One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on OLTL

Tess and Ford were married. Rex told Bo that Clint had had David imprisoned in Morocco. Bo was upset that Rex had kept it secret because of Clint's threats. Bo planned to look for David. Vimal agreed to take the fall for Clint at Rama's request. Todd found the teens at the lodge, but they escaped. Todd was livid that Téa had helped Dani, Starr, James, and Nate. Echo wanted Charlie to make a decision about his marriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Stop! Stop the wedding!" Brody called out as he and Langston ran into the wedding chapel in Las Vegas. The couple at the altar turned and stared. Tess made light of the situation, but she revealed that she and Ford were already "happily married." Brody tried to reason with Tess, but she reminded him that Jessica had never returned to object. Langston was upset and felt sick, while Ford announced that he had married Tess of his "own free will."

Brody pointed out that the ceremony had probably not been legal, especially because Tess wasn't even a real person. The minister objected and maintained that it had been a lawful service as far as he was concerned, and Tess stated that she had used her real name for the license. Ford tried to explain that he'd done it for Ryder, and Tess urged Brody to go home and tend to Natalie and Liam. Brody drew up close to Tess and began to implore Jessica to appear. He advised Jessica that he'd never stop loving her, and he tried to reason with her, but Tess only laughed.

Tess declared that she was in charge, and Jessica was on "permanent hiatus." She reminded Brody the reason for that was that he had slept with Jessica's sister. Brody announced that Jessica's parents would have Tess committed, but Tess professed that the only person who could commit her would be her husband, Ford. Brody advised Ford that Tess was dangerous, but Ford explained that it was all about his being a father to Ryder. Tess hadn't given him much of a choice, Ford added.

Brody wanted to make an arrest, and he announced that he'd called for reinforcements. He called out for members of the local police department to enter, and they placed Ford under arrest for kidnapping. Tess shouted that she'd gone with Ford of her "own free will," but Brody retorted that she didn't have any. Langston maintained that Brody had gone too far. Tess was angry and she slapped Brody. She was arrested too. Both Ford and Tess were led out in handcuffs. Tess screamed that Brody would never see Jessica again.

Natalie descended the stairs at Llanfair and found Kelly in John's arms. He was comforting Kelly after her run-in with Joey. Natalie was outraged and, hearing the commotion, Joey ran out from the kitchen. He too, was angry, and he yelled at John to get away from Kelly. Joey thought that John was not a man of honor, but a child and a coward, and he accused John of leaving the woman and child that John cared about to hit on a vulnerable woman instead. "Stop sniffing around Kelly," Joey commanded John. Joey warned John that John had better not lay a finger on Kelly.

John informed Joey that he'd already laid "more than just a finger" on Kelly. Joey was infuriated and slugged John. Kelly wondered if Joey were angry because John had walked out on Natalie, or because Kelly and John had "hooked up." Kelly advised Joey that it was none of his business. Natalie tried to help John out and offered to get some ice, but John didn't want any help from Natalie. Kelly extended a handkerchief to John, and as Natalie yelled that John didn't want any help, John accepted the article from Kelly's outstretched hand.

Natalie began to yell at Kelly, and she wondered why Kelly was in the house. Kelly revealed that she had wanted to apologize to Natalie for what had happened with John. "Apology not accepted," Natalie snarled. She ordered Kelly to leave, and John began to follow Kelly out. "What about Liam, John?" Natalie asked. John retorted that the baby was Brody's, and he and Kelly walked out.

Natalie crumpled up Kelly's note, though Joey felt that Kelly had been sincere in her apology. He was annoyed that Kelly had gotten him so upset. Natalie admitted that while John had been "wallowing," she had tried to fix things. Natalie was surprised that John had wanted to see Liam, and she'd thought that everything might be getting back to normal. She'd thought they'd had a chance, but the moment had disappeared. Joey insisted that he'd hit John to defend Natalie's honor, but Natalie believed that it had also been because of Kelly.

Joey declared that he had to get back to Aubrey, and Kelly suggested that he and Aubrey move to Llanfair. Joey thought they would look for their own place. He advised his sister to give John time to remember their love for each other. He headed out but promised that their sister would return too.

Todd paid Blair a visit at La Boulaie and declared that Téa was hiding Dani from him. "Everyone is against me," he whined. Blair wanted him to leave, but Todd continued to explain that Téa was teaching him a lesson. Blair assumed it was because of Todd's reaction to Dani and Nate, and Blair didn't consider his problem an emergency. She told him to go home. Todd was reluctant, stating that Téa was at the house with her brother. Blair was confused and wondered if it were the brother they had met previously.

Todd explained that it was a "different jerk," though he'd believed it was another "secret husband" when he'd arrived home and found the pair in each other's arms. Todd believed that the brother was going to be trouble, and he could tell that the man didn't like him. He assumed that Téa's brother was poisoning Téa's mind against Todd at that very minute. Blair didn't think that it was appropriate for Todd to be complaining to her about his wife, but Todd requested that Blair talk to Téa. He wanted Blair to find out where Dani was hiding. "Goodnight Todd," Blair said as she tried to usher Todd out of the house. Todd pleaded with her and asked what she would do if it were their sons instead. "Help me, please," he begged.

Tomas ordered his sister to pack her bags, because he wanted Téa to leave Todd. He saw Todd as a monster. Téa was annoyed, and she reminded her brother that he hadn't been in her life for years. She didn't think he had any right to tell her what to do, and she informed her brother that he didn't understand anything about Todd. Tomas muttered that he knew more than Téa thought he did, and he considered Todd to be abusive. Téa stood her ground and explained that while Todd was loud, he was not abusive. Tomas had merely found them fighting, and that's what they did, Téa stated.

Tomas revealed that he'd heard all about Todd from Todd's ex-wife. Téa was more than a little surprised, and Tomas had to explain how he'd met Blair in Paris while she searched for the artist who had painted her portrait. He was the artist. Téa recalled the portrait and exclaimed that she'd known the style of the painting had looked familiar. She wondered how the wedding photo had turned up at a flea market in Paris, but Tomas advised her that it was somewhat of a mystery.

Tomas was only happy that he was there with Téa in Llanview so that he could help her. He was afraid that Todd would break Téa's heart just as he'd broken Blair's heart. Téa declared that she was familiar with everything there was to know about Todd, and she was aware of what he was capable of. The truth was that she and Todd loved each other, and she insisted that she loved her life. Tomas declared that he loved his life, too, though Téa was afraid that her brother would always be living his life alone. Tomas didn't agree. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Blair was at the door, and she was astounded when she saw Tomas standing in Téa's living room. "My artist is your brother?" Blair asked Téa. Tomas admitted that he hadn't even known that Téa lived in Llanview until he heard Blair mention Téa's name. He asked Blair to help him to get Téa to leave. Blair wasn't about to do that, and she and Téa had a quick discussion about Todd's latest actions.

Blair knew exactly how Téa felt. Blair noted that she had peace and quiet except for the times that Todd complained to her. While Blair visited, Todd sent her a text message. "Move it along," he told her. Blair believed that Téa had everything under control, and she turned to say goodbye to Tomas again. Téa wondered exactly how many goodbyes the pair had shared, and Tomas replied that there had been a few. He was hopeful that there would be more hellos though, he stated as Blair left.

Téa looked back and forth between Tomas and Blair, and she smiled. After Blair was gone, Téa expressed her opinion that there was more than art between Tomas and Blair. Tomas thought that Téa was "seeing things," and he was more concerned with Téa's affairs. Tomas announced that he was not leaving Llanview until Todd was out of Téa's life.

At Viki's cabin, Starr was surprised to learn that James was not with Michelle, and James was even more stunned when Starr told him that she'd broken up with Cole. Starr explained, "I needed to move on with my life. And someone else." James was so shocked to hear Starr's announcement that he headed to a chair and sat down. Starr admitted that she'd tried to tell him her news in the past, but James had been with Michelle the time she'd visited James's apartment.

"You gave up on me?" James asked. Starr just hadn't wanted to "jerk" James around, and she thought he was over her anyway. Starr revealed that Ford had known about her breakup with Cole, but she'd requested that Ford not say anything to James. She had since noted that Ford had a "knack for keeping secrets." James admitted that he had wanted to make things easier for Starr, but he had always wanted to be with her, and he still did. "We can be together?" James inquired.

Starr didn't think it was that simple, because of the obstacles that awaited her. She reminded James that she had a daughter, and there was always her father to think about. She considered James to be worth it, and she wondered if their being together was real. James thought it just felt right, and they were even standing in the place where it had all started. He believed that Starr made everything all right. The two shared a kiss.

James believed that Todd wouldn't be a problem for him, because they had connected during a previous discussion. Starr pointed out that the reason for that was probably because Todd wanted Cole out of Starr's life, and James was another option. James revealed that the men had discussed James's situation with his dad. Starr believed that "all bets were off" if Todd found out that James had helped Dani and Nate to hide. The young couple cuddled sleepily by the fireplace.

Kelly accompanied John home even though he insisted he was okay. He opened his apartment door and picked up one of the toys that Liam had left behind. Kelly wanted to help John box up the toys and other baby items, but she implored John not to give up Liam. John admitted that he missed the infant, and Kelly added that Liam loved John. Kelly comforted John as he proclaimed that he had to forget about the baby.

The packing finished, Kelly announced, "I have to go." "Why? You have someplace better to be?" John asked. "No I don't," Kelly replied. "Then stay," John urged as he pulled her into a kiss and closed the door.

Blair returned to La Boulaie and advised Todd that she didn't have any information regarding Dani's whereabouts. She revealed that she'd already met Tomas, and if Todd wanted to hear about it, he needed to sit down. She told him that it was a long story.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rex took one look at the clock and jumped out of bed, concerned that he had overslept. Gigi walked into the room and assured him that she had taken Shane to school instead, because she'd wanted Rex to catch up on his sleep. Gigi revealed that Shane wouldn't talk about the fight he'd gotten into in school, and Gigi worried that they were the worst parents ever. Rex reminded her of his own parents' antics, and he promised her that his parents were the worst.

Rex assumed that Shane was angry about something, probably Rex's parent issues, but Gigi advised Rex that he wasn't the center of Shane's world. "The fight just happened," is what Shane had told her, Gigi said. She was worried that her son would start having love issues soon enough, and she wasn't ready for it. Rex was worried about his own love life, and he apologized for being consumed with his problems. Gigi advised him she was okay with it, and the couple made love.

Afterwards, Gigi noticed that Rex was still preoccupied. Rex declared that Clint would not be his father, no matter what the test had revealed. Gigi noted that Rex had been down on Clint even prior to the DNA test fiasco, and Rex admitted that it was due to "other stuff" that he should have told Bo about. Rex confided that he'd done something horrible, and he'd been aware of David's whereabouts on David's wedding day. Gigi recalled that Rex had explained about David's partying ways previously, but Rex shook his head. David had actually been "rotting in a Moroccan prison" the entire time, and Clint had been the one responsible. Rex had known from the beginning.

Gigi didn't understand, and Rex revealed that Clint had threatened him. Rex had broken into Clint's office and had found the file on David. Clint had promised to put Rex in jail, and Clint was too powerful to fight. Also, Gigi had received a grant to college that could have been revoked, and then she'd obtained an assistant's job. She had been happy. Gigi realized that Clint had been responsible for all that had happened with her college career, and she advised Rex that he had to tell Bo the truth. Rex admitted that he'd hated going along with Clint, and Bo would hate Rex. Gigi thought that Rex would have to take the risk.

Echo paid Dorian a visit, and Dorian wondered whether Echo was still planning on denying the fact that she'd been "getting it on" with Viki's husband. Dorian reminded Echo that she'd seen the watch that Echo was wearing, the same watch that she'd seen Charlie wearing in a photograph later that same day. Sarcastically, Echo pointed out that there had been more than one watch made. Dorian added that Charlie hadn't been home the night he was with Echo, and he probably would have been better off drinking than spending it with Echo.

Echo shouted that Charlie had been distraught over all that had happened, and Dorian replied that Echo was obviously admitting she'd been with Charlie. Echo wondered if Dorian were going to tell Viki that Charlie had found comfort with Echo. Dorian retorted that Echo had taken advantage of the situation and had gotten something she'd been after since she had first returned to Llanview. Dorian wouldn't tell Viki, though, because Viki had enough to deal with. She informed Echo of Jessica's personality change, and Echo was stunned that Jessica suffered from the same disease as her mother.

Echo was ready to leave, and Dorian warned her to stay away from Charlie, or Dorian would make Echo's life a "living hell." "Like your life is?" Echo asked Dorian, who replied that her life was marvelous. Echo accused Dorian of interfering in everyone else's love life, because she didn't have one of her own. Dorian denied it, and she insisted that David had done her a favor.

Echo thought that Dorian wasn't as good a liar as she had been in the past, because Echo could tell that Dorian still loved David. She believed that Dorian was lonely, and it had bothered Dorian tremendously. Again, Dorian ordered Echo to stay away from Charlie, because Viki was in a "fragile state." Dorian added, "Don't push her over the edge." "Push her over the edge," Echo whispered to herself as she left La Boulaie.

At Llanfair, Clint finished up a phone call with Aubrey. He threatened that if Vimal insisted on testifying against Clint, then Aubrey would be in trouble also. Joey walked in, heard the very end of the conversation and inquired about Clint's latest threat. Clint acknowledged that he was merely taking care of some business. They found Viki in the study and heard the latest update on Jessica, including the fact that Jessica had changed into Tess. Clint was eager for Jessica to get home to get the help she needed, but Viki ignored him. She turned to Joey instead and apologized for the fact that Joey wasn't with his bride.

Viki was sorry that Aubrey had joined a family with so many troubles. "I think she knew exactly what she was getting herself into," Clint declared. Joey was angry and ordered his father not to start in on Aubrey. Viki stopped the men from arguing, and she advised them that the family already had enough problems. Viki and Clint admitted that Natalie hadn't heard about Jessica's personality change yet, as she was too upset. Joey thought that with Natalie's life possibly in danger, that would be reason enough for Natalie to be aware of it.

Clint was certain that John would return to Natalie, but Joey announced that John had already moved on with Kelly. Viki was stunned to hear the news, and she was surprised that Kelly would hurt Natalie that way. Joey admitted that Kelly wasn't thinking about Natalie first, and more than likely, Joey was at the top of Kelly's list. They'd had a misunderstanding, and Joey had blamed Kelly for trying to hurt Aubrey. He looked at Clint and told his mother that it had all been Clint's fault.

At the Palace, Aubrey finished up her call with Clint and was surprised to find Cutter at the door. Aubrey was upset, and she advised Cutter that if Rama could not stop Vimal from testifying, Clint would reveal the truth about Aubrey and Cutter to Joey. Aubrey had been unable to get in touch with Rama, and she was afraid that Joey would see the flash drive. Cutter thought that it was a good idea for them to enjoy what they already had. He began to kiss Aubrey, and the couple headed to bed.

Aubrey was still focused on their problems, even after they'd made love. She attempted to call Rama again, but she was only able to reach Rama's voicemail. Aubrey was frustrated, but she pointed out that if things didn't work out with Vimal, they'd still have Joey's money, even if they lost the Buchanan Enterprises wealth. She was certain that Clint wouldn't disown Joey when Clint was already in the doghouse with so many family issues.

Cutter thought they needed to move faster, and he wanted Aubrey to suggest that Joey put all of his holdings into joint accounts. Aubrey didn't think she could do that easily without arousing suspicion, but Cutter decided that he couldn't wait. He was moving on to Plan B. Aubrey was curious to know what Cutter's Plan B was, and he uttered, "Kelly Cramer." He wanted Aubrey to get to work on Joey, and he would do the same with Kelly. Aubrey was dismayed.

In Bo's office at the police station, Nora informed Vimal that he would get full immunity if he testified against Clint. "Clint will get what's coming to him," Bo proclaimed. Téa handed Vimal a pen in order for him to sign the official document. Vimal took his time as he looked it over, even though Nora reminded him that Téa had already read and approved it. Téa assured Vimal that he would never be prosecuted if the document were signed. Suddenly, Rama burst into the office, with an officer behind her, apologizing for not being able to stop her.

Rama insisted that she had a family emergency, and she needed to speak to her husband right away. Téa didn't think there would be any harm as they'd already waited an extra day for Téa to resolve a family problem. Bo agreed, and he had them step out into the lobby with an accompanying officer. Rama urged her husband not to sign the document, so that he could go to jail instead of allowing it to happen to Clint. She was worried that Clint would have Vimal killed even from prison, because Clint was powerful. She reminded Vimal that he needed to have a job to send money to his family, and they had to have money also. "We're being blessed," she said as she patted her stomach.

Rama admitted that "a woman knows" even though she hadn't been tested. She thought that Clint would be grateful to Vimal, and therefore would provide for them. She wanted Vimal to make a sacrifice. Nora stepped out and hastened the couple along. Vimal stepped back into Bo's office as Rama looked to the heavens. She apologized for her "little white lie;" she hadn't exactly said she was pregnant. Vimal received the document again. "No, I can't sign this," he announced. He stated that Clint was innocent, and he couldn't send an innocent man to prison.

Téa advised her client that he'd go to jail, but Vimal insisted that he deserved it. He'd created the key to break into the lab, he'd tampered with the DNA tests and it was all his own idea, Vimal maintained. He'd overheard Clint in conversation, Clint was upset, and Vimal had decided to help out. "Does anyone believe it?" Bo asked. Nora thought that Vimal's claim was ridiculous, and Bo asked about Rex's DNA test. Again, Vimal stuck with his new story and insisted that he was the one responsible. Clint had confided in him, and Vimal knew he'd had to take action.

Téa wondered why Vimal had changed his story. Vimal announced that he'd rather be an honest man in prison than a free man and liar. Bo called out for an officer to arrest the honest man. "Clint must have gotten to him. Or his wife," Nora advised Bo.

Kelly woke up in John's bed and did her best to sneak out quietly, but John was awake. Kelly didn't want to discuss how they'd ended up in bed together again, but she pointed out that he was hurting over Natalie, and Kelly was hurting over Joey. They had stopped the pain for a few hours, twice, Kelly declared. The good thing was they hadn't had hangovers, she said. There was a knock at the front door, but John wanted to ignore it. Suddenly, Roxy called out as she let herself into John's quarters.

John hastily hid Kelly under the covers and ran out to meet up with Roxy. He was angry at Roxy for using her key, but Roxy wanted to talk about Natalie and John. She had been concerned, but she realized that Natalie was in bed. She walked into the bedroom and pulled down the covers. Both Kelly and Roxy screamed. Roxy began to yell at the couple, and she accused them of having an affair. Kelly assured her that they weren't, but John advised Kelly that she didn't owe Roxy any explanations. Roxy continued to shout, and she called Kelly a "slut."

John ordered Roxy not to talk about Kelly rudely, and he informed Roxy that he and Natalie were over. Roxy wondered about Liam, and if John were over with the baby. John reminded her that Liam wasn't his son, but Roxy retorted that it was the same as Rex and Natalie being her children. They were still her children. John apologized to Kelly for the disturbance, as a quickly dressed Kelly made her way to the door. "Keep your mitts off this man," Roxy warned Kelly.

John ordered Roxy to leave, but Roxy wasn't finished. She told John that Natalie loved him, but John wondered why Natalie had passed off her kid as his if that were true. Roxy suggested that he blame Marty Saybrooke, because she'd been the one who'd stolen Natalie's note to John in the first place. Natalie had thought she and John were over, because John hadn't shown up to see her. If he had, then nothing would have happened. John replied that Natalie had lied to him many times, but Roxy responded that it was because Natalie loved him.

John finally chased Roxy from his place and advised her that it had nothing to do with her. Roxy handed him the engraved wedding gift that she had with her, and she left. John looked at the gift when he was alone. It was a huge heart with the date of the wedding and a photo of John, Natalie, and Liam. John tossed it aside.

"I hate you, David Vickers," Dorian muttered as she cut up a photo of herself with David on their wedding day. Kelly returned home, and Dorian quickly put down her project. She wondered where Kelly had been, as she'd noticed that Kelly's bed hadn't been slept in. She hoped that Kelly hadn't been at the Minute Man Motel again. Kelly admitted that she'd been at the Angel Square Hotel this time, but she'd been with the same man. Dryly, Dorian noted that Kelly had traded one fleabag hotel for another.

Viki informed Joey and Clint that she was sick and tired of them fighting over Aubrey, and she thought that Clint should just be happy for their son. Clint declared that he only wanted what was best for his family, but Viki advised him that it wasn't for him to decide who could or couldn't belong. Clint received another phone call, and it was an update on what was happening with Vimal at the police station. He hung up and advised Viki that she was right, and he should have just trusted his son.

Joey figured he'd believe it when he saw it. Clint pronounced that he'd like to get to know Aubrey better, and Viki was curious. Clint's declaration had happened suddenly, she said. She could understand Joey's skepticism. Clint wanted to take the family in a new direction. Joey and Clint arrived at the Palace to see Aubrey. Clint asked if Aubrey were surprised and advised her that he'd decided to accept their marriage.

Clint held the flash drive behind his back and told the couple that he had a gift for them. They were interrupted because Aubrey received a phone call, and it was Rama. Aubrey spoke to her old friend briefly, and Rama explained that she'd done what she had to. She'd lied to her husband, and it was Aubrey's turn. Rama's husband had confessed to acting on his own. "I'm here for you honey," Aubrey said sweetly.

Aubrey returned to Joey and Clint. "Congratulations, you're off the hook," Aubrey said to Clint. Joey apologized to his dad, who wore a big grin on his face. Aubrey insisted that they didn't want a gift, but Joey thought they should accept it after Clint had treated Aubrey poorly. Clint wanted them to move into his mansion with him.

Echo showed up at Llanfair, and Viki answered the door. "There's something you need to know," Echo said.

Cutter arrived at La Boulaie with a bouquet of flowers for Kelly. Dorian advised him that he was too late, so Cutter presented Dorian with the bouquet instead. He thought she needed some cheering up.

As Vimal was cuffed, Bo wondered, "What the hell just happened?" Nora declared that she would find out. Bo was not in a good mood, and he was angry when Rex walked right into his office. "There's something I need to tell you about your son," Rex announced.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A breaking news bulletin flashed across the television screens of Llanview, Pennsylvania, as gossip maven Phyllis Rose interrupted "our stories" with a special edition of her tabloid show, Access Llanview. "How you doin'?" Phyllis asked the audience, then began spilling the beans about all the hot scandals in Llanview, starting with Jessica's latest psychotic break and disappearance on her wedding day. "It's not easy being Jessica, or whoever she says she is this week," Phyllis quipped. "When that poor little rich girl says she isn't herself today, boy, she isn't kidding! Like mother, like daughter, I guess!" She called Jessica's many breakdowns "the gift that keeps on giving" for Llanview's muckraking press.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel watched with consternation as Access Llanview continued, and Phyllis began recapping the wedding disaster that had led to Clint's arrest for DNA tampering. "Those hunky Texan tycoons sure got around back in the day," Phyllis cracked. She added that a "stunning reversal" was likely to keep Clint out of prison. "What reversal?" Nigel asked, quizzical, but he didn't get an answer -- Phyllis promised the full scoop after a commercial break.

As Clint returned home with Joey and Aubrey by his side, Nigel quickly turned off the television. Clint was all smiles as he introduced Nigel to the newlyweds and told the butler that they were moving into the mansion. As Joey and Nigel headed to the east wing to unpack the happy couple's things, Clint and Aubrey had a moment alone in the drawing room. Aubrey let Clint know she wasn't fooled by his ersatz hospitality, but Clint reminded her they had a deal -- his freedom for her marriage. He called it a "win-win situation," and reminded Aubrey that she was living at "Buchanan Ground Zero." Aubrey said she knew what Clint was doing, and called it "keeping your enemy close."

As Joey returned to the drawing room, Clint turned on the television, and the trio got an earful of Phyllis Rose's latest dish about the Buchanan family. Clint grew dismayed as Phyllis began enumerating "C-Daddy's" many other "bastard bundles of joy," such as Cord and Natalie. Aubrey switched the television off and said they didn't need to listen to rumormongers. Joey escorted her to their new room while Clint took Nigel aside. He explained that he had plans for the new Mrs. Buchanan, but his plate was full, and he needed Nigel's help.

At the airport, Tess, Ford, Brody, and Langston returned to Llanview, but only Tess seemed happy with the situation. Mercilessly taunting the luckless exes and flaunting her freedom, she told them it was time for her to leave with her new husband. Brody told her they weren't going anywhere and declared that he was arresting Ford for rape. Tess laughed off Brody's charge, and said Ford hadn't raped Jessica the previous summer -- she had been there, and it had been one hundred percent consensual. Pawing Ford, she told Langston and Brody that it had been "the best sex of my life." "Oh, good to know!" Langston cried, disgusted.

As Ford pried Tess's roaming hands off his body, Brody said that Jessica hadn't been in her right mind at the time of her night with Ford, therefore Tess's claims were worthless. Tess disagreed, and said there was no Jessica or any other eyewitness available to make a statement, therefore Ford would get off scot-free. Stymied, Brody ordered Ford to get out of his sight and said he was taking Tess to St. Anne's as soon as Viki and Clint signed the necessary commitment papers. Tess warned Brody that he couldn't take her anywhere against her will, but Brody didn't intend to. Handcuffing her, he said they were staying right where they were while he called Viki and Clint.

At Llanfair, Viki asked Echo to save her important news for another time when her family wasn't under terrible strain. Flashing back to Dorian's warning about Viki's stability, Echo decided to press on and said her business couldn't wait. Viki reluctantly let Echo in, and the Countess DiSavoy said she had something urgent to tell her rival. Before Echo could go further, Charlie arrived and asked what was going on. As Echo and Charlie exchanged furtive glances, Viki asked what Echo had to tell her.

Fumbling to find words, Echo claimed she was there to tell Viki how sorry she was about her family crisis and Jessica's latest breakdown. Out of the loop, Charlie asked what was going on, and Viki explained that Jessica had once again turned into Tess. Just then, Brody called from the airport and explained the situation. Charlie wanted to accompany Viki to the airport, but Viki said she wanted to handle Tess alone until the family knew what they were dealing with.

With Viki gone, Charlie and Echo stepped into the living room. Charlie reeled from the news about Jessica, but was doubly concerned when he learned Dorian had paid Echo a visit. Echo explained that Dorian had found Charlie's watch and suspected they had slept together. She asked if he had told Viki about their night together, and if he ever planned to. Charlie asked how he could devastate Viki further with her whole world falling apart.

Stung, Echo shrugged off their one-night stand and said it didn't matter, but Charlie disagreed. Taking her in his arms, he told her it did matter, and kissed her passionately. "I don't know what I'm doing," he murmured, "but I can't help it." He said the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Viki -- "I love her, she's my wife." Advancing on Echo again, he admitted he felt something for her as well.

Before they could share another kiss, Echo pulled away and told Charlie he was a married man who needed to decide what, and who, he wanted. Handing him his lost watch, she said she couldn't decide for him, but he had to tell Viki the truth, or Dorian would. Echo asked Charlie if he wanted Viki to find out about them in the worst way possible.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint got a call from Viki about the Tess situation and headed for the airport. Donning his coat, he told Nigel to be his eyes and ears watching over Aubrey and Joey while he dealt with Jessica and Tess. Just then, Joey returned to the foyer. Clint explained what was going on with Jessica, but told Joey to stay and settle into the mansion. He thanked Joey for moving in and giving his father a chance at reconciliation, and Clint said he loved all his children. Joey pondered his father's words as Clint left the house.

Back at the airport, Langston prepared to leave as Ford attempted to follow her out. Tess stopped him cold and reminded her new husband that she needed him there as per their bargain. Helpless, Ford told Langston he was sorry -- he needed to stay by Tess's side, for his son. Seething, Langston stormed out of the terminal.

Viki and Clint arrived, and Tess greeted them. "Oh, look!" she cried, "It's the Vikster and the trickster! Hey, Clint, screw with anyone's DNA lately?" Viki informed Tess that Dr. Levin was meeting them there, and that they would be committing her to St. Anne's in short order. "We'll see what Bobby has to say about that," Tess purred, eyeing Ford. As Dr. Levin arrived, Tess explained that the commitment papers were outdated, as the only person who could commit her was her husband. "And you're not gonna do that," she said, turning to Ford, "are you, Bobby, baby?"

Viki and Clint listened, horrified, as Tess explained that she and Ford had wed in Las Vegas. Viki and Clint couldn't believe any marriage between Ford and Jessica's alternate personality could be legal and binding, but Dr. Levin said the papers were in order and there was nothing he could do without Ford's consent. Turning to Ford, Viki begged him to put an end to his sham marriage and allow Tess to be committed. Swallowing hard, Ford said he wanted to see his son, and refused to sign the papers. Cackling with triumph, Tess said Viki had lost that round, and ordered her to run home to her husband. "Nice work letting his ex move in," she sneered. "How's that workin' out for you?"

Desperate, Viki sat down beside Tess and began calling to Jessica, pleading with her to fight back and return to her family and her children. "Nope," Tess said coldly. "Jessica's left the building." Turning to Ford and Brody, she shook her handcuffs and demanded to be released. Reluctantly, Brody uncuffed her, and Tess took Ford on her arm and strutted out of the terminal as Viki, Clint, and Brody watched helplessly. "By the way, sex with you sucks, and there won't be an encore," Tess whispered in her new spouse's ear. "Put a sock in it," Ford growled.

At the police station, Rex told Bo he had news about David. He recounted his work on Kelly's case, and said he had found David overseas. Jumping to conclusions, Bo cut in and recalled all of David's fake Myface updates about his wild, partying lifestyle. He grumbled about how he found David's abandonment of Dorian, as well as Matthew and the rest of the family, to be unforgivable. Rex grew green around the gills as Bo admitted that he had begun to warm up to David as a son, as well, only for Vickers to betray their trust once again. "That's not true, Bo," Rex blurted out, and added, "David didn't betray you, I did."

Bo listened in disbelief as Rex explained that he had discovered that Clint had imprisoned David in Morocco, and grew angry when Rex revealed that he had known the truth for months. Rex explained that Clint had threatened him with prison and the loss of Gigi's education. "I put my family over yours," Rex said softly, continuing, "I messed up." "So my son was suffering -- is suffering, right now, and you did nothing?" Bo growled. "I wanted to," Rex mumbled, but that wasn't good enough for the enraged Bo, who said that while Clint was the obvious "heavy," he felt that it was Rex who had stabbed him in the back.

Rex said that he had treasured Bo's trust, and hated losing it -- he begged Bo to understand his reasons, and forgive him. "So you didn't come to me?" Bo cried, then continued, "I would've done everything I could to protect Gigi and Shane! You were like a son to me, I thought! You're not my son. Right now, my son is rotting in a Moroccan prison." He ordered Rex to leave, but the young gumshoe wanted to find a way to make amends. Bo was determined to find David in order to nail Clint for kidnapping, and Rex asked what he could do to help. "Nothing," Bo snapped, storming out of his office, and called back, "You've done enough."

Viki returned to Llanfair, where Echo and Charlie were still discussing their secret romance. As Viki rushed into Charlie's arms for comfort, Echo made her exit. She shared a private gaze with Charlie, who stared back at her over Viki's shoulder.

At La Boulaie, Dorian refused Cutter's offer of flowers -- she said she didn't need them, and even if she did, she wouldn't turn to a con artist like him. Rebuffed, Cutter decided to find a vase to put them in for Kelly, but as he entered the living room, uninvited, he discovered David and Dorian's mutilated wedding photograph. "Looks like a broken heart to me," Cutter observed, and suggested Dorian open up to a stranger like him to talk about issues she didn't dare share with her family. "Get out of my house," Dorian ordered, shooing him towards the front door. Just then, the phone rang with bad news for Mayor Lord -- the charges against Clint had been dismissed.

"As if this day couldn't get any worse," Dorian muttered. "Something wrong?" Cutter asked, popping up from his hiding place in the foyer. Dorian explained that Clint was off the hook, and said it was all over Access Llanview. Turning on her television, she and Cutter viewed Phyllis Rose's latest helping of hot gossip. Phyllis told all of Llanview about Clint swapping Rex's paternity results, but when the topic turned to David and Dorian's split, Dorian grew mortified and turned the television off. "Who does that dame's research?" Dorian snapped, adding, "Fact check!"

Struggling to regain her dignity and composure, Dorian gave Cutter her slanted version of how things had ended between her and David -- she had left him, not vice versa. She said David was little more than a swindler, and she would never take him back again. Cutter didn't buy it, and said Dorian was still hung up on the guy -- otherwise, he wondered why she hadn't moved on. "What you need is a good..." he began. "Save it," Dorian snapped.

Dorian said she had opportunities for love and intimacy, but grew wistful as she admitted none of them compared to David -- no one was as charming and fun. "You still love him," Cutter declared, and said he knew what it was like when the one you wanted was with someone else. He put his hand on the Cramer matriarch's shoulder in a show of dubious solidarity, but Dorian primly removed it and told him she had no need for his kind of "comfort."

Just then, Langston burst into the house, rushing up the stairs. Dorian hurried to the foyer to greet her. "What did Ford do this time?" Dorian inquired. "Ask his wife," Langston spat, fleeing upstairs.

After a futile attempt to extricate Langston from her locked bedroom, Dorian returned to the foyer, where Cutter was waiting. Cutter was full of sympathy for Dorian's family troubles, but Dorian insisted the Cramers' problems were none of his business, and told him to get out. After Cutter left for real, Dorian retreated to the living room and picked up the torn pieces of her and David's wedding photo, staring at them with longing.

At the Buchanan mansion, Joey and Aubrey cuddled up on the couch. Joey was happy to be home, but admitted he was still angry about Clint's dirty deeds. Aubrey reminded him that Vimal had cleared his father, but Joey wasn't buying it -- he knew Clint had merely gotten someone else to take the fall. Curious about Phyllis Rose's latest Buchanan gossip, he turned on the television again just in time to see Phyllis start in on the scandal regarding Nora, and Eddie Ford's murder. As Eddie's picture flashed on the screen, Joey was struck by a moment of recognition. "Who is that guy?" he wondered. "He looks so familiar..."

Nora barged into Buchanan Enterprises, ranting and raving about Clint using Vimal to escape the long arm of the law. As she burst into Clint's office, she found Matthew sitting behind his uncle's desk. "What are you doing here?" she asked her son. "Why shouldn't I be here?" Matthew replied, and insisted, "Uncle Clint didn't do anything wrong." Although he had promised Bo and Nora he would leave B.E. behind, Matthew said the stock price was down due to the family scandals, and explained that he wanted to help save the company.

Nora was flabbergasted by Matthew's reasoning in light of recent events, but Matthew didn't see the conflict, as he knew Clint had been cleared of all charges. Nora said that Clint had found a loophole in the law but was still guilty as sin. She told Matthew that Clint had used him to drive a wedge between her and Bo in order to tear their family apart. "Why would Uncle Clint do that?" Matthew asked, clueless. Nora explained Clint's skulduggery with Inez and Eddie Ford, but Matthew refused to believe it his beloved uncle was capable of such a thing.

Nora told Matthew it was all true -- Clint had hired Eddie to kidnap her, and compelled Inez to seduce Bo. Matthew asked for proof that Clint had worked with Eddie, and Nora said that she and Bo were in the process of finding it. She admitted that they suspected that Clint had murdered Eddie himself. "No, it's impossible," Matthew muttered, shell-shocked, and insisted, "Uncle Clint is not a killer." Nora comforted her brooding son, but told Matthew to prepare for the worst; she and Bo were going to find the evidence against Clint, and nail him for first-degree murder.

Bo arrived at the airport, headed for Morocco. Bo brushed past Clint, who assumed he was there about Jessica. Bo said he was there on police business, which was "none of your damn business," and walked on.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Aubrey told Joey he probably just recognized Eddie's photo from the newspaper. As she headed upstairs to take a bath, Joey lingered a moment longer. Flashing back to his return to Llanview, he remembered the night he had reunited with Clint -- when Eddie Ford had been standing in the living room.

The role of Phyllis Rose was radio and TV personality Wendy Williams.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rex sat in Bo's office, and Gigi entered. She had been waiting outside in case Rex needed her. Judging from the look on Rex's face, Gigi guessed that he had gone through with telling Bo the truth about David. Rex informed Gigi that Bo hated him, and Rex didn't blame Bo for it. Bo had been "crushed" when Rex had told him that David had been in a Moroccan jail since the day of David's ill-fated wedding to Dorian. Rex related that he had chosen his own family over Bo's.

Rex knew he had "screwed up," and Gigi agreed. However, she told him that he had taken a step toward making things right. Rex replied that David could be "hurt, or worse." Rex hated that Clint was his father, but believed that he was just as bad as Clint. A horrified Gigi told Rex that he was nothing like Clint, and that it was "just biology." Rex explained that he had betrayed the only man that acted like a father, and who unconditionally supported him.

Gigi sat Rex down and urged him to listen to reason. She explained that it was human to let people down. She thought that it would probably take a long time, but Bo would eventually forgive Rex. As Rex wondered if it was too late to save his relationship with Bo, Gigi ordered him to stop thinking about the worst-case scenarios. She promised to help Rex figure out how to fix things.

Rex told Gigi about how unbearable thoughts of David had been. Rex had even been having nightmares. He had taken to finding distractions. Rex wanted to help Bo find David, but Bo had told Rex to stay out of it. "When has that stopped you?" Gigi asked. Rex thought it had been clear that Bo wanted no help. Gigi countered that, if Rex hadn't "snooped," no one would have ever known the truth.

Rex didn't want Gigi to try to put a "good spin" on things. Gigi wanted to be responsible for her part in everything as well -- Rex had only kept the secret from Bo to help Gigi. He insisted that all of the blame belonged to him. Gigi refused to let Rex mope around, so she asked him what felt right to do. "One thing," he replied. Gigi said, "Then do it!"

Nora arrived at the airport with a suitcase for Bo that included toiletries for David. Nora wanted to know exactly what had happened, so Bo informed his wife that Clint had thrown David in jail, and Rex had known about it. Nora wasn't surprised about Clint's involvement, and asked how Bo had found out. Bo told Nora about how Kelly had hired Rex to find David, and how Matthew had caught Rex breaking into Clint's office for information. He explained how Clint had threatened Rex and Gigi.

Nora wondered if David was all right, but Bo blamed Rex if David was hurt. Nora could see why Rex would have kept the information from Bo, but Bo believed that he could have helped Rex. Bo spat that Rex had used the excuse of protecting his family, which had been the same reason that Clint had thrown David into jail. Bo thought that Rex really was Clint's son.

Bo thought that if Rex had opened his mouth sooner, Bo could have known what Clint was capable of, and kept an eye on his brother. Nora insisted that Clint was to blame, but Bo wondered why Nora was sticking up for Rex. Nora explained that Rex loved Bo, and that it had taken guts for him to admit what he knew. "You should be proud," Nora stated. Bo said he would only look out for his real sons "from now on."

Nora told Bo about how she had gone to see Clint about Vimal's confession, but he hadn't been there. Matthew had been there instead. He'd insisted that he could continue his work at Buchanan Enterprises, because Clint hadn't done anything wrong. Nora admitted that she had told Matthew all about Clint's crimes, and Matthew had been devastated.

Later, Bo's flight was ready to board. Nora told Bo to "bring your son home." Bo remembered finding out that David was his son. He hadn't treated David very well, but vowed to treat him like a son if he was all right. Nora reminded Bo to be careful, because the people of Llanview needed him.

Bo arrived at the gate just in time. He went through the gate as Rex entered, trying to stop Bo. Rex begged the attendant to let him through, but she wouldn't due to "policy." She closed the door as a disappointed Rex looked on.

Nora arrived at the police station and bumped into Gigi. Gigi assumed that Nora knew about David. She asked if Bo was gone, to which Nora nodded. Gigi knew that it "doesn't mean much," but she expressed to Nora how sorry Rex was. Nora knew how sorry Rex was, and related that it would be a "long time" before Bo knew it as well.

James walked downstairs to find Nate playing Surgery. Nate asked if Starr and Dani were awake, but James said he was going to let them sleep a little longer. Nate remembered how "intense" things had gotten the night before. James decided to see if the girls were ready to go. Nate replied that Dani didn't want to leave. James warned his brother about what would happen if Todd found them.

James related that Inez was probably wondering where Nate was. Nate confessed that, on his walk with Dani the night before, he had called Inez. James frantically made sure that Nate hadn't mentioned where the four were, because Todd would "hunt down" Inez to get to Nate. Nate admitted that he had told Inez where they were, and James demanded to know why. Nate said that Inez had been worried.

James stated that they had to get the girls and leave the cabin, but Nate was afraid that Todd would never let him see Dani again. He didn't want the night before to be their only night together. James related that he would be "in the same boat" with Starr if Todd found them in the cabin.

Starr told Dani that it was time to go home. The sisters both agreed that they'd had a good time the night before. Starr confided that "everything changed" with James. Dani had known the two would work things out, and pestered Starr for details. Starr thought back to the night before. She and James had been kissing next to the fire when Dani and Nate had returned to the cabin.

Dani and Nate had forgotten to get wood for the fire, but they'd been happy to see that James and Starr had worked things out. James had no longer been angry for Nate telling Starr about Michelle, but Dani had asked Starr about Cole. Starr had confessed that she and Cole had broken up, and Dani was surprised that Starr hadn't told her about it. "Dibs on the bedroom!" Dani had yelled.

Dani had led Nate up the stairs, leaving Starr wondering if she should have stopped the couple. Starr had felt responsible for her sister, but hadn't wanted to "barge in and tear them apart" like Todd. Starr had debated about whether or not to stop the couple, and James had told her that, if she were going to, "sooner" would be better than "later." She'd been uncomfortable, but James had told her not to worry. "We have so much to look forward to, Twinkle," James had told Starr.

Later, Starr had lain on the couch, while James had taken the floor. James hadn't believed what had happened. Starr had told James that she was cold, and had asked him to warm her up. She had rolled next to him on the floor and he'd reached for a blanket. Starr had stopped him and said that she had a better idea.

Upstairs, Nate and Dani had been kissing on the bed. Dani had stopped Nate, because she'd felt "weird" about Starr and James being right downstairs. Nate had asked her again if she was ready. Dani had insisted that she was ready. Nate had left the bed and picked up a condom. Dani had begun to cry, and admitted that she wasn't ready.

Nate had run downstairs in a frenzy, interrupting Starr and James. Starr had asked how Dani was, and Nate had replied that Dani would be "better, after she talks to you." Starr had wanted to know what had happened, but Nate had sworn that nothing had happened. Starr had run upstairs, and Nate had apologized to his brother for the interruption. James had forgiven Nate, but made him sleep on the floor for being a "buzz kill."

Upstairs, Dani had cried to Starr that she "couldn't do it." Starr had assured her sister that she had made a very grown-up decision to stop. She had related that she "wouldn't trade Hope for anything," but Starr had wished that she and Cole had waited. Starr had assured Dani that she would see Nate again. Starr had been happy that Dani hadn't made the same mistake that Starr had.

Starr had compared Dani and Nate's reaction to Todd's outburst to Starr and Cole. Todd hadn't wanted Starr to be with Cole. However, the two had fallen in love, so Starr had kept seeing Cole. She admitted that she'd liked "sticking it" to Todd, but she would have seen Cole anyway. The fact that Todd hadn't liked it had just been a "bonus."

After recalling the night before, Starr told Dani that they had been gone long enough. She warned Dani that, the more worried Todd got, the crazier he got. Starr wanted to take Dani home before Todd "blows up even more," and so that she wouldn't have to explain about spending the night with James. She had no idea what to tell her father about her and James. Just then, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Starr opened the door to James and Nate, who claimed to have a problem.

Nate explained that Inez knew where the four were because he had told her on the phone the night before. Starr knew that if Todd found them, everyone would get hurt. As Starr and Dani got ready to leave, Dani expressed how good it felt to be free from Todd for just a day. Starr reminded her sister that they had both decided to stop making choices based on Todd.

Later, the girls went downstairs. Dani was acting strangely, so Nate asked if she was all right. She said that she was fine, but asked if he was mad at her. Nate denied it, saying that he only wanted to be with her. "You're ready when you're ready," he told her.

James told Starr that the night before had been the best of his life, "at least until the next night we spend together." Starr hoped it was soon. "We'd better go," James said, but Starr stopped him and kissed him.

Inez sat in a chair at Foxy Roxy's, and looked at job listings. Todd entered, which prompted Inez to ask where Roxy was. Todd had bribed Roxy to leave so he could have some "alone time" with Inez. Inez got up to leave, but a big henchman of Todd's blocked the door. Todd asked if she was going to call the cops, but then reminded himself that she had "burned that bridge."

Todd suggested that he could find James and "persuade" him to give Todd the information that he wanted. Inez warned Todd to leave James alone. Todd demanded to know where Nate had taken Dani, but Inez claimed not to know. She trusted her son. Todd informed Inez that he had found her "responsible young man" groping his daughter. Todd thought Inez was a "lousy mom" for not seeming to care about where Nate was.

Inez reminded Todd that he couldn't judge the parenting skills of others because Todd had attacked Nate. Todd asked again where Nate was, and yelled that he didn't believe Inez when she claimed ignorance. Inez did say that Nate would never hurt Dani. Suddenly, Todd grabbed Inez's purse and took out her phone.

Todd saw on the phone that Nate had called the night before, and asked where Nate had called from. When she wouldn't talk, Todd said that crossing him was worse than crossing Bo and Clint. Todd said that if Inez cooperated with him, he would "go easy" on Nate.

Later, Inez frantically called Téa. Inez said that Todd had forced her to say where Nate and Dani were. Inez couldn't reach Nate, and she was afraid of what Todd would do to him.

Starr said that she knew it was hard to say goodbye, but things would be worse if Todd found them in the cabin. Suddenly the front door was kicked open, and Todd stood in the doorway.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Starr realized that she, James, Dani, and Nate needed to say goodbye to Viki's cabin, as Todd burst through the door. Todd stated that he had just found a couple of delinquents and a couple of liars in the cabin. Starr pleaded with Todd for a chance to talk, but as Todd announced that talk time was over, he held up a gun. Starr pleaded with Todd to put the gun down. Téa then ran up to the door and reminded Todd that he was the adult. Todd fired the gun four times, as Téa screamed.

Starr blared that she would call the cops. Téa then pleaded with Dani to tell Todd the truth, which was that Dani and Nate had not slept together. However, Dani announced that she would not be able to do that. Dani cried, "I had sex with Nate, and it was awesome. We did it all over this cabin. I did it in the bed. And I did it in the couch right there. And I did it in the shower with him. And then, when James got here, I did it with him. And Nate did it with Starr. And everyone was doing everyone, and it was just this big orgy."

Dani then yelled in Todd's face that they had all been drunk and drugged, and that they placed their acts on the Internet for the whole world to see. Todd pushed Dani to shut her up, and James denied that what Dani had stated was true. Starr admitted that they had only been playing board games, but Todd did not believe Starr, because she was an unwed teenage mother. Todd demanded that Dani take one last look at Nate, because that would be the last time that she saw him.

When Dani roared, asking Todd if he planned to follow her every minute of every day for the rest of her life. Todd nonchalantly replied that Shaun would be the one to do that. After Starr reminded Todd that he had done the exact same thing with Starr and Cole, and that it had not worked, Todd indicated that it had been a trial run, and that he would get it right with Dani and Nate.

Téa insisted that Todd needed to cool off and then yelled to Todd that he would have to push through her to get to the kids. Téa ordered Starr and James to take Dani to school. Once the four teens left the cabin, Téa warned Todd not to make a move to follow them, or he would never see Dani again. Todd told Téa to never threaten him with his kids again.

As Téa sipped a cup of tea, she watched Todd, as he sat, gagged and tied to a chair. Téa teased Todd that she had heard that someone had once learned to talk with a gag stuffed in his mouth. Téa joked that Todd's mumbling had sounded like an apology to the kids. When Téa stated that it sounded like Todd was sorry that he had acted like a lunatic, and that he had not believed Starr, and that he was ready to act like a human being, Todd nodded. When Téa removed the gag, Todd snarled that he would kill Téa for that.

At St. Ann's, John asked the attending nun if he could see Marty. When the nun voiced that she could smell alcohol on John's breath, John said that he was on official business. Once Marty saw John, she ran to him and hugged him. When Marty asked about John's wedding, John informed Marty that there had been no wedding, and that Marty knew why.

John told Marty that Natalie and Brody had slept together, and that Marty had known about it. Marty admitted that she had known for sure, after she had broken into the lab and had made a copy of Natalie's test results. Marty claimed that she had wanted to give John the test results, but that John had been very kind to her, and that he had seemed happy to be having a baby. Marty explained that she had been confused at John's wedding, and that she had been unable to get the words out.

John guessed that Marty had actually been more concerned with making Natalie suffer. Marty reminded John that Natalie had taken John and Marty's baby from Marty. Marty then admitted that she had snapped in the cabin and had believed, at one point, that Natalie's baby was hers, when it was not. John sadly stated that the baby was not his either.

Marty informed John that Natalie must have knocked her out to prevent Marty from telling John the truth. However, Marty exclaimed that Natalie had insisted that she would reveal the truth to John herself. Yet, John said that Natalie had just kept lying, and that he could not take any more of her lies. John reflected that Liam was Brody's son, not his, and that he could not do anything to change that. As John started to leave, Marty stopped him. "John, wait. There's something that I need to tell you about the baby."

At Ford's apartment, Tess patted the deliveryman on the rear, as she escorted him to the door, and told him to give himself a big tip. When Ford worried about Viki, Tess reminded Ford that Viki was Jessica's mother, not Tess's, and that Viki could worry herself into an early grave for all Tess cared. After Ford called and left Langston a message to please call him, he demanded that Tess hold up her end of the bargain, and to get Ford his son.

Bobby threatened to kick Tess out of his apartment, and to have her thrown into St. Ann's. Tess then played a message on her voicemail from Natalie that indicated that Natalie still believed that Tess was Jessica. Natalie had informed Jessica that she was taking the babies to Foxy Roxy's, so Tess believed that was the perfect time to pick up Ryder.

Tess then flirted with Ford and hinted that they could make a new baby. She suddenly pushed Ford away and declared that she had to get ready for her performance as Jessica. When Bobby offered to accompany Tess to Foxy Roxy's, Tess told Ford to stay, and to clear out James's room for her.

At Llanfair, Brody informed Viki that Jessica was at Bobby Ford's apartment. When Brody requested that he be the one to retrieve Jessica, Viki pointed out that the law was on Tess's side, and that they could not force Tess into treatment. Brody feared what Tess would do to survive, since he had dealt with her in the past.

Brody revealed that Tess had admitted that she, not Jessica, had been the one that had slept with Ford, and that Tess had stated that she wanted to sleep with Bobby again. Viki cried that Tess had lied. When Brody exclaimed that he still loved Jessica, Viki insisted that Brody could not charge in to rescue Jessica. Viki feared that he would get arrested. Viki had a better idea, which required Ford's help.

Viki stated that she would talk to Bobby and then asked Brody to wait for his son at Llanfair. Brody asked which son and added, "You know, I look at Liam and Ryder, and I don't know what to feel. Is Ryder mine? Is Liam John's? Are they both mine, or neither of them? Will I raise them both, or none at all?" Viki knew that Brody loved both boys enough to want to protect them. Viki left to talk to Ford.

At Foxy Roxy's, Roxy cheered that Natalie would have "a day of bea-u-tay." Roxy insisted that Natalie needed a makeover to lure John back. Roxy informed Natalie that she had earlier rented Todd the salon for one hour, so that he could talk to Inez. Roxy also explained that she had been vandalized, but that it had not been Todd, and that Brody was on the case. "My guess, it's the broads from the salon, 'From Hair to Eternity.' They're trying to shut the competition down. I mean, who else would steal my entire line of Russian Red products."

As Roxy speculated on what to do with Natalie's hair, Natalie realized that Roxy just wanted to talk. However, Roxy insisted that Natalie "amp yourself up a little bit" to catch John's eye. Roxy then announced that John had received a visitor, and Natalie guessed that it had been Kelly. Roxy commented that it could have been worse, and that it could have been Marty.

Natalie revealed that she had already walked in on John and Kelly once. Roxy remarked that John would not have meant to hurt anyone. Natalie feared that John had given up on her, but Roxy believed that John was not done with Natalie, just as Natalie was not done with John. Roxy insisted that Natalie trust her Mama Bear and to believe that John would forgive her. Natalie doubted that John would ever forgive her, as Tess entered, dressed as Jessica. Roxy greeted Jessica, who announced that she was picking up her son. Roxy advised Jessica to forgive her sister, as Roxy left the salon.

At Bobby's place, Viki arrived to talk to Ford. Viki reminded Ford that Tess was not a real person. Viki then insisted that she needed to know where Tess was. When Bobby stated that he had been watching Tess, and that Tess seemed to be functioning very well, Viki asked Ford if he was an expert on dissociative identity disorder. Bobby shook his head and revealed that Tess was his only link to his son. Viki exclaimed that if Ford helped her, she would help him.

Viki insisted that she would grant Ford access to his son, but Bobby declared that he would need more than just Viki's guarantee. When Ford wondered how Viki would be able to rein in Brody, Viki replied that Brody would do as she said. After Viki stated that Clint would not harm Ford, Bobby revealed that Clint had already had two thugs beat him to a pulp.

When Viki begged Ford for his help for her child's sake, Bobby turned her down for his child's sake. Ford realized that Viki would not be able to give him a 100 percent guarantee, because he could not trust Clint, so he would have to help Tess. Viki feared that Ford would regret his decision, and she walked out.

Roxy arrived at Llanfair to give Brody a warning. Roxy announced that Jessica had just shown up at her salon, and that she had not been happy to see Natalie.

Back at Foxy Roxy's, Tess sneered as she said that she was taking Ryder away from Natalie. Tess insisted that Natalie focus on her own child and then reminded Natalie that she and Brody had betrayed Jessica. When Natalie's phone rang, Tess picked it up and saw that Brody was calling. After Tess wondered if John had already turned to someone else, she declared that Brody and Natalie deserved each other. "You both played up this hard candy shell, but inside, you're just soft nougat." Tess comforted Natalie by insisting that Natalie would have a line of men parading through her bed in no time.

When Natalie claimed that she and Brody were both scared for Jessica, Tess wondered if they thought that she would flip out, or smash into a million pieces, or even just one. Tess declared, "Well, this has been swell. Thanks for babysitting, but your services are no longer needed. Have a nice life." Natalie yelled, "Jessica," as Tess started to leave and dropped something from her purse. Natalie picked up a tube of lipstick and read, "Russian Red." Shocked, Natalie cried, "Oh, my God, you're not Jessica. You're Tess."

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