between Rex and Gigi's happiness before, and they need to address those issues before even thinking about getting back together. However, this is a soap opera, where characters rarely think anything through, so I am sure Gigi and Rex will reunite in short order. I hope it will be better than I think, but somehow I doubt it.

That being said, I am glad at least part of the truth has been revealed. Rex and Gigi both know that Rex isn't Sierra's father, but unfortunately, we have one more secret about Sierra's paternity to go through. I have mixed feelings about Oliver's reluctance to take a paternity test to find out if he is Sierra's father. In his mind, adding himself to the equation would make a complicated situation even more complicated. He thinks that Gigi and Schuyler will form a happy family with Sierra, and that's the way it's meant to be.

However, Oliver needs to get over that idea and come forward about his potential role in the situation. Schuyler is enduring a lot of agony right now because he thinks he is the father and is responsible for a baby with a serious heart condition. Oliver walked away because it was the easy thing to do. While Oliver isn't withholding information to save his relationship as Schuyler did, he is still playing with people's lives. While I disagree with Kyle getting a paternity test behind Oliver's back, Oliver doesn't have the right to withhold such important information. I hope he tells Gigi and Schuyler the truth soon. Otherwise, we will undoubtedly see Sierra involved in another medical emergency that will question her paternity. This newborn has been through enough already!

I found it odd that Rex didn't tell Gigi that he knows that Schuyler isn't Sierra's father. He seemed shocked when Kim told him, but he hasn't done anything with that information. I know he doesn't want to do Schuyler any favors, but I thought he would at least tell Gigi. Maybe he feels that it isn't the right time because of Sierra's surgery, or maybe he wants Schuyler to suffer for just a little longer. Whatever Rex's reason is, I hope he tells Gigi what he learned soon. If Rex hasn't learned that keeping secrets never works by now, there isn't any hope for him!

In another part of the hospital, we learned that Jessica can't remember anything beyond her senior year of high school. When I realized this would be yet another story about memory loss, I groaned. I guess it's Jessica's turn to lose her memory, but it seems like we just went through this with Marty.

That being said, Bree Williamson is doing a terrific job of playing a younger Jessica. When she took over the role, the character was matured in some ways, so it is interesting to see Bree play Jessica as a teenager. She is playing Jessica as a naïve teenager extremely well, and I wouldn't be surprised if she earned another Emmy nomination for it!

Jessica did a great job of not letting Bree know that she couldn't remember her. It couldn't have been easy, but Bree got to leave the hospital as a happy little girl thanks to Jessica's strength. However, the most powerful scene of the week was when Clint told her that Asa passed away. Jessica's grief over not remembering and not being able to see her grandfather again felt very real. I have always enjoyed Clint and Jessica's bond, and both actors did a terrific job in that scene.

It looks like the main point of having Jessica lose her memory is to set up a triangle with Brody, Jessica, and Cristian. I am not sure how I feel about this. Cristian and Jessica have rarely spoken over the years, so I don't know if there will still be a spark between them. It will be interesting to see what Cristian's reaction is to Jessica kissing him on Monday. He might play along for Jessica's benefit once he realizes what happened to her, but I don't know if I want a reunion between Cristian and Jessica. They are old news, and Cristian is happy with Layla. Why should Layla be the victim of Jessica losing her memory?

I also feel bad for Brody through all of this. He has been there for Jessica so many times, and now, she can't even fathom the idea of being in a relationship with him! It was so sad to see him try to jog Jessica's memory, and she blankly watched the DVD and looked at the pictures. I don't think I am ready to see Brody be the odd man out in the aforementioned triangle. The whole thing is just weird, and I hope Jess gets her memory back at rapid speed.

I have to admit there was something satisfying about seeing Mitch in a maximum-security prison. He always manages to get out of jail, but at least he's been off the streets of Llanview for a short time. I liked his interaction with Roxy, but they still didn't tell us much. I want to know how Roxy was involved with Mitch, and it is taking forever for that information to be revealed. I wish Mitch's return to Llanview had been more about Roxy than about Jessica. We still don't know who Roxy really is, and she's been on the show for years!

While I enjoy Roxy's humor and her interactions with just about anyone in Llanview, I want the writers to delve deeper into her character, and bringing Mitch back was the perfect way to do that. However, we've hardly seen Roxy since Mitch returned, and we know little more about why Mitch and Roxy had a child together than we did before he returned.

I hope this question will be answered before Mitch leaves again. It looks like that might happen, if Allison Perkins' return has anything to do with it. Having her impersonate Roxy was a great cliffhanger on Friday, and it will be interesting to see what she has to say to Mitch!

The other big cliffhanger on Friday was Cassie's apparent illness on the airplane. It was pretty obvious that something was wrong with the tea, since we've heard Cassie talk about it twice since she's been back on the show. I doubt Addie is the one who actually sent it, but it could be a red herring to mislead us.

Since we didn't see Cassie on the plane after she looked at the tea bag, and Andrew had a somber expression when he arrived at Dorian's house, it appears that something happened to her on the flight. While it was great to see Andrew again, I hope he didn't come to tell Dorian that Cassie died.

I've never been a big fan of Cassie. I could never quite pinpoint the reason, but I can usually only handle the character in small doses. However, I hope Cassie isn't dead. I don't want to see Dorian have to grieve for one of her daughters; she has been through enough recently. Also, I don't see a purpose for killing Cassie off.

Cassie has been living in Savannah off-screen for a long time, so the only thing her death would do is devastate Dorian and her family. I hope Cassie will ultimately be okay so that Dorian is spared. Dorian has done many bad things in her time, but I have no desire to see her mourn for one of her daughters.

In spite of the situation with Cassie, It was great to see the "Cramer Women" reunite briefly on Friday. Kelly and Blair sparred as they usually do, and Blair and Adriana showed little love for each other as well. Some things never change, and there are few occasions where that is more apparent than a family reunion! I can't wait to see more of their interactions, because while they are high maintenance, they certainly aren't dull!

I hope Langston shows up at Dorian's house to see her family at some point. It was awful that she ditched them to see creepy Ford. I am not sure what the writers are going for with this story, but I think Ford's behavior has been unappealing and sleazy with Langston. Forgetting the fact that she is still in high school, he has basically thrown himself at her and drooled over her at every turn.

I know that is supposed to create trouble for Markko and Langston, and Langston has a major thing for Ford, but I cringe when I see Ford and Langston in a scene together. Based on Langston's actions last week, however, I am sure she will either cheat on Markko with Ford or will leave Markko because of Ford in the near future. I just wish the writers had made Ford less of a creep. Markko and Langston can't be happy forever, but I hate to see a decent relationship end like this.

Speaking of relationships, it looks like Todd and Téa are in break-up mode for the moment. They had to temporarily put their differences aside, as they realized that Jack and Dani had met, with less than optimal results. While watching Jack interrogate his new sister was entertaining, Todd and Blair need to work with Jack on social skills. It looks like he has learned the Manning family greeting of "Who the hell are you?!" Jack is a mini-Todd in many ways, but greeting won't win people's affections, and it certainly didn't endear him to Dani. Of course, Dani needs to learn some manners too, so I guess it was a fair exchange!

I liked how Jack mentioned that he thought Dani should be younger than he is. There has been a lot of spirited discussion about how old Dani should be on various message boards, and it seems like the writers were winking at us in acknowledgement with that dialogue. I know people think their opinions aren't heard, but things like this suggest that maybe they are!

Before Téa had to deal with Jack's visit, she agreed to help Rachel with the oxytocin that Schuyler stole. While I always enjoy seeing Téa in lawyer mode, I don't understand why she kept the empty vial. I guess Rachel kept the vial so she could seek counsel from Téa, but why didn't Téa just throw the vial away? I know more drama can happen if the vial is still around, but outside of thinking about how soap operas work, I don't know why she kept it. It seemed liked a weird decision on Téa's part!

Finally, on a lighter note, Snoop Dogg returned to Llanview last week. I don't usually enjoy musical performers visiting the show because they are usually random and take up precious air time. However, Snoop Dogg is the exception to the rule. His musical performance was good, but I really enjoyed his interactions with Bo, Nora, and Matthew.

Bo and Nora's conversation about Matthew and Dani kissing was entertaining and funny all by itself, but Snoop added to it when he told Matthew how to deal with Destiny and Dani. I liked how Bo and Nora looked nervous while Snoop was talking to Matthew because they weren't sure of what he would say. It was a comedic, light moment in a week full of darkness.

The best thing Snoop said, however, was that Bo and Nora wasted a lot of time because they weren't honest with each other. Many Bo and Nora fans have thought that for years, so it was great to hear Snoop say it out loud!

I also like his theme song for the show. One Life to Live's opening credits are generic, dull and in dire need of revamping. It was a nice change of pace to see a different spin on the opening credits for one episode. Snoop energized the show during his visit, and I hope he comes back again someday!

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