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Monday, April 5, 2010

Damon was speeding down the road while attempting to send a text message to Bailey. Colby offered to do it for Damon, but Damon ignored her. As Damon announced that the message had finally gone through, Colby screamed, "Look out." Seconds later, Damon crashed into another car.

Adam noticed a figure standing in the shadows near the window when he entered the parlor. He assumed that it was Brooke, so he began to apologize. Adam immediately clamed up when realized that it was Annie. Annie was curious what Adam was sorry for. He explained that he and Brooke had been going over some paperwork for Tempo, but he had been too distracted with concerns about JR. JR overheard his father when JR entered the room. JR assured Adam that everything was fine, so Adam need not worry. Adam quickly excused himself to call Brooke.

In the hallway, Adam made several attempts to reach Brooke, but her voicemail picked up the calls. Moments later, Adam received a call that sent him racing out the front door.

In the parlor, JR suggested that Annie address the congressional subcommittee alone. Annie made it clear that she was uncomfortable speaking in public. JR offered to help Annie prepare for the speech, but Annie declined. She insisted that she'd rather have Adam's help. Annie went to look for Adam, but discovered that he had left the mansion.

Annie was furious because Adam had left without telling her, so she was certain that Brooke was somehow involved. JR assured Annie that Adam and Brooke were just friends. JR claimed that he believed that Adam loved Annie. Annie was immediately suspicious of JR's sudden support. JR confessed that it had taken him nearly dying to realize how much Annie meant to Adam. JR insisted that he was determined to make certain that Annie received the credit that she was due.

Later, Annie asked JR for advice about what to wear for her trip to Washington. JR reminded Annie that her speech was more important than her clothes or how she styled her hair. Annie was uncomfortable with the idea of giving a speech, in part because she had no idea what to say. JR explained that all she would have to do was talk from her heart. Annie argued that she hadn't done anything special.

Scott entered the parlor as JR credited Annie with giving him a future with his son, AJ. Annie quickly excused herself, leaving Scott and JR alone. Scott admitted that he knew what JR was up to. He warned JR that the plan wouldn't work. JR disagreed; he claimed that it was already working out. Scott suspected that it would all blow up in JR's face. JR didn't think so because he suspected that a part of Adam was looking for a way out of his marriage to Annie.

Later, Annie returned to the parlor in time to overhear Scott wrap up a call with Palmer Cortlandt. Annie demanded to know if Scott had been working on a deal with Palmer. Scott refused to say, but he reminded Annie that she owed him, so he expected her to keep quiet about the phone call. JR entered the parlor as Scott walked out. Annie didn't tell JR about Scott and Palmer; instead she showed JR the various outfits that she had selected for the trip.

JR invited Annie to tell him her story to practice addressing the subcommittee. Annie confessed that in the beginning she had been reluctant to save JR's life because of the animosity between them. She also confided that the procedure had scared her. However, Annie had actually felt better than ever after she had donated her bone marrow because she realized that she had made a difference. It had been the first time, in a long while, that Annie had felt proud of herself.

JR stared at Annie with a stony expression. Annie became defensive when she suspected that JR had disapproved of what she had said. JR immediately assured Annie that he had been moved by her words. He thought that she was amazing.

At Fusion, Greenlee demanded to know what Erica knew about the accident that had nearly killed Greenlee. "Nothing," Erica insisted. Greenlee was frustrated because she had lost a year of her life. She insisted that Erica didn't have the right to decide what Greenlee should know about that missing year. Erica urged Greenlee to let it go, but Greenlee refused.

Erica tried to distract Greenlee by talking about how the accident had devastated Ryan, but Greenlee saw through Erica's play. Erica realized that Greenlee wouldn't drop the matter, so Erica decided to leave.

Jackson left Erica a message on her voicemail. He insisted that Erica get in touch with Kendall because Greenlee needed to hear the truth about the accident. As Jack ended the call, Greenlee entered the office. She admitted that she had a feeling that the accident hadn't been the only horrible thing that had happened on that fateful night. Jack remained tight-lipped about the details.

Greenlee argued that she could handle the truth, but Jack wouldn't budge. He wanted her to trust him when he told her that it wouldn't help anyone if she continued to pursue the truth. Greenlee wished that, for once, Jack would be on her side.

At the jail, Liza was stunned to learn that Kendall had caused Greenlee's accident. Liza was hopeful that she could use the information to get David out of his legal troubles. David insisted that no one, especially Greenlee, could know that Kendall had been driving the car that ran Greenlee off of the road. Liza couldn't understand why David would risk his freedom to keep Greenlee in the dark. David explained that it would shatter Greenlee to know that Greenlee's best friend had been behind of the wheel of the car.

Liza tried to persuade David to change his mind, to no avail. David decided to avoid a trial altogether by taking a plea bargain. Liza couldn't believe that David would throw everything away for the secret. David argued that it was his life and therefore his decision. He ordered her to make the call to the prosecutor. As Liza started to leave, her cell phone rang. It was Angie calling to let Liza know that Colby had been involved in a car accident.

Erica stopped by to talk to David about Greenlee's determination to find out the details of the accident. David accused Erica of being concerned that Kendall might end up in a cell next to him. Erica was surprised when David admitted that he had seen everything on that night, including Zach and Kendall plotting to cover up what had happened. Meanwhile, Greenlee had been gasping for breath nearby. David confessed that he wanted to protect Greenlee as much as Erica wanted to protect Kendall, so he had decided to take a plea bargain. David advised Erica that it was up to her to make certain that Greenlee and Kendall remained apart.

After Erica left, Jack arrived to talk to David about Greenlee's quest. Jack was worried that Greenlee's imagination would run wild if they didn't tell her the truth. David realized that there was a possibility that Greenlee would jump to the conclusion that it hadn't been an accident.

At Fusion, Erica left Kendall an urgent message to return her call. Erica explained that she wanted to discuss Greenlee's accident. Erica was unaware that Greenlee stood in the doorway and had overheard everything.

At the casino, Tad explained to Ryan that he needed the job to keep himself occupied instead of worrying about Damon. Tad feared that Damon would push things too far and then self-destruct. Ryan recalled being mad at the world when he was younger. He advised Tad to have some patience. Madison arrived at the casino a short time later. She admitted that she had heard that Craig had been stealing from the casino.

Madison realized that she had truly poor taste in men. Ryan reminded Madison that she had only gone out with Craig once, so she shouldn't be too hard on herself. Madison appreciated Ryan's words of encouragement. She invited him to join her for a drink. Ryan declined the invitation because he had business to attend to. Madison decided to try her luck at the tables.

Ryan instructed Tad to keep an eye on Madison. Tad was curious if there was a problem. Ryan responded by asking what Tad knew about Madison. Tad confided that he didn't know too much, just that she had some trouble after her husband, Henry, had died. Ryan didn't get an opportunity to question Tad further because Angie called Tad to let Tad know that Damon had been in an accident. After Tad left, Ryan approached Madison.

Madison was losing, so she requested that Ryan float her a loan. She was surprised when Ryan turned her down. Ryan explained that he had seen Zach's books, so he knew that Madison had been in deep to Zach. Madison pointed out that the books should also show that her father had paid off her gambling debts. Madison admitted that she had gone overboard after Henry's death, but she insisted that her life was back on track.

Ryan remained reluctant to extend a loan to her. Madison took offense; she insisted that she was not a gambling addict. Ryan noticed that patrons had overheard Madison's outburst, so he offered to take a walk with her to discuss it further. Madison simply stormed off without a backward glance. Ryan quickly followed Madison. He caught up with her in the parking lot.

Ryan explained that he wanted to help her. He knew what it was like to grow up with an abusive father. Madison didn't appreciate being accused of having a gambling addiction. Ryan insisted that he didn't want to enable her. Madison was hurt; she thought that she and Ryan were friends. Ryan suspected that Madison was telling him what she thought he wanted to hear. "Why would I do that?" Madison demanded. She was curious what Ryan thought she wanted from him.

Ryan admitted that, judging by her track record, she probably hoped for an unlimited line of credit. Ryan was worried that it was her way of escaping the years of abuse that she had endured at the hands of her father. Madison reminded Ryan that her father was in jail, so she was over what had happened to her. Ryan argued that it wasn't that simple. He pointed out that Madison's father had beaten her quite badly a just few short months before.

Ryan insisted that it took time to work through that kind of abuse. Ryan decided to walk away after Madison declined his second offer of help. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched him walk away. Ryan stopped when Madison suddenly called out to him. She started to speak, but then changed her mind. She apologized and then ran away.

Jesse went to the hospital to give Angie a bouquet of bright yellow flowers. Jesse wanted to whisk Angie off for a romantic overnight stay at a hotel. He refused to take no for an answer. Angie was delighted with Jesse's surprise. Her joy quickly evaporated when Jesse received a phone call informing him that there had been a "huge accident" involving Colby's car.

Later, Colby and Damon arrived by ambulance at the hospital. Jake immediately focused on Damon while Angie took care of Colby. Colby insisted that she was fine except for a few minor cuts and scrapes. Liza and Adam entered Colby's room a short time later. They were relieved to see that their daughter was relatively unharmed. Liza and Adam wanted to know what happened, but Colby was hesitant to reveal anything. Liza explained that it was important for her to know what had led to the accident because the police would ask questions.

Colby realized that she couldn't keep the truth from her parents, so she admitted that Damon had been driving the car at the time of the accident. Adam stormed out of the room while Liza warned her daughter to stay away from Damon. Jake entered the room a few minutes later to let Colby know that she could go home. Colby asked how Damon was doing. Jake admitted that Damon would need surgery. Colby and Liza were stunned when Jake revealed the identity of the person who had been driving the other car.

Tad questioned Damon about the car accident while Damon waited to be taken to surgery to repair his broken arm. Tad explained that the other driver had to be cut out of the car. Damon was visibly shaken at the thought that the other driver might be seriously hurt. However, Damon opted to lie about the cause of the accident. Damon blamed it on a faulty steering wheel.

Angie spotted Jesse in the hallway. She wondered what had happened to the driver of the second car. Jesse explained that the person had to be cut out. He warned her that the news wasn't good. Moments later, the driver of the second car was rushed into the hospital. Angie was stunned when she realized who the person on the gurney was.

Adam tracked down Angie to demand to know where Damon's room was. He was shocked when he realized that Angie's patient was Brooke. Brooke was unconscious and had abrasions on her face. Angie ordered Adam to get out of the room, so that she could take care of Brooke. A short time later, Angie joined Adam in the hallway. She explained that Brooke had internal injuries, which she suspected were from a ruptured spleen. Angie revealed that Brooke would need surgery.

AMC Recap Photo 100405 Adam went into Brooke's room. He quietly apologized to Brooke for their earlier argument. Adam admitted that he cared for her, more than Brooke knew. A short time later, Brooke was wheeled out of the examination bay. Tad asked for a moment to speak to Brooke before she was taken to surgery. Brooke remained unconscious as Tad whispered to her that he had spoken to her daughter and that Laura was praying for her mother. Tad also let Brooke know that he had a call in to their son; however, Tad was confident that Brooke would be on the road to recovery before Jamie had a chance to return his call.

Adam lit into Tad as soon as the orderly took Brooke to the operating room. Adam warned Tad that if anything happened to Brooke, Damon would have to answer to Adam. After Adam marched off, Jesse approached Tad. Jesse had news about the accident, but he wanted to include Damon in the discussion. Tad and Jesse entered Damon's room. Liza and Colby were already there. Jesse held up Damon's phone as he revealed that he had proof that Damon had been texting just before the accident.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Damon's hospital room, Colby tried say that she was doing the text messaging, not Damon; however, when Jesse threatened to check the cell phone for Colby's prints, Damon admitted his guilt. Angie entered to prep Damon for surgery, and Colby went into the hallway, where Adam apologized for berating her earlier. Frankie arrived to let them know that Brooke would undergo surgery for a ruptured spleen.

Liza approached to talk some sense into Colby, who still valiantly defended Damon. Colby cried that Damon missed Stuart, but Liza countered that it was no reason to swerve into oncoming traffic. Liza wanted to take Colby home, but Colby insisted on being there for Damon. When Colby asked Liza to be Damon's lawyer, Liza reasoned that if she hadn't helped Damon so much already, Brooke wouldn't be fighting for her life. A sobbing Colby ran off.

Tad entered the corridor, and Liza ordered him to keep Damon away from Colby. Liza didn't want Tad's son hurting her daughter the way that Tad had hurt Liza. Tad asked Liza not to take his transgressions against her out on Damon, because Damon really needed Colby as a friend. Liza huffed and stomped off.

Waiting for Damon's surgery to end, Tad worried about the legal ramifications of Damon's actions, and Jesse left to talk to Damon's probation officer. Angie arrived in the lounge to tell Colby and Tad that doctors had put a metal plate in Damon's arm. Colby and Tad headed upstairs to Damon's room, and as soon as they entered, Damon expressed concern for Brooke.

Back downstairs, Angie told Jesse that Damon would be fine, and Jesse said that Damon's probation officer would leave Damon's fate up to the district attorney and a judge. Angie asked if there was any way that Jesse could make things easier for Damon. Jesse asked why he'd do that when Damon deserved "a swift kick in the ass."

Angie visited Damon's room to say that he'd be hospitalized for a few days. Damon asked if he'd go to jail, but she told him to concentrate on healing. Tad followed Angie into the hallway, where Angie opened Damon's high school transcript. On it, several teachers had commented not only on Damon's behavioral problems, but also on his brilliance. Angie felt that Damon wasn't a bad kid, but he might need to see a psychologist. Tad didn't know how they'd talk Damon into that, but Tad certainly appreciated having Angie in Damon's corner.

Tad left, and Jesse approached to say that he appreciated his wife. Angie frowned, figuring that they weren't going to the Evergreen that night. Jesse asked her not to work too hard, and Angie assumed that Jesse thought that Damon was just trouble. Jesse didn't think that Damon was unreachable, but Jesse didn't want Angie to take on more than she could handle.

Angie went to Damon's room and hugged Tad as Tad watched his sleeping son. After reflecting on all the time that he'd missed with Damon, Tad asserted that Damon would make it. Angie replied that they could count on it.

While awaiting the outcome of Brooke's surgery, Adam recalled his loving memories of Brooke, and he smiled about their past romance. He then remembered how she'd told him earlier that he was married and she was just an employee. Adam grimaced.

Later, Frankie announced that Brooke was out of surgery. Adam called Colby to the lounge to say that he had a car waiting for her. Colby asked if he'd go home with her, but Adam insisted upon staying, because Brooke needed him.

At the Chandler estate, JR convinced Annie that she could handle the hearing. She called Adam, who announced that he wouldn't accompany her on the trip. As Annie begged him to go, she even said that they could take a jaunt to the Caribbean, but Adam insisted that something had happened at the hospital. Adam clicked off the line, and Annie told JR that she didn't understand what was happening with her and Adam.

Later, Annie gave Adam a call, but unbeknownst to her, he ignored it. She called Brooke, but got the voicemail. Slamming down the phone, Annie warned, "You better not be together."

When Colby arrived home with news of the car accident, Annie quipped, "Adam is at the hospital holding vigil over Saint Brooke right now?" Annie grabbed her purse to head for the hospital. Colby quipped that Annie would be more productive if she'd pluck her eyebrows.

Annie left, and JR berated Colby for befriending Damon. Colby asserted that Damon just needed someone to give him a chance, and that was why she'd tutor him to get his G.E.D. "You're dating someone who hasn't even graduated high school?" JR sardonically asked. Colby replied that she wasn't dating him, and Babe had also needed to get her G.E.D.

JR thought it was a good thing that Adam had invoked a merit trust, because Colby needed to learn how to date. She insisted that she knew what she was doing, but he retorted that Adam had claimed to have known what he was doing when he'd married Annie. "Now we have a rabid dog on our hands," JR concluded.

At Brooke's hospital beside, Adam thanked God that he hadn't lost her. Brooke awakened, and he explained about the accident and surgery. He said he never should have let her leave the park. He told her that he'd meant everything he'd said there, and the things he hadn't.

Just then, Annie entered to express her concern, but Adam shuffled her into the corridor. Annie wanted to take Adam home, but he wouldn't think of abandoning Brooke. Annie decided to stay with him, but Adam insisted that Annie prepare for the congressional hearing. "My place is with my husband," Annie declared. Adam replied that she'd be more helpful by developing a compelling case for bone marrow donations, and he'd call when he was able to go home.

Adam returned to Brooke's room and bade her a good night. He pretended to leave, but as soon as she drifted to sleep, he crept back to her bedside and sat down to watch her doze.

Annie went home and ranted to JR about Adam's obsessive concern for Brooke. JR concluded that Annie was actually upset that Adam wouldn't accompany her to Washington, DC. Annie confessed that she'd envisioned walking down the halls of congress as Mrs. Adam Chandler. JR reasoned that she'd still be Mrs. Adam Chandler, but she'd be on JR's arm instead of Adam's. Annie excitedly hugged JR, but when he caressed her during the hug, she politely pulled away and went upstairs to prepare for the trip.

Before leaving the hospital, Liza ran into Ryan, but she was still too embarrassed to talk to him after her drunken proposition at the bar. He assured her that he'd been nothing but flattered; however, he was confused at why she'd defend David. Ryan didn't know how Liza would defend David for lying about Greenlee's existence for a year. Liza replied that she'd hit her "quota of arguments" for the day, and she walked away.

In Erica's office, Greenlee jerked the phone from Erica, but Erica quickly disconnected it before Greenlee could direct Kendall to call Greenlee, not Erica. Greenlee readily assumed that Erica didn't want Kendall to know about Erica's Fusion takeover. When Erica denied it, Greenlee guessed that Kendall was too embarrassed to face Greenlee after sleeping with Ryan. Greenlee swiped Erica's cell phone to search for Kendall's phone number, but snatching it away, Erica said that Kendall didn't even know that Greenlee was alive.

Greenlee asked why Erica hadn't told Kendall, and Erica replied that she wouldn't let Greenlee punish Kendall as Greenlee had punished Ryan. Greenlee quipped that Ryan had betrayed her, but Erica reasoned that he hadn't betrayed a woman who'd been presumed dead. Greenlee left, stating that Erica couldn't keep Kendall and Greenlee apart forever.

Erica called Ryan for help with Greenlee, but Ryan refused to get involved, no matter how urgent Erica said it was. Erica hustled over to the casino to appeal to him in person, but he told her that she'd wasted a trip. Erica explained that Greenlee was asking questions about the night of the accident, and they had to stop her from learning that Kendall had precipitated it. Ryan shook his head and replied that Greenlee deserved to know the truth.

Erica reasoned that Zach and Kendall could go to prison for covering up the accident, and Greenlee, who was out for revenge, would readily believe the worst about Kendall. Ryan felt that they couldn't keep it from Greenlee forever, and Kendall needed to be the one to personally confess it to Greenlee.

Downstairs at ConFusion, Greenlee overheard Liza telling the D.A. that David wanted a plea deal. The D.A. offered David five years with good behavior, but Greenlee told them to forget it, because David would never go to prison. Liza asked Greenlee if she were willing to testify. "Absolutely," Greenlee affirmed. Liza decided that there was no way they'd lose, and she told the D.A. that she'd see him in court.

The D.A. left, and Liza told Greenlee that David would oppose Greenlee's testimony. Greenlee replied that David would see reason, because nothing would stop her. Greenlee figured that David had told Liza why he was so adamant that Greenlee not testify, but Liza claimed that she couldn't break David's confidence by discussing it. Greenlee reasoned that Liza needed to prepare her witness for any bombshells on the witness stand. Liza hesitated, but revealed that Greenlee hadn't just skidded off the road. "There was another driver involved," Liza stated.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Colby suspected that JR planned to seduce Annie on the Washington, DC, trip. Before JR could reply, Annie entered, concerned that Adam's bed hadn't been slept in. Annie asserted that he'd spent the night with Brooke, but Colby retorted that the hospital wasn't a seedy motel. JR said that Adam was just concerned for an old friend.

JR announced that he'd been cleared to take the Washington, DC, trip, but Annie felt that it wasn't the right time for her to leave after all. JR tried to persuade Annie to change her mind, but she hastily took off for the hospital. Colby stated that JR had better pray that Annie wouldn't decide to go to DC, because the trip was the worst idea that JR had ever concocted.

Colby produced a receipt from the "Spy Tech Shop," and she doubted that JR had purchased a hidden camera to record Annie's speech before congress. JR revealed that he planned to get Annie on video making a pass at him. JR detected Annie's vulnerability over Brooke's presence, and he intended to use that to his advantage. Colby thought he was insane to sacrifice himself to the "man-eating step-monster."

Just then, Marissa called, and JR expressed his excitement over the Washington, DC, trip. She worried that his immune system was still vulnerable, but he assured her of the precautions he'd take. Marissa thought that JR was amazing to want to help others.

When the call ended, Colby cited that JR hadn't mentioned his covert plan to Marissa, because he knew it was wrong. Colby asked if it were really worth him losing his marriage. JR insisted that he wouldn't betray his wife, but Colby worried that Annie would go "all fatal attraction" on him. Colby stated that even if the plan worked, Adam always sided with Annie. "Not this time," JR replied.

Adam awakened in Brooke's hospital room, and she asked if he'd been there all night. He said he hadn't, but Brooke could tell from his clothes that he was lying. Brooke wanted to get things straight after their talk in the park. She knew that spending so much time together had stirred up old memories, but it was merely nostalgia. After all, Adam was a married man.

Adam agreed and handed Brooke a note that he found on the table. In the note, Damon asked to meet Brooke. Adam wheeled Brooke down the corridor, and she requested to see Damon alone. Adam replied that he wasn't going anywhere. Seeing Annie approaching, Brooke suggested that Adam talk to his wife, and Brooke wheeled herself into Damon's room.

Annie told Adam that she'd been worried when Adam hadn't been home all night. He apologized for being out of contact, but he'd been weary of leaving Brooke alone. Annie announced that she was canceling her trip, because he needed her at home. Adam explained that, with Brooke on the mend, he wouldn't stay at the hospital again. Annie thought that meant he could travel with her, but he doubted that he'd be fun on the road. She said that she needed him to give her strength, but he replied that she was strong, with or without him.

In Damon's room, Brooke introduced herself and asked what he wanted. Damon said that he was sorry. He hoped that she was okay, and she said that she'd be fine in a few days. Damon lamented being stupid enough to "text and drive" at the wheel. Brooke grew upset, and Damon said that he thought she'd known how the accident had occurred.

Adam entered Damon's room and asked if Brooke were okay. Brooke held her head down, and Adam wheeled her into the hallway. He suspected that she was thinking of Laura. Brooke nodded and sobbed into her hands.

Returning to Brooke's room, Brooke and Adam shared how the memories of Stuart and Laura's deaths painfully stung them from time to time. Adam said he'd talked a doctor into letting Brooke recover at the mansion. Brooke tried to decline, but Adam insisted, "You're coming home today."

Tad arrived in Damon's room, and when Damon explained what had just occurred with Brooke, Tad told Damon that a drunk driver had killed Laura, Brooke's daughter. Damon couldn't believe that he'd just made Brooke relieve those awful memories.

At the mansion later, Colby doubted that Annie would even take the trip, but JR remained confident. Annie entered and said that since Adam had assured her that he'd sleep in his own house, she was okay to travel. Annie went to pack, and JR glanced arrogantly at his sister.

In the holding cells at the police station, Liza left Greenlee a message to apologize for leaking that another driver had caused Greenlee's accident. A guard led a freshly showered David in, and Liza lied that the district attorney wouldn't accept a plea bargain. She announced that they'd go to trial the next day. David insisted that she try again, but Liza said that any deal would include jail time, which wouldn't happen on her watch.

David and Liza bickered about who controlled the case, him or her. Liza won out, but David still refused to let Greenlee on the stand. Liza told David that his accommodations would be much worse at the state pen, and he needed to think about how long he'd be in that "hellhole."

Krystal arrived and asked for a word alone with David. Liza and Krystal exchanged heated stares as Liza reluctantly left. Krystal lit into David for not caring about Marissa. David cared, but he'd been respecting Marissa's wishes by keeping his distance. Krystal accused him of taking the easy way out of parenting, but David reasoned that he couldn't exactly bond with Marissa in from a jail cell.

David realized that he should be better, but he wouldn't force a relationship with Marissa while he was imprisoned. He implored Krystal to watch over Marissa, and promised he'd make it up to both women once he was free. Krystal didn't have much faith in David's words, but he said that people could change. "I'm not sure you're one of them," Krystal said and left. Liza returned ready to get back to business, but a tearful David said, "Later."

At Fusion, Natalia arrived for work, but Greenlee requested Natalia's help as a cop, not a model. Greenlee confided in Natalia about the mystery driver involved in the accident, and Greenlee said that, with everyone shutting down at the mention of the crash, she didn't know how to discover what had really happened. Natalia logged into the police department's database to get information about the crash; however, Greenlee's case had been sealed. Natalia said that only happened if a minor had been involved, or if a powerful person had gotten it sealed.

Greenlee strode to Erica's office and claimed to know everything about the accident. Erica wondered what that had to do with her, but Greenlee didn't buy Erica's innocent act. Erica refused to allow Greenlee to try to scare Erica into admitting something, especially when there was nothing to admit. Greenlee said if that were true, then Erica wouldn't mind telling Greenlee everything that Erica knew about the incident.

All Erica claimed to know was that Greenlee had skidded off the road. Erica thought that Greenlee ought to just be happy that she was alive, but Greenlee countered that Erica wouldn't rest if people were covering up details of a tragedy that had affected Erica. Erica insisted that no one was hiding anything, but Greenlee vowed not to stop until she found the truth.

After Greenlee left Erica's office, Erica sneaked onto the Fusion elevator. Greenlee pulled Natalia into Erica's office and talked Natalia into snooping around for the truth. At first, they found nothing, but scrolling through Erica's computer, Greenlee saw a picture of Kendall. Contemplating it, Greenlee figured that Kendall would reveal the truth about the accident.

Natalia and Greenlee couldn't find Kendall's contact information in Erica's office, so Natalia enlarged the photo to discover that Kendall was near a yacht called The Red Wing. Greenlee chuckled that Zach's favorite team was the Detroit Red Wings. Greenlee thanked Natalia and hoped that Kendall was ready to see a ghost.

At the jail later, Greenlee told David that she'd honor his request by staying away from the trial. David found her compliance too easy, and she claimed that she was stressed by his situation and by Fusion. When Greenlee hastily tried to leave, David grabbed her hand through the bars and asked where she was going. She kissed his hand and said she'd never forget all he'd done for her. David looked troubled as she left.

At ConFusion with Liza later, Greenlee said that she couldn't testify because she had somewhere to go. Liza suspected it had something to do with the information that Liza had given Greenlee. Before leaving, Greenlee only told Liza to make sure that David got acquitted.

Erica went to the casino to tell Ryan that someone must have leaked information to Greenlee. Ryan didn't think they should be hiding anything at all, but Erica suspected that Ryan's love for Greenlee blinded him to Greenlee's vindictiveness. He insisted that telling Greenlee was the right thing to do. Ryan decided that he'd do it if Erica wouldn't.

Ryan and Erica rushed to Fusion to discover that Greenlee had taken off after rifling through Erica's office. While they searched the room and desk, Ryan figured out that Greenlee had tracked Kendall's whereabouts through a picture from Erica's computer. Erica grabbed the phone to book a flight, because she had to get to Kendall before Greenlee did.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

IIn a Washington, DC, hotel room, JR introduced Annie and Congressman Wilton to each other. Colby called JR to relay that Brooke was at the house with Adam. JR grinned, saying that things were working out perfectly. Colby doubted that he could catch Annie on his briefcase spy cam, but JR said that he wouldn't be there if he didn't think that he could.

After the call ended, Annie raved to JR that they might meet the president at an embassy reception the next evening. Annie left the room, and Wilton asked JR about his reelection fund. JR handed Wilton an envelope, and Wilton left.

Later, Annie noticed JR looking annoyed as she glorified herself for testifying before congress. She decided to let him get his rest; however, he said that listening to her galvanized him. He stated that he'd just realized that they had given each other second chances at life. His plight had given her a way to redeem herself, and her act had saved his life. Annie couldn't wait to testify the next day, but JR uttered, "We still have tonight."

After Marissa called to check in with JR, Annie noted that he was very loving with his wife. He suggested that Annie call Adam, but she figured that Adam was with Brooke. When JR reminded Annie that Adam had promised not to stay at the hospital again, Annie called Adam.

On the call, Annie wished that Adam was with her, but he said that Brooke needed him. Adam lied that Brooke was at the hospital, but Annie heard Brooke in the background asking for her laptop. Annie's heart seemed to skip a beat as Adam lied that she'd heard the television.

Upon ending the call, Annie said that Adam had just flat-out lied to her about Brooke's whereabouts, and Annie figured that there was just one reason for it. She seethed that Adam had better convince her otherwise, or there would be "hell" to pay.

While raging about Brooke and Adam, Annie considered going home to confront them. JR reminded her of the embassy party, and she was confused about what to do. JR offered to be there for Annie, but she figured that he was thrilled about her troubles. He assured her that he'd put his ill feelings in the past, and he said she needed a friend. A tearful Annie realized that it'd been a long time since she'd had a friend. JR grabbed a tissue and flipped on his spy cam.

JR sat beside Annie on the bed, and she confided in him about her loneliness. She admitted that it'd been a long time since she and Adam had been intimate, and JR pretended to be understanding. Annie sobbed that Adam was falling in love with Brooke and out of love with Annie-if he'd ever loved Annie to begin with. She'd feared it for a long time, but she'd never said it aloud. Though it seemed strange to her, Annie felt as if she could tell JR anything.

JR leaned in to kiss Annie. She jerked back and wondered what she was doing. JR said that he was there for her. He leaned in again, but a trembling Annie darted out of the room. JR chased her to the door, and he grinned even though he didn't catch her.

As Brooke tried to dissuade Adam from pampering her at the mansion, Liza waltzed in with a subpoena for Adam to testify in David's trial. Adam wanted nothing to do with it, but Liza said that she and the district attorney had placed him on their witness lists. Adam stepped away to take a phone call, and Brooke asked Liza not to make Adam relive the night of Stuart's death. Liza quipped that Brooke was playing the protective wife in Annie's absence. Brooke asked Liza to leave, and Liza retorted that they should get all the ex-wives out of the house.

After Liza left, Adam conveyed that it was unfair of Brooke not to let him care for her as she'd been doing for him, and he was sure her kids would want to be there for her, too. Brooke didn't want to pull her kids from their busy lives to deal with her mishap. "You had major surgery, lady," Adam responded. He decided not to bug her about the kids, if she wouldn't give him grief about making her comfortable there, and Brooke said it was a deal.

Adam told Brooke that Annie had called. Brooke said it wasn't too late for him to join Annie, but he replied that he couldn't due to the subpoena. He said that he'd been thinking of when Brooke had said that the past was over, and they were just friends. "Yes," Brooke confirmed. Adam awkwardly murmured that it was all he needed to know, and he strode out.

Before Brooke went to bed, Adam surprised her with a video conference that he'd set up, so that her children could see how she was doing. Sitting before the laptop, Brooke was thrilled to see Jamie and Laura on the screen. Brooke laughed until she cried, and she told Adam, "Okay, you can do this for me." Adam chuckled to watch her enjoy time with her kids.

At the police station, Brot wondered why Natalia hadn't signed up for any overtime. He also noted her promotion seemed less important to her. Natalia played it off as no big deal, and Brot commented that she had time on her hands since the Fusion gig was over. "The undercover part of it is," she stated, clocking out. She left, and a suspicious Brot followed her.

When Brot and Natalia arrived at Fusion, Natalia accused Brot of stalking her. He asked if she were moonlighting there as a security guard. A scared but excited Natalia announced, "I'm gonna be a model-for real!" Brot asked if she really wanted to model, because he'd always seen her as a cop. Natalia replied that there were many ways to see a person.

Jake and Amanda dropped Trevor off with Opal before going to Amanda's first photo shoot that evening. Jake's eyes bulged when Amanda joked that she'd be doing nude poses. Opal told Amanda to stop pulling Jake's leg, and the couple took off.

Jake and Amanda arrived at Fusion, and Randi explained that they'd start with a live video blog of Amanda testing the products. When the photographer, Ciro, learned that it was Amanda's first shoot, he griped, "Amateurs!" Later, Ciro grabbed a lipstick tube from Amanda and ordered her to put it on as if she meant it. He asked if she'd ever even applied lipstick before.

Ciro strode off and groaned when he met Natalia, another amateur. Natalia stated that her shoot was the next day; however, she wanted to observe that night to ensure that things went smoothly the next day. Ciro liked her imitative and called her much better than "some people," who expected to just show up and make perfect pictures.

Aside with Brot, Jake noted that Ciro was supposed to be famous. Brot unenthusiastically agreed. Jake called Ciro "a world class jerk-wad," and Brot agreed with that statement, too. During Amanda's photo shoot, Ciro seemed to warm up to Amanda with each camera click. Amanda had been unsure of herself at first, but she blossomed into what Jake called a star.

Brot and Natalia returned to the police station, and she conveyed that she was jazzed up about her own modeling shoot the next day. Brot wondered about her ambitions to be a detective, and she replied that she could do both. She claimed that if she became the "first detective-super model," she'd thank all the little people, like Brot, who'd made it possible.

Amanda and Jake returned to the Martin house and logged onto the computer to let Opal see the video blog. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, someone else typed a comment on the video blog. It said that there was no one like Amanda, and it was signed "AmandaFan."

At the hospital, Angie, Colby, and Tad gathered in Damon's room after Damon and Tad had met with Damon's probation officer. Tad said that there was a slim chance that Damon could catch a break, because "texting while driving" was just a ticketable offense.

Angie pulled Tad into the corridor, and Damon still beat himself up for causing the accident. He told Colby that he'd been under tremendous pressure at the time. She hoped that her offering to be his tutor hadn't added to it. Damon shyly replied that he'd hoped to be more than just her student. Liza strode up in time to hear her enamored daughter say that it sounded good.

Later, Liza met Colby in the lounge, but Colby wasn't in the mood for the Damon lecture. Liza figured that he'd wind up in jail again, but Colby touted that the probation officer had been cool about the situation. Colby said that what had happened between Liza and Tad had nothing to do with Colby and Damon. Liza sighed as Colby left.

Liza encountered the probation officer, and Liza said she was glad to be off Damon's case. She stated that Damon had almost killed someone while "texting and driving," and she guessed that the probation officer might lose his job if he didn't make an example of Damon.

Outside Damon's room, Angie told Tad that she'd consulted a psychologist about Damon. Angie revealed that she'd figured out that she wanted to help Damon so badly because he reminded her of her deceased brother, Teddy. Angie's family had never solved Teddy's problems, but Angie wanted to solve Damon's before it was too late.

Angie and Tad returned to Damon's room, and Damon sensed that something was up. Angie and Tad pitched the idea of a Damon seeing a psychologist, but Damon thought it had to be a joke. Damon insisted that he wasn't mental; he just had bad luck.

Colby returned, followed by the probation officer, who'd had second thoughts about Damon's case. The officer had decided that people needed to see that the court took recklessness like Damon's seriously. Liza listened outside the door as Colby wondered if the officer could really do that. "Yeah, he can," Tad gravely replied.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Annie was elated that her speech to Congress went over so well. JR had ordered room service in anticipation of her success. Once the lunch was laid out, JR paid the server to have all incoming calls intercepted. After the server left, JR surreptitiously hung the privacy sign on the outside of the hotel room door.

Annie chattered effusively about all the happenings during her speech and how excited she was over the preliminary feedback. JR reminded her that they had more excitement ahead because of the reception that evening. Annie immediately became frantic and thought that she needed to buy a new dress and have her hair done. JR tried to calm her down and said that she would be beautiful in anything she wore. JR offered a toast up to Annie, and Annie swallowed the compliments whole.

Annie looked wistfully into the mirror and JR asked if she still had evening attire on her mind. Annie admitted that her mind was on Adam, Brooke, and everything that was happening in Pine Valley. Annie admonished herself because she felt she should be focusing on all of the amazing things Washington, DC, had to offer.

Annie confessed that the positive feedback she'd received earlier had made her feel special instead of insignificant. JR thought that Annie was referring to her life in Pine Valley, but Annie said she had felt unimportant her whole life. JR looked on Annie with an approving eye, and Annie said she knew what JR was thinking about her. JR challenged Annie to reveal her true feelings.

Annie said that it was easy to get swept up in the fantasy of Washington, DC, but she still knew the truth. Annie believed she would never be able to convince JR that she was more than a selfish bitch. JR said that he no longer believed that. JR told Annie that after watching her speak to Congress, he realized how brave she was. Annie admitted that for the first time in a long time, she liked the person she saw in the mirror. Annie said that she and JR saved each other.

Annie decided to be completely honest with JR. She admitted that she tried to convince herself she was being selfless when she donated the bone marrow. Annie confessed that she'd really done so because she wanted to make Adam love her more. Annie added that she'd said horrible things to JR while he was in a coma. JR suggested that they leave their negative feelings in the past. Annie agreed and then, much to JR's chagrin, left to get ready for the evening's events.

JR fiddled with the recording device on his briefcase. Annie interrupted him when she returned to JR's door and requested help with the zipper on her dress. JR invited her back in so that he could see the zipper under the light. Annie jumped a little at his cold hands, and JR told her that it meant he had a warm heart.

When JR told Annie that she looked amazing in her dress, Annie appeared rattled at the compliment. They locked eyes and she thanked him shakily. Annie placed her hand on JR's chest and, after a few edgy moments, they kissed.

Brooke insisted that she was feeling well enough to accompany Adam to David's trial. Adam initially protested, but Brooke reminded him that he'd never been able to change her mind once it was set. Before they left, Brooke offered her heartfelt thanks to Adam for providing a way for her to talk to her children. Adam told her that after the accident, he felt that Brooke needed to see and talk to Laura and Jamie.

David smugly strolled into the courtroom. Liza warned David not to appear too confident, especially with Greenlee nowhere to be found. Liza was worried because Greenlee was David's only character witness. David told Liza that he trusted her to be smart enough to take care of his legal problems without Greenlee's help.

The court was called to order, and Jesse was the first to take the stand. The prosecutor questioned Jesse about the pills that David had given Adam. The evidence was somewhat damning, but Liza was able to unravel it with her cross-examination. Liza pointed out that David and Zach were the only ones present when the pills were exchanged. Liza got Jesse to admit that because Zach was out of the country, there was no direct evidence between David and the medication.

Gayle was the next witness called to the stand. She testified that she'd lied to the medical board to cover up David's involvement with Adam's drugging. She said that she wanted to prevent David from losing his medical license. The prosecutor asked if David had admitted to her that he drugged Adam. Gayle explained that she'd watched David mix the drugs, and then assigned her to Adam's case for easy administration of the pills.

The prosecutor asked for a motive behind David's actions. Gayle said that David wanted Adam to appear confused so that David would be awarded custody of the grandson he shared with Adam. After the prosecution rested, Liza asked David if he had anything to share before she started to question Gayle. David simply told Liza not to mess up, and Liza gladly accepted the challenge.

Liza questioned Gayle about the reason she lied for David. Gayle attributed her willingness to break the law, lose her medical privileges, and yet still work for David on David's persuasive personality. Liza asked what Gayle had done after she left Pine Valley. Gayle said that she'd been assigned to take care of Greenlee in Gloucester. Liza made it known that Gayle's patient had recovered and become David's wife.

Jack went to the casino and asked if Ryan knew where Greenlee had gone. Ryan told Jack that Greenlee had ransacked Erica's office and found a picture of Kendall's boat. Ryan said that Greenlee had figured out that Kendall was in Spain. Jack pointed out that Greenlee deserved to know the truth, and that Kendall should be the one to tell her. Ryan revealed that Erica didn't agree and had also gone to Spain to try to derail Greenlee's plan.

Jack asked why Ryan hadn't prevented Erica from leaving. Ryan said it wasn't his job to monitor Erica, not even if it meant protecting Greenlee. Ryan reminded Jack that he'd been dismissed as the person who had Greenlee's back. Jack knew that when Greenlee found out that Kendall had been driving the car that caused her accident, she would need someone to talk to. Ryan said that Greenlee had told him to keep his distance, and despite whatever happened next, Ryan said he needed to respect that. Stuck somewhere between furious and frustrated, Jack stalked out of the casino.

Tad showed up at the casino and Ryan filled him in on his earlier conversation with Jack. Ryan grappled with guilt over not trying to save Greenlee from herself even though he knew that Greenlee was not his responsibility. Tad noted that Jack probably thought Ryan was a much better option for Greenlee than David. Tad said that David as a son-in-law was probably a father's worst nightmare. Ryan said that a father being kept from his child was even worse.

Ryan talked frankly about how much he had been missing Spike. Ryan said that he was frustrated because he and Kendall hadn't been able to make contact with each other. He understood why Kendall had left the country with her family, but Ryan said he'd never expected them to be gone so long. With Tad's encouragement, Ryan said that he needed to go and see his son. Ryan placed a quick call to Jack and said that he was on his way to Spain.

While en route for her "visit," Erica called Kendall. Erica tried to tell Kendall some need-to-know information, but before she could utter a word, Kendall dropped her phone. As Erica called out to her daughter, Kendall stared at Greenlee in shock. Erica believed that the phone call had been cut off due to their poor connection, and ran off to see if she could hasten her travel time.

Greenlee gave Kendall the briefest sketch of her ordeal, and said that David had done the best thing for Greenlee when he found her. Kendall said that seeing Greenlee felt surreal. Kendall had to reach out and touch Greenlee to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Greenlee revealed that she'd been back in Pine Valley for two months, which took Kendall by surprise. Kendall desperately wanted to reconnect with her best friend, but when she reached out to hug Greenlee, Greenlee pulled back.

Kendall apologized for not returning home. She told Greenlee that Erica hadn't mentioned Greenlee's return, and Greenlee easily believed. Greenlee said that she couldn't weather a happy reunion without getting some clarity on what had happened while she was gone. Greenlee asked why Erica would have wanted to keep her survival a secret. Kendall thought that it might have been because of Erica's relationship with Ryan. Greenlee revealed that she couldn't care less about Ryan because she had married David Hayward.

Kendall was shocked, and thought that perhaps Greenlee had married David in some twisted form of gratitude. Greenlee insisted that she and David worked well together, but Kendall didn't believe it. Kendall offered that Greenlee had returned to find Ryan with Erica, and had married David out of spite. Greenlee laughed off the suggestion, so Kendall begged for an explanation.

Erica walked in at that moment and offered to do the honors. Greenlee barely flinched at Erica's arrival, as if she'd almost expected it. Erica brushed past Greenlee to hug her daughter but Kendall broke free of her mother's grasp. Kendall demanded to know why Erica hadn't told her about Greenlee's return.

Erica said that she wanted Kendall to have all the time she needed to rebuild her family. Kendall said that the return of the best friend she'd thought was dead was important enough to share. Erica said that if she'd told Kendall the truth, Kendall would have destroyed any progress that she'd made with her family to return home. Erica also claimed that Greenlee had been acting irrationally and that she had planned to protect Kendall from that for as long as she could.

Kendall said that Greenlee's behavior since her return was justified because Greenlee had to deal with all of the changes in the life she'd left behind. Erica said that she had ended things with Ryan long before they knew Greenlee was alive. At that, Greenlee demanded that they stop avoiding the truth. Greenlee said that she'd had to deal with a lot more pain than just Erica's pairing with Ryan.

Kendall's eyes filled with tears, and she asked Erica to leave her alone with Greenlee. Erica didn't think it was a good idea but granted her daughter's wish. Once Erica vacated the room, Kendall asked if Greenlee knew of Kendall's relationship with Ryan.

Jack showed up at David's trial and Jesse told him that Gayle was about to crack. They looked on as Liza slowly picked apart Gayle's rationale for her actions. Liza was able to reveal that Gayle had sustained a sexual relationship with David and that she had loved him. She asked how David's marriage to another woman had made her feel. Gayle said that she had been hurt and angry. Liza continued to pelt Gayle with questions until Gayle admitted that she wanted revenge. Gayle added that she felt David should rot for what he'd done -- to her, most of all.

Adam was called to the stand next, and the prosecutor made it public knowledge that David had drugged Adam. The prosecutor also made it known that Adam had killed his brother while under the influence of David's drugs. When Liza took over, she asked if Adam blamed David for Stuart's death. Adam said that although he wanted to, he had to retain ownership of the crime.

Liza then asked why Adam had harbored David in his house, despite knowing that David was a fugitive. Adam painfully revealed that he'd been having heart problems, and he had used David to keep himself alive. The prosecutor questioned Adam again and tried to reinforce that Adam did hold David somewhat responsible for his brother's death.

Adam began to sweat profusely, and David told Liza that she needed to get Adam off the stand. The judge asked if Adam needed to take a break. Adam shook his head but when he tried to leave the stand, he collapsed. People crowded around Adam and tried to revive him. Emergency services were called, but David asserted that if they waited, Adam would die.



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