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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 5, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, April 5, 2010

After the news that Bob and Kim had not been legally married 25 years before sank in, everyone was stunned, and Kim told Bob that she thought they should "examine their options separately" before they rushed into getting remarried. Bob was shocked that Kim wanted "space," and Kim asked if she could stay with Barbara temporarily. Kim tearfully thanked everyone for the party, and then she walked out. Lisa scolded Bob to go after Kim, so he dashed after her. They talked out on Tom and Margo's patio, and Bob offered to rearrange his work schedule so that they could take several days off and get married again.

Kim, however, called the wedding fiasco a "blessing in disguise," and she took off. Bob went back inside and announced that his wife was not sure that she wanted to be married to him anymore. He was angry and announced that he was going to go have a drink. He walked out, as Tom declared that if Bob and Kim couldn't make it, there was no hope for any of the rest of them.

Margo urged Tom to go after his father, so Tom left with the plan that he would call Casey and Chris for backup when he found Bob. Casey was gloomy about all happy endings, and Katie rightly deduced that he was still angry about Alison's betrayal. Casey left, and Margo decided to go to Barbara's suite at the Lakeview to talk with Kim. Chris took a call then from Tom, who had found Bob drinking at the Lakeview bar. Chris promised to join them as soon as possible.

In Barbara's suite, Margo told Kim that Bob was down in the bar with Tom, and that relieved Kim. Barbara suggested that Kim put the poor guy out of his misery by telling him she would remarry him, but Kim refused to even consider it. Her point of view was that Bob needed to figure out how often they had forgiven each other over the years, and she flashed back to when Bob learned that she was pregnant with their child, Frannie. Then she told Barbara that Bob's job was going to kill him, and she cried that she couldn't watch her husband work himself into an early grave. She prayed that Bob would realize that he loved her more than he loved the hospital.

Barbara explained to Kim that she and Bob were the "cornerstone" of their whole family, and therefore everyone was affected by decisions the two of them made. Kim cried that she used to think that she meant everything to Bob, but she no longer believed that.

Downstairs in the bar, Bob remembered when he and Kim had first awakened as man and wife. Kim had said that she hoped that they would always remain such good friends. Tom appeared in the bar, and Bob called Kim "stubborn." Then he declared that he would not have his wife running his life. Lisa found the men there, and she asked Tom to give her some time alone with his dad. Tom went to the lobby, and Lisa sat next to Bob and said that she thought Kim was right; the mix-up with the fake minister was, indeed, a blessing for Bob and Lisa. She reminded him that at one time, the two of them had "quite a spark," and perhaps they had a chance to find out if it was still there. Bob looked dumbfounded, and then he began to laugh.

Both of them flashed back to when they were expecting Tom and the quiet times they had shared. Lisa then wondered aloud if they had another chance to rekindle their love, but Bob said he would rather remember the pair of them "fondly." Then he said that he loved only Kim, whether she was his wife or not.

Katie slipped out to the hospital to find Alison. When she found the girl, Alison said that Casey had made her feel unwelcome at the house, so she had changed her mind about staying. Katie asked her not to give up because both Casey and Chris cared about her. Alison said her aborted wedding to Casey had been "a train wreck" for the entire family, but Katie said all members of the Hughes family had messed up at one time or another. Katie wanted Alison to go to the remarriage when it occurred, and Alison promised to think about it.

Tom, Chris, and Casey moved Bob out of the bar into the lounge, and Bob was stunned that Tom had asked Bob's son and grandson to give him marital advice. He was also hurt that Kim had walked out on him, but Chris reminded his father that Bob had done the same thing to Kim after his affair with Susan Stewart. Chris said he remembered most the day that his parents renewed their vows after reconciling after the affair, and everyone flashed back on the renewal ceremony in which both promised to deal with their problems openly and honestly. Chris said that both his parents were scared to death of getting old.

Casey blurted out the question of when the last time was that Bob had told Kim she was "hot." Tom was horrified, but Bob wanted to hear what the young man had to say. Casey asked how Kim was supposed to feel if her husband kept putting his job before everything and everyone else. Tom jumped in and suggested that Bob "woo" Kim again. Bob flashed back on his first proposal to Kim, and then he griped that he had already asked her earlier that night, and she had turned him down. Casey said Bob should try again, but he should ask the woman he loved, not his wife.

Bob knocked on the door of Barbara's suite and asked to speak with Kim. He walked in and asked Kim how she was, and she replied, "Single." Bob said he was drowning in unsolicited marriage advice, but the main issue was that even the slightest chance of losing Kim was devastating to him. He talked about "new beginnings," but Kim thought he was talking about being with someone else. They got that straightened out, and Bob said he only wanted Kim. She stopped him there and said she needed more than "sweet words;" she needed him -- alive. Bob reached into his pocket and brought out an envelope, which he handed Kim. He explained that it contained his resignation from the hospital.

Next Bob asked Kim to marry him again, but Kim did not reply. Instead, she tore the envelope into little pieces. She cried that she didn't want him to give up his entire work; she wanted uninterrupted dinners, and date nights, and a weekend rendezvous now and then, and kissing, and "wooing." Bob agreed and asked for a sunrise ceremony, and then Kim agreed.

The next morning, Barbara asked if her "Auntie Kim" was ready, and Kim answered, "You bet I am!" At Tom and Margo's, Susan pinned a boutonnière on Bob's jacket, and she made a plea for another chance at romance with him before he got locked in for life. Bob was surprised, but he said he only loved Kim. When he walked away, Lisa complimented Susan on her nice "hit," but Susan was mortified. Lisa said if she had to "put the moves on Bob," then so did Susan, because it was all part of their plan. Bob realized what had happened, and he laughed.

Chris walked in with the minister, and Tom and Margo asked for the minister's credentials and his driver's license. Katie and Henry arrived, and finally Barbara entered with Kim. Henry told Barbara how hot she looked, and they both left the living room. Everyone gathered around for the ceremony, but Kim missed Barbara. She did not know that her niece had followed Henry into one of the bedrooms and both were lying on the bed exchanging kisses. Tom called out to Barbara, so she got up and ran downstairs. Casey happened to look outside and noticed Alison standing there with a gift bag. He had a change of heart, so he invited her in to witness the marriage, as Henry slunk back into the living room, unnoticed by everyone except Katie.

The minister began, and "Robert" and "Kimberly" recited their vows. The minister then pronounced them husband and wife, and Tom passed out champagne flutes and gave a lovely toast. Kim and Bob hugged Alison, and Casey said some pleasant things to her.

Barbara sidled up to Henry and began a verbal seduction, which he could not resist. Finally he asked her if she knew where the bathroom was, and Barbara said, "Follow me." Chris turned to Katie and accused her of "meddling" because she had invited Alison. Katie was hurt, so she walked out of the living room and headed for the bathroom. As she reached for the door, Barbara threw it open and was obviously startled to see Katie there. Barbara adjusted her dress and prattled on about how that was the bathroom. Katie went into the bathroom, but she noticed movement behind the shower curtain. She pulled it aside and found Henry rearranging his clothing. He claimed to have "blacked out," but Katie knew better.

The doorbell rang, and Bob answered it. Outside stood Frannie, Bob and Kim's daughter, wishing her parents a wonderful anniversary. Frannie walked in and made a toast to her folks, and Bob returned the toast by saying how thankful they all were for "every day the world turned."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At Carly's house, Janet asked Liberty and Parker what they were doing. Liberty told her mom that she wanted to get out of the house, because she'd been confined to the "bubble" at the hospital in Minnesota. Janet thought that was a bad idea, because Liberty would be exposed to too many germs. Parker agreed with Janet, which made Liberty mad. Janet thanked Parker and told him to make sure Liberty didn't go anywhere, then Janet left.

Liberty told Parker that she really wanted to get out of the house for just a while, and she pleaded with him and looked at him with the saddest expression she could muster. Parker told her to stop but eventually gave in and said they could go out for a while. Liberty hugged Parker and thanked him, then asked if they could get fries somewhere. Parker agreed but told Liberty that they had to stop somewhere first.

Janet went to the hospital to visit Dusty, and she talked to him even though he was still unconscious. As she talked, Janet noticed Dusty's hand moving, and then Dusty opened his eyes. Janet was elated, especially when Dusty said her name. However, right after saying Janet's name, Dusty passed out. Janet jumped up and went into the hallway to get help.

At Monte Carlo, Craig spoke to Ellis on the phone and assured him that once Carly had a chance to show off her designs at the fashion show in Milan, investors would line up to put money into the company. While Craig was talking, Gabriel walked in, and Craig hung up the phone. Craig reminded Gabriel that he'd been fired, but Gabriel told Craig that Carly had rehired him. Craig told Gabriel that Carly ran the creative end of the business, but Craig handled the financial end, including making all personnel decisions. Gabriel wondered whether Craig thought he was some type of industrial spy, and whether that meant Craig had something to hide.

Jack drove Carly to work and began kissing her while they were parked outside the building. Jack wanted to get frisky in the back seat of the car, which Carly said wasn't very grown-up of him, but she eventually agreed to Jack's desire, provided that Jack moved the car to the end of the parking lot first. As Jack got ready to do that, his cell phone rang, and Carly insisted that Jack answer it. It was Janet, who told Jack about Dusty's temporary awakening. Jack could tell that Janet was upset that Dusty had slipped back into unconsciousness, and Jack agreed to meet Janet at the hospital. When he hung up, Jack told Carly that all he wanted was to be alone with her. Carly said it wasn't the right time, and she got out of the car.

Carly walked into the office and asked what was happening, and Gabriel informed her that Craig had just fired him again. Carly told him that she would rehire him. Craig implored Carly to reconsider and pointed out that they didn't know anything about Gabriel, including whether he'd ever been arrested, if he did drugs, or whether he had any references.

Carly turned to Gabriel and asked if he'd ever been arrested, and Gabriel told her he'd never been convicted of anything. She asked if he did drugs, and he replied, "Not today." Carly then asked if he had any references, and Gabriel replied, "Well, I was very popular in high school." Carly said that was good enough for her. Craig asked, "But what if he's lying?" Carly replied, "Then he'll feel right at home here with you!"

Craig told Carly he was just trying to help her, and that everything he'd done with regard to Monte Carlo, he'd done for her. Carly responded that she wasn't sure about that, but she intended to find out, and she told Craig that she wanted to know everything about the financial situation, including where the money was coming from and where it was going. Craig told Carly that if she wanted Gabriel to stay, Gabriel could stay. Carly said that was good, but she still wanted to see the financials. Craig told Carly that if she wanted to be his partner, she needed to trust him. Carly said she wasn't sure she wanted to be his partner, and she certainly didn't trust him, but she had no other options at that point in her life.

At that moment, Parker and Liberty walked in. Parker explained that Liberty had wanted to get out of the house for a while, and Parker had thought Liberty might like to see Carly's new offices. Craig encouraged Carly to show Liberty around, and Parker said he would wait with Craig, since fashion wasn't really his area of interest. After Carly and Liberty left the office, Parker approached Gabriel and asked him, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Craig told Parker that he shared Parker's sentiments, but that Carly had hired Gabriel, and he suggested that Parker ignore Gabriel. As Parker and Craig talked, Liberty and Carly returned, and Carly said she couldn't wait until Liberty was well enough to work for Monte Carlo as an assistant. Liberty warned Carly that wouldn't be possible for quite some time, because the doctors in Minnesota would want her to return to the hospital for treatment at some point. Parker suggested that wouldn't be necessary if he used his trust fund money to pay the doctors to travel to Oakdale instead of having Liberty travel to Minnesota.

Liberty told Parker it would cost a fortune to bring the doctors to Oakdale, but Parker replied that he happened to have a fortune laying around. Craig told Parker that he should think carefully about what he was suggesting, because that wasn't what the trust was set up to accomplish. Craig asked Carly for her thoughts on the matter, and Carly said that it was Parker's money to do with as he wished. Liberty, however, struck down the idea and told Parker that he shouldn't have even said such a thing without finding out how she felt about it first.

Parker told Liberty that he knew she hated being in Minnesota, and Liberty agreed but said that her doctors wanted her to be there, and she wanted to continue her treatment there with them. Liberty was upset that Parker had assumed she would go along with his plan without even discussing it with her first, and she told him that she would go to Al's Diner to get a hamburger because she needed some time alone. Liberty said she would call Parker when she was finished eating, and she left.

Gabriel announced that he wanted to leave for an hour to have lunch. Craig told him to take a week if he needed it, but Gabriel replied that he only needed an hour, and then he walked out. Gabriel went to Old Town and saw Liberty, who looked like she was about to faint. He stopped and asked her if she were okay, and she answered that she was dizzy. Gabriel offered her an unopened bottle of water from his backpack, and she accepted it and took a drink. Liberty recognized Gabriel, and he introduced himself to her.

Liberty asked whether Gabriel had been told to follow her, but he said if he'd been told to, he probably wouldn't have, and he explained that he was simply on his lunch break. Liberty offered to pay him for the bottle of water, but Gabriel told her not to worry about it. He said Liberty seemed different from the others, and when she asked what he meant, he said that the others acted as though people owed them something, but Liberty didn't act like that.

Liberty told Gabriel about her upbringing and said that she and her mother had never had much money. When Liberty explained about how she'd met her father a couple of years before, Gabriel said that was great and asked where her father was. Liberty told him that Brad had been killed the previous year, right before Liberty became ill. Gabriel told her that he was sorry, because she'd obviously been through a lot.

Liberty asked Gabriel how he'd gotten a job at Monte Carlo, and he explained about being hired by Carly, fired by Craig, rehired by Carly, refired by Craig, and rehired by Carly. Liberty laughed and said that sounded about right, and Gabriel remarked that Craig and Carly acted like an old married couple. Liberty told him that Craig and Carly had almost been married once, but then during Carly's extended absence, Craig had become involved with Carly's sister, who had once been married to Craig.

Gabriel shook his head and said that explained why Liberty's boyfriend was wound up so tight. Liberty told Gabriel that Parker wasn't exactly her boyfriend, although they had been married once and were still friends. Gabriel looked amused and said, "I take it back. You fit right in!"

Parker went to Old Town and saw Liberty and Gabriel. Parker walked up and asked what Liberty was doing. She answered that she was sitting on a bench, talking to Gabriel. Parker said he thought Liberty had wanted a hamburger; when she said she did, he told her, "Let's go." Liberty told Parker, "You're doing it again!" and Gabriel said, "I think she wants you to back off." Parker said no one had asked Gabriel what he thought, and he told Liberty that she shouldn't be associating with Gabriel. Gabriel stood up and asked if Parker had a problem with him, and Parker replied that he did and then suggested that Gabriel leave.

Gabriel told Parker that since Parker was neither a cop nor his boss, it didn't matter what Parker wanted him to do. Liberty asked the two boys to calm down, but Parker said they should leave because Liberty had been outside in the cold long enough. Gabriel pointed out that fresh air wouldn't make Liberty's cancer any worse. Liberty said she hadn't mentioned that she had cancer. Gabriel said he'd assumed she had cancer because of her hair loss and her dizziness. Parker, concerned, asked, "You got dizzy?" Liberty assured Parker that she was fine and then thanked Gabriel for the water. He replied, "No problem," picked up his backpack, glared at Parker, and walked away.

Liberty asked Parker, "What's your problem with him?" Parker said it was a long story and asked if Liberty still wanted a burger. Liberty said she was tired, so Parker suggested they go back to the house and eat there. Liberty said that sounded good, and they left.

When Jack arrived at the hospital, Janet thanked him for showing up. The doctor walked out of Dusty's room and told Janet that it wasn't unusual for a trauma patient to wake up and fall asleep again the way Dusty had done. Janet asked if Dusty was awake, and the doctor said that although Dusty was awake, he might not be able to respond to Janet.

Rocco walked up, and Jack told Janet that he would go try to talk to Dusty. Janet said she'd be right behind him. Janet told her father that Dusty had regained consciousness. Rocco asked whether Dusty had said anything about what had happened to him yet. Janet said not yet but that Jack would ask Dusty some questions. Rocco told Janet that was a bad idea, given Dusty's injuries. Rocco said the most important thing was Dusty's recovery, not the need for revenge. Janet assured her father that Jack knew what he was doing and wouldn't put any undue strain on Dusty.

Jack asked Dusty if he remembered anything about the day he was shot, but Dusty said no. Jack described the events that he had seen on the surveillance camera at Metro. He told Dusty that a man had approached Dusty with a gun, and Dusty had tried to give the man his wallet, but the man hadn't taken it. Jack said it appeared that Dusty and the man talked for a minute, and then Dusty tried to knock the man out. However, none of that jogged Dusty's memory.

Janet walked into the room and was thrilled to see that Dusty was awake and talking to Jack. Rocco asked whether Dusty had remembered anything, but Jack told him no. Janet asked Dusty how he felt, and when he replied that he was tired, Janet told him to close his eyes and get some rest. Jack wanted to ask Dusty a few more questions, but Janet insisted that it could wait, because Dusty's recovery was more important than catching whoever shot him.

Rocco stepped out into the hallway and called Ralph Manzo and told him that Dusty didn't remember anything. Rocco insisted that Ralph didn't need to do anything more to Dusty, and he promised to let Ralph know if the situation changed.

Jack decided to leave and let Dusty spend time with Janet. Jack went into the hallway and called Carly to update her on Dusty's condition. He told Carly that he wanted to gather some mug shots and take them back to the hospital for Dusty to look over, but Carly suggested that Jack give Janet and Dusty some time together. Jack said it was his job to solve the case, but Carly suggested that Jack was too close to the case and should let someone else at the station handle it. Jack asked if Carly was saying that he couldn't do his job, so Carly backed off and told Jack to do whatever he thought was best, and she hung up.

Dusty awoke and asked Janet if he was alive or dead. Janet assured him that he was alive, although she'd been very worried about him for a while. Dusty apologized for having worried her, but Janet told him she was just glad he was going to be okay. Dusty asked how Liberty was, and Janet gave him the good news about Liberty's treatments and her return to Oakdale. Dusty said, "See, I told you so; everything's gonna be okay."

Dusty asked how the baby was, and Janet assured him that she and the baby were fine. Janet reminded Dusty that he'd promised her the rest of his life, and she planned to hold him to that. She leaned over and kissed him. They continued to talk, and Dusty asked Janet where she and Liberty had been staying. Janet told him they were at Carly's, but that everything was fine, because Carly was being as nice as possible about the whole situation.

In the hallway, Rocco approached Dusty's doctor and mentioned that Dusty seemed confused and unable to remember much. The doctor said initial memory loss was common after a major trauma. Rocco asked whether that meant Dusty might regain his memory of the events that had led to him being shot, and the doctor said it was possible but not definite. Rocco went into Dusty's room and asked Dusty how he was feeling. Dusty suddenly remembered the argument he'd had with Rocco, when Rocco had warned Dusty that Dusty would pay for threatening to talk to the police about Rocco's relationship with Ralph Manzo.

Carly found herself unable to work, because she was completely distracted. Craig asked whether Carly wanted to have lunch, and she agreed but said, "Let's go over the books first." Craig said he couldn't review the books at that moment because he had to meet Ellis for lunch. Carly reminded Craig that he had just invited her to lunch, and he slapped his forehead and told her he'd forgotten. Carly said she would join Craig and Ellis, and the three of them could discuss Monte Carlo's finances.

A deliveryman walked in and asked for Carly. When Carly introduced herself, the man gave Carly an envelope. Carly opened it and found a note from Jack that read, "Grown up enough for you?" along with a hotel room key. Carly laughed and told Craig to enjoy his lunch, because she'd just gotten a much better offer.

Carly went to the hotel and knocked on the door of the room Jack had rented, but no one answered. She used the room key to let herself into the room. She found the room full of flowers and candles, and then saw Jack, dressed in a suit and carrying a single red rose. Carly asked, "What is all this?" Jack smiled and said, "What does it look like?" She replied, "A seduction," and Jack smiled again and answered, "Exactly."

Jack said he wanted Carly to know that no matter what distractions they might have in their lives, they would always find time for just the two of them. Carly said she couldn't believe how romantic Jack was being, and he chuckled and said he had surprised himself. Jack told Carly that she was the most important thing in his life, and he wanted to keep reminding her of that, because she didn't deserve to be left for last. Carly said she didn't feel that way, and Jack said that was good, and that he would make sure she never did.

Jack apologized for the situation with Janet, but Carly told him she preferred being able to watch over Janet's interactions with Jack. Jack promised Carly that she had nothing to worry about in that regard. Carly told Jack that she thought what he was doing was amazing, and she said she would support him in whatever he needed to do. They kissed and fell onto the bed.

Gabriel got a cup of coffee and was leaving Java when he saw Ellis walking toward him. He deliberately bumped into Ellis and spilled coffee on Ellis' overcoat. As he apologized, Gabriel managed to pick Ellis's pocket, and he took Ellis' cell phone. Shortly thereafter, Craig tried to call Ellis, and Gabriel answered the phone. Craig, unaware he was talking to Gabriel, said he needed Ellis to cover for him, because he had told Carly that he and Ellis were having lunch together. Gabriel answered, "Okay."

Craig then said that they were in trouble, because Carly had insisted that she wanted to review the financial records, and if that happened, Carly would discover that Craig had been using Parker's trust fund to finance their business. Craig said he needed Ellis to "cook up a clean set of books" that Carly could review, even though Craig knew that was illegal, and Craig needed it done by the next day. Craig said that if Ellis could do that for him, there would be a big bonus in it for Ellis. Gabriel said, "Sure," and Craig hung up, thinking he'd solved his problem.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A discouraged Vienna dropped in on Katie, and she complained that Henry had changed so much since her return that she questioned whether he still loved her. Vienna confided that "the fire was gone" from their relationship, and she asked her good friend, Katie, for advice. Katie said that Vienna just needed to ask Henry what was going on, but Vienna said she already had.

Vienna was distraught that when she and Henry went to bed, he just slept, so she reasoned that he was tired of her. She also worried that Henry had met someone while Vienna was gone, but Katie told her not to blame herself. Vienna begged Katie to find out the truth, and offered to stay with baby Jacob until his sitter arrived so that Katie could get on the case right away.

Henry visited Barbara, and it was difficult for him to reject her advances. He told her that they could not be together anymore because Vienna's return had changed everything. Besides that, said Henry, Katie was on to them. Barbara laughed that Katie's knowing made no difference because it was time to take their relationship public. Henry said he owed it to Vienna to try to work things out because he had broken her heart. Barbara asked Henry if he was still in love with Vienna, but he said Barbara wasn't listening to him.

Barbara was afraid that Henry was too embarrassed to be seen with a much older woman, but he denied it. Then Barbara said there was no reason not to go public, as someone knocked on the door. Henry asked Barbara not to answer it, but she opened the door anyway, and there stood Katie. Katie told Henry she was afraid she would find him there, but Barbara interrupted by saying that Henry had something he wanted to say to Katie. Henry just looked at Katie, as Barbara prompted him.

When Henry stayed silent, Kate said that she had something she wanted to say, as well, but in private. When Henry agreed to go with her, a hurt Barbara declared that she had her answer, and she warned Henry not to return again. Barbara slammed the door after Katie and Henry walked out. Katie asked Henry "what the hell" he was doing, and then she said she knew all his lame excuses. She advised him to walk away from whatever Barbara had lured him into.

Henry and Katie sat in the Lakeview lounge, and she told him that Vienna was devastated because it appeared that Henry had lost all interest in her. She yelled at Henry to "get a grip" and to start thinking rationally. Henry couldn't say if he had fallen out of love with Vienna, but he admitted that his feelings had definitely changed. Katie lectured him that Vienna confessed that it was wrong of her to leave Henry, and she knew that she could not live without him. Katie warned Henry to "do the right thing" and leave Barbara and go back to Vienna where he belonged.

Henry reminded Katie that Vienna had returned to Henry because he had donated a bucket of money to the new hospital wing, and Katie had pushed him into it. He was afraid that Vienna needed more of Henry than it was possible for him to give, so he kept letting her down. Henry said that with Barbara, there were no expectations, and he could be whoever he was. Katie called Barbara some nasty adjectives, and then she stood up and told Henry that it was up to him. She walked out, and in the lobby, Katie called Vienna and said that Henry was having a hard time living up to Vienna's standards. Vienna thanked her as Katie signed off, saying that Vienna needed to take it from there.

Barbara heard another knock on her door, so she opened it, suspecting that Henry had decided he could not live without her. Instead Katie stood there. She said that Henry would not be returning because she had convinced him that he had been acting like a fool for thinking that his...Here Katie paused to find the right words, so Barbara interjected "love affair?" Katie found her words and said Henry' s "descent into madness" was laughable. Barbara commented that Henry had realized he needed more than a superficial girl with a funny accent, as the two of them continued to spar.

Finally Barbara announced that she made Henry happy, and besides that, she would not walk out on him as Vienna had. Katie said she was making Henry her business as of that moment, and Barbara realized that Katie had just declared war. Katie remarked that trouble followed Barbara around like "a heat-seeking missile," so Barbara lashed out about how miserable Katie's life was. Katie asked if Barbara and Henry loved one another, and Barbara laughed and said no. She claimed love was not a complication that either of them wanted in their lives. Katie offered that as proof that Barbara really didn't know Henry very well if she thought Henry did not want to be loved. She urged Barbara to walk away.

Henry went back to Vienna's room and said he was sorry he had driven her away. Vienna interrupted him and said she didn't want to hear any "history" from him; she only wanted to think about the future. Vienna said she loved him and had decided that she wanted to marry him. She was sure of that, and Vienna got down on one knee and proposed to Henry.

In Java, Luke recognized Mr. Judd, the Texan who was suing Dr. Oliver, so he sat and asked to speak with him. Judd was not receptive, but Luke went ahead and offered him a great deal of money to avoid the pain and suffering of a protracted lawsuit. Luke said he knew money could not bring back the man's daughter, but it could save the family the agony of a trial. Reid Oliver walked up and asked what was going on, and the man called Oliver "pathetic" and accused Oliver of sending his "boyfriend" to buy Mr. Judd off. Oliver asked what Mr. Judd was talking about, as Luke jumped up and tried to smooth things over.

The outraged father told Oliver he would see the doctor in court, and he stomped out. The doctor's pager beeped, so he had to rush back to the hospital. Luke found Mr. Judd outside, and he explained that he was not Dr. Oliver's boyfriend, and that the doctor had no idea that Luke had made the offer. He explained that he was just trying to save the career of a talented surgeon.

Luke found Reid in his office, and handed Reid his favorite coffee drink from Java. He also apologized to the doctor for butting into his business, but Reid said he was "impressed" with Luke and thanked him for trying to ameliorate the situation with Mr. Judd. Luke said he had gone to talk to Judd not for Dr. Oliver but for Noah. He was afraid that if Oliver were tied up in a worrisome lawsuit that Noah's surgery might be delayed.

Oliver went in to see Dusty and found Janet and her father in the room. Janet was concerned that Dusty appeared very weak, but the doctor was not concerned. Rocco Ciccone asked if Dusty would ever remember who shot him, but Dr. Oliver could not give him an answer. Dusty opened his eyes, and Janet welcomed him back. Dusty looked at Rocco and flashed back to the day the two of them had a confrontation in front of the new house Dusty was buying. He remembered Rocco's threat, but just then Jack entered the room and asked if Dusty was up for some talking. Rocco tried to get Jack to back off, but Dusty said that everything was "still a blur."

Jack watched Rocco try to get Janet to intervene in the questioning, and Dusty asked for some bottled water. The others left the room, and Janet headed for the cafeteria. Jack stopped Rocco from going with her by saying that he had a couple of questions for him. Jack asked if Rocco actually knew what had happened to Dusty, but Rocco said he knew the same as Jack: somebody had attacked and shot Dusty. Rocco got defensive and asked if Jack was accusing him of something, but Jack said he was only asking a few questions. He explained that Dusty's assailant had quite a conversation with Dusty before he fired the shots, and Jack thought perhaps the man was conveying a message from someone else.

Then Jack brought up Ralph Manzo, and that got an angry reaction from Rocco. Janet returned and was surprised to see her father so upset. Jack took a call and walked away as Janet demanded to know why her ex had been upsetting her father. Rocco said that Jack was trying to link Ralph to Dusty's shooting, but he swore to Janet that was not true. Janet, however, reminded her dad that Dusty had helped put Ralph in prison, so Jack's premise was not totally out of line.

When Jack returned, Janet asked Jack why he was accusing her father, and the two of them argued. She asked him to lighten up on Rocco, who was just trying to make amends to her and Liberty for being absent so much of their lives. Jack, however, said that his instincts told him something about Rocco was "off," but Janet said he was wrong.

Dr. Oliver passed them in the hall on his way back to Dusty's room, where he referred to himself as "the guy who saved your life." He asked Dusty what he remembered, but Dusty's answer was "bits and pieces." Reid took a good look at Dusty and then said that he knew that Dusty was "exaggerating" his memory loss. He asked why, and Dusty replied, "Because Janet's life depends on it."

Jack went into Dusty's room and caught the tail end of the conversation between Dusty and Dr. Oliver. After the doctor left, Jack asked Dusty if he knew more than he was letting on about the shooting. Dusty didn't fool Jack, who said Dusty had to give him something to go on. He promised to protect Janet, but he raised his voice, and Janet heard him and ran in. Jack said they were done for the moment, and he walked out. Dusty promised Janet they were all going to be okay, as Jack watched from outside.

Later, Dr. Oliver told Janet and Rocco that Dusty was in no danger physically, but mentally he was "a little cloudy." He also suggested that the family give him room and not push him. After the doctor left, Rocco told Janet that they had a lot of time to make up for, and he said he wanted to go visit Liberty. On his way out, however, Rocco used a pay phone at the hospital and made a call to Ralph Manzo. He gave Ralph an update on Dusty and said that Donovan didn't remember a thing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Katie and Barbara continued to argue about Henry Coleman. Katie suggested that Barbara look for passion in her life with someone other than Henry, but Barbara said that she and Henry felt the same way about each other. Katie raised her voice and ordered Barbara to leave Henry alone. Barbara yelled back that Vienna was a "fair weather lover" who, if the seas got choppy, headed for shore. Katie hollered a parting threat, as Barbara slammed the door on her.

Vienna proposed on bended knee to Henry, who was rendered completely speechless. He made her stand up, and he reminded her that they were the "anti-marriage couple" of long-standing. Vienna said that she wanted Henry physically, emotionally, and legally, "the old triple threat," quipped Henry. Vienna asked if Henry still loved her, and he answered yes. Henry was hesitant, however, as Vienna apologized for running off when things got tough with Barbara and Henry's crazy mother. She asked for another chance and for Henry to listen to his heart.

Henry and Vienna kissed, and she yanked off her shirt. Henry struggled out of his jacket, and they fell on the bed and made love. Vienna welcomed Henry back and called him her "machine." Henry was thoughtful and quiet, however, so Vienna said that he would soon realize that they would be even happier if they were married.

Henry ran into Barbara in the hotel hall, and he told her that Vienna wanted to get married. He said he had originally turned his back on marriage altogether, but perhaps he had been hasty. Barbara was crushed, and she turned silently to go into her room when Henry said quietly, "I didn't say yes to Vienna." The two of them went into Barbara's room, and she questioned him. She referred to their relationship as "fun and games with no commitment." Henry said that was their agreement, but while he was lying in Vienna's arms, all he could think of was talking it all over with Barbara.

It took a moment to register with Barbara, but she suddenly asked Henry to back up. She queried whether she had just heard Henry say that he was lying in Vienna's arms, and if so, she wanted to know if he meant it as in "postcoital." Henry admitted that he had slept with Vienna, so Barbara immediately threw him out and slammed the door.

Vienna visited Katie at home and said that she had proposed to Henry. Katie was delighted and hugged Vienna, and then she asked what Henry had said. Vienna answered that Henry was surprised and was "thinking it over." When Vienna saw Katie's facial expression, she began to worry that Henry was stalling her. Jacob began to squall, and Katie said her baby needed a nice long walk, so Vienna offered to take him out because she, too, was restless.

Luke interrupted Dr. Oliver at the hospital and wanted to ask a question about the plans for the new hospital wing. He mentioned some extra space available and suggested they make it into rooms for families to wait or even spend the night when their loved ones were in surgery. Oliver thought about it and then declared it was "not a terrible idea." They both laughed, as Noah walked up and recognized their voices. He was flabbergasted that the two of them were getting along so well, and Luke and Reid exchanged a look. Luke explained that there was no joke, just an unexpected surprise. Luke stepped away to take a call, as Noah asked Dr. Oliver what it was like working so closely with Luke. "Every day, a new hell," responded the doctor.

Noah went into an examining room with the doctor, and Reid shone a penlight into the boy's eyes. Noah asked how much input Luke had on the new wing, and Oliver explained that Luke was kicking in a great deal of money, so that made him "God, Junior." Noah chuckled that "God, Senior" probably didn't like that too much. Suddenly Noah became aware of the light in his eyes, and he asked if he was regaining his sight, but Dr. Oliver cautioned him not to go out and get a new widescreen just yet. Then he said it most likely was a good precursor to his surgery, however. Reid offered to call someone so that Noah could share the good news, but Noah declined.

Dr. Oliver headed home to Katie's then, and began his usual pattern of gorging on Katie's food. He asked if Henry and Vienna were back together, and Katie said yes. Reid said he had a good day because Noah had a minor breakthrough that pleased him. Katie looked at the doctor and expressed her feeling that Reid's pleasure had more to do with Luke than with Noah. Reid ignored that and said he couldn't understand why Noah was choosing to go through surgery by himself, rather than "be dependent" on Luke. Katie looked at Oliver and said, "Oh, my God! You have a thing for Luke!" He denied it and said that Luke was completely hung up on Noah. He called them "the gay Bob and Kim," and said the young men had a destiny together.

Vienna strolled Jacob through Old Town, but the wind came up suddenly, so she took him into the Lakeview lobby. Henry saw them enter, and Vienna dropped the diaper bag, so he ran to assist her. Jacob appeared hungry, so Henry took him out of his stroller and asked Vienna to get his bottle from the bag. She reached in and pulled out a black jeweler's box. She looked at Henry questioningly, and he urged her to open it. Inside, Vienna found a huge beautiful diamond ring. She shrieked with joy, as Henry said his answer to her was "yes."

At Oakdale High School, it was Faith's first day back, and two of her classmates snubbed her badly at lunchtime. Then Holden called her, wanting to know how her day was going. Faith lied to him and cut the conversation short.

Lily surprised Molly at WOAK and said she needed to say thank you for Molly's helping out with Faith. Lily said Faith had started back to school that morning, and then Molly spotted Faith walking into the station. The girl put her finger to her lips to signify that Molly should keep quiet about her, so Molly told Lily that a cameraman was waiting for her to tape a segment. Lily walked out, and Faith reappeared. Molly said she didn't appreciate being "put on the spot" like that, so Faith apologized and asked if Molly had received her mail yet that day. She explained that she had ordered something that was a surprise for her mother, so she had sent it to Molly in care of WOAK. She said it was a book, and Molly looked through her mail and found it.

Molly told Faith that she liked that the old Faith seemed to be back on track. On her way out, Faith ran into her father, and again she fibbed and said she had eaten lunch off campus with her friends. Then she took off, and Molly told Holden that Faith had asked a favor of her, but Holden was not to worry because it was a good thing.

Faith returned to school and sat on a couch in a hall to open her package. The contents looked like a book, but inside there was a hollowed out space that contained a baggie full of prescription pills.

Lily had called Luke to ask him to return home, and she thanked him when he arrived. She said it was silly, but she was jealous of Molly Conlan, who had obviously made a strong connection with Faith. She had a strange feeling that Molly was living Lily's life, particularly with her ex-husband and her daughter. Luke said he and his mother were both handling the loss of a partner, and he consoled her. He said he needed to go to his foundation, and took off. Lily's phone rang then, and the caller was Mr. Hayes, the principal at Oakdale High. He asked Lily and her husband to go to the school immediately.

When Lily arrived, Faith was sitting in the principal's office. Mr. Hayes held up the baggie filled with drugs, and he explained that he had caught Faith with the pills, but she had claimed they were her prescription pills for anxiety. Faith looked at her mother and said they were the pills from Dr. Bryson, and Lily covered for her by agreeing. Faith apologized for bringing them to school, and Lily picked up the pills and took Faith by the arm and escorted her out.

Back home, Lily said her daughter was not off the hook just because her mother had lied for her. Faith said she had no idea how the pills got in her bag, and she blamed the kids at school. Lily demanded that Faith stop lying, and she reminded Faith that trust had to be earned. She ordered Faith to hand over her purse, and dumped out the contents on the desk. Lily found the package with the fake book in it and noticed that it had been sent from the girl's previous boarding school to Molly at the television station. Lily was furious, and she scolded Faith for continuing to lie. The girl said some classmates at Oakdale High had not believed that Faith could buy drugs on the Internet, so she had ordered some to prove that she could "score drugs." Lily was beside herself to know what to do with her daughter.

Holden stayed in Molly's office and made some phone calls while she taped her segment. He thanked her for being such a good influence on his daughter, and he suggested they have a romantic dinner and evening. Lily called Holden then and asked him to go to her house immediately. When he got there, Holden was surprised to see Faith there, as well. Lily said that the principal had called her to school to pick up Faith because they caught her with a stash at school. Faith made a smart aleck remark, but Lily shut her up and explained that someone from the boarding school had actually sent the drugs in a hollowed out book to Molly at WOAK.

Holden got very angry, so Faith said she was only proving that she could get drugs. She claimed to have no interest in taking them, however. Lily said that she and Faith were going away to get the girl straightened out. She was taking Faith to their lake cabin with no phone, no television, and no Internet. Lily swore they would get to the bottom of what was bothering Faith, but the girl moaned, "Just kill me now." Lily said it was either the cabin or rehab, and Faith was to take her pick. Holden backed up Lily and said he was going with them.

At WOAK, Molly asked to leave work a little early to prepare for a big date. Her supervisor asked if she was up to covering the appeal of Senator Silas Whitman the next day, and Molly said her previous relationship with the Congressman was no reason for her not to cover his court appearances.

Barbara went to Fashions and tried on expensive rings to brighten her mood. She decided to take one, and the sales clerk said it was her lucky day because Barbara was the second big jewelry customer she had that day. She volunteered the information that Henry Coleman had just bought the largest engagement ring they had in the store. Barbara blanched, and said she had changed her mind. She ran out, just as Molly was entering. Molly asked the clerk for the "sexiest, hottest dress" in stock.

At his foundation, Luke took a call from Reid Oliver who told him about Noah's good news. He warned Luke that he hadn't heard it from Reid, but the doctor thought Luke would want to know. Luke went looking for Noah, and found him in Al's. Noah heard someone approach, but he seemed surprised that it was Luke. Luke asked about the eye appointment, and Noah was happy to share his joy. Dr. Oliver walked by and looked in, and he spotted the young men holding hands.

Friday, April 9, 2010

In the diner, Noah told Luke how his eyes had reacted to light, but he didn't want to get his hopes up. Outside the diner, Reid Oliver peeked through the window and watched Luke kiss Noah on the cheek in celebration of his news. Reid's phone rang just then, and he hurried off to the hospital.

Luke offered to take Noah out for dinner, but Noah said he already had "plans." He said he was having dinner with "a guy" he had met, so Luke called it a "date." Noah asked Luke not to make something out of nothing, as his ex began pumping Noah for information. Noah said the man's name was Richard, and he had met Richard in therapy. Luke asked if the man was gay, and Noah reluctantly said he was.

Luke then insisted that made Noah's dinner a "date," and a frustrated Noah said Luke could call it what he wished. Luke got very quiet, so Noah explained that it was easy to be with his friend Richard because he didn't feel as if he owed him anything. He also reminded Luke that Luke had given Noah an "all-or-nothing" ultimatum, and Noah had said he couldn't do "all" while he was still blind. Noah claimed that he and Richard were just friends, but Luke said he couldn't watch it happen, so he left the diner.

Kim and Bob were still "honeymooning" by having a drink, and Kim told her husband that she could become accustomed to the kinds of luxuries that Bob had been showering her with since their "remarriage." Bob's pager went off, and Kim sadly remarked that it had been lovely while it lasted. The two of them returned to the hospital, where they ran into Dr. Oliver. Bob informed the doctor that the man suing Oliver in Texas had lodged a formal complaint against him over the death of little Annie Judd. Bob had to tell Oliver that, under hospital guidelines, anyone under investigation had to be suspended from practicing medicine for the duration of the inquiry.

Reid Oliver went ballistic and called Bob's rule "draconian." He demanded that Bob overrule the suspension, and when Bob said he could not, Oliver called him "a coward." Kim jumped right in to defend her husband, so Reid insulted her by comparing his job of saving lives to hers of producing "tabloid television." That raised Bob's dander, and he offered to knock Dr. Oliver on his back. Luke ran in, hustled Dr. Oliver out, and told him to keep his mouth shut.

Luke dragged the doctor into a room and told him to stop being outraged and to try and make nice. He said Oliver had to respect Bob Hughes if he expected to work in Memorial Hospital, no matter what bad news Dr. Hughes had to deliver to him. Reid said if he couldn't work in an operating room, he had nothing. Luke advised him to get a lawyer and make someone listen to his side of the story about the little girl's death. Reid said he was a doctor, and without medicine, he had nothing to hold onto. Then he told "Mr. Snyder" that he needed Luke.

Oliver said he needed Luke's name, money, and power, "all of it." Luke left for a while as Reid made an attempt to clean out his locker, but Luke soon returned. Oliver asked Luke to help him get back in the operating room so he could help Noah. Luke said he already had, since he had just called his grandmother and asked her to make a few calls, one of which was to the Texas Medical Review License Board. They had scheduled an emergency hearing, so it was time for Dr. Oliver to go and fight. Luke also said he was not letting Reid do it alone, and he announced he was going to Texas with the doctor.

The two went to pick up some food at Al's before heading to Lucinda's private jet. Reid went to buy some magazines in the bookstore, and Luke went to get the food order. Inside the diner, Luke heard Noah and Richard laughing and having a good time. Luke took the order out and watched them through the window until Reid returned.

Back at the hospital, Kim asked Bob why he put up with the attitude and mouth of Dr. Oliver, and Bob defended the man's surgical skills. Kim's phone rang, and she took a call from the station that sent her running with Bob right after her.

Molly walked into the Snyder farm kitchen and found Emma baking both cookies and piecrust. The place smelled wonderful, and even though Molly was wearing a beautiful new dress for her romantic evening with Holden, she helped Emma take some cookies out of the oven. Emma broke the news that Holden had gone away with Lily to try to straighten out Faith, and it hurt Molly's feelings that he hadn't called her himself. Emma said Lily and Holden were trying to get through to Faith in a calm and peaceful environment. Molly said she understood, and then, much to Molly's surprise, Emma asked if Molly would like the address of the cabin.

Molly said that Lily would be furious if Molly showed up unannounced, but Emma shouted that she'd "had it" with Lily. She also thanked Molly for being there for her son when Lily was treating him so badly, and she said she guessed that both Holden and Faith needed Molly there. Molly was afraid she would look "desperate," but Emma said there was nothing "desperate" about helping someone you loved, and she gave Molly directions.

At home, Lily took Faith's phone away from her and ordered the girl to pack a bag for their cabin. Then she told Holden that he needn't go with them, but he was fearful that Lily could not handle Faith alone. Holden said they had to do it together, as a family. He was determined to make their daughter face the consequences of her actions. Faith returned and announced that she would go to the cabin with them under one condition: Molly had to accompany them.

Holden argued with his daughter and reminded her that she was not "calling the shots." Lily said the purpose of their trip was to be a family again and to learn to trust one another. Faith accused her mother of hating her, but Holden urged his daughter to keep an open mind.

They drove to the cabin, which had no cell phone service, so Faith complained bitterly about that and having to share a room with her mother. The only thing Faith didn't hate was the ingredients for "s'mores" after dinner. When her parents went outside to fetch the rest of the groceries, Faith began snooping through the cupboards, and she found a bottle of scotch. She poured some in a glass and drank it down. She checked on her parents outside, and then helped herself to a larger drink. She chugged her third drink, and then put the bottle back in the cabinet, as Lily and Holden walked back in.

Faith wiped out the glass, but she was clumsy in putting it back, and Lily noticed. Faith was awkward in her speech, as well, and she stumbled as she aimed for the couch. Holden went up to her and sniffed her face before turning to Lily with disgust and saying that their daughter had been drinking. Lily called Faith stupid and irresponsible, but Holden urged Lily to calm down. Faith got in her mother's face and said how much she hated her life, and it was all Lily's fault.

Holden took over and tried to reason with the girl. Faith complained that her parents were terrible role models, and she was a laughingstock at school. Holden and Lily both asked Faith to help them to help her, but the girl burst into tears. Lily sat with her on the couch and held her, since Faith felt ill.

Faith began to apologize, but suddenly the door burst open, and Molly yelled, "Surprise!" Lily took Faith outside for some air, and Holden explained that Faith was drunk. Molly said that Emma had given her the address at the cabin, but Molly wasn't sure that she should have intruded. Holden said that the package sent to Molly at WOAK had contained illegal drugs, so Lily had thought an intervention was in order.

Molly asked if Holden wanted her to speak to the girl, but he thought that Lily should handle Faith. They kissed, and Holden apologized for not having called Molly before they got out of cell range. Outside, Faith begged to go back to Oakdale with Molly, but Lily refused. Faith got her bad attitude back, and Lily felt as if she had let her daughter down. Lily talked about her stormy relationship over the years with Lucinda, and said how much she loved Faith.

Molly volunteered again to speak with Faith, but Holden said Lily had to be the one. They kissed, as Lily and Faith walked back in. Molly hugged Faith and said goodbye, and Holden and Lily settled Faith on the couch under a blanket. They remembered happier days when Faith had been young and they had gone camping, and their hands touched on the blanket on top of Faith.

Kim dragged Bob to WOAK, and then she called Molly on her cell phone. Molly was just leaving the cabin, so her service was sporadic. Kim asked if Molly wanted the first crack at a breaking news story that was happening on the courthouse steps in Chicago. The connection was bad, but Molly heard that the story was at the Chicago courthouse, and she agreed to go. Kim was concerned because she had not gotten to tell Molly about the nature of the news, so she wondered if she should go to Chicago herself. Bob, however, stepped on one of the television sets and asked a cameraman to begin rolling.

Bob introduced himself and then his lovely wife, Kim. He said how much he loved her and presented her with a photo album of their wedding. He made a romantic speech about their lives together, and then he kissed his bride. The cameraman yelled, "That's a wrap!"

Molly arrived at the Chicago courthouse just in time to see and hear Senator Silas Whitman, her former lover, announce that he had been cleared of all charges and was a free man. Molly was astounded, and she turned to walk away, but the congressman caught up with her. Molly told him to get away, but Whitman tried to convince her to go back with him. Molly rebuffed him, but he shouted, "I'll win you back!"

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