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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, April 12, 2010

At Monte Carlo, Carly showed Craig her new designs and asked for his honest opinion, not just what she wanted to hear. Craig liked the sketches and reminded his partner that after the Milan show, investors would be begging to give them money. Gabriel arrived, and Carly picked up her sketches and headed out the door. She quietly reminded Gabriel to keep his eye on "that thing" they had talked about.

Gabriel worked on the overhead lighting at Monte Carlo, but Craig hassled him. He said he didn't like the boy, and he ordered Gabriel to go to Al's and fetch two roast beef sandwiches. Gabriel asked if he wanted mayo or mustard, and Craig answered "both," and Gabriel grinned and said he already knew that. He took off for the diner, and Craig went to pick up Johnny.

Liberty awoke to find Parker asleep in a chair in the bedroom. She got up and covered him with a blanket, grabbed her coat, and took off. When Carly returned home, she asked a dazed Parker why he was up so early since there was no school that day. He said Liberty had "snuck out" while he was sleeping in the chair. Parker was worried because Liberty left no note, nor was she picking up her phone. Carly reminded her son that he could not make other people's decisions for them, and she suggested that he "back off." Parker said he didn't like it, and he stomped out.

Gabriel walked into the diner, and placed his takeout order for the sandwiches with mustard, mayo, and "arsenic on the side," and then he spotted Liberty sitting at a table and frowning at the menu. He went to sit with the girl, and Liberty said she had dreamed of an Al's burger all the time she was in Minneapolis, but all of a sudden it didn't sound so great any more. Gabriel called the waitress and ordered Liberty a grilled cheese sandwich with light butter, white rice, and plastic, not metal, utensils. Liberty asked how he knew that metal utensils tasted weird if someone was on chemo, and he said he'd seen it in a movie. He also asked where Liberty's "bodyguard" was, and she again explained that Parker was just a friend. Gabriel stayed while Liberty ate, and she thanked him for allowing her to forget all about cancer for a brief while. He wrote down his phone number for her, and then he grabbed his order and left.

Back at Monte Carlo, Craig twirled Johnny in his desk chair until Craig got dizzy. Gabriel returned, and Johnny took one look at him and announced, "That's the guy who talked to me on the playground." Gabriel handed Johnny his lunch, and the boy went into another room to watch television. Craig got in Gabriel's face and said that his son had recognized Gabriel from a conversation on the school ground, and he realized that Gabriel was who was stalking him. Craig accused the boy of stealing confidential files and sending the threatening note on the night of the Monte Carlo opening.

Craig warned that he would call the police, but Gabriel already knew that Margo was Craig's sister, and he said if Craig made the call, he'd have to tell the chief that Craig was stealing Parker's trust fund to finance his business with Carly. The boy also knew that Craig had asked his accountant to make a false set of books to cover his tracks. He called Craig' bluff, and Craig put down the phone.

Craig asked what Gabriel wanted, and the boy said, "At least six figures." Craig said he could never raise that much at once, so Gabriel said they could call it "an allowance." Craig, however, called it "blackmail."

Parker walked into Al's, pleased that at last he had found Liberrty. He sat with her and scolded her for being out of touch and pulling a disappearing act. Liberty said she just wanted to do something "normal," but Parker said she wasn't "normal" any more. Liberty finally said she had to get away from Parker so that she could breathe. They went outside and sat on a bench, and Liberty apologized, but again she asked Parker to back off and to give her some space.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and she began to walk away. Parker sat alone for a while, and then got up and walked by Al's. He looked in and saw Liberty back in there, and he started to join her again, but he stopped himself from hovering. Liberty found Gabriel's phone number and left a message asking him if he wanted to "hang out" after his work.

Dusty asked a nurse to get him his clothes so he could leave the hospital. The nurse explained that his old clothes were too bloody to salvage, so Janet had delivered him others. Dusty asked the nurse to get the doctor so that he could leave as soon as possible, but she said that Dr. Oliver was out of town. She did offer to get the physician on call, however, and she left the room. Dusty jumped out of bed and grabbed his phone, but then he heard Rocco Ciccone's voice right outside the door, so Dusty threw his phone across the room and yelled that he couldn't remember how to dial a phone.

Rocco heard the commotion and told the nurse that he would return at a better time. Dusty watched Janet's dad walk away and leave the hospital. Rocco stood outside and called his crony, Ralph Manzo, to report that "Donovan couldn't even figure out how to work his cell phone." He ended by saying that Dusty was no threat to them, as Teri walked up behind her father and heard the word "threat."

Janet walked into Dusty's room and saw that he was almost fully dressed. She said it was too soon for him to leave the hospital, but Dusty said he couldn't just stay there while people he loved were in danger. Jack joined them and asked if Dusty had remembered anything about the shooting, but Dusty denied that. He complained that he couldn't rest in the hospital, so Janet reluctantly agreed to talk to the on-call doctor. After she left, Jack suggested that Dusty and Janet move into their new house right away, but Dusty said that Janet needed Jack, not him, right then. Jack commented that Dusty wasn't acting like himself, and Dusty made Jack promise to look after Janet, Liberty, and the baby.

Janet returned, and Jack said he didn't like her spending so much time at the hospital where people were in and out all the time. Dusty agreed, and Janet reported that if Dusty's last tests were good, then he could leave the hospital. She told Dusty that she had already hired movers to get her furniture out of storage and move it into the new house. Dusty said he couldn't move in with her yet, but Janet objected that they were already a family. Dusty was insistent that they not live together yet.

Carly showed up at the hospital and found Jack in the hall talking to Margo on his phone. The police were disappointed that forensics had gotten no clues from the surveillance tapes at Metro. Carly told Jack that she had a long conversation with Parker about not becoming too invested in what was happening with Liberty, but he had told her to back off. Carly complained that Jack was doing the same thing with Janet and Dusty. She thought the cause was Jack's immense guilt over Brad's death, compounded by his guilt for not staying with Janet. Suddenly Janet, in tears, ran out of Dusty's room, and Jack went after her.

Carly went into Dusty's room and asked him "what the hell" he thought he was doing. Dusty said he was just trying to get out of the hospital, but Carly wanted to talk to Dusty about the promise he had extracted from Jack. Dusty wouldn't talk about it, and he asked to borrow Carly's phone so he could call his driver. Carly handed it to him, and then she remarked that it was odd that suddenly Dusty had remembered how to dial a phone. Dusty blamed the damage from the bullet in his skull, but Carly couldn't understand why Dusty wanted people to think that it was worse than it was.

Dusty admitted that he had told Jack that he didn't remember anything about the shooting, but that wasn't true. He said he only remembered bits and pieces, and he did know that whoever did it was close to Janet's family. He also thought the shooter was a professional hit man, perhaps ordered by Ralph Manzo or Janet's father. Carly was horrified, and Dusty said he would be ready when whoever it was returned to finish the job. In any case, it was too dangerous for Janet to get caught in the middle. He said as soon as Janet was settled and safe, he would use himself as bait to lure the shooter out in the open.

Dusty ripped off the bandages from his neck, and Carly was still shocked that he was planning to use himself as a "human target." She said he could hardly expect her to keep her mouth shut about all that, but Dusty said the call was hers. It was either to keep quiet and let Jack protect Janet, or Carly could blow the whistle and have Jack take on Ralph Manzo, or Rocco, and the rest of the mob. Carly reasoned that Jack wouldn't be taking them on all by himself, but Dusty remarked that waiting for backup was not one of Jack's strong suits. Carly promised not to tell Jack what Dusty was up to, but she asked him not to make her regret it. Dusty asked one more favor of Carly by saying somebody had to "bait the trap" for him, and he wanted it to be her.

Janet ran to Old Town and sat on a bench, and Jack tried to comfort her. She demanded to know who had shot Dusty, just as Rocco walked out of the nearby bookstore. Jack left to get the car so that he could drive Janet to Carly's. Janet defended Jack to Rocco, and she said that the only reason Dusty was pushing her away was that he wanted to protect her. A worried Rocco hugged his daughter.

Back at Carly's, Janet asked everyone to stop hovering. Rocco, Jack, and Carly were all there and watching her. Carly said she had just seen the on-call doctor, and he had told her that he was still waiting for Dusty's test results. Carly went to the kitchen to make Janet a sandwich, and Rocco followed her there. He asked what the doctor had really said, so Carly dropped the bait and said that Dusty was really doing well, but he still didn't want to be a burden to Janet until he was fully recovered. She said Dusty was probably leaving the hospital at that moment, and he had mentioned returning to Metro to begin "getting his life back." Carly added that Dusty could get his full memory back as soon as the swelling went down on his brain. Rocco thought about that, and then he declared he was going to light a candle for Dusty, and he dashed out.

Janet called the hospital and learned that Dusty had checked himself out. She put on her coat, and that worried Carly. If Rocco had taken the bait, then if Janet went to find Dusty, that would put her in jeopardy. Carly questioned her about where she was going, but all Janet would say was that she wasn't going to look for Dusty. Jack stood up to go with her, but then he looked at Carly and said he was "doing it again." He admitted that Carly was right about his being too involved with Janet and Dusty's lives. Carly was concerned that letting Janet go out alone might be dangerous, but she loved having some alone time with Jack.

Dusty walked into Metro and turned on some lights. He looked around, and then he went behind the bar to the safe. He crouched down to open it, but he couldn't remember the combination. Someone wearing a leather coat and carrying a gun slipped into the bar quietly.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At home, Carly was nervous about Dusty's plan, and she kept checking her phone. Jack noticed, and he was suspicious that Carly wasn't telling him everything. Parker arrived home and he was upset with Liberty because she had a chemo treatment later that day, but she was hanging out at Al's "as if it was no big deal." Jack suggested that Parker was trying too hard to help, and then he chuckled and admitted that, according to Carly, he was guilty of the same crime. Carly added that Liberty was a smart girl, and she wouldn't do anything that was detrimental to her health.

Jack saw that everyone was stir crazy, so he suggested that they take a picnic out to the lake, but neither Carly nor Parker was in the mood. Carly still denied that anything was going on, and she half-heartedly offered to make a picnic lunch for them at home. Parker couldn't stand it, however, and he said he could not keep his distance from Liberty, and he walked out. Jack finally pleaded with Carly to tell him what was going on with Dusty, but she got upset and blurted out that Jack should "let somebody else --"and then she stopped.

Jack asked her to please talk with him, and Carly finally said that she had helped Dusty get out of Memorial so that he could smoke out and catch whoever had shot him. Jack bellowed and demanded to know where Dusty had gone, and Carly admitted that it was to Metro.

Janet ran into Liberty outside Fashions and asked what her daughter was doing there. Liberty said she remembered that she had a chemo appointment a bit later, but she enjoyed looking at the clothes in the store windows and forgetting for a minute or two that she had cancer. The two of them sat at a table, and Janet said that Dusty had checked himself out of the hospital without telling her. Janet left, as Liberty picked up her phone and left another message for Gabriel.

At Monte Carlo, Craig arrived and found Gabriel sitting in Craig's chair with his feet on the desk. The boy asked for his "allowance" money, but Craig ordered him to get up. Craig said he didn't have the money for Gabriel, but Gabriel demanded the first chunk of his million-dollar blackmail by the end of the day. Craig threatened that if Gabriel ever went near Johnny again, Craig would kill him. He picked the boy up by the lapels and told him to get out, but Gabriel said he still had to fix the light. "So do it," roared Craig, and he stormed out.

Gabriel returned Liberty's call shortly, and he said he would like to "hang" with her for a while. He picked an odd place for them to meet, but Liberty agreed. Then Janet returned to where Liberty was sitting and asked her daughter to go shopping with her, but the girl fibbed and said she was meeting Parker at the hospital.

Craig went to the Lakeview to meet Ellis, his finance man. He complained that the "screwdriver jockey" was blackmailing him, and he reminded Ellis that if Craig went down, Ellis went with him because of the fake books Ellis was cooking for Carly's benefit. Ellis claimed no knowledge of any second set of books, so Craig reminded him that they had talked on the phone and discussed it. Ellis said he had lost his cell phone, right after Gabriel had spilled coffee all over him on the street, and Craig realized that Gabriel had stolen the phone. Craig then assumed that he had been talking to Gabriel instead of Ellis about dangerous matters.

Craig suggested they find out everything they could about the "punk" so that they could shut him down. Craig declared that Parker's trust fund was not a "bottomless pit," just as Parker walked up behind Craig and overheard. "Is there a problem with my trust fund?" Parker asked. Craig asked to speak to Parker alone, so Ellis stepped away. Parker repeated his question, but Craig reassured the boy that there was no problem; he and Ellis had been discussing outrageous bank fees. He convinced Parker that the money would always be available if Parker needed it for Liberty. Parker was appeased, and he walked away.

Ellis returned with an envelope full of money for Craig. Craig moaned that he needed the money for Monte Carlo, Parker needed some for Liberty, but instead he had to pay off the handyman.

Meanwhile, Gabriel went to an expensive car dealership and checked out flashy convertibles. Liberty joined him there, and wondered why Gabriel had picked such an odd spot to rendezvous. Gabriel sat in a car, but a salesman made him get out and told the "kids" to move on. Gabriel protested that he was thinking of buying the car, but the salesman scoffed until the boy took out a huge roll of money from his pocket. Liberty asked where Gabriel had gotten all the money, and he answered that he had saved his "odd job" money for years. Gabriel had Liberty sit in the passenger seat, and he got behind the wheel. He teased her that at least she didn't have to worry about having her hair blow, and Liberty laughed. Suddenly Liberty noticed the time, and she said she needed to go to the hospital for her treatment. Gabriel offered to take a "test drive" there with her.

In Metro, Dusty was frustrated that he couldn't remember the combination to the safe, so he began looking for it in the cash register. His original assailant crept into the foyer and cocked his pistol. Suddenly, Rocco Ciccone grabbed the man from behind with one arm and covered his mouth with the other to keep him quiet. Rocco said quietly that the thug should leave, but they made a bit of noise that made Dusty call out, "Who's there?" Suddenly Dusty heard glass breaking up the stairs behind the bar, so he went up there. Rocco held the shooter at gunpoint and told him he was not to touch Dusty. He sent the man on his way, but Rocco kept the gun.

Rocco walked into Metro, still holding the revolver, and Dusty got behind him and said he knew it was Rocco. Dusty accused him of hiring a hit man who had botched the job, so he assumed Rocco was there to finish it. Rocco said that Dusty was wrong, and that he wasn't there to hurt Dusty. He claimed he had taken the gun "off some guy" who was there to shoot Dusty. Dusty didn't buy that, and he yelled that if Rocco hadn't shot him earlier, then he'd had "Uncle Ralphie" do it. Rocco told Dusty to shut up and listen, but Dusty made a grab for the gun and turned it on Rocco, just as Jack and Janet ran in.

Janet screamed at Dusty to let her father go, but Dusty yelled that Rocco had not turned into a loving, concerned father; he was still the "same sick bastard" who had kicked Janet out when she was pregnant. Janet pleaded with Dusty to free her father, so Dusty let him go. Rocco tried to explain to his daughter, but suddenly he clutched his chest and collapsed. Janet yelled at him, but she got no response or pulse. Jack and Carly walked in then, and Jack ran to Rocco and found a faint pulse. Carly called 9-1-1, as Jack began CPR.

They all followed the ambulance to Memorial, and the EMTs wheeled Rocco away quickly. Janet yelled at Dusty for beating up on an old man with a bad heart, and Dusty said he was very sorry. Jack said it would be a while before they heard much about Rocco, so he suggested that Janet go down a floor to where Liberty took her treatments and check on the girl. He promised to get her if there was any word on her father, so Janet agreed and left.

Jack lit into Dusty as soon as Janet left, and he demanded to know what Dusty had been trying to do. Dusty said he had not been thinking straight, but that infuriated Jack even more. He said that he didn't want Dusty anywhere near Janet or his kid. Carly intervened and told Jack that he wasn't being fair to Dusty. Jack shouted that Dusty had plenty of opportunities to tell Jack that he had remembered the shooting, but instead, Dusty had chosen to involve Carly in his scheme. Then Jack took a call from the station and told Carly and Dusty that the cops had just looked at tapes of the latest incident at Metro, and they had seen someone with a gun creep in behind Dusty. After that, Rocco appeared to disarm the man and send him packing.

Janet went to the chemotherapy area and found Parker waiting, but no Liberty. Janet railed at the boy for letting her daughter miss her appointment and scolded him for "not being on top of things." Liberty and Gabriel walked in, and Janet blasted her daughter for being late. Parker asked what Gabriel was doing there, and Liberty said he had given her a ride. Gabriel left, but Janet continued to harangue Liberty, and said that she didn't appreciate Liberty's lie about meeting Parker for the appointment. Parker started to walk out in disgust, but Liberty asked him to stay. They went into the chemo room, and he got ice for her and apologized for having a "downer" attitude recently.

Then Parker said he hoped that when Liberty got well, the two of them could be more than friends. Liberty said she thought that Parker was just unhappy because she had arrived with Gabriel, but Parker denied that. He said he thought that if Liberty was comfortable hooking up with another guy, then he could talk to her about the two of them. Liberty said Gabriel had only asked her to meet him at a car dealership, and then Parker let it slip that he still loved her, and always had. Liberty was shocked, and she explained that being friends was the best she could do with anybody with what she was facing. Parker thought about that and went to get more ice.

Janet returned upstairs, and Dusty was stunned to tell her that Rocco had saved his life. She asked him why he had gone to Metro in the first place, and then she wanted to know why he thought Rocco would shoot him. Dusty said he had a plan, but it hadn't worked out. Janet called herself a "fool" for buying Dusty's act, but he said it wasn't all an act. He explained that he had enlisted Carly's help, and Janet was furious. She told Dusty that because of him, her father might die.

Carly spoke to Janet and defended Dusty, but Jack made her leave so that Janet and Dusty could talk alone. Janet asked why Dusty even suspected Rocco, and Dusty told her about the argument he had with her father in front of the house Dusty was buying. He said that Rocco was drunk, and had said how much he hated Dusty. Then a few hours later, the shooter had shown up at Metro. He figured that Rocco had asked Ralph Manzo to send someone to kill him. Janet was upset that Dusty had not told her about that argument, and he apologized and said how much he loved her. Janet said she was very fearful for any future for them, and she walked away.

Jack looked at Carly and said he didn't understand her at all. He couldn't figure out why she had gone along with Dusty, until it dawned on him that she was protecting him from a confrontation with Ralph's mob.

Craig finally returned to Monte Carlo and handed Gabriel his first installment of the blackmail money. The boy said it would work nicely for the hot sports car he'd been checking out. Craig said that for the moment Gabriel had the upper hand, but that always changed. Craig promised that he was going to make the boy very sorry he had ever crossed Craig. Gabriel asked if that would be like Craig's son, Bryant, was sorry that he had Craig for a dad. Craig was speechless that, once again, Gabriel had personal information about his life.

Craig asked what Gabriel knew about Bryant, and the boy said he had known Craig's deceased son in Miami. Gabriel said Bryant had helped him with his soccer game when Gabriel was just a kid. He said he had loved Bryant, and he had chosen to visit Oakdale to pay his respects to the young man's grave. It was at the cemetery that Gabriel had first seen Craig, and he had begun to do some Internet searches about him. He had found out that Craig had pirated Bryant's trust fund, too. Craig was very angry, so Gabriel explained how he had protected himself by having a friend lined up to send emails to Parker, Carly, Jack the cop, and Margo if anything happened to him. Gabriel ranted that his friend Bryant would still be alive if it weren't for Craig. He thanked Craig for the "Benjamins," and he ended by saying, "Keep 'em comin'!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Lakeview lounge, Vienna talked to Katie on the phone, and was really excited. Vienna said that Henry would be thrilled when he heard Katie's idea, and hung up when her fiancÚ approached. Vienna told Henry that Katie wanted to throw them an engagement that night at Metro. Henry called it a bit "premature," but just then Barbara Ryan walked in, and Vienna pounced on her and invited her to their engagement party. Barbara's first response was that she was "busy," but Vienna pleaded and said they wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

Henry was worried at Barbara's obviously phony pleasure at the news of his engagement to Vienna, and he hoped she would refuse the invitation. Instead, Barbara stated she would see what she could do, and she left quickly. After Barbara left, Vienna scolded Henry for his behavior ever since their engagement. She asked him why he wanted to marry her, and Henry seemed stumped for an answer. Finally he said he wanted to make up for all the times he had let Vienna down. Vienna was disappointed not to hear Henry mention "love," so she brought it up, and Henry tried to cover his sin of omission.

Alison and Chris finished another broadcast with Katie at WOAK, and she complimented them on what a great team they made and on their chemistry. Alison then told Chris that he would do well on his own, so he asked why she wouldn't be with him. Alison said she was pretty sure she was leaving town to take a really great job at Lutheran Hospital in Chicago. Chris was stunned that Alison would consider moving away, as was Katie, when Alison told her. Katie claimed that Alison couldn't leave, but the girl said that the position would give her more responsibility and money.

Alison also mentioned that it was a perfect time for her to move since she had burned most of her bridges in Oakdale, and it was the right time to start over.

Alison left, and Katie lectured Chris about not letting Alison get away a second time. She suggested that he invite her as his date to Katie's engagement party for Henry and Vienna that evening.

Chris went after Alison and found her in Java. He joined her and asked her to go with him to the party, but Alison voiced the concern that she had been sending him "mixed signals." Chris said her signals were very clear, but he admitted that he had never gotten over his feelings for her. He grinned and said, however, that he was still just inviting her to a party, and Alison laughed and agreed to meet him at Metro.

At Deerbrook, Emma helped Meg pack a bag for her first overnight visit with Eliza. Emma hugged her daughter, and was pleased that Meg was making such good progress with her recovery. Emma mentioned how happy the family would be to see Meg again, but Meg squashed her mother's plans by stating that she did not want to go the farm and see all the Snyders yet.

Paul and Emily played with Eliza at Fairwinds, and Paul was sad that his little girl would be spending the night at the farm with Meg. Emily reminded him that it was only for one night, and she said that the up side of that arrangement was that they would have the house to themselves. Paul's phone rang, as Emily was taking the baby upstairs for a nap. The caller was Meg, who said she had a favor to ask. Meg wanted to know if she and Eliza could spend the night at Fairwinds, and she particularly was concerned if that was agreeable to Emily. Paul was surprised, but he assured Meg that her request was no problem.

Emily returned to the living room and immediately guessed what Meg had wanted, and she couldn't believe that Paul had agreed to it. Paul promised he would make it up to Emily, and he gave her a kiss, which Barbara's entrance interrupted. Barbara asked to speak alone with Paul, but her son said he had no secrets from Emily. "Well, I do," smiled Barbara, so Emily took the hint and left the room. Barbara said she needed a little "relationship advice" from her son, and she asked him to keep an open mind. Paul suggested that an "open bottle" might be more appropriate.

Barbara said that she need love advice, but Paul cut her off and suggested she call a hot line. His mother got huffy and stomped out. When Emily returned, she stated that she didn't want Meg spending the night with them, but just then Meg and Emma walked in, and Meg was eager to see her daughter. Emma put Emily on the spot by thanking her profusely for allowing Meg to stay at Fairwinds, and Emily gave her husband a telling look.

Emma left, and Emily went to see to the guest room for Meg. She returned with the news that Eliza was awake, so Meg hurried upstairs. Then Paul took a call from Katie about the engagement party for Henry and Vienna, and he asked Emily if she would like to go. Emily was reluctant to leave Meg alone with the baby, but Paul reminded her that the nanny was in residence, as well. Meg walked in with Eliza and said she had overheard, and she and her daughter would be fine. Paul agreed to the party, and he and Emily went to get ready.

Alone in her room, Barbara was dressed for the party. She looked in her mirror and fantasized that Henry was with her. She gave herself a pep talk, and then she poured herself the first of many scotches, and drank them all down.

The party began at Metro, and Paul and Emily were among the first arrivals. Emily left to get them drinks, and Paul gave Henry some brotherly advice. He said if Henry had picked the right woman, then his marriage would be great.

Katie spotted Chris alone at the bar, and she said she assumed that Alison had turned down his date offer. Chris explained that Alison was meeting him there, and Katie, ever the matchmaker, was delighted. Emily walked up and welcomed Chris back to Oakdale. Katie left them alone when she realized the two of them had not seen one another since Chris's return. Alison walked in and ran to Chris's side, much to Emily's surprise. "Some people never learn," muttered Emily, as she gave her sister a dark look and walked away.

More guests arrived, and Katie summoned the waiter to serve the champagne for toasts, but Vienna tried to stop her. Vienna explained that Barbara wasn't there yet, but just then, Barbara staggered in. She grabbed a champagne flute and drank it, and she bumped into Paul. "You're drunk!" exclaimed her son, but Barbara commented that she was just "celebrating." Barbara stood by Katie as her hostess asked for everyone's attention. Katie began to salute Henry and Vienna, but Barbara interrupted her by declaring that she was going to make the first toast. She referred to herself as the "senior member of the assembly," and she wished all happiness to her new luscious friend, Vienna. Then she said she would speak about Henry, but he stopped her.

Barbara shouted that she wasn't finished yet, because she wanted to tell everyone about her loyal, humble, and dear friend Henry Coleman. She rambled on about how unpredictable life was, and how sometimes things like romance sneaked up on a person. She got maudlin and began talking about how people others thought were losers could make a change in someone's life and produce unexpected feelings. Katie began to get alarmed, and Vienna asked what Barbara was prattling on about. "Do you ask him if he loves you?" asked Barbara, and then she said, "Worse yet, what if he does?"

Katie cut Barbara's ramblings off then and told Barbara she was finished. Paul went to his mother and asked what that was all about, and then he figured out that Barbara's aborted "relationship talk" with him had to do with Henry, his half-brother. Barbara pushed her way out the door, and Vienna looked very confused. Henry started after Barbara, and brushed off Paul by saying he was worried that Paul's mother might be driving. Emily agreed with Henry, and she told Paul that he needed to find Barbara. Vienna began searching for Henry, but Katie distracted her and then managed to slip out of Metro herself.

Alison looked around and blamed herself for "clearing the room once again." Chris told her not to give herself so much credit, and he said he never would have thought the two of them would be hanging out and laughing together. Alison agreed, and Chris commented that he thought that both of them had changed for the better. He asked Alison if she was still considering the job in Chicago, and she said yes.

Henry found Barbara weeping on a bench in Old Town. He sat with her and told her how worried he was about her. Barbara sobbed that Henry was marrying the most beautiful woman in Oakdale, and she called herself "a fool." Henry wrapped his arms around Barbara and would not leave. Finally he walked her back to her room in the Lakeview, where Barbara complained that her head hurt and the lights were too bright. She apologized for almost "outing" them in front of all their friends, but Henry said Barbara had let Katie stop her before it got too bad. Henry kissed her goodnight, but then he didn't want to stop. Barbara got almost hysterical and reminded him that he was engaged, but Henry had something else on his mind.

Henry and Barbara wrestled in the throes of passion, when suddenly Katie walked into the room and shouted, "What the hell are you doing?" Barbara challenged Katie and asked her to leave, but Katie accused Barbara of threatening Henry's happiness. Barbara continued to shout, but Katie scolded Henry and grabbed him by the arm and began pulling him out of the room. Barbara yelled that it was over, and she was done. She slammed the door behind Henry and Katie and dissolved into tears.

Henry and Katie went to his room, and Katie called the situation "sick." Henry said he loved Vienna and wanted to make her happy, but he had strong feelings for Barbara. Katie yelled at him to "forget the feelings," but Henry said he couldn't give up Barbara. They talked about how devastated Vienna would be if she found out that Henry had a thing for Barbara, and Katie shouted, "You will stop this right now!"

Vienna used her key and walked into the room, asking about all the shouting. She also asked Henry where he had been, so Katie said she had found Henry "downstairs in the hotel." She also said the shouting had been about Henry's wedding present to Vienna, and she said a fast goodbye. Vienna appeared to think that she hadn't gotten the whole story.

Back at Fairwinds, Emma joined Meg and Eliza, but she was not pleased that Paul and Emily had left her daughter alone with her baby. Meg cautioned Emma not to say anything negative to Paul, because she had to get along with him or neither of them would see the baby again. Emma warned Meg not to forget that Paul was married, and then left for the night.

Paul and Emily returned home, and Meg took Eliza upstairs to bed. Emily answered her phone, and then she told Paul that Congressman Whitman, the one Molly had exposed in more ways than one, had been released from jail and was ready to talk. Emily said she had been trying to get an interview with him for days, so she had to go. She hesitated about leaving Paul alone with Meg, whom she didn't trust, but Paul reminded her that she trusted him. Meg was listening around the corner, and then she walked in. Emily left, and Meg admitted that she'd heard Emily's comments. She thanked Paul for being so nice, and she headed for bed.

Paul slept for a while, but the baby awakened him. He carried her into his bedroom, and Meg got up, as well. She offered to take Eliza and let Paul sleep, so he handed her the little girl. Paul got back into bed and went to sleep instantly. Meg stopped at the doorway and turned around to look at Paul. Then she walked back in and went around to Emily's side of the bed and crawled in. When Emily returned home, she opened her bedroom door and saw Paul and Meg asleep with the baby between them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paul awoke during the late hours and was astounded to realize that Meg and Eliza were both sleeping next to him in his bed. A grumpy Emily was sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed, and she said, "Did you sleep well, Paul?" Paul jumped out of bed, and he startled Meg awake. Paul proclaimed that things were not as they appeared, as Meg apologized for dozing off and took the baby back to her crib. Paul told Emily that Eliza had fussed, so he had brought her to their bed, but Meg had offered to take the baby. After that, Paul didn't remember a thing.

Meg returned and explained how Eliza had settled down after Meg had put her next to her sleeping father. "Evidently it worked for you, too," snarled Emily. Meg dashed out, so Emily went to her side of the bed, took off her robe, and climbed between the sheets. Paul got into bed and turned to Emily, who rolled away from him and turned her back on him.

The next morning, Emily said to Paul that it was obvious that Meg wasn't quite ready for a sleepover yet. Meg joined them, raving about the best sleep she had ever had, topped off by a half-hour shower with really hot water. She annoyed Emily, who was relieved when Emma arrived to drive her daughter back to Deerbrook. Meg went upstairs to get her things, and Emma asked Paul and Emily if there was anything she needed to know. Emily said, "Yes," but Paul cut her off and said everything had turned out "great." Paul also left the room, so Emma cornered Emily and asked what she had wanted to say earlier.

Emily said that nothing had happened, but Emma was wise and wouldn't let it drop. Finally Emily said that Meg had somehow managed to fall asleep in bed with Paul and Eliza. Emma was very disturbed. Upstairs, Paul asked to speak with Meg. He told her that he was on her side and wanted her to get well, but he was in love with Emily, and their marriage was very important to him. Meg said that she understood completely.

They went down to the living room, and Meg again thanked her hosts for letting her spend the night. Emily looked right at Meg and said she understood her well. Meg held Eliza and murmured how much she loved her, and then she handed the baby back to Paul, and walked out with Emma.

In Luke's hotel room in Dallas, he and Reid had worked on Reid's defense, and he wanted to go back to his place and get some rest. Luke, however, wanted to go over the testimony one more time, and he suggested that Oliver try telling the story of Annie Judd in humanistic terms rather than medical ones. Luke said it might make the difference between the doctor's keeping his medical license and losing it. Luke described Mr. Judd as a grieving father, hell-bent on revenge, and he guessed that the man would break the jury's heart.

Luke told Reid it was up to him to explain that if the Board didn't let him practice medicine, they were going to be responsible for many deaths. Oliver began just talking about little Annie, and he described her sweet smile and how she never held it against him when he had to give her shots or do an operation on her skull. He said he missed her, but then, in an instant, Reid was back to being a jerk. He continued to call Luke "Mr. Snyder," and finally Luke asked him why he did that. Oliver said it didn't matter much what he called him. Luke said that Oliver called Noah by his first name, but the doctor said that was a doctor-patient relationship that was clear and defined. Luke then asked what that made the two of them, and Reid backed out of the discussion by saying he had to go home and get some rest.

The next morning, Luke took a shower, and wrapped only in a towel, he answered a knock on the door. Dr. Oliver stood there holding two cups of coffee, and he commented that Luke wasn't dressed yet. Luke asked for two minutes, and he ran into the bathroom, shedding the towel as he passed through the door. After Luke was dressed, he asked Reid if he felt ready to face the licensing board. The doctor said he wasn't afraid of a few "dinosaurs," so Luke reminded him that Reid could not be the head of the new wing at Memorial without a medical license. He also asked him to keep repeating his mantra, "Don't be an ass" and that made Oliver laugh.

The two were headed out the door when the doctor's phone rang, and he spoke to Noah, assuring him that the hearing was just a formality. Noah, however, was uneasy that the doctor was going through it all alone, so Dr. Oliver said he wasn't and handed the phone to Luke. Noah was amazed that Luke was in Texas and that he and Reid hadn't killed one another on the plane flight down. Noah wished them good luck, and Luke hung up. Then he brushed some lint off Reid's coat, and he pronounced the two of them ready.

Molly Conlan sat in the Lakeview bar, nursing a drink and missing Holden, who was at the Snyder cabin with Lily and Faith. Congressman Silas Whitman, her former lover, surprised her by walking up and joining her. He said he was fresh out of jail, released on a technicality, and his wife had divorced him and wiped him out. He told Molly he was rebuilding his life and no longer running away from his mistakes. Molly didn't appreciate being included among the man's "mistakes," but Whitman said he was in recovery. Molly quipped, "Weasels Anonymous?" and Whitman laughed and said she was the perfect person to do his "Tell All, Mea Culpa" interview.

Molly could not believe that someone who had just gotten out of jail for trying to kill her wanted her to interview him. She wasn't buying it, and she said she was so over him and had a new man in her life. Whitman then became snarky, and asked why Molly was drinking alone at night if life was so good. Molly didn't respond, so the Congressman asked her point blank where "Mr. Wonderful" was. Molly said he was away on family business, and Whitman smirked, Molly said, "Shut up, Silas. You were not my finest hour." He apologized and asked for another chance with her, but Molly stood up and answered by throwing her drink on him and stomping out.

At their cabin, Holden slept on the couch, and a sleepless Lily wandered out to the kitchen. Holden woke up, and he and Lily began talking about Faith. Lily feared that Damian's influence on their lives, and on Faith's in particular, was irreparable. They mixed peanut butter and marshmallow topping together the way they used to when Luke and Faith were young, and they made sandwiches.

Faith watched quietly from the shadows, as Lily stressed about what would happen to the younger children if Faith continued to do drugs at home. Faith walked out at that point and told her parents that they were right. She announced that it was time to "lock up the children."

Faith then asked if her mother really thought that she would corrupt Natalie and Ethan, but Lily said no. Faith made some nasty remarks about Lily's own addiction problems in the past, and Holden had to step in. Faith suggested that she move to the farm and live with her dad, while the younger kids stayed with Lily. Holden was horrified at the suggestion, but Lily surprised him by saying that was not a bad idea. She said Holden had to agree, so Holden did, and Faith hugged her dad joyfully but barely thanked her mother. Lily tearfully admitted that her daughter thought she'd be better off without her mother, so Lily had to let her go. Holden hugged Lily, as Faith watched.

At the farm the next morning, Molly was reading the newspaper when Holden walked in. She ran to him and asked why he was back so early. Holden said the trip had gone well, and they had all agreed that Faith would live at the farm. Molly was very understanding and appreciated how important it was for Faith to have the influence of Emma. She and Holden kissed, just as Lily and Faith walked in, and Faith ran straight to Molly and began to make plans with her that Faith had refused to do with her mother. Molly played it cool and told the girl that they would see how it all went. Holden sent his daughter upstairs to check out her new room.

Lily looked unhappy, and she was concerned about Molly's close proximity to her daughter, but she hoped that Molly could get through to Faith. Lily said that the girl's well-being was all that mattered. Faith returned downstairs, and Holden went over the farm ground rules. He reminded Faith that everyone who lived there pitched in with the work, and Faith would have the use of a horse, but she had to take complete control of its care. He also explained that her schoolwork had to be a priority, so Lily suggested that she and Faith go back home and get Faith's school books, her computer, and the rest of her clothes.

Lily and Holden went outside, and he gave her the chance to change her mind about the living arrangements, but Lily said they were doing the right thing. Molly watched them out the kitchen window, and Faith, who had run to get her coat, watched Molly.

Back at Lily's, Faith told her mom to stop being so helpful because they both knew that Lily hated it. Lily admitted that she would miss Faith, but the girl said she wasn't talking about that. She said it was obvious to everyone that Lily hated the fact that Molly was living with Holden at the farm because Lily wanted him back.

Molly and Holden talked, and they both thought that Faith would prosper at the farm, and Holden was very grateful for Molly's help. They kissed, as someone knocked loudly on the door and then just walked in. It was Congressman Whitman, who said he had gotten Molly's address from the television station. He said the folks there were very excited about their impending interview. Molly was speechless, so Whitman asked her to introduce him to Holden, but Holden said he knew who Whitman was. Holden stepped forward and grabbed Whitman's coat lapels and said he wanted him out of his home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At Lily's house, Lily asked why Faith was insisting that Lily wanted Holden back. Faith replied that it had been obvious to her when they were all at the cabin. Lily denied that there was anything between herself and Holden other than their joint concern for their children, and she told Faith that she wished Molly and Holden well. Faith said she hoped Lily meant that, because there was no way Lily could win Holden back from Molly.

Lily took Faith shopping in Old Town to buy some things for Faith to take to the farm, where she would be staying. There, they ran into Liberty. Lily gave the girls a few minutes alone, and Faith told Liberty that she was moving in with Holden at the farm. Liberty asked if everything was okay between Faith and Lily, and Faith answered that things might be better if they didn't have to be together so much of the time.

Liberty then remarked that it was funny that Faith was moving into the farm just after Liberty had moved out, and Faith said that it would have been fun if they could both have lived there at the same time. However, Faith assumed that Liberty was enjoying being so close to Parker. Liberty said it wasn't that great of a situation, because Parker had recently told Liberty that he wanted to get back together with her, and Liberty wasn't interested in doing so, in light of her medical problems.

Faith asked if Liberty was interested in another guy, but Liberty pointed out that as a cancer patient with no hair, she wasn't feeling terribly attractive. Liberty said that during her time in the hospital, she had begun to understand how important Parker's friendship was to her, and she didn't want to risk losing that just so they could "hook up."

Lily returned from her shopping, and Liberty greeted her and said that Faith had told her about moving to the farm. Liberty said Faith would enjoy living there. Liberty then counseled Faith not to waste time being mad at people, because "you never really get that time back." Lily thanked Liberty and wished her good luck at her doctor's appointment. Liberty left, and Lily said admiringly, "She's so strong and mature." Faith rolled her eyes and said, "Not like me, right?" Lily said that wasn't what she'd meant, but Faith ignored her and said it was time to leave.

At the farm, Molly convinced Holden to let go of Silas. Silas told Holden it was apparent that his reputation had preceded him. He thanked Holden for having had other plans the previous night, which had enabled Molly to have a drink with Silas. Molly corrected Silas' version of events and told Holden she'd been having a drink alone when Silas had approached her.

Silas told Holden that he had told Molly that he wanted to atone for his mistakes, and that Molly could help him do that. Holden asked what Silas meant, and Silas replied that Molly could interview him on television. Holden wondered why Silas would think that a woman with whom he'd cheated on his wife and whom he had tried to kill would even consider such a thing, and Molly piped up and said she had never agreed to do the interview. Silas said it was truly in the best interest of both Molly and himself to do the interview, but Holden told Silas to get out while he could still walk. Silas left, reluctantly.

Molly told Holden that she had been freaked out when Silas had walked into the farmhouse. Holden said Molly had every right to be. Molly replied that she had made some terrible decisions about Silas, but Holden assured Molly that he knew that part of her life was over, and he kissed her. Holden said he had wanted to rip off Silas' head, but Molly said he wasn't worth it. She then reminded Holden that before Silas had shown up, they had been talking about doing some naughty things in the hayloft. They began kissing passionately, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Faith and Lily.

Faith was excited about being at the farm, but Holden reminded her that it wasn't a reward for good behavior. Lily then suggested that each week, they have a family dinner with Holden, Faith, Luke, Natalie, and Ethan. Faith nodded toward Molly and asked, "Aren't you forgetting someone?" Lily said that they would be happy to have Molly join them at the weekly dinners. Molly thanked her, and Holden suggested they start immediately.

Holden said he would call for some takeout food, but Molly said that wouldn't be necessary, because she had already made a casserole and could heat it up in ten minutes. Her announcement was greeted with dubious looks from everyone else, but she assured them that she could follow a recipe.

Molly served the casserole, which everyone agreed looked and smelled terrific. However, one bite was enough to change everyone's opinion. Chagrined, Molly observed that it apparently took more to make a good casserole than she knew. Holden assured Molly it was okay, and even Lily agreed that "these things happen." Molly said, "Not to you," but Lily laughed and said yes, they did. Holden laughed, too, and reminded Lily of one particularly bad meal when Lily had used two cups of salt instead of flour. Molly and Faith watched as Holden and Lily both enjoyed the memory of the life they had shared together.

Molly stood up and tossed the casserole in the garbage as Holden and Lily continued to laugh about the salt incident. Faith followed Molly out the door when Molly took the garbage bag outside, and she told Molly not to act like Lily's history with Holden bothered her. Faith said that her mom wanted her dad back, and if Lily could see that her behavior bothered Molly, she would keep behaving that way. Molly told Faith it was inappropriate to discuss things like that with her, but she assured Faith that her relationship with Holden was fine. Faith replied, "Don't say I didn't warn you," and she returned to the kitchen table.

Molly's cell phone rang, and she was surprised to hear Silas on the other end. Silas told Molly that he knew she still wanted the interview with him, because it would be a sensational story for her to cover. He said, "You could still snag it, or me." Molly told Silas that he was a pig, but then she heard more laughter coming from the kitchen and told Silas, "Name the time and place."

Dusty found Janet at the hospital and told her that Rocco's doctor had said that Rocco would be released that day. Dusty then said that since their new house wasn't yet ready for them to occupy, Janet and Liberty could move into an empty suite next to Dusty's suite at the Lakeview. Janet wasn't receptive to that idea and reminded Dusty that her father had suffered a heart attack because of an argument he and Dusty had been having.

Dusty stressed that the doctor had said that Rocco would be fine, and Dusty thought that he and Janet should get on with their lives. Janet told Dusty that earlier that week, he had told her that she should move on without him. Dusty responded that he'd been trying to protect her. Janet, however, was quick to point out that Dusty had lied to her about how hurt he was and about being in cahoots with Carly to set up Rocco. Janet said her feelings for Dusty had changed because she wasn't sure that she could trust him again.

A nurse walked out and told Janet that her father was asking to see her. Janet went in and sat on Rocco's bed, while Dusty hovered in the doorway, eavesdropping. Rocco apologized to Janet and told her that he wanted to earn back her respect. Janet said that Rocco had saved Dusty's life, but Rocco admitted that Dusty wouldn't have needed saving if Rocco hadn't meddled in a situation that didn't involve him. He then said he was considering selling his hardware store and relocating, with Janet's mom, to Oakdale, to be near Janet and Liberty. Janet thought that would be wonderful. Rocco told Janet that Dusty was a good man, but Janet said that Dusty didn't matter; what mattered was that Rocco got better.

Janet asked her father if there was anything she could do for him, and he asked if Janet could get a clean shirt for him to wear home. She said she would. Janet walked out and told Dusty that her father was a changed man. Dusty told Janet, "I never meant to hurt you," and Janet nodded. She told Dusty that they could talk after she returned from getting some things for her dad.

After Janet left, Dusty entered Rocco's room. Rocco said that he had tried to tell Janet everything, but she had shut him down. Dusty replied that was probably for the best, and he asked Rocco to tell him the name of the man who had shot him. Rocco said not only could he tell Dusty the man's name, he could also tell Dusty where to find the man.

However, Rocco cautioned Dusty that Ralph Manzo had the man under his protection, and he said Dusty wouldn't be able to get near the man without setting off all kinds of alarms. Rocco got out of bed. Dusty tried to get Rocco to get back in bed, but Rocco reminded Dusty that he'd been cleared to leave the hospital, and he said he would find the man himself. Dusty told Rocco that he couldn't let Rocco do that alone, so Rocco asked Dusty to get him a shirt. Dusty said he would be right back, then remarked, "Your daughter's just like you." Rocco said, "Poor kid," and Dusty smiled and left the room.

Dusty and Rocco walked down a city street until they came to the location where Rocco thought Dusty's attacker could be found. Rocco was out of breath, and Dusty insisted that Rocco should call a cab and return to the hospital before Janet got back. Rocco said he wanted to finish what he had started. Then, Rocco pointed out the man they had been looking for and said, "That's him." Dusty thought Rocco looked very pale, but Rocco insisted he was fine. He told Dusty to wait while he distracted the man, and Rocco walked toward the man and called out, "Hey, Crowe!"

Rocco told Crowe that he had the address of a new "safe house" for Crowe, because things had gotten too hot in Oakdale. Crowe took out a gun, shoved Rocco against the building, and told him that he wouldn't go anywhere with Rocco. Dusty ran up and knocked Crowe down; behind him, Rocco clutched his chest and lowered himself to the ground. Dusty wrestled the gun away from Crowe and managed to knock him out. Dusty stood up and called the police; he reported that the man who had tried to kill him was named Crowe and told them where they could find the man.

When Dusty hung up, he saw Rocco and rushed over to him. Dusty shook Rocco and told him to hang on, because an ambulance was on the way. Rocco whispered that he always paid his debts, and Dusty said he knew that. When Rocco said, "Tell Janet ...," Dusty shook him and said, "I'm not telling Janet anything. You are!" Rocco's eyes closed, and he slumped down, and Dusty was unable to revive him.

At the police station, Jack called to get an update on Rocco's condition, which had been upgraded to "stable." When he hung up, he got a call from Carly, who told him, "I need you to come home right now. It's an emergency." Jack asked what was wrong, and Carly simply said, "Please; I need you." Jack hung up and asked someone to call dispatch to send a backup unit to his house immediately, then he rushed home. When he arrived, he found Carly in a negligee trying to explain to the two officers who were already there that there wasn't really an emergency. The officers left, amused, but Jack didn't find the romantic emergency very amusing.

Carly explained that she hadn't realized Jack would call for backup and that she had merely wanted to get his attention away from work for a while. Carly pointed out that the two officers had thought it was funny, and she asked why Jack couldn't see it that way. Jack replied that he'd been in the middle of a case. Carly said she was pretty sure Jack had been working on finding out who shot Dusty, "because even your work has to be about Janet!" Jack told Carly, "That's crazy!" but Carly dropped her robe and said she thought it was crazy that Jack hadn't said anything yet about what she was wearing.

Jack told Carly it was more a case of what Carly wasn't wearing, and Carly walked right up to him and told him she thought it would be hard for him to stay mad at her. Jack agreed it might be difficult given the way she looked, but he warned Carly that she might have to convince Margo not to take his badge from him. Carly told Jack it was his own fault for making her work so hard just to get a little of his attention. Jack remarked that Carly had his attention at that time, and she said, "We'll see about that," and kissed him.

Jack and Carly began flirting with one another, with Jack asking Carly if she knew what the police did with suspects like her. Carly wanted to find out, and Jack continued using cop terminology until he laughed and confessed, "I'm running out of things to say!" Carly said, "It's about time," and kissed him passionately. They fell to the bed, and Jack began taking off Carly's clothes.

Suddenly, the door opened and Janet walked in. Janet stopped and gasped, horrified that she'd interrupted Jack and Carly's moment of passion. She stuttered that she should have knocked, but Jack said it was okay and that he was sorry. Carly angrily asked Jack what he had to be sorry about, and then she asked Janet if she'd gotten an eyeful and whether that had been what she'd been hoping to see. Janet asked Carly what was wrong with her, and Carly said, "You want to know what my problem is? It's you!"

Janet said she was very sorry. She explained that she was trying to get one of Jack's shirts to take to the hospital for her father to wear, and she hadn't thought Jack and Carly would be there at that time of day. Carly said Janet's problem was that she didn't think, and that she acted like Carly's house was her house and like Jack was still her husband.

Jack exclaimed that it had been an accident. Carly shouted that Jack shouldn't try to defend Janet, and she reminded him that Janet had walked into their bedroom while Carly had been alone with Jack. Carly thought Jack wanted her to put Janet's feelings ahead of her own, the way Jack had been doing, but she said she could no longer deal with Janet consuming every single second of Jack's day. Jack protested that Janet was having his baby, but Carly retorted, "I know that, Jack, but guess what? I already did!" She told Jack that if he couldn't draw the line, she would do it for him.

Janet said she knew her presence was making things complicated for them, and she excused herself, saying, "I'm just going to go." Carly asked, "Why, so Jack can chase after you?" She approached Janet and said, "I may not have a sick kid, or a father who's in the hospital, or a fiancÚ with a bullet wound in the back of the head, but I do have a life." Carly said that she had a right to spend time alone with Jack in the privacy of her own home without worrying that Jack's ex-wife was going to walk in on them.

Carly and Jack went downstairs, and Carly said a double vodka would taste really good after all of that. Jack said, "Go ahead. Why not?" He said that Carly had "broken every other taboo" that afternoon, including going off on a pregnant woman. Janet entered the room and said she was headed back to the hospital. Carly stopped her and apologized for going off on her. Janet said Carly didn't need to apologize and that if the situation had been reversed, she would have reacted the same way.

Janet said that Carly had put up with a lot, and Janet felt she shouldn't have moved in with Carly in the first place. Janet said it would be best for everyone if she and Liberty moved out. Jack told Janet that she should have a plan about where they would live, but Janet said she could take care of herself and that there would be less drama if she moved out. Carly thanked Janet for her honesty, but Janet replied that it was the least she could do, since Carly had been honest about how she felt.

Janet told Jack she would return his shirt after she had it cleaned, and she left. Jack turned and said, "There you go. You got what you wanted, Carly. Are you happy now?" Carly stalked off to the kitchen and assured Jack that she wasn't happy. She again pointed out that she had put up with everything Jack had asked her to do for Janet's sake, but she drew the line at being interrupted in her own bedroom. Jack said he hadn't been happy about it, either, but Carly said she couldn't tell, because while Carly had been irate, Jack had been apologetic.

Jack said that was because it had just been a case of bad timing, but the result had been that Janet thought she couldn't stay there anymore. Carly exclaimed, "Janet doesn't want to stay here!" Jack insisted it was still the best thing for everyone, but Carly said he was the only person who saw it that way. Carly said she shouldn't have to schedule having sex with him, so Jack told her she was being selfish. Carly said that Jack needed to think about the fact that he was the only one who felt that Janet should stay. She said that it was becoming clear that Jack was more concerned with putting a roof over Janet's head than with exploring the reconnected relationship Jack and Carly had.

Janet found Liberty at the hospital, where Liberty was waiting to see the oncologist. Janet was optimistic that the oncologist's news would be good. When Liberty seemed less inclined to be positive, Janet hugged her, then said she sometimes missed the "good old days" when it had just been the two of them. Liberty agreed that it was a little bit crowded at Carly's house.

Janet said the best thing that had resulted from "all this" was her father's return and his genuine desire to make things up to her. Janet told Liberty that Rocco had apologized for the way he had treated both her and Liberty for years, and that he had asked her to forgive him. When Liberty asked whether Janet had done so, Janet said yes. Liberty asked how that had felt, and Janet said, "Amazing, like I can't even describe it to you. And now, I'll finally be able to give you the family I always wanted, because I've got my dad back."

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