One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on OLTL

Dorian offered Charlie a job. Kyle confirmed that the stem cells used to save Shane's life had been taken from Mitch. Ford continued to see Karen behind Langston's back. Jessica was upset that Layla would be Cristian's date to the prom. John and Kelly pursued Melinda's death. Someone pushed Marty down a flight of stairs.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, April 12, 2010

At the apartment, Langston started to tell Markko why she was kept awake at night when Markko realized that Langston was cold and pale. He offered to get her a blanket and told her to sit down. She yelled at a stunned Markko to stop being so nice to her. She quickly apologized, saying that she didn't mean to be so harsh, but that she just needed to talk about what was on her mind. She tensely explained how she had been thinking about where her future was going. Thinking she was talking about college, Markko assured her that she would be fine. Dorian entered and asked if she was interrupting something.

Langston informed Dorian that the couple was in the middle of something. However, Dorian had just come by to drop off four tickets to the upcoming show at Ultraviolet, and explained that there were perks of being the mayor. Dorian told Langston and Markko to take Starr and Cole, and that she would babysit. Noticing that her daughter looked upset, Dorian requested to speak to Langston alone.

Markko left the room as Dorian questioned Langston about her relationship issues. Dorian assured her daughter that rough patches happened occasionally. Langston thanked her mother for the advice and promised to call her later. Dorian wondered if Langston knew how wonderful Markko was. She knew Langston would be surprised to hear her say that, but it was true. As Langston began to cry, Dorian left the apartment.

Bo asked Nora again to marry him, but Nora alleged that it was the drugs talking. He told her that he wasn't going to waste any more time and implored her to say yes. Nora assured him that they'd have plenty of time, but Bo insisted that everyone was running out of time. He told her that the biggest reason he was glad the gunshot didn't kill him was that he would have regretted not marrying Nora. He told her that he wanted Matthew to be able to say that his parents were married, even though Nora claimed that Matthew didn't care. Bo, calling himself old-fashioned, tried to tempt Nora by telling her that they could get married on their June first anniversary.

Bo finally got that Nora didn't want to get married because of Clint. As Nora asserted that Clint hadn't yet healed, Bo called her bluff. Nora, reminding Bo that Clint had been at the hospital the entire night, didn't want to marry Bo and undo everything Clint had said to Bo the night before. Bo asked why she was scared, to which Nora replied that she didn't think she was wife material. She was scared that she was going to hurt Bo again.

Nora made it clear to Bo that she didn't want to disappoint him once more and that they could hurt each other again. This time, they might not forgive each other at all. Bo tried to convince her that they would get it right this time, and that they would take it one day at a time. Nora finally agreed to marry Bo.

At the hospital, Brody insisted that he and Jessica go on their date that night. She claimed that their game of H-O-R-S-E was just them playing around, but Brody asked what time he could pick her up. Jessica argued that she had to help paint the sets for stage crew, that she was supposed to call Viki that night, and that it was a school night, so she couldn't go out.

Jessica left the hospital to go to school. She informed Cristian that Bo would be all right and hugged Cristian as Brody walked in. Brody filled Cristian in on the fact that Jessica was trying to weasel her way out of their date. Cristian told her that the painting was done for the day so she was free to go out with Brody.

Brody challenged Jessica to a HORSE rematch, double or nothing. If she won, they didn't have to go on a date. If she lost, she would have to let Brody take her out twice. After Jessica lost again, Brody offered an additional double or nothing, which she refused. Brody told Jessica that he would take her to the show at Ultraviolet. As Jessica left to get ready, Brody swore not to give up on her.

At the courthouse, Rex gave Gigi a thumbs-up as the custody hearing was about to begin. Téa informed the judge that she would be withdrawing Schuyler's objection to the custody suit because he was not Sierra's biological father. Fish stood and identified himself as Sierra's real father. He explained that he had a DNA test to prove the paternity, and that he didn't have time to get a lawyer because he hadn't wanted to leave Sierra's side.

When Fish claimed that he was ready to be a parent, the judge asked if Fish was married. He revealed that he was gay, but had a fully supportive and committed partner in Kyle. The couple related that being parents with full-time jobs would be a challenge, but they were ready to give the baby everything, especially love. After the judge asked if Gigi still wanted to sue for custody, Elijah began to tell the judge about the rough start to the baby's life, and that Gigi would be a perfect mother.

Gigi interrupted Elijah and said that she would do anything for her niece, but she thought that Fish and Kyle would make great parents. She believed that Sierra belonged with the couple, so the hearing was over. Gigi asked Fish if she could say goodbye to her niece, but Fish wanted Gigi, Rex, and Shane involved in Sierra's life, so it wasn't goodbye.

At school, Dani told Matthew that he should've gotten Cole, but Matthew was all right with the fact that he and Destiny would be scene partners. As a still-angry Destiny stormed out to rant about the casting, Dani and Matthew wondered who got the role of Cole. Reading the cast list, Matthew and Dani were unsure of who Nate Salinger, the person playing Cole, was.

At the coffee shop at Llanview University, Starr and Cole discussed Langston and Markko. Cole tried to understand why Langston would break up with Markko as Destiny entered and called Starr a dream-killer for not casting her as Starr in the musical. She accused Starr of fixing it so her sister would get the role. Starr attempted to convince Destiny that she had nothing to do with the casting and Cole backed her up by telling Destiny that Starr wasn't a liar. When Destiny finally believed Starr, she became gloomy, saying that the show wouldn't bring her and Matthew together the way Langston and Markko were together. Destiny apologized to Starr and left. Starr thanked Cole for sticking up for her and they continued their conversation about Langston and Markko.

Starr finally admitted that Langston had something going with Ford. Cole asked if Langston was sleeping with Ford to which Starr nodded. Cole wondered how Langston could cheat on Markko, and how long Starr had known. When she replied that she had known for a while, Cole demanded to know why she hadn't told him sooner. Starr vowed that she would have told him, but she had promised Langston she wouldn't. Cole remembered the confrontation in the kitchen at the Buenos Días between Starr and Langston. He had suspected, even then, that the two hadn't been arguing about the musical. They both knew their friends would need them later. Starr left the coffee shop, unsure if she and Cole were okay.

At school, Nate walked up to the cast list and found out that he had been cast as Cole. He questioned who was playing Starr. Matthew looked jealous as Dani replied, "I am." Nate explained that he was a junior who had just transferred to Llanview High, to which Dani related. Nate left just as Destiny returned, inquiring who the new boy was.

At his apartment, Ford answered the door to Karen, the pizza delivery girl. He dropped the pizza on a chair and pulled her toward his bedroom. Just as the couple exited, Layla entered, on the phone with Cristian. She updated him on Bo's condition. Later, she was on the phone with Adriana, and was updating her friend on the situation with Cristian. She confided to her friend that she was scared to make a mistake with Cristian as her boyfriend walked into the apartment. Layla heard Cristian close the door behind him and got off the phone. Cristian reassured her that he was with her, "no doubts."

Cristian asked Layla if she wanted to go out because he was done with school. Their conversation was interrupted when Ford left his room with Karen. As Cristian and Layla made plans to go to the show at Ultraviolet, Karen seductively told Ford that he might see her later at the show.

Outside the courthouse, Rex asked Kyle about who he got Shane's stem cells from and how closely he had guarded them. Kyle assured Rex that the stem cells that saved Shane's life had definitely been from Mitch without a doubt.

As Fish thanked Gigi, Fish and Kyle left the courthouse with Sierra. Rex promised Gigi that she had done the right thing. He then updated Gigi on Kyle's claims that the stem cells really were from Mitch Lawrence. The pair wondered if Mitch was still Rex's father.

Inside the courtroom, Téa told Elijah that she would file the necessary papers. She wanted to see if she could get Schuyler into some kind of program because he didn't want to fight for his freedom. Elijah related to Téa, and claimed that he could have won the case for Gigi, but Sierra was all right and that was all that mattered. As Téa was packing up her papers, she suddenly passed out into Elijah's arms.

Langston let a surprised Markko know that Dorian had talked about how wonderful he was. He was glad to be on Dorian's good side, but wondered why his girlfriend was crying. She claimed to be stressed and in need of a night out. Markko needed to check on things at school, but promised to be back in time to take her out to dinner. Soon after Markko left, Starr entered and wondered how the breakup went. Langston confessed that she couldn't go through with it.

Markko entered the coffee shop at Llanview University and sat with Cole. Cole said he was sorry, but Markko wondered why Cole was sorry.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"To a beautiful night, just the two of us together," Todd said as he raised his glass of wine at a table in the Palace Hotel. His son and date, Jack, thought that Todd would have preferred to be with Téa in such a setting. He thought that his father was not only grouchy but "acting out" since Téa had "dumped" Todd. Todd disagreed and thought that adults didn't act out but got even.

Jack accused his dad of hiring Kelly to "tick off" Blair as a means of avoiding the real problem that was Téa. He knew his father had feelings for Téa. Todd insisted he hated Téa, but Jack knew that really meant that Todd loved her. Suddenly, Jack spotted his mom, and Todd invited Blair to join them. He claimed that it was Jack's idea.

Blair advised the guys that she was waiting for someone, and Jack wanted to know if it was the man she had been sneaking around with. Blair reprimanded her son because he had assumed something about someone, but he retorted that he had seen her and he had to assume when no one told him anything. Blair admitted that he was correct and that she was dating Elijah. Jack asked if her feelings for Elijah were the same as Todd's were for Téa. Blair acknowledged that she cared for Elijah, who was a kind and thoughtful man. She was hopeful that her children would get to know him better. Todd remarked that it looked like Elijah had stood her up.

Blair was sure she had the wrong time or perhaps Elijah had been tied up in court. Todd knew for a fact that the "stripper kid case" had been over earlier because he had a reporter there and the "gay cop got the kid." "What?" both Blair and Jack exclaimed. Todd thought that something or someone else had probably distracted Elijah. Blair, unable to reach Elijah, sighed that her phone battery was dead. She thought maybe she had crossed wires and had the wrong details for her date.

Elijah escorted Téa to the hospital and insisted that she be checked out after she fainted. Téa was just as insistent that it was low blood sugar and a bite to eat would cure her in no time. Just then, Greg walked by and Elijah summoned him over for some help. Greg agreed that he should examine Téa. She wondered why Greg was "slumming it" in the emergency room, and Greg advised her that the ER was short-staffed. Téa tried to explain that she had previously had the same symptoms when she was busy and had forgotten to eat. Greg asked if there were a possibility that Téa was pregnant, which caused her to spit out the water she had been drinking.

Téa assured him that she wasn't pregnant as Todd was the last man she had dated and that had been some time in the past. Greg took her to an examination room and Elijah waited on the other side of the drawn curtain. Greg wondered when Téa had a physical and while she couldn't remember, she mentioned the extent of the tests she had received when she had been blown up at the fraternity house with Blair. She noted that it was when she and Blair had declared that Todd was the "love of our lives." Elijah's eyes lit up at that remark.

Greg determined that Téa needed a battery of tests, but Téa accused him of torturing her because she was a friend of Rachel's. For Elijah's benefit, she explained that Greg and Rachel had broken up. Greg quickly retorted that he had been right about Schuyler, and the pair began to argue. Greg thought that Rachel had been indirectly responsible for Bo's shooting, since she had protected Schuyler. Téa stood her ground and refused to allow tests to be run, but as a concession agreed to make an appointment for the near future. Greg offered to take care of the appointment and, as Téa dressed, Elijah asked for more information on Téa's earlier remark about Todd. He wanted to know if Téa thought he stood a chance with Blair.

Téa conceded that Blair had the same convoluted history with Todd that Téa did, but hopefully Blair wasn't a fool. She admitted that she wasn't a fan of Blair. She was ready to go and mentioned the food at the Palace. Elijah gasped as he recalled that he had a date with Blair. He quickly called Blair and left her a message that his phone had been on silent while he was in court. He would head over to the Palace immediately and hoped she was still there. Téa thanked him for his support and for taking her to the hospital.

At the Palace, Blair was sure that Elijah had tried to call her but her phone was dead. She imagined that he had called the house and left her a message. Todd made fun of her, sure that Elijah had done no such thing. His smile quickly evaporated when Elijah, apologizing profusely, arrived and greeted Blair.

Markko found Cole at Hallowed Grounds but was stumped over Cole's concern for him. "Langston's been...," Cole began and stopped. Sensing that Markko was not upset about anything, Cole continued, "driving us crazy with that musical." Markko agreed that Langston was driven when she was involved with something and was very committed and passionate. He understood her behavior and was certain they would get through it. He showed Cole the four tickets that Dorian had given him for the show at Ultraviolet. Markko was thrilled that he and Langston, Cole, and Starr would have an evening out just like old times. He confided that Dorian had been exceptionally nice lately.

Starr arrived home and was shocked to learn that Langston had not broken things off with Markko as planned. Langston admitted that she couldn't go through with it, and she wasn't planning on telling him that she had cheated on him. She explained that things had changed. "You decided to go back in time and not cheat on him?" Starr asked sarcastically. She wanted Langston to "stop stringing Markko along." She was also tired of lying to Cole, Starr added. Langston announced that she was not going to break up with Markko, after all, but with Ford instead. Langston had decided that it would be a mistake to break up with Markko.

A confused Starr wanted an explanation, since Langston was intent on breaking up with Markko when Starr had last seen her. Langston detailed Markko's arrival home with a fantastic gift and how supportive and loving he had been. Dorian had also stopped by and had spoken highly of Markko and Langston had decided that Dorian and Starr were both correct. Her concerns had arisen from her fright of being with one person forever, but she had since decided that Markko was the one she wanted to be with after all. Langston assured a still-confused Starr that things had appeared "crystal clear" to her and she would not tell Markko about Ford.

Langston made it clear that Markko spent time with Ford, since Ford was his instructor, and she was not about to ruin the semester for him. She was sorry that she asked Starr to lie for her, though Starr promptly admitted that Langston had stood behind Starr and Cole when they had problems. Langston was happy that Starr had made her see clearly and as the girls hugged each other, Cole and Markko returned home. The girls assured them that things were okay.

Langston vaguely confessed that she had been wrong and Markko was sure the disagreement had been about the musical. Starr was filled in about the show tickets and Cole assumed the girls had "some conversation" if Langston had neglected to tell her friend about the evening out. Cole turned quickly to Starr after Markko and Langston went to their room to get ready for the concert. Starr excitedly told him that Langston had chosen to remain with Markko and to break things off with Ford. Cole agreed that he had suspected as much when he had comforted Markko when Markko didn't appear to need any comfort. Starr thought that things had turned out to be great, but Cole was skeptical.

Rex and Gigi arrived at Statesville Prison to speak to Allison. As soon as they sat down, Rex demanded to know who he really was. Allison admitted that Mitch had been angry at her for her deceit. Rex demanded to know if Allison was his mother since his birth certificate showed that Mitch was his father. Allison was sorry, but she wasn't Rex's mother, she told him. At Rex's obvious show of relief, she berated him, "You could have done a lot worse. Actually you did." She thought that the people who had "dumped" Rex at the hospital would certainly be considered worse.

Allison claimed that she had created the birth certificate that cited Mitch as Rex's father but that Stacy had the information that Rex was searching for. She knew that Stacy was dead but had kept an eye on Stacy when Stacy stole the sample of Mitch's blood and hid it. Allison had realized that Stacy wanted to keep it on hand to switch blood later on to prove that Rex was her baby's father. The blood was hidden in an empty soda can at Rex's loft, she told him.

Rex wanted to know how the stem cells from Mitch had saved Shane if Rex hadn't been related to Mitch, but Allison thought it was pure coincidence. She thought that Mitch was a sacred man, one who was "touched by God." She reminded him, "Consider the blood in the soda can a gift." Rex asked if Allison had seen the people who had abandoned him at the hospital. She only heard the nurses' conversation, she told him, but she had a great memory. She recalled the name of one of the nurses, Wojciehowicz. She even spelled the name out loud for Rex.

The young people of Llanview began to arrive at Ultraviolet to see a performance by Lifehouse. Brody and Jessica walked in as Jessica complained that she had never heard of the group. Brody ordered her to stop complaining, to shut up, and to have a good time. Cristian and Layla turned up shortly after, and Layla's eyes settled on Brody and Jessica, seated at a nearby table. Cristian was hopeful that the other couple would work things out.

Brody continued to ask Jessica questions as he tried to get to know her. She told him that her favorite groups were Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync and that she wanted to travel to see the wonders of the world. She accused Brody of trying to get her to remember things, but he assured her that he had considered the evening to be their first date and he only wanted to impress her. He suggested taking her up in a chopper and assured her they had never flown together in the past. He entertained her with a trick and then Jessica spotted Cristian and Layla. She called out to them to join her and Brody. The couples made some small talk and Cristian asked Layla to join him on the dance floor. They declined Jessica's request that they sit with her and Brody.

Brody and Jessica headed to the dance floor, too, but as an old song was played, Jessica rushed back to her table. She was upset and explained to Brody that the song had been her song with Cristian. Cristian told Layla the same, and Layla's disappointment bubbled to the surface. Cristian excused himself for a moment, and suddenly the song changed to a more current one. Cristian had quickly left the floor and asked the disc jockey for a switch to Layla's favorite song. She was happy again.

Brody recalled a distant memory of a man dancing with a girl on a night when he was unable to attend a wedding with her. He told Jessica that it was about two people in his past and didn't let on that he was talking about himself and Jessica. He advised her to be prepared for their second date.

Ford was at the club and ran into the pizza delivery girl, Karen. She suggested that they get together later. He attempted to reach Langston on the phone, but he eyed other girls as they walked by.

Starr and Langston reached the club ahead of the boys, who were parking the car. "Uh-oh," Starr said when she spotted Ford. Langston advised Starr that she would break things off with him right away. She grabbed Ford and pulled him off to a secluded spot as Cole and Markko walked inside. Starr advised them that Langston was in the ladies' room, and Markko decided to get some drinks. "This night is too weird," Cole said to Starr as they discussed the issue of Langston and Markko. Cole and Starr promised to always be honest with each other, and Starr admitted she had to tell him something else. She disclosed that Langston was off breaking up with Ford at that moment.

Cole was upset and thought they should talk to Markko right away. He was angry that Langston had "snowed" his friend with all of her lies, and he thought Markko should know the truth. Starr successfully advised him against the move. She thought that Langston had made a mistake but was trying to fix it. Furthermore, she thought that Markko and Langston should handle things on their own.

Langston hastily told Ford that she had confided to Starr that she wanted to break things off with Markko. Angrily, Ford reminded her that he had suggested they wait until the end of the semester for a multitude of reasons, and Langston assured him she had almost done it but changed her mind. She didn't want to hurt Markko, so she had lied and said she would break up with Ford instead. She actually had no intentions of breaking up with Ford but thought that their affair would have to be even more secret than it already was. Ford was agreeable and pulled Langston into a kiss before she returned to her friends. He looked as pleased as the cat who had swallowed the canary.

Langston returned and seemed a little too perky. Cole's suspicions were immediately aroused. It was time for Lifehouse to perform and they sang their hit "Halfway Gone." Langston appeared to be miserable until she spotted Ford across the floor. Just then he received a text message from Karen, "It's almost later."

Jack and Todd abruptly left the Palace and bumped into Téa, who was on the way in. Todd ignored her and marched out.

At the hospital, a nurse handed Greg a file. Her nametag read Nan Wojciehowicz.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At the teens' apartment, Starr and Cole rose to face the day and were pleased to find that Langston and Markko were seemingly still in bed. Starr took that as a sign that their friends' relationship was back on track, but Cole wasn't so willing to take the recent developments in stride. Starr told him to relax, and said she didn't see a point in obsessing over what had happened with Ford, especially since Langston had sworn off the older man for good. Both of them were jolted, however, when Markko entered the living room and was looking for Langston.

In the outside corridor, Langston walked towards the apartment while chatting on her phone with Ford, who was at the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop. Ford wanted to know if Langston could meet him after school for a romantic rendezvous, and Langston said she had a rehearsal session for the musical, but would attempt to make time for him. Leering lasciviously, Ford requested that she send him a saucy text or photo in the meantime to "tide him over" until then.

Inside the apartment, both Starr and Cole found themselves tongue-tied as Markko asked them if they knew where Langston was. Cole assumed the worst, and quickly squirmed out of the uncomfortable topic by rushing to the door to check for the morning paper. As he opened the door, he found Langston there, hanging up from her call with Ford. Langston breezed past him and greeted Markko with hugs and kisses, claiming she'd left to pick up orange juice. "That all you were getting?" Cole asked icily.

At Hallowed Grounds, Hannah had been listening in on Ford's phone conversation with Langston. After he hung up, she cornered him, and asked who his latest conquest was. She said she was totally over him, but felt sorry for the women he bedded, as he'd never be able to truly make any of them happy. After Hannah left, Ford promptly moved on with his day by calling up Karen the coed and scheduling another encounter.

Back at the teens' apartment, Markko objected to Cole's tone with Langston, but Cole played dumb for his friend's benefit. After a few more loving words to his girlfriend, Markko left for his classes, leaving Langston to face Starr and Cole. Langston attempted to make her own exit, but Cole confronted her; he wanted to know if she'd really ended things with Ford. Langston was shocked to realize that Starr had told Cole the truth, and insisted that she and Ford were over for good. Cole told her that if she really meant to make a new start, she needed to clear the air with Markko.

Langston told Cole that she didn't want to hurt Markko any more than she already had, and coolly suggested that if Cole were really Markko's friend, he wouldn't either. Cole grudgingly agreed to keep silent, but warned her that if she were lying about being through with Ford, all bets were off. He ordered her not to make Starr lie for her again, and Langston coldly informed him that she wouldn't trust Starr with another secret. With that, she stormed out of the apartment.

Starr whirled on Cole, and was upset that he'd let the cat out of the bag to Langston about what he knew. Cole insisted he was well within his rights to confront the girl who'd two-timed his best friend, but Starr said that in doing so, he'd damaged her relationship with her own friend. Exasperated, she walked out, heading for school over Cole's protests. Unbeknownst to them, Hannah was also in the corridor, and was eavesdropping on their argument.

In her office at Llanview Hospital, Marty was examining her list of pre-natal vitamins when she got a call from John, who was in California with Kelly. John wanted to check on the mother of his child, but Marty assured him she was doing fine, and wished him luck with his case.

After Marty hung up, Jessica burst into Marty's office, very upset. As Marty attempted to console her, Jessica moaned about how everyone wanted her to forget the past, even though she didn't know how to move forward in the present. She explained that she'd gone on a date with Brody, and it had gone well until she'd seen Cristian with Layla. Their favorite song by Selena had played, and she'd remembered all their hopes and dreams for their life together. Jessica said Brody was nice, but he was no Cristian, who she knew held the same feelings for her that he'd had in their past.

Marty was doubtful that Cris still wanted Jessica the way he used to, and gently suggested that Jess was subjecting him to her own interpretation of reality. But Jessica wouldn't be deterred, and said she had a plan. She was determined that she and Cristian would reunite during the senior prom, and vowed that he would be "her first," the man she would truly lose her virginity to. Sensing a hot button issue, Marty concluded that Jessica still felt like a virgin, and asked if it seemed strange to her that her memories had cut off before she'd become a sexual being. Jessica insisted that she hadn't lost her memories on purpose, but Marty wasn't so sure.

Jessica became anxious as Marty mused aloud about Jessica's skewed view of the world; back in high school, her life was still simple, innocent, and untainted. Marty asked if Jessica were scared of making love, and Jessica admitted that she was naturally nervous, but she knew everything would be all right with Cristian as her partner. When Marty reminded her that Cristian didn't want to make love to her, Jessica flew off the handle. She accused Marty of being just like Natalie; Marty claimed to want to be a friend, but she was dishonest. Before stalking out of the office, Jessica warned Marty to be careful that Natalie didn't steal Marty's boyfriend, just as she'd stolen Cris.

At Hallowed Grounds, Markko arrived at the coffee shop, and ran into Ford, who was on his way to his date with Karen. Markko asked Ford for technical help with his film project. "Technique is my specialty," Ford conceded, but said he couldn't help Markko just yet, as he'd already "booked something." Ford quickly exited, leaving Markko confused and dejected.

Natalie entered the shop and greeted Brody with news on Bo, who was expected to make a full recovery. Brody was pleased to hear it, but wished the rest of his life were going so well. He explained that he'd gone to the Lifehouse concert at Ultra Violet with Jessica, and it had all been proceeding well, "until the ex showed up." Brody said that Jessica remained fixated on Cristian, right down to their favorite prom song; he only hoped she didn't remain locked in the past forever.

Natalie told Brody to buck up, as no one stayed a teenager forever, but Brody suspected something more sinister at work; he felt confident that Marty's diagnosis was correct, and that Jessica's psyche had retreated into adolescence to avoid facing Mitch's rape attempt. They couldn't force Jessica to face her trauma, but they had to find a way to return her to reality without agitating her condition. Natalie admitted that Marty wasn't her favorite person, but she was sure Marty could help Jessica. Brody said they needed Jessica back, as Viki and Bree would be returning from London soon, and the little girl would need her mother. He feared losing access to Bree if Jessica remained a teenager indefinitely, and said he couldn't bear the thought of losing the new family he'd found.

Brody said he had another shot to win Jessica's heart thanks to their second date. Natalie was thrilled to hear Brody wasn't giving up, and said it had to be torture for him to want someone who didn't return his feelings. Turning the tables, Brody told Natalie his situation wasn't that different from her own with John. "It's obvious what you're going through," he said, and theorized that she still wanted McBain.

Natalie initially denied her feelings for John, but Brody said that as John's partner, he'd seen more than other members of the family. He knew how John and Natalie had fallen back into each other's orbit during the jailbreak and the snowstorm, and he knew the emotions that had rekindled for Natalie. Natalie broke down in tears and admitted the truth; she'd tried to fight her feelings, but couldn't. "I'm falling in love with John again," she said softly, "and there's not a damn thing I can do about it."

Brody comforted Natalie, and promised to be there for her if she needed to talk. Natalie said there was nothing to talk about; John was with Marty, they were having a baby, and that was it. Yet she admitted to Brody that she suspected that her feelings weren't one-sided, and that she'd gotten signals from John that he felt the same way. As Brody took notice of something nearby and attempted to silence her, Natalie blurted out her suspicions: if not for Marty getting pregnant, she and John would have gotten back together. No sooner did Natalie say the words, however, when she noticed Brody's fearful gaze, and turned around to see Marty standing directly behind her.

At the Palace Hotel, Téa and Danielle arrived for breakfast, but stopped short when they noticed Todd hard at work on his laptop. Téa suggested they leave, but Danielle said it was all right, as she needed to speak to her father. Striding over to Todd's table, Danielle took a seat. Todd attempted to make awkward conversation with mother and daughter, but Danielle quickly got to the point; she was playing the role of Starr in Langston's musical, and couldn't wait to rip her father to shreds onstage and tell the world what he'd done to his family.

Across the dining room, Greg treated Destiny to a celebratory breakfast for winning a role in the high school musical. He was sure she would be a star, but Destiny pointedly reminded her big brother that she would not be a "Starr," but rather a "Langston." It wasn't all bad, however, as Matthew would be her co-star as "Markko." "And Markko and Langston live happily ever after," Greg added.

Greg warned Destiny not to let her onstage romance with Matthew blend into real-life drama, but Destiny insisted she was over her infatuation with the Buchanan boy. She said Greg had no room to lecture her on romance after his bust-up with Rachel, and Greg pleaded with her not to get her heart broken again. Fed up, Destiny told him she was leaving for school.

Back at the Mannings' table, Téa attempted to defuse Danielle's assault on Todd, to no avail. Todd said that he understood why Danielle hated him, but he was still her father. "It's a word," Danielle snapped. "It doesn't mean anything." Nonetheless, Todd said that someday she'd need him, and he'd be there whether she liked it or not. Danielle swore that she'd never need anything from him, and quickly rose and left for school with Destiny.

After Danielle left, Téa apologized to Todd for the girl's behavior, but Todd told her to spare her ersatz sympathy. Téa insisted she did care, and Todd shot back that she used Danielle as her excuse not to deal with their ruined relationship. "You still love me," he declared, "but you're not gonna do anything about it." Remembering his conversation with Jack, he admitted that his son had suggested he still loved Téa, as well, and neither of them had been with others since their breakup. Todd asked Téa if they might reunite if Danielle let go of her hatred for him.

Téa told Todd that Danielle wasn't ready to forgive him, so there was no point in fantasizing about a happy ending. Todd informed her that Langston's musical wouldn't go quite the way Danielle had planned, as he'd made some convenient changes to the script on behalf of his character and delivered the new script to Starr. As Téa read a copy of Todd's rewrites, which cast his character in an overly benevolent light, her eyes grew incredulous.

Téa told Todd not to whitewash what he'd done to Starr and Hope, as that would only drive Danielle further away. Instead, he needed to consider the possibility that the musical would serve as an emotional catharsis for Danielle, so she could deal with her feelings of anger and then begin anew with Todd, just as Starr had. Todd scoffed at Téa's amateur psychology, but admitted there might be merit to her words, and said he had to speak to Starr about the script before anyone else saw his unfortunate rewrites.

After Todd left, Téa prepared to leave, as well, but stopped as Greg approached her table. Greg offered to give her a lift to the hospital for her appointment, but Téa, distracted by the script and her Blackberry, said she'd drive herself. After Greg walked away, Téa sat there, still reading the musical.

In the Llanview High gymnasium, Matthew finished his PE class and found Nate Salinger, the boy who'd been cast as "Cole" in Langston's musical, sitting on the bleachers and reading a copy of "Acting For Actors." Introducing himself, Matthew said he was playing Markko, and explained that he knew the people in the true story and could fill Nate in on the details. Nate was most interested in his female lead, Danielle, and asked for information about her; he was surprised that Danielle was playing her own sister and facing off against someone meant to be their father; he asked if she'd acted before. Nate explained that he took his work seriously, and wanted to be sure Danielle did, as well, since they'd be sharing "intimate scenes." Feeling awkward, Matthew said that Danielle was not only totally committed to the part, "she's also kind of my girlfriend."

Danielle and Destiny entered the gym, and Matthew introduced them to Nate. The girls were awaiting the revised scripts for the musical, but the rewrites had yet to arrive. Nate asked if Danielle was intimidated by having the leading role and playing out her sister's life story, but Danielle said she was looking forward to playing Starr, while Matthew just looked nauseous.

In the school halls, Starr caught up with Langston, who was still furious that Starr had told Cole about Langston's affair with Ford. She was sure Cole would tell Markko, but Starr insisted that he would keep quiet. Langston softened, and said she was sorry she'd caused problems for Starr and Cole, but Starr said they'd be okay. "Nothing can break you up," Langston mused.

Noticing a poster for the senior prom, Starr suggested they all go to the dance together as a foursome, just like old times. They'd be together with the boys they loved, and would start a new chapter in their lives, burying the past. As Starr pleaded with Langston, Jessica listened in from the nearby row of lockers.

Back at the teens' apartment, Cole fumed in the wake of his argument with Starr. After a knock at the door, Cole flung it open and found Hannah standing there. Hannah asked if he was all right, but Cole said he wasn't; he'd had a fight with Starr over their mutual friends, and they weren't seeing eye to eye. Hannah attempted to lift his spirits by informing him that she'd told Ford to "shove it," and that she was over him for good. As she spoke, she inadvertently spilled her drink on her new shirt, and rushed off to the bathroom to change.

As Hannah entered the bathroom, Cole gazed mournfully at his graduation photo, showing him, Starr, Markko, and Langston in happier times. He was jolted back to reality as Hannah exited the bathroom in her bra and asked if she could borrow a shirt. As she approached Cole, Todd, looking for Starr, burst into the apartment but stopped dead when he saw Cole and Hannah together. "What the hell?" Todd cried.

In California, John and Kelly met with Mrs. Stevens, the administrator of Melinda's private hospital. Kelly explained that they had reason to believe Melinda had been murdered, and were searching for the killer. Stevens was surprised they suspected foul play, and John recounted the anonymous calls Kelly had received from inside the institution. John showed Stevens the call records, and then produced a picture of Allison Perkins, and asked if she'd seen the woman before.

Stevens explained that she'd met Allison, who'd arrived at the hospital, posed as Dorian, and attempted to see Melinda. Stevens had already met Dorian, so she knew Allison was an imposter; however, Allison had only shown up after Melinda had passed away. Melinda had merely been unconscious when the staff had found her, and they'd attempted to resuscitate her, but she expired. Stevens told Kelly that Melinda had left something for her, and exited the office to retrieve it.

Conferring alone, John and Kelly agreed that Mrs. Stevens was on the level, which left Kelly to conclude that their trip was a waste, and her mother really had died of natural causes. John told her not to be too sure.

Mrs. Stevens returned with a clay pot Melinda had been working on, and handed it over to Kelly. John asked for the hospital's phone records, and examined the list for any sign of the extension that had called Kelly's phone. He found the correct number, but Mrs. Stevens was stunned when he read it back to them, and explained that it was her office extension; she always locked her office when she left, and no one else had access. She remained convinced Melinda's death was no murder. Taking another tack, John decided to check the hospital's security tapes for any sign of an intruder who could've broken in, and Mrs. Stevens escorted him out to the security desk, and left Kelly behind in the office.

Alone in the office, Kelly clutched Melinda's pottery, and vowed to find her mother's killer. Unbeknownst to her, a mystery man had picked the office door's lock, and crept into the room behind her.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring had obviously arrived at Llanview High School with the sale of prom tickets and the start of the rehearsals for the musical. Starr was eager to purchase her tickets for the prom, but Langston sadly said that she wasn't going to attend, since she didn't know if Markko wanted to go. Starr convinced her friend that it would be a great time to celebrate Langston's breakup with Ford, and the dance would help Langston remember how perfect things were in the past. Starr bought four tickets, and the girls patched up their friendship after their major falling out. Langston admitted that Starr and Cole were her heroes, and Starr thought that if they could survive Todd, they could survive anything.

Cristian was happy to see the t-shirts he had designed for the prom. The prom chairperson, Whitney, promised to obtain additional shirts. She couldn't believe that Jessica was interested in buying tickets and wondered if Jessica might want to be a chaperon instead. Whitney couldn't imagine what kind of loser would want to take Jessica to the prom. Jessica stormed off but stopped to listen as Whitney tried to convince Cristian to attend the prom as a chaperon and told him it was free. Finally, he relented and asked for two tickets so that he could attend with Layla.

Jessica approached him and reminded him that they had gone to the prom together previously and how happy they had been. They were supposed to make love that night and she wanted it to happen as it should have. Firmly, Cristian retorted that he would take Layla to the prom, it was 2010, he would be a chaperon, and they could not rewrite history. He revealed that they had not made love after their high school prom because she hadn't been ready.

Jessica explained that she had spoken to Marty, who thought her problem related to when she was a virgin and that was why prom night was important. That was supposed to be the night they made love, and Jessica thought that they really could rewrite history. Jessica's voice grew louder and students in the hallway turned around to listen. "Jessica!" Cristian shouted. Quietly, he told her they hadn't made love, and they weren't going to. He noted that they had broken up after the prom. Jessica was sure that if they had slept together, they wouldn't have broken up. Cristian assured her it wouldn't happen. He had his life, and she needed to find hers. He urged her to start a new chapter with Brody. He left and Jessica wandered over to the table where the prom tickets were sold.

Destiny, Dani, Matthew, and Nate sat in the gym and waited for rehearsal to begin. Dani disclosed that she had borrowed a dress from Starr so that she could "channel" her sister. Destiny rolled her eyes in disgust. Nate, who was cast as Cole, thought it might be interesting to meet the real Todd so that he could see what the sociopath was like. Matthew assured Nate that Todd would go after Nate like the real Cole if Todd had read the script and found Nate all over Dani, who was playing Starr. Dani agreed that Todd would "freak." Destiny thought that Matthew would be more upset if Nate were all over Dani. Nate wondered why Todd was unable to separate "reality from art."

Finally, Mr. G arrived and the kids jumped up, anxious to begin rehearsing. The teacher announced that there was a problem; several parents had objected and the administration thought the show might be inappropriate and too edgy. The students who had been cast as Todd and Blair had been forced to quit by their parents. He realized that the material was difficult, and he wanted his leads to rehearse first so that they could talk about the "emotionally taxing scenes."

His leads objected to the concerns of the others, and Dani put it best when she asked, "We can live it, but we can't do a play about it?" Mr. G agreed that had been his argument, and he wanted them to promise to stop and talk if they felt the need arise. Langston and Starr showed up to watch. Mr. G asked Starr to read for Blair and said he would read for Todd.

As Nate and Dani rehearsed some of their lines, Starr flashed back to the real scene of herself with Cole at the prom in the rain. Destiny interrupted the actors as Nate leaned over to kiss Dani. Destiny didn't think a kiss was called for, and Mr. G. agreed that he only wanted them to recite the lines. Mr. G. stood in for the character of Todd and, as he rehearsed an appalling scene and grabbed at Nate, Starr recalled the true-life event when Todd found Starr and Cole in bed together. Todd had struck Cole repeatedly.

Suddenly, Dani was overcome with emotion and walked off the stage. She explained that she wanted the role so that she and Starr could "stick it to their father," but she felt very bad for Starr. Mr. G. pointed out that was why he wanted to get together, and he assured them that they didn't have to do the show. Dani thought that if Starr could take it, so could she. Maybe it would help her to see what Starr saw in Todd, Dani explained, though she hated him at that moment.

Langston had her own flashbacks as she watched Matthew and Destiny run the lines for Markko and Langston. When the actors rehearsed the scene that led to Starr falling down the stairs, Starr choked up. "We could have lost Hope," she whispered to Langston. Dani couldn't understand how everyone survived the traumatic time, and Nate asked, "Why is this maniac is still walking around?" Langston comforted Starr and told the assembled group that it was a long story. Nate was sure that Starr was scared.

Langston had second thoughts about writing the story and apologized. Starr thought it was good for them, but she wanted to leave and speak to Cole. They hadn't been on good terms when she had left the apartment. Langston continued to watch the rehearsal and shed some tears as she recalled some actual moments with Markko.

Todd couldn't believe his eyes when he walked into Cole's apartment and, instead of finding Starr, saw Hannah in her bra. He shoved Cole to the floor, grabbed him up, and pushed him into the wall. As the shoving match began, Hannah tried to intercede, doing her best to relate the details of what had really happened with the spilled drink. Todd wondered what would have happened if he hadn't walked in. Sarcastically, Cole advised him that he would have given Hannah a t-shirt. Todd suggested that Cole was playing Hannah like a fool, just like Starr. First Cole had used drugs and currently it was whores, Todd snarled.

Todd added that Cole had no respect for Starr, and Todd threatened to call her. Cole contradicted Todd and assured him that he had respect for Starr. He also called Todd's bluff and told him to go ahead and call Starr. Todd grabbed Hannah's arm and caused Cole to yell that he would call the cops if Todd touched her again. He thought the police would be interested to hear what the rapist was up to. Cole insisted that he loved Starr, and if it were up to him, he'd make sure that Todd never saw Starr or Hope ever again. Cole screamed at Todd to get out of his house. Chuckling, Todd called out to Hannah, "Congrats sweetheart, you got your man."

With his need to get the last word in, Todd advised Cole that he had never wanted Cole and Starr to live together and would have done anything to break them up if he could have done so without losing Starr. Cole vowed that would never happen. Todd asked Hannah if she wanted Cole, and he volunteered to rent them a room. Cole and Hannah told Todd they were just friends, and Cole maintained that he and Starr loved each other. He knew that if Todd broke them up, Starr would never forgive her father. Sneering, Todd contended that Starr always forgave him. What he did, he did out of love, he added.

Cole retorted that while Starr may have forgiven Todd for his misdeeds, she would never trust him. He was certain that Todd would lose both Starr and Dani if he ever went near Marty again. He smirked that Starr had already chosen Cole over Todd since she had run away to live with Cole, and Dani saw Todd for what he was and she would never love him. Todd emphasized that Starr was his and would always be his. He promised to get Starr away from Cole if it was the last thing he ever did.

Cole insisted that it was Todd who lost, and nothing and no one would change things. "Except me," Todd replied. He reminded Cole that he had stopped them before and he would do it again. "Get the hell out of my house," Cole screamed as he pushed Todd out the door. Cole slammed the door and turned to take his grief out on the wall. He punched it as hard as he could. Hannah managed to stop him and stared horrified at his wounded hand.

At Hallowed Grounds, Natalie was dismayed to see that Marty had overheard Natalie's comment to Brody regarding Natalie's belief that John would still be with Natalie if Marty weren't pregnant. Natalie stood up quickly and said hello. She asked how Marty was feeling. Marty cut to the chase and advised Natalie brusquely, "Save it. I heard you." Natalie suggested that her remark had been out of context, but Marty was dying to hear what Natalie actually meant. Awkwardly, Brody tried to intervene without success.

Marty spewed venom as she snapped at Natalie that she was sick of seeing Natalie and John together every time she turned around. Natalie confessed that she meant what she had said about John preferring Natalie. Marty accused Natalie of "reaching" and reminded her that when John thought that Marty was dead, he had gone to Blair, not Natalie. Marty and John had been solid for months since they had gotten back together, Marty concluded.

Natalie wondered why Marty was unhappy or anxious if that were the case. She thought that Marty knew the truth, and that was that John really wanted Natalie. Marty pointed out that John had chosen Marty even before she was pregnant, and she thought that Natalie was sad for so desperately wanting John's attention. She was sorry if Natalie was confused over losing Jared, but Marty and John were about to start a family. Natalie thought that Marty was the desperate one. Again Brody tried to separate the women, but Natalie shrugged him off.

An angry Natalie ordered Marty to stop blaming Natalie's relationship with John on Natalie's dead husband. Marty assured Natalie that Natalie didn't have a relationship with John. She understood the kiss that Natalie and John shared on Llantano Mountain after their accident. Natalie wondered how Marty felt about the second kiss that occurred at Llanfair.

As Natalie continued to taunt Marty, Brody stepped in again. Natalie ignored him as she told Marty about her second kiss with John and that John had needed to settle things with Marty. Then conveniently, Marty was pregnant, and Natalie had decided to let John go though it wasn't easy. She speculated what might have happened if Marty weren't pregnant. Natalie insisted that she and John had a connection. "Connect to this," Marty growled. She stressed that John was happy and wouldn't change his mind. Natalie admitted that John was happy about the baby. "You? Not so much," Natalie said scornfully. Marty said she understood, but John wouldn't change his mind. Natalie agreed that John wouldn't leave Marty if she were pregnant.

Marty turned and stomped out, and Natalie lost control. She wanted to know why Brody didn't stop her from talking. Exasperated, Brody informed her that he had tried to stop her. Natalie admitted that she had no idea how John really felt. She merely wanted to "stick it" to Marty. Brody thought she was crazy to want someone she couldn't have. Natalie assumed that John loved Marty, and Natalie should understand.

She cried on Brody's shoulder and decided that she should apologize to Marty, but Brody suggested that she allow Marty to calm down first. Natalie was afraid that Marty was going to call John and tell him what happened, but Natalie couldn't stop her. She was afraid John would hate her, but Brody thought that he would understand. He told her to leave Marty alone.

In California, Kelly stood in the office of the living facility's director. She froze when an obviously disabled man entered the office and began to head for her. As she moved away, the man followed her. Suddenly, John walked in, grabbed the man's jacket, and pulled him away from Kelly. He began to bombard the man with questions relating to Kelly's mother, but Mrs. Stevens, the director, returned and ordered John to leave the man alone. She established that Rodney was quite harmless and had a key to her office in order to tidy it up as part of his therapy. She added that he had been a resident almost his entire adult life and had never spoken. She trusted him completely, she told John and Kelly as she led Rodney out to the hallway.

A shaken Kelly told John that Rodney had crept up on her, and she was certain that he had known she was alone but he couldn't speak. John implied that while Mrs. Stevens had said Rodney couldn't speak, he didn't necessarily believe it. He informed her that they would be unable to view security tapes from the night of Melinda's death. Those responsible at the facility felt there was no need to keep them, since Melinda had died from natural causes.

Mrs. Stevens returned and asked John and Kelly to leave the premises as their presence was disturbing the residents. She had done all she could and she was sorry but there was no proof that Melinda had been murdered. She walked off and John asked Kelly to keep watch while he had a chat with Rodney, who was seated on a nearby couch. He thought that maybe Rodney was trying to reach out to Kelly. As the man occupied himself with his baseball cards, John sat next to him. He chatted about his own collection and his dad's involvement with the cards. He admitted that his dad didn't talk much but that actions always spoke out. He handed his card to Rodney and asked him to call if he needed to.

Kelly called out to John as Mrs. Stevens returned. The director assured John that no one had made calls to Kelly from the facility, but Kelly thought otherwise. The woman added Kelly that everyone was fond of Melinda. John thanked Mrs. Stevens for her help. Kelly wanted to know if John was going to let the woman brush them off. John slowly shook his head no.

An angry Marty returned to her office and began to toss her belongings around. She replayed Natalie's words in her head and found it impossible to concentrate. She attempted different tasks, but they all led to hearing Natalie's voice in her head. Frustrated, she threw a heavy book across the room. She was surprised when Todd showed up.

Whitney informed Cristian that Jessica bought only one ticket for the prom.

Jessica walked into Hallowed Grounds and saw Brody sitting alone as he looked at the photo of the two of them on his cell phone. She turned around and walked out. Sensing something, Brody turned around, but Jessica had already disappeared.

Hannah wrapped Cole's hand and voiced how much Starr and Cole must love each other. She found Todd to be terrifying, but Cole indicated that he was used to it. She blamed herself for the events that had occurred at the apartment and wondered what she had been thinking. She was the one to set Todd off ,and Cole and Starr would have to deal with him. She began to cry, and Cole gave her a comforting hug. She told Cole how nice he had been to her. Just then, Starr returned home and was furious as she glared at the couple as they embraced.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At Starr's apartment, as Hannah wrapped Cole's hand in bandages, she regretted setting Todd off, since Cole had always been so nice to her. Cole denied that Hannah was responsible for Todd's attack on Cole and comforted Hannah with a hug. Starr entered the apartment and saw the hug.

Cole insisted that the hug was not what it looked like, and Starr stated that she knew that. When Starr asked Cole about his injured hand, Cole explained that Todd had gone to the apartment and had seen Hannah without her shirt. Cole related that Hannah had spilled coffee on her shirt and had wanted to borrow a clean shirt. Starr remarked that she was not shocked that her dad would be upset upon finding Hannah walking out of the bathroom in her bra. Hannah stressed that it all had been innocent. However, Starr defended Todd and exclaimed that he was just being overprotective.

Cole could not believe that Starr was defending Todd and told her what Todd had said about trying to get Starr away from Cole. When Cole asked Hannah to confirm Todd's statements, Starr screamed, "Don't even. I don't need to hear from a complete stranger about my father." After Starr claimed that Hannah and Cole were trashing Starr's dad, Hannah apologized for causing any trouble and left. Starr then informed Cole that she was not mad at Hannah, she was mad at Cole.

Cole and Starr continued to argue over the situation, when Cole reminded Starr that it was her dad that was "the bad guy," who was trying to rip them apart. Hope began to cry from another room, and Cole left to check on her.

In bed at Eli's apartment, Blair continued to harp on Eli for being an hour late for their dinner date, but Eli reminded Blair that he had more than made up for it - and in more ways than one. Eli asked, "What more do you want from me, Blair?" Blair replied, "Honestly, well, if you're going to keep making it up to me like you did last night, this morning, and just now, you can keep me waiting any damn time you want." Eli explained that Téa had held him up, and that when Téa had fainted, Eli had taken her to the emergency room. Blair speculated on whether Téa might be pregnant, too, and declared, "I can't believe this. First Marty, now Téa. What - is there something in the water here?"

Eli asked Blair about what Téa had mentioned about Todd being the love of Blair's life. Blair insisted that Todd was the love of her life and stressed the "was" as in past tense. Eli asked if he, Eli, could one day be that for Blair in the future tense. Blair told him that she liked Eli very much, but that they only had been going out for a couple of months. When Eli remarked that he thought that the two of them, Eli and Blair, could have something special together, Blair agreed. Blair stated that she had to leave to have pizza with Jack. Eli and Blair kissed.

In the hospital, Gigi asked Rex about Bo, and Rex informed her that Bo would be okay. Rex also informed Gigi that it looked as if Allison had been telling the truth, and that he had found the stolen sample blood hidden by Stacy in his refrigerator. Rex hoped for answers from the testing of the blood. When Kyle greeted Rex and Gigi upon entering, Gigi asked Kyle about Sierra Rose. Kyle reminded Gigi that she was Sierra Rose's family, and that she would be welcome to drop by Kyle and Fish's home at any time.

Rex asked Kyle about the results from running the tests on the blood, and Kyle informed Rex that "Mitch Laurence is definitely not your father." Rex had speculated that even though he was not Roxy's son, he thought there was a chance that he might still be Mitch's. Kyle revealed that the stem cells that had saved Shane's life definitely came from Mitch. Rex wondered how, and Kyle explained that statistically speaking, a match could be from outside of the family. Rex, however, still wondered who his parents were. Rex informed Kyle of Allison's claim to have stolen Rex in the hospital when he was a baby, and Kyle verified that Roxy never knew of Allison's plan. Kyle was paged and left.

Gigi insisted that she would help Rex find the answers to his parentage for as long as it took. Rex and Gigi discussed Nurse Wojciehowicz and, as Kyle had just returned, he mentioned that the nurse still worked in the hospital. When Gigi questioned if the nurse would be the same nurse, Rex thought that she might, at least, be a relative. Kyle then led in Nurse Wojciehowicz.

Dorian greeted Charlie in the restaurant, and after Dorian told Charlie that he looked "snazzy," Charlie informed her that he was meeting with a developer for a job. Dorian revealed that she was the developer. Dorian admitted that she had asked her assistant to call Charlie under false pretenses, and that was because she needed a favor. Charlie refused to do any more favors for Dorian after she has talked Charlie into shooting Mitch Laurence, which resulted in the shooting of Jessica. However, Dorian claimed that she needed Charlie's "construction expertise." Charlie emphasized that he did not want to be manipulated again. Dorian requested that Charlie look over Dorian's plans for a new city center that would be a venue of art, culture, housing, and employment and would create jobs, which would stimulate the economy. And Dorian wanted Charlie to be in charge of the project.

Charlie inquired if the project was legitimate and on "the up-and-up," and Dorian responded, "Of course." Dorian asked about Viki, and Charlie admitted that he had not heard from Viki since she had put the divorce on hold and had gone to London. Charlie sadly stated, "So, at this point, I think I can assume that the marriage is over." Dorian exclaimed that she was appalled at Viki's behavior. Charlie said that he would never give up on Viki, but that "the ball is in her court."

Charlie asked Dorian why she wanted him for the project. Dorian revealed that not only would the center help Charlie, but that it would help many others in the community. However, Charlie wondered how Viki would feel if Charlie were working for Dorian. Dorian then questioned when Viki would be returning, and Charlie answered that Viki would return soon for her family. Dorian then stressed that Viki would return for her family but not for Charlie.

Dorian claimed that she was not trying to discourage Charlie or to trash Viki. Dorian insisted that she and Charlie understood each other because of what they both went through with Mitch Laurence. Dorian was certain that she and Charlie could both move forward by helping each other out and by undoing any harm that Mitch had done.

In Viki's kitchen, when Natalie was pounding on meat, she reflected back on her conversation with Marty about John not leaving Marty as long as Marty was pregnant. Natalie then yelled to herself, "I can't believe that I actually said that" as Viki walked into the kitchen.

Natalie greeted Viki with a hug and asked about Bree. Viki admitted that Bree would be spending the night with Jessica at Clint's, since Jessica was still not back to being "her old self." Natalie informed Viki that Jessica still only remembered Christian, and that it must be very hard on Brody because he loved her so. Viki said, "She's lucky to have him. I wish she knew it."

Natalie informed Viki that Brody had been there for Natalie after Natalie had unfortunately had a "run-in" with Marty. Natalie admitted to Viki what she had said about John not wanting to be with Marty at all if Marty had not been pregnant. Natalie regretted that she had said that John only cared about the baby, not Marty. Viki hoped that Natalie had apologized to Marty, but Natalie claimed that Marty had already left. Viki asked if there was anything she could do to help.

When Natalie refused Viki's help, Viki stressed that Viki would always be there for Natalie if she needed her. Viki then asked Natalie if Natalie was in love with John. Natalie evaded the question by asking Viki about Charlie. Viki claimed that she did not want to talk about Charlie, and Natalie stated that she did not want to talk about John, Marty, and the baby. Natalie requested to go outside to get a breath of fresh air, and Viki thought that would be good for her. As Natalie left, she said that she was very glad that Viki was home.

In Marty's office, Todd stormed in and demanded, "What are you doing about your horn-dog son?" Todd then informed Marty that he saw Cole with "his half -naked girlfriend" and claimed that Cole was "the same horny pervert he's always been ever since he knocked up Starr and ruined her life." Astonished, Marty remarked, "A convicted serial rapist just called my son a pervert" and insisted that when Todd threatened Starr to keep Cole away, Todd had actually thrown them together. Todd yelled that Starr was still in high school and should not "be saddled with some kid."

Marty then reminded Todd that the kid's name was Hope. Marty also recollected that Todd had planned to kidnap Hope, so that Marty and Todd could raise her in New Mexico. Todd stated that the kidnapping never happened, because John McBain rode in like a knight in shining armor. Since Marty was pregnant, he insisted, Marty, "McBain, and McBaby" could live happily ever after. Marty confirmed that, since Todd wanted an explanation of how she could be pregnant with a man that Todd detested, Marty and John were in love and were "over the moon happy about" the baby.

Todd insisted that Marty was not allowed to be happy when he was miserable. Todd told Marty that he could not have Téa, because Dani knew what Todd had done to Marty. Todd then demanded that Marty and Cole leave town. Todd insisted that Marty never could get over Todd, and that she had returned to Llanview to get revenge. Marty screamed that he was delusional. Todd exclaimed that "you made Cole seduce Starr just to stick it to me." Marty simply asked, "And what if I did?"

Marty yelled that she must have been "a genius" to use her son as a weapon to get Starr pregnant by the son of Todd's rape victim. Marty was outraged that Todd would blame Marty and Cole for Todd's problems. Marty declared that Cole did not ruin Starr's life, and that Marty did not ruin Todd's life. Todd did that all by himself.

Todd then calmly asked what he could do about Dani. Marty said he had caused any problems with Dani, and that he needed to work that out himself. Marty stated that she and John were having a baby, and that Cole and Starr were going to be together. Marty exclaimed, "We are all...all of us going to be happy, and there is nothing you can do about it." Todd said, "We'll see. We'll see" and walked out of Marty's office.

Viki called and asked if she could meet with Marty regarding Jessica. Marty and Viki agreed to meet for an early dinner.

Natalie tried to stop Marty as Marty was leaving the hospital, and Marty yelled, "Not now." Marty found an "Out of Order" sign on the elevator doors and flung her purse at the sign. Marty elected to take the stairs. As Marty started down the stairs, a pair of black-gloved hands pushed her shoulders. Marty tumbled down the stairs and appeared unconscious at the bottom.

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