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Marty lost her baby. Marty recalled arguing with Natalie, and she thought that Natalie might have pushed her down the stairs. Todd denied being responsible for Marty's fall. Viki encouraged Charlie to accept Dorian's job offer. A man named Rodney died before he could talk to John about Melinda's death. Starr warned Hannah to stay away from Cole.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At the Palace, Viki looked surprised to see Charlie sitting at a table with Dorian. Dorian informed Charlie that it was his moment and that he should talk to Viki. Viki told Charlie that she had planned to call him, but she had just gotten back from London that morning. Dorian related that it was good to see Viki back in Llanview and that it would have been a blow to the community if she had decided not to return. However, it would have been a blow "to some more than others."

Viki asked if the pair had been spending time together, which Dorian affirmed. She told Viki they had been helping each other out because "that's what friends do." Viki apologized for interrupting but asked to talk to Charlie in private. Charlie wanted to clear the air about him sharing Dorian's company, but Viki didn't want to talk about Dorian, and Charlie agreed.

Charlie asked Viki how she had found him. She let him know that she was actually there to meet with Marty to talk about Jessica's condition. Charlie hadn't seen Marty there but said that he would take a rain check for later to talk to Viki. Viki admitted that she had not only returned from London for Jessica, but for Charlie as well.

As Dorian spied on the pair, Charlie asked how London had been. Viki said that it had been lonely, even with her family around her. She confessed to thinking a lot about whether or not their marriage could be saved. Charlie confessed to the same and wondered what Viki had decided.

Dorian, wanting to hear that part of the conversation, shushed a woman talking loudly to Renee in the background. Dorian walked away, anyway, as Viki told Charlie that she hadn't figured out a solution. She declared that time and space just made things more complicated, but she missed him. Charlie confessed to missing her, too, and believed that there was a way to make their marriage work. Viki began to get upset and admitted that she was afraid of going through more hurt and disappointment.

Viki realized that they had both been through a lot since Jared had died but wondered if it was too much. She didn't know if she could endure something else causing Charlie to drink again. She admitted that she had returned because she had recognized that walking away from Charlie had been the biggest mistake of her life.

Viki explained about a side trip to Paris that she and Bree had taken. She had finally recognized her mistake when they had visited the Eiffel Tower. She went on to say that he was a builder at heart, and every time something went wrong with their relationship, he was the one to put it back together. She was scared when she had walked in the Palace and found Charlie sitting with Dorian with her hand on his, because Viki didn't want to live without him. She thought that they deserved a chance to rebuild and asked if he was willing. In response, Charlie kissed her.

At the hospital, Nurse Wojciehowicz entered and asked Rex and Gigi how she could help them. Rex wondered how long she had worked at the hospital in Llanview, to which she replied since she had gotten out of nursing school. Rex hoped the nurse could help him find his real parents. The nurse explained that he would have to go to the agency from which he had been adopted, but Rex gave her the details about the night he had been born. He gave a picture of Allison to the upset nurse, which jogged her memory of that night.

The nurse explained that she was supposed to have gone out with her husband for his birthday that night but had gotten called into work because of a huge accident. At one point during the night, she had gone outside to meet an ambulance. In the confusion, she had found a bundle on the gurney with no one around it. Suddenly, she had seen someone run to a car and get in. She had tried to yell to the person, but they had sped off.

Rex asked the woman to describe the person, but she disclosed that it had been dark and she hadn't even been able to make out whether it had been a man or a woman. Hours later, Allison had arrived to claim the baby as her own. Assuming that Allison had been the person in the car, the nurse had believed Allison when she had said that she had been young and scared, but had had time to think and had actually wanted her baby. Rex asked if Allison had given the nurse any proof of her parentage, but she admitted that she had been new at the time and had thought giving Allison the baby had been the right thing to do.

The nurse asserted that if she had known the truth, she wouldn't have given Rex to Allison, but Allison had seemed very sweet. Gigi assured the nurse that it wasn't her fault and that Allison might have hurt someone if the nurse had refused to give her the child. Rex again inquired about the person that had sped away in the car. Nurse Wojciehowicz apologized that she hadn't been able to make any details out, but she remembered that Rex had had something with him the night he had been in the hospital. The nurse had held on to it after all the years and went to get it to show Rex.

While the nurse was out, Rex reasoned that maybe it was better that he didn't know who his real parents were. He wanted to stop looking because every clue he had gotten had led him to a dead end. He even suggested that his real dad could end up being worse than Mitch. As the nurse walked in, Gigi insisted that wasn't possible.

Nurse Wojciehowicz handed Rex an envelope. Rex opened it and took out a silver necklace with a half heart charm. Before leaving, the nurse told Rex that no matter who his real parents were, they would be proud of him because he seemed to have turned out all right. Rex was convinced that he was out of leads, but Gigi encouraged Rex that his real parents were still out there, waiting to be found.

At the hospital, Bo was on the phone when Nora walked in and caught him. Thinking he was talking to someone from the station, she reminded him that he shouldn't be working. As the pair started to talk about their upcoming nuptials, a surprised Matthew walked into the room and asked if he had heard them correctly. He was a little annoyed that it had taken them a couple of days to tell him but admitted that it was something he'd wanted for his entire life. Bo then asked Matthew to be his best man, which Matthew gladly accepted. As Matthew asked about Clint, Clint walked in, requesting to know what was going on.

Clint had arrived to give Asa's lighter to Bo and reminded him that there were cigars that went along with it. Nora told Matthew that he had homework to do, which a confused Matthew denied. However, he finally got the hint and left the room. Clint wanted to know what Bo and Nora wanted to talk to him about. Nora informed Clint that she and Bo were going to get married but that they hadn't planned it. A bitter Clint replied that it figured, and that things always "just happened" between the two of them.

Bo described how, after he had gotten shot, he had realized how much time he had wasted and that he didn't want to wait anymore. Nora explained that they weren't asking for a blessing but for peace between the three of them that included being a part of each other's lives again. She said the four of them, she and Bo, and Kim and Clint, should have dinner together soon. However, Clint informed the couple that he and Kim weren't together anymore.

Clint told them that they were free to say, "I told you so," because he knew they were thinking it. He told them that it was no secret how they felt about Kim, but Nora insisted that they just wanted to see him happy. Nora queried if there were anything she or Bo could do for him, but Clint just wanted them to concentrate on their own marriage instead of his. He told Bo to enjoy the gift and left the room as Nora shook her head.

Bo couldn't help but to think about Kim and Clint. Nora related that, although most people, including her, had thought nasty things about Clint and Kim, she did think that they'd had a connection. Nora also believed that she and Bo were shoving their happiness in Clint's face, and she felt guilty all over again. Bo agreed but said Clint would move on soon.

Matthew entered the room and asked how it had gone with Clint. The couple said that it had gone as well as it could have and that the wedding was still on. "Good, so you won't have to return this box," Matthew said as he handed a bag to Bo. Bo took out the ring box and apologized for not getting on one knee "this time." He slipped the engagement ring on Nora's finger, to Matthew's delight.

At the hospital, Téa literally bumped into Todd. She noticed that Todd was acting strangely so she asked him what was wrong. He played the question off and asked why Téa was there. She replied that she had a checkup, but she was fine, and told him not to change the subject. He finally let Téa know that Marty was his problem.

"You're at it again?" Téa retorted. Todd sarcastically thanked her for the support. Téa made it clear that she was cynical because she was worried that another run-in with Marty would lead to yet another arrest. He asked why everything was always his fault. Todd explained to her how he believed Cole was cheating on Starr and said that it was Marty's fault. He said he thought Marty had returned to Llanview just to "stick it" to him and that everyone would be better off if she were dead.

Todd left the hospital to sit at the bar at the Palace and drink. As the bartender asked if Todd wanted a refill, he had a flashback. He thought about Marty saying how, even though Todd was miserable, everyone else was going to be happy, and there was nothing he could do about it. Dorian was surprised to see Todd at the bar and sarcastically asked if he was there to atone for his sins.

Todd told Dorian to get lost, but she insisted on knowing what "evil plan" of his had misfired. She told him to confide in her because no one would appreciate his agony more. Todd told Dorian to concentrate on her own life, and he left the Palace.

As Marty walked out of her office, she ran into Natalie, who intended to apologize. Marty yelled, "Not now!" and ran to the elevator. Marty was angry to notice that the elevator was out of order so she gave in and took the stairs. As she stood at the top of the stairs and tried to get something out of her purse, two black-gloved hands pushed her down the stairs. As she lay unconscious on the landing of the stairs, John, intending to check on Marty at the hospital, walked up and found her. He looked up and saw Natalie standing at the top of the stairs.

As John tried to wake Marty up, Natalie rushed down, asking what had happened. Natalie ran back up the stairs to get help. She found Greg at the nurses' station while he flirted with a nurse and told him what had happened. He hurried to the stairs with her. Greg and Natalie reached Marty and John as Marty stirred and woke up, although very groggy. While Greg determined that she had no serious injuries, the nurse entered, notifying them that a gurney was on the way.

Natalie looked on while Greg checked Marty out. John asked if anything was in pain. Marty got upset and said she was cramping, and she thought she might be bleeding. When asked how she fell, Marty replied, "I didn't fall. I was pushed." Greg insisted that Marty couldn't answer any more questions and wondered where her obstetrician was. John exited the exam room and demanded that the nurse call the doctor at home.

Outside the room, Natalie asked about Marty. John said that she was banged up, but they weren't sure about the baby. Overhearing, Téa asked if there was something wrong with Marty. John said yes and that it hadn't been an accident. Téa looked nervous, obviously believing that Todd had had something to do with it.

John informed Téa that Marty had been pushed down the stairs. Just as Téa asked who had done it, Marty's doctor arrived. John told her that he and Marty were worried about the baby and quickly ushered her into the room. Greg discussed Marty's minor injuries and said he was just about to check on the baby with a sonogram. As John tried to calm Marty down during the checkup, the doctor became silent. She couldn't find the baby's heartbeat.

Téa opened the door to the staircase that Marty had fallen down and saw police tape marking it a crime scene. She flashed back to Todd's earlier, nasty words about Marty. "What have you done?" she said quietly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

While Blair and Jack waited for a pizza to be delivered at La Boulaie, Kelly returned home from her trip to California. Jack asked her point-blank if she had been successful in locating her mother's murderer. Kelly explained that while she and John had been unable to locate any evidence, it wasn't over. There had been a man at the facility who had appeared to know something, and John had left his card, she added. Kelly showed off the vase that her mother had made before she had died. As Blair turned away and made a face, Kelly placed the vase on the mantel.

As Blair and Jack enjoyed their pizza, the boy admitted that he liked Kelly, and he wanted to know why Blair hated her. He had noticed that his mother had snapped at her cousin. Blair suggested that her reasons were adult and complicated, but as Jack always did, he blurted out some shocking words. He asked if Blair hated Kelly because Kelly had killed Blair's baby. Blair was taken aback and wondered how her son would even understand about such things. He admitted that it was his way to always listen when and where he could, and in that way he learned. He pointed out that his mother had other children, but Blair advised him that mothers never forgot or got over the death of one of their children.

Blair appreciated her son having his own mind and was okay with the fact that Jack liked Kelly. They agreed that the vase was ugly, and Blair figured they could put it away somewhere after Kelly settled down. "I don't settle easily," Kelly announced as she walked into the room. Blair attempted to backpedal and explained that her mother had always made ugly pieces when she was at St. Anne's, and they had to display them. "I love the vase," Kelly retorted.

Kelly moved the vase around and found the perfect spot for it. As a concession, Blair plopped a bouquet of flowers into the pottery piece.

Markko tried to reach Langston on the phone to tell her about a lecture he wanted them to see at the university by a filmmaker named Del Toro. He walked into the apartment and was shocked to see Cole with his bandaged hand. He wanted to know what happened. "Todd Manning," was Cole's simple yet informative answer. He acquainted Markko with the events of the day and how Todd had planned on getting Starr and Hope away from Cole. He admitted that Todd had found Hannah in the apartment in a bra but there had been nothing going on, especially since he wasn't the one who was cheating. The guys were interrupted when Karen delivered a pizza, but Markko picked up the conversation where it had left off.

Markko wanted to know who was cheating. Cole quickly covered and said no one that he knew, but he heard about things like that all the time. He added that he and Starr would never cheat on each other, and Markko hurriedly agreed that the same held true for himself and Langston. Markko revealed that he had plans to book the same room at the Palace Hotel for prom night that he and Langston had enjoyed on their first night together. He had to go to the Palace to talk to Renee.

As Viki and Charlie made up on the terrace at the Palace Hotel, Renee refused to seat Dorian at a table close enough to watch the couple. Dorian grumbled that her assigned table had no view. Renee walked away and muttered that there would also be no meddling. Out on the terrace, Viki exclaimed, "This is so right," as she finally pulled away from Charlie. They agreed that neither of them had stopped loving the other, and Charlie promised that he would never give Viki a reason to leave him again. "Welcome home, Mrs. Banks," he uttered.

Viki agreed that they had both lost a lot, but they couldn't pick up where they had left off right after Jared died. Charlie agreed that he wasn't the same person who had let Viki down, and he had definitely changed. He joked that he should change his name or accent. Viki advised him that she was supposed to have met Marty for dinner, but since Marty hadn't shown up, it was time for Viki and Charlie to return home. Charlie was nervous about Jessica, but Viki assured him that it was time for Jessica to face the world as it really was. She knew that Bree would be especially happy to see Charlie again, and the little girl needed to be surrounded by people who loved her.

As Viki and Charlie headed out of the restaurant, they encountered Dorian, who was thrilled to see the couple together again. She pointed out that she had been their champion. "Lucky for us," Viki grumbled. Dorian reminded Charlie that they had unfinished business to attend to. "Business?" Viki asked. Charlie denied it, but Dorian informed Viki that she had a position for Charlie of project manager for the new Llanview Civic Center, and the offer was "on the table." She went into detail about the new center and explained that it would include an arts and cultural facility and job retraining. It would also be state-of-the-art and would be green in every way imaginable.

Viki wanted Charlie to picture working with Dorian, but Dorian admonished her and noted that Dorian had shown class when her Mel had worked with Viki. Charlie took Viki aside and explained that it was a job that he really wanted to do. Green construction was something his company stood for, and he would be able to provide many men with jobs. Viki was afraid that Dorian could lead Charlie astray, but Charlie insisted that he wouldn't follow that time. He wouldn't take the job, though, if it hurt Viki or would cause them to have problems.

Viki thought that Charlie should accept the job, and she would support him. "You've got a deal," Charlie reported to Dorian, who was extremely pleased. Viki agreed that Dorian had chosen the right person, and Charlie would do a wonderful job. Dorian was glad to see that Viki had taken Charlie back. Viki had strong words for Dorian and advised her that if she attempted to manipulate, use, or undermine Charlie, Viki would devote her life to seeing that Dorian regretted it. Viki let Charlie know that she just wanted Dorian to know they were "all on the same page." She didn't trust Dorian at all.

Dorian made a phone call and advised someone that the office next to hers was to be cleared out for Charlie. They would be working very closely with each other, she said happily.

Upstairs, Langston knocked on the door of one of the hotel's rooms. Ford answered and assured her the room was theirs for the night, and it was free. "All you have to do is be my wife," Ford enlightened Langston. He explained that she would have to pretend to be Mrs. Alfonso Del Toro. The man was someone who would be giving a lecture at Llanview University. The room had been booked for Del Toro and his wife, but they wouldn't arrive until the next day, and the room had already been paid for.

Langston agreed but then looked around the room thoughtfully. She realized it was the same room that she and Markko had made love in for the first time after the prom. She recounted the events of the evening and called it a good memory. As Ford kissed her and removed her blouse, he agreed that the first time should always be sweet, but he thought that it was time to make some new memories.

Langston wondered if it was difficult for Ford to accept that she was still with Markko, and he responded that he tried not to think of it. When his phone rang, Langston went to hand it to him, but he quickly grabbed it from her. It was Karen, the pizza delivery girl, who wanted to know if Ford were free. He advised her he was busy and told Langston it was a student of his.

Langston admitted that she couldn't complain if Ford had someone else, but he purred that she was the only one for him. Langston thought it was time for the two of them to go public, but Ford had multiple reasons as to why that wasn't a good idea. She agreed that it could wait until the semester was over.

Todd reached his office at the Sun and recalled the conversation he'd had with Marty. He had ordered Marty, her son, and her new baby to disappear for good. He was startled out of his skin when Starr burst through the door. "Why did you do it?" she wanted to know. She informed him that she had seen Cole, and she was angry.

Todd argued that Hannah had been naked in Cole's apartment, and Cole had been cheating on Starr. He couldn't believe what he had seen. He clarified that he had done nothing more than talk to Cole, but Cole had thrown him out of the apartment. Starr was in total agreement that Cole had made the right move.

Cole had told Starr what had really happened, and she believed him. Adamantly, Todd swore that he had been trying to protect his daughter, and that was why he had done "all of it." "What else did you do?" Starr asked him. Todd denied that there was anything else to tell her, but Starr didn't quite believe him. She declared that Todd had not just had an argument with Cole. Todd believed that Cole had an anger management problem. Starr disclosed that she and Cole had also had an argument over the incident, and Todd was pleased that Starr had defended Todd.

Hastily, Starr assured Todd that she hadn't defended him but had tried to make peace. She was angry that Todd would want Cole to leave her. Todd claimed that it was all because Cole was a loser, but Starr was certain it was because Cole was Marty's son. She declared that she loved Cole, and he wasn't going anywhere. Furthermore, Todd would have a big problem if he tried to change things, she concluded.

Todd admitted that he had stopped at the apartment to talk about the musical. Starr suggested that the parts about Todd couldn't be changed to be untrue, and besides, he couldn't fool Dani and erase all that he had done. Todd revealed that even Téa had convinced him he was wrong. He acknowledged that Starr would always be his girl, and she was the most important thing in his life. Starr strongly urged her father not to make her choose between him and Cole because he wouldn't like the consequences. As she turned to go, she ordered her dad to stop being a jerk to Cole. He suggested that she keep her eyes open.

"Keep looking," John ordered the doctor as she examined Marty and was unable to find the baby's heartbeat. He and Marty, both teary-eyed, were defeated when the doctor finally advised them that with no heartbeat and Marty's cramping and bleeding, Marty knew what had happened. "Our baby's gone," Marty told John. The doctor explained that the fetus hadn't been able to survive the trauma from Marty's fall, and Marty would need a D&C, a standard procedure after a miscarriage. John and Marty cried and consoled each other.

Marty began to blame herself for the loss of the baby because she should have never been on the stairs in the first place, but the elevator hadn't been working. As she conveyed the reasons why she had done what she had done, she apologized to John for what had happened. John quickly assured her that it wasn't her fault, and he would be okay as long as he had her. He blamed himself instead and berated himself for going to California when he should have been at Marty's side. In turn, Marty let John know that it wasn't his fault, either, but was the fault of the person who had pushed her.

Marty was positive that someone had pushed her, but she couldn't remember anything from the time she had stood at the top of the steps until she had woken up on the ground. John agreed to talk to Natalie because she had been nearby after the incident, and maybe she had seen someone or something. Marty was perplexed that Natalie had been there but realized that Natalie couldn't have seen anyone at all because Natalie had been the one who had pushed her. She was certain of it because Natalie had been angry at her, had wanted the baby to be gone, and had been there when it had happened. John didn't think that Natalie could be violent, but Marty reminded him that Natalie had stabbed Mitch.

Mary filled John in on the events at Hallowed Grounds, when she had overheard Natalie talking to Brody. Natalie had told Brody that John would be with Natalie if Marty weren't pregnant. Marty had confronted Natalie, who had been vicious. Natalie was sure that John would have broken things off with Marty and gone back to Natalie if Marty hadn't been pregnant. Marty had seen Natalie later at the hospital but hadn't been able to speak to her. Marty realized that only a few hours before, Natalie had wondered what might have been if Marty weren't pregnant. Natalie had wanted the baby gone so she could be with John, and at that moment, there was no baby.

Out in the hallway, Natalie and Téa wondered and worried about Marty and the baby, though Natalie was curious as to why Téa was so interested. She pointed out that Téa wasn't friendly with any of the involved parties, and she couldn't understand why Téa had asked lots of questions. Téa seemed to be concerned about whether someone had really pushed Marty down the stairs. Téa quickly noted that it was the way her lawyer's mind worked, and she was only thinking about a lawsuit if Marty had actually slipped down the stairs.

Just then, the women spotted Marty's obstetrician, but the doctor wouldn't disclose any information on Marty's condition. As the doctor slipped Marty's file into its proper place, the women looked at each other in silent agreement. After the doctor left, Téa tried to telephone Todd, but Natalie reached for the file and promptly began to read through it. She was unable to learn anything because of the nurse who walked up and grabbed the file out of her hands before she was able to finish. Natalie claimed that she had been unable to understand what the doctor had told her, but when the nurse offered to page the doctor, Natalie immediately declined the nurse's proposal.

Téa couldn't get hold of Todd. She hoped that the baby was okay, or the person who had pushed Marty would be guilty of murder. "Oh, my God, what have I done?" Natalie asked herself.

John looked thoughtful as the doctor arrived to prep Marty for surgery. He left the room and spotted Natalie in the hallway. She asked how Marty was and then about the baby. "We lost the baby," John told her.

At the Palace Hotel, Markko spoke to Renee, who assured the young man that she would reserve the same room for him and Langston. As Markko turned to leave, he overheard a hotel employee speaking to someone on the phone. The man ordered one of his underlings to deliver room service to Mr. Del Toro. Markko knew the young waiter and asked for a favor. Shortly after, dressed in room service clothes, Markko knocked on Del Toro's door. Inside, Langston got out of bed to answer it.

Starr returned to her apartment and advised Cole that she had spoken to Todd. "Did you tell him to stay out of our lives?" Cole asked. Starr was surprised. "No, and I never will," she replied.

Marty was wheeled out of her room and toward the operating room. Natalie comforted John and told him how sorry she was. "Are you really?" he asked, as he glared at her.

Téa showed up at Todd's office and spoke quickly. She warned him that they didn't have much time, and she wanted to know if he had pushed Marty down the stairs.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bearing home-baked cookies for the recovering top cop, Destiny paid a visit to Bo's room at Llanview Hospital. She found Matthew there instead, and he explained that Bo and Nora were at a physical therapy session as part of Bo's recovery process. Matthew told Destiny that Bo wanted to be back in top form soon so he could remarry Nora, a piece of news which delighted the young girl. Unable to resist, Destiny asked Matthew if he'd be taking Danielle to his parents' second wedding. Matthew seemed anxious at the mention of Danielle and hesitantly said he hadn't asked her yet.

Destiny quickly honed in on the source of Matthew's discomfort: Nate Salinger. Matthew claimed he wasn't jealous of the older boy but confessed that he'd been uncomfortable watching Nate get close to Danielle in rehearsals and called him a "pretentious actor." Destiny told Matthew he was indeed jealous but comforted him by reminding him that they'd be able to make Danielle jealous as well -- by kissing during the play. She was crestfallen when Matthew dismissed her suggestion of "kissing practice" and said that it wouldn't be the same. After all, Matthew reasoned, Danielle knew he and Destiny were "just friends" and nothing more.

Noticing Matthew's prom tickets, Destiny wondered if he'd asked Danielle yet. Matthew admitted he feared she wouldn't say yes, but Destiny swallowed her heartache and pushed him to pop the question and promised him that Danielle wouldn't turn him down.

At the Palace Hotel, Danielle rehearsed her lines as "Starr" in the mirror, while she recounted Todd's misdeeds to an invisible audience. As she read the lines, she grew repulsed by her father's lengthy rap sheet and broke character as she called Todd a jerk. Answering a knock at the door, she greeted Nate, who said that working alone wasn't cutting it; he needed to rehearse his lines with his scene partner. Danielle readily agreed to work with him.

As Nate entered the suite, he asked Danielle about her past before Llanview. Danielle explained that she'd left Tahiti to attend boarding school in London and recapped how she'd met Matthew and escaped the Warwick Academy. Nate concluded that Matthew really was her boyfriend, but Danielle seemed uncomfortable with labeling her and Matthew's relationship; they weren't merely friends, she said, but it was "kind of more."

Nate agreed that "boyfriend and girlfriend" was an outdated concept. The teens discovered they shared similarly broken homes with bad role models for romance, but Nate admitted that his difficult father was nothing like Todd. He was at a loss to understand how Téa could've fallen for someone like Todd. Danielle said she didn't understand it, either, but nonetheless, "it happens."

The kids began to rehearse their scenes as "Starr and Cole," and Nate asked Danielle how he should touch her face in the scene at the hospital, where "Cole" examined "Starr's" injuries after her fall down the stairs. Unsettled by the intimate contact, Danielle allowed Nate to caress her cheek and her forehead then suggested she ask Starr about it for the sake of "realism." Her mixed feelings deepened as the actors exchanged declarations of "I love you" as Starr and Cole.

When the script reached a point where they were to kiss, Nate suggested they go for it and avoid awkwardness in future rehearsals. Danielle was unsure, but Nate was determined not to stumble in their readings with the full cast. Danielle warned Nate she'd only kissed one other guy, but Nate told her to relax and said the kiss wouldn't be real; they were only playing parts. Danielle agreed to the pretense, and they shared a kiss.

After they broke away, Nate thanked Danielle for her help. Danielle suggested he leave before Téa walked in on them together; she feared Téa would be ready to give him the third degree. Nate said he'd save meeting Téa for another time, but he was curious to meet a woman who'd married Todd Manning. As Nate left the room with a secret smirk on his face, Danielle struggled with her emotions, shaken by their performance.

At the teens' apartment, Cole was dismayed by Starr's vow never to cut Todd out of her life. He reflected on his argument with Todd and how he'd been warned that Starr would always forgive her father. He reminded Starr that Todd wanted to destroy their relationship and would never give up on breaking them apart. Starr said that she refused to play into Todd's hands and would never choose between her family and her boyfriend. She told Cole they needed to be mature and resolute, even when Todd wasn't; they'd survived all the turmoil Langston had written about in the musical, and Todd would never split them up.

Cole admitted that the drama with Langston and Markko, and his renewed animosity with Todd, had left him fearful about their future. Todd had believed Cole was cheating on Starr, but Cole swore he didn't want anyone but her. Starr reassured him that they could handle anything together. "Believe in us, Cole," she pleaded. "I do," Cole replied and drew her into a kiss.

As they slid into each other's arms, Starr informed Cole that Langston and Markko were out, and Hope was asleep, which left them a rare opportunity to be together. Seizing the moment, they fell onto the couch and began to make love.

Back at the Palace, Langston approached the door to the suite she and Ford were sharing and was unaware that Markko stood in the hallway outside, as he rehearsed his introduction to famous director Alfonso Del Toro. Inches from the door, Langston stopped abruptly and said she couldn't greet a bellboy half-dressed. Instead, Ford did it for her, and answered the door in his ubiquitous boxer briefs. He was shocked to find Markko standing there, while just behind the door, Langston cowered in fear. Markko was equally perplexed to find the half-naked Ford in Del Toro's suite but quickly figured things out for himself: "I know exactly what you're doing!"

Markko concluded that Ford was holding Del Toro's suite for him, and Ford replied that the director would arrive in the morning. Ford promised to put in a good word for Markko and invited him inside, much to Langston's horror. As Langston raced to the bathroom, Markko, none the wiser, entered the suite with his room service tray. Examining the room, Markko realized Ford had a guest with him. Gloating, Ford told Markko he was right again.

As Markko began to ramble about his and Langston's magical evening at the Palace the previous year, Langston noticed her bracelet on a nearby desk. Exchanging a furtive glance with Ford from her hiding place, she watched as Ford put the bracelet inside a wooden box to conceal it from Markko's eyes. Ford wished Markko the best of luck in meeting his favorite director and bid him goodnight. No sooner was Markko out the door than Langston strode over to Ford and kneed him in the groin.

Furious, Langston asked Ford if he'd meant for her to be found out by Markko. Clutching his groin, Ford said he had just been having a little fun, but Langston didn't find it amusing and accused him of making Markko look like an idiot. "I'm not the one doing that," Ford shot back, "You are."

Langston blanched as she realized he was correct; she was the one playing Markko for a fool, and it was all her own fault. Overcome, she moved to leave. Ford asked her to stay. "Go to hell," Langston snapped, shoving past him and stalking off into the night.

Back at the apartment, Starr and Cole were a tangle of arms and legs under blankets as they searched for their clothes in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Starr teasingly told Cole she had another very important question for him and asked him to go to prom with her. They hadn't been able to go in the previous two years, and she wanted one more special night at Llanview High. Cole immediately agreed.

As Starr and Cole dressed, Starr pointed out her four prom tickets, including two for Langston and Markko. The couple was touched by Markko's gesture for Langston, and his plan to rent the same suite at the Palace that they'd had the year before. Cole was leery, however, and asked Starr if they could be sure Langston was done with Ford. Starr insisted Langston had learned her lesson; "She's with Markko!" "Who's with me?" Markko asked quizzically, bursting through the front door.

Starr quickly covered and told Markko that Langston was with him for prom night. Both Starr and Cole grew nervous as Markko recounted his expedition to the Palace to reserve the room and his chance meeting with Ford, who'd had "a girl" with him. When Markko asked where Langston was, Starr and Cole claimed she was working on the musical.

As Markko headed to his room to call Langston, Starr and Cole were left alone with their private concerns. Cole was sure Langston was with Ford and told Starr he knew she suspected the same. Just then, Langston, talking into her phone, entered the apartment. She stopped dead as she noticed Starr and Cole watching her.

At the Sun, Téa told Todd about Marty's fall down the hospital stairs, and informed him that Marty was pregnant. "Probably tripped over her own self-righteousness," Todd said as he sneered. As Téa fished for information on the last time Todd had spoken to Marty, Todd asked her if someone thought Marty had been pushed and if he were a suspect. Téa reminded him that she'd seen him after his fight with Marty, but Todd pushed Téa to admit it: "You think I did it, don't you?" "I suspect you, yes," Téa replied.

As Todd reeled at Téa's lack of trust, she reminded him that he'd also pushed Starr down a flight of stairs, and she'd been pregnant, as well, not to mention his daughter. Todd told her to get out, but Téa refused. Todd accused her of poisoning Danielle against him and having no faith in him. Téa told him that whatever had or hadn't happened, he needed a lawyer and that if Marty's child died, he was in a lot of trouble; in order to help him, she needed to know if he'd pushed Marty.

"You think I'm a monster," Todd mumbled, but Téa disagreed; she said she knew his emotions overwhelmed him and made him do terrible things and again asked for the truth. She demanded to know if he had done it. "Yes," Todd replied. After watching Téa's horrified reaction and listening to her begin to make plans for his defense, Todd lunged at her and gripped her in his arms. He screamed at her and asked if that was what she'd wanted to hear and if that was what she'd wanted to believe.

Sobbing, Téa told Todd she was there for him no matter what he'd done, but Todd rejected her claim of devotion. He told her that after everything she'd put him through, the only person he wanted to hurt was her. He revealed that he hadn't pushed Marty but said she didn't believe him, so it didn't matter. He again ordered her to leave.

Téa said she did believe him and that he needed her help in case John turned on him as a possible suspect. Todd refused to listen to her pleas and told her to "go to hell." At her wit's end, Téa left the office, but not before tossing everything on the nearby table to the floor in frustration.

At Llanview Hospital, John asked Natalie if she was truly sorry about Marty's fall. He explained that Marty had told him what Natalie had said at Hallowed Grounds about their relationship and coldly asked Natalie if she really believed he was only with Marty because of the baby. Natalie insisted she hadn't meant her rash words at the coffee shop, but John pressured her and asked if she'd wished the baby dead so they could be together. Natalie swore she hadn't wanted any harm to befall the child.

John told Natalie that Marty hadn't fallen; she'd been pushed. He reminded his ex that she'd been on the scene when he'd arrived, and Natalie said she'd only been there a couple of seconds. She claimed Marty had been on the ground when she'd gotten there. Natalie said she hadn't seen anyone else in the stairwell, and John asked her about meeting Marty outside her office just before the incident. Natalie was stricken as she realized what John was driving at, and pushed him to say it -- he thought she'd pushed Marty. "Did you?" John asked.

Natalie was horrified that John could think her capable of pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. "You don't know me at all," she mumbled, shell-shocked. John told Natalie he knew that when she was angry, she lashed out and became her own worst enemy. Natalie replied that there was a world of difference between rash decisions and attempted murder, and insisted she'd only visited the hospital to apologize to Marty for what she'd said at Hallowed Grounds. She asked if Marty suspected her, but John had no answer.

Crushed, Natalie told John to go and be with Marty. "We're done," she said softly. As John walked away, she stopped him again. Tears streaming down her face, Natalie told him that no matter what he thought of her, she was truly sorry for Marty and the baby.

A musical montage played as the people of Llanview went about their lives: At the teens' apartment, Langston passed the suspicious Starr and Cole without a word as she entered her and Markko's room. At the Sun, Todd called the hospital for information on Marty's baby but got no news and hung up then stood surveying the night sky. At the hospital, Destiny and Matthew polished off her cookies and shared a hug as Destiny left, silently heartbroken; meanwhile, Matthew stared at his prom tickets. At the Palace, Danielle flashed back to her kiss with Nate, while just outside, Téa stopped on her way to the door and was lost in thoughts of Todd. At the hospital, John left Natalie alone in the corridor, and Natalie, weeping with sorrow, collapsed against the wall.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Todd sat in his office at the Sun and tried to get information on Marty's condition from the hospital. He even pretended to be Cole, but his attempt was unsuccessful when he was asked for the special family code. Kelly walked in and was immediately suspicious of his behavior, so she asked him what kind of trouble he was in. Todd lied and explained that he was following up on a story, but his mind wandered away as he recalled his last conversation with Marty at the hospital. Kelly realized that Todd was far away, but he attributed it to having lots on his mind. Kelly was certain that Todd would be able to handle it.

Todd shuddered as Kelly revealed the vase that her mother had made. "Like father, like son," she muttered when she saw his reaction. She shared her annoyance that Todd had not offered any comments or asked any questions about her trip to California. "We can sleep together," Todd said in response. He thought it would make him feel better. She brushed him off, and was annoyed even more. He proceeded to bombard Kelly with questions about her trip, but it was obvious to Kelly that he really didn't seem interested in her.

Todd began to ask questions about John, and he assumed that John had not gotten anywhere with Kelly's case because of Marty. He wondered if John knew about it, which prompted Kelly to ask what Todd was talking about. Todd thought quickly and admitted that he wondered if John knew if his baby was a boy or a girl. Kelly couldn't understand Todd's preoccupation with John, but he suggested that she needed to talk to someone who was focused on her mother's death and not other problems. Kelly was sure that John had everything under control.

Kelly told Todd about the "mute" man she and John had met in California, and Todd made light of the fact that such a man might have made the phone calls in question. Adamantly, Kelly insisted that she believed in John. "He always gets his man," she said firmly.

Later, Todd studied the website of the Llanview Police Blotter and found an article on Marty. Kelly continued to talk about her trip, oblivious as to what Todd was doing. Suddenly, he got up and said he had to leave because he had something to take care of. Kelly plopped some new flowers into her vase and had the shock of her life when Rodney, the man from California, sneaked up behind her.

Starr was excited about the new prom dress she had to buy and accepted Cole's assurance that he didn't mind attending the prom with her, as it would be a special night. Langston and Markko walked into the apartment as Cole and Starr kissed. Jokingly, Markko told them to get a room and turned to Langston to ask if there was something she had to tell him. Langston was unnerved, but just then, she received a text message from Ford, who wondered if she were still angry at him. She ignored it as Markko teasingly told her that he knew about the prom tickets, and he accepted her invitation. He promised that it would be a better experience than the last one. He headed back out.

Cole mentioned the experience that Markko had had the previous night at the Palace Hotel when he had found Ford in a hotel room meant for the guest lecturer. Curtly, Cole noted that Ford hadn't wasted any time in finding a replacement girlfriend for Langston, though Cole was curious to know if Langston had truly "dumped" Ford. He accused her of being the one in the hotel room with Ford, especially since she had been gone all night. Langston quickly denied the charge and suggested that it was Hannah who had been with Ford. Cole thought that was ridiculous. Langston assured him that she wouldn't be anywhere near Ford because she was "so over him."

Still living with her father at the Buchanan mansion, Jessica checked out a high school page on the online social network "Myface" and stared thoughtfully at a photo of Cristian. She was thrilled when Viki paid her a visit, though she told her mother that things were "so awful." Viki reported on Bree's antics in London, but Jessica felt detached and politely asked how the little girl was. She lamented the fact that she couldn't be more of a mother to Bree, but Viki assured her that it wasn't her fault because Jessica was really living as a 17-year-old. Jessica dejectedly informed Viki that Cristian had asked someone else to the prom, and so she no longer wanted to attend.

Viki reminded Jessica that Cristian was a teacher, but Jessica explained that he would be a chaperon. She had thought of going by herself, but she had ripped up the ticket instead. Viki thought that Jessica should attend. Jessica disclosed that Marty blamed Jessica for the way she was, and Viki agreed that the prom time had been an important time in Jessica's life. She thought that Jessica needed to see it through. Jessica thought she would look like an idiot if she went by herself, and Viki suggested that she take someone else.

Jessica whined that she wanted to go to the prom with Cristian and didn't think Viki could understand how it felt to not remember someone. Viki assured her she could relate, and Jessica felt like a bad person. Viki assured her it wasn't her fault, but Viki had heard via Natalie that Jessica had had a date with Brody, so maybe Jessica could ask him to the prom. Jessica called Natalie a boyfriend-stealer and blabbermouth, and while Brody was nice, he wasn't who she wanted.

As Viki got ready to leave, she assured Jessica it was okay for her to stay with Clint, but they would have to make some decisions regarding Bree in the near future. Viki was sure they could make it work no matter what, and she promised Jessica that Viki and Clint would always be there for her. She told her to think about the prom. After Viki left, Jessica taped the ticket back together. She looked at Cristian's photo again on the school Internet page.

Natalie visited her new best friend, Brody, and complained that John had accused her of killing Marty's baby. Brody was unaware of what had happened, and Natalie filled him in. Dismayed, she stressed that John believed that she was the one who had pushed Marty down the stairs, and she couldn't accept the fact that John had accused her. "Cut him some slack," Brody suggested. He thought that it was John's duty as a cop to question her.

Natalie tearfully exclaimed that she missed John and had wondered where their relationship might have gone. She admitted that she had been at the scene when Marty had been found because she had gone to the hospital to apologize to Marty for her hurtful words. Brody assured her there was no evidence that she had been the one to push Marty, but Natalie was certain that Marty would convince John otherwise.

Natalie admitted that she often did crazy things and could be compulsive, but she would never commit such an act as pushing Marty down the stairs. Brody explained that John had an obligation to ask Natalie questions, but John hadn't arrested Natalie, and neither would he. Brody believed that Natalie was innocent. Natalie wished that John would believe her, as well, and she couldn't understand why he didn't, since she thought she and John had a connection. Brody continued to look over longingly at a photo of himself and Jessica as Natalie spoke. He made it clear that John was a cop and was "leaning on procedure." John had asked questions and noted Natalie's response, but he hadn't pursued her further.

Natalie thought back to what John had been like previously, and she pointed out that John wouldn't stop until he obtained the truth. Just then, Brody received a call from John, who asked Brody to get to the hospital to take Marty's statement. Natalie wondered if she should get herself a lawyer, but Brody assured her he would give her a "heads-up" in the event that should be necessary. An appreciative Natalie wrapped her arms around Brody, and he hugged her back tightly.

At the hospital, John and Marty tearfully comforted each other as Marty recuperated after surgery. She wanted to know if John had arrested Natalie and was perturbed that he hadn't. She strongly felt that Natalie had made them lose their baby and that Natalie belonged in jail. John assured her he had questioned Natalie, and there wasn't any evidence to support the idea that Natalie had been the one to push Marty.

Marty disagreed and wanted Natalie to pay for what she had done. She had heard Natalie say that the baby was in the way, and John had seen Natalie at the top of the stairs. A nurse interrupted when she arrived to give Marty a code for family members who called about Marty's condition. Marty acknowledged that the only family would be her son, and she would tell him in person after she arrived home. The nurse related that Cole already knew, as he had called the hospital, seeking information.

Marty was sure that she would fall apart when she saw Cole, who had been looking forward to having a sibling. She thought it best to contact Cole immediately, and after she spoke to him, she told John that Cole had not known about her hospitalization. The nurse had likely made a mistake, she told a thoughtful-looking John.

Ford ran into Cristian and Layla at the diner just as Cristian was about to ask Layla an important question. They teased Ford when they heard about his overnight at the hotel, and Layla was sure she knew who the girl was that had spent the night with Ford. He sat down at their table with his back to the counter. Layla thought it was Karen, the pizza delivery girl, who always ventured to Ford's bedroom to make change. Ford laughed as Markko took a seat at the counter behind Ford. "That's who you think I was with," Ford began as Markko turned to listen.

Ford moved into another seat next to Layla and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Markko. He admitted he had been with Karen. As Ford got up to get his order, Layla called him an operator. Layla was glad that Cristian wasn't a "player." Cristian returned to his question and asked Layla to go to the prom with him.

Layla was disappointed and admitted that she had thought it was going to be a different question, but she would be honored to go to the prom with Cristian. She wondered about Jessica, and Cristian verified that Jessica had purchased one ticket. Jessica knew he'd be with Layla, and he was proud to be seen with Layla. He would buy Layla a greenhouse full of flowers, he joked.

Layla confessed that she had never made it to her senior prom because she had been sick, and Cristian promised that she had a second chance. He would see to it that it would be a special time for her and the best night of her life.

As Markko handed Ford a takeout order, he mentioned the conversation he had overheard. Karen was a friend of his, and he didn't want Ford to hurt her. She was a nice girl, and he wanted Ford to treat her right. Ford froze as Markko added that he had something to say about Langston, but Markko only wanted Ford to know that Markko was taking Langston to the prom and had reserved that same hotel room for the night. He didn't want Ford to mention it to Langston in the event he saw her.

Ford asked Markko to keep it a secret that Ford had used the hotel room in Del Toro's name. Markko agreed, though he had mentioned it to Langston, since the two of them didn't have secrets. Ford smiled to himself.

Marty's phone call interrupted Cole's accusations of Langston. He was shocked to hear her news and verified that she was okay. Dejectedly, he told Starr and Langston what had happened. Starr and Langston were sad, and Starr quickly tried to comfort her boyfriend. Even though Marty had told him to stay home, Starr surmised that Cole would head to the hospital immediately, and she was right. He asked Starr to give Hope a kiss from him when she woke up. Langston was sorry, too, but Cole evaded her as she reached out to hug him.

After Cole left, Langston voiced her concern that even though Cole hated her, she hoped he knew she was sorry. Starr clarified that Cole only cared about his good friend Markko. Langston again insisted she was finished with Ford, but she could tell that Starr didn't believe her. Langston challenged Starr and asked when she had ever lied to Starr in the past. Starr didn't have to think very hard as she recalled the lies after Langston's parents had passed away. Langston defended herself and said it was different. She pointed out that she had tried to save herself from being put into foster care.

Starr thought it was similar and that Langston was lying because she was afraid of losing the apartment, Markko, and her friends. Starr understood that Langston was under lots of pressure and assured Langston that she wouldn't lose their friendship. She wanted to know if it was Langston who had been in the hotel room with Ford. Langston maintained that she hadn't been with Ford, but Starr asked her to swear on their friendship. Langston found it difficult to find her voice, but finally, she swore on their friendship that she was done with Ford. She grabbed her things and left, obviously quite upset.

John promised to find the guilty person, but he insisted there was no evidence that Natalie had perpetrated the crime. Marty wondered if John was just protecting Natalie and insisted it wasn't because she was jealous. She pointed out that Natalie had stabbed Mitch and gotten away with it, due in part to John's cover-up of the act. John told her the situation was different, but Marty was sure it wasn't. John insisted he wasn't covering for Natalie and only cared about Marty, who was surprised. John assured Marty that he was concerned about her, and he would continue checking on the crime. He vowed to find out who had pushed Marty, even it if was Natalie.

Brody arrived at the hospital and expressed his sympathy to John regarding the baby. John was curious how Brody knew about it, and Brody mentioned that he had heard about it from Natalie. He recognized that John was looking at Natalie for the assault on Marty.

Unseen by the two men, Todd looked over the crime scene and knocked down the official tape that blocked off the top of the stairs. He made his way to the nurses' station and began to look for Marty's file when no one was around. As he found the file and picked it up, Cole arrived and wanted to know what Todd was doing.

Brody made his way into Marty's room, and Marty assured him that he knew who had pushed her. She reminded him that he had heard the conversation between her and Natalie. He wondered if she had received any other threats or if she had any enemies. Suddenly, Marty recalled that there was someone else she'd had a problem with, and it was Todd.

John entered the staircase and found the police tape down on the ground. He drew his gun and aimed it toward the person he saw standing there. It was Natalie.

Friday, April 23, 2010

At Ultra Violet, Blair sang a romantic melody, as Eli entered the club. Unobserved, Eli watched Blair sing. Once Blair had finished the song, she noticed Eli, who applauded and told Blair that she had a beautiful voice. As Blair and Eli kissed, Ralph, the piano player, suggested taking a break. Eli explained to Blair that the deposition from his case had been moved back on the court docket and that he had wanted to find out what Blair actually did at Ultra Violet. When Blair teased him, Eli pretended to leave, but Blair stopped Eli with a kiss. Eli asked Blair about her pizza night with Jack, and Blair informed Eli that "my dear, sweet, dear cousin Kelly, the killjoy" had ruined it.

Blair then related that Kelly and John had not yet found Melinda's murderer. Blair stated, however, that Kelly had taken questionable pottery made by Melinda to La Boulaie, and that Blair had informed her cousin that the vase had needed to be put in a closet. Insulted, Kelly had taken the vase away. Blair informed Eli that families fought. Eli said that he felt there was a lot more to it than just a family fight. Blair revealed that she had lost a baby in the past because of Kelly.

As Blair showed Eli her dead baby's birthstone on her bracelet, Blair told him that the car she had been riding in had hit a tree because Kelly, devastated from a breakup, had swerved into their lane. When Eli told Blair that he was sorry for the loss of Blair's baby, Blair insisted that she was lucky to have "three beautiful children." However, Blair admitted that "if push came to shove," Blair knew that Kelly would be there for her and vice versa.

Later, as Blair sat at the piano, she looked at her bracelet and gazed off in the distance as she remembered her lost child.

As Starr was leaving her apartment, she found Hannah at the door. When Hannah realized that Cole was not home, she started to leave. Starr stopped her and suggested that they talk about how Hannah had been "going after Cole." Starr told Hannah to make herself at home, and as Hannah walked into the living room, Starr asked if she could take Hannah's shirt. When Hannah tried to leave, Starr told her that she wanted "to have this out." Hannah insisted that nothing was going on between herself and Cole and that they were just friends. Starr agreed and informed Hannah that since nothing would be going on between Hannah and Cole, Hannah could go back to obsessing over Ford.

Making two points very clear, Starr demanded that Hannah "stop coming onto him" and for her not to "make him your knight in shining armor." Hannah replied that she just was there to talk to Cole, and Starr wanted to know why Hannah was "so desperate to see Cole" that time. Starr suspected that Ford was still stringing Hannah along. But Hannah said that if anyone was stupid enough to fall for Ford, it was Langston.

In the school hall, as Langston gazed at a poster for the prom, Ford asked if she had missed him. While Langston pushed Ford down the hall, Ford insisted that he felt that Langston wanted to forgive him. Langston reminded Ford that she was still mad at him. Langston explained that Markko had informed Langston, Starr, and Cole that Ford had entertained a girl in his room, and that Cole and Starr had guessed it was Langston.

"Starr made me swear on our friendship that I wasn't with you last night," exclaimed Langston, "and that it was over between us." When Ford wanted to know if it was "a pinky swear," Langston insisted that even though she had lied to Starr about the first part, the second part was true. Langston reminded Ford that he had indicated, when they first met, that her world was too narrow, and that she needed to open up her eyes. Langston claimed that her eyes were open, and it was time to move on. Ford declared, "So, you used me."

Ford announced that he was falling in love with Langston. Langston and Ford both admitted to be stunned by his declaration, and Ford stressed that when Langston had left the hotel room, he had thought that she would return. Ford then whined that Markko received all of Langston's time, yet Ford was only allowed a few stolen moments with Langston. However, Ford told Langston, since Ford finally realized that he wanted more, it was too late. Ford exclaimed, "You don't want me anymore, do you?"

Ford admitted to Langston that he should have been honest about his feelings all along. Ford assessed that he and Langston could have been "a real couple" after Langston graduated. Ford then wished Langston the best with Markko and started to leave. Langston stopped Ford and pointed out that Ford had never told Langston about the way that he felt.

Langston cried that it changed everything and that she was willing to give Ford another chance. Langston firmly stated that she would not go the prom, but Ford quieted her. Ford expressed his desire for Langston to go to her prom as long as she returned to him. Langston and Ford kissed.

At the hospital, John asked Natalie why she was in the stairwell. Natalie sarcastically responded that she was planning another murder, that she had returned to the scene of the crime, and that John had caught her "lying in wait for my next victim." Natalie then warned John that he might be next. When John suggested that Natalie not be in the stairwell, Natalie emphasized that it would look like Natalie was responsible for Marty losing her baby, since Marty was in the process of being interviewed by Brody. Natalie insisted that she did not want to be around for a lynching, yet she had to stay in the stairwell to look for evidence.

Natalie was trying to prove her innocence, but she questioned if John was trying to prove her guilty. John simply stated that he was just trying to find the truth. Natalie requested that John just "look at his gut," and John agreed that he could not imagine Natalie wanting to hurt Marty. However, John explained that he had to look at the evidence and that he could not ignore all of the evidence against Natalie. Natalie was amazed that John could ever believe that Natalie would be capable of hurting the baby. Natalie stormed off, and John followed.

In the hospital elevator, John told Natalie that he knew Marty was telling the truth. Natalie cried that she also had been truthful and declared that she had already admitted to John about saying all of the bad things to Marty. As they walked off the elevator, Natalie reminded John that she and John had kissed, and that, at the time, John had promised Natalie a chance for the future as a couple. John tried to evade that by stating that it was not the time or the place for the discussion. Natalie announced to John that "the minute you accused me of hurting Marty, you destroyed any future we could have had."

Later, John found Natalie in the hospital hall. Natalie recognized that she understood that John had been in pain and had been suffering from the loss of the baby at the time of his questioning. However, Natalie was stunned that John would actually consider that she could hurt a pregnant woman, especially the mother of his child. She proclaimed that the man that she fell for could never consider that possibility and would know in his heart that she was innocent. She stressed, "The longer you consider me a suspect, the longer the real perp has to cover his tracks."

Later, in the stairwell, as John was searching for evidence, he found a hair caught in a crack on the stairs.

In the hospital lobby, Cole confronted Todd and demanded to know what Todd was doing. When Todd taunted Cole about cheating with "some slutty coed," Cole warned Todd about not getting anywhere near Marty, especially after her miscarriage. Todd insisted that he was just at the hospital to ensure that Marty was all right, but Cole yelled that Todd had never cared about Marty or her family. Cole screamed, "You think that I believe for one second that you care about my mom. You're not her friend...just some guy that raped her." After Todd called Cole an idiot, Cole declared that Todd lived just to see Marty suffer.

In Marty's hospital room, Brody stated that Marty had already told him about Natalie but questioned if Marty had seen Todd Manning also. Marty reflected back onto seeing Todd barge into her office and demand that she do something about Cole.Marty insisted to Brody that Todd had left, and that she had run into Natalie after that. Marty claimed that the next thing she had known, someone had pushed her down the stairs. Marty then asked Brody why Natalie was not yet in custody. Brody stated that he was simply interviewing Marty, and that he just had a few more questions regarding Todd.

Marty reflected that Todd's threats had been first about Cole but later had been about the baby. Marty cried that Todd had blamed her for all of his problems. "It's my fault he raped me. It's my fault he tormented me. It's my fault he can't maintain a normal relationship and that his children hate him. He blames me for everything wrong in his life," she said. Marty remembered telling Todd that no matter what Todd did, Marty, John, and their baby would be happy. And she also remembered Todd's comments of "We'll see. We'll see." Brody and Marty heard a ruckus in the hall.

Cole and Todd were scuffling in the hall, with Cole yelling, "You want my mom to lose the baby." Brody ran into the hall and broke up the shoving match. Brody demanded that Cole go into the room to see his mother.

Once Cole entered Marty's room, he told his mother that he was very sorry about her baby. Marty acknowledged his sorrow but made Cole promise that he would stay away from Todd. Marty then admitted to Cole that she had been pushed down the stairs, as John entered her room. Cole asked John who had pushed Marty. When John stated there was one suspect, Marty claimed that there were actually two. Marty, John, and Cole then speculated on who actually would have pushed Marty down the stairs.

Marty made Cole promise that when he left her room, he would not go looking for Todd. Cole agreed not to and stated that he would call her later. After Cole left, Marty pondered to John why she would accuse Natalie when "no one in this world would want to hurt us more than Todd."

In the hall, Brody asked Todd where he had been at 6:00 p.m. the previous night. Todd told Brody to talk to his lawyer as John walked out of Marty's room.

Hannah stated to Starr, "If I would have known something so small would make you so insecure," she would not have bothered to reach out to Hannah's friend, Cole. Starr then announced that Cole's mom had just lost her baby, and that Cole needed time to heal. Starr insisted that the healing would be from her and not from Hannah, who should just stay away from Cole. Hannah indicated that Starr's message had been received. Cole arrived at the apartment and informed the girls that Todd had pushed Marty down the stairs, which had resulted in her miscarriage.

In the lobby of Melinda's institution, Kelly ran into Rodney. As Kelly picked up the phone and informed Rodney that she wanted to call his doctor, he grabbed her arm. Nervously, Kelly stated that she understood and that Rodney was right. Kelly further claimed that she and Rodney could talk or that she could talk, and Rodney could just listen. When Kelly informed him that she was going to get them water, Rodney begged, " can't go." Shocked, Kelly asked, "Rodney, you can talk?"

Rodney apologized for scaring Kelly and asserted that Kelly needed to know that Melinda had been murdered. When Kelly asked Rodney if he had been the one calling her, Rodney nodded. Kelly pleaded with Rodney to tell her who had killed Melinda. Kelly stated that since Rodney had been Melinda's friend, he needed to tell Kelly, so that nobody else would get hurt. Kelly asked, "Did you see who killed her? Can you tell me her name?" Rodney showed her John McBain's business card.

Rodney stuttered that he wanted to talk to John, and Kelly claimed that she would get John "pronto." As Kelly left to get her car to take them to John, Rodney looked at the vase that Melinda had made for Kelly and said, "Melinda."

As Kelly reentered the institution lobby to get Rodney, she remarked, "Okay, Rodney, all set. Ready to go?" Kelly gasped as she found Rodney on the floor, covered in flowers, while the water from Melinda's tipped-over vase dripped on him.

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