As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on ATWT

Jack escorted Janet to Rocco's funeral. Liberty's cancer was in remission. Parker witnessed Craig giving Gabriel money. Emma checked Meg out of the hospital and took Eliza to the farm without consulting Paul. Emma berated Paul for his treatment of her daughter and granddaughter. Vienna told Barbara she planned to walk down the aisle pregnant. Reid kissed Luke after being reinstated.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At Carly's house, Jack and Carly argued loudly. They disagreed about Janet's continued stay in Carly's house, but Jack refused to apologize for wanting to take care of his unborn child, and he called Carly "unsympathetic." She, however, went ballistic and screamed at him, "Enough is enough!" Jack's phone rang, and he had to leave for the station. He tried to remind Carly that they had always managed to find their way back to each other, and it would happen again.

At Monte Carlo, Craig griped to Ellis that he had to pay Gabriel whatever the boy demanded because the kid had Craig over a barrel. Ellis reminded him that blackmailers were rarely satisfied with a single payment, but Craig said it would at least buy him time to figure out how to get rid of "the little gnat." Gabriel reported for work, and Ellis left, so Craig and Gabriel traded nasty barbs. The boy mentioned that he had already spent the $20,000 Craig had paid him for a down payment on "a sweet ride," so he asked for more money.

Craig walked away, so Gabriel pretended to begin work, and he took out his soldering iron and "burned" his hand. He yelled at Craig for a first aid kit, but Craig said that "grownups" knew how to be careful and didn't play with fire. Gabriel complained that he needed some burn cream, but Craig simply advised him to tell it to someone who cared. Carly walked in just as Gabriel was demanding a first aid kit, so she looked at his burn and scolded Craig for not taking it seriously. She was disgusted when Craig declared the burn to be some sort of "cosmic payback," and she sent Gabriel to the Emergency Room at Memorial and promised that the company would pay the bill.

After Gabriel left, Carly began talking about taking their children to Milan for the fashion shows there, and Craig was very pleased. On second thought, he asked what Jack had done, because he said he could tell that Carly was "about to pop" with frustration. Carly said she was tired of feeling like a monster in her own home, and she complained about having no privacy with Jack. She said she had blown up at both Jack and Janet that morning and had gone "a little overboard" with them. Craig said he had just the ticket to relax them. A masseuse and masseur appeared shortly, but Carly refused to participate in a massage.

Craig got naked under a sheet on one of the tables and raved about how relaxing the treatment was. He ordered Allen, the masseur, to at least give Carly a neck rub in her chair, and she felt so relaxed that she agreed to a whole massage. As she lay on her table next to Craig, he gave her a line about how "devoted" he was to her and how his dumping of her for Rosanna had been the biggest mistake of his life. He said Carly was everything he had ever wanted, and he woke up every day, wondering how things might have been.

Craig called himself "a cad, a philanderer, and a ruthless, deceitful man," but he said he was a much better man when he was with Carly. When they had put back on their working clothes, Carly said she felt really relaxed and knew exactly what she had to do. Craig felt hopeful until she added that she had to talk to Jack immediately.

Ellis returned to the office and showed Craig a prospectus for a new investment. He said it would recoup all Craig's losses and replace Parker's trust fund. He also cautioned Craig to cut down on his expenses until then, but Craig answered, "No can do." He protested that he had to "keep up the momentum" he had built with Carly, and that might include an expensive trip to Milan.

Faith ran into Parker in Old Town and told him that she had moved back to the farm and was "finally free." Parker was in a hurry and didn't want to chat. He said that Liberty had an important doctor's appointment that day, and she would find out if her cancer were diminishing. He was frustrated, he told Faith, because Liberty had told him that she "needed a break" from him. Faith reminded the boy that he was Liberty's best friend, but perhaps she felt a bit "smothered." Faith offered to go with Parker to Liberty's appointment so that it would look as if it was just a casual visit from friends.

In the hospital, Liberty and Janet waited to see the doctor, but suddenly Janet had a weird feeling that something was wrong. She had no way of knowing that at that exact moment, the Oakdale police were taking away Rocco Ciccone's body from the street where he had collapsed and died. The police were also arranging for Dusty Donovan to go to the station and give his statement. The feeling in Janet's heart passed, and she told Liberty not to worry about her and called her daughter "a hero." The doctor had an emergency, so the two had to wait a bit longer.

Janet's phone rang, but when she saw the caller was Dusty, she chose to ignore it. Liberty wanted to know why her mother was unhappy with Dusty, and Janet said that she and Dusty were having "some issues." Liberty ordered her mother to "work it out," and she demanded that Janet call Dusty back immediately.

At the police station, Dusty told a cop that it had been his idea to go after the guy who had shot him. Rocco, however, had known where to find the man, and had declared that he had felt fine and had insisted on going with Dusty. Just then Janet called Dusty back, and he asked her to go to the police station right away because it couldn't wait. Janet was reluctant, but she promised to do what she could.

Janet was hesitant to leave Liberty alone to hear the doctor's news, but Parker and Faith walked in, and Liberty told her friends that she was delighted to see them because her mother had "an important errand to run." Janet left for the station, and while Dusty waited for her, Jack walked into the interview room with him. Dusty said if he had known how weak Rocco had really been, he would never have agreed to let Rocco accompany him. Jack said that a man was dead because of Dusty's poor decisions, and he told Dusty that he would have to be the one to face Janet and tell her.

Janet walked in and demanded to know what was going on. Dusty said that after Janet had left Memorial, Rocco had said he had wanted "to make things right" about Dusty's shooting. Dusty said it was about justice, and Janet's dad had known where to find the shooter. Janet reminded Dusty that Uncle Ralph had sent the guy after Dusty, but he corrected her by saying that Rocco had set things in motion with Ralph. Janet could not accept that, but Dusty said Rocco had said he had felt strong, and the two of them had gone after the guy together.

Janet yelled that her father was in no condition to "go after anyone," and she said she had to go back to the hospital to check on him. Dusty then had to tell her that her dad was gone. Janet broke down and said she couldn't be around Dusty, and she walked into the squad room. Jack was there, and he told Janet how sorry he was, and she asked him to take her to the morgue downstairs. Janet looked at Rocco's body, and she asked Jack to stay. After a moment, Dusty entered, so Jack left them alone. Dusty said he had been wrong, and Janet said that because of him, her father was dead.

Dusty said that Rocco had loved Janet, but she said she couldn't even look at Dusty anymore, and she walked upstairs to Jack. They sat in the interview room, and Janet wondered why it hurt so much to say goodbye to the guy who had thrown her out like garbage almost 20 years before. Dusty, meanwhile, waited in the squad room, and Carly walked in. He gave her the news about Rocco, and then Carly looked into the interview room and saw Jack comforting Janet.

Liberty waited for the doctor with Faith and Parker, when she heard someone call her name. She turned and saw Gabriel with his hand bandaged. Liberty went to him and asked about his injury. Faith whispered to Parker and asked if Liberty and Gabriel knew each other, and Parker replied that, unfortunately, they did. Liberty and Gabriel joined the others, and just then, the doctor called Liberty. Gabriel asked if they could all go in the room with Liberty, and the doctor said it would be all right.

In the exam room, Liberty said she was ready to hear the news, good or bad. The doctor said the news was good; Liberty's cancer appeared to be retreating. Everyone was joyous, and Liberty could not wait to talk with her mother, but she couldn't reach Janet on her phone. They all walked out of the hospital and passed a snazzy car, and Gabriel asked how they liked his "new ride." It burned Parker that it was the exact same model he had bought with his trust fund money. Parker asked Gabriel if Carly and Craig had suddenly "quadrupled" his salary at Monte Carlo, but Gabriel said it didn't matter how he had gotten it. Then he passed Liberty the keys and asked if she would like to drive it.

The teens went to Al's because Liberty was starving, and she was tired of her bland cancer diet. She was salivating for mounds of French fries and a chocolate milkshake, but Gabriel cautioned her to go easy at first. She decided that was good advice, and she thanked her friends for sticking by her and looking out for her interests. Gabriel offered Liberty a ride back to Carly's, so Parker spoke up and said that since he lived there, too, he might as well ride with them. A waitress who knew Parker from his days working at the diner approached and asked him to take a look at a clogged sink in the kitchen, so he had to pass on the ride home. Faith offered to stay with him, however, and when they were alone, she blasted Liberty for not appreciating Parker enough.

Liberty and Gabriel walked around Old Town for a while, and he advised her to keep her coat buttoned because it was cold out. Liberty said her mom could wait a bit longer for the good news, and she asked if Gabriel could hold off taking her home right away.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the phone, Craig told Ellis firmly that he would replace Parker's trust fund as soon as Monte Carlo began to produce steady revenue. Until that happened, however, Craig needed to put another sizable expense on the debit card. He hung up when someone knocked on the door, and he was surprised to find that his caller was Parker. The boy declared that he needed to talk to Craig about his trust fund, and he reported that he had found a really sweet convertible at a local dealership.

Craig stopped the boy at that point, ready to lecture him about his past follies, but Parker went on to say that he had really worked hard the last year to do the right things and be responsible, especially where Liberty was concerned. He said that when he had seen Gabriel's new wheels, however, Parker had been sorely tempted to blow it all. Therefore, the teen told Craig to shut down the debit account because Liberty was home and doing much better. Parker no longer needed access to ready money, and he wanted his trustee to make it as hard as possible for him to get to his money.

A stunned Craig said that Parker was mature enough not to abuse the debit card, and he urged him to keep the account operational. Parker insisted that he just didn't want it, but Craig kept resisting. Finally Parker asked if Craig's attitude had anything to do with scoring points with Carly, and he went on to explain that his mother and Jack were back as a couple, even if current events had made things a bit strained. Parker then told Craig to forget about the debit card; he had decided to keep it.

Parker went home and found Carly upset. She explained that Janet's father had died suddenly, and her son's first thoughts were for Liberty. Carly said the girl wasn't home, so Parker explained that she had gotten really good news from the cancer doctor but had chosen to celebrate with Gabriel. Carly suggested that Parker find Liberty and give her the news about her grandfather, so Parker headed for Old Town.

Liberty and Gabriel sat on a bench in Old Town, and Liberty was having a hard time realizing that she was finally through with chemotherapy. She asked Gabriel why he was acting so much like someone who cared about her, but he deflected her question by saying he had been thinking about how to celebrate the good news. He suggested they go to a club in Chicago, or if that was too far, to Canada. Liberty laughed and again asked the boy why he liked to hang around "cancer chicks," and Gabriel answered that his mom had been one many years before, but unfortunately, she had never gotten an occasion to celebrate. Parker walked up then and told Liberty that they had to go home.

At the police station, Janet cried with Jack as Carly arrived. Carly said how sorry she was for Janet's loss, and she said Janet and Liberty were welcome to stay at her house as long as they needed to. Janet said she couldn't talk to Carly then, and she walked away. Jack told Carly that he had to help Janet sign some papers for the funeral home, so Carly asked him to call her when he could. Janet turned and asked Carly to "just back off." She also yelled that Carly had gotten what she wanted, so she should let Janet mourn with her family, and Carly could "gloat" later. Jack asked Carly to leave, and Janet suddenly remembered that no one had told her sister about their father, so Jack suggested they go find Teresa.

Dusty went to Metro and fixed himself a couple of drinks. Teri walked out of the kitchen as Dusty downed his last drink. He realized that Teri did not know what had happened to Rocco, so he broke the news to her. Just then, Janet and Jack ran in, and Teri ran to hug and cry with her sister. The two of them decided that they should call their mother together, and then they went into the kitchen. Dusty began making inflammatory remarks to Jack, and he stopped Jack from going into the kitchen after Janet by reminding him that Jack had "dumped" Janet, and they had subsequently divorced.

Teri and Janet returned, and Janet asked if Dusty had a problem. He said no, and he walked out. Teri defended Dusty, but Janet didn't want to hear it. Teri then scowled at Jack and asked why he was even there. She sarcastically referred to Jack as the "husband of the year" and reminded her sister that he had walked out on her. Jack spoke up for himself, but Teri wanted him to leave because they were dealing with a family problem, and Jack was not "family" any longer. Jack decided to leave, and he said goodbye to Janet.

Teri and Janet could not believe that their father was gone, and then Teri told Janet not to blame Dusty for Rocco's stubbornness. Parker and Liberty ran into the club, and Liberty went straight to her mom. Janet talked to her about her grandfather and how much he had wanted to help Liberty. Then Janet remembered her daughter's doctor's appointment, and she asked for the results. Liberty said she was done with chemo, and her cancer was diminishing. Janet was overjoyed to have some good news for a change, and she hugged Liberty.

Teri reached her mother by phone, and she promised that she and Janet would be traveling home within a couple of hours. Janet said that the funeral home would be taking Rocco back to Melrose Park. Liberty insisted on going with them, but Teri was disgruntled to learn that Jack would be driving them. When Janet went to freshen up, Teri told Liberty that Janet felt that Dusty was responsible for Rocco's death. Liberty took out her phone and began texting.

Dusty waited for an elevator at the Lakeview; the door opened and Craig stepped out. Dusty said he had been on his way to Craig's suite, so both of them walked to the front desk at the hotel. Dusty asked permission to pick up Johnny at school that day and take him for ice cream. Craig was quick to remind Dusty that it wasn't his visitation day, and then he asked Dusty what was wrong with him.

Dusty said that Rocco Ciccone had died, and at first Craig seemed sympathetic, but he quickly figured out that Janet blamed Dusty for her father's death. "Well," said Craig flippantly, "there goes your regular life and a chance to raise another man's son who isn't yours." Craig told Dusty to let Janet go, and the two men began to shout. Carly ran up and separated the two of them, and she warned Dusty not to take Craig's bait.

Craig fired another barrage of insults at Dusty, until Carly spoke up and said she knew what Craig was doing. Her reasoning was that if Janet and Dusty broke up, then Jack would stick by Janet through the birth of the baby, and that left Carly ripe for Craig's picking. Dusty was unsettled, and he walked off. Carly continued to rip into Craig and finally called him "a complete ass." Craig then changed tactics and began taunting Carly about how flaky Jack was. He stressed that, unlike Jack, Craig would always put Carly's happiness first. That shook up Carly, so she turned and walked away.

Dusty sat in the Lakeview bar and read the text message from Liberty. He quickly paid for his drink and ran out. Janet and Liberty stopped by Fashions to pick up something appropriate for the funeral, but Liberty saw Dusty arrive outside the shop, so she went out and let Dusty in. Janet turned around with her packages and ran right into Dusty. He admitted that Liberty had sent him a text saying that she thought the two of them should talk.

Dusty still wanted to marry Janet and raise their children together, but Janet maintained that everything had changed. Dusty said, "Not everything." Janet admitted how obstinate her father had been, but she remarked that Dusty should have told her about Rocco's involvement with Ralph Manzo and his goons. Dusty asked to go with them to Chicago, but Janet said every time she looked at him, she saw her father.

Outside, Liberty sat on a bench, and Parker spied her. They talked, and Liberty said that she had never tried to push him away. She apologized for going a little nuts when she had gotten the good news about her health, and she hugged him.

When Carly returned home, she found Jack there alone. They talked about how difficult their lives were, but Carly hoped that while Janet and company were in Chicago for the funeral, she and Jack could have some time alone. Then Jack announced that he was driving the Ciccone family to Melrose Park because he really didn't have a choice. Carly struggled but managed to say that she could cope, and they kissed.

Janet and Liberty walked in, and Jack took their luggage to the front door. Dusty appeared outside the door, so Jack let him in and asked Liberty to carry some light bags to the car with him. Carly also made herself scarce in the kitchen to give Dusty and Janet some privacy.

Dusty handed Janet a manila envelope that contained her dad's personal effects from the morgue. Inside, she found the St. Christopher's medal that he had worn every day, and Dusty put it around Janet's neck, in hopes that it would protect her. Jack and Carly said goodbye, and Dusty wished Janet a safe trip. Carly and Dusty were left alone, and she said that Janet would eventually get over her father's death. Dusty said he certainly hoped Carly was right.

Craig picked up Johnny at school and took him home to their Lakeview suite. Craig heard a commotion outside his door, so he opened it and found Gabriel checking into the room next door. Gabriel announced that they were neighbors, but Craig told the boy not to get too comfortable in those quarters because he wouldn't be staying that long. Gabriel declared that was not too neighborly, as Johnny walked out.

Gabriel told Johnny that since they were neighbors, they could "hang out" a lot. Craig sent his boy inside and warned Gabriel that if he ever went near Johnny again, Craig would break him in half. Gabriel told Craig to "chill," but Craig threatened him again and then slammed the door as he went inside.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chris showed up at WOAK, per Katie's instructions, for a medical segment, but Katie wasn't there, nor was she expected that day. He called her cell phone, and no one answered, but Alison walked into the studio. She and Chris quickly figured out that Katie was playing matchmaker again, and Alison wasn't sure that Chris was innocent in the scheme. She said she was glad the two of them were friends again, but she had only agreed to appear on Katie's show because she felt they were providing a worthwhile public service. Chris got her to admit, however, that she was having fun working on the show. Alison said she hoped that the latest stunt wasn't just a ploy to get Alison alone, but Chris assured her it was not. Then he got an urgent page from the hospital, so both he and Alison left.

In the pediatrics ward at Memorial, Chris successfully diagnosed a child's allergic reaction just in time to save his life. Alison was pumped to see that and to be a part of it, and she told Chris how amazing he was. Suddenly, Chris leaned in to kiss her, but Alison pulled back and reacted badly. She scolded him, but he begged for a chance to explain. Chris said one reason he had returned to Oakdale was to see where he stood with Alison. She replied that she had hoped his feelings for her had disappeared, but then Chris asked what her feelings were for him.

Alison reminded Chris that he had been her first lover, and he would always be special to her because of that. She also asked him to remember that every time they got together, they ended up hurting one another. Alison was concerned about how Casey would react to her having a boyfriend so soon after their breakup, but Chris said that unless Casey still loved her, he had no say in the matter. Alison refused to get involved, however, and she walked out.

Emma bumped into Paul and Emily in Old Town, and she commented that the couple had been shopping at the children's store. Emily laughed and said that the point of having kids was to spoil them, but Emma warned, "Eliza is not your kid, Emily." They all talked briefly about Meg, and then Emma walked on. Emily looked at Paul and said, "She hates our guts."

At Deerbrook, Meg spoke with one of her doctors about her home visit with Eliza. She explained that she had chosen to keep the little girl at Fairwinds for the visit because her daughter was living there while Meg was hospitalized. Meg expressed the hope that she could go home for good soon, but the doctor's reply was vague. He concluded the interview and stepped outside Meg's room. He looked at her file and then punched a number into his phone.

Emily's phone rang in Old Town, and she answered as Paul went to browse in the bookstore. The caller was Meg's doctor, who asked Emily for her take on how the home visit had gone. Emily said she was sure Meg had thought everything was "peachy," but Emily had not been thrilled to return home and find Meg in bed with her husband.

Paul walked out of the bookstore, but he couldn't find Emily. His mother approached, however, and she noticed the shopping bags and asked him why he hadn't called her to go shopping for Eliza with him. Paul said coldly that the thought had never entered his mind. Barbara said she was trying to "reconnect" with her family, and Paul let fly with a sarcastic remark, saying, "That's great, Mom! Does that mean you're going to take off some time from boinking my baby brother?" Barbara did not appreciate the remark, but Paul rebounded with a crack about "Cougartown."

Barbara defended her former relationship with Henry, but she declared that it was over and done with. She reminded Paul that they had both attended Henry and Vienna's engagement party, and Paul did a funny pantomime of a soused Barbara at the event. She dismissed her actions as "a bad night" and asked to see Eliza, but Paul told his mother she was "too unstable" to see her granddaughter. Emily joined them, but Barbara was hurt, and she walked off.

Paul and Emily had lunch at Al's, and Emily said that her call had been from Meg's doctor, who had wanted to know how the home visit had gone. Emily said she had told the truth about Meg's crawling into bed with Paul, but that upset him. He felt Emily had blown it way out of proportion, and they argued. Emily thought that Meg still had a "thing" for Paul, but he denied it. Emily felt his ex still belonged in the hospital, and she confessed that she had a bad vibe about the path Meg was taking. Paul acknowledged that Emily had spoken truthfully to the doctor, and she had not thrown a fit when the incident had occurred. They kissed, picked up their packages, and headed home.

Meg's doctor returned to her room and asked specifically how Meg had related with her former husband on the home visit. Meg assured him that things were great between them, even though their divorce had been nasty. She claimed that Paul had been a good friend since Meg's illness, and she said she was sincerely trying to be friendly with Emily for her baby's sake. Both of them were surprised when Emma walked into her daughter's room and announced that she was there to take Meg home.

Emma said she no longer believed that Meg belonged in an institution because the moment she had left Deerbrook, she had crawled into her ex-husband's bed. Emma felt it would be wrong to keep Meg at the sanitarium even one day longer, and she wanted Meg home with her family and the chance to mother her little girl. Emma agreed to accept all responsibility for Meg, and she said she was signing her out immediately.

At Fairwinds, Meg introduced her mother to Taryn, Eliza's nanny. Emma declared that they were taking the baby on a "girls' day out," but the nanny said Mr. Ryan had not mentioned that Eliza would be going out. Emma reassured her that all was well because the little girl would be with her mother and grandmother. As they were leaving, Meg was skeptical, but Emma convinced her that it was absolutely the right thing to do. They went to the farm, and Emma began plans for a big family dinner, since Meg had missed Christmas with the Snyders.

When Paul and Emily got home, the nanny said Eliza was with Meg and her mother, so Paul and Emily dropped their parcels and ran out. They dashed into Emma's kitchen and saw Meg holding Eliza, with Emma also in attendance. Paul declared that Meg had had no right to take their daughter without his knowledge or permission, but Emma spoke up and said that Meg was the baby's mother and did not need anyone's say-so. She informed them that Deerbrook had released Meg, who was taking her life back, and that included living at the farm with her child. Paul said that Meg could live wherever she pleased, but Eliza lived with him. Emma declared that she was not comfortable with the two Ryans raising her granddaughter, and that caused Emily to snicker.

Emma stated that she did not like that fact that a nanny spent time with and cared for Eliza, but Paul wasn't buying that. He said that, at the very least, he and Emily had deserved a phone call from them about their intentions, and Meg apologized for that. Emma was not pleased with the apology, and she stated that her daughter had been a healthy, strong, independent woman before she had gotten involved with Paul. She accused him of manipulating and using Meg, not to mention breaking her heart. She blamed Paul, not Damian Grimaldi, for Meg's hospitalization, and she swore that it would not happen to Eliza.

Emma loudly proclaimed Eliza a Snyder, not a Ryan or a Stewart or a Stenbeck. Paul kept his cool and reminded her that he was the baby's legal guardian and parent, and he said he was taking his daughter home. Paul took the baby from Meg's arms, and he and Emily walked out, while Emma threatened that it was "just the beginning." A hurt Meg asked her mother what she was doing, but Emma said she was doing what she should have done months before.

Katie sat with Henry in the lounge of the Lakeview, and she was enthused about helping out with Henry and Vienna's wedding. She said it was tiring work, being a matchmaker and a wedding planner, but Henry thought all that was women's work. They both laughed at the memory of their wedding "in a stinky gym," and Vienna walked in the lounge in time to see the two of them laughing over their memories. She stopped in the entrance and looked worried, but Henry spotted her and ran to lead her to their table.

Vienna was amazed at all the literature Katie had collected about dresses, venues, cakes, and all the other parts of a wedding. Katie said her sitter had to leave early, so she couldn't stay, but she left all the materials with them. Henry began to look disturbed, but he hugged Katie goodbye and sat with Vienna. She assigned him to check out locations, while she thumbed through a bridal gown magazine. Suddenly, she cried, "Oh, my God! That's it!" She declared that she had found her perfect wedding dress, and it would only need a "few minor adjustments." She refused to show it to Henry, however, and she said she was prepared to fly to Paris or Milan or wherever the designer lived to have him make the changes.

Vienna checked further in the magazine and was astounded to find that the dress of her dreams was a "BRO vintage dress." That meant that it was one of Barbara Ryan's original designs from her first couture venture. Vienna was amazed that she only had to take the elevator upstairs in the Lakeview to consult with the designer. Henry gave her a weak smile and tried to talk her out of wearing one of Barbara's designs. When that did not deter Vienna, Henry asked her to consult with Katie, but Vienna was not about to change her mind. Finally, when Vienna got out her phone to call Barbara to "customize" the dress for her, Henry offered to talk to Barbara instead, because, he said, they were almost like family, because of Paul.

Henry visited Barbara and announced that there was a problem. He said, first of all, he couldn't "stay gone" from her without help. He explained that Vienna had fallen in love with one of BRO's first wedding gowns, and he wanted Barbara to convince her to change her mind. He said Vienna wanted only Barbara to modify the dress, and she surprised him by saying she was the best one to do it.

Henry flipped out and was fearful that Barbara would become a large part of their wedding and their life afterwards. He struggled, but he finally told Barbara how much he missed her. Barbara got teary-eyed, but she explained that her run-in with Paul had been very hurtful. Henry took Barbara's hands and said that Paul was "out of his mind" not to want her in his life.

Vienna got an idea, so she left the Lakeview and went to Katie's. She walked in and said she had to talk about Henry. She asked Katie point-blank what had happened with Henry while she had been gone; she was fishing to see if Henry had acted on his longtime feelings for Katie. Katie explained how angry she had been with him after Brad's death, but in the end, Henry had been there for her, as always. Someone rang Katie's doorbell, and in barged Henry, who did not see Vienna and shouted, "This is an absolute catastrophe!" Vienna stepped forward and asked what he was talking about, so Henry hugged his fiancée and pared down his catastrophe comment.

Henry said that Barbara had refused to make the wedding dress, because she had moved on to another part of her business. Vienna was crushed, but then Katie asked them to watch Jacob so that she could run an errand, and she dashed out. Henry and Vienna sat there, and Vienna said she felt that something was going on that Henry should tell her about. Just then, Jacob began to fuss, so Henry ran in and carried him out. Vienna watched him holding the baby, and she felt sad for the loss of their baby. Henry snoozed as Jacob played in his lap, so Vienna walked out quietly.

Barbara was sketching, and she fantasized herself as a bride again. A loud knock interrupted her reverie, and Barbara opened the door to Vienna. Vienna ran in and pleaded with Barbara to make her the most beautiful bride Henry had ever seen. Barbara said she didn't really do that anymore, but Vienna said that Barbara owed her for what had gone on between her and Henry when Vienna had been in Europe. Barbara agreed, and Vienna hugged her and asked if they could start right away. Barbara took her measurements, and Vienna asked her to make the waist a little larger, because it was likely that she would be pregnant with Henry's child by the time they had the wedding. Barbara looked shell-shocked.

Katie saw Chris in Old Town, and she asked him why he wasn't with Alison. He explained abut the emergency in pediatrics, and then said everything had been great until he had tried to kiss Alison. He said unfortunately Alison couldn't get far away from him fast enough. Katie got upset that her matchmaking had failed, and she waved her arms in the air and knocked Chris's coffee drink all over the front of her raincoat. Chris had some napkins, and he attempted to wipe Katie down. He gave her a tickle by mistake, and she laughed and said that had been the most action she'd had in months. "Me, too," quipped Chris.

Katie took off her soggy raincoat, but it was cold outside, so Chris took off his jacket and put it on Katie. The two of them had long eye contact at that point, and then Katie said that Chris had rushed the kiss with Alison, but it was not a fatal flaw. They continued to share some sort of private connection, and Katie walked away, but she turned and looked back at Chris and smiled.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Molly was making sandwiches for a picnic and horseback ride with Holden, Faith, and Ethan when Holden sneaked in behind her and gave her a hug. Molly's phone rang, and she took a call from Congressman Silas Whitman, but she made it clear to him that she was no longer interested in doing an interview with him. She asked him not to call her again and hung up. Holden carried in a picnic basket, and Molly began packing it, and she assured Holden that all was well.

At home, Lily was talking with Ethan about "Daddy's living arrangement" when Luke called from Texas. He said that he and Dr. Oliver were still waiting to hear from the medical board about Oliver's status. Luke was concerned because he would not make it back to Oakdale that afternoon for his foundation's awards ceremony, so he asked Lily to fill in for him. Lily was willing, but she was not fully informed about all the projects, so Luke suggested that Holden accompany her because Luke knew his dad was up to speed on the projects. Lily was hesitant, but she agreed for Luke's sake.

Lily drove Faith and Ethan to the farm, and Holden asked why she was so elegantly dressed. She explained what Luke had asked, and Holden looked at Molly and said he already had plans. Molly, however, said she would be happy to watch Ethan if Holden felt he should go to the foundation event. Holden ran upstairs to put on his tuxedo, and Lily took Ethan into the parlor to get him settled. Faith turned to Molly and asked if Molly thought her dad would have chosen to stay with them if Molly hadn't spoken up.

Lily returned to the kitchen and apologized for interrupting Molly and Holden's plans, but Molly said they could go riding anytime. Faith, however, got sarcastic and suggested that Lily give Holden a beeper so that she could call him away whenever she wanted from whatever he would rather be doing. Holden walked downstairs, and Lily went outside while he said goodbye to Molly. Then they drove together to the Lakeview.

Molly put the picnic food away and answered her phone. It was Whitman again, and he claimed that Molly needed him. When Molly again declined the interview, Whitman said Molly needed to think about what she wanted on a personal level and to consider how Whitman could help her get it. He said he was in room 701 at the Lakeview, and he looked forward to seeing her very soon.

Molly hung up, and Faith asked who had called. Molly said the call had been "work-related," and she had changed her mind about a high profile interview she was supposed to have done. Faith encouraged Molly to do it and offered to watch Ethan. She said she wanted to take the responsibility so that her folks would trust her again. Molly agreed, and she wrote down Whitman's name, room number, and phone number.

Before the guests arrived at the fund-raiser, Lily and Holden talked about Luke's accomplishments with the foundation and how proud of him they were. A photographer took their picture and called them "Mr. and Mrs. Snyder," and asked them to put their arms around each other. Lily said the guests were arriving, so Holden quickly called the farm to check on the children. Faith answered her phone, and she told Holden that Molly had needed to go to a "work thing," so she and Ethan were just hanging out. Faith read Molly's note with Whitman's name on it, and that upset Holden. He was disappointed that, evidently, Molly was doing the interview after all.

Molly arrived outside room 701, but she talked herself out of actually knocking. Whitman apparently heard her, however, because he opened the door and saw her. He said he knew she was only there to drive her boyfriend crazy, so he invited her in because her standing in the hall accomplished nothing. Molly asked if there were any off-limits questions for the interview, but Whitman began to put moves on Molly, and he also offered her a drink. Molly scolded him, and then someone knocked. Whitman opened the door, and Holden barged in to save Molly. He declared that he was taking her out of there, and he pulled her into the hall, but Molly insisted that she wanted to actually conduct the interview. Holden said he would go along with that, but he was going with her.

Back at the Snyder farm, Faith sat with Ethan at Emma's kitchen table, but she heard her phone ring in the parlor. She went to get it, and Ethan pulled over his sister's tote bag. Lily walked in a few minutes later, and she found the boy complaining of a bad stomachache. She asked what he had eaten, and Ethan said he had found some "candy" in Faith's bag.

When Faith returned to the kitchen, Lily lit into her about having prescription medication in her bag. Lily assumed that her son had ingested something dangerous from his sister's bag, but Faith held up a package of candy and said she had just been in the parlor, fixing the couch for the boy to lie down. She called her mother "a hypocrite" and said it was no wonder she was alone. Lily put Ethan on her lap and showed him photos from the awards ceremony, especially one of her and Holden.

Luke hung up after talking with Lily, and Dr. Oliver asked if he was through with "Mommy" for the moment. Luke said it was just "business," and he called Oliver "crankier than usual." Luke was tired of his hotel room, so he asked Reid what there was to do in Dallas, since the doctor had lived there for several years. Oliver said he had no friends who didn't work, and he basically had no life outside of medicine. Luke pegged him as a "sad, sad man." He couldn't understand how someone could live in a place for years without having a cool place to hang out or a favorite restaurant. Oliver said he had been busy "fixing people's brains," while Luke searched with his phone for something fun to do.

Half an hour later, Oliver and Luke walked into a bar with a mechanical bull in it, and Reid said, "You've got to be kidding." They sat at the bar, and the doctor commented on a large "cowboy" astride the bucking bull by saying, "Now there's a brain trust." He talked about where "fun" was situated in the brain as, unaware that no one was listening to him, he paid for a round of drinks. He looked for Luke and was just in time to see "Mr. Snyder" leap on the bull's back. Luke finished the ride and returned to the bar, as Oliver said, "Talk about a worthless skill!" Then he mentioned all the hand injuries associated with mechanical bull riding, so Luke backed off.

Suddenly Oliver stood up and removed his coat, and as he walked down to the bullring, he muttered, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." He mounted the bull and gave the signal to start. He completed his ride, joined Luke back at the bar, and issued a time challenge to Luke for another ride. Luke handed Oliver his phone, and they noted that the medical board had called and asked the doctor to call them back. They returned to Luke's hotel room, and Dr. Oliver had a moment of panic in which he worried that he wouldn't practice medicine any longer. Luke gave him a pep talk, saying that Oliver was more than just a doctor; he was also "an urban cowboy."

Reid laughed and then punched in the medical board number. He listened to the person on the other end for about twenty seconds and then hung up. He took Luke's face between his hands and gave him a big kiss. When Reid came up for air, he was chattering about going back to Oakdale, getting in an operating room again, and other plans. Luke appeared stupefied and did not move.

Finally Luke asked Reid if he realized that he had kissed him, because it would be "weird" if they pretended that it hadn't happened. Oliver said he knew exactly what he'd done, and it had had nothing to do with the phone call. He said he had wanted to kiss Luke for a long time, and he called him "Luke," not "Mr. Snyder."

Wearing Chris's coat, Katie returned from her errands, and when Henry questioned her about it, she said she had lost an argument with a smoothie. Katie asked where Vienna was, and Henry said she had walked out while he had been tending to Jacob, and Katie was very disappointed that her plan for Vienna to see how good Henry was with the baby had fizzled. Henry began to hyperventilate, so Katie handed him a paper bag to breathe into. Then she scolded him for his past relationship with Barbara Ryan, and she shouted that he could lose everything if he didn't commit to the right woman. Henry got his breathing under control and decided that they had to "slow things down," or he would implode. Katie said she would help as long as Henry kept his act together and forgot about Barbara. She packed up Jacob for a stroll.

Barbara continued to take Vienna's measurements, but she was gobsmacked to hear Vienna ask for some extra inches in the waistline because she intended to be pregnant when she walked down the aisle with Henry. Barbara asked when Vienna and Henry had decided to have a baby, but Vienna admitted that they had not actually talked about it yet. Barbara reminded her how demanding babies were, but Vienna said that ever since she and Henry had gotten stuck in the same limo years before, she had loved him. Vienna remembered that Henry had been terrified when she had been pregnant earlier, but something about him had changed. She admitted that there was some indefinable distance between them, but she hoped that it would rectify itself. Barbara finished the measurements, so the bride-to-be left.

Vienna purchased an ovulation prediction kit at the drugstore and sat on a bench in Old Town to read the directions. Katie walked by with Jacob in his stroller, and she asked why Vienna had left her house. Vienna said she had gone to see Barbara because Barbara was the one thing standing in the way of her perfect wedding. Vienna said she had convinced Barbara to change her mind by telling her that she owed it to Vienna for what had gone on between Barbara and Henry when Vienna had been absent. Katie was surprised at all that, and then Vienna asked what was next. Katie said next was to pick a date and a location for the ceremony. Vienna said she wanted the wedding soon, but Katie opted for a longer engagement.

Vienna asked Katie why she was stalling her; they sat at an outdoor table, and Katie admitted that she was trying to slow Vienna down. She said her reason was that the last time Vienna and Henry had planned a wedding, Henry had left her at the altar, and Vienna had ended up getting drunk on Emma's elderberry wine. Vienna was sure it would be different the second time around, but Katie said a long engagement would give Henry time to work out some of his "issues." Vienna thanked Katie for her advice and walked back to the Lakeview.

Barbara exited the elevator in the Lakeview lobby and ran into Henry. He noticed that she had her sketchpad with her, and he asked her to please tell him that the sketch was for someone other than Vienna. Barbara told Henry that she had agreed to design Vienna's dress, and Henry flipped out. He caught the elevator and blew imaginary smoke out of his ears.

As the elevator doors began to close, Barbara called out to him that Vienna wanted him to get her pregnant. Henry's eyes bugged out, and he forced the doors open and bounded out, yelling, "Wait a second." He began to hyperventilate again, so he started chanting, "Marriage is a good thing, marriage is a good thing."

Henry admitted that things had changed, and he had done some crazy things in the previous few months. Finally he blurted out, "Who needs Stenbeck DNA?" Barbara said poignantly that Henry would be a wonderful father because he was loyal, spontaneous, and loving, and "James Stenbeck wasn't any of those things." Barbara left the hotel and walked through Old Town, and Katie spied her.

Barbara told Katie that she was really trying to stay away from Henry and Vienna, but they kept seeking her out. Katie said she understood that Barbara was making Vienna's wedding dress, but Barbara blurted out that Vienna wanted to have Henry's child. Katie was shocked at the new development, and she realized she had been really hard on Barbara. She said as much to her, and she offered to help Barbara find a good man of her own. She said she had taken up the hobby of matchmaking lately, and she wanted to help. Barbara looked at Katie, and then she smiled and said, "Oh, what the hell. Make me a match!"

Henry took a martini to his room and drank it down. Suddenly Vienna dashed out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel, which she jettisoned somewhere between the bathroom and Henry. She grabbed Henry, kissed him, and said it was "the perfect time." Henry put the brakes on himself and a robe on Vienna, and he said they couldn't do "it." He declared that he had decided that they should wait until their wedding night before they slept together again. Vienna thought Henry was making up a new role-playing game, and she quickly named it "The Seductress and the Virgin Groom," but Henry said he wouldn't play it until their honeymoon. Vienna couldn't understand Henry's reasoning, and he left before she could tempt him to change his mind.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Carly tried to work at home but was distracted, so she tried to call Jack. She got his voicemail and tried again to work but couldn't focus. When Parker walked in, Carly told him that she was leaving town for the night. Parker asked if Carly was planning to go to Melrose Park, and Carly admitted that she was. Parker told her he couldn't let her do that.

Carly insisted she was doing the right thing. Parker said that he had thought about making the trip to Melrose Park to be with Liberty, but he had decided not to do that because he knew that Liberty didn't want him to. Carly said that Jack had invited her to go with him; Parker reminded Carly that she had declined Jack's offer, but Carly said she had changed her mind. Carly assured Parker that she wasn't going to crash the funeral, but she said that if she didn't take her place by Jack's side, she might lose it. Carly went upstairs to get something, and while she was gone, Parker left.

At the Monte Carlo office, Craig looked through the financial records and bemoaned the fact that Gabriel had been taking money out of Parker's trust account. Gabriel walked in, and Craig told him to get to work or get out. Gabriel replied that he was working at blackmailing Craig, and he said he needed a debit or credit card. Craig said the trust wasn't a bottomless pit. Gabriel said if he didn't get a debit or credit card that day, he would tell Carly what Craig was doing with Parker's trust fund.

Craig grabbed Gabriel and asked, "Who are you, kid, and why are you trying to ruin me?" Gabriel said that Craig was doing a good job of ruining himself. Craig warned Gabriel that whatever it was that had made Gabriel such an angry young man, Gabriel should try to master it before it mastered him.

Craig gave Gabriel a debit card but lectured him about it having limits. Gabriel then demanded some cash, and Craig reluctantly gave him several twenty-dollar bills. Parker walked in, and Craig told Parker that he was giving Gabriel an advance on his paycheck. Parker thought someone with a brand-new sports car shouldn't need an advance on their salary, but Gabriel replied that times were tough. After Gabriel left, Parker asked Craig why he didn't get rid of Gabriel and hire someone else.

Craig told Parker to forget about Gabriel, and he asked why Parker was there. Parker told Craig what Carly was planning to do, and he said he needed Craig to stop her from doing it. Craig told Parker that he wouldn't be able to talk Carly out of it, but Parker said he didn't want Craig to talk Carly out of it; he wanted Craig to tell Carly some lie that would keep her from leaving town.

Craig went to Carly's house. When Carly protested that she didn't have time to talk to Craig, he told her to make the time, because he needed to talk to her about the biggest money-making opportunity the company had yet had. Craig kept talking and told Carly that Monte Carlo should launch its fashion line in Milan along with a new fragrance called "Monte Carlo." Craig described the perfume as "sophisticated, stylish, impulsive ... like you!" Carly suddenly realized what was happening and told Craig that Parker had to have asked for Craig's help to keep her in Oakdale.

Craig eventually admitted that Carly was right about his reason for being there, but he insisted the idea for a fragrance was a good one. Craig told Carly that if she went to Melrose Park, it would seem desperate, and he pointed out that if Jack was that vulnerable then Carly had bigger problems. Craig told Carly that she needed to keep busy, which was why the fragrance idea was so great. Carly said there was no idea, that it was just one of Craig's "pathetic lies." Craig protested, "It's not pathetic!"

Craig got Carly to agree that launching a fragrance would be a good idea. He asked Carly if she could admit that following Jack to Melrose Park would make her look bad. Carly replied that she never looked bad, so Craig told her to maintain that perfection by staying in Oakdale. Carly agreed, so Craig told her to unpack. Carly thanked Craig for keeping her from doing something stupid, and she told him that lately, she didn't know what she would do without him.

When Carly went upstairs to unpack, Craig left. He called Ellis again, but once again, there was no answer. Craig then called Ellis' office and told the person who answered that Ellis was his accountant, and Craig needed to reach him immediately. The person on the other end of the phone told Craig that Ellis had cleaned out his desk and disappeared without leaving a forwarding number.

Teri, Liberty, Janet, and Jack arrived at the Ciccone house in Melrose Park. Janet was uneasy about returning to face her family after 20 years. Teri pointed out that since their father had made his peace with Janet before he had died, the rest of the family would, too. Jack asked Teri to take Liberty inside to introduce her to everyone and to let Janet have a few more minutes to prepare herself. Teri and Liberty went into the house.

Janet's baby brother, Eddie, walked up and greeted Janet warmly. After they embraced, Eddie asked whether Jack was the ex-husband or the boyfriend, and Jack introduced himself. Eddie asked why Jack hadn't been doing his job as a cop so that Rocco hadn't had to do it for him. Janet told Eddie to stop talking like that, and she suggested they all go inside.

Janet went upstairs to her old bedroom. She found it almost exactly as it had looked when her parents had disowned her. Jack walked in, and Janet apologized for having left him downstairs on his own. Jack said he'd gotten an earful but nothing he couldn't handle. Janet remarked that her reunion with her mother hadn't gone very well, but Jack pointed out that Janet's mother had been out of it. Janet said Teri had told her that the doctor had given her mother two shots of a sedative. Jack cautioned Janet not to take on her mother's emotional needs because Janet had enough of her own to worry about.

Janet stood in front of the mirror in her old bedroom and explained to Jack that when she'd been a pregnant teen, she had looked in that mirror every day to try to see if she were showing yet or not and afraid of what her father would do when he found out she was pregnant. She said she'd been a huge disappointment to her dad, but Jack said Janet's dad had been a disappointment, too. Janet told Jack that the day her father had kicked her out, she'd taken a photo of Brad with her -- and nothing else. She said, "I lost so much that day. And for about five minutes, I had my dad back."

Janet began to cry, and Jack held her. Eddie walked in and demanded to know what Jack had said to Janet to make her cry. Janet told Eddie to knock it off, and Eddie apologized. However, he then asked Jack to tell him why Rocco had ended up dead. Jack told Eddie that he didn't know why Rocco had decided to leave the hospital. Eddie told Janet that wasn't a good enough answer, but Jack told Eddie to lay off of Janet. Eddie asked why Jack was even there, since Jack and Janet were no longer married. Jack told Eddie that he was there to support Janet and that he'd be there as long as Janet wanted him there.

Jack then told Eddie as much of the story about what had happened to Rocco as Jack knew. Eddie wondered whether Dusty had put Rocco up to confronting the man who had tried to shoot Dusty. Janet told Eddie that it was personal and that he should stay out of it. Eddie wanted to know why Janet was wearing Dusty's ring, even though Dusty wasn't there, but Janet's ex-husband was. When Janet replied that it was complicated, Eddie retorted that Janet's whole life had been complicated.

Jack angrily said that Eddie had no idea what Janet had gone through because Eddie's parents had been hard-headed and simple-minded when faced with Janet's pregnancy. Jack pointed out that Janet had picked up the pieces and made an incredible life for herself and her daughter. He reminded Eddie that Janet had only been sixteen when her parents had kicked her out, and he asked Eddie to remember what it had been like to be sixteen. Chagrined, Eddie apologized to Janet and told her that although Janet had gotten the Ciccone good looks, he had obviously inherited their lousy temper. Eddie walked out of the room, and Janet told Jack that if Jack had been around when Janet had been growing up, things would have been a lot easier.

Liberty walked outside the Ciccone house to get some air. Teri followed and asked if Liberty were okay. Liberty said she was, but she couldn't understand how Teri had lived with that family for all those years. At that moment, a woman who was sitting on the porch and smoking a cigarette spoke up and said that Liberty wouldn't understand anything about families because she had grown up without one. Teri introduced "Aunt Marie," and Liberty replied that she'd had her mom for her family all her life, no thanks to the Ciccones.

Aunt Marie said Liberty had a smart mouth on her. Teri tried to change the subject by telling Marie that Liberty was a great student and was studying fashion; Marie said she hoped it was something that could be taught, because it was obvious Liberty didn't have a gene for it. Marie then told Teri to check on Aunt Josephine's stuffed shells; Liberty assured Teri that she would be okay, so Teri left Liberty alone with Marie on the porch.

Marie told Liberty that she was too skinny, and Liberty replied that chemotherapy could do that to a person. Aunt Marie then criticized the hat Liberty was wearing and asked if Liberty was going to wear it to the funeral. Liberty said yes, and Marie complained that a good mother would have bought her daughter a nice wig. Liberty answered that her mother took great care of her, and always had, "all by her lonesome."

Marie laughed and scoffed that Janet Ciccone had never been alone. She pointed out that first, Janet had had Brad then she'd married Jack, and next, she'd taken up with someone named "grumpy" or "bumpy." Liberty corrected her and said, "Dusty," and Marie asked where Dusty was.

Liberty's cell phone rang, and she was grateful to hear Gabriel's voice. When Gabriel said it sounded like things were pretty bad, Liberty told him that if she could fly away, she would. Gabriel said maybe they could help each other learn how to do that.

Jack and Janet walked out of the house and saw Teri and Liberty. Janet asked if they wanted to walk around the neighborhood with her and Jack. Liberty asked if there was a bus stop on the way, and Teri explained about Liberty's run-in with Aunt Marie. Liberty said Aunt Marie was like a train wreck because "as she was sitting there with all that cigarette smoke circling above her head, criticizing everything about our lives, I couldn't stop staring." Liberty told her mother some of the things Marie had said, and Janet apologized. Liberty hugged her mother and said, "They're not worth it, Mom. They can never take us away from each other."

Jack and Janet walked around Janet's old neighborhood, and Jack told Janet that facing everything with her family would help Janet move forward. Jack pointed out that Janet had taken all the love she had lost and had given it to her daughter and that Liberty knew that Janet had always tried to do the right thing for her.

Janet confessed that she hadn't learned to start liking herself again until Jack had fallen in love with her. Jack said that it wasn't right that someone as loving and caring as Janet had ever been made to feel like they weren't good enough, and he said Janet was the best person he knew. Janet told Jack that he was the best person she knew, too, so he said it was kind of crazy that two such perfect people couldn't make it as a couple. Janet laughed and said, "What are the odds?"

Janet decided she needed a few minutes alone, so Jack walked back toward the house. He took the opportunity to call Carly, who was very pleasantly surprised to hear from him. Carly asked how things were going, and Jack told her it made him appreciate the life he had with her back in Oakdale. Carly told Jack she loved him, but before he could respond in kind, Janet interrupted him and told him it was time to eat before the wake. Jack told Carly he had to hang up, and she asked him to call her later.

Janet apologized for having interrupted Jack's phone call, but Jack said that Carly understood. Janet told Jack that she knew the whole situation was unusual and that her family gave new meaning to the word "hell," but she was glad that Jack was there to share it all with her. Jack replied that it might sound even crazier, but he was glad he was there, too.

At the Ciccone house, Marie walked onto the porch to let Teri and Liberty know that she had tasted Teri's sauce and liked it, although she was surprised none of the "old world stuff" had rubbed off on Teri. Liberty said, "Lucky for her, it didn't," and Marie asked what that was supposed to mean. Liberty replied that the house was full of mean people, and Janet had been lucky to get out.

Marie told Liberty not to talk to her like that, but Liberty said Marie shouldn't talk about Janet the way she did. Liberty said that getting pregnant out of wedlock wasn't the worst thing that had ever happened, but Marie said in their religion, it was a sin. Liberty said the real sin was the way the family had treated Janet, not the fact that Janet had had a baby.

Liberty's cell phone rang again, and she answered it, still angry. Parker, who was standing in Old Town, asked if Liberty were okay, and she said she was, but she was "surrounded by the family from hell." Parker told Liberty that he could be there right away if Liberty wanted him to make the trip, but she said it wasn't necessary, and she hung up. As Parker reacted to being cut off, Gabriel walked up and said maybe Parker should take the hint and leave Liberty alone. Parker told Gabriel that Gabriel knew next to nothing about Liberty, but Gabriel said even though Parker had known Liberty a lot longer, it didn't seem like Parker knew much about her, either.

After Liberty hung up, Aunt Marie said it seemed like Liberty was popular with the boys, just like Janet had been. Liberty asked if Marie was trying to insinuate that Liberty might also end up a pregnant teenager, and then she told Marie that it had already happened, but she had lost her baby. Liberty said that shortly after her miscarriage, her father had died, and so Liberty had seen it all, but she hadn't heard it all until Marie had filled her in. Marie apologized and said she hadn't known about those things, but Liberty said Marie hadn't bothered to ask.

Teri and Marie went inside to get ready to eat, but Liberty stayed on the porch. Liberty looked down the street and was surprised to see Gabriel walking toward her. When she asked why he was there, he reminded her that she had said she wanted to fly away. Marie yelled to Liberty that she needed to eat, and Gabriel nodded and said, "Go on, I'll wait. I don't want to fly alone."

Parker arrived at home, and Carly told him that his plan to have Craig talk her out of her trip had worked. Parker told Carly that he had decided he needed to go to Melrose Park to be with Liberty. Carly reminded Parker that he had said that Liberty didn't want him there. Parker confided that he could feel Liberty slipping away from him. He said that when Liberty had been hospitalized, he had known everything she had needed, even before she had asked for it, but something had changed, and he wasn't sure what it was. Carly admitted that she knew that feeling all too well, but she warned Parker that Liberty would push him away if his idea to visit her were the wrong one.


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