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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 3, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Barbara was sketching Vienna's bridal gown when her phone rang. She answered it, and it was a reminder from her physician for an appointment to run some "routine tests" to see if she was still cancer free. Barbara examined her mouth and neck nodes and reassured herself that she had no symptoms, so there was no reason to worry. She tried to draw some more, but it was difficult for her to concentrate.

Henry awoke to find himself wearing only pajama bottoms and handcuffed to the headboard of the bed he shared with Vienna. Vienna, wearing her most seductive lingerie, greeted Henry and told him that he could hide, but he couldn't run. She began kissing Henry on his bare chest, but he continued to struggle and to remind her that they had agreed not to have sex until they were married.

Vienna, however, said that she had not agreed because that pledge was "un-Swedish." She then prepared to "ravage" Henry, who squawked about not using protection. Barbara knocked on the door and identified herself. She said she had a finished sketch of Vienna's wedding dress and some fabric samples for her to examine.

Vienna leapt off Henry and said she would be right there. She threw on her peignoir but refused to cover Henry, much to his embarrassment. Vienna opened the door, and Barbara walked in and gawked at an almost naked Henry in handcuffs. Vienna looked at Barbara's sketch and declared that she loved it, and then she asked a few questions about beading and decorations. Barbara also showed her the fabric samples, and Vienna scooped them up and took them into the bathroom where, she claimed, the light was better.

When Henry and Barbara were alone, Henry begged her to release him from bondage. He claimed that he wasn't Houdini, and he verbally pointed out the key to the handcuffs on the table. Barbara picked up the key and went to one side of the bed and released the restraint. Then she crawled over the top of Henry to get his second wrist. Vienna walked out raving about the fabrics, and she hugged Barbara, who then made a grateful getaway.

Vienna asked Henry how he had gotten loose, but she wanted to slip the cuffs back on him. He refused, so Vienna offered to be the one in bondage. Henry refused to play, again citing their "no sex before marriage" deal. He then accused Vienna of plotting to get pregnant without telling him.

Jack and Margo were in Carly's kitchen getting coffee, and Parker was parked outside the door, listening to their conversation. The cops were talking about the Monte Carlo fire, and Parker heard Jack say he was curious about who Gabriel really was. Margo said she had no leads on that, and then Parker was horrified to hear Jack say that if someone hurt Gabriel and left him in the office and then intentionally lit the fire, they were looking at attempted murder charges. Margo left for the station, as Jack saw Parker's expression and asked what was wrong. Parker denied that anything was amiss, as Janet entered the room, dressed for work.

Janet thanked Parker for the flowers he had sent to Rocco's funeral, and Parker excused himself to go work on his term paper. Jack seemed surprised that Janet was returning to work so soon after the rough trip to Melrose Park, and he said that he didn't think it was a good idea. He wanted Janet to rest, not be on her feet all night. Janet said she needed to be responsible for herself and Liberty, and that included earning a living. She thanked him and left for work.

At Metro, Dusty interviewed a potential employee for the hostess job, but he could not bring himself to hire Janet's replacement. He sent the young woman away, as Janet walked in. Dusty was glad to see her back to work, and he apologized for making things worse at her father's funeral. Janet explained that she needed to work in order to afford a place for her and Liberty to, but Dusty repeated his offer of letting them stay in the big brick house he had purchased. Janet said she needed time and distance from everything because she was confused. She could not promise that things would get any better.

Dusty offered any help Janet might need, and he headed for the kitchen to warn the staff of a busy evening ahead. Janet suddenly exclaimed out loud and giggled. Dusty ran back to see what was wrong, and Janet said she had just felt the baby kick for the first time. She took Dusty's hand and placed it on her abdomen, and he was amazed by what he felt.

Jack went to the police station and looked at the Monte Carlo fire file. Margo explained that the arson squad had been there twice already, and the point of origin of the fire appeared to be the fuse box. She also said that Gabriel's toxic screen had been negative. Margo was frustrated that she had been unable to locate the boy's family. All they knew was that the boy had first been a handyman at Fashions, and then he had gone to Monte Carlo. They also knew that the boy had been unconscious before the fire started, so he was not a suspect in the blaze. Margo said the next logical people to interview were Craig and Carly.

At the Monte Carlo offices, Carly wandered through the wreckage and told Craig that she was looking for anything salvageable. Craig said that everything was either "waterlogged or toast." He mumbled that things were not supposed to turn out that way, and Carly picked up on his words and his mood. Craig accused Carly of "badgering" him, and he stomped out. He went to the Lakeview bar, but Carly followed him. Craig tossed down multiple scotches, but Carly told him that was a bad idea. She reminded how badly she wanted a drink, but she refused to submit. Carly couldn't understand what sorrows Craig was attempting to drown, but after the next drink, the bartender cut him off.

Carly helped a stumbling Craig to his hotel room, and he kept mumbling, "My son, my son!" Carly thought he was referring to Johnny, so she told him she would arrange for the sitter to keep the boy while Craig was in bad shape. She got him on the couch, and then he passed out. Carly stood over him and smacked him in the face, but she got no response. She called him a "son of a bitch," and accused him of stealing from Parker's trust fund and then setting the fire for the insurance money. Carly said she hated Craig and picked up a large throw pillow and held it over his face. She changed her mind about actually smothering him, however, and she went prowling instead.

Carly looked through Craig's briefcase and then noticed that his computer was on. She brought up the file on Parker's trust fund and searched the withdrawals. She was furious when she saw what had happened to the money, and she printed out a copy of the file. She thought a minute and then picked up the phone. She called Margo and said she was worried that Craig might have alcohol poisoning, and she suggested that Margo check on her brother before long. Carly walked out, leaving the printout of the trust fund on the desk.

Margo told Jack about Carly's call, and she suggested that Craig and Carly were working together on the scheme. Jack didn't see it that way, and he said it only meant that Carly did a good deed and didn't leave Craig in a gutter somewhere. Margo did agree, however, that Craig was a much more likely suspect for burning down his own business. Jack left for Metro then, and he walked in to check on Janet.

Dusty was still feeling the baby kick, so Jack put his hand on Janet's belly also. He was impressed by the baby, and he wanted to take his ex-wife home to rest, but she insisted on staying. After Jack left, Dusty began handling the phone reservations, and Janet looked thoughtful. She approached Dusty finally and said that she couldn't work there any longer because she couldn't work so closely with him without being "with" him. She said being a hostess at Metro was the best job she'd ever had, so Dusty told her it was hers whenever she wanted to return. Janet grabbed her coat and walked out.

Parker slipped out and went to the hospital. He saw Gabriel's doctor, so he asked how the boy was doing. The doctor said Gabriel was still unconscious and still breathing with the help of a ventilator. He suggested Parker go in and talk to the boy, but Parker went home instead. He felt remorseful, but Carly reassured him that Gabriel's injury had been an accident. She was shocked, however, to learn that both Margo and Jack were investigating the accident. She also told Parker that she had given Jack some answers that might help Parker out of trouble, but she refused to say more on that subject.

Carly admitted that she thought Craig had set the fire to collect the insurance money. Parker asked what his mom had done, and she said that all the boy needed to know was that it was going to be Craig who took the fall. Just then Jack arrived home and asked what he was interrupting. Carly delivered a dissertation about how Parker had an important paper due, and she sent the boy to his room. She kissed Jack, and he wondered if he was missing something. Parker watched as Jack and Carly hugged.

In her room at the Lakeview, Barbara gave herself a pep talk about not getting involved with Henry ever again. Then she called Katie and asked about availing herself of Katie's matchmaking skills.

Margo arrived at Craig's hotel room, and the door was unlocked. She went in and her brother was still passed out on the couch. Margo could smell the alcohol fumes, and she walked over to Craig's computer and found the information Carly had printed out about the squandering of Parker's trust fund. Margo was horrified that her brother had stolen Parker's money.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Barbara met Katie in the lobby of the Lakview, and she was eager to meet the "date" whom Katie had set up for her. Katie pointed out a nice looking gentleman who waved enthusiastically at her and Barbara from across the lobby. "Oo-la-la!" chortled Barbara, who liked what she saw. Katie introduced Barbara to Rex, an anchor man at WOAK. He and Barbara sat at a table, and he complimented her on her beauty.

Katie excused herself and left the two daters alone. Rex made a few smarmy remarks to break the ice, including his asking Barbara which of his newscasts was her all-time favorite. He reeled off several by name until Barbara admitted that she got most of her news from the Internet. Rex called that "abhorrent," and he referred to her as "Barbie."

Rex next invited "Barbie" to go to his place to watch a DVD of his Emmy-worthy broadcast called "Funky Flowers." Barbara muttered, "Not in this lifetime." Rex then announced that he found "Barbie" to be "less than exciting," a comment that caught the ear of a handsome airline pilot sitting at the next table. The captain approached and, pretending that they were well acquainted, he begged Barbara to forgive him.

"Who's the flyboy?" asked Rex, as the captain introduced himself as Jim, and he further apologized for keeping Barbara waiting for him. He thanked Rex for keeping his lady company, as Barbara excused herself from Rex and led Jim away from the table. Jim whispered to her to "roll with it," unless she wanted to spend the evening listening to "Rex's greatest hits." Barbara caught on, so she ushered Jim back to the table and said she hoped Rex understood, but her boyfriend was back. Rex looked stunned, and he stood up and muttered "Signing off!" as he made his exit. Jim asked Barbara to have lunch with him, and she agreed.

Henry looked all around his bed for his watch, as Vienna pled with him to stay with her. Henry was depressed because his fiancée had tried to trick him into getting her pregnant. Vienna could not understand why Henry was stalling their wedding and putting off starting a family, but she agreed to compromise: they could delay the nuptials if Henry would agree to get working on the baby. Henry asked why it seemed such a "now or never" situation, and he was reluctant to make himself vulnerable to the agony of possibly losing another child.

Henry declared that he wanted to be in a solid marriage before they considered bringing a baby into their lives. He had doubts about his ability to be a good father, and he cited his crazy mother and maniacal father. He admitted he just wasn't at the point of wanting to father a child. Vienna began to cry, and she asked Henry if he was saying that he didn't want to marry her, so Henry ran into the bathroom.

Henry eventually walked out and sat beside Vienna on the foot of the bed. He said he loved her, and a guy would have to be crazy not to want to wake up next to Vienna Hyatt every day. Vienna got desperate and begged Henry to get in bed with her and show her how much he loved her. She shed her tears and wondered exactly what it was that was holding her lover back. Henry described it as feeling that Vienna deserved better, and he asked for time and space. Then Henry suggested that they get separate rooms for a while, and Vienna became angry and suggested that Henry could lose the best thing he'd ever had, and she flounced into the bathroom, as Henry left the room.

Alison walked through Old Town, and Casey called to her. She felt awkward, so Casey reminded her that they had agreed to try and feel more comfortable with one another. Casey asked if Alison would like to get a coffee with him, and she said that she was on her way to meet Katie to see a "chick flick" at the movies, and it was a "girls only" event. She went to the theater and met Katie, and Katie led the way to a seat right next to Chris Hughes, who was eating a huge bucket of popcorn.

Alison told Katie that her matchmaking had to stop, and Chris chimed in that it was driving him nuts, as well. They sat down with Katie in the middle, until she suddenly remembered that she was taking Jacob to a "Mommy and Me" swimming lesson that day. She excused herself, and Alison lit into Chris and told him that since Katie was his good friend, he should have discouraged her more. Alison was irritated, and she claimed she was in no way "looking for romance." Chris advised her to relax and enjoy the movie, but Alison didn't like the idea. Chris said he needed a break, so he was going to stay, and then Alison realized that her favorite actor was in the show, so she took the seat next to Chris.

After the movie, Chris and Alison were in Old Town enjoying themselves, and Casey walked by. Chris was spinning Alison around, and they were laughing, and Casey muttered, "Girls only, eh?" Alison assured him that she had not lied to him, and she explained that Katie had invited both her and Chris to the show. Casey was rude to Alison, but Chris stuck up for her as Casey took off. Alison looked at Chris and declared that the movie had been a mistake. She ran off, and Chris returned to the hospital.

At Memorial, Chris approached Reid Oliver who was checking Noah Mayer's chart prior to his surgery. Chris pointed out that the surgery Oliver was doing was still considered experimental, but Reid assured him that it was not risky with his talent. He also called Chris "Doogie."

Luke walked into Noah's room and told him that he had brought Noah's video camera. He offered to record the big moment in Noah's life when he regained his sight, and he asked Noah to say something. Noah said he had been waiting for the next moments for what seemed like a lifetime, and he was "so revved" at the thought of seeing again. He thanked Luke for standing by during the surgery, and he also apologized for some things he had said recently. Noah asked Luke to get in the picture with him, so Luke sat on the bed and filmed both of them. They were laughing when Dr. Oliver walked in, and Noah asked him for his life back. A nurse arrived and took Noah in a wheel chair to the operating room.

In the operating room, Noah lay on the table while Dr. Oliver scrubbed in. When the doctor joined them, the nurse informed Reid that Noah's blood pressure was spiking, and Noah confessed that he was really nervous. Reid cracked some jokes, and Noah began to relax, but he still fought the anesthetic. He asked for reassurance that the surgery would be successful, and Dr. Oliver advised him to close his eyes, and the next time he opened them, Noah would be able to see.

Katie found Luke pacing in the waiting room, and she was sorry that she had missed Reid. She showed Luke an Irish shamrock charm that she had wanted to give the doctor for good luck, but instead she handed it to Luke. She mentioned that Reid seemed to really like it in Oakdale, and he also liked Luke. Luke said that right before Noah's surgery, Reid had been acting rude again, so Katie asked if he had seen Noah and Luke together. Luke assured her that he and Noah were completely broken up, but Katie thought that something had changed about Reid since his return from Texas. She hinted that she and Luke both knew what it was.

A nurse arrived in the waiting room to tell Luke that Noah's surgery was beginning and would take a couple of hours. Luke warned Katie that he couldn't do the matchmaking thing while he was so distracted about Noah. He said that even though he and Noah were no longer a couple, he still loved and had concern for Noah. Katie wished Luke good luck, and she headed home.

Back at the Lakeview, Barbara and her pilot were conversing, and she inadvertently brought up Henry's name. Then she mentioned him again and said how completely wrong for her he was. Barbara could not stop talking about her ex-lover, until she suddenly realized that she was as self-centered as Rex. Jim excused himself to check in with his airline, but when he retuned, he warned, they could talk about anything but Henry.

Henry walked into the lobby and saw Barbara sitting alone at a table. He began walking over to her, but just then Jim the pilot returned and apologized for keeping Barbara waiting. He said he was all clear for the rest of the day and then asked if they were "done with Henry." Barbara grinned and said, "Henry who?" Henry overheard the conversation and was crushed.

Henry went to Katie's and asked her to talk again with Vienna and "slow her down." He said Vienna had tried to trick him into impregnating her, complete with handcuffs. Katie said Vienna was more desperate than she thought, but Katie was shocked that Henry had suggested separate rooms. Henry claimed he was trying to keep his "soldiers from getting hijacked," but Katie yelled at him to man up, find Vienna, and make a baby. She shoved him out the door, but Henry wormed his way back in. Katie said if he blew it again, Vienna was gone for good.

Henry gave a pitch for a good life with Vienna, but then he said, "On the other hand..." Katie stopped him there and forbade him to mention Barbara Ryan's name. Katie claimed Henry was afraid of commitment, but he responded that he had better just find his fiancée and throw himself at her feet. Katie encouraged him to go after what made him happy, and everything would work out. Henry walked out, as Katie said to herself, "This matchmaking stuff is hell."

The babysitter brought baby Jacob home, and Katie put him down for a nap. Chris Hughes pounded on her door and demanded that Katie back off with Alison. He said that he and Alison were a "train wreck," and he begged Katie to stop matchmaking. He remarked that he knew Katie was lonely, but that upset her. He ordered her to get off his case before she drove every eligible female in Oakdale away. Chris was shouting so loudly that he awakened Jacob, so Katie brought the baby out and had Chris hold him while she fixed a bottle. Chris told the infant that his mama was lonely and needed a man.

Vienna went to Metro and sat at the bar. She ordered a "Swedish Iceberg," a mixture of champagne, vodka, and lime juice. Casey Hughes walked in and sat beside Vienna and said he'd have one of those, as well. He asked Vienna if she and Henry were still together, and Vienna said she thought they were. Then she asked Casey what was wrong with her, and Casey looked at her and grinned, "Nothing at all." Vienna declared that Henry found her quite resistible lately, so Casey asked if Henry suffered from "equipment failure." Vienna assured him that Henry did not have that affliction, and Casey replied that Henry was a fool.

Casey told Vienna that while she was in Europe, his fiancée, Alison, had cheated on him right before the wedding, and now she had "the hots" for his uncle. Vienna said she could top that and began her sad tale. They ordered more Swedish Icebergs, and Casey talked about his pre-law courses. Vienna complimented Casey on his hair and eyes, and then she suggested they get out of there together.

In the hospital, Dr. Oliver began working on Noah, as the boy dreamed of filming Luke. Suddenly, however, the dream faded to black, and the doctor called for suction because he was "losing him." Meanwhile, Luke continued to pace until Reid finally appeared. He said he had found some additional damage that the CT scan and MRI had not revealed. A blood vessel had leaked, which had caused some complications. Luke asked if that meant that Noah might not regain his sight, but the doctor said the boy's eyesight was not part of the problem. Then Reid admitted that Noah might have suffered brain damage, but they would not know until he woke up.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vienna kissed Casey and made her intentions clear. When Casey asked about Henry, she said, "Who?" Vienna invited Casey back to her room at the Lakeview, and they tumbled onto the bed. She tossed off a book she'd been reading called How to Conceive a Child, as Casey stopped her to ask if she had a condom. Vienna claimed she was "on the pill," and she further attested that she had been recently tested for STDs. Casey said he had too, so Vienna pronounced them "good to go."

Not long afterwards, Casey lay next to Vienna, and she asked him if he had any dark secrets, such as diseases or insanity. Casey looked at her and answered, "I'm a Hughes. We invented "normal." He was a bit put off by Vienna's post-coital disinterest after she had gotten what she wanted, but then Casey said that it didn't bother him at all if Vienna needed to "use" him to forget Henry. Vienna smiled and said Casey had been the perfect person for her to run into. He kissed her on the cheek, they thanked each other, and Casey left. Vienna picked up her book, propped her heels on the headboard, and said, "Swim, boys! Swim for my Henry!"

At the farm, Molly was trying a recipe from Cooking with Love, a new cookbook, when the phone rang. She answered by saying, "Hell's Kitchen!" and that made Holden laugh on the other end of the line. Molly told him that she had an amazing meal sizzling on the stove, and they would also have the whole house to themselves that night. Holden said he would be later than he thought because he and Lily were heading to the hospital to support Luke while Noah was in surgery. Molly was disappointed that Holden would be delayed, so she took off her apron, grabbed her purse, and took off.

At Memorial, Luke asked Dr. Oliver to tell him again what had happened with Noah. Reid said there had been an unforeseen problem once he had gone inside Noah's skull, and he found more damage than he anticipated. The doctor was prepared to give Luke more details, but Luke yelled at him to stop the "doctor talk." He shouted at Reid that he had been bragging for weeks that he was the only neurosurgeon who could restore Noah's sight, and yet there were complications. Oliver called Luke "Mr. Snyder," and he cited the risk for problems with such an operation.

Luke raised his voice again and ordered the doctor to talk to him like a human being and to "cut the crap." Lily and Holden walked by then, and Holden grabbed Luke and pulled him out of Dr. Oliver's face. "What have you done?" shouted Luke. The doctor left, and Luke's parents tried to calm him. Molly walked in, as well, and Holden told her that Noah was in the ICU with complications. Luke excused himself to go get some air, as Molly hugged Holden, and Lily watched.

Luke returned and apologized to his folks for losing control. He promised he would not challenge Dr. Oliver any more, and he asked them all to go home. Lily said she would honor his wishes and go home, so Holden walked her out and said he was uneasy sending her home alone with Craig on a rampage about Gabriel. Lily was not afraid, and she left the hospital. Holden returned to Molly, and they headed to the farm.

Reid Oliver looked at Noah's brain scans and asked out loud why he had not seen something that was obvious to him after the surgery. Dr. Bob walked in and suggested that the doctor not second-guess himself. Bob said he knew Reid, and what had happened was not his fault. Bob told Reid to go home and rest, but the surgeon fought it. Finally Bob the administrator had to order him to leave.

Luke found Bob in the hospital and asked if there had been any change in Noah's condition, but Bob explained that it would take a great deal of time before they knew if there was any brain damage. He told Luke not to question what he and Noah had wanted, but Luke said that he had trusted Dr. Oliver's judgment implicitly.

Molly served Holden his dinner, and he approved of the new recipe. He was very distracted, however, and he didn't eat much. He was upset that he couldn't "fix things" for people he cared about, however Molly said she had just the thing. She began to give Holden a neck massage, and she blew out the dinner candles. The two of them hugged as Holden's phone rang, and the caller was Lily. She said she was frightened because she had arrived home to find her front door standing open, and no lights on in the house. She was calling from outside the house, so Holden told her to wait in her car, and he would be right there.

Holden drove to Lily's house and turned on the lights in the house. Nothing appeared amiss, but Natalie's lacrosse stick and backpack were on the living room couch. Holden realized that their daughter had rushed in and dumped her stuff and then rushed out to her piano lesson. She probably had forgotten to shut the door well, but Holden told Lily she had done the right thing in calling him. The two of them hugged, while at the Snyder farm, a lonely Molly relit the candles on the dinner table and began drinking wine.

Reid Oliver had heeded Dr. Hughes's advice and gone home to Katie's. He was getting dressed after a long shower when Luke rang the doorbell. Luke barged in and asked how Reid could have left Noah alone at the hospital. He assumed that the doctor did not care if his patients lived or died, but then Dr. Oliver said that Luke didn't know when to stop. Luke blustered on and wanted to know if Reid had done something to Noah on purpose. The doctor could not believe that Luke was accusing him, but Luke yelled that Oliver could not stand it that Luke still had feelings for Noah, even thought the two were no longer a couple.

They argued loudly until Reid yelled at Luke to "shut the hell up." The doctor was hurt that Luke had such a wrong opinion of him. Finally Luke admitted that he had no idea what he thought about Reid because he didn't really know him. Luke was tearful as he thought about losing Noah, but Reid moved closer, and suddenly the two were locked in a passionate kiss, which soon became many kisses.

A gloomy Henry watched Barbara flirt with her airline pilot in the Lakeview lobby. The captain said he loved to dance and wanted to try out a new dance club in town, and he asked if Barbara was interested. She agreed and then excused herself to go to the ladies' room while the pilot settled the bill. The moment Barbara left the room, Henry scooted into her empty chair and warned the captain that Barbara was "a very dangerous woman on the dance floor." He said she tended to make scenes, but the pilot was not buying it. He called Henry "Paul," and he asked how he could do something like that to his mother.

Barbara returned and saw Henry sitting with her date, as Henry said that he was not the man the captain thought he was. The pilot still thought that Henry was Paul, and he said that Barbara had told him how Paul had tried to get between her and her ex-boyfriend, Henry. Barbara walked up and told Henry to scram, but she did not call him by name. Henry went off on a tirade against the pilot, who was horrified that Barbara's son appeared to feel romantic about her. He put the money for drinks on the table and called both of them "sick." He walked out as Barbara poured a glass of ice cubes over Henry's head.

Henry mopped his brow as Barbara asked him how low he could go. She accused him of planning a wedding and a baby with Vienna, while at the same time scaring off a very nice pilot who had expressed an interest in her. Henry declared that he was neither marrying nor having a child with Vienna. He said those ideas were "on hold." Barbara didn't think much of Henry's stringing along both women again, and she said she had too much to think of, not the least of which was an impending appointment with her cancer specialist.

Henry questioned Barbara about her appointment, and when he saw how anxious she was, he offered to accompany her. Barbara was still angry that Henry had ruined her chance to have dinner and go dancing with a nice man, but Henry promised he would make it up to her. He escorted her to Metro where Barbara spotted a poster proclaiming it was the night of a Disco Dance Contest. She told Henry that he was out of his mind, but just then the first couple in the competition took the floor.

Barbara knew the dancers and said they were really good -- and young. She was afraid that she and Henry would not measure up, especially after the couple scored 28 out of 30 points. Henry and Barbara went next, and the two performed some tricky moves, including spins and lifts. They scored exactly the same, so the judges said there would be a dance-off. Barbara and the other woman finalist went to powder their noses, and when they returned, the younger woman was limping badly. She grumbled to her partner that she hadn't seen a "Wet Floor" sign in the ladies' room and had slipped and twisted her ankle badly. Henry gave Barbara a wink and a nudge as the other couple withdrew from the contest.

Barbara and Henry had a close moment until his phone rang. His caller was Vienna who said she really needed him, so Henry agreed to go to her. He thanked Barbara and called her "incredible." Back in her hotel room, Barbara twirled with her very large dance trophy, and then she put it in front of her mirror and smiled.

Vienna knew that Henry was on his way, so she pinched herself to bring tears to her eyes. When Henry knocked on the door, she said how sorry she was for even thinking of tricking him into getting her pregnant so that he would have to marry her. Vienna said she loved Henry very much, and he could take all the time he needed to make up his mind. She removed her engagement ring, handed it to him, and said that she could wait until he put it on her finger again forever.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reid Oliver and Luke continued kissing at Katie's house, and eventually they began undressing one another. Suddenly Luke cried out, "What the hell am I doing?" Reid suggested that Luke was overreacting, but Luke had remembered that Noah was lying in a hospital bed, and no one knew what state he would be in when he awakened. Luke could not understand why he had kissed Reid so willingly, but he said he needed to return to Noah's side.

Reid asked Luke to be honest and admit that something had been brewing between the two of them for a while, and they had both wanted it to happen. Luke said his priority had to be Noah, and he had to stick by him, no matter what. The doctor said he understood the situation better than Luke did, as Luke walked out.

Luke went to Memorial and visited Noah, who was still asleep. Luke sat and held his friend's hand and asked him to wake up. Dr. Oliver surprised Luke by joining them, and he told Luke that he needed to examine his patient, but he invited Luke to stay. Luke tried to bring up what had happened at Katie's house, but Reid said that he needn't talk about it. Luke apologized anyway for his baseless accusations, and he said he knew that Dr. Oliver would never intentionally hurt a patient.

Luke also said that he had never been with anyone but Noah, and he had thought they would always be together. Reid looked at Luke and said that explained a lot. The doctor decided to keep Noah sedated for one more day, and he encouraged Luke to stay with Noah. Luke sat next to Noah again, as Reid watched through the window.

At Al's diner, Liberty, who was wearing a long wig, greeted her mother. She asked Janet not to make a big deal out of it, but Janet said the hairpiece looked very natural, and that pleased the girl. Dusty peeked through the diner's window and beckoned to Liberty to join him. He told her that he had Janet's last pay check from Metro, and Liberty said her mom was obsessed with working double shifts to get enough money for them to rent an apartment of their own. Liberty remarked how stubborn her mom was and how she wished Janet would let Dusty help them.

Dusty mentioned that Liberty's new look was "cool," and he asked when Janet had her next break. Liberty said in about half an hour, and Dusty liked that. Janet spotted the two of them chatting outside, and she looked displeased, but then Dusty walked in and greeted her. He handed her the check and sat at a table. He ordered a huge meal with two of everything, and Janet commented that Dusty was acting as if he was "headed to the electric chair." She brought out the order of salad, chowder, a turkey burger, a BLT sandwich, onion rings, fries, orange soda, and a Coke.

Dusty grinned and asked which of the items Janet would like for her lunch, and she chose exactly as he knew she would: the salad, the turkey burger, the onion rings, and the orange soda. Janet finally figured out that Dusty was inviting her to eat with him, and she called him "a sneaky little devil." She took her break then and enjoyed her lunch. Janet had to go back to work, so Dusty returned to Metro.

Dusty told Teri that he needed her help, and so did her sister. He laid out his plan and Teri agreed to play her part because she firmly believed that Dusty and Janet belonged together.

Teri went to Al's and got Janet to go outside with her for a minute. She said she had received a call from their parents' lawyer, and their recently deceased "Pop" had set aside some money for his children in the event of his death. Janet said she wasn't surprised, but she knew she would have been excluded. Teri corrected her and said all of the children shared in the inheritance. All Janet had to do was call a number and give her bank account number and the routing numbers, and the money would be hers in a day.

Janet was excited that all the years she had been estranged from her family, her father must have been thinking of her. Also, it made a huge difference if she could get her own place with Liberty and the new baby. Janet hugged her sister as Dusty grinned and watched from the shadows.

At the police station, Margo dropped the bomb on Jack that Craig had completely depleted Parker's trust fund for his own purposes. She said she had a search warrant for her brother's hotel room and his safe deposit box, and she hoped to gather more evidence. Jack asked how much money Craig had stolen, and Margo answered, "All of it." Jack swore he would kill Craig, and he bolted for the door, but Margo restrained him. She demanded that he stay away from her brother and go tell Carly and Parker what was going on.

Under Carly's tutelage, Parker practiced going ballistic upon hearing that his trust fund was gone. Carly advised her son to change some of his language and also to ramp up the "shock" factor. Carly explained that she was worried that if the police knew that Parker already had knowledge of his missing trust money, they would assume he had also started the fire at Monte Carlo to get even with Craig. Carly asked Parker to run through his lines again, and she cautioned him about tapping his fingers against his leg the way he always did when he lied.

Parker tried the shock and outrage part again, but Carly still wasn't satisfied. Parker got really upset on his own, not just because of his missing money, but also because of the fact that they had to lie to his father again. Jack walked in then and said he was glad they were both there because he had something bad to tell them. He began by telling Parker that there was a "problem" with the boy's trust fund, and Carly faked confusion and asked what kind of problem.

Jack said that Craig had been using the fund for himself, and Carly called her business partner "a snake." When they learned all the money was gone, Carly threatened to kill Craig, while Parker feigned horror. Jack explained that Margo was handling Craig, but it looked as if Craig had used most of the money to fund Monte Carlo. Parker grabbed a small vase and smashed it against the wall, but Jack excused him and almost approved. He explained that they might be able to recover some of the money, but it all depended on how Craig had used it.

Carly and Jack assured Parker that he would be all right and his entire future was not down the tubes. Parker said he needed some air and asked to take a walk. Jack said that was fine, and he declared that he was returning to the station, and Carly said she would go with him.

Craig awoke from his drunken stupor in his hotel room, and he held his aching head with one hand and called Ellis, his accountant, with the other. Ellis was basking in a tropical sun somewhere, but he did pick up his phone. After calling the man a few choice epithets, Craig asked if Ellis knew how much he had cost Craig with his lousy financial advice. Craig also said that Gabriel Carras was his son, and he had almost killed his own boy. Ellis said he was sorry about that, but Craig bellowed that he didn't want "sorry," he wanted cash.

Craig could hear waves lapping in the background, so he hollered at Ellis and asked if he was at a beach somewhere. Ellis hung up, as Craig yelled that he hadn't invested Craig's millions, he had stolen it. Just as Craig realized that his threats were pointless because Ellis had disconnected, Margo knocked on his door and called out Craig's name. Craig took a couple of deep breaths and opened the door. Margo and a uniformed policeman stood there, and Margo announced that they were there to search Craig's room. She produced a warrant and walked into the room. Margo directed the cop to pick up Craig's laptop computer, and she accused her brother of stealing Parker's trust fund.

"Oh, that," said Craig dismissively, and he claimed the whole fiasco was a "huge misunderstanding." He said the real criminal was Ellis Nelson, his accountant. Craig maintained that he had trusted Ellis to invest Parker's money and double it, and that way Craig could replace Parker's funds and keep Monte Carlo going. Margo asked if Parker knew about the risky investment, but Craig said no, it had been a "trustee's decision," because it had looked like a win/win situation.

Margo and her assistant transported Craig to the station and put him in the interview room. Craig whined that he had been a victim, as well, but Margo suggested he not go down that road. She wanted to know how far her brother would go to "cover up" what he had done. At that point, the door flew open and Jack and Carly flew in. Craig jumped up and offered to explain everything. Carly ran directly to him and kneed him mercilessly, causing Craig to collapse.

Carly accused Craig of robbing her son of his entire trust fund, but Craig described it as "a bad move." Margo asked Carly and Jack to step outside, but Craig wanted to speak with Carly alone. Margo was reluctant, but she and Jack left the interview room. Outside, Margo handed Jack some financial information from Craig's computer that showed how he had spent the money. Jack read that a portion of it had been invested in Monte Carlo, but the rest was spread out, including a large chuck sunk into "Capri Holdings."

Jack also saw that someone had made several charges to a debit card, including the charter of a private jet from Chicago to Melrose Park, and back to Chicago. Jack pointed out that Craig had never flown to Melrose Park, but Gabriel Carras had. Margo asked if Jack thought Craig and Gabriel might have been working together, but Jack tended to think that Gabriel was blackmailing Craig instead.

Inside the interview room, Carly told Craig that she believed him when he had claimed he cared about Parker. Craig said he still did, but Carly pointed out that Craig had stolen her boy's future. Craig swore he had done everything for Carly, and he would never have used her son's money if he hadn't run out of his own. Carly could not understand why no one had wanted to invest in her company, and Craig blamed it on the poor economy. Carly suggested that their business partnership was merely a means for Craig to continue a personal relationship with her. He admitted that was a factor.

Craig had no clue that Carly would never have anything to do with him again. When she told him that and vowed she would never work with him either, he was surprised. Carly said she wanted Craig to suffer for his actions as he had never suffered before, and she stomped out of the room and headed home. Margo and Jack returned to Craig and asked him to confess to starting the fire for the insurance money, but Craig played dumb. Jack brought up Gabriel Carras' name, and Margo asked if the boy was blackmailing Craig. Craig laughed and called her idea "crazy." Jack announced that Craig was "going down."

Parker met up with Liberty at Carly's, and he asked her how Gabriel was doing. Liberty said she had just been to the hospital, but there was no change. Parker liked her wig, and they talked about how sorry Liberty felt for Gabriel, who had no one looking out for him. They sat together on the couch, and Liberty said she was determined to discover how Gabriel had gotten hurt.

Carly arrived home and found Parker sitting by himself out on the porch. He said Liberty was inside and very upset about Gabriel. Parker said he couldn't stand lying to her any longer, and it made him feel like "the bad guy." Carly said the police had arrested Craig for stealing Parker's trust fund, but it was only a matter of time before they nailed him for arson, too. Then, promised Carly, Parker would be off the hook.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dusty, who was walking through Old Town with Johnny, called the bank to be sure some money had been transferred into Janet's account. Dusty then asked what Johnny wanted to do for the afternoon. Johnny asked if they could visit his other dad, Craig, and Dusty said, "Maybe later." Johnny then asked to go to the park, and Dusty agreed.

As they started to leave, Janet approached and said it was nice to see the handsomest guy she knew, along with Dusty. Janet told Dusty that she was on her way to look at an apartment to rent. Dusty asked whether Janet needed any financial help, but Janet told him that her father had left her some money, which had been a welcome surprise to her.

As they walked along, Janet asked Dusty how long Craig might be in jail. Dusty said it depended on when or whether Craig made bail, but in the meantime, Dusty would be watching Johnny. Janet asked if Dusty needed help, but Dusty said he had it under control, although he appreciated the offer.

Janet said she appreciated Dusty's offer of help, too, especially since he wasn't pushing her about it. Dusty shrugged and said he knew that Janet needed some space. Dusty asked Janet about the apartment she was going to check out, and she told him some details about it. Johnny asked when he could see it, and Janet told Johnny that both he and Dusty were welcome to visit her anytime.

Parker showed up at the police station, much to Carly's dismay, because he was worried about what Craig might say concerning the fire. Carly told Parker that he should go back home and stay as far away from the police station as possible.

Jack was surprised when Craig walked into the interrogation room, sans handcuffs. Craig told Jack that he had made bail. Jack pointed out that making bail was not the same thing as being declared innocent. Craig replied that he hadn't stolen the money from Parker's trust fund but had simply borrowed it to start Carly's business. Craig said there wouldn't have been a problem repaying the money if Ellis hadn't cheated him and skipped town.

Jack asked about the fire at Monte Carlo, but Craig swore he hadn't started it. Craig said that if he had known that Gabriel was inside the building, he would have run in after Gabriel himself. He asked Jack, "What kind of monster would do that to..." but didn't finish the sentence. Jack asked, "To who?" Craig replied, "To anybody."

Carly walked into the interrogation room and overheard Craig tell Jack that he was guilty of a lot of things, but not of leaving a boy in a burning building. Jack looked at Carly and said she knew Craig better than anybody; he asked her if she thought Craig was capable of trying to kill Gabriel.

Craig turned and told Carly that she knew he was a lot of things; she replied, "You certainly are... A thief, a liar, a hypocrite, and apparently, an arsonist." Craig again insisted he hadn't started the fire and that he wasn't a killer. Carly reminded Craig that he had once put a bomb in Paul Ryan's car and that he'd run Rosanna off the road after she learned he had switched Gwen and Jennifer's babies. Craig said he had changed since then, but Carly disagreed.

Carly told Jack that she didn't think Craig had a sincere bone if his body. Craig was disappointed by Carly's attitude, and he said he would leave. Jack warned Craig not to leave town. Craig said he had no intention of leaving town, because he wanted to prove he hadn't done anything to harm Gabriel, no matter how long it took.

Parker went to Java and ran into Craig. Craig told Parker that he'd made a mistake by using Parker's money without Parker's permission, but he had intended to put all the money he'd taken from the trust fund back later. Parker asked why Craig hadn't just asked for the money in the first place. Craig said he should have done so, and he said he was "feeling the heat" and deserved most of it.

Craig asked how he could make it up to Parker. Parker asked what Craig meant when he said he deserved "most" of the heat. Craig told Parker that he hadn't hurt Gabriel and that even Jack seemed to believe him about that. Craig said that Jack was a good cop, and Jack would be able to get to the truth. Parker said he wanted Craig to stay away from him and his family, and then Parker walked away.

Dusty took Johnny to the Lakeview for a milkshake. Craig walked up and greeted his son. When Craig bent down next to Johnny, he noticed that Johnny had hurt his wrist. Dusty told Craig that Johnny had taken a tumble but was fine. Craig became excited and asked whether Dusty had taken Johnny to the hospital to have the injury checked. Dusty told Craig to calm down, but Craig became more agitated and told Dusty, "You have no idea what my son means to me!"

Dusty pulled Craig aside and said that Craig's behavior was freaking Johnny out more than Johnny's injury had. Dusty remarked that he could see that Craig was on edge because of whatever trouble he was in, but Craig said he could handle it. Dusty didn't think Craig should be handling it in front of Johnny, and he said he didn't think Craig was capable of taking care of Johnny under the circumstances. Craig became angry and said that if he needed any help with Johnny, he would call Katie, but he didn't want Dusty anywhere near Johnny.

Back at the police station, Jack told Carly that he almost believed that Craig was telling the truth. Jack said that it was weird that Craig was willing to admit he'd stolen money from Parker's trust fund, but not that he'd hurt Gabriel. Carly said that was Craig's trick, to plead guilty to the lesser charge in order to get away with the bigger crime.

Carly told Jack that he looked tired after having been at work all night, and she suggested that he go home with her for at least a couple of hours of rest. Jack said he still had a lot of paperwork to do on the arson case, and he had to call the bank about Parker's money, but Carly said Jack could do all of that two hours later. She told Jack that she needed him and reminded him that they hadn't had any alone time since Jack had returned from Rocco's funeral.

Jack agreed, and together, they went to Carly's house. Carly offered to make something for Jack to eat, but he said he only wanted coffee. Carly pointed out that Jack wouldn't be able to sleep if he drank coffee, but Jack said he didn't think he'd be able to sleep regardless. Carly said that if Jack couldn't sleep, maybe they could do "a little bit of this, a little bit of that."

Jack laughed and then told Carly he was sorry that he'd been so distant recently. Carly said Jack could make it up to her. They kissed and headed for the bedroom. After they made love, Carly told Jack that everything else faded away whenever they were together that way. Jack said maybe they made things more complicated than they needed to be. Carly said the remedy for that would be to remember what was really important, no matter what they had to do when things became complicated. Jack agreed, "as long as we do the right thing."

Carly became tearful, and Jack asked if she was okay. Carly answered that she was, and she said she hoped Jack knew how much she loved him. They went downstairs, and Jack said he was suddenly starving. Janet walked in and apologized when she realized what she'd walked in on, but Jack said Janet lived there, too. Janet said, "Well, luckily, not for much longer! For you two, I mean!"

Janet told Carly and Jack that she'd found a nice three-bedroom apartment on the east side of town by the lake. Jack asked what street it was on, and when Janet said Crenshaw, Jack said that neighborhood had had a series of burglaries in the previous few months. He also pointed out that in traffic, it could take him thirty minutes to get to the apartment, but Carly didn't think that was important. Jack said it would be important when Janet was closer to her due date.

Jack thought Janet should wait and try to find a place a little closer to him. Carly, annoyed, said that if Janet liked the apartment, Janet should take it. Carly's cell phone rang; when she answered, it was Parker, who told her that they had a big problem. Carly went into the kitchen to talk to him, and he told her about his encounter with Craig and that Craig thought Jack had believed that Craig hadn't hurt Gabriel.

Carly told Parker that wasn't true, and that even if Craig did convince Jack of that, nothing could be traced back to Parker as long as Parker kept quiet. Parker said that eventually, Jack would probably want to ask him more questions about Gabriel, which would mean Parker would have to lie some more, and Parker didn't think he could do that. Carly told Parker to stay calm and let her handle it.

Meanwhile, Janet told Jack that she and the baby would be fine. She said that she needed to move out, and Jack needed to let her, for the sake of his relationship with Carly. Carly appeared and asked if Janet needed any help with her things, but Janet said she thought she had everything she needed.

When Jack went to help Janet carry her things to her car, Carly called Parker back to make sure he was doing okay. Parker asked if they could just not talk about it anymore, and Carly said okay. She asked where Parker was. Parker told her that he was checking on Gabriel at the hospital. Carly didn't think that was a good idea, and she warned Parker not to talk to anyone while he was at the hospital. Parker agreed to be careful.

Jack and Janet walked back inside the house, and Janet thanked both Jack and Carly for letting her stay with them temporarily. Carly wished Janet good luck, and Janet left. Jack said that Carly must be relieved that Janet was gone, but Carly surprised him by saying that she wasn't. Carly said, "I don't think this is going to work, Jack."

Carly told Jack that even though they had been working on their relationship, it was getting harder to sustain. Carly said that although it was understandable, Jack would be focused on another woman, because he would be so involved with Janet during her pregnancy and then after the birth of his child. Jack promised that he would be there for Carly 100%, but he said Carly couldn't ask him not to worry about his child. Carly said she wasn't asking him to do that.

Carly looked at a photograph of Parker and Jack, and then she told Jack, "I think you need to move out." Jack, stunned and confused, reminded Carly that they had just made love in the bed upstairs, and he said he was where he belonged. Carly said that after Janet had arrived, Carly had lost Jack again. Jack replied, "That's not true, and you know it," but Carly insisted, "This is the best thing for all of us. You gotta go."

Dusty found the apartment that Janet was about to rent and gave the landlord some cash to make sure that Janet was at the top of the landlord's list of tenants to satisfy. Dusty also mentioned that he had arranged to have new appliances delivered for the apartment, but he asked the landlord not to tell Janet that Dusty had paid for them. Janet walked up and greeted Dusty and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Holden went to WOAK to take Molly to lunch, but she wasn't ready. Molly informed Holden of Craig's arrest and told him that Craig was being charged with arson and attempted murder. When Holden heard that the police were charging Craig with attempting to murder Gabriel, he told Molly that he had remembered something he needed to do, and he said he would return soon.

Lily called Lucinda to let her know that the hospital had said that Gabriel's condition was unchanged. After they discussed whether Lily should feel responsible for Gabriel's fate, Lily told Lucinda that someone was at the door, and she hung up. It was Holden, who told Lily about Craig's arrest.

Lily looked on the Internet at the news stories about the fire, and she remarked to Holden that none of the stories mentioned a connection between Gabriel and Craig. Holden said he doubted that Craig would want anyone to know that Gabriel was his son, under the circumstances. Holden was glad that Craig was in jail, so that Craig couldn't try to do anything to Lily or the kids in retaliation for Lily having kept the information from him.

Lily wondered whether it would have made any difference if she had told Craig sooner about his relationship with Gabriel. Holden said Lily shouldn't worry about that, because she, Lucinda, and Sierra had done what they thought was right years before. Lily worried that perhaps she should do something, but Holden said Lily needed to stay out of it, for the sake of the kids. When Lily said it wasn't that easy, Holden replied, "It's not about what's easy. It's about what's right for our family."

Molly approached the house and glanced through the window in time to see Holden give Lily a hug. Molly shook her head and walked away from the house.

Lily apologized to Holden for the fact that Lucinda had gotten him involved in the situation with Craig, but Holden said he was glad Lucinda had told him, especially after the way Craig had physically assaulted Lucinda. Holden told Lily that he wanted to talk to Jack to find out how the case was going. He also said that he wanted Lily to let him know immediately if anything out of the ordinary happened. Lily agreed to do that and told Holden that she felt better knowing he was close by.

Holden's cell phone rang, and it was Molly. Holden apologized for having been gone longer than he anticipated, but Molly, who was standing outside of Silas' room at the Lakeview, told Holden she'd been delayed, too, and had to work on a story. She knocked on Silas' door as she spoke to Holden, and when Silas answered, Holden heard Silas say, "Sweet Molly! How beautiful you look!"

Holden asked, "Is that who I think it is?" Molly pretended that her cell phone signal was breaking up, and she told Holden she'd see him back at the farm later. Molly hung up and went into the hotel room with Silas. Silas popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and poured a glass for Molly. Molly told Silas she would just have a sip, because she was only there to talk about the interview. Silas suggested they fly to New York for the actual interview, because he wanted a chance to make things right with Molly.

Molly declined the offer, but then she decided that Holden might enjoy a trip to New York. Silas said he hadn't mentioned Holden, but he wasn't afraid of "the competition." Molly told Silas that there was no competition, and Silas said that Molly hadn't given him a chance.

Holden knocked on the door to Silas' suite, and Molly answered it. Holden and Silas exchanged words, but Molly asked Silas to let her have a minute alone with Holden, so Silas reluctantly went into the other room of the suite. Holden reminded Molly that they had agreed that she wouldn't meet with Silas unless Holden was there, too. Molly told Holden that Holden had had something else to do, but Holden said Molly had never told him she was planning to meet with Silas.

Molly said the interview opportunity had suddenly presented itself. Holden asked if Molly was trying to make him jealous, and she admitted that she was, because she felt that Holden was spending too much time putting Lily first. Holden said that Molly shouldn't have lied, but Molly replied that the interview with Silas was work and that Holden hadn't been truthful about the nature of his errand. Holden realized that Molly had a point, and he suggested they go home. As they left, Silas watched them from the suite.

Lucinda arrived at Lily's house and was disappointed to learn that Holden had gone somewhere to meet Molly. Lily said that keeping Holden away from Molly was not one of her priorities. Lucinda said that Craig's situation had created a crisis that was also an opportunity for Lily to be with Holden, and she was upset that Lily didn't see it that way. Lucinda wanted Lily to stop wringing her hands about Craig and Gabriel and concentrate instead on Holden and putting their family back together.

Lily told her mother that she was perfectly capable of looking out for her own interests, but Lucinda begged to differ. Lucinda stated that Lily's life was a mess, especially Lily's relationship with Faith. Lily felt that Lucinda was being cruel, but Lucinda said she was trying to open Lily's eyes. Lily asked her mother to leave, and Lucinda said that was because she was telling Lily the truth. Lucinda then said, "Honey, you're not a weak woman. You just act like one now and then." Lily retorted that that was just what she needed to hear. Lucinda warned Lily that Craig was dangerous, and she said Lily needed to get Holden back home so they could all deal with Craig as a family.

Parker went into Gabriel's hospital room, but the bed was empty. Craig walked up behind Parker and asked where Gabriel was. Parker said he didn't know. Craig found a nurse and asked her what had happened to Gabriel, but she said she only knew that there had been some type of emergency, and Gabriel had been rushed into surgery.


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