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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, April 26, 2010

In Melrose Park, Jack accompanied Janet on a walk the morning of her dad's funeral, but he was concerned about the strain on his ex-wife's pregnancy. Janet said she could not have gotten through everything without him, and she was also worried about Liberty, who was also taking a walk on her own. Liberty, however, was sitting on a park bench at that moment, and Gabriel walked up to her. Liberty was under the impression that Gabriel had flown home the night before in the plane he had chartered, so she was amazed to see him. Gabriel suggested that Liberty skip Rocco's funeral and go back with him in the plane, but Liberty did not want to leave her mom in the clutches of the Ciccone family.

Liberty walked back to the house, however, and found Janet and Jack out on the front walk. Her mother said that Liberty didn't have to go to the funeral if she was not up to it, and the girl said she actually would rather go home. She said that Gabriel had been "passing through" in his chartered plane, and he had offered to give her a ride back to Oakdale. Gabriel ran up, and Janet looked the boy over and agreed to the arrangement as long as he treated her daughter as "precious cargo."

Aunt Marie, Eddie, and Teri exited the house, and Marie was upset that the "spoiled" Liberty did not have to attend her grandfather's funeral. Janet tried to explain about how exhausted and run-down her daughter was from the chemotherapy, but Marie had her own opinions. They left for the church, and Jack took Janet and Teri in his car.

After the funeral mass, the family went to the cemetery, and Parker called Jack and asked how Liberty was holding up. Jack said she had gotten upset thinking about Brad's funeral, and she was on her way back to Oakdale. He told Parker that Liberty had gone with Gabriel in a chartered plane, and that upset his son.

Gabriel and Liberty headed for Oakdale on the plane, but she was feeling guilty. Liberty asked Gabriel about his family, and he talked briefly about when his mother had died of cancer. Liberty asked him why he had settled in Oakdale, and Gabriel said it was what his mom would have wanted. Then he changed the subject, as the plane began its descent into Oakdale.

Parker called Liberty just after the plane landed, and his first words were that he knew she was with Gabriel, and he used an accusatory tone. He was oblivious as to how a "handyman" could afford to charter a plane, but Liberty said she had no idea. She suggested that perhaps Gabriel had gotten his money the same way Parker had, and she faked a bad connection and said she would see him at home. Liberty thanked Gabriel for the ride and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but she refused a ride home in his fancy car.

Jack and Janet were walking to the gravesite when Dusty ran up behind them and called to Janet. She was stunned to see him, but Dusty said he wanted to be with her. He said he couldn't leave because he believed the two of them belonged together. Jack pointed out that the family was waiting at the gravesite, but Dusty refused to leave. Janet's brother, Eddie, walked back to them and asked who Dusty was. Dusty introduced himself as "Janet's fiancé," but Eddie referred to him as "the one." He got in Dusty's face and said his father was dead because of Dusty, and he ordered Dusty to "get the hell out."

Janet yelled at Eddie to get away, but her brother shoved Dusty, who took a mighty swing at Eddie's head but instead connected with Jack's jaw. Janet and Dusty helped Jack, who had only tried to get between the two arguing men. Eddie called Dusty "a loose cannon," and Jack ordered him to leave. Teri and Maria returned down the path, and Maria realized that Dusty was Janet's boyfriend. When she saw him, she asked Janet if she was "sleeping with the enemy," and then Jack calmed everyone down. Teri spoke to Dusty and advised him to leave. Dusty finally agreed, and the mourners walked on to the grave.

After the burial, Janet sat in Jack's car and said that she was actually glad that she'd gotten away from Melrose Park and her crazy family. They got out of the car in front of the Ciccone house, and Dusty was waiting there. Jack went inside to get Janet's bags, and Janet removed her engagement ring and handed it to Dusty. He refused to take it, but Janet insisted. Dusty asked her if she still loved him, and Janet said yes, but she needed time. Dusty reluctantly took back the diamond, and Teri walked out and asked Dusty to give her a ride home in his plane.

Jack carried out their bags, and Janet told him that she had given back Dusty's ring. She declined to go inside one more time with her family, so they got in Jack's car, and he drove away.

Liberty walked into Carly's house and found Parker, who made nasty cracks about her "new best friend." Parker demanded to know where Gabriel had slept the night before, and Liberty was outraged. He also called the boy "a player," and said that Gabriel had used Faith to hide a bag of drugs for him. Parker claimed that Liberty's new friend only did things that benefited him, and he said he would figure out what Gabriel wanted from Liberty. Parker ran outside and slammed the door.

In Carly's kitchen, Carly was mixing essential oils for Monte Carlo's new fragrance line when Lily dropped in. She said she was there to see Parker, but Carly giggled and said he had left early but she couldn't remember where he said he was going. Lily said it was pathetic that she needed to ask a 17-year-old boy for parenting advice for her teenage daughter, but since he wasn't at home, she'd settle for a cup of coffee. When Carly served the coffee, Lily suggested that Carly incorporate the coffee aroma into the new fragrance. Carly looked at Lily and called her "a genius," and then they moved on to discussing their personal problems.

Carly said that she and Jack were stuck in limbo because he had taken Janet to Melrose Park for her father's funeral. Carly griped that she could not compete with a fetus, a kid with cancer, and a dad who dropped dead. Lily said she couldn't solve her own problems, but she could certainly help Carly with some of hers.

That morning at Monte Carlo, Craig talked with the fiancée of Ellis, his former financial advisor who was on the lam. Craig asked some questions, but the woman hung up on him before he learned where Ellis had gone. Craig shouted some words about the money's belonging to "an innocent kid," and when he turned around, Parker stood in his office. The boy asked what Ellis had done, and Craig lied and said he had left town without telling him. Parker said he wanted to send some flowers to Janet and Liberty when they returned from the funeral, and he wanted to give Craig a heads-up that he would be putting a charge on the debit card of his trust fund. Craig thanked him, and after Parker left, Craig picked up his phone and called in a favor. A man showed up soon afterward, and Craig told him to get his money back from Ellis no matter what the cost, and he gave the man a photo of his missing accountant.

Lily asked Carly to go to Metro, so she did. Soon Lily showed up with a woman in tow whom she introduced as Rhonda Wyler. Lily said Ms. Wyler was a beauty products marketing genius, and she told her about the concept of adding coffee as a note in Carly's new scent. Ms. Wyler thought it was a terrific original idea, so Carly called Craig and told him to go to Metro to take a meeting with her.

Craig was forking over an envelope full of money to his investigator when he took Carly's call. She ordered him to go to Metro and to take the checkbook. Craig balked at the latter requirement, and he asked why. Carly said the woman she was talking to was going to make them filthy rich, but she needed $500,000 seed money. Craig blanched, grabbed his coat, and bellowed at his investigator, "Find Ellis -- yesterday!"

Lily excused herself from Metro, and Craig arrived. Carly pulled him aside and chewed him out for his appearance. She told him it looked as if he had been "mauled by a bear," and he needed a shower and a clean shirt. He confessed that he had been up all night, and besides, he was "pulling the plug" on the new Monte Carlo fragrance line. Carly was confused, and she squirted breath freshener into his mouth and announced they were taking the meeting.

Craig and Carly sat with Ms. Wyler, and Carly envisioned the fragrance campaign. She thought they should shoot it in Monte Carlo, on the cliffs above the sea, because it would be thrilling. Craig fussed with his phone and was grumpy, and paid no attention to what Carly was saying until she finally scolded him. Craig turned to Ms. Wyler and asked her what on earth she could provide them with that was worth half a million dollars. Craig's phone rang, so he jumped up to take the call. His investigator said he had located Ellis, so Craig listened for a minute or two and said he would take it from there. He returned to Carly and Ms. Wyler, said his goodbyes, and was out the door.

In a darkened movie theater, Ellis, who was wearing dark glasses, shoved popcorn into his mouth. Craig grabbed him and pinned him into his seat, but Ellis struggled. Craig demanded his money back, but Ellis said it was all gone. In a loud stage whisper, Craig said, "Don't make me hurt you," as Carly grabbed Craig from behind and said he had taken the words right out of her mouth.

At the Lakeview, Gabriel asked the desk clerk if he had received any packages, but the clerk said no, and he called him "Mr. Carras." Gabriel's phone rang then, and it was Liberty, who asked him to meet her right away at Java. Gabriel handed his room card back to the desk clerk and asked him to hang on to it a bit longer. Lily walked into the lobby and watched Gabriel's business with the clerk. She looked alarmed, so after Gabriel walked out, she approached the clerk and asked who the boy was. When the clerk said his name was "Mr. Carras," Lily visibly reacted and ran out.

At Java, Liberty told Gabriel that Parker had gotten very upset when he had learned that she had ridden home on the plane with Gabriel. She then prepared Gabriel for a question that she had to ask, so she said she wanted to know if Gabriel sold drugs. Gabriel swore he neither used nor dealt drugs, and he invited her back to his room to watch movies and have room service. He assured her that "nothing would happen," unless she wanted it to. They laughed and went to the Lakeview and up to Gabriel's room. They found his door ajar, however, and inside, Parker was going through Gabriel's things.

Lily dashed home and took a key out of a special compartment in her purse. She unlocked an old leather box in her bookcase and took out a photo of a smiling Hispanic baby, about 15 months old. Lily appeared very worried, and she called and left a message for her sister, Sierra, in Montega. She said, "Remember that moment we hoped would never happen? Well, it has."

A little later, Lily spoke with Sierra and asked her if she remembered the photo of the baby. Sierra did, but Lily said she needed a more recent one. "Brace yourself, Sierra," said Lily. "I think I saw Gabriel Carras in Oakdale."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holden dropped by WOAK to persuade Molly to go home with him. He noticed that Silas Whitman had sent her flowers at the studio, but Molly said it was a "business gesture," not a personal one. Holden got "all Alpha male," according to Molly, and he said that he hoped she was up for something "physical" with him. He suggested a horseback ride along the lake and then something more "physical" in some secluded spot.

Looking for Holden, Lily drove to the farm, but Faith said she hadn't seen him. Lily said she needed help moving a box she had filled with Faith's belongings that she was sure her daughter would like at the farm. Then Lily brought up Faith's new friend, Gabriel Carras, but Faith only said that he was "cool." Lily asked how old Gabriel was and if he had mentioned his parents, but Faith assumed that her mother was trying to figure out if Gabriel met her standards or was a bad influence. Then Holden and Molly walked in, and Faith said she was going to Java to do her homework. Lily was disgusted that Molly and Holden seemed so comfortable together, and she walked out, too. Holden agreed to do Lily's errand, and he walked out on the farmhouse porch to have a discussion with her about Faith.

Holden told Lily that Faith was only lashing out because she was frightened. Lily said she had been asking their daughter about a boy Faith had been spending time with, and Holden guessed that it was Gabriel. He said Molly had gotten the boy a job at Monte Carlo with Craig and Carly. He suggested that Lily just hold on tight until the teenage angst passed, and Lily thanked him for supporting her.

Lily drove home, and Holden went back inside to Molly. He apologized for having to do the errand for Lily, and he promised they could go riding the next day. Molly said she understood that it was for Faith, but Holden knew she was upset. He asked her to speak up, so Molly admitted that she had a feeling that Lily had an active agenda to get Holden back. Molly said she trusted Holden, however, and he said he only wanted to be with her.

At Lily's, Lucinda arrived in response to an alarming call from her daughter. Lily showed her mother a recent photo of Gabriel Carras that Sierra had sent, and she told Lucinda who he was. Lucinda grabbed the photo and said, "Gabriel Carras?" Lily said she had seen him in Oakdale, and the boy was working at Monte Carlo. Lucinda was shocked, and Lily said the boy was also a friend of Faith's. Lily said she had always worried that Gabriel would eventually haunt them, and 20 years later, that was what was happening.

Holden walked into the living room, and Lily told him where to find Faith's box. Lucinda whispered to Lily that they had to "contain" the Gabriel problem before it turned into "a real mess." She wondered why Gabriel would show up in Oakdale after almost 20 years, but Lily guessed that the boy knew everything. Lucinda suggested they keep quiet and hope that Gabriel hadn't already put things together. Lily was sure, however, that Gabriel knew that Craig Montgomery was his father.

At the farm, Silas Whitman called Molly and asked if she had received his flowers. He was especially interested in whether they had made Holden jealous. Then he invited Molly to dinner, but she declined. Holden walked in with Faith's box and heard Molly hanging up.

In Gabriel's room in the Lakeview, Gabriel and Liberty had surprised Parker as he was going through Gabriel's things. Gabriel called out Parker for accusing him of being a criminal when Parker had broken into his room. Parker said he was looking for proof to convince everyone that Gabriel could not live as he did on a handyman's wages. Parker called him a thief, and he held up a double strand of pearls and said he doubted that Gabriel had bought them for himself. Gabriel shouted at Parker to leave, but Liberty spoke up and said she wanted to hear about the pearls herself. Parker yelled that Gabriel had to be a thief and a drug dealer.

Liberty then said that the drugs had belonged to Faith, but Parker did not believe that until Gabriel admitted that he had helped Faith out so she wouldn't get in trouble. Over Liberty's protests to stop, the boys continued to verbally spar. She finally told Parker that his jealous behavior had to stop. Gabriel then said that the pearls had belonged to his dead mother, and they were a gift from his dad. Parker quieted down and said he might have been wrong about the pearls, but he wasn't wrong about Gabriel. Parker wanted Liberty to leave with him, but she refused. Parker walked out, and Liberty said she wanted to go home, as well, and she promised to watch a movie with Gabriel another night.

Parker went to Java and saw Faith doing her homework. He sat with her and asked her to tell him the truth about the drugs that Gabriel had said were his. The girl waffled a bit, but then she admitted that the drugs were hers, but it was a one-time deal. Parker said he had just made a complete fool of himself in front of Liberty, and he had to think of something really cool to do to make up for it. He asked to borrow Faith's computer, and he checked on concert tickets in New York in May.

He decided that a first-class plane ride, a nice hotel room, and the concert would be a great outing for Liberty and him. He put in his debit card number and then swore at the computer when it declined his card. He called the bank and found out that Mr. Montgomery had emptied the account. Then he used the computer to do some tracking and learned that someone had chartered a jet and charged it to his account.

In the movie theater in Old Town, Craig had a death grip on Ellis's throat, and Carly was all over Craig. Craig told Carly that his accountant had made a "bad investment" and Craig was just "straightening things out." All three struggled, and finally Ellis slipped out of Craig's grasp and threw popcorn everywhere as he made his escape. Craig went after him, followed by Carly, and they dashed around Old Town, but Craig lost his quarry. He screamed at Carly that she had let Ellis get away, and Carly realized that Craig only got that upset when it was about money.

Carly asked Craig how much money they were talking about, but Craig got himself under control and told her it was nothing for her to worry about. Carly reminded him that they were partners, and she demanded that he tell her. They went to the Monte Carlo offices, and Carly ordered Craig to "spill it." Craig said that Ellis made a bad investment with "some funds." Carly asked what neighborhood "some" meant, and Craig admitted that it "was in the neighborhood of --everything." At that point, Carly realized that Craig had invested Monte Carlo's money, and she was furious. Craig figured if he found Ellis, he could "turn everything around."

Carly moaned that she had let herself get involved with Craig again, and Craig whined that Ellis had been his accountant for years, and he had no idea the man was going rogue. Carly said that, once again, Craig had made her regret being pulled back into his world. She also accused him of "coming on" to her all the time, and she was tired of ending up with nothing. Craig asked for another chance, but Carly said, "No thanks." She told him his track record spoke for itself, but Craig accused her of walking away from her dreams.

Carly reminded him that the money was gone, but Craig said he could fix it if Carly was with him. Carly said she was walking away, but Craig wouldn't let her. He grabbed her and kissed her hard. Carly finally pulled away and then jumped back into Craig's arms for another kiss. She eventually pushed him away and declared that she had regained her sanity. She threatened Craig if he ever went near her again. Craig began ragging on Jack's absence, but Carly didn't want to think about Jack's comforting Janet in Chicago. Carly griped that she had counted on Craig to get her business going, but again he had let her down. A dejected Carly walked out of Monte Carlo.

Craig grabbed some folders and began scrambling through them and looking for something. He researched his business insurance, and he found he was covered for $20,000,000 for fire. He walked into Old Town and happened to run into Gabriel, who demanded that Craig increase his debit card amount. "I've had it with you!" shouted Craig, as Gabriel made even more demands. Finally Craig berated Craig so badly that a passerby stopped and asked Craig to ease up on the boy. Craig turned and walked away.

Carly arrived home to find Liberty there, and the girl explained that she had not stayed for her grandfather's funeral. Carly reiterated that Liberty and Janet were welcome to stay as long a necessary at her house, but Liberty said she thought it would be easier on Parker if she lived elsewhere. She explained that Parker was getting too possessive about her, and he had crossed the line. Carly wormed it out of her that Parker had broken into Gabriel's hotel room to search for something that would make Gabriel look bad. Liberty went on to say that Parker was beginning to freak her out.

Craig returned to Monte Carlo, picked up some papers, and turned out the lights. He set a timing device on a bomb spliced into the internal wiring of the office, as he muttered "20 million, 20 million" to himself. Then he took off at a run.

Unbeknownst to Craig, Gabriel let himself into the office, and Parker slipped in behind him. Parker accused Gabriel of stealing money from his trust fund, but Gabriel had no idea what he was talking about. Parker said that was how Gabriel was able to buy his fancy car and rent a plane to go fetch Liberty. The boys exchanged barbs, and Gabriel said it was Craig who had depleted Parker's trust fund. Parker announced that both Craig and Gabriel were going down, and he turned to go. Gabriel attempted to stop Parker, who instead swung at Gabriel and knocked him backwards against Craig's desk. Gabriel's head hit the edge of the desk, and the blow rendered him unconscious. Parker ran off and headed back to Java.

Faith was packing up her books in the coffee shop when Parker arrived. She asked him if he wanted to go to a movie, but the boy was very distracted. Faith said Parker looked "kinda funny," but he assured her he was fine. Faith said she could tell that he wasn't, and she wanted to know what Parker had found out about his money. Parker didn't want to talk about it, but Faith figured out that someone was stealing big money from his account. Parker verified that, and he promised there would be "payback."

On Carly's front porch, Craig took out a remote detonator and punched in some numbers. Then he hit a single button, and near Old Town, the Monte Carlo offices exploded. Carly saw Craig on her porch, so she opened the door and asked him to leave. Craig said he was very close to solving their problems. He said he didn't need Ellis anymore, but he had a feeling that by the next day, they would be back in business.

At Monte Carlo, smoke filled Craig's office and swirled around the unconscious body of Gabriel Carras.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke returned from Texas and walked into Katie's house. Reid found a note from Katie saying that she and Jacob were having dinner with Nancy Hughes, and, by the way, Reid's rent was due. Reid said he owed Luke at least a pizza and a beer, but Luke reminded the doctor that he didn't drink. Reid mentioned their not ever talking about the kiss between them in Dallas, and he said it wouldn't happen again, unless Luke wanted it to. Luke smiled, took off his coat, and said that a pizza sounded fine.

They tried to watch a baseball game on television, but the cable was out. Reid said he hated small talk, but he did mention that Luke was probably sick of it from Noah. He also said that Noah had kicked Luke out because he was still punishing Luke for the accident that injured Noah's eyes. Luke said it had definitely been his fault because he had distracted his boyfriend while Noah was setting up the fireworks. Dr. Oliver still thought Noah's behavior was "rude." He elaborated by saying it was not fair for Noah to ask Luke to put his life on hold, and Luke should be sick of it.

Luke stood up and reached for his coat. Reid said they could talk about all sorts of things, including the kiss. They stood by the door, and Luke said he could not deny that he had enjoyed the kiss, and he considered it a compliment to be wanted by someone like Reid. They were about to kiss again when the doorbell rang. Dr. Oliver answered it and told the pizza deliveryman that he had "lousy timing." The doctor's phone rang, so he asked Luke to answer it while he paid for the pizza. The caller was Noah, so Luke gave him the good news that he and Reid were back from Texas, and the medical board had reinstated Reid.

Noah announced that was a good thing because his surgery was scheduled for the next day. Luke was surprised that Reid hadn't mentioned it, and Noah asked if Luke was calling Noah's doctor "Reid" instead of "Dr. Oliver." Noah seemed hurt, and he hung up rather quickly. Luke turned to Reid and asked what kind of game he was playing. Dr. Oliver said he hadn't told Luke about Noah's impending surgery because only family members were privy to that information. He cited "doctor/patient privilege" as the reason not to talk about anything medical that concerned Noah. He also reminded Luke that Noah knew when he was having surgery, and he hadn't bothered to tell Luke either. "I don't play games, Luke," the doctor said.

At Lily's house, she and Lucinda were still discussing Gabriel and the fact that he was the son Craig did not know he had. Lily wondered if she should call the boy and ask him to pay them a visit. Lucinda was against that, and she assumed that the boy had found his father and gotten a job there, and the rest was none of their business. Lily said they had made it their business when they had conspired with Sierra to keep the whole thing a secret. Lily referred to Gabriel's mother as "Lydia," and she said the woman could not explain it to her son because she was dead. Lily thought it was their job to enlighten the boy, but her mother disagreed.

Lily picked up the phone and said she was also going to tell Craig the truth, but Lucinda went ballistic. She was angry that Lily thought Craig had any rights at all since he had cheated on Sierra with Lydia for starters, and then he had ended up stealing Lucinda's company from her. Lily felt bad that they had denied Craig the right to be a father to his boy, but Lucinda said, "Tell me why I should give a damn." The two of them argued, and Lucinda felt passionately that Craig would do to Gabriel what he had done to everyone else who had ever loved him: grab him, use him, disappoint him, and then hurt him. She reminded Lily that her dead grandson, Bryant, would confirm that if he could.

Lily thought that Craig was a better man than the Craig who had raised Bryant and Lucy, and she cited Johnny as her example. Lucinda argued that Gabriel had probably found out that Craig was his father because he had gotten the job at Monte Carlo, so she suggested that he had an agenda; she thought they should let him play it out. Besides, she added, if Craig found out that Lily and Lucinda had kept the secret so long, "all hell would break loose." Lily suggested that, given a second chance, Craig would do things differently.

At Java, Faith questioned Parker about his missing trust fund and Craig. Parker said he was sure that both Gabriel and Craig were stealing, but Faith found it hard to believe that Gabriel was involved. Parker called the boy "scum," and he was worried that Craig had hidden the money on a tropical isle somewhere. He decided that he needed to talk to the police, and Faith offered to go with him.

The two teens went to the police station, and they saw Margo. Parker was hesitant to discuss the matter with her because she was Craig's sister, but when the boy said he was there to file a complaint because he'd been "ripped off," she insisted on helping them personally. Margo then got a phone call about a fire at 256 Riverfront Drive, so she left immediately. Parker whispered to Faith that was the address of Monte Carlo, and they had to go because the place was on fire.

At Carly's house, Craig invited Carly out to dinner, and she asked him how he could afford to take her out if Ellis had all his money. Craig promised to find the money and to restore Monte Carlo, and he vowed to take Carly to a "classy Chicago restaurant." Carly agreed, but she warned him not to get "any funny ideas," and she was talking about the passionate kiss they had shared earlier. As Carly went upstairs to get dressed for dinner, Craig muttered, "And we'll dine while Monte Carlo burns." Carly returned downstairs, and Craig tried to hurry her up. Carly took the time to write a note to Parker, and then her phone rang. Craig grimaced, and he knew that it was the fire department notifying Carly of the fire at their business.

Inside the Monte Carlo offices, the smoke got thicker, and Gabriel struggled to get on his feet. He could not breathe well, and his head ached. He could not see his way to the door, and he fell into a corner.

Outside the building, Carly and Craig arrived, and Margo ran up while the firefighters worked in the background. She led them to the fire chief, but Carly said she would catch up because she had spotted Parker and Faith running to the scene. Parker begged his mother to have the firefighters check the building to see if anyone was in there, and he was insistent about it. He ran to the building himself, remembering that he had left Gabriel unconscious on the floor.

Inside, a firefighter cleared the office, but he missed Gabriel who was in a heap in the corner. Outside, Carly ran after Parker but had a hard time restraining her son. She finally made the two teens leave the area, and Craig and Margo returned with no information. Craig suggested that the fire might have been electrical in origin because Carly had hired "some kid" to do some wiring. Carly was hoping that there was only smoke damage in the office, but Craig said it was way more than that. Carly asked about their insurance, and Craig played dumb except to say that he thought it was enough to rebuild the business.

Parker asked Faith to stay by the fire truck, and he approached a firefighter and said he had seen someone in a third floor window, and he pointed out exactly where. The firefighter said they would find anybody in there, and he ran to tell his men. Faith asked Parker if he was getting premonitions like the ones he had as a child, and Parker answered yes.

Margo ran to Craig and Carly yelling that they had found someone in the building. Craig was stunned, but he joined Carly in running closer to the building. The firefighters took out Gabriel on a gurney, but he was not conscious. Everyone watched the firefighters load the boy into the ambulance, and Margo asked Carly if Gabriel had a key to the office. Carly said yes, and then Margo asked about family for the boy. Neither Craig nor Carly could help with that, so Carly went looking for Parker and Faith. As Carly walked around the fire truck, Parker was admitting to Faith that he had followed Gabriel to the office and accused him of stealing.

Gabriel had blamed Craig, and then Parker had slugged the boy, who fell backwards and hit his head. Parker swore he knew nothing of the fire, however, and when he had left Gabriel, the boy was unconscious but breathing. Faith said that Parker had done nothing wrong, and he agreed and reminded her that he was the one who had gotten robbed. Carly heard this last sentence of Parker's, and she asked what he had meant. Parker made up a story about not getting a grade he deserved at school, and he asked his mother if Gabriel was going to be all right. Carly said she hoped so, as Craig ran up. He said that Margo reported that Gabriel was in serious condition, and the hospital was calling in a specialist. Craig and Carly headed for the hospital, and Parker, yelling at Faith to go home, ran after them.

Faith went to Lily's and was obviously upset when she burst in on her mother and Lucinda. She said she couldn't find Holden, and Lily asked what was wrong. Faith said that "the guy" Lily had been interrogating her about had gotten caught in a fire and might die. Lily and Lucinda were thunderstruck, and Lily went to hug her daughter, but Faith pushed her mother away and told her not to even pretend to be sorry. Faith ran out, and Lucinda said the tough decision had been taken out of their hands, because if Gabriel died, no one needed to know his background. Lily was angry, and said she could not be a part of that.

Dr. Oliver got paged to return to the hospital, so Luke went home. He found Noah sitting on the patio, so they went inside to talk. Noah said he was freaking out about his surgery, and he was frightened, and Luke was the only person he wanted to be with. Noah apologized for pulling away from Luke and hurting him, and he said the thought of not having anyone waiting for him to get through surgery was horrifying. Luke said if Noah wanted him there, he would be there every step of the way. Luke hugged his ex and told him everything would be okay.

At Memorial, Craig told Margo that he had no background on Gabriel, nor did Carly. Carly said she had hired the boy, but she hadn't done any paperwork on him yet. Craig said he knew the boy lived at the Lakeview, but he also called him "a drifter." That raised Margo's eyebrows, and she questioned how a "drifter" and a handyman could afford to live at an expensive hotel. Gabriel's doctor, Dr. Matthews, walked by, and he said that Dr. Oliver was on his way for a consultation. Reid arrived, and Dr. Matthews said that he had covered the burns and smoke inhalation problems, but Dr. Oliver was needed for the blunt trauma to the boy's head. Dr. Oliver, followed by Margo, went in to examine Gabriel, and Craig went to get coffee.

Carly dragged Parker away as soon as they were alone, and she shoved him into an empty room for privacy. She told her son not to play dumb with her, and she asked how Parker knew there was someone in that building. He lied and said it was one of his "premonitions," but Carly didn't buy it. She also asked about his being robbed comment, but Parker tried to make a break for it. Carly grabbed her son and demanded to know what was going on.

The doctors left Gabriel's room, and Margo told Craig that the boy had been knocked out by a blunt force to his head before the fire started. She asked Craig what he knew, but he answered that he knew "next to nothing and cared less." Margo left to return to the scene, and she learned that the fire was out, and no firefighters were injured. It was too soon, however, for an answer as to how the blaze had started. Margo suggested an electrical origin, and the chief said it that was so, it could be a case of arson.

Craig watched Gabriel through the window in the boy's room, and Lily walked up behind him and startled him. She said she had heard that someone had been hurt in a fire in the Monte Carlo building. Craig pointed to Gabriel and called him "a stupid kid" who worked for them sometimes. Craig said if "the idiot" hadn't sneaked into the office, he would not have gotten hurt. Lily asked him not to call the boy "an idiot," and she looked sad. Craig asked if something was wrong, and Lily asked him if he remembered Lydia Carras. Craig got a strange look on his face and said, "Of course." Lily said that Gabriel was Lydia's son, and Craig's. "That boy lying there is your son," repeated Lily.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

At the farm, Meg and Emma discussed the impending custody hearing. Holden was about to enter the kitchen, but he heard the women talking, so he hung back to listen. He heard his mother reassure Meg that she had lots of family supporting her, but Meg said that wasn't enough. She said she would wait outside, so Holden walked in as Meg passed him. He questioned Emma about whether she was sure about what she was doing. Emma was convinced that her daughter would be fine as long as she was at home with her family.

Holden said that Emma would have to convince the judge of that, but his mother was confident. She then began to scream at Holden that he didn't sound as if he was on his sister's side, and that hurt him. Emma pleaded with Holden to go to the hearing and speak for Meg, and then she realized it was time to leave for court. They went outside to get Meg, but she had disappeared.

Paul and Emily also prepared to go to court, and Emily said there was no way the judge would give baby Eliza to Meg, a mental patient. Paul was uneasy, however, and he wished that Meg had not allowed her mother to push her so far. They were almost ready to leave when Meg suddenly walked in, asking for Paul. Paul was upstairs, so Meg had to deal with Emily. Meg claimed that she didn't want to go to court, but Emily yelled that Meg was going to lose, anyway, so no wonder she didn't want to face the judge. The two women argued, and Emily prevented Meg from going upstairs.

Emily declared that, at Meg's request, she considered Eliza her baby with Paul, and Meg could not show up and take it all back. They continued to spar until Emma showed up. Paul called Emily upstairs, so she invited the Snyders to "use the door." Meg told her mother that Emily would make her look "like a crazy woman" in court, but Emma got fierce and said Meg had to be able to go right back at her and fight the way Emily did: "dirty, dishonest, and to the death."

Outside the courtroom, Paul and Meg greeted one another pleasantly, but Emma pushed Paul by asserting that the judge would decide in favor of Meg, since judges "almost always sided with the mother." When Paul responded, Emma said she didn't need advice from him. Holden and Emma went into the courtroom, but Meg said she needed a moment to gather her thoughts. When she was alone, Meg pulled out her phone and called "First Edition," Emily's online newspaper. She identified herself as a secretary at Deerbrook Psychiatric Hospital, and she said there were some wrong and dangerous practices going on there. She said Deerbrook had just released a disturbed and dangerous patient in return for a big payoff from the patient's family. The name of the patient, she said, was Meg Snyder.

Meg walked into the courtroom just as Emily's phone rang. Emily took the call and then dashed out of the room, as Meg looked smug. The judge arrived, and Paul immediately asked if they could delay the proceedings for just a few minutes because his wife had been called away for an emergency. Emma, however, retorted by publicly slamming Emily's priorities. The judge called the case, and verified that Meg had been released into her mother's care. Emma spoke up about her daughter's abuse at the hands of "a horrible man," and she testified how much better Meg had been since she had returned home.

Meanwhile, Emily arrived at Deerbrook, where she assailed the director of the hospital with accusations of wrongdoing. She asked how much the Snyder family had paid for Meg's release, but the director said that all the doctors had agreed that Meg should go home. He called security and told Emily that she had to leave, but Emily made some wild threats about shutting down the facility and pulling the doctors' medical licenses. Emily said the way to make her go away was to go with Emily to the court and testify that they had made a mistake and released Meg Snyder too soon. The director threatened Emily with a lawsuit, and the security man threw her out.

In the courtroom, Meg spoke, and then Paul stood and said that while he was happy that Meg was making such good progress, the hearing was really about the welfare of their daughter, Eliza. He explained that he and Emily had custody of the girl because a previous court had thought they could provide Eliza with a better living environment. He said nothing about the environment had changed since then, and theirs was still the best place for his daughter. The judge decided that nothing would change for the next 30 days, and the court would reevaluate the situation at that time.

Out in the hall, Meg thanked Paul for being so civil to her, and as she began to walk away, Emily ran in. She was disappointed that the hearing was over, and Paul went into the courtroom to get his coat. Emily turned to Meg and said, "It was you who called the paper to get me out of the hearing." Meg denied that, but Emily knew better, and she was furious at Meg's expression of pleasure.

Alone at Carly's house, Liberty phoned Gabriel, but she got only his voicemail. She left him a message asking him to call. At Memorial, Carly had Parker sequestered in a room in order to get some answers from him. She questioned him about his behavior at the scene of the fire and also about his breaking into Gabriel's hotel room. Carly couldn't understand why Parker had such a problem with Gabriel unless he was jealous of the boy's attentions to Liberty. Parker would only say that he didn't trust Gabriel, and then he realized that Liberty probably had not yet heard about the fire. Carly suggested that someone other than Parker should tell the girl, but Parker insisted that he had to be the one.

Parker went home and found Liberty on the couch. She assumed that he wanted to apologize for breaking into Gabriel's room, and she scolded him for his attitude towards her new friend. When Parker could get in a word, he told Liberty that something had happened.

In Gabriel's room, a doctor and nurse monitored his condition, and Carly walked in. She introduced herself as "one of Gabriel's employers," and she asked about him. The nurse asked her if she knew the boy's next of kin, but Carly had no clue. Carly went out into the hall, and Parker and Liberty ran up. Carly reported that Gabriel was still unconscious, and Parker explained about the fire.

Liberty went into her friend's room and then asked why he was alone. She went to his bedside and spoke to Gabriel, and then she began asking questions. She wanted to know how the boy had hit his head, and Parker was quick to say it was probably an accident. Carly noticed how exhausted Liberty appeared, and she wanted to take the girl home, but Liberty said Gabriel had no one else but her, and she would stay. Carly and Parker went home.

Carly asked Parker to tell her what was bothering him, but he denied that anything was. Carly knew her boy, and she kept at him until he admitted it was about Gabriel. He sadly said that if Gabriel died, it would be Parker's fault because he had hit him. Parker said the boy fell and didn't get back up, so he assumed he had hit his head. Carly was horrified that Parker had run out, but her son said he had been totally freaked out. She asked why the boys had been arguing, and Parker said his mother didn't want to know. Carly insisted, so Parker admitted it had been about Craig, and he unloaded about his missing trust fund. Carly wondered why Craig would steal Parker's money when he had so much of his own, but Parker didn't know. He said he only knew that the bank had confirmed that it was gone.

Parker said that Gabriel had figured it all out and had blackmailed Craig into paying him off. Parker asked if they should call the police, but Carly was fearful that the police would think that her son had set the fire. Carly asked who else knew the truth, and Parker said only Gabriel, and perhaps Faith. Liberty walked in then and said that there had been no change in Gabriel's condition. Carly picked up her purse and coat and, as she left, reminded Parker not to say a word. Parker and Liberty talked, and the girl began to cry. She felt that Gabriel had never caught a break his whole life, and on top of it all, he was in critical condition.

When Lily dropped the bomb on Craig that he was Gabriel Carras' father, he told her she was out of her mind. He then declared, "That punk is not my son." Lliy assured him it was true, and she handed him Gabriel's birth certificate from Montega. Craig was stunned and refused to believe that it was authentic, and he told Lily that Gabriel was sneaky and conniving. He was sure that the boy was scamming him, because Gabriel had also claimed that he lived in Miami and had known Bryant. Lily was confused, and she explained that she knew that Gabriel had been in Montega for Lydia's funeral a few months earlier.

Lily also said that Sierra had known about Gabriel from the time he was born, and she had suspected that Craig and Lydia were having an affair. Eventually Lydia admitted it to Sierra, but Craig was floored that his ex-wife had always known. Then he looked hard at Lily and asked how long she had known, and when she stalled, he shouted, "How long?" Gabriel's nurse opened the door then and asked for quiet for her patient, so Craig took Lily's arm and hustled her to an empty room.

Craig repeated his question to Lily, who replied that she had heard about the boy also at his birth. She said that when Lucinda found out about Lydia, - but Craig stopped her by yelling, "Your mother! Why am I not surprised?" Craig asked if Lucinda had pulled out her checkbook and paid off "the poor, pitiful maid." He shouted that Lucinda had kept knowledge of his son from him, and Lily had helped keep the secret.

He asked how they could dare to assume that he would not care about the child. Lily shouted back that it was Lydia who had insisted that Craig not know. After all, Lily reminded him, it was not the first time a woman had refused to let Craig be a part of a child's life. Craig flushed and was obviously furious, as Lily said that Lydia had not wanted people to know she had slept with a married man.

Craig digested as much as he could of the situation, and then he told Lily that Gabriel hated him, too, but he didn't care. Lily cried that the boy needed him, but Craig repeated that he did not care. He announced that the kid had taken all that he was going to get from Craig. Craig warned Lily never to tell Gabriel any of the story, and he declared the boy to be her problem. He warned her to "stay the hell away" from him, and he walked out.

Lily went home and was looking at Gabriel's baby photo and the more recent picture when Holden walked in. He asked about the photos, but Lily said she was sorry, but she couldn't tell him. She began to cry, and Holden pushed her to tell him the reason. Finally Lily said she was fearful that she had made a terrible mistake.

Craig went the Lakeview bar and began drinking. He flashed back on his last argument with Gabriel, and then he got up and left. He returned to the hospital and watched through the window as Gabriel lay unconscious. "Why didn't you tell me?" he kept repeating. "Why didn't you tell me you were my son?" Craig finally walked into the room and said that he knew Gabriel never wanted the money; it was all about revenge on the father who had abandoned him. Craig began to weep, saying that he hadn't known who Gabriel was, nor had he realized the boy was in the building when he started the fire. Unknown to Craig, Carly watched him through the window.

Friday, April 30, 2010

At Lily's house, Holden tried to find out what was troubling Lily. Because Lily had promised Craig that she wouldn't say anything about Gabriel, she told Holden that she couldn't tell him, but did say that she'd made a bad decision years before that had caused several people a lot of pain. Holden gently encouraged Lily to confide in him, but Lucinda walked in before Lily could do more than shake her head, and Lucinda, quickly sizing up the situation, told Lily, "Don't!"

Lucinda told Lily that they didn't need to "wallow in unhappy memories," and Holden asked what made Lucinda think that he and Lily had been discussing unhappy memories. Lucinda walked up to Lily and told her it wouldn't help to rehash the past. Holden wondered why Lucinda thought Lily was upset, but Lucinda replied that she could tell by looking at Lily that something was bothering her. Holden explained that it was between him and Lily, and he asked Lucinda to stay out of it.

Lucinda turned and told Holden that she wouldn't stay out of it, and she reminded Holden of how much he had put Lily through. Lily stopped Lucinda and said that they both knew Holden hadn't done anything wrong. Holden suggested that Lucinda leave, but Lucinda said she'd just gotten there. Lily told Holden that she would talk to him later. After he made sure Lily would be okay, Holden left.

Lucinda cautioned Lily not to tell Holden that Gabriel was Craig's son, because Holden wouldn't be able to lie about it, and Craig would find out. Lily told Lucinda that Craig already knew. Lucinda was stunned to learn that Lily had told Craig about Gabriel, but Lily said that when she had encountered Craig at the hospital, she had felt that she had to tell the truth. Lucinda pointed out that Gabriel's mother, Lydia, hadn't wanted Craig to know he was the boy's father, but Lily said that with Lydia dead and Gabriel in critical condition, she believed the right thing to do was to let Craig know that he was Gabriel's father.

Lily thought that Gabriel already knew that Craig was his father, because Gabriel had taken up residence in Oakdale and had gone to work for Craig. Lily believed that if Gabriel did regain consciousness, he had the right to know that Craig hadn't abandoned him before he was even born. Lucinda said that Gabriel was better off without Craig in his life, but Lily said it wasn't up to them to decide that. Lucinda said she was certain that Craig would want to mold Gabriel into a "puppet of his will, the way he was trying to do with poor Bryant," and she turned to leave. When Lily asked where her mother was going, Lucinda replied, "I'm going to deal with this!"

At the hospital, Craig sat by Gabriel's bed and told the unconscious boy that he would pull through because he was strong, resilient, and a survivor, just like Craig. Carly approached the room and stood outside, remembering her conversation with Parker, when Parker had told her that Craig had been stealing money from his trust fund and that Gabriel had found out and had been blackmailing Craig. Craig turned his head and saw Carly standing outside the room.

Janet and Jack arrived back in Milltown. Janet thanked Jack again for having accompanied her to Melrose Park for her father's funeral. She commented about her dysfunctional family, but Jack nodded toward Carly's house and reminded Janet that he was used to difficult family situations. He assured Janet that no matter what, she and her baby would always be a part of his life.

As Carly was about to enter Gabriel's hospital room, her cell phone rang. It was Parker, who told her that Jack and Janet were back. were standing on the porch, and were about to enter the house. Parker asked what he should tell Jack; Carly admonished Parker not to tell Jack anything at all about what had happened. Parker said he didn't want to lie, but Carly said she wasn't asking him to lie; she simply didn't want Parker to volunteer any information. She suggested that Parker stay in his room, to avoid conversation with Jack and Janet, and she told him she would be home shortly.

Carly hung up and turned to leave, but Craig walked out of Gabriel's room and asked if Carly wanted to see Gabriel. Carly said that something else had come up, and she told Craig she would deal with him later. Craig asked why Carly seemed angry, and whether he'd done something. Carly replied, "You're damn right you did, and you're just lucky I don't have time to deal with you right now."

Craig went back into the room to sit by Gabriel. Margo walked in and was surprised to see Craig wiping away tears. When Margo remarked about it, Craig said he felt responsible for Gabriel's condition, since the fire had started in his office. Margo said that Craig had appeared very emotional, and Craig retorted that he had "actual feelings," then said, "I don't need this right now" and tried to leave the room. Margo stopped him and asked, "What is really going on?"

Margo apologized for having criticized Craig's feelings, but she said she'd been surprised because Craig had previously told her that he didn't care about Gabriel at all. Craig said that Gabriel seemed to be alone in the world, and Margo asked whether Craig had tried to track down Gabriel's family. Craig said any paperwork the company had on Gabriel had been destroyed in the fire.

Margo asked whether Gabriel had any friends in Oakdale, and Craig asked if Margo had turned their conversation into an interrogation. Margo said she was trying to find out why Gabriel hadn't gotten out of the building, and she asked whether Craig had seen Gabriel arguing with anyone. Craig asked if Margo thought someone had intentionally hurt Gabriel, but Margo said she was just asking a few questions.

Margo then asked if Craig had any idea how the fire had started, but Craig pointed out that the police had experts to answer questions like that. He said he didn't have anything else he could tell Margo, but she asked him to call her if he thought of anything.

At home, Jack greeted Parker, who hadn't made his escape quickly enough. Parker welcomed Jack and Janet back and told Janet he was sorry about her father's death. Jack asked what had been happening at home, but Parker said, "Just the usual," and then said he had homework to do. Liberty went downstairs and hugged her mom. When Janet asked her what was wrong, Liberty told Janet about the fire in Carly's building and said that Gabriel had been in the building and was hospitalized because of the fire.

Jack asked Parker if Carly was okay, and Parker told him that Carly hadn't been in the building when the fire started. Carly arrived and told Jack she was glad he was back. She hugged him and asked whether he'd heard about the fire. He said yes, and he told Carly he would call Margo to find out what she knew about it, but Carly asked him not to do that yet. She told Jack that the kids had missed him, and she asked him to let Margo handle things for a while so that he could spend some time with his family. Jack agreed.

Carly filled Jack in on the few details she knew about the fire, and she said that Gabriel had apparently fallen and hit his head at some point. Jack pointed out that the police would find out what had happened whenever Gabriel regained consciousness, but Liberty was worried that might not happen. Janet assured Liberty that Gabriel would pull through, because he was young and strong.

Jack asked Carly what had happened to her business, and she told him that virtually everything had been destroyed. Jack asked if there was insurance, so that the business could be rebuilt, but Carly said she wasn't thinking about that yet. Jack agreed that it wasn't the time to worry about that. Liberty was concerned that Gabriel was alone, and she told them that Gabriel had said that both of his parents were dead and that he had no other family.

Janet asked Liberty if she would help with the unpacking, so the two of them went upstairs. Carly asked Jack how the funeral had been, and he told her, "Rough." Jack remarked that it appeared that Carly and Parker had also had a tough time while he'd been gone, and he said he wished he could have been there for them, too. Carly assured Jack that she and Parker were fine, and Parker agreed.

Upstairs, Liberty filled Janet in on the tension between Parker and Gabriel. Janet wondered how Gabriel could have afforded to charter a plane to take him to Melrose Park, and Liberty said that Parker had wondered the same thing. Liberty said it didn't matter to her, but Janet said it sounded like it had mattered to Parker. Liberty agreed and told Janet that Parker and Gabriel had gotten into a big fight. When Janet asked if the fight had been about money, Liberty said the fight was about her.

Liberty told Janet that Parker had been out of control with his anger about Gabriel, and she explained that she and Gabriel had caught Parker searching through Gabriel's things in the hotel room where Gabriel had been staying. When Janet asked why Parker had done that, Liberty said it was because Parker thought Gabriel was hiding something from Liberty. Liberty told Janet that she wanted to be friends with both Parker and Gabriel, but Parker wasn't making that easy.

Downstairs, Jack told Carly that he knew the loss of her business must be hard on her. Carly said she was only concerned about Gabriel for the time being, so Jack reminded her that she hadn't caused the fire. Jack then said that they should try to focus on their own lives and family, and he suggested that they get Sage and take a walk together. Carly immediately said they couldn't do that. When Jack asked why, Carly told him that Parker needed to work on a paper for school. Parker agreed, and Carly said she would take him to the library to finish the paper.

Parker went upstairs to get his things, and Jack asked Carly what was really going on. Carly said she and Parker were just worried about the fire, and Jack asked why she seemed to be pushing him away when he was just trying to help.

When Parker returned with his things, Jack suggested that when Parker had finished his homework, he could visit Gabriel at the hospital. Janet walked into the room, however, and said she didn't think Parker should be anywhere near the hospital when Gabriel woke up. Carly replied that just because Parker and Gabriel had some disagreements didn't mean that Parker had wanted Gabriel to get hurt. Jack asked if things were really that bad between the two boys, and Carly said of course not. She then accused Janet of trying to make things seem worse than they were and of trying to cause trouble.

Janet protested that she wasn't trying to do that, but Carly said what mattered was Gabriel's recovery. Janet agreed but said she was also trying to look out for Parker. Carly said that she and Jack could look out for their own son. Janet apologized for having interrupted them, and she went into the kitchen to make a sandwich for Liberty.

Jack asked Carly not to take things out on Janet, but Carly said she resented Janet's implication that Parker didn't care about Gabriel just because they'd had some disagreements. Parker said his mom was right, regardless of what had happened between him and Gabriel. Carly interrupted before Parker could say anything else, and she told him that they needed to head for the library.

After Carly and Parker left, Jack went into the kitchen and asked Janet why she had said Parker shouldn't visit Gabriel. Janet told him what Liberty had said about Parker breaking into Gabriel's room. Jack wondered why Parker would do that, and Janet thought perhaps Parker was jealous of Gabriel. Janet apologized for having brought it up in front of Carly. Jack said he realized it was hard for Janet and Liberty to stay at Carly's, and Janet agreed and said they needed to get a place of their own as soon as possible. Jack promised to work on that, and Janet thanked him and hugged him.

Janet took a tray of food upstairs to Liberty, but Liberty said she wasn't hungry. Janet was concerned and insisted that Liberty eat something. Liberty ate a few bites to appease her mom. Janet said that she didn't feel like she'd been doing her job as a mom very well lately. Liberty told Janet that she understood how much Janet had been dealing with, but Janet promised Liberty that things would get better. Janet said the first thing they needed to do was get their own place to live. Liberty asked whether they would move into the house that Dusty had bought, but Janet said it would be better if they found their own place, where they could be completely independent.

In Old Town, Parker asked Carly why they couldn't just tell Jack what had happened, since Parker hadn't intended for Gabriel to get hurt. Carly reminded Parker that Parker had left Gabriel in the building unconscious. She said that Parker's story, although true, wouldn't sound good to the police, and Carly wanted to protect not only Parker but also Jack, because Jack would try to exonerate Parker.

Carly thought they should wait and see what the police learned about the case. Parker reminded his mother that they had both gotten in trouble in the past for lying to Jack, but Carly insisted it was their only choice. Parker said, "Maybe it is, but I don't think I can do it," and he walked away.

Carly followed Parker. Parker asked what Carly thought would happen when Jack found out they hadn't confided in him. Carly replied that she would make sure Jack understood it had been her decision. She then said it was possible that the police would conclude Gabriel's head injury was an accident, in which case there would be nothing for them to tell the police. Carly suggested that Parker get his books from the library and return home to study. He asked where she was going, but she simply said she had something to do.

Margo went to Carly's house and told Jack she was glad he was back in town. She then said that the police weren't sure yet whether the fire at Monte Carlo had been an accident or arson, and she wanted to assign Jack to the case. Jack said arson was the responsibility of the fire department, and Margo agreed, provided it was just a fire. Parker appeared in the doorway and stopped to listen to the conversation, unseen by either Jack or Margo. He heard Margo tell Jack that it looked like someone had knocked Gabriel out and then set the building on fire, and that she needed Jack to find out who it was.

Lucinda waited for Craig to return to his suite at the Lakeview. Craig was unhappy to see Lucinda and told her that he didn't want to talk to her. Lucinda barged into Craig's room, anyway, and tried to explain to Craig what a difficult situation she and Lily had found themselves in years earlier when they had learned about Gabriel's existence. Lucinda said that Gabriel was a stranger to Craig and apparently had wanted to remain that way, so she suggested that Craig simply walk away.

Craig tried to move past Lucinda, but she told him, "I mean it." Craig became consumed with anger and grasped Lucinda around the throat; he snarled, "If you don't shut your mouth, I swear to God I'll kill you!" Lucinda gasped, "Let go of me!" and Craig did, but he told her that she deserved a lot more than that for what she'd done. Craig then said that Lucinda and her daughters were nothing but liars, and because of them, it might be too late for him to ever know his son. Craig told Lucinda, "I swear to you, if I lose another one, you will lose everything you ever had. You understand me? Get out of my house!"

Lucinda immediately went to the farm and showed Holden the marks on her throat. She told Holden that she shouldn't have stopped Lily from talking to him earlier, and she warned Holden that Lily and the kids were in real danger. When Holden asked, "From whom?" Lucinda replied, "Craig."

Holden then went to Lily's house and told her about his visit from Lucinda. Lily was upset when Holden told her about Craig's attack on her mother, but Holden assured Lily that Lucinda was okay. Holden said that Lucinda was worried that Craig might try to hurt Lily or the kids next, because Craig also blamed Lily for keeping the truth from him. Lily said she could understand why Craig was so upset, but Holden said nothing gave Craig the right to attack Lucinda that way. Holden told Lily that if Craig tried to hurt her or their kids, he would have to go through Holden first.

Craig called the hospital to check on Gabriel's condition but was told there was no change. Craig poured himself a couple of stiff drinks. He then went to the burned-out offices of Monte Carlo, liquor bottle in hand, and finished the bottle while standing in the ruins of what was once his office. Craig hurled the empty liquor bottle against the wall, where it shattered. Carly walked up behind him and asked, "What was that? Another accident?"


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