Used against you

by Dawn
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Used against you
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While Marty grieves for her baby, the search for the black-gloved person in the stairwell is underway.

I feel bad for Marty after being pushed down the stairs and for suffering a miscarriage, but I don't find the mystery of who pushed her all that compelling. I suspected that Marty's pregnancy was doomed from the start. I expected something to happen to her every time I saw her on my television screen, so I wasn't surprised when I saw her tumble down the stairs.

While Marty grieves her for her baby, the search for the black-gloved person in the stairwell is underway. Natalie and Todd both said ominous things to and about Marty shortly before she was pushed, so they are both suspects even if they are both surprised by that fact. Maybe this will teach both of them that it isn't necessary to say every single thing that crosses their minds because it could and will come back to haunt them!

I don't think Natalie pushed Marty, but I do think she needs to stay away from John and Marty for a while. They are both far too upset over the loss of their baby to deal with anything, but Natalie doesn't understand that. I know that she's upset that John suspected her of hurting Marty, but emotions are running high, and the evidence points in her direction. After her first confrontation with John, she should have dropped and left the hospital. Instead, she hung around so she could rehash everything with John, and then she decided it would be a good idea to visit Marty. What makes her think that Marty even wants to see her?! Nothing good can from this, and I wish Natalie would just go home!

As for Todd, I don't blame Téa for suspecting him. She knows he is capable of doing bad things, and Todd should know that. Todd has this horrible habit of pushing people away from him, and he did that to Téa in record time last week. Their fight got ugly in a hurry, and I hope Todd will reconsider Téa's motives. She's been there for him so many times in the past when few other people were, and while she knows he is capable of doing bad things, she still loves him. I hope Todd realizes that and makes amends with Téa. Todd can be his own worst enemy, and his recent behavior definitely reflects that!

It looks like we are heading into another Todd v. Cole feud. It's not unreasonable for Cole to think that Todd might have pushed Marty. He knows what Todd is capable of, and he knows Todd and Marty's history better than anyone. He's had enough of his own encounters with Todd to think that Todd is trouble, especially since he just had an argument with Todd last week about Hannah. While Cole has every reason to hate Todd, Cole shouldn't expect Starr to shun Todd too.

Todd is Starr's father, and there is nothing Cole can do about that. Starr has known Todd a lot longer than she has known Cole, and while Starr and Todd have had many rough patches in their relationship, they've always shared a bond. I am not usually a fan of Starr, but I think she's doing the right thing by warning Todd not to make her choose and by telling Cole that Todd isn't going anywhere. It's not fair that she's stuck in the middle, but I think she's doing a good job of being fair, while keeping both men in her life without completely alienating anyone.

Then there is Langston, who isn't being fair to Markko. In fact, she is acting like she wants him to catch her with Ford. I couldn't believe how she was in the doorway of the hotel bathroom for several minutes and expected Markko not to see her. All Langston had to do was shut the door, but she took her chances instead. With her behavior and with Cole's attitude about her lying to Markko, it's only a matter of time before Markko catches Langston, and I hope it happens soon.

As much as Langston tries to make other people feel guilty for accusing her of exactly what she's doing, she knows Ford is right. She is making a fool out of Markko. Meanwhile, Ford is making a fool of Langston with his phony declarations of love, so I guess she's getting what she deserves!

Meanwhile, Rex and Gigi continued their search for Rex's biological parents. As I said before, I don't care who Rex's parents end up being at this point. We've been dragged through too many false alarms for me to be invested in the outcome this time. I do, however, find it interesting that we are expected to believe that Nurse Wojciehowicz kept a necklace for 30 years expecting someone to claim it. I am sure the night she described was memorable, but it all seemed too contrived, even for a soap opera!

I also find it interesting that we saw Renee in the same episode that Rex and Gigi talked to the nurse. She is hardly ever on the show, so I wonder if it was a subtle hint that she is involved in Rex's story. We never found out why she was in the hospital bed where Mitch was supposed to be, so maybe Renee's presence is a clue. Renee's appearance was completely unrelated in terms of what she did in the episode, but it still made me wonder.

As for Melinda's death, it's hard to be interested in finding out how a character died that I barely knew. The other thing that makes this story hard to believe is the fact that Dorian isn't involved at all. She suspected that Melinda was killed before anyone else did, so why isn't she helping Kelly investigate the death? I think Kelly's story would be a lot more interesting if Dorian were involved instead of Todd or John.

Also, are we expected to believe that Rodney came all the way from the facility to the Sun? From what we saw at the facility, he leads a pretty sheltered life, so it was kind of strange that he was able to get to the Sun so easily. It looks like he knows what happened to Melinda, but since he seems to be a man of few words, I doubt he will tell Kelly anything of substance on Monday. I hope he does have the answers, though, because this story shouldn't go on for much longer.

I continue to enjoy Blair and Eli's relationship. Blair seems very comfortable with sharing personal things with him. She described her relationship with Kelly perfectly. They might not like each other, but they'll come through for each other if need be. I also like that Blair reflected on the baby she lost. It seems like things like that are often forgotten on soap operas, so it was a nice moment.

The song Blair sang was beautiful! I am glad that Kassie dePaiva is allowed to showcase her singing talent on the show. While I am usually against having musical performances take up precious airtime, I like when characters sing. It adds to the show, unlike outside music groups.

It was great to see Charlie and Viki reunite. I am glad that Viki decided to give Charlie another chance. I thought she would ultimately decide to do that, but it was hard to watch Viki ask Charlie for a divorce a couple of months ago. I am glad that they are ready to repair their marriage. I am not sure how Charlie working for Dorian is conducive to fixing his marriage. Charlie and Viki haven't even been married for a year, and I don't want to see them face even more obstacles so soon after Viki's return.

I also loved seeing Bo give Nora an engagement ring with Matthew as a witness. It was a beautiful family moment, and it was great to see all three characters look so happy. Bo and Nora have a magical connection and always will. I am glad they are forging ahead with their relationship. Clint might not be on board, which is hurtful to both of them, but they can't let Clint prevent them from being happy, so I am glad they were able to deal with his reaction and move on with their plans. I simply can't wait for Bo and Nora's wedding. Their first one was fun and memorable, and I know the next one will be too!

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