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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 7, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, March 7, 2011

At the hospital, Amanda watched from the hallway as Cara handed Jake the wedding ring that Cara had kept on a chain around her neck. Cara explained that the ring had reminded her of what she and Jake had lost. Jake argued that he couldn't take the ring, but Cara insisted. Jake wondered if Cara truly intended to marry his brother the following day. Cara nodded, but she wanted Jake to know that the wedding ring that he had given to her had been her connection to Jake while she had battled cancer.

Cara confessed that she would imagine getting well and then finding Jake to tell him the truth about why she had left him. Cara had fantasized that Jake would take the ring and then slip it back onto her finger. However, Cara realized that she had to let go of the dream. Jake reminded her that she had planned to use the ring for her marriage to Tad, but Cara felt that the vows that she and Jake had exchanged had been too sacred to tarnish the memory of the ring.

Cara's eyes filled with tears as she announced that she had to get to her "fake" bridal shower and then left. Moments later, Amanda entered the room. Amanda pretended to notice the ring, so she asked about it. Jake explained that it had belonged to Cara. He believed that Cara had given it to him because Cara was ready to move forward. Amanda was curious what Jake intended to do with the ring.

Jake suggested that he might sell it to someone in accounting who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Their talk was cut short when Jake was paged, so he promised to meet her at home after his shift. Amanda smiled as Jake kissed her. She was curious if it meant that he was no longer mad at her. Jake conceded that Amanda wouldn't have called the authorities on Cara if Amanda had felt secure, so he promised to show Amanda how much his wife meant to him when he arrived home

Jake found Griffin in the supply room where the drugs were stored. Jake was curious what Griffin had been doing there. Griffin explained that he had been checking to see if a shipment of drugs had arrived. Jake apologized for questioning Griffin. According to Jake, someone had been helping themselves to some of the drugs, so Jake was eager to find the culprit before Angie returned. Griffin deftly changed the subject by wondering if Jake intended to go to Tad and Cara's wedding. Jake confirmed that he would be at the wedding and then left.

Later, Jake arrived home to find Amanda waiting for him. Jake assured Amanda that she didn't have to worry about his feelings for her and then made love to her. Afterwards, Jake invited Amanda to join him in the shower. Amanda sent Jake ahead of her, pulled on his shirt, and then began to pick up the clothes that had been scattered around the living room. Jake's cell phone rang, so Amanda picked up his jacket to retrieve the phone. She was startled when she found Cara's wedding ring inside Jake's pocket.

At the Martin residence, Griffin informed his mother that she would have to leave town if she couldn't support Cara's decision to marry Tad. Mrs. Castillo refused to miss her daughter's wedding, so she reluctantly agreed to hold her tongue. Moments later, Jesse arrived to talk to Tad. Tad quickly whispered a plea for Jesse to follow his lead and then introduced Jesse to Cara's mother. Tad explained that Jesse was a close friend who approved of Tad's decision to marry Cara. Jesse quickly clarified that he was there to persuade Tad to change his mind about the wedding.

Tad chuckled uncomfortably and then tried to distract Mrs. Castillo by talking about Jesse's marriage to Angie. Mrs. Castillo was curious if Angie, like Cara, was also considerably younger than her husband. Griffin decided to take his mother to the bridal shower, so they left. Frustrated, Tad admitted that he had been counting on Jesse for support. Jesse demanded to know what was really going on with Cara because he knew Tad well enough to sense that something was off. Jesse wondered if perhaps Cara was pregnant.

Tad was adamant that Cara was the one for him, so he didn't want to wait to start their life together. Tad apologized for not having a long history with Cara like Jesse had with Angie. "Oh, there's a history," Jesse argued; however, the history was between Jake and Cara. Jesse was curious how Jake felt about the wedding. Tad assured Jesse that Jake supported the marriage, so Jesse relented. Jesse was stunned when Tad surprised him with the request to be the best man the following day.

At ConFusion, Liza spotted a man working on a computer at the bar. She smiled at him when he glanced up at her. However, Liza began to feel uncomfortable when she noticed that quite a few people were staring and talking about her. Liza quickly gathered her things and stepped away from the bar.

At a nearby table, Opal and Krystal were putting together decorations for Cara's bridal shower when Kathy and Jenny wondered if they could be the flower girls at their father's wedding. Krystal explained that it was up to Tad and then sent the girls off to play. Opal lamented that she had no idea what to wear for the wedding, but Krystal was concerned that Krystal seemed to be the only one who had a problem with Tad's marriage plans. Opal confessed that she felt as if she were standing in front of an oncoming train. However, Opal reminded Krystal that they had agreed to be on board with the wedding.

Krystal complained that she hadn't been given a vote. Krystal was curious what any of them knew about Cara except that Cara had broken Jake's heart and was willing to use all of them. Opal suspected that Krystal had been hoping that Tad and Krystal would be able to work things out. Krystal acknowledged that it was true, to an extent, but she also admitted that she liked her living arrangement with Tad. Krystal explained that it was the first time that Krystal had felt secure and a part of a real family, so she didn't want to give it up.

Opal suggested that nothing had to change except that they would have to add one more chair to the dinner table. Krystal thought perhaps she should move out because she didn't want to put Kathy and Jenny one step closer to a drug lord who was willing to kill Cara. Opal didn't like the idea of Krystal moving out, so Krystal suggested that Opal try to befriend Cara. Opal argued that she could never like Cara half as much as she did Krystal. Opal could tell from Krystal's expression that Cara had walked up behind Opal. Cara assured Opal that she completely understood the bond between Opal and Krystal, but Opal felt compelled to apologize nonetheless.

Cara spotted Griffin and their mother at the entrance, so she excused herself to greet them. A short time later, Mrs. Castillo and Cara were seated at the table with Opal, who was quick to explain to Mrs. Castillo why Tad had two mothers. Tad arrived shortly afterwards, but before he could sit down with everyone, Krystal noticed Liza hovering nearby. Tad excused himself to have a private word with Liza. Liza handed Tad a wedding gift and then explained that it was a peace offering. Kathy ran up second later to show Liza the video of Colby that she had found online.

Tad quickly hustled Kathy away as Liza stared at the video with mounting horror. Meanwhile, at the table, Opal had also discovered Colby's video about Liza and Damon's affair. Opal realized that Damon had left town because of Liza. Opal suggested that Liza should be ashamed of herself. Humiliated, Liza ran off.

Opal was certain that Liza had tried to pay Tad back for sleeping with Marian years earlier. Tad could see that Mrs. Castillo was shocked by everything that had been said, so he ordered Opal to "put a sock in it." However, it was too late. Mrs. Castillo insisted that they leave because she needed to lie down. Cara and Tad ushered Mrs. Castillo to the car and then drove her home.

After Mrs. Castillo entered the house, Cara gave Tad the opportunity to bow out of the wedding before it was too late. Tad assured her that he intended to follow through with the wedding. Cara smiled with gratitude.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby seemed confused about why someone would post Liza's picture online. JR was curious what Colby had expected to happen after she had proclaimed to the world that the District Attorney had slept with her daughter's boyfriend. JR was surprised that the press wasn't all over the scandal. Colby couldn't understand JR's anger, so JR explained that she had dragged the Chandler family down further with her latest embarrassing stunt. Colby resented JR's lack of sympathy. He acknowledged that Colby had gotten some tough breaks, but he insisted that the family couldn't afford to make any more mistakes.

JR couldn't understand why Colby had felt compelled to go public with Liza and Damon's affair. Colby explained that it hadn't been intentional, but JR didn't think that it mattered, since she couldn't take it back. "Maybe she can," Asher suggested from the doorway. Asher explained that he might be able to track all the records of Colby's video online and then delete them. JR wasn't interested in the details, so he ordered Asher to take care of it.

After JR left, Colby began to complain about how everyone, including Asher, had betrayed her. Asher argued that a secret was different from a lie. Colby continued to rant until she realized how it made her appear. Asher assured Colby that she had every right to be upset. He promised to remove all traces of the video, but Colby asked him to leave it alone.

Colby had discovered that there had been quite a bit of supportive feedback from people online who had experienced similar heartbreak. Colby smiled when she read one message that suggested that she was a role model. Colby realized that if she took the video down that it would make her look weak instead of strong. Asher reminded Colby that Liza might face repercussions, but Colby didn't care. Colby insisted that Liza would get exactly what she deserved. Moments later, the phone rang; it was Liza calling to arrange to meet with Colby.

A short time later, Colby approached a distraught Liza in the park. Colby smiled with satisfaction as she informed Liza that the joke was on Liza for throwing herself at Damon. Liza feared that Colby had posted the video out of revenge. Colby explained that, for the first time in a long while, Colby no longer felt alone. Liza accused Colby of getting a rush out of the fame, but insisted that the video needed to be taken down. Colby refused.

Liza warned Colby that Colby wasn't doing the community a service with the video. Liza suspected that it would lead to more humiliation for Colby. Colby didn't care as long as people realized who Liza really was.

At the yacht, Kendall searched for the light switch while, on the phone, Diana reminded Ricky what was at stake if Kendall found the evidence that Zach had hidden. "Ah ha," Kendall proclaimed victoriously. Diana wondered if Kendall had discovered anything, but Ricky quickly ended the call. Seconds later, the lights popped on. Kendall had found the master switch. Kendall's smile faded as she looked around.

Kendall confided that it felt wrong to be there without Zach. Ricky wondered if the yacht had been important to Zach. Kendall explained that it had been important to all of them, including the children. She confessed that it seemed strange not to see their personal items scattered about. Kendall revealed that Zach had intended to sell the yacht, so their belongings had been packed up and then put into storage. Ricky suggested that perhaps something might have been left behind, so he advised Kendall to check the safe and other places where they might have kept important items.

Kendall explained that the yacht didn't have a safe, but she admitted that they'd had one special hiding place. Ricky followed Kendall to a locked cabinet and then watched her retrieve a key. Kendall explained as she unlocked it that the cabinet had been where they'd hidden Christmas gifts. Kendall wasn't surprised to discover that it was empty. Moments later, Diana called Kendall, posing as Spike's school nurse.

Diana explained that Spike has a stomachache, so he needed to be picked up. Kendall promised to be at the school shortly and then ended the call. Ricky promised to turn off the lights and lock up to save Kendall some time. After Kendall left, Ricky began to search the yacht. Ricky was startled a short time later when Kendall returned.

Kendall demanded to know what Ricky was doing, but Ricky turned the question around by inquiring why Kendall had returned. Kendall explained that she had arrived at the school, only to discover that there had been a mix-up; Spike hadn't been sick. Ricky relaxed as he revealed that he had misplaced his cell phone, so he had returned to the yacht to look for it. Kendall offered to help him search for the phone. Ricky waited until Kendall's back was turned before dropping the phone on the floor and then declaring that he had found it.

Ricky announced that he had to get back to the church, so he tried to get Kendall to leave with him. Kendall admitted that she wanted to spend some time alone at the yacht, but Ricky insisted that perhaps it wasn't a good idea. "No, it's not," Griffin agreed from the doorway. Griffin was furious that Kendall had jeopardized her health by traipsing around in the cold. Kendall assured Griffin that she was fine, but Griffin wasn't mollified.

Griffin insisted on taking Kendall home, but she reminded Griffin that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Ricky's phone rang, so Ricky explained that he had to leave. However, Ricky simply stepped out of view to eavesdrop on Kendall's conversation with Griffin. Griffin accused Kendall of not trusting him, but Kendall argued that she trusted him with her life. Griffin reminded Kendall that he had trusted her with his life when he had told her about the drugs that he had stolen from the hospital.

Griffin pointed out that he could be put away for a long time if anyone realized what he had done. Kendall was surprised that Griffin hadn't confided to his sister. Griffin confessed that he was reluctant to get Cara involved when he intended to pay the hospital back for the missing drugs. Griffin reiterated that Kendall could trust him. "I do," Kendall promised. Griffin wanted Kendall to prove it by taking care of herself.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

At the hospital, Griffin interrupted as Agent Trumbull questioned Frankie. Griffin ordered the agent to back off because it was Cara's wedding day, but Agent Trumbull said that he was just getting started.

At the police station, Brot urged a frazzled Jesse to take a call. Jesse reluctantly grabbed the phone, but he was thrilled to hear from Angie. She announced that her doctor had given Angie approval to travel home. She reported she had a clean bill of health, but she couldn't fly because her pregnancy was too far along.

Jesse offered to fly out to take a train back with Angie, but she worried that she might go into labor. He suggested that they drive, and Frankie arrived and told Jesse he'd accompany them on the trip. Jesse informed Angie that she'd have her own physician on hand. Jesse said that they'd be on the way as soon as he fulfilled his duties as Tad's best man.

At the Slater home, a sleeping Cara dreamt of her wedding to Jake. Kendall woke Cara up and asked if Cara had spent the night on the couch. Cara explained that she hadn't been able to sleep. Kendall inquired if Cara was okay, and Cara exclaimed that it was her big fake wedding day.

Kendall presented Cara with a necklace that Zach had given Kendall before they'd left on the yacht. Kendall explained that it represented safe travels, and that the seas of marriage could be rough. Leticia entered and thanked Kendall for allowing her to stay. Kendall left to get dressed. Leticia wanted to brush Cara's hair, and Cara commented that her mother hadn't done that since Cara had been a little girl.

Leticia said she'd dreamed of Cara's wedding day, and she'd always hoped Cara would be strong, healthy, and in love. Cara claimed that Leticia had gotten her wish. The women hugged, and Cara said she'd meet her mother upstairs. After Leticia left, Cara answered the door to Griffin, who saw that Cara was emotional. A teary Cara said her big day would be over soon. Griffin warned her that Agent Trumbull was on the warpath. Griffin offered to go on the run with Cara, so she didn't have to marry a man she didn't love.

Cara smiled at the thought that Griffin would make such a sacrifice for her. She said she liked Pine Valley, her job, her friends, and her crazy extended family. She was overwhelmed that the Martins had stood by her even though she had broken Jake's heart. Griffin said they had done so because she was an amazing person. She said Pine Valley had grown on her, and she had a feeling it had grown on him, too. A dressed-up Kendall entered, and Griffin stared at her admiringly.

Griffin complimented Kendall's dress. She thought that he was worried that she had stopped taking her medication, but she swore that she felt fine. He said that he wasn't thinking about her health. She realized that he was concerned about her attending the wedding because of her memories of Zach. She said that finding Zach's hidden message had given her back her drive. A concerned look crossed Griffin's face, and he asked her to tell him that Tad was a good guy. Kendall promised that Cara was in excellent hands.

Jake removed Cara's ring from his pocket. Amanda entered and spotted him holding the ring. She recalled that he had intended to get rid of it, but he explained that it had felt weird to give the ring away. She questioned whether it felt right keeping it. Jake mused that Cara believed the ring had saved her life. Jake saw the worried look on Amanda's face and declared that he couldn't keep walking on eggshells around Amanda.

Amanda reminded Jake how hard the situation was on her, though she acknowledged that she had caused it. He said she couldn't take back her actions, but they didn't have time to talk about it because of the wedding. She suggested that he go to the ceremony without her, but he insisted that she attend. She hated the thought of sitting through the wedding and pretending that everything was fine. He told her that was the best thing she could do to help fix things.

There was a knock at the door, and Amanda left to get dressed. Jake greeted Joe and Ruth, who had arrived from Florida. Ruth asked if Jake was all right, and when Jake half-heartedly responded, Joe asked how Jake felt about Tad marrying Cara. Jake explained that Amanda had been uncomfortable since Cara had arrived in town. Amanda returned, clad in pajamas. She claimed that she felt ill and didn't want to risk making the happy couple sick. She said to give Tad her love and headed back upstairs. Once she was out of earshot, Joe commented that Amanda wasn't really sick.

AJ ran into the Chandler living room and asked JR if Tad was happy. JR said they'd have to ask Tad. AJ inquired whether JR was happy, and JR responded that he was when he was with AJ. AJ questioned why everyone always left them.

In the Martin "man cave," Tad slept on the couch. Opal woke him up and commented that he had been grinning in his sleep. He asked why a man couldn't grin on his wedding day. Opal noticed that Tad had seemed happier since he'd gotten engaged.

Tad said that he'd had a raw deal the last few months and that it made him feel good to help someone. He could see from the look on Opal's face that she didn't agree with his decision to marry Cara. Opal assured him that she was aware of the stakes, and he said he was counting on her to back him up. She told him that the whole family was on board, but Tad moaned that not everyone was.

Jesse arrived to help Tad prepare for the wedding. Tad called him the best man and friend he'd ever had. Jesse's phone rang, and he handed the phone to Tad. Angie said she wished she could be at the wedding. Tad told her to take care of herself and the baby. Tad hung up and said that he loved Jesse's wife. Jesse looked forward to getting to know Tad's spouse, too.

Opal gathered all of the kids in the kitchen. JR told Marissa that he knew he wasn't her favorite person and said he was sorry that he'd gotten in over his head with Annie. Krystal overheard and said that the good thing was that Marissa had moved on. Marissa wanted to drop the subject.

JR said that weddings were hopeful, and Marissa coldly suggested he mention it in his toast, and she walked away. JR followed her and recalled that they had once promised one another a lifetime together. He wondered if she ever wished they could turn back the clock. She said she was only focused on the future.

Krystal entered the man cave to get some things together for the girls that night. Tad was surprised that Krystal didn't plan to stay there that evening, but she pointed out that it wouldn't look good to Immigration to have Tad's ex-wife staying there on his wedding night. She said she needed to talk to him later, but he pushed her to tell him what was on her mind. She informed him that she had decided to move out.

Tad protested, but Krystal said they needed to face reality. They agreed to always put their girls first. He said he loved her, and she returned the sentiment. Joe and Ruth descended the stairs. Krystal hugged them on her way out. Tad thanked his parents for being there. Ruth joked that they couldn't miss his fifth or sixth wedding. Joe was concerned about how the marriage would affect Tad's relationship with Jake. Tad hesitated, and then he confessed that the wedding wasn't what it seemed.

After learning of the circumstances behind the wedding, Ruth praised Tad for being sweet and thoughtful. He thanked her for understanding and remarked that everyone else had questions and issues. She remarked that he was saving a life, and she left to find the bride. Tad expected a lecture from Joe, who advised Tad not to go through with the wedding.

Tad explained that they were saving someone's life, but Joe warned him there would be consequences. Jake called for Tad, and Tad begged Joe to trust him. Tad went upstairs. Leticia and Griffin arrived, and Krystal asked where the bride was. Griffin explained that Cara was waiting until the coast was clear.

Jake explained to Tad that Amanda had declined to attend because she wasn't feeling well. Cara arrived outside the door and overheard as Tad commented that Amanda was wracked with guilt over turning in Cara to Immigration. Cara quickly departed, and JR asked if Tad had any pre-wedding jitters. Tad worried about the tension between JR and Marissa. Griffin asked if there was a back way to let Cara in, but Kendall announced that Cara was gone.

A livid Cara arrived to see Amanda. Cara seethed and asked how it had felt when Amanda had hung up the phone after her attempt to have Cara deported. Cara demanded that Amanda admit to her actions. Amanda explained that she hadn't known that Cara's life had been in danger and that she had been beating herself up over it ever since. Cara wanted to know why Amanda was so desperate, because Amanda had everything.

Amanda accused Cara of still being in love with Jake. Cara denied it, but Amanda pointed out that Cara had worn Jake's ring and had only given it back because it had been inappropriate to keep it. Cara said Amanda had screwed herself, because thanks to Amanda, Cara was there to stay for at least three years. Cara spat that Amanda could celebrate if Immigration learned of Cara's fake marriage, because Cara wouldn't just be gone -- she'd be dead. Cara said she'd see Amanda at the wedding, and she stalked out.

Tad asked if there was any word on Cara, and Leticia hoped Cara had decided not to go through with the wedding. Griffin assured Tad that Cara would be there. Meanwhile, Cara entered the foyer, and Jake asked where she'd been. Cara admitted that she'd overheard his conversation with Tad and had confronted Amanda. She realized that Jake had kept the truth from her, as well. He apologized and started to leave to find Amanda, but Agent Trumbull appeared in the doorway. The agent noted the tension between them and asked if there was a problem.

Jake swore that everything was fine. Cara smiled and said she was a little nervous, which was normal before a wedding. Agent Trumbull asked if the wedding was still on, and Cara invited him to stay as a guest. She asked Jake to have Griffin meet her upstairs, and she left. Jake announced to everyone else that the bride had arrived.

Tad welcomed Agent Trumbull and agreed the agent should stay for the ceremony. Joe pulled Tad aside and warned his son what the marriage would do not only to him, but to Jake and Amanda, as well. Tad asked that Joe play along because Agent Trumbull was there. Joe reluctantly gave in.

Tad called over the kids. He handed AJ the guestbook and Kathy and Jenny bells. He instructed them about Mexican wedding traditions and their roles in the ceremony. Leticia was impressed that Tad had done his homework for Cara. He clarified that he had done it for both Cara and Leticia.

Kendall asked how Griffin was doing, and he admitted he was freaked out. Kendall asked whether he would ever get married, but he said it was unlikely because of his lifestyle. She apologized for her lecture about him never having been in love. She said she had seen that he was capable of love, based on how he felt about his sister and mother. He said he was glad she was there.

Leticia noticed Griffin and Kendall talking. After Kendall left, Leticia skeptically repeated Griffin's words that he didn't have anyone special. Agent Trumbull commented to Jake that he didn't see Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda arrived at ConFusion and ordered a martini. She ignored Jake's call.

JR cued the music, and Jesse escorted Leticia down the aisle. Kathy and Jenny proceeded as bridesmaids, and AJ carried in the rings. As Griffin and Cara waited for their turn, he commented that she looked beautiful. She thanked him for standing by her side and supporting her. The wedding march began, and Griffin and Cara appeared in the doorway. Cara and Jake locked eyes as the guests stood up. Tad stared at Cara adoringly, and she smiled back at him.

Griffin gave Cara away, and Cara and Tad recited their own vows. Cara said that at first, she had felt stuck in Pine Valley, but when she had found Tad, she had realized that she was home. She called Tad kind, loving, and generous. She thanked God for him and promised she would do so every day. Tad said that they were a unique couple, and he proclaimed that he knew in his heart that their marriage was right. He said that before she had entered his life, he had felt that he had been standing in one place, waiting for something, and she was that something. He vowed to honor, cherish, and protect her for as long as she'd let him.

Jesse handed over the rings. Cara and Tad exchanged the rings as a symbol of their trust and faith in one another. Tad put some gold coins into her hand and declared that he had placed all of his goods with her for safekeeping. The minister pronounced Tad and Cara husband and wife. Tad and Cara tenderly kissed as the guests burst into applause, and Agent Trumbull quietly exited. Jake forlornly watched as the guests showered Tad and Cara with flower petals.

Meanwhile, Amanda ordered another drink. The bartender noticed Amanda's formal attire and asked if Amanda was going somewhere. Amanda said she wasn't going anywhere, but she was definitely celebrating. Agent Trumbull arrived and spotted Amanda at the bar.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, David was wearing scrubs from his volunteer job at the free clinic when he met Ryan and Greenlee to discuss Annie. Ryan derided David for cleaning bedpans at the clinic; however, David conveyed that he'd do whatever it took to regain his medical license. David relayed that Annie hadn't been in touch, but Ryan hoped that a television appeal he'd just made would scare Annie into calling David for some cash.

David said it could take weeks for Annie to call. He was happy to sit by the phone, but found it ironic that Ryan needed him. Ryan said if it worked, he wouldn't have to deal with David again. David liked the sound of that, and Ryan excused himself from the table.

Greenlee accused David of only helping with Emma to regain his medical license and Marissa's favor. David, however, saw nothing wrong with getting something out of it. A pain hit Greenlee. David offered to check her out, but Ryan returned to take her to a "real" doctor.

At home before Scott left for work, Madison expressed her disappointment that she hadn't been able to reschedule a sonogram appointment that had been canceled the other day. Scott went to work and tried to charm a nurse into squeezing Madison in; however, the scheduling nurse said his dimples wouldn't get him anywhere. When the nurse walked off, Scott altered the schedule himself and called Madison about the "sudden" opening.

Madison arrived at the hospital later and was anxious to see her baby. During the sonogram, she decided to learn the baby's gender. The sonographer announced that it was a girl, and Scott said she'd be as beautiful as her mother. Taking her sonogram photo, Madison said she'd never forget that day. Before Scott left, Madison gratefully thanked him.

In another exam room, Greenlee found out that nothing was wrong with her. She and Ryan entered the corridor and collided with Scott, who was staring at Madison's sonogram. Ryan congratulated Scott and took Greenlee to a television set to see the appeal as it aired.

David called to say that Annie had left him a message, because he'd been unable to answer his phone at work. Annie had said she'd call again at six o'clock. Ryan invited David to Ryan's house, where Ryan, Greenlee, and David tensely awaited Annie's call. The appointed time passed, and David's phone suddenly rang. David spoke Annie's name into the phone.

Once Madison and Scott returned home, Madison deduced he'd finagled her the sonogram appointment. Scott admitted that he'd really started falling for the child, and though he was lying about the paternity, helping Madison felt noble. Madison said she and her baby were lucky to have him in their corner.

At Tad and Cara's wedding reception, Joe made an eloquent toast at the behest of his wife, but once out of the earshot of others, he expressed his reservations about the marriage to Tad. Tad suggested that Joe see the marriage as Tad paying forward the kindness that Joe and Ruth had shown Tad as a boy. Joe was worried about Tad's future happiness; however, Tad said he'd accepted that he'd never again have what he'd had with Dixie.

Near the cake, Jake offered his awkward congratulations to Cara. He said that if Amanda had known the danger, she wouldn't have turned Cara in. Cara gave Jake an emotional hug. Assuring her that everything would work out, Jake welcomed Cara back to the family.

JR conversed with Marissa, who remarked that she, Opal, Krystal, and the girls were checking into a hotel that night. JR readily invited them to the mansion, but Marissa asked if he ever stopped pushing. Marissa tried to walk off, but JR said he hadn't meant to put her on the spot. She claimed nothing had change since she'd last declined to live with him.

JR suggested that they continue the debate at his house. He implored Marissa to just try staying there for one night. Marissa asserted that it had to be tiring to always want what one couldn't have. JR quipped that there was a difference between "can't have" and "don't have."

JR saw Jake headed for the exit. Stopping Jake, JR said the groom's brother couldn't leave just yet. Jake tried calling Amanda and then stood on the sidelines as Tad called for the first dance. Feedback blared from the stereo speakers, forcing Tad to move on to the cake cutting.

JR ducked out of the reception, but when Jake tried to do the same, Tad said he needed his brother, since Jesse had already left for California. Jake replied that Cara knew what Amanda had done, and he needed to check on his wife. Tad implored Jake to stay for the wedding photos.

Jake suffered through the photos and the cutting of the cake before accidentally catching the bouquet. The guests began to leave, and Ruth and Joe offered to be there if Cara needed them. Cara's mother expressed her happiness for Cara, and Ruth announced that they were all family.

After a while, only the people who knew the marriage secret remained. Tad thanked them for helping to pull off the wedding. Cara thanked Tad with a kiss on the cheek, and Jake gulped champagne from Tad's glass. Jake asked what Tad was doing with three years of his life, and Tad replied that it was for a good cause. With one last look at Cara, Jake left to find Amanda.

Later, Tad and Cara were alone when Tad noticed that Immigration was watching the house. He suggested that they go to a nice hotel, because sticking around at the house wouldn't be viewed as a convincing honeymoon. The newlyweds went to the Yacht Club, and after they checked in, Tad suggested that they have their first dance in their room. With the blinds open for the surveillance agents to see, Cara and Tad danced along to a fast tune.

At ConFusion, Amanda threw back martinis, and Agent Trumbull said the next one was on him. Trumbull questioned why she wasn't the wedding. Ignoring a phone call from Jake, Amanda claimed she wasn't into weddings. Trumbull guessed things hadn't worked out as Amanda had intended when she'd first called Immigration.

Jake called again, and that time, Amanda answered. Jake asked where she was, but she told him to just enjoy the wedding. Jake said he preferred to be with her, but she whimpered that everything was messed up. She said she'd just meet him at home. After the call, Trumbull stated that if she ever wanted to talk, he was a good listener.

Amanda called herself a "jealous bitch" for what she'd done to Cara. Trumbull wondered if Amanda still doubted Cara, even though Cara was wearing another man's ring. "His ring, yeah," Amanda murmured and fumbled while popping an olive into her mouth.

JR entered and assumed that Trumbull was hitting on Amanda. JR rasped that Amanda was married, and he led her away. Amanda mumbled that she was making the usual mess of her life, but she was fine. JR replied that she wasn't fine, and he took her to get some coffee.

Later, Jake arrived home to find JR and Amanda talking inside. JR stated that he was just there making a delivery. Jake thanked JR, who then left. Jake noted that Amanda was dressed for the wedding. She said she'd intended to go, but she hadn't wanted to make more mistakes.

Jake wished to have a talk, but Amanda stated that talking and feeling were two different things. She knew Jake loved her, but he also still cared for Cara. Amanda said he couldn't just make those feelings disappear, but she felt as if they had three people in their marriage.

When JR arrived home, he was surprised to find Marissa, Opal, Krystal, and the children playing games in his parlor. AJ said that at the wedding, he'd overheard his father inviting Marissa to the mansion. AJ had decided to invite everyone for a party, just as his father had suggested. Marissa smiled at JR, and to himself, JR said that the house would soon be full again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ricky and Erica met in the park. Erica thanked him for supporting Kendall, and he declared his determination to see Kendall overcome her grief. Erica's phone rang, and she answered it to Jackson, who requested that she return home immediately. Jackson explained that they needed to discuss something important regarding their future. She hurriedly left. Meanwhile, Jackson thoughtfully picked up a key from the table.

Erica arrived home and asked Jackson what was going on. She thought that they had been on the same wavelength the prior evening and that their relationship was worth fighting for. He wholeheartedly agreed, and she was baffled why there were packed suitcases in their living room. He explained that he wanted her to accompany him, because he had planned a surprise.

Jackson led Erica to Kendall and Zach's yacht. Erica didn't understand why they were there, and she asked if Kendall had given him the key. Jackson pointedly said that Kendall had given him her blessing, as well. Erica realized Jackson had purchased the yacht. Jackson remembered the good times he and Erica had shared on their own boat. He said the yacht could be their new safe haven when they needed to shut out the world. She rushed into his arms.

Jackson asked whether Erica had doubts about his decision, and she assured him that she didn't. He suggested that whenever their troubles became too overwhelming, they could sail away. She loved his surprise, and he promised they'd make many wonderful memories on the yacht. Her phone rang, and she hesitantly glanced at it and declared that it was only Caleb calling. Erica tossed the phone on the couch, and a thrilled Jackson pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Griffin greeted Kendall at Krystal's restaurant. He asked if Kendall had made any progress with Zach's letter. She said not yet, but Griffin realized that she still believed Zach had been trying to tell her something. He counseled her to go to the police. Griffin noted that Brot was sitting at the bar and urged Kendall to speak to the officer. Kendall thought her story would sound ridiculous. Griffin recalled how Kendall had lectured him about how she and Zach had been connected, and he dared her to prove that she believed Zach had been trying to tell her something in the letter. She relented, and she approached Brot as Ricky observed through the window.

Diana arrived and fretted that Kendall was about to talk to the cops, but Ricky was confident that Kendall had no evidence against them. Diana remained skeptical, but Ricky said that Kendall wasn't the problem -- Griffin was. Diana thought Ricky's issue was that Griffin was becoming closer to Kendall, but Ricky explained that Griffin wouldn't allow Kendall to let go of the past. Ricky wasn't overly concerned, since he knew Griffin had been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Kendall explained to Brot that while she had been emotional when she had first read the letter, she clearly remembered that Zach had indicated that if something happened to him, it wasn't an accident. Brot noted that there were no such words in the letter. She said the word "sweetheart" had tipped her off that something was wrong. Brot asked if she'd noticed anyone or anything suspicious recently, and she said not since Zach had died.

Brot shrugged and refused to tell Kendall that she was wrong to feel the way she did. Kendall assumed that Brot meant he'd handle her case, but Brot advised that there wasn't enough evidence to warrant an investigation. He suggested that she follow her gut instinct. She thanked him for hearing her out. Brot left, and a discouraged Kendall thought Brot had only been humoring her because she had just lost Zach. She said that she had to stop spiraling out of control, but Griffin encouraged her not to give up.

Griffin said that Kendall had made him believe in his own gut instincts concerning people he loved. She said that sometimes instinct wasn't enough. Griffin reiterated that he thought Kendall was headed in the right direction, but she begged him to stop pushing her. Ricky intervened, and Griffin warned him to back off. Kendall snapped that Griffin was the one who needed to back off. Griffin scowled when Kendall apologized to Ricky. She assured Ricky that she was fine, and Ricky left.

Griffin asked what had happened to the drive Kendall had mentioned earlier. She complained that it had led her to a dead end and that she had no evidence. He wanted her to have faith in her feelings, but she wailed that her instincts were ruining her life. She couldn't remember the last time she had spent real time with her sons, and she wanted to be a better mother. Kendall was convinced she'd made something up to keep Zach alive in her mind. Griffin disagreed, and a frustrated Kendall stormed out.

At their apartment, Madison worried to Scott that her beauty products could be toxic. He joked that her hair wasn't falling out, but she explained that she had become more concerned about what she put on or in her body since she had become pregnant. She admitted that she'd written a proposal for Fusion to start an organic line for pregnant women. Scott thought the idea was brilliant. Madison hoped Greenlee and Kendall felt the same way. She suddenly had a cramp, and he asked what was wrong.

Madison said she was fine, but Scott was worried. Madison claimed that the cramp hadn't been bad and that she had to get to work to put in extra hours. Scott tried to convince her not to go to the office, but she protested that she needed the money. Scott offered to pick up some extra hours himself. She told him that wasn't his place, though she appreciated the thought. He volunteered to give her a ride, but she turned him down. She sincerely thanked him, and she left. Scott looked disappointed.

Madison arrived at Fusion, and Randi realized that Madison was no longer hiding her pregnancy. Randi wondered if Madison had told Ryan the baby was his, but she was disappointed to learn he was still in the dark. Madison exclaimed that she had a great idea for a new product line. Randi answered the phone and became noticeably concerned. Madison asked what had happened, and Randi cryptically said that Kendall and Greenlee wouldn't be happy.

David's phone rang and he expected to answer to Annie, but David said Emma's name. Ryan grabbed the phone and asked whether his daughter was okay. Emma said she was fine. David warned that it was a bad idea for Ryan to speak to Emma, but Ryan begged Emma to tell him where she was. Emma robotically said that they were in Boston and instructed him to deliver money at a wharf at midnight.

Ryan promised that Emma would be home soon, and Emma whined that she wanted to talk to Madison. Ryan said that Madison wasn't there, and the line went dead. David grumbled that thanks to Ryan, Annie knew that David and Ryan were working together. Greenlee hoped that Annie was desperate enough to try to reach David again. Ryan informed them that Emma had wanted to talk to Madison.

David berated Ryan for not sticking to their plan. David believed Emma had hung up because Annie had learned that Ryan had been on the phone. Greenlee changed the subject to how Emma had seemed, and Ryan said that the girl had sounded like she had been coached on what to say. Greenlee assured Ryan that his daughter was okay. Ryan left to call Madison.

David asked when Greenlee would use her influence to help him get his medical license back. Greenlee snapped that her concern was Emma, and she reminded him that their deal was that Greenlee would help him after he assisted with Emma's return. David accused Greenlee of being upset because Ryan needed Madison, not Greenlee.

Greenlee answered her phone, and her face fell as she told Randi that she'd handle the situation. David saw Greenlee's distress and offered to help. She thought he would use any opportunity to worm his way back into her life. Greenlee said that if David couldn't help find Emma, then she didn't want anything to do with him. She ordered him to leave, and he reluctantly did. Ryan returned, and he said he hadn't been able to reach Madison.

Greenlee explained that an ingredient Fusion had used in its makeup was toxic. Ryan urged her to take care of business, but Greenlee wanted to accompany Ryan to Boston. Greenlee said Kendall could handle the emergency, but Ryan disagreed. Greenlee was shocked when Ryan said that he wanted to ask Madison to join him on the trip.

At Fusion, Greenlee instructed her employees on how to handle the emergency. Greenlee spotted Madison's proposal, and Madison briefly explained her idea. Ryan pulled Madison aside, and Greenlee caught herself jealously staring at them. Ryan hoped Madison would accompany him to Boston, since Emma had tried to contact Madison before. Greenlee offered to compensate Madison for the work hours she'd miss.

Ryan pleaded with Madison to join him, and Madison turned to Greenlee to inquire if Greenlee was okay with the arrangement. Ryan was surprised that Madison felt the need to ask, and Madison and Greenlee exchanged an awkward glance. Madison said she'd do anything to help Emma. Ryan left to get the car, and Greenlee stopped Madison. Madison assumed that Greenlee really didn't want her to go, but Greenlee explained that she wanted to get something straight.

Greenlee said the last thing Ryan needed was more stress. Madison swore that she just wanted to help find Emma. Madison felt another cramp, and Greenlee wondered if Madison was okay. Madison claimed that she wasn't used to how it felt when the baby moved. Ryan returned and promised to call Greenlee that evening. Madison waited uncomfortably as Ryan and Greenlee pledged their love and kissed. Greenlee forlornly watched as Ryan departed with Madison.

Erica met Caleb at ConFusion. She said she'd been thinking a lot about Cortlandt Electronics, and she thought they should modernize their company by revamping their website. He didn't believe the website was why she had wanted to talk to him. She wondered what he meant, and he said he'd heard that she had planned to quit.

Erica asked where Caleb had heard the rumor, and Caleb explained that Opal had inadvertently told him when she had offered to take Erica's place. He inquired whether Erica planned to bail, and Erica insisted that she didn't intend to leave the company. He was glad, and he asked if her impending resignation had just been a rumor. Erica admitted that she'd considered it because her partnership with Caleb had interfered with her personal life. "Good ol' Jackson," Caleb chuckled.

Later, Erica hung up the phone and reported that there was a crisis at Fusion, but no one could find Kendall. Caleb offered to help, but Erica said she could handle it. Caleb declared that he was happy she was staying on at the company, even though she could be a pain. She began to argue, but he acknowledged that the company needed her. Satisfied, she left.

Ricky quietly slipped into the Slater home. He snooped around and gazed at a framed photo of Kendall, and he quickly hid when Kendall arrived home. Kendall was concerned to find the door open, and she called out to ask if anyone was there. She recalled Brot's words about noticing anything suspicious. She anxiously looked around and grabbed a fireplace poker.

Erica and Jackson entered Kendall's house, and Kendall gasped in relief. Erica was surprised that Kendall had been so scared. Kendall explained that she felt like she'd lost her mind because of her preoccupation with Zach's letter. Kendall was determined to devote more time to her children. Erica swore that Kendall was a wonderful mom, but Kendall recognized that she hadn't been a present mother for a long time, and she vowed to stop obsessing and to move on with her life. Ricky listened near the window.

At the hospital, a nurse questioned whether some paperwork Griffin had given her was correct, and Griffin assured her it was. Meanwhile, David tried to log in to the hospital computer, but his passwords no longer worked. Scott confronted David and commented that he thought David was no longer affiliated with the hospital. Scott wondered if David had weaseled his way back into a job, but David retorted that somehow Scott himself had done exactly that. Scott threatened to call security if David didn't leave.

David reminded Scott that David had saved Ian after Scott's risky business decision had put Ian's life in jeopardy. David remarked how he and Scott had both fallen from glory, but he was curious how Scott had landed a steady job at the hospital when David couldn't make any headway. Scott taunted that it was no wonder why Greenlee wouldn't help David, since David had blackmailed her.

David realized that Greenlee had secured a job for Scott, and he pondered what had been Greenlee's motivation. David mused that Greenlee had never been involved with hiring hospital employees, and he contemplated why she would rescue Scott. David vowed to find out what was really going on between Scott and Greenlee.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cara woke Tad up when she tried to make the couch more comfortable with additional pillows. Tad chose to get up rather than sleep any more. When he sat up, Tad realized that his back was out and that his legs had fallen asleep. As Cara encouraged him to take a few moments to let the pins and needles feeling subside, Tad joked that his night on the couch had prepared him for marriage.

Amanda woke up and called out to Jake. After a few moments, she realized that he'd left home without saying goodbye. Across town at the hospital, Jake ran into Griffin and said that the wedding had gone well. Griffin had a sour disposition, and didn't think anything would go well for Cara until Immigration was off of her back.

Griffin was not amused and walked off to see a patient. When he rounded the corner, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started to call Kendall. At that moment, he recalled their argument from the previous day, where Kendall seemed to want nothing to do with him. Griffin decided against calling Kendall.

Kendall arrived at Fusion and took a moment before walking into the offices. Kendall immediately realized that something was wrong and asked for details. Greenlee curtly responded that Kendall should have checked her phone. Kendall apologetically noted that Erica had made Kendall turn the phone off the night before. Greenlee briefly talked with Randi and asked Randi to extract some information that could be used for damage control. After Randi walked away, Kendall asked if Greenlee was planning on catching her up on what had happened.

Greenlee asked if Kendall was ready to get her hands dirty or if Kendall would disappear again. Kendall needlessly reminded Greenlee that she'd been dealing with a personal crisis. Greenlee said that she was able to jointly deal with a crisis and work. Greenlee needed to know if Kendall could do the same thing. Greenlee said that the company was falling apart and she couldn't deal with Kendall falling apart at the same time.

Kendall said that she was still invested in the company and wanted to do what she could to help. Greenlee reminded Kendall that she wasn't the only person who had things to deal with. Kendall asked if any progress had been made in finding Emma. Greenlee said that Emma hadn't been found, and bitterly added that instead of being with Ryan while he searched, Greenlee had been stuck at Fusion.

Greenlee added that Madison had gone with Ryan, since Madison was the only one Emma wanted to talk to. Kendall told Greenlee not to worry about Madison. Kendall believed that Madison was having a baby with Scott, and therefore insisted that Madison was not interested in reconnecting with Ryan.

Kendall was amazed at how much she had to catch up on. Kendall shared with Greenlee that she'd been so wrapped up in Zach's letter and what it had meant that her life had spun out of her control. Greenlee said that she understood Kendall's need to stay connected with Zach. Kendall said that she needed to stop the destructive habits she'd been retaining and asked how she could help. Greenlee said that they needed to wait for the lab results before they could make a decision.

Greenlee said that she wanted to get caffeine for everyone who had worked through the night. Kendall said that she needed to stop by the hospital, and said she would make the run for coffee, as it was the least she could do. Before she left, Kendall apologized for her absence. After Kendall left, Greenlee called and left a message for Ryan.

Scott called Madison but got her voicemail. In his message, Scott said he wanted to know if she'd gotten back to town safely. Before he ended the call, he told Madison he would stop by Fusion to see if he could catch up with her there. When he hung up, he turned around and saw Jake. Jake said that they needed to talk. Scott asked if it could wait, but Jake said that Scott's job depended on the conversation.

Jake wanted to talk about how Scott had broken into the server to make an appointment. Scott scrambled to explain why the appointment had been so urgent. Jake said that the reasons weren't important. Despite the fact that a violation of that type usually meant instant termination, Jake gave Scott a second chance.

Scott promised he wouldn't do it again and ran off just as Amanda showed up. She apologized to Jake and asked if he had a second chance for her as well. Griffin approached them and said that Jake wasn't the person that Amanda needed to apologize to. Griffin announced that he knew Amanda was the one who had called the Feds. Amanda tried to apologize, but Griffin wasn't interested in further excuses.

Griffin said that he wanted Jake to ensure Cara's employment with the hospital while she was in Pine Valley. Jake said that he would try, but thought that the issues with Immigration and the fake passport might prove to be problematic. Griffin thought that because of the connection the Martin family had to the hospital, and because of Jake's position as chief of staff, Jake should be able to work something out. Griffin walked away.

Out by the nurses' station, Griffin checked his phone. He let out a sigh when he saw that he didn't have any messages. A few seconds later, a nurse carried up a plant that had been delivered. The patient it was intended for had been checked out, and the nurse thought that perhaps someone else would enjoy it.

Ricky discovered that Diana had been following him. He grabbed her, threw her up against a wall, and asked if she was trying to get them caught. Diana revealed that she'd been watching Ricky for a while and was disappointed that it had taken Ricky so long to realize she was there.

Diana said that she wanted Ricky to be aware of the error of his ways. Diana said that if Ricky didn't change his tactics, he would send them to prison. Ricky said that he was fine. Diana offered to take Ricky back to the hotel so that he could refocus. Ricky rejected her advances, and Diana told him that he would regret not accepting her help.

Ryan and Madison went directly to his penthouse when they returned to Pine Valley. Ryan checked for phone messages but was dismayed when he didn't find any. Ryan beat himself up for making Annie run when he grabbed the phone from David. Madison understood that Ryan had wanted to hear Emma's voice. Ryan said that he could hear it every day once Emma was home. Madison tried to be reassuring, to no avail.

Ryan took a moment and thanked Madison for making the trip with him. Madison said that she would do anything to get Emma home, and wished she'd made a difference. Ryan said that Madison had been there for him when he needed her. Ryan said that he needed to call the FBI to tell them they'd returned, but Madison audibly winced from a pain before he could dial the phone.

Ryan put the phone down and checked to make sure Madison was okay. Madison wrote off the pain as heartburn, and distracted Ryan from the pain by recalling a funny Emma story. Once he'd forgotten about the pain, Madison said that she needed to leave. Ryan asked Madison to stay because he wanted to connect her with an FBI-recommended child psychologist. Ryan felt that talking with the psychologist would help prepare Madison for the next time that Emma called.

Madison agreed to stay, and Ryan offered to make her breakfast. Madison thanked him but said that she didn't think her stomach was up to it. At that moment, another pain shot through her body, and Ryan knew it was more than heartburn. Ryan guided Madison her to the couch and said that she needed to rest.

Ryan started to call Scott, but Madison asked him not to. Madison said that she would be fine. Ryan said that he felt guilty because he'd dragged her on a road trip. Madison wished she'd been more helpful. Ryan told Madison that she'd helped just by being Emma's friend and a person that the little girl could reach out to.

Madison's phone rang. Ryan asked if it was his daughter, but Madison told him that Greenlee was calling. Madison handed her phone over so that Ryan could talk to his wife. Ryan didn't want to tie up Madison's phone in case Emma called. After a brief conversation, Ryan ended the call.

When Tad and Cara arrived at the Martin residence, they chatted about everything that had gone on with the agents. Tad insisted that they needed to be in character at all times in case they were being watched. Tad indicated that he wanted to carry her over the threshold. He convinced Cara that his back would hold out, and hoisted her into his arms. When Cara opened the door and they entered the house, Jake and Amanda greeted them.

After a few uncomfortable moments, Cara told Tad that he could put her down. Tad was forced to reveal that his back had gone out again, just as Cara feared it would. After Jake helped Cara out of Tad's arms, Cara got Tad settled on the couch. Tad asked why Jake and Amanda had stopped by.

Jake told Cara that since she would be in Pine Valley for a few years, he'd submitted her name for a permanent position at the hospital. Jake said that if Cara didn't want to stay at PVH, he could find something for her at a different hospital. Cara said that she loved working at PVH and wanted to stay. Then Cara asked if it was Amanda's idea to suggest a position at another hospital.

Jake stammered over his explanation about Amanda's actions. He eventually told Cara that it had been Amanda's idea to submit Cara's name for a full-time position. Cara was incensed that Amanda would try to help after being the one who had set Cara's deportation in motion. Cara stormed out of the room under the pretense of unpacking.

Cara rejected Amanda's offer to help on the way out of the room, but Amanda followed despite Cara's protests. Once the coast was clear, Tad joked that the relationship between the women needed work. Jake chuckled and then asked if the wedding night had been awkward. Tad revealed that he'd sprung for a hotel room to make sure his relationship with Cara continued to seem authentic to the Feds.

Tad told Jake that the room service and the classic movie selection had helped him to have a wonderful night with his new bride. Jake tensed up, and asked Tad what other plans he had to make his marriage appear genuine. Tad wondered if Jake wanted to know intimate details of Tad's relationship with Cara. Jake realized that ignorance, in this case, was better, and withdrew the question.

Tad ignored his brother's hesitance and said that his back problems were a result of by sleeping on the couch the night before. Tad pulled out the wedding video and said that they needed to watch it. Jake resisted, but Tad said that they needed to make sure nothing in the video seemed faked. Jake shifted uncomfortably and said that he and Amanda needed to leave. Tad was baffled, as Jake had visited in order to make peace. Tad said they were in a lot of trouble if they couldn't even make it through dinner.

In the basement, Cara repeated that she didn't need Amanda's help. Amanda said that she had hoped the air between her and Cara could be cleared. Amanda repeated that she felt horrible for how irreparably Cara's life had been changed because of what Amanda had done. Cara told Amanda that she didn't have to play nice when Jake wasn't around. Amanda said that she wished Cara wouldn't automatically think the worst of her. Cara asked what Amanda expected, after what had happened.

Scott showed up at Fusion, looking for Madison. Greenlee said that Madison and Ryan would show up shortly, as they had just returned to town. Scott seemed surprised that Greenlee was so calm after her husband had been out all night with his ex. Greenlee said that Ryan and Madison were together for one common reason: to get Emma home. Scott wondered when Madison and Ryan had become a non-issue for Greenlee.

Greenlee said that the focus was on rescuing Emma and returning her back to Pine Valley. Greenlee's demeanor amazed Scott. Scott pointed out the irony that on one hand, Greenlee was working so hard to make sure Ryan and Emma were reunited, but on the other, was hiding the true paternity of Madison's baby from her husband. Greenlee reminded Scott that Madison didn't want Ryan to know yet.

Scott mentioned the possibility that Madison might not ever tell Ryan that he had fathered Madison's baby. Greenlee was shocked and wondered how Scott felt about stepping into the "Daddy role" on a permanent basis. Scott said that the decision was up to Madison, but added that taking care of Madison had made him feel good. Greenlee admitted that she saw a bit of Stuart in Scott. Scott hoped aloud that he could be at least half the man his father had been.

Greenlee found out that she needed to go to the hospital to sign some papers. She told Scott again that Ryan and Madison should be back soon. Scott was surprised that the search had been fruitless, but knew that Annie wouldn't hurt Emma. He wondered why Emma kept calling Madison. Greenlee wasn't sure but was glad that the little girl was in touch with someone, as it had been the only shred of hope they'd had. Before she left, Greenlee told Scott that Madison was lucky to have him around.

Madison rested briefly after feeling a pain in her stomach. Ryan asked if she was okay, and Madison assured him she would be fine. Madison tried to stand and felt a sharp pain again. Ryan insisted on taking Madison to the hospital right away. Once they got arrived at the hospital, Ryan explained to the nurse that they needed help right away. As the nurse dashed off to find the doctor on duty, Ryan assured Madison that everything would be all right. Madison begged Ryan not to leave her.

Madison was set up in a room, and the doctor started to check Madison out. Madison said that the cramping had subsided but that they had gotten more intense. The doctor asked how far along Madison was, and Madison hesitated. Ryan jumped in and said that Madison had told him 11 weeks. Madison asked Ryan to go call Scott with an update. After Ryan left the room, Madison asked if it mattered how far along she was.

The doctor said that accuracy was very important. Madison admitted that she'd lied. Just as Ryan walked back into the room, Madison admitted to being 19 weeks pregnant. Ryan noted that Scott had still been in jail when the baby was conceived. Greenlee walked up to the room and overheard Ryan's realization that he had fathered Madison's baby.

Kendall stopped by the hospital and asked if the nurse knew where she could find Griffin. The nurse thought that Griffin had left, so Kendall started to ask for a favor. Griffin walked up just then, and asked if the coffee in Kendall's hand was for him. The nurse walked away, and Griffin said he'd thought he would run into Kendall. When Kendall offered a horribly transparent lie for being at the hospital, Griffin called her on it. Griffin said that he knew Kendall had visited so that she could apologize. Kendall was slightly offended and insisted that Griffin, not she, had overreacted.

Griffin asserted his belief that the letter from Zach was proof that Zach had been murdered. Griffin thought that Kendall needed to push for further investigation. Kendall said that it was time for her to let go of her theories. Kendall believed that by focusing on the possibility of a murder plot, she was trying to keep Zach with her instead of learning to let him go. Kendall added that she needed to live her life looking toward the future, not glancing back at the past, and said that Griffin needed to let her do that.

Kendall said that although she'd initially felt like she was keeping Zach with her by pushing the investigation, she'd since changed her mind. Kendall admitted that she had much better letters to hang on to, and children to enjoy life with. Griffin apologized and said he hadn't realized how much the investigation had been hurting Kendall. He told her that he would never mention it again. Kendall threw out the letter from Zach that she'd been carrying with her, and left the room.

Kendall arrived home, called the office, and left word that she would be back at work soon. Moments after she ended the call, her doorbell rang. Kendall was surprised but pleased to see Ricky on the other side of her front door. Ricky said he had wanted to check on Kendall after the fight she'd had with Griffin. Kendall said that things were okay and she'd resolved everything with Griffin.

Kendall said that she'd asked Griffin to understand that she needed to let go of the way she'd been holding on to Zach. Ricky suggested that Kendall would find comfort in the places where she'd created memories with Zach. Ricky told Kendall that he was willing to support her by going to those places with her. Kendall was grateful. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Griffin pulled the discarded letter from Zach out of the trash and stashed it in his back pocket.

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