One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on OLTL

Marty suspected Todd of pushing her down the stairs. Hannah claimed that she had witnessed Todd committing the crime, and Cole attacked Todd. A mystery man arrived at La Boulaie, looking for Kelly. Charlie suggested that Jessica attend the prom with Brody. Layla was hopeful that Cristian would propose.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Téa found Blair at Capricorn as Blair remembered and missed her unborn son, Brendan. Blair was surprised that Téa wanted her help, as Téa explained that she had convinced Todd that Dani's role as Starr in the school musical would help Dani to understand and learn more about Todd. Blair thought Téa had been right to say that, but Téa had begun to doubt herself.

Blair thought that Téa had made the right move and was certain that the musical might get Dani and Todd to feel closer. Blair noted that similar steps like art therapy, writing her feelings, and expressing herself with acting had helped her when she was in foster care. She knew it all had saved her life and put her in touch with all of her music. Téa was surprised to learn this about Blair, who informed Téa there was a lot about Blair that Téa didn't know. Blair thought the play was real, fair, and actually pretty good, and thought it would help Dani to understand Todd better.

Destiny was shocked to see Langston and Ford kissing in the school gymnasium when she walked into the room for the musical rehearsal. Quickly, she changed her mind and headed back out to the hallway, where she saw Matthew. Inside the gym, Langston and Ford hated to say goodbye to each other.

Destiny stopped Matthew from going into the gym and explained that she had "butterflies." Thinking twice, she opted to tell him the truth and told him that a couple was "making out." Matthew assumed it was Dani and Nate if it involved a kiss, but they turned up for rehearsal just at that moment. Awkwardly, Matthew claimed that he and Destiny were talking about the musical.

Markko arrived next and Destiny tried to prevent him from walking into the gymnasium without success. Fortunately, Ford left through another door and Langston was the one who remained behind. Stuttering, Langston advised Markko that she was there early for some "regrouping" while Markko announced that he planned on recording everything for a video diary. He wanted Langston to always remember the musical she had written and everything about it. He loved her and was proud of her, and no one loved her like he did. Destiny stood by and sadly shook her head.

Mr. G showed up and told the group that he would be playing Todd, and he wanted to rehearse the Todd and Starr scenes again. He thought they were very important, and they needed to see where Todd was "coming from." Dani said wryly, "I can't promise I'll be feeling the love."

Kelly was distraught when she found Rodney on the office floor at the Sun. She tried to wake the man up without success, realized he was dead, and finally decided that she should call John.

Natalie stood in Marty's hospital room and expressed her sorrow over Marty's loss of the baby. She insisted that while she had said some awful things, she would never have hurt Marty or her baby, and she wasn't the one who had pushed Marty down the stairs. She knew she had a big mouth, but she was only there to apologize. Natalie explained that Marty had already fallen when she first saw her. Marty remained silent during Natalie's discourse but finally, she spoke up. "Shut up!" she hollered. She wanted to know if Natalie was really there to apologize or to see if the baby was the only reason John had been with Marty.

Natalie agreed that she deserved that remark and advised Marty that she hadn't meant what she said, and she knew she had been hurtful. She was sorry that Marty had heard Natalie's remarks to Brody, and she asked if Marty believed her. Angrily, Marty shouted that it wasn't about Natalie. All she knew was that the day before she was pregnant and then she wasn't, Marty said as she began to weep.

Marty advised Natalie that Natalie didn't get to clear her conscience or "wipe your slate clean." She pointed out that Natalie's life would go on the same as ever while Marty's life had changed. She had finally accepted the fact that the baby was real after three months; Marty wept. She had wondered who it might look like or if it would play sports or the piano. Tears began to roll down Natalie's face as Marty spoke. Marty stopped suddenly and recalled that John hadn't heard the baby's heartbeat, and she had wanted that for him on her next doctor's visit. She cried that one minute she was "full of life" and the next she was empty.

John bombarded Todd with questions as he and Brody had Todd cornered in the hospital. While Todd remained silent, John yelled and asked if Todd were only a tough guy when he was with Marty. He wanted to know if Todd was trying to show Marty that she was still a victim. John accused Todd of hurting the baby because Todd was unable to raise Starr's baby with Marty and he didn't want Marty to have one of her own with John. Todd couldn't stand to see Marty happy, John shouted.

A phone started to ring and Todd finally spoke and pointed out that it wasn't his phone, so it was obviously Brody's or John's. The cops ignored it as they questioned Todd, who questioned whether the men had a warrant or if they were arresting him. He laughed that they didn't have evidence and he walked off. The phone began to ring again, and John answered Kelly's call. She told him about Rodney, and he assured her he was on his way. He handed Brody the bagged clothing fiber he had found in the stairwell as evidence in Marty's assault. Brody promised to get it to the lab immediately.

Natalie tried to comfort Marty, who leaned over with her head down on the bed. Marty waved her off just as Brody arrived. He explained that John had left on an emergency. Marty asked Brody and Natalie to leave her alone, and the pair walked out into the hallway. Brody wondered why Natalie was there, and she sighed and said that she was apparently "making a bad situation worse." She wasn't sure if she had gone to apologize to Marty or pronounce her innocence, but she didn't think that Marty believed her. Brody thought it was possible that Marty did believe her and didn't blame Natalie anymore. There was a new suspect, and Marty was focused on Todd.

Cole arrived home to find Starr and Hannah together, and he informed them that Marty had been pushed down the stairs, which had caused her to lose her baby. Hannah made her way to the door and cited that Cole and Starr needed to have privacy. Though she ran out into the hallway, she stood outside of the door, which remained slightly ajar. She listened intently to the conversation inside of the apartment.

Not in the best of moods, Cole growled that both he and Marty believed it was Todd who had pushed Marty down the stairs. He revealed that Todd had probably wanted to know that Marty's baby had been "finished off," as Cole had seen Todd looking at Marty's chart in the hospital. Adamantly, Cole remarked that it had been Todd's "life mission" to hurt Marty because Todd had always hated Marty and Cole. He reminded Starr about Todd's desire to see Cole and Starr break up. Todd had also informed Marty in her office that he wanted Marty, Cole, and the baby to disappear, Cole revealed.

"Your dad has lost it," Cole told Starr, who couldn't believe that Todd would have committed such an act as pushing Marty. She suggested that it had been an accident, which didn't sit well with Cole. He asked if everything that Todd had done had also been accidental. She suggested they wait for an investigation to show some evidence of Todd's guilt, but Cole accused her of taking Todd's side. He asked if Starr believed that Marty was a liar. Starr had enough, gathered her things, and left the apartment. Hannah hid until Starr was gone and then walked back into the apartment.

John arrived at the Sun, and Kelly explained how Rodney had shown up suddenly and told her that Melinda had been murdered. Yes, Rodney was able to talk, Kelly added quickly. She blamed herself for leaving the man alone when she went to call John.

John spoke to Mrs. Stevens at the California facility and learned that the police had been searching for Rodney. A devastated Mrs. Stevens had no idea how Rodney had traveled to Llanview alone. Kelly told John that Rodney had wanted to speak to John, and Rodney was there to find justice for Melinda and peace for Kelly. John was certain that Melinda's killer had also killed Rodney to keep him quiet. He leaned over the body and pulled a couple of cards from Rodney's hand. One was John's business card and the other was a baseball card of Carl Yastrzemski. Kelly wondered if it were a clue. She also wanted to know why John hadn't answered his phone. He disclosed that he and Marty had lost their baby.

A saddened Kelly gave John a hug and expressed her sorrow. She wondered how he was, and he replied, "You know me, I'm fine." She knew he was looking forward to being a father. He quickly changed the subject and vowed to find the killer.

As Mr. G and Dani rehearsed their lines, Todd peeked into the gym and caught Dani's eye. Mr. G, as Todd, told Dani, as Starr, how he had loved her from the minute he had seen her and worried that he was a bad father if he loved her too much or made some mistakes. He would die for her and, even if she hated him, he would still be her father, Mr. G said as he read his lines. Dani continued to look at Todd, who stood at the door. She recalled a similar conversation she had previously with Todd.

After they were finished, Nate exclaimed that Dani had been very intense, and he could tell she was "feeling" the scene. Dani explained that she had seen Todd at the door and it was like she had seen him for the very first time. Nate thought that she looked like she could really believe that Todd loved her. He called her performance seamless, and he could really feel something in the scene. Dani admitted that she had felt something too. Nate realized that it was more than just acting.

Next up, Matthew and Destiny rehearsed their scene as Markko and Langston as the real couple looked on. Up on the stage, as "Langston" voiced her love for "Markko," the real Markko remembered how that had been the happiest day of his life. He pointed out to Langston that every day he was still just as happy. Mr. G gave some direction and told Matthew that he had to "put it all on the line" for his girl.

The teacher advised Destiny, obviously grumpy, to get into Langston's character and show her vulnerability. It was at a time when Langston had just lost her parents and this young man was there for her. It was a very poignant time, Mr. G pointed out. Destiny proclaimed that she was "working out the kinks," but she continued to look in Langston's direction with extreme loathing. Matthew wondered if Destiny was angry at Langston. Destiny told him that Langston was "the biggest hypocrite on the planet."

Starr and Todd ran into each other in the school hallway. Starr revealed that she already knew what had happened and that Cole had accused Todd of pushing Marty. Todd inquired whether Starr believed Cole and if she thought Todd would have done it. "Did you?" she asked him. He denied that he had pushed Marty and swore that he would never do such a thing. He swore on his life and his love for Starr. "Tell me you believe me," he demanded.

Téa was concerned and worried that Dani might learn to understand Todd but then have another reason to hate him. "Did Todd do something?" Blair asked right away. She realized that the real reason for Téa's visit had been to talk about Todd. They were interrupted when Ford arrived to talk to Blair and Téa received a phone call.

Blair was brusque with Ford, who asked for a corner and very private table for that evening. He had someone special to take to dinner, he confided. Blair gruffly threatened to "slap him silly and that's a start" if she learned that his date was Langston. Ford swore that he and Langston had broken things off. He was going to accompany a noted film director, Alfonso del Toro, and he wanted everything to be special. He also wanted a bouncer to protect the man from ogling fans and the paparazzi.

Blair returned to Téa, who was about to finish up her phone call. She wondered if everything was all right with Téa, who had mentioned test results to someone. Téa assured her she was fine and Blair wanted to get back to the matter at hand. Téa told her about Marty, and Blair wanted to know what it had to do with Todd. Téa confessed that she thought Todd might have been the one who had pushed Marty down the stairs.

Ford left Capricorn and sent a text message to Langston, "R U ok? Did M see me?"

Markko asked Langston if she had any water, but Mr. G asked to speak to Langston about one of the scenes. She told Markko she had plenty in her bag and he could help himself. Markko left the camera on and began to rifle through Langston's purse. Her cell phone began to flash as he put it down on the table. "New message from Ford," it said.

Destiny confessed to Matthew that she had seen Langston "making out" with someone earlier, and it wasn't Markko. She believed that Langston was only using Markko. As she spoke, the camera continued to record the scene.

Hannah wanted to comfort Cole, and she told him she had something to tell him about his mother. She had been at the hospital when Marty had fallen, as she had gone to set up an appointment with Marty. She began to cry as she told him she had seen Marty take the stairs and had followed her. As Hannah drew out the turn of events, Cole demanded to know if she were the one who had pushed Marty. She felt that it was all her fault, but she insisted that she wasn't the one who had committed the crime. Cole urged her to get on with her story and finally, Hannah admitted that she saw who had pushed Marty.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At Llanfair, a clueless Viki left a message for Marty and apologized for having missed her at dinner the night before. Just as Viki hung up the phone, an unsuspecting Gigi walked through the kitchen door and was both shocked and happy to see that Viki had returned. Gigi laughed and said that she was returning the cookie cutters she had borrowed in the fall, though Viki assured her they weren't missed. Viki admitted there had been no change in Jessica, who was still stuck in the past. Viki was hopeful that Marty would find the key to unlock Jessica's memory so that Jessica could remember events and people from her past like her brother Rex.

Gigi sighed as she confessed that there had been lots of happenings while Viki had been gone. One of them was that Rex and Jessica were not really brother and sister, since it turned out that Roxy and Mitch were not Rex's parents. Allison had provided the information and Rex's real parents were an unknown. "Oh, my God, poor Rex," Viki groaned. Gigi explained that Roxy hadn't known so it wasn't her fault. Gigi couldn't understand Rex's moods, since he either didn't seem to care or would get quiet as if he felt ashamed. Viki stated that everyone wanted to know where they were from, but Rex was lucky to have Gigi.

Gigi wasn't too sure that Rex wanted help from her, but Viki disagreed. Gigi remembered how happy Gigi and Rex had been before Stacy showed up, and Viki quickly blamed Stacy for all that had happened. She believed that Gigi shouldn't feel guilty about anything and that Gigi should get on with her life either with or without Rex. Gigi confessed that she couldn't picture her life without Rex, but they were only connected by their son. Viki made up different scenarios, like waking up in the middle of the night after a bad dream, and asked Gigi who she would call. Gigi admitted that Rex was her best friend.

Viki made it clear that she had felt the same way towards Charlie because he had let both Viki and himself down. She thought that Charlie had lost sight of who he was but then he found sobriety and made his way back. They were reunited, she informed Gigi, and she thought there was a lot to say about the "power of love." People would always make mistakes and people would have to learn to forgive. She concluded that the first step was to "know what you want."

Gigi reflected that she doubted herself sometimes but thought that maybe she should leave town with Shane. After all, it had worked for Viki, she pointed out. Viki quickly voiced her opinion that it was a bad idea for Gigi and things had been much more involved. She believed that Gigi could get past all that had happened, and whatever was right for Charlie and Viki was not necessarily right for Gigi and Rex. She thought that Gigi and Rex had a good beginning and that Gigi could help Rex with his newly found awareness of not knowing who his biological parents were.

During a break in the musical rehearsal in the high school gymnasium, Destiny divulged to Matthew that she had seen Langston "making out" with an unknown "dude" and it definitely wasn't Markko. Matthew was shocked and suggested that perhaps it was Mr. G. "Ugh," Destiny shuddered as the video camera that Markko had set to record rehearsals continued to run. Destiny thought that it might be a teaching assistant from the college named Ford. "Poor Markko," Matthew exclaimed. He couldn't believe that Langston would do such a thing.

As Markko sat nearby drinking a bottle of water that he had obtained from Langston's purse, Langston's phone flashed on and off that she had a message from Ford. Markko had pulled the phone from the purse and set it down as he rummaged for the water. He informed Langston of the text and asked her who it was from. Langston looked at the message quickly and informed Markko that it was a girl from one of her classes.

Destiny admitted to Matthew that it was difficult for her to play the role of Langston when everything was a lie. Langston overheard part of the conversation and wanted to know what Destiny was talking about. Destiny and Matthew stuttered like crazy as they tried to make up a reason for their conversation. Destiny claimed that the whole scene didn't feel real and felt like a lie. Matthew tried to clarify that because he and Destiny weren't a real couple, they couldn't relate to the words. Langston snapped at the pair, "That's why they call it acting." She stalked off. Markko suddenly noticed that the video camera was still running and jumped up to turn it off. He grabbed the camera and began to watch what had been recorded.

Nate praised Dani for her acting skills, though they both realized that after Dani had spotted Todd, she hadn't been acting at all. Dani thought that Téa would be happy to hear that after the scene they had been rehearsing hit home, Dani might give Todd a chance.

Down the hall, Todd continued to swear to Starr that he did not push Marty, and he needed to know that Starr was on his side. "Why do you do this to me, Dad?" Starr asked. She confessed that she wanted to believe him, but it would mean that she was hurting Cole. She reminded her dad that the issue involved Cole and his mother, but Todd was livid and yelled that he didn't care what Cole thought, only Starr. She asked him to swear again and he did. "I swear I didn't do it," he said solemnly. Starr told him she believed him.

A relieved Todd hugged his daughter. "Don't make me regret it," Starr threatened him. Just then, Dani approached them, and Todd complimented her on the scene he had watched her rehearse briefly. Dani assured him she still had plenty to do and it was amazing to be able to play her sister in the show. She offered to drop out of the show, though, if Todd didn't approve of it. Todd didn't want Dani to quit and allowed that sometimes the truth hurt. He acknowledged that he had heard it all before anyway.

Dani invited Todd to watch the rest of the rehearsal. They walked over to the gym, but Mr. G had called rehearsal for the day. Dani shrugged and invited her dad to stay and talk for a while instead. Starr couldn't hide her grin.

At Capricorn, Blair couldn't believe that Todd might have been the one to push Marty down the stairs. Téa wanted Blair to convince her that Todd couldn't have been the one, but Téa had bumped into Todd in the hospital and the timing was suspect. He had denied pushing Marty, but Téa didn't know if he was lying about it. Blair admitted that Todd was capable of doing horrible things and lying about them. Personally, she was sick of trying to figure out what the mood of the day was when it concerned Todd, Blair told Téa. She was relieved that she didn't have to deal with it anymore because her new man was able to "say it like it is." No more Todd drama, Blair concluded.

Téa pointed out that they weren't the only ones involved and it wasn't that easy. She noted that Todd's actions could affect their children also. Blair moaned and admitted that Téa was right, and if Todd had pushed Marty it would be a terrible blow to all of the kids. Téa thought they should lay the foundation to soften the blow in the event that it was true. The women decided to head over to the high school to meet the girls after rehearsal.

Hannah was almost crazed as she told Cole that she saw who pushed Marty down the stairs. She admitted that she was scared to tell him sooner because she was afraid the person would try to harm her too. Cole promised to protect her.

Marty sat in her bed at the hospital and debated with herself over whether Todd could have been the one to push her down the stairs. Nora peeked in on Marty and expressed her sadness over the loss of Marty's baby. She was confused when Marty mentioned an ongoing investigation until Marty revealed, "Someone pushed me." Marty confessed that she thought the suspect had been Natalie but then she thought it was someone else. She told Nora of the huge fight she had with Todd prior to her fall.

Nora thought that Todd belonged at the top of Marty's suspect list, and she would "nail his butt to the wall" if he had committed the assault. Marty felt relieved that she had managed to talk to someone about the attack, and Nora assured her that she would always be available to Marty. Suddenly, Marty spied Nora's engagement ring and she showed her delight. Nora was in awe that Marty was happy for Nora after all that Marty had been through, but Marty was glad to have something else to think about.

Nora disclosed that her wedding date was June 1, and she wasn't thrilled that Bo wanted a large wedding. Marty assured her that she would be there. Nora pointed to her heart and told Marty that Marty had a lot of healing to do there. Nora promised to make someone pay for the evil deed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Rex visited with Bo, who revealed that he was getting married to the woman of his dreams. Rex was happy for Bo and thought that Bo deserved it. Bo thought that Rex deserved to be happy, too, but Rex was annoyed that the subject had been changed. Bo joked that he had been wounded and Rex should "cut me some slack." Rex showed him the broken heart necklace that had been found in his blanket when he was taken to the hospital as a baby. Bo suggested that Rex drop it off at the police station and Bo would have it checked out. He didn't want Rex to have a broken heart, and he wasn't just talking about the necklace.

Sarcastically, Rex asked if everyone should pair off like on Noah's Ark just because Bo was engaged to be married. "Tough guy," Bo teased. He asked if it were true that Rex didn't need anyone. Rex assured him that he didn't have a broken heart and that he and Gigi had gone through a lot to be together, but there had been one too many bumps in the road. Bo pondered the fact that Rex loved Gigi but wasn't with her and thought there was something broken about it. Rex pointed out that he and Gigi shared a son and that was the end of it. He had trusted her, but once the trust was broken, everything fell apart. He wasn't willing to risk it again. Bo called him a jackass and disclosed that he was certainly not a stranger to issues involving trust either.

Bo spoke about his falling out with Nora in the past, when she had cheated on him because she loved him. He hadn't been able to see that then but had realized that if a person really loved someone, they could forgive them for anything, he advised. He had been a jackass, too, and had listened to his pride and not his heart. He had paid for it by not being with Nora for years and, though he was still scared of getting hurt again, he wouldn't stop living. Bo thought that a life without Nora would be the same as no life.

Bo apologized for telling Rex what to do, but he didn't want Rex to waste years of his life. He thought that if there were still a chance with Gigi, then Rex should go for it. Bo accused Rex of thinking too much, and Rex agreed that he still loved Gigi.

Nora encountered Bo as he walked down the hallway, and she made the correct assumption that he was on the way to the vending machine to buy a bag of chips. She advised him that she would not allow him to have junk food because she needed him to promise he'd be around for a long time. She thought she was lucky to be so happy, especially after seeing Marty, who was both brave but devastated. Bo vowed they would find the person who pushed Marty, and Nora agreed they were a good team. She planned to put the responsible person away.

Gigi and Viki chatted and puttered around the kitchen as they tended to Viki's plants. Rex arrived. He had been looking for Gigi and thought she might be there. He asked if she wanted to attend a sporting event with him and Shane. Rex welcomed Viki home, and Viki noted that it was the "best feeling to know where you belong."

As everyone stood or sat around the gymnasium after rehearsal, the calm was broken when Cole burst through the doors loudly. He screamed out that Todd was a murderer and headed to the man. Starr managed to get in between them, and she tried her best to push Cole away. Cole bellowed that Todd had pushed Marty and killed her baby. Commotion ensued as Starr shouted that Todd had sworn that he didn't push Marty. Cole was astonished that Starr had believed her father, and he assured her she'd be disappointed. He announced that he had a witness.

Starr put her arms around a distressed Dani, and Todd sneered that Cole's friend was a liar. Todd turned to leave, but Cole went after him and knocked him to the floor just as Blair and Téa arrived. As Todd remained on the ground, an out-of-control Cole began to beat him severely. Markko did his best to pull Cole off of Todd, and Starr pleaded with Cole to stop. Everyone stood around aghast at what was happening.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kelly sat in John's office and proclaimed that they had two murders on their hands, those of Melinda and Rodney. John reminded her that they had no evidence and, as things stood, both had apparently died of natural causes. He was waiting for permission to have an autopsy conducted on Rodney. Brody interrupted their conversation and pulled John aside to tell him about the clothing fiber found in the hospital stairwell. It appeared that it was from an expensive article of clothing, and both Natalie and Todd would have been able to afford such an item.

Kelly was perturbed that John seemed to be more concerned with Marty's case than hers, but John switched gears and got back on track. Kelly thought that Rodney's murderer must have followed Rodney to Llanview, but John wanted her to consider that maybe the killer was in their town all along. Kelly believed the connection between the two dead parties to be the sanitarium where they lived, but John thought that the killer originated elsewhere. He reminded her that originally they believed Allison to be involved.

John disclosed that he had requested all of Rodney's records from the sanitarium. Brody stepped into the office to tell John about an assault at the high school, which interrupted John and Kelly again. Brody was concerned about Jessica and wanted to see what had happened so he volunteered to go over to the school. John told Kelly that if she focused on the obvious, she would miss what was important, just as it seemed obvious that Rodney was mute. It had turned out that Rodney was able to talk.

John and Kelly wondered what the killer's motive was, though they realized that Rodney was killed to shut him up. John asked Kelly about Melinda, but Kelly assured him that her mother was defenseless, sweet, kind, and shy. She pointed out that the vase that her mother had made was the first piece she had ever done. John sat up when he heard that and quietly considered his next move. Kelly noticed that John was contemplative, and she wanted to know what he was thinking about. John refused to tell her and asked her to leave. He advised her that he would obtain the security tapes from the Sun in the event they could see the perpetrator.

In the high school gym, chaos ensued as Cole beat Todd to a bloody pulp. Starr screamed and pleaded for him to stop, and Markko and Matthew pulled Cole off of Todd more than once. Cole returned to Todd and beat him again numerous times until finally, with the help of Nate, the other boys managed to hold Cole back. Starr cried out for someone to call 9-1-1 as Todd lay unconscious on the floor. Téa, Blair, Dani, Destiny, and Langston were horrified as they sobbed and shrieked in fear. Markko managed to calm Cole down finally, and he recommended that Cole go home.

The emergency squad arrived, and it was decided that Blair and Starr would accompany Todd to the hospital. Dani cried and asked Téa if she thought that Todd would be all right. Dani didn't know what to think after the horrid turn of events. She explained how she had actually "heard" Todd as she and Mr. G rehearsed their lines, and she realized how much Todd really did love Starr. She saw Todd when he showed up unexpectedly at the rehearsal and suddenly he looked different to her, she told her mother. She thought that things might change between them but then they heard that he had pushed Marty and killed her baby.

Dani stated that she knew Todd was "creepy and evil," but she knew that Starr didn't think that. She wondered if Téa thought that Todd had done what he was accused of, but Téa admitted that she really didn't know. Dani had a difficult time resolving all that she had seen with what she had started to believe. Téa decided they should go to the hospital.

Brody arrived and questioned the students about the fight. Nate wanted to check on Dani's welfare, but Matthew stopped him. Langston told Markko that Todd had been out of control lately and had been harassing her. Markko wanted more information.

Nate stood nearby and spoke to Destiny. He declared that "life imitates art," but Destiny was irritated and reminded him that it was Dani's life and Dani was Matthew's girlfriend. She told him to back off from Dani and advised him, "If you have eyes for Dani, shut them now." Destiny and Matthew returned to their conversation about Langston and Markko. Destiny couldn't believe that they had just been talking about the couple before all that had happened, and she promised that no one would hear about Langston and Markko from her.

Langston was worried about Starr and Cole, but Markko assured her the couple was "solid." Langston stated that they were her "role models" and, if they didn't make it, then she and Markko wouldn't either. Langston thought the incident might cause Starr and Cole to break up. "We're okay, right?" Markko asked her.

Back at Cole's apartment, Hannah babysat for Hope. She spotted a prominently displayed photo of Cole and Starr and promptly turned it facedown on the table. Cole arrived home and related his experience at the school to Hannah. He declared he had been looking for Starr and saw Todd instead, and he had tried to kill Todd. He just "snapped," Cole told Hannah, because of all that Todd had done to him, Marty, and Starr. He hadn't even realized what he had done until it was all over, and it looked bad, he concluded.

At Llanfair, Viki received a call from Charlie. She was confused to hear that Dorian had chosen to meet with Charlie at the Buenos Dias Café, since it was the diner Charlie had chiefly renovated for Viki. Natalie returned home and told her mother about Marty's plight, and Viki realized that was why Marty had missed their dinner date. Natalie announced that John considered Natalie the number one suspect for pushing Marty down the stairs, and Marty had influenced him. Viki was sure that John knew that Natalie couldn't have pushed Marty, but Natalie replied that the only reason she wasn't in jail was because Todd had been added to the suspect list. Viki didn't think that Todd would hurt Marty like that either.

Natalie assured her mother that she hadn't been the one to push Marty, but she felt guilty because she had wished that Marty wasn't pregnant. Tearfully, she stated that the baby was gone and things were bad for Natalie and John. Natalie would never be able to imagine the two of them together ever again. Viki inquired whether Natalie's love for John was gone, and Natalie affirmed that she would always love John, but he would have to beg her for her forgiveness. She knew that would never happen.

Natalie apologized for "dumping on" Viki so soon after Viki's return, but Viki claimed that she missed all of the events around the house. They wondered who might have wanted to hurt Marty. Natalie hoped it wasn't Todd, just for Viki's sake. Viki was aware that there was a long list of wrongs that Todd had committed, and she was tired of it. Natalie was just thrilled to have Viki home, especially in case she needed bail money. Jessica hated Natalie and would never help her out, Natalie declared.

Viki explained that Jessica was staying with Clint, but she was worried about Bree, who might get used to Jessica not being around. Bree only had Charlie, Viki, and Natalie to shower her with love, Viki said. Natalie jumped for joy when she realized that Viki and Charlie were back together. Viki declared her love for Charlie, and Natalie assured her mom that Charlie wouldn't team up with Dorian again. Natalie admitted she was still concerned about being arrested, though Brody had told her there were new clues. Viki promised she'd "be there" for her daughter.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Charlie spoke to Viki on the phone and confided that he was meeting with the "dragon lady." Dorian seated herself at the table and teasingly asked him if that were his name for her or if Viki had chosen it. Dorian wanted a "clean slate" and wanted to get down to business on the Llanview Civic Center. She smiled as Charlie outlined his plan. She told him how impressed she was with his work and that she was quite happy that he and Viki were back together. She felt that she had a "vested interest" in their marriage, since she had played a big part in "messing it up." Charlie blamed himself for the split but considered himself lucky to be back with Viki. He had no plans to make the same mistakes again.

Dorian was curious to know if Viki was bothered by the fact that Charlie was working so closely with Dorian, but Charlie stayed on track, spoke about the project, and ignored Dorian. Suddenly, he switched topics and acknowledged that his wife was definitely unhappy. Dorian reminded him that Viki had threatened her but Charlie assured, her that Viki was well aware of the fact that the project was important to the community. Dorian proclaimed that Viki always took the "high ground" but Dorian only meant it in a good way. She knew Viki would be proud, and Dorian was thrilled to have hired Charlie. Suddenly a flash went off and the pair was photographed. Dorian announced that it was her marketing team, but Charlie was annoyed. Dorian insisted that they were making history.

After Charlie was gone, Dorian ordered a vast quantity of photos. Kelly walked in and told Dorian about Rodney's murder. Dorian assumed that meant that Melinda had been murdered, as well, and she was concerned for Kelly's safety. Kelly assured her aunt that she was safe and didn't have any other information yet. Someone watched the two women from outside the diner.

Todd was wheeled into the hospital as Blair and Starr anxiously remained in the waiting room. Starr exclaimed that she would never be able to hit someone the way Cole had, and she had never seen Cole like that. Blair wanted to know why Todd had been at the school in the first place, and Starr advised her that he had been there to see Starr. Todd swore that he hadn't pushed Marty but, as it turned out, Hannah had seen him do it. Starr wondered if Blair thought he was guilty. They jumped up when the doctor arrived to speak to them. He told them that while Todd did not have any spinal injuries, there were still many tests to be run. He promised to keep them informed.

Starr wanted to leave to check on Hope especially, since she was uncertain if the baby might even be alone. Blair urged her to go home because she was positive that Todd would "come back to us." Blair planted herself by Todd's bedside and spoke to him quietly. She advised him that they wouldn't let him go. Téa and Dani arrived and watched from outside the room. Blair beckoned to them to join her, but suddenly the monitors began to beep.

Brody returned to the police station and told John about Cole's assault of Todd at the high school. The news was that Todd was in critical condition. Additionally, Cole's friend claimed to have seen the incident at the hospital when Marty was pushed. John wanted Hannah and Cole summoned to the police station to give statements. Natalie walked in and bumped into John. She thought that he owed her an apology, since she heard there had been a witness to Marty's assault.

Hannah blamed herself because Todd had seen her at Cole's apartment previously and jumped to conclusions. She had been the one to set him off, but she hoped Starr would be able to see her father for what he was. Cole asked Hannah to accompany him to the police station so that she could give them a statement about what she had seen at the hospital, but Hannah was reluctant. Cole assured her he'd protect her.

Charlie arrived home, and he and Viki made fun of his working with Dorian. Viki updated Charlie on all that had been going on with the family.

Starr walked into her apartment and informed Cole and Hannah of Todd's condition. Starr glared at Cole and told him that her father might die because of Cole.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Natalie found John at the police station and demanded that he apologize to her after he accused her of pushing Marty down the stairs. He attempted to defend himself and pointed out that the evidence had indicated it was her. Natalie didn't think he would actually believe it was her, and John agreed that he should have said as much. He told her he was sorry and never meant to hurt her.

He also mentioned that there was a college girl who had stepped forward as a witness, but he wondered why she had taken so long. Natalie wondered if John suspected that Todd had gotten to the witness. They were interrupted when John received a phone call from Brody. John told him to handle Cole's arrest "by the book." Natalie asked John to update her on the case before she departed. "If I can," John replied.

Starr grabbed Hope from Hannah's arms and yelled at Cole that he had attacked Todd, who might never wake up. She advised him that Todd was on life support. Cole feebly stated that he had only hit Todd a couple of times and he couldn't die. "What were you thinking?" Starr shouted. She reminded him that it was her father and Hope's grandfather that he had attacked. She added that if Markko hadn't pulled Cole away from Todd, then Cole would have left Todd to die on the floor.

Cole had his own reminding to do and told Starr that Todd had pushed Cole's mother down the stairs and had left her on the floor as well. Todd had also killed Marty's baby, and he deserved a lot worse than what Cole had done. Starr didn't think that Cole knew that it was Todd for sure, but he pointed to Hannah and declared that Hannah had seen Todd. Starr asked if Hannah had told the truth. She thought that Cole believed Hannah because he wanted to.

Starr challenged Hannah and Cole and asked why Hannah had taken so long to talk about what she had seen, why she seemed so surprised when she heard that Marty was in the hospital, and why she hadn't helped Marty if she had been there to see her fall. Starr was sure that John would want answers to all of those questions too. Hannah indicated that she had nothing to prove as Starr screamed that her father might die because of Hannah. She started to go after Hannah, but Cole pulled her away.

Starr continued her tirade and raged that Hannah knew what an issue Todd was to Cole and Starr, and Hannah was using it to get to Cole. Hannah claimed that she was scared after she saw Todd push Marty and was afraid he'd do the same thing to her. She ran away but decided to go back to help and Marty was gone. That's why she didn't know that Marty was in the hospital, Hannah finished.

Cole fumed that no matter how many kidnappings or rapes Todd was involved in, Todd always knew that Starr would be there for him in the end. There was no reason for Todd to ever change. Just then the Llanview Police Department arrived, and Brody placed Cole under arrest. Hannah tried to defend Cole. When he realized who Hannah was, Brody advised her that John was looking for her and she would have to go to the police station as well.

Brody was apologetic that he had to place Cole in handcuffs, but he had to follow orders. Just then, Starr received a phone call from Blair, who asked that Starr get to the hospital because Dani needed her big sister. Starr volunteered to call a lawyer for Cole, but he declined the offer.

At the hospital, the monitors that surrounded Todd went off and the doctor rushed into the room. He announced a code blue and began to apply CPR. As the doctors and nurses continued to work on Todd, the unconscious man began to dream. Todd saw himself knocked out as Cole leaned over him and proclaimed, "It's over." He watched himself get up and walk away from his prone body. Todd viewed his loved ones talking about him as if he were dead, but they didn't see him or hear him as he called out.

Suddenly, Viki appeared and pointed to a nearby coffin. She told him he was inside of it. He wanted to open the lid, but Viki stopped him. She told him it was supposed to be a closed casket and everyone had agreed. Viki advised him that everyone was angry because Todd had killed Marty's baby, but Todd denied it. Viki conveyed that his family thought Todd was a murderer and exclaimed, "Now this." She pointed to Cole and Starr as they prepared to marry. Viki explained that no one had been around to stop them, and the entire town had celebrated when Todd died.

Todd couldn't believe it and was sure that Starr knew that everything he had done was out of love. They moved on and saw Téa and Dani. Téa was ecstatic that she had found the real "love of her life," and suddenly Ross was there and ready to marry Téa. Viki cautioned Todd, "This is what happens when you give up." Todd was certain that Téa would never go back to Ross, but Viki reprimanded him, "You gave up and died." They watched as Dani greeted Ross and told him she had begun to think of Todd as her father but then he had gone and committed the attack on Marty. Ross was excited that he would be able to take his family back to Tahiti where they would forget all about Todd.

Viki repeatedly reminded Todd that he was dead. She told him that everyone looked back with compassion but ahead with joy. Blair joined Téa, and the pair high-fived in their shared happiness and delight. Blair was with Elijah. Viki revealed that Todd was in hell.

Layla arrived at the closed Buenos Dias Café and turned the knob on the door. Apprehensively, she walked in and looked around in amazement. There was a candlelit table set for two. Cristian appeared and announced that he wanted to "romance my girlfriend." Layla was suspicious, but Cristian shrugged and stated that it was the kind of treatment she deserved.

While he headed to the kitchen to change his shirt and get their dinner, Layla quickly made a phone call to Oliver. Frantically, she told him that she needed his help because she thought that Cristian was about to propose to her. She admitted that she had been wrong before, but things were different this time around.

She noted that Cristian had gone to lots of trouble and had prepared a difficult dish for her. He had told her she should receive such treatment forever. She wouldn't be able to handle it if Cristian got down on one knee, she whispered to Oliver. He advised her that Cristian had probably hidden a ring and she began to look around for it. When Cristian returned with two glasses of champagne, Layla hastily ended the call.

After Cristian served dinner, he told Layla that he wanted to talk to her. As he got down on one knee next to Layla's chair, he apologized for all he had gotten Layla involved with. He thought she was patient and understanding. "So," he began. "Bon Appétit!" As Layla pushed her food around and searched for a ring, her disappointment was evident.

At Llanfair, Charlie shared news about the project he was involved in with Viki who was happy to see her husband that excited. They leaned over to kiss just as Jessica walked into the kitchen. "Who's this?" she asked her mother. Viki introduced Charlie as her husband, and Jessica recalled that he was the person who shot her. Remorsefully, Charlie explained that he had been aiming at someone else, but he shouldn't have had a gun in the first place. He loved everyone like his own, and he wanted to make things up to Jessica.

Jessica waved him off and told him there was nothing to forgive, since she couldn't even remember the incident. She had merely stopped by to pick up her old prom dress. Charlie began to sing Brody's praises and enlightened Jessica to the fact that Brody had lots of fans in Llanview. Viki noted that Jessica would attend the prom alone, and Jessica clarified that she wanted to go with Cristian but he was taking someone else. She thought she would still have a good time. Charlie thought she would have a better time with Brody.

Charlie kept up his chatter as he wondered who Jessica would dance with if she attended the prom by herself. He thought she should go with Brody. Jessica didn't think that she wanted to lead Brody on, but Charlie thought that Jessica owed Brody a date after a bet she had lost and a bet was a bet. Brody was handsome, and she could settle her bet and have a date at the same time. He pointed out that everyone would notice Jessica with Brody. Viki assured Jessica that there was no obligation and did her best to hide her amused expression. Jessica rushed out of the house, and Viki began to laugh. She thought that Charlie was a "crafty old fox."

Viki joked that she was impressed with Charlie's moves. He indicated that he knew a few tricks, though Viki hoped it wasn't anything he learned from Dorian. She told Charlie that he had manipulated Jessica into going out with Brody. Charlie saw his window of opportunity and he ran with it, he responded. Natalie returned home and relayed the news that Todd was in the hospital.

Cole and Hannah arrived at the police station, and John pulled Cole aside. "What's wrong with you?" John asked. He had told Cole to stay away from Todd before, and Cole was about to be charged with assault. That could be changed if Todd died, he said angrily. John made it clear that he wasn't certain that Todd had pushed Marty, since he still needed to speak to the witness, Hannah. Cole insisted that he couldn't let Todd go free after what he had done. He figured Todd would end up free, anyway, after he hired a million-dollar lawyer. John urged Cole to be quiet and requested that Brody try to locate the best lawyer possible for Cole.

John faced Hannah in his office and looked at her sternly. He wanted to know what she saw at the hospital, and he asked her to repeat her answers several times. Hannah insisted that she saw Todd push Marty. Brody sat with Cole and made several phone calls to lawyers. Cole didn't want to phone Marty and worry her. John asked Hannah to wait and charged out of the office in a hurry.

Jessica walked by the closed diner but saw Layla and Cristian inside. Sadly, she turned away and called Brody. She asked him to accompany her to the prom and told him it took care of their second date. Brody happily accepted but was unable to say anything else because Jessica abruptly ended the call.

Anxiously, Starr got to the hospital and assured her mother that Langston was looking after Hope. She told Blair that Cole had been arrested, but she didn't want to discuss it any further. Blair stumbled over her words and told her daughter that Todd had a minor setback. Starr wanted more information, and Blair finally confessed that he had heart failure and was in cardiac arrest. She was sure that since Todd was a tough man, he would be fine. Starr asked her mother if she was sure, and Blair admitted she wasn't.

Starr put her arms around Dani, who explained that she had wanted Todd to die because she hated him, but she had changed her mind and wasn't too sure of her feelings. Téa and Blair hugged each other, too, as the medical staff rushed around and continued to perform CPR on Todd and used the defibrillator. A nurse joined the women in the hallway for an update. All of the women shouted questions at her at the same time, but she regretfully told them that Todd had not responded to treatment. His chance of recovery looked slim. Dani and Starr ran into Todd's room and stood at the foot of his bed. Both Blair and Téa threatened to make the doctor pay if they lost Todd.

Todd continued to dream as Viki pointed him in the direction of Dani, who was also about to be married. Blair and Téa were happy that Todd wasn't around to see it, especially in the condition that Dani was in. It was revealed that Dani was pregnant, and Todd demanded to know who the groom was. He craned his neck and looked around. He finally saw him, and it was John. Todd was crazed in his dream and it was enough for him to open his eyes.

Everyone grew quiet as the doctor looked over Todd and made some adjustments in the equipment. All of Todd's women surrounded Todd's bed. Suddenly, he mumbled, "Viki." Blair assured him that Viki wasn't there, but she would call her on the phone. The doctor said that Todd had wanted to return. "John," Todd mumbled next. Blair exclaimed that there was no reason for John to be there, but just at that moment, John walked into the room. He placed Todd under arrest.

Hannah wandered out of John's office and saw Cole sitting next to Brody's desk. Cole appreciated all that she had done and advised her that he had her back. Hannah grabbed his hand and replied that she had his back too.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Matthew entered Bo's hospital room as Bo was talking to "Snoop Dog" Calvin. After Bo had extended the invitation for Calvin to attend Bo and Nora's wedding, Bo requested that Matthew help him celebrate his "last night in lockdown." Matthew told Bo of his girl troubles and explained, "It's Dani." Matthew described the beating that had taken place in the gym between Todd and Cole. Matthew pointed out that from looking in Dani's eyes, he could see what Dani was going through, since he had gone through the same type of thing. Matthew realized that he had lost too much time with his dad due to Matthew's anger. Matthew also acknowledged that with Dani, it was different, since Dani had never known her dad in the first place. Matthew asserted that he only wanted to find Dani, and to tell her that everything would be okay, even if it wouldn't be.

Bo understood that it was hard to decide the right thing to say - and even harder to not say anything at all - when it was obvious that a loved one was hurting. Bo observed, "All you want is to make things better. I bet you're itching, right now, to ride off to Dani's rescue." Even though the Buchanan Curse was to help loved ones, Bo informed Matthew that people did not always want to be helped. Bo advised Matthew to give Dani space, but to let her know that Matthew was holding a lifeline. And even if Dani rejected it, to hold out the lifeline anyway. Bo exclaimed, "Nobody comes to the rescue better than a Buchanan."

Bo questioned if another man was in the picture, and advised Matthew to let Dani know his intentions first. Trying to get into the hip lingo, Bo strutted as he said, "Ball till you fall, yo." Matthew laughed and stated that the phrase probably did not mean what Bo thought. Bo promised to help Matthew with advice as long as Matthew aided Bo with the up-to-date phrases and asked, "Deal?" Matthew translated, "Word." Bo and Matthew began to slap hands but then placed the backs of their hands together for "no fingerprints."

At LaBoulaie, Dorian worried over Kelly's safety due what had happened to Melinda and Rodney. As Dorian suggested that Kelly get a bodyguard, they jumped when they heard a noise outside. While Kelly waved a flashlight out on the deck, and Dorian, holding a large pole for protection, called for security, the doorbell rang, and they jumped again. After checking with security, Dorian opened the door to Eli.

When Eli stated that he was there for his date with Blair, Dorian admitted her approval of Eli in that Blair was seeing "a fine, upstanding gentleman - for a change." Dorian welcomed Eli into the parlor and told him of the questionable circumstances surrounding Melinda's death. Kelly informed Eli that Rodney had claimed to be a witness to her mother's murder. Dorian added that after Kelly had left and then later returned, Kelly had found that Rodney was dead. Kelly felt that Rodney was murdered but related that John had not been so sure, since he could not find any evidence of it. Eli warned Kelly to listen to her Aunt Dorian regarding her safety.

Eli's phone rang, and he learned that Cole had put Todd in the hospital. Dorian cheered and suggested that they start a defense fund for Cole. As Kelly started to leave, she explained that she wanted to check on Todd, Blair, and Starr. Dorian insisted that Kelly take Dorian's gun, or at least, one of Dorian's security guards. However, Kelly refused.

In Greg's office at the hospital, Marty asked Greg for a release, since her doctor was unavailable. When Marty revealed that she would be driving herself home, Greg refused the release due to hospital policy. Marty stated that she would call Cole to drive her home.

At the police station, Cole thanked Hannah for "stepping up for me" and told her that he would "have your back." Brody stated that he was trying to arrange representation for Cole. Cole expressed to Hannah his regret for missing Hope's bedtime because he was normally "reading her a book, singing her a song, kissing her goodnight, and I'm not there tonight."

Marty called Cole's phone. Brody answered, informing Marty that Cole had been arrested. Marty stated that she had to leave, and Greg yelled that it was against the rules. Marty left the hospital anyway. Marty stormed into the police station and demanded that Greg remove the handcuffs from Cole's wrists. Brody explained that Cole had "tried to kill Todd Manning." Marty screamed that Todd went after her first and was after her son, but Cole admitted to beating Todd up.

Eli arrived at the police station to represent Cole. Cole cried out to Eli and Marty that he had beat up Todd, after he had found out that Todd had pushed Marty down the stairs, which resulted in the loss of the baby. Cole exclaimed that Hannah had witnessed it. Hannah explained that she was looking for Marty at the hospital, and that "Mr. Manning was right behind you when you went into the stairwell, and I was a few steps behind him. And right when I opened the door, that's when I saw him...push you." Cole emphasized that Hannah was too afraid to say something sooner, while Hannah apologized to Marty for leaving her in the stairwell.

Cole maintained that he had beat Todd up to ensure that Todd would never hurt anyone again. Eli told Marty that he would stay for Cole's arraignment, but that Marty needed to go home and get some rest. John knocked on the door of Greg's office, and Greg welcomed him in. Greg said that he was sorry for John's loss and hoped that Todd would get punished for what he did. John explained that he was looking for Marty, but Greg told John that Marty had left.

In Todd's hospital room, as Blair, Starr, Téa, and Dani watched, Todd said, "John." As John strolled into the room, he arrested Todd for the attempted murder of Marty Saybrooke and for the murder of Marty's unborn son. Tea and Blair expressed their outrage. Dani ran out, stating that she was getting water.

Starr insisted that her dad did not push Marty. Téa reminded John that a gym full of people had just witnessed Cole beating up Todd, and that John should focus on examining a crime that he could actually prove. John let Starr know that Cole had been arrested. Todd exclaimed that Cole had put him in the hospital, and that Todd wanted to press charges, because Todd could never do that to anyone. John revealed that Marty and an eyewitness would state differently. John told Starr that he would make sure that Cole received a good attorney. Todd insisted that John was going to let Cole go, after Cole had tried to kill him. John handcuffed Todd to the hospital bed.

Téa told John that she would prepare to sue him, and John responded that Téa should be prepared for a wrongful death countersuit from Marty. John declared, "I'm going to watch him go to trial, and I'm going to be there when a jury finds him guilty." Todd told Téa to get him "out of this."

Todd insisted to Starr that he had had nothing to do with Marty losing her baby, and that the witness was lying. Todd begged for Starr's assurance and for her belief in him. Starr told Todd that she loved him and walked out of the room. Blair demanded, "So, tell me, Todd, is that baby dead because of you?"

Viki found Dani in the hospital hall. Dani realized that she was meeting her Aunt Viki for the first time, and they both acknowledged seeing pictures of each other. However, Viki insisted that Dani's pictures had not done her justice. When Dani tried to leave, Viki stopped her and asked if something was wrong. When Viki inquired if it was Todd, Dani nodded and fell into her aunt's arms for a hug. Dani revealed that she had finally decided to give Todd a chance, so that they could get to know one another, and admitted to being upset when Todd's heart had stopped beating. Dani was relieved when the doctors had been able to revive him, but then John arrested him. Dani cried, "How after - how can anybody care about a person like that?"

Téa walked out of Todd's room into the hall. Téa informed Viki and Dani that Todd would go to trial, and that Téa would represent him. Dani asked Téa if Téa thought Todd was innocent. Téa admitted that she did not know, but that everyone deserved a good defense. Dani demanded that Téa not defend Todd due to Dani, because she had never wanted him in her life, and ran off. Viki followed Dani.

With Blair still in the Todd's room, Kelly walked in. Blair told Kelly of the eyewitness, who claimed to have seen Todd push Marty down the stairs. When Blair declared that Todd was not going to get any sympathy from her cousin, Kelly said, "Actually, he is, because I don't believe it's true." After Kelly asked if anyone could believe that Todd was capable of pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs, Blair reminded Kelly that Todd had done the very same thing to his own daughter. Blair believed that if Kelly could blindly trust Todd without asking any questions, it would be Kelly's funeral to trust the very next man that walked through the door. Kelly informed Todd that she would "be holding things down at the Sun." Todd demanded to see Cole's face on the front page of the magazine, and Kelly responded that Starr would hate Todd for it and left.

Dorian called Shawn and left a message, begging for him to protect Kelly. After Dorian heard another noise outside, the doorbell rang. Dorian answered the door to a handsome stranger asking for Kelly Cramer. After Kelly left, Blair exclaimed that if she found out that Todd was responsible for the baby's death, she would kill him herself.

Blair followed Kelly into the elevator. Kelly asked, "What is the matter with you?" Blair blared, "You are...and we are going to have this out. Right here. Right now."

Viki found Dani lying on a bench in the park. Viki admitted that both she and Téa had a "blindness" as far as Todd was concerned, because they both loved him. Viki related that even though she knew that she should not love Todd, he was her brother. Viki maintained that because Todd had done so many terrible things, he was an easy mark, but that she believed that Todd had some good in him somewhere.

Viki acknowledged, "Everyone who loves Todd has to, at some point, make that decision." Dani was not sure that she could do that. Viki observed that Starr would say that even with all of Todd's faults, Todd did love his children. However, Viki claimed that she would support Dani's decision, no matter what Dani decided. Dani thanked Viki for listening to her, and Viki left.

Téa and Matthew both texted Dani as she continued to lie on the bench, but Dani did not respond. Dani heard someone walk up to the bench, and she begged the person to leave her alone. Nate spoke of Dani's messages to him, as he held up a cell phone.

When Téa arrived at Greg's office, Greg informed her that he had received Téa's test results.

John told Marty and Cole at the police station that Starr was with Todd, and that John had arrested Todd. Marty requested that John stay with Cole, and after she thanked Hannah, Marty left for home. In the hall, Marty reflected on her words to Todd in her office about everyone being happy and that there was nothing Todd could do about it. And Marty remembered the way that Todd had stated, "We'll see," after her declaration.

When Starr arrived at the station and accused Cole of caring about nothing, Cole insisted that he cared about her. Brody took Cole away in handcuffs. As Hannah tried to leave, Starr stopped her and demanded to know everything that had happened.

Marty entered Todd's room and glared at Todd as he asked, "What do you want?"

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