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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, April 12, 2010

In Damon's hospital room, Damon worried that he would face a stiff penalty, so that he could be made an example of. Tad tried to ease Damon's fears, but Damon remained agitated. Damon complained that it didn't help that he was in such tremendous pain. Tad decided to ask Angie to give Damon something for the discomfort. Tad caught up to Angie at the nurses' station. Seconds later, they heard Damon cry out in agony.

Angie and Tad ran to Damon's room, where they discovered Damon collapsed on the floor. Angie and Tad helped Damon back into bed. Angie scolded Damon for trying to do too much when his body wasn't ready. Angie warned Damon that if he didn't rest his broken arm properly then he would end up back in surgery. Damon argued that it would be easier if he weren't in so much misery from injury.

Angie pointed out that she had given Damon some morphine earlier. Damon claimed that it had not dulled the pain. Damon pleaded with Tad for help until Angie finally relented. After Angie gave Damon another shot of morphine, Tad followed Angie out of the room. Tad apologized for pressuring Angie to give Damon the shot.

Angie warned Tad that she couldn't give Damon medication every time Damon asked for it; otherwise Tad would have a bigger problem to deal with. Tad didn't know what he was going to do about Damon. Angie gently broached the subject of therapy; she explained that they couldn't diagnose Damon without Damon undergoing an evaluation. Tad had no idea how to get Damon to agree.

Angie offered to talk to Damon for Tad, but Tad declined. It was Tad's responsibility because Damon was his son. Tad returned to Damon's room a short time later. Damon was asleep until he bumped his arm while turning. Damon screamed out in pain and then immediately demanded more medication. Tad advised Damon to breathe through the pain, but Damon wasn't interested in trying to manage the agony through breathing techniques.

Tad explained that Damon's medication was being monitored, so he suggested that perhaps it would help for Damon to see a therapist. Damon refused to consider it; he argued that he wasn't a "nutcase." Tad patiently explained that going to therapy didn't mean that someone was crazy. Tad believed that Damon should deal with his problems head-on instead of trying to find escape from them through medication.

Tad suggested that Damon might be suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which would need to be diagnosed by a medical professional. Damon insisted that he would rather go to jail than see a therapist.

In the Washington, DC, hotel room, JR and Annie's heated kiss led to more as, wrapped up in each other's arms, they fell to the bed. Afterwards, Annie confessed that the sex had been incredible; however, she couldn't believe that it had happened. JR turned away with an expression of guilt. As they got dressed Annie and JR were assailed with regrets. JR insisted that no one could know what had happened between them. Annie agreed; she had just as much to lose as JR.

After Annie left the room, JR smashed a mirror in a fit of temper. Moments later someone knocked on the door. JR yelled at the person to go away, but the person continued to knock. JR was shocked when he threw open the door to find Marissa standing on the doorstep. "Surprise," Marissa announced as she hugged her husband and then entered the room. After they kissed, Marissa admitted that she had rushed to Washington, DC, the moment that her doctor had given her a clean bill of health.

Marissa grew concerned when she noticed the broken mirror. JR confessed that he had "screwed up" when he had decided to go on the trip. Marissa quickly assured her husband that he didn't have any reason to apologize to her, but she insisted on knowing what had happened to the mirror. JR claimed that he had missed an important meeting because he had taken a nap and then overslept. JR admitted that he had taken his frustration out on the mirror.

Marissa reminded JR he shouldn't be so hard on himself because he was still recovering from a battle with cancer. Marissa hugged JR just as Annie returned to JR's room. Annie froze when she spotted Marissa. Moments later, Annie smiled brightly and then invited Marissa to join them for dinner with the president. JR's phone rang seconds later. It was Colby calling to let JR know that Adam had been rushed to the hospital.

Brooke and Liza raced to Adam's side after Adam collapsed in the courtroom. A court officer grabbed David to restrain David from getting to Adam, but David argued that he could save Adam's life. Eventually the officer released David. David treated Adam while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. The district attorney objected when David made plans to accompany Adam to the hospital.

The D.A. reminded the judge that they had been in the middle of a trial. Brooke pleaded with the judge to reconsider; she believed that David was Adam's best chance to survive. David secretly smiled as Brooke and Liza persuaded the judge to allow David to continue treating Adam. The judge relented when Jesse agreed to keep David under constant police supervision. A short time later, Adam arrived at the hospital.

David immediately instructed the staff to give Adam various medications and then ordered a battery of tests. David suspected that Adam's pacemaker was behind Adam's collapse. David promised Brooke that Adam was in the best of hands. Brooke made it clear that she expected David to save Adam's life. Colby and Scott joined Brooke while Adam was whisked away for tests. After Brooke told them about Adam's collapse, Colby went to call JR.

Scott followed Colby out of the room with a promise to find out if there were any updates on Adam's condition. Scott approached Colby just as she was about to dial JR's number. He suggested that she tell JR to drop his plans. Colby was surprised when Scott admitted that he knew what JR was up to. Scott insisted that JR needed to end it for Adam's sake. Colby assured Scott that JR had everything under control.

Later, David informed Adam, Brooke, Scott, and Colby that Adam had been stabilized. David confirmed that the pacemaker had been part of the problem; however, the real cause for the collapse had been the stress that Adam had been under during the trial. Scott pointed out that Adam wouldn't have had to testify if David hadn't drugged Adam. David ignored the comment to focus on Adam's health concerns.

David insisted that Adam needed to retire immediately to avoid any more stress. Scott reminded Adam that Adam had already taken steps to start turning over the company to Scott and JR. Adam refused to be dictated to by David. David warned Adam to retire or the stress would kill Adam. A short time later, Brooke and Adam arrived at the mansion. Brooke vowed to stay by Adam's side; she was determined that nothing would happen to him.

At the hospital, David tried to delay returning to jail by completing some paperwork for Adam's medical records. Angie assured David that she could make an exception for David, so it wasn't necessary for him to stay. David was confident that he wouldn't be found guilty, so he smugly promised to return to work at the hospital one day. As David was led away, Angie admitted to Jesse that she hoped she never had to work with David again.

In the courtroom, the district attorney warned Liza that David's latest stunt to play the hero hadn't changed anything. The D.A. remained determined to prosecute David. Liza assured him that she wasn't worried. After the D.A. left, Jackson began to clap. Jack suspected that Liza was proud of herself for manipulating the judge.

Liza was curious where Greenlee had gone to, but Jack refused to help Liza win David's case. Liza argued that the case against David was going to collapse, so she didn't need Greenlee's testimony. Jack didn't believe Liza. He reminded her that the case was important to Liza and therefore Greenlee's testimony was an "ace in the hole." Liza pointed out that she had a right to call someone as a material witness. Jack wasn't persuaded to give up his daughter's location.

Liza realized that Greenlee's quest for the truth about the accident had likely led her to seek out Kendall. Jack ordered Liza to drop it; Greenlee wanted the truth, so he was determined that Greenlee had the opportunity to deal with it. After Jack left, Liza placed a call to Greenlee. Liza insisted that Greenlee had to testify the following day if Greenlee truly wanted to save David.

Kendall told Greenlee about the days following the accident, including the trip to Connecticut to identify Greenlee's body. Kendall regretted that she had stopped Ryan from lifting the sheet, but she hadn't wanted Greenlee's decomposing body to be the last image that Ryan had of Greenlee. Greenlee wasn't moved; she remained suspicious because of Kendall and Ryan's affair. Kendall claimed that she and Ryan had turned to each other in a moment of grief and sorrow.

Greenlee wondered why Kendall had been so devastated; she demanded to know what had really happened. Greenlee promised Kendall that she was strong enough to hear what Kendall had to say. Kendall had flashbacks of the accident and then began to weep as she repeatedly apologized. "Sorry for what?" Greenlee was desperate to know. Kendall explained that she had been trapped in a nightmare following the accident.

Kendall promised that they would never have stopped searching for Greenlee if a body hadn't been found. Greenlee became frustrated by Kendall's lack of details about the accident. Kendall explained that it was bad; she wondered why they couldn't just celebrate Greenlee being alive. Greenlee argued that Kendall owed it to Greenlee because Greenlee had been on the motorcycle to find Zach to help him work things out with Kendall.

Greenlee began to suspect that Kendall was the reason that everyone had been so secretive about the accident. Kendall tearfully explained that on the night of the accident, Kendall and Zach had been arguing. Kendall had looked away for a split second; during that moment, Kendall had struck Greenlee. Kendall revealed that she had been a mess afterwards because she couldn't believe that she had killed her best friend. According to Kendall, Zach had stepped in and then covered everything up.

Kendall realized that it was a lot for Greenlee to take in. Kendall recalled how she had felt when she had awakened from a coma following the tornado. Kendall was glad that she had been the one to tell Greenlee the truth because Kendall recalled how it had felt not knowing what had happened while Kendall had been in a coma. Kendall hoped that in time she and Greenlee could get through it.

Greenlee wasn't ready to forgive and forget. Greenlee suspected that it hadn't been an accident. Kendall was stunned when Greenlee accused Kendall of trying to kill her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Zach's yacht, Kendall swore that she hadn't tried to kill Greenlee to get Ryan, but Greenlee raged that their entire friendship had consisted of Kendall stabbing Greenlee in the back. Greenlee recalled that Kendall had attacked Greenlee at her first wedding to Ryan, and then Kendall had run Greenlee off the road. Greenlee spouted off a litany of things that Kendall had done to Greenlee. Fed up, Kendall asked where the "hell" Greenlee got off rewriting history to paint herself as Kendall's victim.

Kendall lit into Greenlee for the spiteful things that Greenlee had done to Kendall. When Kendall broached how Greenlee had almost gotten Spike killed, Greenlee defended that it had been an accident. "Yes, exactly, Greenlee, an accident!" Kendall yelled. Kendall claimed that she'd forgiven Greenlee for that, and Kendall needed the same forgiveness in return.

Zach entered, and upon seeing Greenlee, he hugged her. Kendall asked him to reason with Greenlee, and he sent his wife to check on the boys. Greenlee told Zach to cut the act. She reasoned that Zach had hightailed Kendall out of town because he'd already known that Greenlee was alive. Zach stated that he wasn't running; he and Kendall were working on their marriage.

Greenlee wondered why Zach stood by Kendall, even after she'd cheated on him more than once. After the time that Zach and Greenlee had spent together in the pit, she expected the truth from him about whether he'd really gotten over Ryan and Kendall's indiscretion. Zach said that he'd forgiven it, but he hadn't forgotten. Greenlee asked if he loved his wife the way that he had loved her before the betrayal. Zach admitted that he didn't and probably never would again.

When Ryan arrived in Erica's hotel room, Erica filled him in on what was happening with Kendall and Greenlee, and Erica insisted that Ryan break up the confrontation on the yacht. Ryan refused to get involved. He was only there to see Zach and Kendall about Spike. Erica quipped that if he wouldn't go deal with it, she would. Ryan locked the door from the inside of the room, took the key, and said that she wasn't going anywhere.

Erica demanded that Ryan open the door, but he refused. He felt that the best way to help Greenlee was to give her the truth, but Erica asserted that Ryan should be truthful with himself; he'd gone there for Greenlee just as much as he had for Spike. Erica tried to convince Ryan to use the trip to Spain to romance Greenlee, but Ryan insisted that Greenlee needed to learn the truth. Erica raged that Ryan sounded just like Jack.

Erica went on a tirade about how Greenlee always interfered in Erica's relationship with Jack. Ryan asked if Erica and Jack were dating, and Erica said that Jack didn't want to date her; he wanted to control her. Ryan asked if Erica were in Spain to help Kendall, or to evade Jack.

Kendall arrived, and upon seeing Ryan, she explained that Greenlee thought that Kendall had tried to kill Greenlee to get Ryan. Kendall wished that Erica had let Kendall know about Greenlee, because Kendall could have helped her best friend. Erica said that Greenlee, who'd sabotaged Fusion and married David to spite Ryan, was beyond help. Erica urged Kendall to find Zach, take the boys, and leave. Kendall said that Zach was with Greenlee at that moment.

Later, Erica got off the phone with Bianca, and Kendall urged Erica to go through with her plans to visit Bianca. Ryan stated that he'd stick around, and after Erica asked him to make sure that Greenlee didn't hurt Kendall, Erica took off. Kendall couldn't believe that Greenlee would think that Kendall would kill Greenlee just to have Ryan. He stated that Greenlee hadn't died the night of the accident, but something inside her had.

At the jail, Liza told David that the judge had denied the district attorney's request for a mistrial, which meant that they'd have to address the bribery and desecration of a corpse charges the following day. While discussing Greenlee's whereabouts and whether or not she'd testify, David guessed that Greenlee had disappeared because Liza had told Greenlee about Kendall's part in the accident. Liza admitted only to telling Greenlee that another car had been involved.

David raged that Greenlee could launch World War III with less information than that, and he demanded to know how Greenlee had reacted. Liza guessed that Greenlee had gone to get the answers from her best friend, and David vowed to hold Liza personally responsible if anything happened to Greenlee.

Later, David called Jack down to the jail, and Jack confirmed that Greenlee had gone looking for Kendall. David thought the consequences would be disastrous, but Jack was sure that Kendall and Greenlee would work through it. David asked Jack to find Greenlee before she found Kendall, but Jack figured that David just wanted Greenlee to return home to testify. David said he couldn't care less about that, because knowing the truth would destroy Greenlee. Jack said that David had hurt Greenlee by taking a year of her life from her. David said that if he could do it again, he'd keep Greenlee away from all of them-forever.

Jack was sure that David was going to jail, and then Greenlee could end her sham of a marriage, forgive those who needed it, and move on. David assumed that Jack referred to forgiving Ryan, and Jack guessed that Greenlee might be doing that as they spoke. "Ryan went after Greenlee?" David asked, and Jack haughtily confirmed it.

David asserted that Ryan was stupid, because if Ryan showed up, he'd only "piss" Greenlee off more. Jack stated that Ryan was trying to protect Greenlee, just as David insisted that she needed. Jack thought it'd be better if David just concentrated on how he'd survive in prison. David chucked a pillow at his bars as Jack strode off.

Later, David was surprised when Liza returned. She asked if they were set for the next day or if he planned to fire her. David informed Liza that the strategy had changed. He wanted her to find somebody to bribe, because he needed his charges to disappear. David worried that Greenlee was with Kendall and Ryan, and they'd break Greenlee into a million pieces. David insisted that he needed to be there to put Greenlee back together again.

At the Chandler mansion, JR and Annie frantically rushed in to find Adam in the parlor with Brooke. Adam told them not to feel bad about not being there, because they'd done something very important in Washington, DC. Annie and JR exchanged guilty glances.

Brooke pressed Adam to admit that he'd felt ill for a while. Adam downplayed it and asked about JR and Annie's trip. Sex with JR flickered in Annie's mind, and she murmured that the trip had been fine. Annie raged at Adam for lying to her while he and Brooke had played "house" in Annie's own home. "Annie, don't," JR said and asked to speak to Adam alone.

The ladies left, and Adam explained that he hadn't bothered JR about his illness because JR and Annie needed to focus on bettering the world. JR said that he was getting stronger, and he he'd handle things, including Annie. Adam asked what JR meant by that.

JR said he'd used the wrong word choice. JR remarked that his feud with Annie had passed. Adam said he sensed a difference in Annie and JR. Adam confided that he'd been afraid of losing an injured Brooke, but JR assured Adam that he wouldn't. Adam stared oddly at JR.

In the foyer, Brooke asked to speak to Annie, but Annie didn't want to hear what Brooke had to say. Brooke insisted that Annie would kill Adam if she didn't listen. Annie bickered with Brooke for hitting on Adam and for getting him to lie to his wife, but Brooke insisted that she hadn't done those things. Annie said that Brooke hadn't stayed at the hospital, and Annie hadn't stayed at home. "Now everything's gone to hell," Annie concluded.

Later, Annie returned to the parlor and asked Adam to promise never to lie to her again, because Brooke was determined to bed him. Adam said that he and Brooke were just friends who were taking care of each other, but Annie felt that she should take care of her own husband. Annie looked guilty when Adam expressed pride in JR and Annie for their accomplishment.

Colby stopped JR in the foyer to find out if his plan had worked. JR claimed that nothing had gone on, but as he grew more and more evasive under her questioning, she figured that something had happened. JR claimed that he was just guilty over not being there for Adam, and Colby quipped that if JR wanted to help Adam, JR would stop making Annie into a "whore."

Annie approached, and Colby went to see Adam. Annie raged to JR that she'd had Congress hanging on her every word, but she'd arrived home to the same disrespect as usual. JR wanted to talk about what had happened between them, but Annie didn't see the point, because it would never happen again. JR asserted that he loved his wife, and Annie said she loved Adam.

Later, Annie offered to cuddle with Adam in bed, but he said his doctor had advised, "No wives in bed." Brooke entered with his medicine, and snatching it away, Annie said she'd give it to her husband. Brooke left, and Annie doled out the pills. Annie said she didn't want to look like a bad wife. Adam called her an angel, and grabbing a book to read, he sent her to bed alone.

Annie entered the foyer in time to see Marissa and JR hugging. Arriving from the kitchen, Colby observed as Annie glanced at JR and then went upstairs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Erica's hotel room, Ryan explained how he'd battled with Greenlee ever since she'd returned from the "dead." Kendall hoped that Zach could reason with Greenlee, but Ryan thought that Zach couldn't help, because he couldn't forgive Ryan and Kendall, either. Ryan asked about Kendall's marriage, and she confided that things had been hard. Though neither of them had walked out on each other, she sometimes felt lonely, even with her husband.

Realizing that Ryan wanted to hear about Spike, Kendall went on and on about how much Spike loved Spain. Spike had learned Spanish, and Zach and Spike loved to fish together. Kendall wanted to go home to repair things with Greenlee, but Kendall also thought it was important to stay in Spain to work on her marriage.

On the yacht, Zach admitted that things weren't the same between Kendall and him, but Zach wanted to get things on track for his family. Greenlee asked how Zach could even look at Kendall after her betrayal. He said that he understood why it had happened. He wasn't trying to make excuses; he just wanted to put it behind them. Greenlee didn't buy it, but Zach said it was better than running, as Greenlee had done.

Greenlee claimed that she hadn't run; she'd moved on. Zach asked why she was there. She claimed that she'd wanted the truth. Zach replied that the truth was that she loved Ryan more than anything in the world, and that love might be worth fighting for. Greenlee retorted that if Ryan were her soul mate, he wouldn't have hopped into bed with her best friend.

Greenlee advised Zach to walk away before Kendall cheated on him again. Zach claimed to have never loved anyone the way that he loved Kendall, and he doubted that David could make Greenlee happy. Zach almost laughed when Greenlee suggested that he wanted her with Ryan for fear that Ryan and Kendall might hook up again. Greenlee was sure that Kendall would want to return to Pine Valley to work on her friendship with Greenlee, and then Zach's marriage would be vulnerable to Ryan. Zach said that if he wanted Ryan gone, Ryan would be gone.

Zach advised Greenlee not to give up on Kendall, but Greenlee insisted that Kendall had purposefully injured Greenlee in order to get to Ryan. Zach decided that Greenlee deserved some responsibility for her accident, because she'd left Ryan alone on their wedding night to go sticking her nose where it hadn't belonged. She claimed that she'd been trying to help a friend; however, Zach stated that Greenlee had made a choice, and that choice had changed everything.

Zach also took some of the blame because he'd set it all in motion by being with Reese. He'd had to live with losing his best friend, but Greenlee had miraculously lived. He said they all deserved second chances. "Don't mess with my family. Let it go," he said, touching her face.

Kendall and Ryan entered, and Greenlee immediately began hurtling accusations at them. Zach cut in to say that it was enough. Zach opted to go out for some air, but Kendall felt that they all should return to Pine Valley to work through things together.

The nanny entered with the boys, and Ryan swept Spike into his arms. Greenlee and Zach awkwardly watched Ryan, Spike, and Kendall laugh and talk together. Kendall prompted "Daddy Zach" to take Spike and Ryan on deck to see the fish that Spike had caught. Once alone with Greenlee, Kendall announced her intentions to return to Pine Valley, where she'd work on her marriage and let Ryan see Spike. She said she'd be there when Greenlee was ready to work on their friendship. "Ryan and I talked about it, and we think-" Kendall started to say, but Greenlee interrupted, "I'm so glad you and Ryan figured things out!"

Greenlee stormed out, and went to the airport. There, she recalled how Zach had told her that she'd hopped onto that motorcycle and ruined her only chance to be with Ryan. The reservationist asked Greenlee where she wanted to go, but Greenlee replied that she didn't know.

Later, Zach had no luck finding Greenlee. Ryan assumed that she'd gone home. Zach quipped that Ryan should do the same, but Ryan stated that he hadn't seen his son in months. Kendall offered to let Ryan keep Spike for the night. While Ryan packed Spike's things, Kendall proposed that she and Zach return home. Zach asked what about their marriage. He said he wouldn't stop Kendall from going the Pine Valley. "But you won't go with me," she concluded.

From the mansion parlor door, Annie spied on JR, who stared out the parlor window. Both were haunted by memories of their fling. Marissa strode in and worried that JR wasn't resting. The two kissed, and Marissa was amazed by his fervor. He apologized for not kissing her like that more often. He kissed her again, and Annie tiptoed upstairs.

As Marissa exited, Scott entered and asked JR how the hearing had gone. When JR seemed distracted, Scott remarked that Adam's episode had shaken them all up. Scott thought it was a good thing, because it had put a kink in JR's plan for Annie. Scott figured that JR could just forget about it, but JR exclaimed that he could never forget.

Sensing trouble, Scott asked what JR had done, but JR told Scott to stay out of it. Scott defended Annie, but JR rasped that Scott had no idea what Annie was capable of. "Annie wants power over all of our lives, and she'll do anything to get it," JR declared.

Scott realized that Annie had gotten to JR, too. JR retorted that Scott had been the one led around like a puppy dog, but JR would succeed where Scott had failed. Scott reminded JR that JR had said that if Scott ever let Annie into his bed, he'd never get her out. "Take your own advice," Scott advised. "If you don't give this up, you will lose everything!" Scott warned.

JR ordered Scott out of the room, and as JR tensely sat down, Annie entered. She said that they needed to clear the air before family members sensed the strangeness between them. Annie figured that they both felt guilty for being in bed while Adam had suffered. JR remarked that it couldn't get worse than that. She said that she'd felt a connection to JR that night, and she couldn't forget it. "Try," JR replied. Annie sensed that he'd felt it, too, but he stated that they'd both already agreed that DC had never happened. "What if I changed my mind?" she asked.

Annie felt like the town pariah, and it had been nice to have a friend in JR. She'd feared Adam's health problems, because if he died, she'd have no one to lean on. Annie considered JR to be lucky to have loved ones-and a wife. JR declared that he loved Marissa. "But you can't stop thinking about me, either," Annie uttered.

Annie reasoned that they could pretend that DC hadn't happened, but something so good was hard to forget. "I love my wife," JR stated. He touched Annie's hair. "God help me; I want you," he whispered and strode out. Annie gulped.

While getting takeout at ConFusion, Amanda sat at a table with Natalia, and Jake sat at the bar with Brot, who wondered if being with a model was worth the sacrifice. Brot worried that Natalia had hastily pushed her detective aspirations aside to play Barbie. Jake figured that Brot really worried that Natalia wouldn't have time for him anymore.

Brot denied having feelings for Natalia, but Jake told Brot to figure it out before her fame alerted other men about her. Brot figured that Natalia wouldn't want him accompanying her "down the red carpet," because burns didn't go well with a black tie. Jake asked if that had been an issue before, but Brot reasoned that Natalia hadn't been a model before. Jake assumed that fame wouldn't change who Natalia was at heart. Brot hoped that were true.

Jake figured that asking Natalia on a date couldn't be harder than going to war, but Brot said that she'd already flipped out when he'd asked her on a bowling date. Jake reasoned that sweaty shoes might not be Natalia's idea of a date. Brot contended that she sent him mixed signals, but Jake figured that Brot would soon learn whether Natalia were right for him.

Nearby, Natalia worried about posing for Ciro, who hated amateurs, and she wondered if it were too late for Greenlee to find another model. Amanda said that Ciro had been hard on her, too; however, in the end, he'd sent her proofs with a note that it had been nice to work with her, and she was the next big thing. Natalia wondered why Amanda had to set the bar so high.

Amanda realized that Natalia needed something-or someone-to take the edge off. "What about Brot?" Amanda asked. Natalia seemed to protest too much, which led Amanda to think that Natalia might just be interested in Brot.

Natalia told Amanda how annoying Brot was, but Amanda called it flirting. In Amanda's view, men always resorted to hair pulling like six-year-olds to show their affections. Amanda sensed that Brot had it bad for Natalia, but Natalia wasn't looking for love, especially not with a co-worker. Amanda said she hadn't expected it, either, but then Jake had happened along.

Jake and Brot strode over, and Jake tried to assure Natalia about her modeling jitters. They joked about "Amandafan," who'd gone from writing comments on the shoot to writing love poems for Amanda. After Amanda and Jake left, Brot offered to buy Natalia a drink. She declined and tried to rush off. Brot stopped her to ask what she was so afraid of.

Assuming that he referred to the photo shoot, Natalia said it was her business if she wanted to make a fool of herself before the camera. He offered her a ride home, but she refused. Before she could leave, he kissed her quickly on the lips. Natalia almost bent over backwards while pulling away from him. "What was that?" she exclaimed. Brot shrugged, saying it had seemed like a good idea. Natalia looked at him as if he were crazy, and she hurried off.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Amanda arrived early for her photo shoot at Fusion, Randy handed her another hoky poem written by Amandafan. Jake snatched the paper away and wondered who the guy was. Randi said that Amandafan posted to the website five times more than other visitors, and Amanda added that he also posted to other sites on which her videos appeared. Jake asserted that he was the president of Amanda's fan club.

Amanda had left her purse at home, so Jake rushed out to get it. Randi noted that another email from Amandafan had just arrived. As they reviewed it, Randi stated that Ciro was also a big fan, and he was claiming that he'd discovered Amanda. After a thoughtful moment, Amanda decided that she knew who was sending her the fan mail: Jake.

Randi wasn't so sure, but Amanda felt that it was exactly the thing Jake would do to pump her up for her career. Randi cited that the email had arrived moments after Jake had left, but Amanda said he'd sent it from his cell phone. Smiling, Amanda sent her "fan" a reply.

Jake returned with Amanda's purse, and she wondered if he'd gotten her email reply. Jake asked what was going on, and Randi filled him in on Amanda's theory about Amandafan. Jake denied it, but Amanda didn't believe him. Jake insisted that it wasn't him, and Amanda groaned. She showed him the reply that she'd sent the fan, and upon reading it, Jake said, "You realize that you sent that to a stranger, right? A complete, strange, stranger."

In Tad's living room, Jesse warned Tad that things didn't look good legally for Damon. Jesse offered to stand up for Damon at his hearing, but he didn't think his or Angie's opinions mattered without a psychological evaluation. Tad said that Damon wouldn't do it, so Jesse suggested that Tad get people to write letters to the court for Damon. Forming an idea, Jesse said that Damon was headed for a cliff, and they should try "tripping him up" before he got there.

At the hospital, Angie tried to convince Damon to see a psychiatrist, but he refused to be treated like a nutcase. Angie said she was only trying to help, but Damon considered "help" to be another word for "control." Damon cited that she'd "helped" her son out by giving him back the pills and hugging him, when in actuality, Frankie should have been reprimanded for his actions. Damon said that when he messed up, "I don't need my mommy covering my ass."

Angie claimed that Frankie had gotten a break because he'd deserved it. She explained how Frankie had injured his hands, and she said that he'd ditched the pills when it was time for him to return to work. She stated that Frankie had made a mistake while trying to be a better man; Damon, on the other hand, had made mistakes while avoiding being a better man.

At the nurses' station later, Jesse found Angie frustrated about Damon's refusal to get evaluated. Jesse sensed that Damon reminded Angie of Ted, and she admitted it. Angie worried that Damon would "swagger" himself into jail, and Jesse revealed that he had an alternative way to handle Damon's situation.

Later, Angie listened from the door as Jesse sat at Damon's beside to give tips on how to survive in prison. Jesse warned that Damon needed to keep his eyes down and "beef up" in the gym, because prison fights were a lot messier than seen on television. Jesse also said that someone might want to make Damon his "property," so Damon should befriend the biggest dude in the place. That way, Damon could do his time without serious injuries or disease. Damon looked intimidated. Later, Jesse went into the corridor to say that Damon was begging to see every "shrink in the house."

In the mansion parlor, JR hid a remote spy cam in a trinket box on a table. A robed Annie entered from the terrace and asked him to join her for coffee and a talk. JR figured that it wasn't the right time to talk, and he asked her to meet him in that parlor that evening, once everyone had gone to bed. Closing in on JR, Annie said that she couldn't wait until that evening, because she'd tossed and turned all night while thinking of how he'd said that he wanted her.

Marissa opened the parlor doors and looked awkwardly at Annie and JR. Marissa hugged JR from behind, and he said that he'd been restless the night before. Annie went to get dressed, but when she looked back from the doorway, she saw JR eyeing her as he hugged Marissa.

Marissa tried to coax JR into heading upstairs for some intimacy after breakfast. When she seductively moved in on him, he guided her head to his shoulder and hugged her.

In the mansion foyer, Adam caught Brooke headed for work. He said that he was gathering the family to make his announcement over breakfast. Brooke felt that she really didn't belong there for that, but Adam urged her to stay. Annie arrived from the parlor, and Brooke made a hasty exit. Annie asked to speak with Adam, but he wondered if it couldn't wait a little longer. Annie insisted that it was too important to wait.

Annie announced that she understood that exes could be just friends. He wondered why the change of heart. Annie said that she'd thought a lot about them while she'd been away, and she didn't want to add additional stress to his life. She felt that holding back feelings could also cause stress, so she asked him to admit if his feelings for his wife had changed. "Annie, no," Adam quickly replied. Just then, Scott and Colby entered for breakfast, and Adam let them whisk him into the parlor. "I guess I'll just go get dressed," Annie said to herself.

Over breakfast with the family, Adam said that he'd realized that he was mortal and human. He needed to step back from Chandler Enterprises, because he no longer wanted it to be his entire life. After his latest "heart scare," he decided that he needed to enjoy the years he had left. Adam asked JR and Scott to head the business while Adam enjoyed his family.

As Adam spoke, JR daydreamed that Annie, dressed in a negligee, tried to seduce him in the parlor. He dreamed that he flung her off him, revealed his spy cam, and said that Adam was going to find out about what she'd done. JR broke out of his muse to say that it was time to build on what Adam had started and time to make a real family effort.

Looking at JR, Annie fantasized about being dressed up in the parlor with JR. They were eating cake and celebrating their first wedding anniversary. JR told her how much he loved her, and they kissed. Annie broke out of her dream to hear JR promising to put Chandler back on top.

After breakfast, Annie remarked that she hoped to be everything that Adam needed her to be, and Adam said that she already was. Adam took JR and Scott to talk business, and Marissa advised that Annie didn't have to try to be special, because she already was. Annie unconvincingly said it was sweet, but Marissa insisted that she was grateful to Annie for helping JR. Marissa hoped that she and Annie could become friends, sisters even. Annie gasped as Marissa hugged her, and JR peeked in from the doorway.

Annie confronted JR in the foyer later. She refused to wait another minute to find out how he really felt about her. She was certain that JR felt something for her, and he said that was why they needed to wait until they could speak more freely. Annie declared that what had happened in DC was real and unstoppable, and she kissed him.

Brooke met Tad in the park to ask her to write a letter to the court on Damon's behalf. Brooke felt that Damon had been headed for trouble even before the accident, and she was leery of lending her support. Tad said that Damon could be a better man, but he'd never get that chance without Brooke's help. She agreed to help on two conditions: Damon had to contribute to a Tempo article about his crime, and he had to participate in public service announcements that deemed "texting" behind the wheel to be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Tad thought it was a great idea, and Brooke wondered why Tad headed the thankless task of helping Damon. Tad revealed that he was Damon's father. Brooke figured that Damon didn't know about it, but she could understand why Tad had gotten so invested in Damon. Tad talked about his difficulties reaching Hillary and his desire to be a good father. Tad understood that Damon was a mess. "But he's my mess, you know..." Tad concluded.

Tad didn't understand his fatherly feelings, but Brooke said that Tad loved Damon. She understood how feelings could creep up on people, because she'd started to have feelings for Adam. Tad was shocked, but Brooke insisted that being Adam's friend was enough. She realized that she was straining Adam's marriage, but she stayed on at the house because she felt that Annie wasn't the best person to care for Adam. "And you are?" Tad countered.

Tad didn't think Adam deserved Brooke. She replied that Adam had helped her survive Laura's tragedy, and Brooke wanted to return the favor. Brooke said that an insecure Annie couldn't see that nothing was happening between Brooke and Adam. Brooke also had a bad feeling that something was going on in the house, and it scared her.

Later, Brooke talked to Adam in the parlor. Adam wondered what he'd do with his time, but Brooke figured that he could find better things to do than sit in a stuffy boardroom. She exclaimed that he could do whatever he wanted, as soon as he figured out what that was. Adam said that he loved his wife, but he couldn't get through the transition without telling Brooke how he felt about her. Brooke didn't want to hear it, so Adam grabbed her and kissed her.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ryan arrived to Pine Valley and informed Erica that Kendall planned to return home as well. Erica wished that Ryan had been able to keep Kendall overseas. Ryan explained that Kendall hadn't made peace with Greenlee and was determined to do so. Ryan was puzzled that Greenlee hadn't made it back to town before him. Erica hoped that in her fury, Greenlee decided to go somewhere other than Pine Valley.

Ryan felt that Kendall was the only person that could get through to Greenlee. Erica thought that Kendall had tried enough, and felt that repeated attempts would allow Greenlee to continue to attack Kendall. Ryan reminded Erica that Greenlee had just found out the truth about her accident. Ryan said that if everyone had been honest from the beginning, Greenlee might not have reacted so harshly.

Zach was shocked that Kendall decided so quickly to go back to Pine Valley. Kendall handed Zach a plane ticket and asked him to accompany her. Kendall insisted that she needed to go home to make things right with Greenlee. Zach felt that Kendall was making the wrong choice. Kendall said that what she'd done wrong was not be with Greenlee when Kendall was needed the most.

Zach said that Kendall also needed to help fix their marriage. Kendall thought it was possible to do both and wished Zach wouldn't give her an ultimatum. Kendall knew Zach felt they needed to stay away from Pine Valley, but Kendall said she wasn't ready. Kendall said that she felt that Zach was punishing her for the person that she'd been. Kendall said that she'd spent enough time proving that she wouldn't go back who she was.

Zach told Kendall that his worries weren't about one person, but rather all of Kendall's family and friends and the drama they created. Kendall swore that she wouldn't get pulled in again, but Zach thought it was inevitable. Zach then revealed that he was afraid if he let Kendall go, he would never see her again. Kendall asked what she could do to make him trust her again. Zach said that he was the one that needed to address the issue, and said he wasn't ready yet.

In the courtroom, Liza told David that she wanted to decimate the next witness during cross-examination. David asked what would happen if Liza failed. Liza said she would have to do what she'd been trying to avoid: putting David on the stand. Court was called back into session, and the next witness introduced himself as Wilson Cuckley, assistant coroner in Fairfield County, CT.

Mr. Cuckley testified that he falsified the documents in relation to Greenlee's "death" after her motorcycle accident. Mr. Cuckley revealed that he'd accepted a $10,000 cash bribe from David to make it appear as though Greenlee had died. David leaned into Liza and said that if Liza wasn't able to discredit the witness, their case would be over.

Through the witness, Liza was able to inform the jury that Mr. Cuckley had been offered full immunity in exchange for his testimony. Liza suggested that because of the immunity, it was possible for Mr. Cuckley to say whatever he wanted on the stand, regardless of whether it was true or false. Liza felt that she'd put enough doubt in place and declined to ask more questions.

After Mr. Cuckley left the stand, Liza tried to postpone the trial due to a witness issue. The prosecutor protested because Liza had insisted that they push ahead with the trial. The judge agreed and told Liza to call her first witness. She reluctantly let David head towards the front of the courtroom. Before he could take a seat, Greenlee burst in. Greenlee ignored the judge's bewilderment and told Liza she was ready to testify.

David tried to convince Greenlee that it wasn't a good idea for her to take the stand. He told Liza that if she put Greenlee on the stand, she would get fired, despite being mid-trial. Greenlee went over David's head and addressed the court directly. Greenlee told the judge that she had crucial evidence that would go unheard if she wasn't able to testify. Although highly unusual, the judge allowed it.

Greenlee was sworn in, and she told the court that the wrong person was on trial. To the shock of Ryan and Erica, who'd taken seats in the back of the room, Greenlee announced that Kendall should be charged for attempted murder. The courtroom erupted, as no one could believe Greenlee's accusations.

Greenlee said that Kendall had run Greenlee off the road to stop Greenlee's marriage to Ryan. Ryan leapt to his feet and despite the judge's call for silence, Ryan asked why Greenlee would lie. Ryan narrowly missed being charged with contempt when he told Greenlee that he wouldn't allow her to accuse Kendall in open court.

The judge redirected Greenlee and said that she needed to provide the evidence she'd hinted at previously. Greenlee said that she actually had a confession. She told the court that she had been conscious after the accident and had asked David to keep her survival hidden from her loved ones. She said that everything that David was charged with was her fault, and that she would go to jail if needed. Liza stood, and in light of Greenlee's testimony, rested their case.

Outside the courtroom, Ryan sat and brooded, and Erica and Jesse argued about what would happen next. Erica wanted to be put on the stand so that she could unveil Greenlee's vindictive nature. Jesse was sure that Liza would shred Erica. Helpless, Erica decided to attack Ryan and asked if Ryan had plans to defend Greenlee. Unable to handle everything he'd just seen and heard, Ryan left the courthouse.

Liza delivered her closing argument to the jury. Liza insisted that although David broke some laws, he could not be found guilty because what he did was out of devotion and loyalty to a woman thrown away. When she finished the judge gave the jury their instructions, and said that the court was in recess until the jury returned a verdict.

David and Greenlee stole a moment together. David said that he hadn't wanted Greenlee to find out the truth before she was strong enough. Greenlee assured her husband that she was fine, and that her testimony would get him acquitted.

The bailiff interrupted David and Greenlee's conversation and said that David was not allowed to have visitors.

Greenlee turned from her husband and found herself face-to-face with Erica. Erica called the story that Greenlee told ludicrous. Greenlee said that Erica should feel free to try to get Greenlee sent to jail. Greenlee said that she would gladly do the time. Greenlee also pointed out that should Kendall ever return to Pine Valley, Kendall would be made to pay for her role in the accident.

Erica tried to appeal to Greenlee's humane side and told her that Ryan had defended Greenlee earlier that day. Erica said that she'd seem glimpses of the good Ryan saw in Greenlee. Greenlee said that she was still good but it was underneath all the pain the people in her life had caused her.

As they waited for the jury to deliberate, Liza asked David if he wanted her to talk to the judge about Greenlee's testimony. David knew that Greenlee would go to jail for perjury and declined Liza's offer. Just then, the bailiff approached and said that the jury was done with their deliberations. The judge and jury filed back in, and it was announced that David had been found not guilty on all charges.

In the Chandler living room, Adam said that he couldn't lie to Brooke any longer about how he felt. Brooke tried to resist, but Adam planted a deep and abiding kiss on her. At that same moment, Annie kissed JR in the foyer. JR broke away from the kiss and demanded to know what Annie was doing. Annie said that she needed to know how JR felt. Annie said that what they'd done in DC was wrong, but it wasn't a mistake.

In the living room, Brooke tore herself away from Adam's lips. Adam said that they should talk, but Brooke said that she needed to go. Brooke threw open the doors to the foyer and was surprised to see JR and Annie on the other side. Annie's reaction made Brooke think that she'd interrupted something. Annie quickly offered an explanation and then shifted the focus to Adam.

Annie took one look at Adam's flushed face and asked if he was feeling okay. Adam insisted that he was fine. Regardless, Annie curtly requested that Brooke get Adam water. Annie caught a look between Adam and Brooke and knew that she had missed something. Adam tried to distract Annie and asked if she could sit in on an upcoming phone call JR had planned with the Chandler attorney. Annie said that she would feel bad if she left Adam when he wasn't feeling well. Adam continued to insist he was fine.

Brooke knew that Adam was gearing up for round two of their conversation and decided to go to the office. Adam asked Brooke if she could wait, but Brooke was determined to leave. Adam suggested that he needed to take a nap, but once he exited the living room and closed the door behind him, he changed course and left the house.

Alone again, JR demanded to know why Annie thought kissing him was a good idea. Annie repeated that she couldn't stop thinking about being with him. Annie was sure that JR felt the attraction between them as much as she did. Annie pushed the envelope and asked JR if he thought they could really be together.

With his hidden camera filming, JR got Annie to admit that they might not need to feel guilty about being together if Adam went back to Brooke. Annie recognized how difficult a relationship would be and said that she wanted to figure out how JR felt. JR knew that he had enough damning evidence and switched tacks. JR said that he would never destroy his connection to his family for someone as psychotic as Annie. Annie slapped him hard across the face, and said that they hadn't just had sex – they had made love.

Annie stalked out of the living room and was startled when she ran into Marissa. Oblivious to what had happened, Marissa besought Annie to be honest with her. Annie claimed that she'd had a long day, and Marissa said that she would be willing to listen if Annie ever needed to talk.

JR reviewed the video of his talk with Annie, and noted that he could cut out the part where Annie mentioned that they'd made love. JR backed up the recording and was treated to footage of Adam and Brooke kissing. Marissa walked up behind him, saw what JR was watching and demanded to know if JR was spying on Adam. JR tried to justify his actions and said that he wanted to get Annie out before she hurt Adam. Marissa pointed out that Adam had made the first move by cheating with Brooke. JR agreed, and fiddled with the camera for a moment. He took the memory card out and threw it in the fireplace.

Adam followed his instincts and went to the park. He was pleased when he found Brooke there. Adam admitted that Annie was a wonderful woman, but said he'd been haunted by questions about Brooke. Adam said that if things had gone differently the night of Brooke's accident, things between them would have changed.

Brooke tried to walk away but Adam wanted to finish the conversation. Adam explained that he wasn't trying to break the vows he took with Annie. Adam said that the love that he felt for Annie was born out of gratitude because she saved his life. Once he said that, Brooke felt that Adam's actions made more sense. Brooke thought that Adam was confusing gratitude for something more.

Adam was sure that his feelings weren't going to disappear, and said that he didn't want to lose Brooke. Brooke said that she didn't belong to Adam, so losing her was not an option. Brooke said that there was no way they could be together, so there was no point in entertaining the idea.

Greenlee went to the Fusion offices and found Ryan there. Greenlee had nothing to say but that was of no consequence to Ryan. Greenlee swore that everything she said on the stand was true. Ryan knew that Greenlee was still lying but didn't care. The only lie Ryan cared about was the one that he'd been telling himself since he found out that Greenlee was alive – that they had a chance of getting back together.

Ryan said that he had been prepared to take all of the hits that Greenlee threw at him because he was sure that eventually, they could get past the anger and the hurt. Ryan knew that one day, he would rediscover the girl he once knew and loved. Ryan noted that what Greenlee had done in the courtroom had changed everything. According to Ryan, Greenlee had shown him a person he didn't know. Ryan said that he couldn't love someone who would so easily dishonor her best friend. With that, Ryan walked out.

At the airport, Erica was surprised to see Jesse. Jesse revealed that the DA overheard Erica say she would meet Kendall at the airport. Jesse was sent with instructions to take Kendall in for questioning as soon as she stepped off the plane. At the same moment, while Kendall waited for her plane to park at the gate, she recalled the beginning of her journey. She'd asked Zach to promise that they would one day return to Pine Valley, but Zach never confirmed.

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