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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 3, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, May 3, 2010

When Tad found Liza talking to Damon at the Yacht Club, he started to unleash on Liza for her behavior. The look on Damon's face made Tad realize that his son was more important. Tad apologized and said that he never wanted Damon to find out his true parentage so recklessly. Damon asked if Tad had a DNA test run, and Tad confirmed it.

Tad demanded that Liza leave them alone. Liza tried to explain, but Tad had no interest in hearing her out. After she walked away, Tad apologized profusely to Damon. Tad tried to explain his reasoning, but Damon was just as receptive as his father had been moments before with Liza. Damon told Tad to go to hell, and stormed away.

Tad followed Damon back to the Martin house. As Damon angrily packed his clothes, Tad tried to tell his son what had happened since the DNA results were learned. Tad said that he didn't know why Hillary wouldn't take his calls, and Damon said that perhaps his mother didn't believe Tad's lies. Tad thought that Hillary couldn't deal with the fact that she'd kept a huge secret hidden for 18 years. Damon was fed up with talking and started to leave the house. Tad begged Damon to stay, and give him another chance.

Tad told Damon that he and Hillary had gotten married. Tad said that they'd been young and impulsive, which was not the stuff of lasting marriages. Though they divorced about a year later, they got back together right before Hillary married Paul. Damon rejected the story because he knew how much his mother loved Paul.

Tad said that life was complicated, and that he never knew Hillary was pregnant. Tad couldn't guess what he would have done if he had known, but said that all he could do was try to help Damon deal with the news. Damon said he didn't want Tad's help and went to leave again. Tad told Damon that wherever he ended up, Damon should remember that Tad was not upset over his newly found son.

Damon hesitated again, and then admitted that either way he looked at the situation, he was a lie. Damon said that either Hillary lied to Tad, or she lied to Paul and Damon. Tad wished Damon wouldn't think like that. Damon asked to see the DNA results. Tad agreed that Damon had every right to see them, and asked Damon not to leave.

David continued to listen in on Randi and Madison's conversation from the foyer. David was elated when Randi made it clear that because of Madison, people had died. The elevator doors opened and David had to think fast when he saw his wife approach with Erica. David told Greenlee he wanted to take her out for lunch. Greenlee had to decline because she needed to work with Erica to counter the bad press from Amanda's stalker.

Erica went into the office and told Randi that she needed to see Amanda in her office immediately. Randi told Erica that Jake had forced Amanda to stay home, where she would be safe from the stalker. Greenlee walked into the main office at that point, and noted with a smirk that Erica's product would crash without its star model. Erica thought that Greenlee had become Amanda's "stalker" to eliminate her competition.

Greenlee told Erica to stop being paranoid, but Erica reminded everyone that Greenlee had used the computer against Fusion and Erica before. Randi jumped in and told Erica that the logs showed the AmandaFan messages had been sent while Greenlee was at Fusion, working. Erica indignantly told Randi to let her know when Randi had gotten in touch with Amanda, and left the office. Greenlee thanked Randi for challenging Erica, because Greenlee knew that wasn't an easy thing to do.

Madison approached Greenlee and said that there was some paperwork that needed Greenlee's immediate attention. Greenlee said that she would look at it as soon as she said goodbye to David. After David and Greenlee walked back out to the foyer, Madison asked Randi if her intent was to ruin Madison's life. Randi assured Madison that no one had heard their fight, which meant that Madison's secret was safe.

Greenlee returned to the office and handed Madison a package that needed to be delivered to the printers right away. Madison took the package and went out to the elevator. David saw her and was able to stop the elevator door from closing. David noted that Madison looked like she needed a friend.

A short time later, as they walked in the park, Madison drew a brief sketch of her tumultuous working relationship with Randi. David said he could only imagine how stressful that kind of situation, in addition to the second job, could be. Madison thanked David for keeping silent about her other job.

Madison's phone rang and she excused herself to answer the call. When the call ended, David asked if everything was all right. Madison told him that her old landlord wanted to thank her for paying her back rent. She told David that she didn't know who paid it. David affected a sheepish demeanor, and Madison assumed that David was her benefactor. Madison thanked him and swore she would pay him back.

Madison was surprised at how nice David had been to her, given that she'd only heard bad things about him. David said that Ryan wasn't the only white knight in town, but noted they weren't in competition. David said that Ryan was lucky to have Madison because she distracted Ryan from his obsession with Greenlee. Madison asked if David believed there were still feelings between Greenlee and Ryan. David said that while Greenlee had gotten over Ryan, the reverse was not true.

Madison asked if David had paid her debts so that she could do something for him. David said that he didn't have that intention initially, but thought they could work something out. Madison asked what kind of person David thought she was. David wryly noted that Madison was desperate.

Insulted, Madison wrote David a check and asked him to wait a month to cash it. David said he didn't need her money, so Madison put the check away. She told David that she didn't want anything further to do with him. Madison said she would brace herself for the inevitable backlash when David told Greenlee about her second job. She started to walk away, but David reeled her back in and asked how she'd gotten away with murder.

Janet celebrated the idea that she finally had Amanda all to herself. Janet realized she'd acted prematurely when Natalia emitted a groan as she started to regain consciousness. Out in the living room, Amanda heard the groan and muted the television to try to figure out where it came from. Janet stuffed a handkerchief in Natalia's mouth to muffle any further sounds.

As Amanda approached the closet, much to Janet's delight, Amanda spotted a trophy emblazoned with "World's Best Model and Daughter." Amanda sat with it and tried to figure out what it meant. Moments later, Janet popped out of the closet and announced that she'd made the trophy in arts and crafts class. Amanda dropped the trophy and sat in stunned silence as she laid eyes on her mother.

Amanda wanted to know how her mother got out of Oak Haven, but Janet didn't want to dwell on the details. Janet said that she'd learned a lot about computers through the courses that Oak Haven offered. Janet said that she'd been able to follow Amanda's modeling career online and had been very proud. Janet revealed how excited she had been when Amanda responded to her emails, and said she was Amanda's biggest fan. At that moment, Amanda realized that her mother was AmandaFan.

Janet explained all of the things she'd found out online, including her newfound status as a grandmother. Janet said that she'd been a bit dismayed that no one had called her, but was able to let it go because of Amanda's success. Amanda asked again how Janet had managed to escape. Janet admitted that she'd learned how to hack into Oak Haven's system and take control of the electronic locks.

Amanda was certain that the staff would be looking for Janet, but Janet revealed that she'd escaped before and hadn't been caught. As proof, Janet told Amanda that she'd been at Fusion and had stolen Amanda's wedding ring before anyone else could. Amanda tried to get her cell phone but Janet reached it first. Janet warned Amanda to stay away from the phone or harm would come to Amanda's friend.

Amanda initially had no idea what Janet meant. Janet swung the closet door open wide enough that Amanda could see Natalia unconscious on the floor. Fearful for the officer's health, Amanda rushed over to Natalia. Amanda was relieved when she realized that Natalia was still breathing, and said that Natalia needed medical attention. Janet refused, and said that Natalia would be fine as long as Amanda did as Janet asked.

Janet ranted about how Natalia's work at Fusion was an attempt to steal all of the glory from Amanda. Unconcerned with her modeling career, Amanda told her mother that in addition to her escape, Janet had compounded the severity of her case by wounding a cop. Janet was unfazed and disclosed her plan to take Amanda and Trevor to Milan. Amanda was stuck between angry and horrified. She noted that Janet wasn't allowed to leave the country. Janet said that she could achieve anything she wanted.

Janet tried to convince Amanda that Milan would be an amazing experience for the three of them. Amanda didn't believe that Janet could successfully get out of the country. Janet showed off her sister Natalie's passport. Amanda was amazed at how Janet had procured the documents. Janet said that she'd made some great contacts on the crazy ward. Amanda insisted that she wouldn't leave Jake. Janet was adamant that Amanda didn't have a choice other than to free herself from Jake.

Amanda refused to leave Jake, and said that Jake would stop Janet from taking his family. Janet said that Jake was all wrong for Amanda because he wanted to hold her back from success, just like Trevor had done to Janet while he was alive. Janet pulled her pistol out of her pocket and said that if Jake got in the way, she would have to take care of him as she'd taken care of Trevor. Infuriated, Amanda rushed at her mother.

Janet deftly gagged Amanda, tied her up, and put her in the closet with Natalia. Janet retrieved her grandson from his room, and told Trevor that Amanda would need to be convinced to leave Pine Valley. Janet told Trevor that he needed to help her change Amanda's mind. Janet also told the little boy that if Amanda wouldn't give in, she would threaten to take Trevor away from Amanda. Janet knew that tactic would work because there was no way that Amanda could live without her son.

Natalia started to wake up again. She managed to get the gag out of Amanda's mouth before she collapsed again. Janet heard the ruckus and put Trevor in his playpen. She pulled her gun out again and told Trevor that she needed to take care of a pest before they left. Before she could reach the closet, a text message showed up on Amanda's phone. Janet saw that Jake was on his way home, but that he'd lost his house key. Janet said that she was the only one that could fix what was wrong.

Janet checked her gun to make sure she had enough bullets. Janet then wondered if there was enough room for the bodies in the freezer. In the closet, Natalia dug deep for some strength and helped to free Amanda from the ties that bound her. They both heard a knock at the door, and Amanda knew it was Jake. In the living room, Janet sprung into action. She cocked the pistol and slowly unlocked the door.

Ryan spotted Brot in the casino and went over to see him. Ryan asked how Brot was doing, and Brot said that he was sick and tired of losing. Meaning to be of some comfort, Ryan laid a hand on Brot's shoulder. Brot lashed out and told Ryan not to touch him. Ryan recalled that they'd almost come to blows about a year before, and remembered that it had been the anniversary of Brot's unit being attacked.

Brot realized he had struck out at the wrong person and apologized. He told Ryan that he wasn't sure why he'd decided to visit the casino. Ryan pointed out that most people showed up because they didn't know when their luck would change. Brot said that when he moved to Pine Valley, he thought his luck had changed. Brot pointed out that he'd found a job he loved, new friends -- and even a romantic interest. Brot said that he hit a wall with all of those things, and he felt like he was back in Iraq. Brot said that he couldn't risk taking another hit and losing all of those things again.

Ryan said that he sympathized with what Brot was going through, but Brot didn't think Ryan could understand. Ryan clarified that he was referencing the concept of hitting a wall. Ryan related his own tale -- seeing his "dead" fiancée come back to life, only to find that she wanted nothing to do with him. Ryan said that he did all the wrong things, and encouraged Brot to do one right thing -- fight for what he wanted before it was too late.

Brot tried to call Natalia but was disappointed when she didn't answer his call. Brot told Ryan that he didn't blame her because they'd been at odds with each other lately. Brot thought that their irritation with each other made sense because they worked together. Ryan pretended to be surprised when Brot said that Natalia was his crush.

Brot said that he'd defended Natalia at the station because he was angry that the other officers were treating Natalia like a piece of meat. Despite his intention, Brot said that his actions still angered Natalia. Brot noted that regardless of Natalia's response, he wasn't able to turn his back on her.

Jake examined Opal at the hospital, even though she insisted that her problems were solely due to stress. Opal said that she'd been a jumble of nerves since Palmer died. Jake said he knew how much she loved Palmer. Opal lamented that her pride had kept her from telling Palmer just how much she cared.

Jake told Opal not to beat herself up because a lot of people that loved each other shouldn't live together. Opal pointed out that Jake's own love story with Amanda proved that with enough perseverance, everyone could find a happy ending. Jake said that things weren't always perfect in his marriage, and that Amanda's newfound fame was putting them through their paces. Opal warned Jake not to let his love be swayed by anything fame could throw at them.

Jack stopped by Fusion to see Greenlee. He told her that Fusion had entered into a non-compete clause with a Brazilian company at the beginning of the year. Jack said that the clause would prevent Greenlee from using the packaging she already had in production. Greenlee, exasperated at constantly having to catch up, asked who was responsible for the clause. Jack told her that Ryan had signed off on the clause.

Greenlee went to see Ryan and asked him to fill her in on the non-compete clause. Ryan said that the contract was strictly a financial move to save Fusion. Greenlee said that the terms of the contract made it so that her whole launch would be ruined. Ryan thought a moment, and then said that he could help Greenlee -- under one condition. Greenlee said that she didn't need to hear Ryan's condition. She said that the contract was ironclad and that nothing could be done. Ryan didn't think that was necessarily the case, and asked Greenlee to accompany him to Rio.

Erica went to the hospital to talk to Jake about Amanda's stalker. Jake didn't think Erica would want to hear what he had to say. Erica said that she believed that the fan had backed off. Jake replied that the stalker was likely playing games with them, and that the games had just begun. Erica felt that her previous experience with obsessive fans allowed her to know how to protect Amanda.

Erica asked Jake to reconsider the lockdown he had on his wife because it kept Amanda from something that she was born to do. Jake said that he liked the idea of having a private investigator assigned to protect Amanda. Jake said that he would talk it over with his wife and would let Erica know what they decided.

Liza found Colby at BJ's. Liza said that Damon had overheard their conversation about Tad being his real father. Colby, who was already in tears, became more upset because the news meant Damon knew she had lied to him. Liza promised that she had only wanted to save Colby from heartache. Colby said that Liza wouldn't stop trying to control things until Colby was just as unhappy as Liza was.

Brot stopped by the police station and ran into Claussen, the cop who had defaced Natalia's photos. Claussen apologized for what he'd done, and Brot said that Claussen should apologize to Natalia. Brot also said that he owed Natalia an apology -- for playing hero when he should have shown a fellow officer respect. Brot asked where Natalia was, and Claussen said that Natalia had been assigned to surveillance on the Fusion model with the stalker. Brot was alarmed and took off quickly.

Tad returned to the living room with the DNA results and was upset when he found that Damon had left. Tad called out for his son, but when he got no answer, he went to look outside. He opened the door and found Colby on the threshold, about to knock. Colby asked where Damon was, and Tad glumly told her that Damon was gone.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At the hospital, Erica and Jackson bumped into each other, and she was certain that he'd followed her. Erica had arrived to arrange a Fusion donation, and Jackson was visiting a client in traction. He figured that his client could wait, but, placing Erica's hand on his chest, Jack said that he had urgent palpitations. "Maybe this is all I need," he said, leading her into a room.

Frankie wandered into the room to find Jackson and Erica making out. Erica was embarrassed, and Frankie guessed that they'd rather he act as if he hadn't seen them. Frankie strode out, and Erica reminded Jackson that they'd ended things. She asserted that what had just happened couldn't happen again. "Absolutely not," Jackson agreed, and they parted ways.

In Amanda's living room, Janet trained a gun at the entrance as Jake opened the front door. Amanda slipped around Janet and locked the door before Jake could enter. Brot arrived on the doorstep, and he and Jake heard Amanda and Natalia wrestling with Janet inside the apartment. Jake searched for a spare key, but froze upon hearing gunfire inside.

Brot and Jake kicked in the door, and Jake saw his wife wrestling Janet for the gun. Jake knocked Amanda out of the way and wrenched the gun from Janet. After they handcuffed Janet, Brot and Jake tended to Natalia, whose arm had been grazed by a bullet.

Janet claimed that she'd just been trying to help, and she still wanted to go to Milan as planned, because she was Amanda's biggest fan. Jake figured out that Janet was Amandafan. Janet went on about how Erica wouldn't properly manage Amanda's career. Amanda yelled that Janet had pushed Babe down the stairs, and Janet had drugged and kidnapped people. As Janet defended her actions, Amanda sobbed, "You killed Daddy, and you put him in a freezer!"

"I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later-you know that!" Janet replied. Amanda hysterically listed more of Janet's crimes, but Janet said that she just wanted to be a part of Amanda's life. Amanda seethed that she didn't want Janet anywhere near the family, and Janet whimpered that she was Amanda's mother.

Brot worried about Natalia's bloody shoulder and bruised head, but Natalia declared that she could take care of herself. Natalia was rearing to get a crack at Janet, but over Natalia's protests, Brot insisted that "supermodel" Natalia would go to the hospital to get checked out.

After Brot and Natalia left, Amanda said that as soon as "the crazy" had started, she should have known it was Janet. Janet asked how Amanda could deny Janet the chance to be with her family. Jake intervened and said that he was aware that Janet had warned Amanda off all men "with the letter J," but he loved Amanda and Trevor. He only wanted the best for them. Janet reasoned that Jake could release her, and they'd all go to Milan together.

Jake said that he couldn't do that, and Janet worried that they'd lock her away. Jake said that they were family, which meant that he would take care of her. Janet asked if he meant it, and he assured her that he did. The police arrived, and he advised them to be gentle with Janet, because she was family. Janet implored Jake to heal her. Erica entered just as the police led Janet away, and Janet proclaimed that Amanda was a big, shining star.

Erica took Amanda and Jake to Fusion to shield them from the press, while Opal babysat Trevor. Erica also invited Jackson to Fusion for legal help. Aside with Jake, a frightful Amanda said that she wanted to quit her job. Jake said that Janet hadn't understood what she was doing, and Amanda couldn't let the incident stop her from going after her dream. Amanda kissed her husband and said that he'd stopped a bad situation from getting worse. She thanked him for saving her and always being there when she needed him.

Erica told Jackson that she'd seen Janet in the flesh, and he suddenly pulled Erica into his arms. He worried that she could have been hurt. She pulled away and said that they'd agreed not to turn to each other. Jackson stated that he could have lost her that day, and if he wanted to hold her, she was going to let him. He pulled her back into his arms, and she smiled.

At the hospital, Jesse demanded that his busy wife allow him to whisk her away, as he'd promised. Angie declined, because she was trying to uncover the reason behind the mystery board meeting. Jesse received a call about a downed officer, and Jesse and Angie found Frankie tending to Natalia's bullet nick in an exam room.

Jesse learned that Janet had been admitted to the hospital, and Angie went to check on security. After telling Jesse what had happened, Natalia felt embarrassed to have let Janet lock Natalia in a closet. Jesse told Natalia that she'd done well, and he'd thank Brot for the help. Natalia said that Brot deserved more than that after helping to save her. Jesse offered to do something about Brot's suspension.

Later, Natalia found Brot moping at the park. She presented his badge to him and told him to get out of there, because he'd be late for his shift.

At the casino, Ryan offered to fly to Rio to solve Greenlee's packaging problem, but he had one condition. Greenlee balked at the idea of conditions. He said that he wasn't trying to get her alone in Rio; he just wanted her to absolve Kendall of legal fault in the accident. Greenlee called Ryan crazy, but he reasoned that Greenlee didn't have to forgive Kendall; Greenlee just had to recant her statement and drop the investigation.

Greenlee refused to give Kendall a free pass to run someone else off the road, but Ryan stated that they both knew that Kendall wasn't guilty of malice. He guessed that he was the real reason that Greenlee wouldn't accept his help. As she left, Greenlee seethed that she could handle her own problems, and he wouldn't save Kendall that time.

Greenlee went to Fusion to find it swarming with cops. Randi filled her in on the crazy things that had happened with Janet, and Greenlee figured that Erica would somehow spin the spotlight from the incident straight onto herself. Greenlee realized that she'd never beat Erica by just standing around and watching.

At the park, David stopped Madison in her tracks when he asked, "How exactly did you get away with murder?" An uneasy Madison claimed that "getting away with murder" was a figure of speech, but David didn't think Randi's mention of victims on the floor was a figure of speech. He said that a secret involving a dead person could detonate her entire life. A tense Madison thanked him for the warning, and smiling, David asked, "What are friends for?"

Madison deduced that David wanted her to throw herself at Ryan. David reasoned that Ryan loved a good project, and Ryan enjoyed riding to the rescue. David was certain that Madison had what it took to make that happen. She doubted that she could be that clever, but David remarked that she could be very clever, when she wanted to be.

Madison went to the casino, and Ryan told her that he hadn't enlightened Greenlee about Madison's employment status, because Madison's time was her own business. He said that Greenlee had consulted him on a business problem, but she'd refused his help. Madison thought it was for the best because Greenlee's husband seemed to be the jealous type.

As Madison worked, David called her to see if she'd considered his proposition. She told him that Ryan wanted nothing to do with her. Greenlee entered the casino, and Madison hustled off the phone and out of sight. Greenlee strode up to Ryan with two airline tickets and announced that they would leave for Rio the next day.

At the mansion, Annie spotted JR and Marissa kissing in the mansion parlor. Annie broke a vase in the doorway and pretended that it was an accident. Marissa took off for class, and Annie expressed how sickening it was to see JR crawling all over Marissa. "Nothing like a little guilt to spice up a marriage," Annie said as she sneered.

Annie spotted real estate pamphlets on a table and asserted that she wasn't leaving. JR said that he was looking at places for his family and for Scott. JR figured that the Chandler mansion wouldn't be the same without Chandlers in it, but she could fill the place with cats. Annie couldn't believe that he'd move out, but he replied that he'd live in a mud hut, if it meant getting away from her. Annie looked disappointed, and JR asked what else she wanted, if not the house. She stared expectantly at him, and he huffed and stormed out of the room.

Marissa arrived home later to find Annie sorting through the pamphlets. Marissa expressed her surprise that Annie was moving. "No, you are," Annie announced. Annie explained that JR said that she could have the house, if she wanted it so badly, but she'd be alone. Marissa was sorry about Annie's misfortune, but encouraged Annie to make a fresh start in a place where she didn't have to battle JR and Colby.

Annie asserted that she had every right to be in the mansion. Marissa agreed, but wondered if Annie really wanted to live around the painful memories. Marissa reasoned that people would talk, and she didn't think Annie wanted people calling her a fool. "You think I'm a fool!" Annie raged. Marissa replied that Annie had misunderstood, but Annie declared that the only fool in the house was Marissa.

JR charged into the room to silence Annie. Rolling her eyes, Annie stated that she'd been getting "screwed over" by the family, but Marissa was too blind to see it. Annie marched out, and JR hugged his wife. He said that some people just didn't want help.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While AJ played on the park swings, Marissa was miffed that JR had consulted Annie, and not his own wife, about moving out of the mansion. JR explained that he'd wanted to surprise her, but he'd blurted it out in an argument with Annie. He figured that the house would be ground zero in the divorce war, and he didn't want to expose his family to it. Marissa was upset because AJ was happy in the mansion. JR asked her to just trust him on it.

At the mansion, Scott set an envelope marked from Adam Chandler on the banister. Annie expressed her disappointment that the family might move from the mansion, and she asked Scott if he'd really leave, too. Scott thought that was between him and JR, and Scott warned Annie not to try to pit him against his cousin. Later, Annie snagged the envelope.

When JR arrived home, Scott said that he'd heard about the move. JR expected Scott to move out with the rest of the family, but Scott said he didn't know what he'd do. JR declared that he was in charge, and no one in the family would have anything to do with Annie. Just then, Annie entered, waving a letter that she thought they should see. Scott couldn't believe that Annie had opened it. JR snatched it away, and Annie warned that he wouldn't like it.

Annie was floored that Adam had given Scott controlling interest in the company, and JR couldn't even order paperclips without Scott's permission. JR wondered if Annie had faked the letter. Annie said she had nothing to do with it. JR believed that Scott would run the company into the ground. Scott countered that he'd managed the company while JR had been sick.

Marissa entered, and JR explained that Adam had handed the company over to Scott. Marissa thought that made no sense at all, because Adam had left Annie for allegedly fooling around with Scott. "Why are you being punished?" she asked JR.

Annie had a theory, but JR told her to shut up. Marissa wanted to hear it, and Annie stated that it was the "carrot and stick" routine, because Adam wanted to challenge JR to work his way back to the top. JR didn't know if that were true, but he didn't like it one bit. JR asked for Scott's first order of business, and Scott declared that he wasn't moving out of the house. Scott said that JR could leave, but the mansion had always been Chandler Central.

Scott left, and Marissa went to check on AJ. JR slammed the parlor doors shut and glared at Annie like an angry bull. "Oh, hell no! You're blaming me?" Annie asked. JR said that she hadn't won, because he could still leave. Annie told him that he could go, but with a flirty smile, she warned him that he'd be missing all the fun at "Chandler Central." He stifled a smile and wondered how she always managed to avoid what he thought were his crushing blows.

Annie called herself a winner, but JR called her an infuriating, unstoppable force. He stopped himself from kissing her, and he cursed his attraction for her. She wondered what they'd do about it. JR proposed that they settle it away from the house and everyone in it.

Later, Scott caught JR on his way out of the house. JR told Scott to make something up if Marissa asked where JR was, but Scott refused to cover. JR left and met Annie in a hotel room.

Marissa entered the parlor and asked where JR was. Scott said that JR had gone out. Marissa was still perplexed about Adam's instructions, and she was frustrated that she couldn't get any straight answers. She asked Scott to be honest with her about what was going on.

David showed up at Fusion to see if Madison had changed her mind about the Ryan project. Madison said that David was far too paranoid, and he should ask himself why that was.

At the casino, Greenlee told Ryan that she'd done her part by telling Jesse that she'd overreacted about Kendall's role in the accident. Ryan wondered how David felt about the business trip. Greenlee defensively stated that David was fine with it, and she left.

Greenlee and David arrived at Wildwind at the same time, and she presented him with a gift. He was awed by the watch inside the gift box, and she said that he deserved to know that she appreciated him. Wishing he'd done something for her, David proposed that they just take off on a vacation that day, but Greenlee said she was already headed to Rio on business.

David opted to just go with her, and when he looked at her itinerary, he saw that she'd gotten two seats. Greenlee grimaced as he perused the travel plans and saw Ryan's name on them. David was livid that Greenlee would go to Rio with her ex-husband.

Greenlee tried to defuse the situation by saying that Ryan had tied her hands with the packaging deal, and he should be the one to untie them, but David sighed, "Now I have bondage images running through my head!" He asked why Ryan couldn't go alone, and Greenlee explained that she had to ensure that she'd have everything in place to beat Erica. David asked whose idea the trip was, Ryan's or hers. Greenlee asked if it really mattered, and David guessed it didn't, because he looked like a fool either way.

David took off the watch, because Greenlee had only bought it to ease her guilty conscience. She said he was overreacting, but David claimed that her and Ryan on a plane and in a hotel was just wrong. She asked why he had such little faith in her when she hadn't once expressed any interest in Ryan after she'd learned of Ryan's betrayals.

Greenlee thought that actions should speak louder than words, but David quipped, "Actions like jumping on the next flight to Rio, right?" She offered to take David with her, but he said that it'd make him look like an untrusting jerk. Greenlee didn't know what to do, because she wanted to be with David, not Ryan. She went to pack, and Ryan arrived on the doorstep.

Ryan told David that they had to move up the trip because of anticipated bad weather. Ryan and David sneered at each other about the trip, and Ryan said that he was just taking a page from David's book: alienate Greenlee from her loved ones and then brainwash her into loving him. Sighing, David told Ryan to have a nice trip and strode out of the house.

Greenlee was surprised that David had left without a goodbye, and Ryan again offered to take the trip alone. She said it was her only chance to beat Erica, and David would deal with it.

At the park, David was about to approach Madison when he received a call about an important update. "Excellent," he said. He ended the call and grinned at Madison.

At the hospital, Angie and Jesse went into an exam room where Damon was being stitched up after his arrest on vandalism charges. Angie attempted to dial Tad's number, but Damon said that he didn't need Tad. "Well, you sure as hell need someone," Angie rasped. Just then, Colby rushed in and said that she'd gotten Damon's call.

Jesse explained that a liquor storeowner had seen Damon hurling rocks at the building. Angie and Jesse went into the corridor, and Colby urged Damon to call Tad. Colby was sorry that she hadn't told Damon what Liza had said, but Colby had wanted to give Tad the chance to tell Damon. Colby warned that Damon could go to jail if he didn't let Tad help.

Back at the casino, Liza received a call from Colby, who begged Liza to be Damon's lawyer. Liza declined, but Colby explained that they were at the hospital. Liza headed for the door, but Tad approached to talk. Liza said that he had to chew her out later, because Colby had just called to say that Damon had messed up again. "Coming with me?" Liza asked, heading out.

Once Tad and Liza made it to the hospital, Jesse apprised them of the situation and said that Hodge, the storeowner, would identify Damon as the vandal. Tad entered the exam room, and Colby approached to tell Liza that Damon didn't want Tad. Liza didn't care what Damon wanted, and she wished that Colby didn't either.

When Tad started in on Damon, Damon quipped that Tad hadn't even asked if Damon had done it. Tad replied that he'd believe it if Damon said that he hadn't, but Damon didn't say anything. Frustrated, Tad sought out Jesse in the corridor and asked for another favor for Damon. Jesse, however, couldn't do anything about it if Hodge identified Damon as the vandal. Just then, Tad saw Hodge arrive to make the identification.

Later, Jesse took Hodge to see Damon, but Hodge said that Damon wasn't the culprit. Damon looked surprised, but Hodge said the perpetrator had lighter hair and a heavier frame. Jesse confirmed that his officer had seen Damon fleeing the scene, and Tad volunteered that Damon probably feared a false accusation. Hodge, Jesse, and the officer left.

Damon was confused, because Hodge had watched Damon throw a rock. Tad said it didn't matter, as long as he could get Damon out of there. Tad left to talk to Jesse, and a claustrophobic Damon hurried of his exam room to get some air. In the corridor, he saw Tad paying Hodge money for the broken window. Hodge kept his hand out, and Tad handed over the rest of his money.

Damon returned to his room to say that Liza was free to go. Liza warned Damon that he wasn't always going to be so lucky. Tad returned to say that he and Damon had things to talk about. "Like how you paid that guy off to say it wasn't me?" Damon asked. Liza scoffed, and Tad said he'd do it again to keep Damon out of trouble. Tad felt that what had happened that night had been his fault for not telling Damon the truth.

Tad wanted to go home, but Damon said that he didn't live at the Martin house anymore. Colby quickly offered to let him stay with her, and Liza huffed as Colby and Damon took off.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

At the mansion, Marissa implored Scott to be honest with her about why Adam was angry at JR. Scott felt that she needed to talk to JR, but Marissa kept trying to figure out the reason. She guessed that for some reason, Adam wanted Annie to be happy with Scott. Scott scoffed at that idea. Marissa found it odd that Scott would control the company and be head of the family, when it was JR's birthright. She also couldn't understand why JR was always so angry. She asked Scott to tell her when he figured out what was really going on.

At the hotel, Annie asked why she and JR were there, but he wondered why she had to ask. JR said that they had to keep their hands off each other, but they couldn't. He didn't want to feel that way about her. "God help me, I want you," he said, pulling her in for a kiss. Annie shoved him and asked what he was trying to pull.

JR said that he didn't enjoy cheating on his wife. He wished that Annie didn't exist, because then his feelings wouldn't, either. Annie noted that he'd been plotting all along to get rid of her. JR told her that Adam had asked why JR had taken the plan so far, and JR realized that he wouldn't have slept with his father's wife unless he'd really wanted to. He claimed that he still couldn't resist her, and the fear that Marissa might catch him excited him even more. Annie thought it was time that he told her what they'd do about it.

JR claimed that D.C. had changed everything, but Annie said that he'd tried to seduce her before, when he'd sought to frame her for Stuart's murder. She figured that neither of them ever gave up, and together, they'd be unstoppable. She thought that Adam was laughing at them from the beach, but they could fight to get JR's birthright back. Annie claimed that he could really run that family, if he had the right partner.

Annie cracked open some sparkling cider to toast to their future, but JR said that he hadn't said "yes," and he'd only invited her there to talk. Annie wondered when the last time was that they'd just talked. She closed the curtains, and JR slipped something into her drink. He said he knew exactly what would happen when he'd arrived there.

Annie felt bad for hurting Marissa. JR noted that AJ would also be hurt, and Annie offered to be there to soften the blow. Annie got dizzy and wondered why the nonalcoholic drink was giving her the spins. She asked JR what he'd done to her. He said that it was over, and she was crazy to think that he'd leave his wife for her. She fell on the floor, and gasping, she vowed to tell Marissa everything. JR mocked her and strode out.

JR went home to find Marissa, and Scott said that after tap-dancing around Marissa's questions, Scott deserved to know where JR had been. JR wouldn't say, and Scott warned JR to be ready to answer Marissa's tough questions, because she deserved better than what JR had done to her. JR realized that, and though he knew the truth would hurt her, he said she deserved to hear it from him. "I'm gonna tell her everything, right now," JR uttered.

Figuring that Annie had forced JR's hand, Scott asked where Annie was. JR said that she was where she wouldn't interfere. Scott pressed, and JR revealed that he'd left her at the Valley Inn. Scott took off, and JR picked up a bottle of liquor. He put it down, but Marissa, who stood at the door, asked why he'd contemplated having a drink. In a choked voice, JR said that he had something to tell her.

Back at the hotel, Annie called out for JR just before she passed out. She dreamed that she found Marissa feeding JR grapes on the parlor sofa. Everything went gray, and Marissa revealed that Annie had told her everything. Marissa shoved a load of grapes in his mouth, and Annie handed Marissa a gun. "This will be quicker," Annie said as he choked on the grapes.

As the dream continued, Marissa raised the gun, but Annie offered "to do the honors." Annie pointed the pistol at JR, but he wrestled it away from her. Everything returned to full color, and JR proclaimed that it was over. Annie fought with JR until she awakened to realize that she was really fighting Scott, who'd arrived at the hotel.

At the hospital, Angie and Jesse knew that Damon had been the vandal, even without proof. Angie was frustrated that Damon had regressed, but Jesse said they'd leave it to Tad. Jesse wanted to slip away with Angie just for the afternoon, and she asked what he had in mind.

At the Yacht Club, Liza met with David, and he sensed her foul mood about Colby and Damon. David figured that he could make Liza feel better. "It's payday!" he announced.

Liza didn't care about the zeros on David's contract until she got her commission check. She returned to brooding about Colby and Damon and asked why Greenlee wasn't there to celebrate with David. He replied that Greenlee was in Rio on business. Liza asked if everything were okay, and he said that she was very interested in other people's relationships. Liza worried that Colby would hate her, but David said that being liked wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Just then, Jesse and Angie entered. David said things were about to become more fun than he'd ever imagined. Jesse asked if Angie wanted to leave, but taking a table, Angie said that she wouldn't give David the satisfaction. Jesse and Angie decided that they'd ignore David and have that time alone together that they'd been waiting for. Just then, a server brought them some wine, compliments of Dr. Hayward.

Taking the wine bottle to his table, Angie insisted that Liza give Angie and David time alone. Liza protested, but strode off. David warned Angie that Jesse would have to arrest her if she cracked the bottle over David's head. Angie demanded to know the point behind his gesture, and he said that he figured that she'd need a stiff drink, because she never knew what problems might crop up. The hospital paged Angie, and she left the table.

At the bar, Jesse pried Liza for information about David, but she said it was privileged. Angie rushed up to say that she'd been called to the hospital for an emergency.

At Jake and Amanda's house, Amanda helped Jake find his wallet, and he thanked her for staying on top of things. She assured him that she was fine after what had happened with Janet, but Jake wondered why she kept looking at the Amandafan emails. Amanda said that she should have known all along that it was Janet, but Jake didn't think that Amanda should blame herself for what had happened.

Amanda wanted to push it out of her mind, but Jake said that if she wanted closure, she still had time to see Janet before Janet got transferred from the hospital. Amanda was adamant that she just wanted to turn the page on another chapter of her mother's craziness. Jake suggested that Amanda call Opal to arrange a play date with Trevor and his cousins, and Jake left for work.

At the hospital, Jake checked on Janet, who'd been depressed and asking for Amanda. Janet said that it was hard, but she was taking her medication for Amanda's sake. All Janet had wanted was to be with Amanda, and Janet sobbed, because Amanda probably wouldn't visit. Jake wondered what would have happened if Janet's gunshot had gone through the wall and hit Trevor. Janet declared that she'd never hurt Trevor. She seethed that she had to stop Natalia from getting between Janet and her daughter.

Jake realized that Janet loved Amanda, but Janet didn't want to share Amanda. Jake said that it couldn't be just Amanda and Janet anymore. Janet just wanted to know that Amanda would be okay, and Jake promised that he was taking good care of Amanda.

When Amanda met Opal in the park, Amanda asked Opal to babysit Trevor, because Amanda had been called into work. Opal, who'd wanted to spend time with Amanda, was sure that Erica would understand if Amanda took time off. Amanda felt that she'd worked too hard to let Janet ruin her career. After Opal and Trevor left, Amanda sobbed on a bench.

Jake called Amanda, but got her voicemail. He called Opal, who told him that Amanda had gotten called into work. Jake found that odd, but thanked Opal for the information. Later, Jake found Amanda still on the park bench. Amanda sobbed, and Jake hugged her.

Amanda conveyed that she'd always avoided dealing with the crazy things that her mother had done. Amanda feared turning out like Janet. Though Jake asserted that it'd never happen, Amanda declared that she'd never forgive herself if she suddenly snapped on Trevor.

Jake told Amanda that she had to consider more than just "the crazy" genes that she might or might not have gotten from Janet. Amanda wanted to be tested for "the crazy," but Jake didn't think there was such a test. He said that the very way that she was with Trevor proved that she wasn't crazy like Janet. He felt that her life was determined by her, and her alone.

Amanda decided to go see Janet, and Jake said he'd be honored to escort his wife. At the hospital, she said that she needed to see Janet alone, but she couldn't have even made the decision to go there without Jake's support. Jake agreed to wait for her, and bracing herself, Amanda entered Janet's room. "Amanda..." Janet said and smiled.

In the corridor, Jake ran into Angie, who said she'd just arrived to take care of some kind of an emergency, but she couldn't seem to find one. Jake offered to help, and they rounded the corner to find David reviewing files. Angie asked what he thought he was doing, and he said that she should have taken that wine, because she'd want it about then. "Meet your new boss. I just bought the hospital," David announced.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jake and Angie were stunned when David informed them that he had bought the hospital. David explained that the hospital had been desperate for cash and vulnerable after Adam and Joe had stepped down from the board. David suggested that Jake and Angie tender their resignation; he produced some forms to make it easy for them. Jake vowed that he would never quit. When Jake received a page to check on a patient, he took the opportunity to gleefully remind David that David would never be able to treat another patient.

After Jake left, Angie let David know how disgusted she was with David's latest maneuver. She promised that nothing David did would get his medical license back. David claimed that he had moved on, so he didn't care. Angie was curious why David didn't just fire her and Jake instead of trying to force them to resign. David credited Greenlee; she had a soft spot for Jake and Angie, which he didn't understand.

David clarified that he intended to make Angie and Jake miserable until they resigned. David assured Angie that she wouldn't be missed because he had her replacement lined up to step in at a moment's notice. Angie met with Jesse in the park a short time later. Angie was furious about David's acquisition of the hospital. Jesse was stunned by the news; he insisted that David was like a cockroach. Angie didn't know how she would be able to continue working at the hospital as the chief of staff.

Jesse suggested that they focus on the fact that they had been able to prevent David from practicing medicine. Angie revealed that the staff dreaded David taking charge of the hospital. She didn't think that she could walk away when they had put their trust in her. Angie also refused to allow David to bully her into quitting. Jesse promised to support his wife in any way that he could. Angie was relieved because she realized that she had a difficult road ahead of her.

David appeared troubled when he arrived home. He picked up Greenlee's discarded sweater as he recalled their conversation when she had accused him of overreacting about her trip to Rio. David decided to call Greenlee, but the call didn't ease his mind. A short time later, Madison arrived at Wildwind at David's behest. She was stunned when David ordered her to seduce Ryan.

David was determined to get Ryan away from Greenlee. Madison didn't think that Ryan was the type of man who could be easily seduced, but David didn't care. He suggested that Madison figure out a way or else David would make certain that she went to jail for murder.

Greenlee decided to stay in Ryan's hotel room, so that they could get some work done. Ryan suggested that Greenlee get some rest because she hadn't slept during the flight to Rio, but Greenlee insisted that they had too much to do. Ryan became alarmed when Greenlee momentarily swayed on her feet. Greenlee claimed that she was fine, but Ryan didn't believe her. He advised her to have something to eat. Greenlee reluctantly agreed to have some broth and tea.

Greenlee decided to splash some cold water on her face while they waited for the food to arrive. She assured Ryan that she felt better, but moments later, Ryan found Greenlee lying down on the bed. Ryan thought that Greenlee looked ill, but Greenlee dismissed his concerns. Right after that, the food arrived. After Greenlee got a whiff of the food, she slapped her hand over her mouth and then ran to the bathroom.

When Greenlee returned to the room, Ryan made another attempt to persuade her to rest. Greenlee was upset as she mumbled that she couldn't go through it again. Ryan had no idea what Greenlee was talking about. Greenlee clarified, "I can't be pregnant." Ryan seemed startled by the idea, but Greenlee was too worried to notice. She was terrified at the idea of having to live through the agony of losing another child.

As if on cue, David called. David immediately sensed that something was troubling Greenlee. Greenlee claimed that she was just busy with work. She promised to call him later and then quickly ended the call. Ryan offered to get Greenlee a pregnancy test, but she declined. Greenlee wasn't ready to find out.

She recalled the heartbreak that she had suffered after she had lost their baby. She admitted that she had wanted to die. Ryan regretted that he hadn't been there for Greenlee. Greenlee revealed that the grief had been overwhelming. According to Greenlee she always felt too much when she was with Ryan.

At the hospital, Janet was delighted when Amanda entered the room. Amanda explained that she was there to say goodbye to Janet. Janet became agitated when she realized that Amanda intended to walk away forever. Janet wept as she declared that Amanda was her only reason for living. Amanda insisted that it was too much. Janet didn't think that a mother could love a child too much. Janet reminded Amanda of Trevor to illustrate her point.

Amanda argued that she would never put her son through what Janet put her through. Janet tried to imply that she and Amanda were alike, but Amanda denied it. She pointed out that Janet had murdered Amanda's father. Janet claimed that Trevor had to die because Amanda had loved her father more than she had loved her mother.

Janet claimed that she couldn't breathe without Amanda, so Janet had been forced to find a way to get to Amanda. It had devastated Janet when Amanda had called Trevor for help. Amanda's eyes filled with tears as Janet continued to blame Amanda for Trevor's murder. Amanda vowed that she would never love the way that Janet had loved. According to Amanda, love was pure, safe, and secure like what she had with Jake and their son.

Amanda explained that love died when it became obsessive. Amanda was through with Janet and never wanted to see her again. Janet insisted that Amanda couldn't leave her because Amanda was her mother's daughter. Amanda refused to accept that, but Janet was too distraught to listen. Amanda's heartbreak turned to horror when Janet suddenly suffered a violent seizure.

Jake rushed into the room moments later. He requested a consult from someone in the neurology department and then ordered some tests. Later, the neurosurgeon and Jake discussed Janet's condition. Jake explained that Janet had complained of a headache before the seizure, so Jake suspected that Janet had a cerebrovascular accident. The neurosurgeon agreed; however, he wanted to run a few more test. He warned Jake that they wouldn't know the extent of Janet's condition until the sedation had worn off. The neurosurgeon wasn't certain if Janet would ever be able to recover.

Jake decided to take Amanda home. After everyone left the room, Janet groaned and then moved her head. When Amanda and Jake arrived home, Amanda quickly scooped up her son. The babysitter noted how much Amanda loved her son. Amanda recalled Janet's words, "you are your mother's daughter." Amanda appeared unsettled as she hugged Trevor.

In the hotel room, Scott tried to help Annie to her feet. Annie remained groggy from the drugs that JR had given her. As the memories flooded back, Annie realized what JR had done. Annie confessed that she was tempted to tell Marissa everything. Scott revealed that Annie was too late because JR intended to tell Marissa about the affair. Annie didn't think that JR would have the nerve, but Scott insisted that JR was determined to be honest with Marissa.

Annie feared that JR would paint her in a bad light. Scott didn't think that Annie was a victim. He reminded her that she had been blackmailing JR. Scott also suggested that it took two people for a seduction to succeed. Annie was offended that Scott was implying that she was a whore. Annie argued that JR had pursued her.

Scott wondered if Annie was suggesting that JR had forced her. "No," Annie reluctantly admitted. However she blamed the affair on the strong bond she had with JR because of the transplant. Scott accused Annie of turning her sordid affair with JR into a trashy romance. He pointed out that she had first claimed to love Adam, then she had felt a strong attraction to Scott, and at that moment, she was hot for JR.

Annie admitted that she was drawn to all three Chandler men in part because they loved and supported each other. It was that fierce loyalty that made her want to be a part of the Chandler family. Annie bragged that the attraction to the Chandler men wasn't one-sided because each of them had wanted her. A short time later, Annie decided to head home. Scott didn't think that it would be a good idea, but Annie didn't care. Annie knew that she had done some horrible things in her life, but she insisted that she deserved to be loved. Annie was determined to make certain that everyone knew it.

In the parlor, Marissa realized that something terrible must have happened if JR were tempted to drink. JR promised that he loved her and that he had never wanted to hurt her. JR admitted that he had done something "bad." Marissa demanded to know what was going on. JR approached Marissa and then held her in his arms as he confessed that she and AJ meant everything to him.

JR explained that he had just wanted to prove to Adam that Annie wasn't in love. Marissa pulled away from JR. She was annoyed that everything seemed to be about Annie. JR revealed that his plan had been to make Annie admit that she wanted him. Marissa was stunned. She demanded to know how far things had gone. JR quietly confessed that he had slept with Annie.

Marissa was crushed. She reminded JR that she had sat at his bedside while he had battled cancer. Marissa wept as she revealed how painful it had been for her to say goodbye to the love of her life when she had thought JR was about to die. Marissa cried as she pointed out that she had even adopted his son. JR's eyes filled with tears as he swore that he loved Marissa.

Marissa angrily accused JR of having killed what they had. JR promised that he would never be unfaithful again, but Marissa didn't believe him. She was disgusted with JR and couldn't pretend that he hadn't betrayed her. AJ entered the parlor to find Marissa crying. Marissa explained that she was upset because she had to go away.

AJ wondered if Marissa would be back. She admitted that she didn't know, but she promised to visit AJ as often as possible. Marissa and JR both assured AJ that they loved him. AJ wondered if they loved each other. Marissa couldn't answer AJ, so she hugged him and then went to pack her bags. A short time later, Marissa returned to the parlor. JR was alone. He pleaded with Marissa to reconsider, but she slid off her wedding band, handed it to JR, and then walked out.

JR was sitting on the floor and staring at Marissa's wedding ring, when he heard the front door open and then close. JR stood up just as Annie entered the parlor. Neither of them said anything as they stared each other down.



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