The calm before the storm

by Dawn
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Double weddings rarely end well. That can be said for any wedding on a soap opera, but with a double wedding, there is potential for double the trouble.

Last week was the calm before the storm; as the preparations for the double wedding were underway, Marty started to remember what she needed to tell John, Clint obtained damaging evidence against Aubrey, Joey and Kelly were forced to face each other, and Bo and Clint's feud continued to build. There were also some subtle, yet poignant nods to history, which made last week enjoyable.

I don't know why soap opera characters ever choose to have double weddings. They rarely go well. That can be said for any wedding on a soap opera, but with a double wedding, there is potential for double the trouble. I can see why Jessica and Natalie felt comfortable sharing the day, since they've shared pregnancies and delivery dates, but we all know that this event won't have the happy ending they want. It amazes me how many times we hear characters say things like "Things are finally as they should be." Talk about tempting the fates! After both happy couples said lots of ominous things, Marty started to regain her memory, and what she said affected John.

I wish Natalie had listened to Brody's argument that they needed to tell Jessica and John the truth before Marty did. However, Natalie decided that lying was still the best option. I know many characters on the show have held onto secrets for much longer than they should. After all, if they told the truth, there wouldn't be months of drama to drag out the story. However, it seems like Natalie has gone out of her way to ignore every sign that her world was about to come crashing down. Marty almost told John the truth several times, including at Natalie and John's last attempt at getting married. Natalie knows all of this it but chooses to keep lying anyway. It looks like she will learn her lesson the hard way next week, if the previews are any indication.

I liked Natalie and Jessica's interactions as they prepared for the wedding, though. In particular, I liked that Jessica acknowledged that she and Natalie haven't always had the best relationship and that they've come a long way. I also liked Natalie's gift of the ribbon to Jessica because it held so much meaning for both of them. It makes me sad, since the secret that will harm them will be revealed soon, but I am glad they shared some nice bonding moments before the truth is revealed.

The bachelor/bachelorette parties were fun to watch. We rarely get to see characters have fun on this show. We got to see different characters interact, such as Shaun and Joey, and we got to see everyone have a good time! I thought it was funny that Rex was eager to strip, since it reminded me of when he did his drunken pole dance at his club! It was a fun episode all the way around and a good break from all of the drama.

Todd and Vimal's drinking session was interesting. I never thought I'd see these two characters bond, but they have things to talk about after all. I was surprised to hear Todd talk about Téa keeping Dani from him. It's clear that he's still upset about that. He might not be acting on his hidden anger, but I think this will become an issue between them at some point in the future. Todd's time to deal with Téa's secret was cut short by her illness, so I guess he never got to work through it. It will be interesting to see when and how this issue is revisited later.

I am bored with Aubrey and Cutter's plan to take Joey and Kelly's money. For self-proclaimed con artists, they make a lot of mistakes. I am glad Clint had their room bugged and that he has proof of what they are really doing. They aren't good at what they do, it's clear that even they are unconvinced of their plan, and I have no desire to watch Joey be so enchanted by Aubrey anymore. It's amusing that Aubrey thinks she can outsmart Clint, though. As she will soon learn, she is no match for Clint!

I don't know if I want Joey and Kelly to reunite, even after their scenes together last week. A lot has happened since they were together the first time. I don't know if I believe that Joey has really gotten over Kelly leaving him for Kevin. Joey and Kelly were together a long time ago, and I just don't know if this is a relationship that should be explored again. I think it would make more sense to bring Kevin back for Kelly. We didn't get to see them try to work things out after Zane was born, and that would really be interesting, given that Kevin isn't Zane's father. I am willing to give Joey and Kelly a chance to change my mind, but I don't think that they are the right couple to reunite at this point.

I am glad that Viki threw Echo out. Her anger has been building for months, and she finally reached her boiling point. She has put up with a lot since Echo arrived in Llanview, and Charlie has been dismissive of Viki's feelings almost the whole time. Echo doesn't have to live at Llanfair to bond with Rex, and Charlie doesn't have to go out of his way to be there for her when he knows it upsets Viki. Charlie's attitude has been disappointing throughout this story, and I wish he wouldn't be so blind to what Echo is really doing. I want Viki and Charlie to remain together, but Charlie needs to start acting like he actually cares about his wife and let Echo take care of herself.

Echo made a great observation about Viki and Dorian's relationship when she was thrown out. Viki and Dorian make a great team when they are working against someone else, but when left alone, they will never get along. We'll see how long Viki and Dorian's truce lasts with Echo staying at the Minute Man Motel!

Rex's decision to cancel the paternity test was stupid. He has been through so much trying to find out who his biological parents are and has been led in the wrong direction multiple times. Even if having Clint as a father is the worst possible outcome, I don't believe that Rex would let that stop him from finding out. This is just another way to drag out the story of Rex's paternity a little longer. I hope someone reveals the truth next week because I don't like watching Charlie and Rex act as father and son when they aren't.

Finally, Clint and Bo's confrontation on Friday was great. Bo was being way too optimistic when he asked Clint for a truce, but he isn't used to treating Clint as an enemy, so I can see why he did it. It was cruel of Clint to tell Bo that Asa being proud of him was a lie, but it was also a great use of history. I remember the scenes when Clint consoled Bo after Asa's funeral, and learning that Asa really was proud of Bo meant a lot to him. Clint is telling Bo that it was all a lie just to be mean, but the doubt will always be there now that Clint suggested it. Clint should be relieved that Bo wasn't aiming a gun at him this time, since he ended up being punched in the gut! I can't wait to see what happens on Monday!

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