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by Dawn
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Dorian knows what Echo is capable of and how far she will go to get what she wants because Dorian is a schemer and manipulator herself, when she wants to be.

It was an interesting week in Llanview, as secrets continued to be revealed, Clint escaped criminal charges, Tess continued to reign over Jessica, the teens continued to be teens, and a new tabloid show host revealed the scandalous lives of the residents of Llanview.

The most interesting thing that happened last week was Rex telling Bo about David. This should have happened a long time ago, and I am glad it finally did. After watching Rex and Bo bond over the years, it was hard to see Bo get so angry at Rex. However, Rex deserved it. He kept a secret, and he knows, better than most, that it is never a good idea to keep secrets about family. He should have trusted Bo to protect him from Clint's threats, but he just couldn't do that for whatever reason. I think Bo will forgive Rex at some point, but it won't be in the near future.

Nora's reaction was the most telling of all. She pointed out that Bo was using harsh rhetoric when he talked about Rex and that he was starting to resemble Clint. She also encouraged Bo to have mercy on Rex, since he eventually told the truth. I think her reaction was based on her own experience of waiting for Bo to forgive her, and she didn't want Rex to wait a decade as she did. It was a good use of history, and it showed that Bo and Nora's bad history will never be forgotten, even if they have gotten past it.

Meanwhile, Tess and Robert got married. I don't know how this marriage can be considered legal, since Jessica wasn't herself, but I guess that will be addressed later. I can understand Robert's desire to have access to see his child and his fear that the Buchanans will never let him, but he can't possibly think that marrying Jessica's alter is the answer to his problems. He is using very poor judgment to let a mentally ill woman evade treatment just to further his own cause. My patience is already wearing thin with this story. Tess is entertaining in small doses, but her plan is ridiculous, and Robert choosing to go along with it is even more ridiculous!

Aubrey and Cutter continue to get away with everything, and it is getting tiresome. I was disappointed that Rama fell for Aubrey's manipulation and got Vimal to back out of the immunity agreement. Rama seemed like such a smart character, and I really wanted her to put one over on Aubrey. I hope Aubrey and Cutter get caught in the act (whichever act it may be at the time) soon. They discuss the fact they aren't brother and sister on a daily basis. Surely someone in Llanview will overhear them at some point!

Last week's scenes between John and Kelly made me like them as friends more than I did before. I still think they are only using each other physically, but I like their meaningful discussion as they packed Liam's belongings. I'm still not convinced that they would be a good couple, but I think they can have a good friendship.

I don't think that people should be telling John that Liam is his son, regardless of DNA. That is John's decision to make. He's not a bad person because he acknowledges that Liam isn't his. He is merely stating the truth, which is painful for him. He only found out that Liam wasn't his son a couple of days ago in Llanview time, yet people aren't giving him any breathing room. Roxy really crossed the line when she barged into John's room and tried to make him feel guilty about Natalie and Liam. I know that she is trying to help Natalie, but she needs to stay out of John's business!

I continue to like Dorian and Echo's dynamic. Dorian knows what Echo is capable of and how far she will go to get what she wants because Dorian is a schemer and manipulator herself, when she wants to be. I am glad that Dorian confronted Echo about sleeping with Charlie. Viki doesn't have time to hear Echo's secret right now, but I am glad Dorian is on her case about it. Dorian's motives in this story are unclear, but she has been fun to watch!

I don't know what happened to Charlie, but he is really difficult to like now. He has been a horrible husband to Viki ever since Echo arrived, and while he claims to love Viki, I think he's already decided that he wants Echo more. I hope Viki finds out about Charlie's betrayal and kicks him out soon. He is no longer worthy of her, and from the e-mails I got a couple of weeks ago, many viewers felt he never was!

As for the teens, I am glad that Starr and James were finally honest and said what they wanted and needed to say. I was stunned when it happened after so many weeks of dancing around the issue. I don't know that I'm a fan of this pairing, but I am glad they did something to move their story forward.

Nate and Dani continue to bore me. I still don't care about them, and this story with Todd turning into the big, bad wolf is tired. Dani seemed eager to push Todd's buttons and send him over the edge, and she succeeded. Téa then decided that tying Todd to a chair and talking to him like a child was the answer to everything. This story is stupid, and I hope we don't have to keep watching it.

It looks like Todd has a new enemy, since Tomas decided he didn't like him in about 90 seconds. I like the idea of having one of Téa's relatives come to Llanview, since it's been a while. She and Tomas have a lot of issues to work through, and now Tomas' low opinion of Todd only adds to them. I am interested to see how all of this will play out.

Finally, Wendy Williams appeared as Phyllis Rose on Access Llanview last week. When I first heard that Wendy Williams would be making appearances, I liked the idea. I like her talk show, and I wanted to see her interact with people in Llanview. However, she didn't interact with anyone, and all her character did was tell us stuff that we already knew. It felt like a waste of precious airtime, and I am not sure what the writers were trying to accomplish. I hope that her role as Phyllis Rose is better incorporated into the show next time we see her.

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