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Jack and Brad continued to torment Shane. Clint had David moved before Bo could get to the prison. Clint caught Joey and Aubrey breaking into Clint's safe. Joey admitted they were looking for evidence that Clint had been involved in Nora's kidnapping and Eddie's murder. Ford changed his mind about having Tess committed to St. Anne's. Todd and Tomás investigated each other. Shots were fired at John and Todd as they left Rodi's.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 7, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, March 7, 2011

At Foxy Roxy's, Natalie finally realized that she was with Tess. "Took you long enough," Tess said as she sneered at her sister. Tess planned on leaving the beauty salon with Ryder in tow, and Natalie did her best to stop Tess. The woman both grabbed onto the baby's car seat and began to argue. Liam began to cry and Tess tricked Natalie into running over to him. As soon as Natalie let go, Tess made a beeline for the front door.

John was ready to leave St. Ann's after visiting with Marty, but she stopped him. She had something to tell him about Liam. John didn't want to hear it, and he turned to go. Viki walked in, anxious to meet with Dr. Levin. "It's Jessica," Viki confided to John and Marty. Marty guessed correctly that Tess had emerged, and Viki admitted that the news about Liam had pushed Jessica "over the edge." Marty felt responsible, confessing that she had "pushed" Jessica.

Viki assured Marty that wasn't the reason for Tess's appearance. Jessica had been unable to handle the news that Brody was Liam's father. Marty insisted that as a doctor, she should have realized that Tess would show up. Just then, one of the nuns summoned Marty for therapy, and Viki declared that she would wait for Dr. Levin to be available. John was sorry for what was happening, but Viki hoped that he wasn't about to blame himself like everyone else did.

John replied that he wasn't, but he felt sad for all that Viki was going through. In turn, Viki was regretful about John's unhappy state. She knew that Natalie loved him. "Had she told the truth, none of this would have happened," John replied. Viki's phone rang, and it was Natalie. She hurriedly advised her mother that she was at Foxy Roxy's, and Tess had been there and taken Ryder. Viki urged her daughter to go home. John was curious about the call, and Viki told him what had happened. "Are Liam and Natalie okay?" he asked.

Viki assured him that everything was all right. John thought that Viki should call the police station. She thought that was a good idea, but she told him that she was aware that he hadn't asked about Natalie and Liam as a police officer. John was uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but Viki continued to talk. She knew that Natalie had been wrong in her actions, but Natalie had been trying not to hurt people. John was concerned about Jessica and Brody, and Viki noted that Natalie didn't love Brody. Natalie loved John, and Viki knew that John loved both Natalie and Liam.

There had been lots of damage and pain, Viki continued. She didn't want things to end in the manner that they had. Liam could be John's son if John so chose, she concluded. John left and bumped into Marty on his way out. He apologized for his previous behavior, because he was aware that things weren't Marty's fault. He told her to take care of herself.

Brody arrived at Foxy Roxy's just after Tess was gone. "She took Ryder," Natalie exclaimed. Brody assumed that Tess was headed to Ford's, and he revealed that Tess and Ford had gotten married. He admitted that the family was checking out the legalities, but thus far, their hands were tied. He advised Natalie that Ford wanted his son, and he revealed that the family had known about Tess's emergence for some time. Natalie was irritated that no one had told her about Tess.

Brody confessed that everyone was afraid that Natalie would blame herself for Tess showing up, but there were plenty of others to shoulder the responsibility. He thought that he would go to Ford's place to look for Tess, and Natalie rushed to get her things. Brody suggested that she wait at the salon instead.

James found his brother in their apartment, and he expressed his dismay at Ford's sudden marriage. Ford explained that he had needed to do it to see his son, but James insisted that Ford was ruining his life. He reminded Ford that Ford hadn't wanted anything to do with a baby in the past. Ford revealed that things had changed after his son was born, and he wasn't about to let another kid look after himself the way that James had been forced to do. He revealed that he had a plan, and he didn't expect to be married for long.

Tess returned home with Ryder, and her eyes focused in on James. "Hello, who are you?" she purred. She made a play for James and noted that they'd have to share a bedroom. "I'm taken," James advised her. Tess pulled open kitchen cabinets, looking for alcohol, but Ford maintained that Ryder's diaper had to be changed. Tess ordered Ford to take care of it, because she was headed for a shower. She hoped that James would join her. Once she was gone, James panicked. He wondered what they would do with Tess, but Ford promised that Tess was all talk.

There was a knock at the door, and it was Brody. Tess materialized from the other room, and Brody attempted to reach Jessica. "Jessica's not home right now," Tess advised him. Brody asked for the baby. "No way," Tess announced as she corrected Brody, reminding him that she and Ford were the infant's parents. Ford assured Brody that Ryder was doing well, but Brody pleaded to be able to work something out. He noted that there was a nursery at Llanfair with all of the infant's things.

Ford explained that Viki had already offered a deal, but he didn't trust Brody. Ford didn't want to fight, but he maintained that Ryder would be staying with him. "And my husband has spoken," Tess added. Brody refused to let it go, but Tess reiterated that the baby was staying. She urged Brody to attend to Natalie and Liam instead, because Natalie was free.

Brody left reluctantly, and Tess slammed the door. Tess turned and put an arm around James, who wanted nothing to do with her. She refused to help with the infant's diaper, and she headed back to her shower. James and Ford were at a loss on how to change Ryder's diaper, and they began to fumble with it, turning it around and around. Ford decided that he'd better call Starr for help.

Starr arrived at La Boulaie, eager to tell Langston about the events at the cabin, but Langston announced that Ford and Tess were married. Langston admitted that she wanted to strangle them. Starr was certain that things would work out, but Langston revealed that she was also worried that Ford and Tess would have sex. She thought that Starr should feel happy that she didn't have a man to worry about around Tess, the way that Langston did.

Langston quickly apologized and assured Starr that Starr would find a man. Starr made it known that she didn't want Tess near her guy either, and she updated Langston on what had happened at the cabin. Starr and James were officially together. Even with her own problems, Langston was thrilled, and she wanted all of the details. They were interrupted when Starr's phone rang, and looking down, she saw that it was James. She offered to call him back later, but Langston wanted her to answer the call.

James wanted help with diapering the baby, and he wondered how to tell the back from the front of the diaper. "You just look at it," Starr told him. She ended the call and turned to Langston. The guys needed a "crash course on babies," she explained. Langston insisted that she would be fine, and she ordered Starr to go.

The Ford brothers continued to stand exasperated, as they played with Ryder and tried to figure out what to do with the baby's diaper. Ryder began to cry. Finally, they were saved when Starr arrived. James ran to her with diaper in hand. "Is this the back?" he asked. Starr grabbed the diaper. "Where's your wife?" she asked Ford. "Starr, please don't start," Ford replied.

Starr noted that Tess would hardly be a mother of the year, and Ford concurred. Starr thought it would be a good idea if Ford were to visit with Langston, while she and James took care of Ryder. Ford jumped up and grabbed his jacket. Starr talked James through the changing of the diaper. Tess finally emerged from her shower, dressed in nothing but a towel. "This is my competition?" she said as she looked at Starr. Tess promised that she'd be waiting for James if he decided he wanted a "big girl." She was happy that she had her freedom, and she stated that she was only "yanking James's chains."

Blair and Cristian were having a chat at the Buenos Dias Café. Cristian was stunned to learn that Blair's artist was Téa's brother Tomas. Cristian had known the family for years, and he was familiar with Tomas. He explained how Tomas had been a musician and had gone on the road, only to disappear. The family had stopped hearing from him, and Tomas had broken his family's hearts.

Outside of the café, Tomas spoke to someone on the phone in French. He asked for help with Todd Manning. He advised the person that Manning had married his sister, and it was urgent. He looked into the café and saw Blair and Cristian, and he advised the party on the phone that it wasn't a good time to talk. He entered the diner and stood behind Blair and Cristian.

Cristian turned and saw Tomas, and the men hugged each other hello. They exchanged some pleasantries, and Cristian updated Tomas on Antonio's life. Tomas announced that he'd missed his plane. Blair asserted what a great artist Cristian was, and Tomas recalled how Cristian had gotten into Tomas' paints many years in the past. Blair asked about the next flight, but Tomas revealed that he planned to stay in Llanview. He couldn't leave, because his sister and the Vegas were there. That wasn't the only reason, Tomas said mysteriously. Cristian looked on suspiciously.

Tomas considered the fact that perhaps he and Blair would see each other again. "Maybe," Blair responded. Tomas thought it would be nice for them to not have to say goodbye to each other again. He turned and spoke to Cristian in Spanish before leaving. Cristian looked at Blair. He advised her that he could see that something was going on. He wanted her to be careful, because he'd seen her get hurt in the past. Tomas had abandoned his family, and Cristian believed there was more to the story.

Tomas made another phone call as soon as he left the café. "What do you have for me on Manning?" he asked in French.

"Are you ready to act like a human being again, Todd?" Téa asked her bound and gagged husband at the cabin. She gently removed his gag. "You bitch. I'm going to kill you for this," Todd replied. Téa insisted that she'd had to do something after Todd had threatened to go after his daughter while he was in a rage. Todd suggested that he might call the cops to report a case of domestic abuse, but Téa reminded him that he'd be the one to be familiar with that subject.

Téa recounted the previous incidents of violence Todd had been involved in, but he reminded her that she'd been on the giving end as well. Téa explained that they had to deal with their daughter together, but Todd thought she was unconvincing. Téa had been the one who'd spoken to Dani and had kept it a secret from him. Téa couldn't have it both ways, Todd declared. Téa picked up a large knife and began to walk around with it, waving it in the air. She admitted they had trust issues.

Todd believed that Téa thought it was permissible for Dani to have sex, but Téa denied that she'd ever said that. She pointed out that Dani hadn't had sex after all. Todd mentioned Starr and how she'd messed up her life. Téa agreed that Todd should have a say, but he couldn't threaten a boyfriend. They'd "have to come to terms," Téa indicated. She wanted Todd to leave Starr alone, because his daughter was a responsible young woman. Both Starr and Dani were to be allowed to date whoever they wanted, Dani would have to wait because she was grounded.

Todd was hopeful. "Grounded?" he asked. Téa thought that Dani deserved it after being gone for hours without contacting them. Further terms of the deal were that Dani could date Nate if she wanted, and there were to be no more threats from Todd. He also had to talk to Téa if there were a problem. "Agreed?" Téa asked her husband. "What if I say no?" Todd wondered. Téa announced that in that case, he would never see her or Dani again.

"How come you get to threaten and I don't?" Todd inquired. "Deal?" Téa asked again. She waved the knife around and picked up her coat. She advised Todd that the heater was on a timer, and he'd be okay for a few hours. "Okay, deal," Todd yelled. He promised not to threaten and to work with his wife. He swore and crossed his heart. Téa cut the binding on his wrist, but it backfired. Todd grabbed her and the knife fell to the floor. He pinned her down, but she struggled and finally managed to break free. "You sneaky bastard," she shouted.

"What did you expect?" he challenged. The couple began to argue, and they each declared that they hated the other. They vowed to see each other in hell. Suddenly, they ran to each other and shared a passionate kiss. They each began to remove their clothes. After they made love, they remained on the floor. "Why do we always end up like this?" Téa wondered. Todd thought that it was because they were alike, and because it was fun. He noted that he'd only wanted to protect his daughters.

Téa asked Todd what was wrong; she'd noticed that he'd been a little "off" recently. Todd reminded her that he'd had a tough year, and he hated when people left. Téa advised him that he couldn't stop his daughters from growing up, but they wouldn't leave him. Neither would she, and she didn't want to lose him. She looked around the cabin and proclaimed that it was a mess. Todd suggested that they blame the kids.

Natalie continued to play with Liam while she waited in the salon. Brody returned, and he revealed that he'd seen Ryder at Ford's place. Tess was there also, but everything seemed okay. He took Liam from Natalie's arms.

Ford found Langston at La Boulaie and handed her some flowers. He advised her that he had a plan. He had his son, and he believed that he could have Tess committed.

Viki finally headed to a meeting with Dr. Levin, but she found Marty in the hallway first. Marty mentioned that she was worried about John, and she wondered if he'd get back together with Natalie. Viki was hopeful, but she didn't think it would happen anytime soon. Viki went on her way. "Looks like everything is working out. It's just too bad John had to lose his baby in the process," Marty said to herself.

John stopped at Foxy Roxy's and peered into the front window. He watched as Natalie played with Liam, but suddenly, Brody appeared with a bottle for the infant. John walked away.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gigi walked into Rodi's to get ready for the day's business and let out a scream. John was sitting at the bar in the dark. She quickly turned on the lights, but he ordered her to turn them off again. The lights were hurting his eyes, he advised her. She noticed he'd been drinking, and she wondered if he'd been there all night. She fixed him some food and coffee, but John pushed it away and continued to drink. He requested that she stop making so much noise as she went about her daily chores.

Gigi was irritated, and she advised John that he could have been with the woman he loved. She pointed out that Natalie had been going through hell, and she'd been scared and nervous from the time she'd first learned that she was pregnant. It was obvious that John would have ditched Natalie if she'd been honest with him from the beginning. Gigi continued to try to set John straight, but John wondered why Gigi knew so much about his situation. Gigi retorted that she and Natalie were friends, and Natalie had needed someone to talk to.

"How long did you know?" John yelled at Gigi. Instead of answering his question, Gigi continued to go on about how Natalie loved John, and Gigi knew that John loved Natalie too. Gigi thought he should open his heart. After she was finished, she asked, "Don't you have anything to say?"

"Yeah, you're fired," John growled. "You're not serious," Gigi responded. John said that he was, and her final check would be in the mail. He wasn't able to trust Gigi any longer. Gigi was dismayed that she'd been fired for being a friend. She stormed out.

Cutter enjoyed breakfast with Aubrey and Joey at the Buchanan residence. Joey offered to ask Clint about a job for Cutter, because Clint had done a turnaround and had been gracious to Aubrey. Cutter declined, citing his charity work that was keeping him busy. It was time for Cutter to get on with his day, and Aubrey offered to walk him out. She advised Cutter to stop visiting so often, because she was afraid that Clint might be spying on them. She also thought that the butler was "creepy" and onto her.

Cutter thought that because Clint was free, he might choose to use the flash drive against them. He urged Aubrey to locate the flash drive and destroy it. He was off to land his own rich catch. Aubrey returned to Joey and found him reading the newspaper article about Eddie Ford's unknown killer. Joey related that he'd seen Eddie at the house with Clint, and he wondered why his father would have been doing business with such an unsavory character.

Kelly rushed around at La Boulaie as she got ready to leave for work. She was unable to locate one of her shoes, and Dorian inquired if Kelly might be able to find it at the "no-tell motel" where Kelly had been spending time with her "mystery man." Unable to keep it in, Dorian admitted that she was aware that Kelly had been seeing John, and Dorian believed that he was the worst person to be with if Kelly wanted to get over Joey. Kelly shouted out her thanks to Blair for telling Dorian about John. "Blabbermouth," Kelly yelled.

Kelly insisted that she wasn't involved with John, even though he was totally finished with Natalie. Dorian looked at her niece and decided that Kelly was in trouble. It was obvious that Kelly had feelings for John. Kelly denied it and stated that she and John were both in a "transition period." They had something in common. Kelly stressed that the situation was different and she wouldn't be hurt. Just then, Cutter arrived and walked into the room with a large bouquet of flowers.

Kelly apologized for not calling him, and she thanked him for the flowers that he'd given her previously. Dorian announced that Kelly was ready to move on, and Kelly pointed out how sweet it was for Cutter to have more flowers for her. Cutter corrected Dorian and clarified that the flowers were for Dorian. The women were taken aback, but Dorian recovered and sent Kelly off to work. Cutter explained that he'd wanted to give Dorian something meant just for her, and he'd wanted to give her the flowers in person. Dorian slammed the flowers onto the table. "Cut the crap, you're after my money," she said.

Cutter noted that she was probably confusing him with her "ex," and he picked up the taped photo of Dorian and David. Dorian seized it from him, as Cutter informed her that he had his own money. Dorian wanted to verify that he wasn't a "male gold digger," and Cutter assured her that he wasn't. He'd search for someone who was less smart and who had less class if that were true, Cutter added. He wanted someone who could hold a good conversation, and he was looking for something new in his life.

Dorian promised that she was an excellent conversationalist who could speak four languages fluently. Cutter looked at the taped photo and decided that Dorian just wasn't ready. Dorian disagreed, and Cutter implored her to toss the photo into the fireplace if that were the case. He asked what she needed, and Dorian replied, "Do you have to ask?" Cutter walked over to her and the two shared a kiss, but Cutter pulled back suddenly. He suggested that Dorian call him if she ever decided to burn the photo. Dorian contemplated it after Cutter left. "Damn you, David," she muttered.

Destiny found Matthew at school and informed him that they needed to talk about the two of them. "There is no us," Matthew retorted. Awkwardly, Destiny reminded him of the kiss they'd shared, and the fact that she hadn't mentioned it to Darren. Matthew assured her that they were two friends who'd needed each other at the time, and he had no intention of telling anyone about it. Destiny was relieved. Matthew handed her one of the daily newspapers that had featured articles on Eddie's killer still being on the loose.

Matthew explained, and Destiny could hardly believe that his parents considered Clint to be a killer. Matthew maintained that his parents had no proof, and his uncle couldn't be a killer. Destiny reminded him of what had occurred in her own family with Greg. "You can't always tell what people are hiding, Matthew," she advised him. Matthew seemed unwilling to talk further, and Destiny advised him to call any time if he wanted to do so.

Bo was in Morocco, but he quickly spoke to Nora on the phone. He explained that he was at the prison, and it would be difficult to set David free. Once he accomplished his goal, though, Bo would be eager to lock Clint up. Nora was sitting at the counter at the Buenos Dias Café. "I'll be happy to nail that S.O.B. myself," Nora said into the phone as Clint wandered in and stood at the counter next to her seat. Nora turned and smiled at him.

Bo hung up the phone and was surprised when Rex walked in. "What the hell you doing here Balsom?" Bo asked loudly. Rex explained that he'd been lucky to find another flight after Bo's plane had taken off, and he was there to help. Sarcastically, Bo advised Rex that he could have used Rex's help the year before. He didn't want Rex there. Just then, the warden arrived with a guard, and Bo stated the reason for his presence. The warden replied that there wasn't any prisoner with the name that Bo had given him, and he claimed not to recognize the photo that Bo showed to him.

Bo opened up his briefcase and revealed the money inside. The warden asked Bo to leave, but Bo refused. The guard dashed over and grabbed both Rex and Bo. Rex whipped an Amnesty International card from his pocket and explained the international laws. The guard let go of the men, and the warden agreed to show them around. Bo still refused to allow Rex to help him, but Rex tagged along. The men were given a tour, and Bo was curious when they arrived at an empty cell. The warden stated that it was reserved for "short-term prisoners," but Bo mentioned the crowded cell that they had just seen.

Rex thought that the cell looked exactly like the photo he'd seen at Clint's, and Bo noted all of the ticks on the wall that kept track of the days. It hardly looked like there'd been a "short-term prisoner" in there. The warden opened the cell door, and Bo headed for the far wall. He removed some blankets and saw David's sketch of Dorian on the wall. "I knew it," Bo uttered. "Oh, my God," Rex added. Bo grabbed the warden and demanded to know the whereabouts of his son. He asked the warden what Clint had paid him, and Bo threatened to kill the warden. The guard dragged Rex and Bo out.

Bo and Rex lingered as one of the guards stood nearby. Rex was certain that the guard knew something, and they showed him David's photo. Rex explained that then man in the photograph was Bo's son, and Rex wondered what the guard would do if any of his family were taken prisoner. The warden returned and ordered them to leave. Bo shook the guard's hand. When they were alone, Bo explained that he'd shaken the guard's hand for a reason. They would be lucky if the guard had a conscience. The guard looked at the card that Bo had passed on to him. It had Bo's hotel information on the back.

Clint wondered if Nora were talking to Bo, and he mentioned that he'd seen Bo at the airport. Clint wondered if everything were okay. Clint's fake concern didn't deceive Nora, and she told him as much. She also accused him of trying to poison Matthew's mind and using her son. Nora confessed that she'd told Matthew everything, and she meant everything, she emphasized. Matthew was aware of all that Clint had been up to, and what Clint might have done.

Matthew had been horrified to hear about his uncle's actions, and the fact that his parents suspected Clint of committing Eddie's murder. Clint noted that Bo and Nora were unable to prove anything, and he was sorry for the way things were. He thought that both Bo and Nora were paranoid, because they believed him to be guilty of everything. Joey found Nora after Clint was gone. She congratulated him on his marriage, and the pair joked about it for a few minutes. Joey had a question for Nora, and asked, "Have you made any progress in the Eddie Ford case?" Nora wondered why he was asking about it.

Joey stated that he was curious from a "journalistic standpoint," but Nora asked if Joey had some information. He revealed that he was sure that his father had engaged in some dealings with Eddie, because he'd seen them together at the house. Nora questioned the timeframe, and Joey explained that it was the same day he'd seen Nora and Viki after Thanksgiving. "That was the day Eddie Ford kidnapped me," Nora said with a gasp. She suggested that Joey remain quiet on the subject and not mention it to Clint.

Joey wanted to know what was going on. It was awkward, but Nora explained that she and Bo suspected Clint of murder. Nora further explained that they'd had no evidence previously, but things were suddenly looking different. They'd had no link between Clint and Eddie, but there might be messages, or records of calls, or something else to indicate the relationship. She was sorry for telling Joey the news, but she thought it was a good start.

Nora was surprised to see Matthew walk in, and while she was annoyed that he wasn't spending his "free period" in a place like the library, she was happy that he wasn't at Buchanan Enterprises. Matthew wondered if his mother had any news on Eddie's murderer, and Nora revealed that she might have something. "It's only a matter of time before all the pieces fall into place," Nora said. They discussed the fact that Bo was out of town, and Nora would only say that there could be some good news soon.

Shortly after Joey had gone, Aubrey tried to break into a desk drawer. She heard Clint arrive, and she dashed back to the breakfast table. "Coffee?" she asked her father-in-law. Clint spoke kindly to her, and Aubrey advised him that Joey wasn't around. There was no need for Clint to be nice. Clint denied that he was acting, and noted that their living arrangements had worked out well. Aubrey ordered Clint to give her the footage from the Palace Hotel room, but Clint laughed. "Why on earth would I give you that?" he wondered.

Aubrey wanted a guarantee that Clint wouldn't show it to Joey, but Clint advised her that she'd have to trust him. She had his word that he wouldn't use it unless she didn't give him a choice, he declared. It was locked in his safe and would remain there unless he had a reason to remove it. Joey arrived home and found the pair talking. Clint left, and Aubrey sensed that something was wrong. Joey wanted to keep Aubrey out of it, but he admitted that Nora had been happy to hear Joey's tip about Clint and Eddie. She was building a case against Clint for murder, and Joey knew just where to look for evidence.

Joey headed to Clint's safe and began to spin the dial. He explained that he and his siblings had figured out the combination when they were young. Clint returned to the room at the very same time. He wanted to know what Joey and Aubrey were up to.

Kelly walked into Rodi's and found John drinking. His back was turned and, thinking it was Gigi, he growled that he'd told her to leave. Kelly announced that she wasn't going anywhere, and John just rolled his eyes. Kelly stated that her new headlines would relate to the chief of detectives being missing while there was a murderer on the loose. John assured her that the station could do without him, and she couldn't guilt him to stop drinking.

Kelly revealed that Dorian knew about them sleeping together thanks to Blair, and John was irritated, but he noted that Roxy knew about them too. Kelly joked that they'd probably find themselves subjects on the town gossip television show, and they began to laugh. John agreed that he had been doing well until he had seen Brody and Natalie feeding the baby. It had been a "touching scene." Kelly had bad news, too, and she related that Joey and Aubrey had moved into the Buchanan home.

Kelly did her best to try to get John to stop drinking. She continued to make remarks, and she revealed that Dorian believed Kelly to be a "fallen woman" because she'd gotten involved with John. "Listen to Dorian," John replied before the two began to kiss. John decided it was better than drinking.

Gigi filled out a job application at the Buenos Dias Café.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At Llanview High, Shane was manning the donation box for the school's booster club when Jack and Jack's friend, Brad, accosted him. "Taking up a collection, Wheezy?" Jack jeered at his nemesis, then added, "Finally gonna get some clothes that fit?" Jack told Brad that Shane and his family were still dependent on Viki's kindness since "Grandpa Buke" didn't want the Balsoms in the Buchanan clan. Jack demanded that Shane hand over the donation box, and when Shane refused to comply, Jack and Brad snatched the box and began to play "keep away" with it, taunting Shane and forcing him to chase them across the hallway.

As the school principal arrived on the scene, Jack and Brad hid in the adjacent corridor and stuffed the donation box in Jack's locker. When the principal asked Shane about the booster club donations, Shane reluctantly admitted that Jack Manning had stolen them. Hiding nearby, Jack and Brad panicked.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint confronted Joey and Aubrey about their safecracking expedition. Joey admitted that he was searching his father's safe for evidence and investigating Nora's claims that Clint had been involved in Eddie's murder. Clint lied that he had offered Eddie money to leave Inez and the Ford brothers alone, but Joey wasn't buying it. He said he suspected that Clint's jump drive held incriminating information. Aubrey just stared at the drive, terrified.

"You think I can kill a man?" Clint asked his son. Joey reminded Clint that he had already wired Aubrey's hotel suite and switched Jessica and Natalie's paternity results. Clint attempted to blame Vimal for the paternity swap, but Joey pressed on, accusing his father of hiring Eddie to kidnap Nora. "Oh, right," Clint grumbled, glaring at Aubrey, and insisted, "You'll believe anything, except what's right in front of you." "Did you kill Eddie Ford?" Joey demanded, and pushed further, "Yes or no?" "No!" Clint snapped, and shouted, "No, no, and no, but I guess that doesn't satisfy you. You want to know what's on that jump drive? Fire it up!"

"Stop!" Aubrey cried, grabbing Joey. She urged him not to let Clint goad him into overreacting out of anger, and suggested that Clint would never want Joey to view the drive's contents unless there was nothing to find. She added that it was likely that the drive contained intimate footage of the newlyweds together in their Palace suite from Clint's surveillance camera. Disgusted by the thought, Joey dropped the jump drive and crushed it under his heel. Clint asked if that meant he was no longer a guilty man, but Joey wasn't amused.

Furious, Joey was ready to move out of the mansion, but Aubrey stepped in to defuse the situation. She asked Joey to take a walk and cool down while she spoke to Clint in private. Joey agreed, but said it wouldn't change his mind.

With Joey gone, Clint and Aubrey sized each other up. "Well played," Clint murmured. He assured Aubrey he had only been amusing himself, attempting to get Joey to watch the footage on the drive -- if Clint had wanted his son to know the truth about his wife, Joey would already have seen it all. Aubrey wasn't convinced, and accused Clint of violating their "truce." She told him to accept that she had won their stalemate. "You won," Clint agreed, before menacingly adding, "if you don't mind living under the same roof with a murderer."

"Was that a confession?" Aubrey asked. "Maybe, maybe not," Clint replied, and said he had her right where he wanted her, but he was prepared to bide his time and wait for Joey to wise up instead. "Joey loves me," Aubrey protested. "Joey loves Kelly Cramer," Clint countered, "and the minute he realizes that, you're out." He strode out of the drawing room as an uneasy Aubrey pondered his words.

At Rodi's, John and Kelly were locked in a passionate embrace, and began stumbling towards the basement. As John and Kelly headed downstairs, Jeff, the bartender, spotted them and gawked at their public display as the lovers stepped into the storage room and closed the door behind them.

Upstairs, Téa and Tomas arrived in the restaurant to find it abandoned. Téa was surprised to find the establishment empty, as she had spotted John's car outside. "He's probably got his hands full in the back somewhere," she concluded. She headed towards the back, calling out for John and demanding a Rodi's burger, but Jeff intercepted her and quickly steered her away from the back. Jeff greeted his regular customer, and was immediately smitten when Téa introduced him to Tomas.

As Jeff ushered the Delgados over to a table and Tomas sat down, Téa whispered to Jeff that her brother was cute, but told the waiter he was out of luck -- "He's got his eye on someone else."

Downstairs in the storage room, John and Kelly were getting hot and heavy, but Kelly was overwhelmed as she recalled memories of her basement encounter with Joey. Pulling away, she told John she couldn't go further, as she was still thinking of her lost love. "The Joey that married Aubrey?" John quipped. Kelly recounted her night with Joey in the storage room, and said she couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if they hadn't been interrupted -- if they had stolen just a few more minutes together, she questioned whether Joey would be with her instead of Aubrey.

John told her not to beat herself up, and said what was done was done. "What about you and Natalie?" Kelly countered, reminding him of his run-in with his fiancée. "What if you did or said something differently -- maybe you would be back together."

John said he had seen Natalie the night before -- with Brody and their new son. Kelly reminded John that Brody wasn't interested in Natalie. She knew how much losing ownership of Liam hurt, but suggested that losing Natalie hurt him more.

Upstairs, Jeff took Téa and Tomas's lunch order. Téa wondered where Gigi was, and Jeff awkwardly explained that Gigi had "moved on."

At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Gigi glumly examined a job application. Flashing back to her confrontation with John, she realized she had no prior references to draw upon. Just then, Natalie arrived at the diner. She asked about the application, and Gigi claimed to be looking for extra work hours to provide for Shane.

Natalie reflected on her own work situation -- it was hard working in the same place with both John and Brody, but she refused to give up a forensic career she loved. In the meantime, she wanted to take more time off to raise Liam, but admitted she found life at Llanfair tense with Tess back on the premises. She blamed herself for Tess's return, but Gigi said Natalie wasn't responsible for Jessica's mental illness. Natalie said that both Tess and John begged to differ; they blamed her for everything. "John needs to grow up," Gigi muttered, and said that between Liam, and John's love for Natalie, anything was possible, even forgiveness. "Not if John has already moved to Kelly Cramer," Natalie mumbled.

Natalie told Gigi that she was worried about John's impulsive behavior, as well as his dependence on alcohol, and asked Gigi about the workplace atmosphere at Rodi's. Gigi hemmed and hawed, but when Natalie glanced at the job application again, she put it all together and realized John had fired her friend over the secret about Brody and Liam. Livid, Natalie said that John wouldn't get away with treating Gigi that way, and stormed out of the Buenos Dias over Gigi's protests.

Outside La Boulaie, Todd was once again arguing with his phantom caller, and told the person on the other end of the phone that he couldn't deal with them at the moment. As he hung up, Blair answered the door, and Todd stormed inside the house, asking what emergency with their children she had called him there for. He thought Jack was up to no good, but Blair said it wasn't Jack -- Todd, not their son, was the family emergency. She confronted him about his blow-up with Starr and Danielle, and ordered him to stop terrorizing his loved ones.

Defiant, Todd said he was glad he had frightened Dani and Nate -- "I've already got a grandchild, I don't need another one...I mean, not right now." Blair warned him that he was sending Dani down the same rebellious road as Starr, and added that while she couldn't tell him how to parent Dani, she wanted him to leave Starr and James's burgeoning relationship alone. Todd scoffed at the mention of James, calling him "Grand theft Ford," but Blair said James was a good person who had escaped a tyrannical father, not unlike Starr and Todd.

Blair ordered Todd to leave Starr alone, or else. Todd was less than impressed by her threats, but Blair said she had backup -- Tomas, who was sticking around Llanview after all. "He's sniffing after you?" Todd grumbled. Blair said that Tomas didn't approve of his sister's husband, and Todd called Tomas a "weirdo" and threatened to call the state department to deport the errant Delgado. Before he could do so, Llanview High called, informing Todd and Blair of an urgent matter regarding Jack.

Back at Rodi's, Tomas told Téa he wasn't going back to Paris -- not until she returned to her senses and left her husband. "He's dangerous, parajito," Tomas insisted. "He's complicated, like me," Téa countered. She said that Dani was home, and Todd had calmed down and was working on his attitude. Tomas said that the girl he had grown up with in New York would never settle for Todd's excuses, but Téa said she had changed. Tomas added that he wanted to stay in town in order to meet Dani, but Téa wasn't fooled -- she knew he was staying for Blair Cramer.

Téa knew Tomas had a thing for Blair -- the way he looked at her, and his fascination with the painting and the photograph he had found in Paris all those years before. Tomas said Blair was beautiful, talented, exciting, and smart, and she'd had the good sense to leave Todd. "Which time?" Téa cracked. "She's single, but she's not free. I don't want you seeing her, Tomas." She said she feared her wayward brother would hurt Blair, who had been through a rough year, whereas Tomas didn't need anyone.

Tomas reminded Téa that he had reasons for leaving New York years before, but Téa said he had yet to tell her what those reasons were. "Why'd you disappear, Tomas?" she asked, but her brother offered no answers. Téa said that if he couldn't give her the truth, she would have to insist he steered clear of Blair. Irritated, Tomas decided to leave, but not before once again asking Téa to allow him to meet his niece.

Jeff returned to the table to find Tomas gone, and asked Téa what had happened to her brother. "I wish I knew," Téa said softly. As Tomas exited the premises, Natalie burst onto the scene, bullying her way past Jeff, who attempted to warn her that John was downstairs with a certain someone.

In the storage room, Kelly pushed John to admit he still wanted Natalie, who wanted him back. She urged him to go to Natalie and work things out before it was too late, as it was for her and Joey. John responded by pulling her into another kiss. "Anybody ever tell you you talk too much?" he joked as they began making out again -- just in time for Natalie to walk into the room.

Natalie was incensed to have interrupted more of John and Kelly's "sexcapades." Kelly attempted to make a graceful exit, but Natalie stopped her and began needling Kelly about her lack of contact with Zane, who she had dumped in boarding school. Stung, Kelly fled upstairs, while Natalie turned her ire full force onto John. She demanded to know why John had fired Gigi, but John said he didn't need to explain himself to her. Natalie said John could be mad at her -- he could have sex with Kelly on every surface in town, and forget all about Liam, the boy he loved -- but she refused to let him take his anger out on Gigi for being a friend to Natalie.

John reminded Natalie that Gigi had also lied about Shane's paternity, and cruelly asked her if that was where she had drawn inspiration for her own deception. Natalie said that both she and Gigi had their reasons, but John disagreed and said Natalie had made choices -- she had chosen to lie to him and her sister about sleeping with Brody. They began to debate the timeframe of his breakup with Marty and their reunion, but John wasn't hearing a word of it.

"Were you always this cruel?" Natalie asked John, before adding, "Or was I just so in love with you I didn't see it?" "Nobody who loves me would ever lie to me about a child that wasn't mine," John replied, and insisted that Liam's love didn't matter -- Natalie would simply have to see to it that the little boy didn't love him anymore. Natalie said she had made mistakes in order to protect others, but he merely wanted to hurt her as he had been hurt. "Go to hell," she snapped, and stormed out. "I'm already there," John mumbled as she left, then uncorked another bottle of liquor and sat down in the middle of the storage room to drown his sorrows once again.

Upstairs, Kelly emerged from the back just in time for Joey to enter Rodi's. The exes shared an awkward reunion, and Kelly asked how Joey's hand was doing following his scuffle with John. Joey said he didn't want to talk about John, and related his suspicions about Clint. Obviously troubled, he said he didn't know what to believe. As Kelly moved to comfort her ex, Natalie returned from the basement. "Get your skanky hands off my brother!" Natalie cried.

Natalie asked if Kelly was going to tell Joey about how she had christened the storage room with John. Repulsed, Joey rushed out, and Natalie advanced on her adversary. "Touch my brother again, and I will rip both your hands off," Natalie warned Kelly, then added, "But John? He's all yours." As Natalie stalked out of the restaurant, Kelly was left reeling.

Todd and Blair arrived at Llanview High to find Gigi waiting -- both sets of parents had been called in regarding the incident with Shane, Jack, and the donation box. The principal explained the situation, and asked the Mannings for permission to open Jack's locker and corroborate Shane's claim. Blair readily agreed, but Todd objected and called Shane a lying thief. Shane insisted he was telling the truth about Jack, who coolly played the innocent. The janitor then examined both boys' lockers -- Jack's was empty, but Shane's contained the missing money.

Shane was floored to realize that Jack and Brad had framed him. As the Mannings left, Shane continued to plead his innocence, but the principal took Gigi aside and warned her that Shane was suspended -- his grades were slipping, he had grown belligerent with other students, and he needed more parental supervision. Gigi promised that she and Rex would discipline Shane, and agreed to make Shane write letters of apology to the booster club as well as to Jack. Shane was crushed by the news.

Todd, Blair, and Jack returned to La Boulaie. Jack wanted to leave and meet with Brad, but Blair ordered him into the living room to do his homework. She also wanted answers about the nature of his conflict with Shane, but Jack insisted he had no idea why the other boy had accused him of wrongdoing. Todd believed Jack's story, but Blair was leery. "Dad knows I didn't do anything wrong," Jack proclaimed, smug.

Todd became preoccupied with strange text messages on his phone as Blair ushered Jack into the living room to work. Closing the doors behind him, Jack exchanged text messages of his own with Brad. The boys agreed that they needed to teach "Wheezy" a lesson.

Shane and Gigi arrived at the Buenos Dias, where Gigi prepared to call Rex and inform him of Shane's suspension from school. She also wanted answers as to why Shane had stolen the donation money. Shane prepared to tell his story, but stopped short as he received an ominous text message from Jack: "Talk and you're dead." Swallowing hard, Shane claimed he had stolen the money to pay for new sneakers. He pleaded with Gigi to take them to Rodi's to eat, as he couldn't face Moe and Noelle. Gigi was left stymied, unable to explain to her son why Rodi's was off-limits.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair pleaded with Todd to leave Shane and the Balsoms alone and not take revenge over the children's conflict. Preoccupied with his phantom caller, Todd ignored her. As Blair headed into the living room, Todd was left to answer the front door, and found Tomas standing there.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

At Llanfair, Natalie told Brody that she had run into Gigi and learned that John had fired Gigi after he'd found out that Gigi had known the truth about Liam. Natalie continued that she had gone to Rodi's to "have it out" with John, but had found him in the storage room with Kelly. She clarified that John and Kelly had been having an affair since the night of the "non-wedding." She thought that it had just been payback, but Natalie was scared that John would want a relationship with Kelly.

It upset Natalie that John looked at her like she was "dirt on the bottom of his shoe." Brody assured Natalie that John was just angry, and it would take him time to forgive Natalie. Natalie related that she'd never had the time to make her case to John with Kelly "all over him." She thought that, if John developed feelings for Kelly, "it's over."

Brody said that Natalie shouldn't give up on John, just like he couldn't give up on Jessica. Natalie thought the two situations were completely different. Jessica didn't hate Brody -- she was sick. She also believed that Brody and Jessica would get back together when Jessica recovered. However, Brody related that there was no guarantee of Jessica's recovery.

Natalie believed that Jessica would recover. Brody also said that there was no guarantee that Jessica would take him back if she recovered. Last time he'd seen Jessica, she'd been "destroyed." Natalie asked if Brody was going to give up on Jessica, to which he replied, "Never." Brody thought he needed to prove himself to Jessica, and give her a "bigger shock back to reality."

Natalie got up to check on Liam. Before she left, Brody told her that, despite the mistakes made, Liam was "an amazing kid." Natalie went upstairs. Brody looked at a picture of Jessica and vowed to get through to her. Suddenly, Natalie ran down the stairs, screaming for Brody. She thought there was something wrong with Liam.

Tomas told Todd that he was in Llanview for Todd. Todd said that he and Téa had worked things out, and told Tomas to go back to Paris. Tomas replied that he wasn't going anywhere, and that he'd had Todd "checked out." Tomas thought he knew all about Todd, but Todd called his bluff. Tomas walked through the doorway, but Todd slammed him against the wall.

Blair heard the noise and ran into the room to stop Todd. Todd let go of Tomas, but asked how Tomas would like his past checked into. When Tomas didn't reply, Todd said that, if Tomas had really had Todd checked out, he'd know how far Todd would go to "protect what's mine." Blair ordered Todd to leave, and he did. Blair made sure Tomas was all right. Tomas assured Blair that he could hold his own. "So can your sister," Blair replied.

Blair knew that Tomas was staying in Llanview for Téa, but she insisted that he was just making things worse with Todd. "You're who Téa's worried about," Tomas replied. He continued that Téa had told Tomas that Blair had been through a tough year, and to stay away from her. "Yet you're still here," Blair observed. "I have a hard time doing what I'm told," he answered.

Blair confessed that Téa hadn't been the only one to try to protect Blair from Tomas -- Cristian had also warned her to keep her distance. However, Blair presumed that Tomas didn't care what others thought. Tomas admitted that he only cared about what Blair thought. He asked Blair if she would go on a "proper date" with him.

Blair denied the request. She wasn't ready to start anything with anyone. Tomas apologized for thinking that there was "something there." He promised that he wouldn't be the one to hurt her, but left anyway.

At Rodi's, Téa informed John that she and Todd had broken up many times, but they were still together. She insisted that Natalie had only lied because she'd been afraid of losing John. She assured him that, if Todd had forgiven Téa for lying about Dani, then John could forgive Natalie. As John poured another drink, he reminded Téa that Dani was Todd's daughter, but Liam was not John's son.

John lambasted Natalie for doing everything she could to make John "fall in love with the kid." Téa asked why he thought Natalie had done that. John said that Téa could defend Natalie, but he wouldn't believe anything she said. Téa warned John that he could lose Natalie. "There's nothing to lose," he responded. He told Téa that one of the reasons she and Todd had gotten back together had been Dani. He maintained that children "bring people together," but that was something he and Natalie would never have.

Téa said that humans made mistakes, and asked what his real problem with Natalie was. She guessed that it was the fact that John hadn't figured out that Natalie had been lying to him. Téa accused him of being a "brilliant detective, but also human." "Weren't you just leaving?" John spat. Téa suggested that John talk to Todd, who was an expert at "screwing up his life." "Bottoms up," Téa said as she left.

Téa bumped into Todd outside of Rodi's. Todd informed her that he was going to have Tomas deported. Téa reminded her husband that Tomas was an American citizen. Todd informed her that he would have Tomas investigated. Téa said that Tomas was still trying to convince her to leave Todd, and if Todd kept acting out, she would "start to agree with him." She told Todd to "get a grip," because he was starting to wear her out.

Todd entered Rodi's and sat down at the bar. He asked John to pour him a drink. When Todd had his drink, he toasted to John, who had "dodged a bullet when you didn't get married." "Honeymoon's over?" John asked. Todd answered that his problem wasn't with Téa, but with Téa's brother, who had done some digging into Todd's past. Todd had threatened to do the same to Tomas, who had gotten upset at the thought. Todd felt that Tomas was hiding something.

Todd asked if John could do some digging for him. John reminded Todd that he was a cop, not a private investigator. Todd didn't want to have to hire Rex again, but he knew that Tomas was hiding something. John informed Todd that the cops couldn't get involved unless there was a crime committed. "Thanks for nothing," Todd said. Todd left Rodi's as John poured himself another drink. As Todd walked outside, someone held Todd in a target.

At Clint's, Clint threatened to "send a message" to Ford. A horrified Viki asked if Clint was going to send his "thugs" to beat Ford up again. Clint blamed Jessica's breakdown on Ford. Viki just wanted to make sure that Clint wouldn't commit "another felony." She reminded Clint that Ford was Ryder's father, so Clint had no authority to take Ryder away from Ford.

Viki explained how she had reasoned with Ford about Jessica needing her doctor's help. She said that Ford had understood, but hadn't trusted Clint. Viki understood why Ford didn't trust Clint, and related that she felt like she didn't know who Clint was anymore. Viki didn't trust Clint, either, after the paternity test fiasco. Clint defended himself, saying that it had been Vimal, but Viki warned him not to "insult my intelligence."

Viki said she'd had a formal contract drawn up, which Clint had to sign. She had hired an attorney who had carefully handled the situation. The doorbell rang, and Clint opened the door to Téa. Clint insisted that he wouldn't sign the document, so Viki accused him of abandoning Jessica. Téa explained that the family would have physical custody of Ryder, but Ford would be allowed "liberal visitation rights."

Clint was very unhappy with the contract, but Viki reminded Clint that, as Ryder's father, Ford held "all the legal cards." Viki said that he could either say goodbye to Jessica and Ryder, or he could swallow his pride and sign the papers. Later, Clint begrudgingly signed the papers, but still believed that Ford was to blame for Tess's reemergence. Téa said that she would make the offer as soon as possible, "before Tess has a chance to do anything worse," Viki added.

At Ford's, Tess hung all over an annoyed, and towel-clad James, who had thought she was still asleep. Tess informed James that she had a "wonderful dream about you and me." There was a knock on the door, and Tess thought they should "hide in the bedroom." James refused and went to open the door. As Starr entered, Tess pulled the towel off of James.

James grabbed his towel, and promised Starr that "it's not what it looks like!" Tess said that it looked good to her, but Starr assured Tess that no one was interested in her. Tess walked away as Starr began to unpack the baby supplies she had gotten for Ford. Later, James returned from getting dressed when Tess walked out and asked where Ford was. "Out," James stated. He explained that Ford had taken Ryder for a walk, because "babies need fresh air."

Tess left, and Starr and James began to put the baby supplies away. James assured Starr that Ford would soon be talking to a lawyer about committing Tess. James felt sorry for Jessica. Starr wondered why Ford had changed his mind about committing Tess. James explained that Tess had promised Ford access to Ryder.

Tess popped her head out, thinking she had heard her name. James covered by telling her that he had been complaining about her to Starr. James told Starr that they should leave, and not return until Tess was gone. She agreed, and the two left the apartment. There was a knock on the door, and Tess answered it to the superintendent. He wanted to warn the people in the apartment that they would not have water for a little while.

The superintendent asked Tess to remind her husband that he had given Ford a break on the rent, and that Ford still owed money for the last two months. Tess pulled the landlord into the apartment so she could see "how generous you are."

Ford was sitting in the Buenos Dias Café, holding Ryder, when Langston entered. "I didn't think you would come," Ford said, amazed. He introduced Langston to his son. Looking at Ryder, Langston could "almost understand" why Ford had married Tess. Ford confessed that he was having Tess committed that afternoon. He also said that the hardest part of marrying Tess had been losing Langston, and begged for her forgiveness.

Ford continued that he had handled the situation badly, and promised that he wouldn't make any more big decisions without Langston. Langston told him that he owed her "big time." Ford's lawyer, Morgan Guthrie, entered and handed Ford the papers to sign in order to have Tess committed. The lawyer reminded Ford that signing the papers meant that Ford thought Tess was a danger to herself and others. Ford assured Morgan that Tess was definitely dangerous.

Morgan handed Ford a pen, and Ford thanked him. "You won't when you get my bill," Morgan joked. Ford asked for an estimate on how much Ford owed him. The lawyer told a distressed-looking Ford that it was a couple thousand, "so far," but Ford signed the papers anyway. Morgan assured Ford that Tess would soon be at St. Anne's, and left.

Langston wondered how Ford would afford the lawyer. Ford said that he would do anything to be with Langston, and to keep her safe. Ford wanted to get home before Tess had a chance to leave. He didn't want her gone before she was given the papers. Ford promised that he and Langston would celebrate soon, and left.

Starr and James entered the diner. Langston informed them that they had just missed Ford and Ryder, which had been "the cutest thing ever." Starr asked if Langston and Ford had made up, and Langston told her that they were "getting there." The three agreed that they all just wanted Tess "put away." Starr was happy that things were "looking up" for Ford and Langston. Langston was sure that Ford had things under control, but had no idea how he was going to pay his lawyer.

Langston expressed her happiness for James and Starr. Langston warned James that he would have to answer to her if he ever hurt Starr. Starr told Langston to "get in line with my dad." James vowed to never hurt Starr. Langston hoped that Tess was on her way to St. Anne's, "as we speak," and was excited to finally be with Ford.

Ford entered his apartment and demanded to know what was going on. The disheveled superintendent informed Ford that he still owed rent money. Ford reminded the man that he had given Ford a break. However, the superintendent said that Ford had to "pay up or move." He announced that he needed the money before the end of the day, and left. Ford accused Tess of making the superintendent demand the money, and pleadingly wondered why she had done that.

Tess knew that Ford wanted to have her committed, but Ford pretended not to know what she was talking about. Tess had looked through Ford's phone while he'd been asleep, and knew that he had sneaked out to meet with a lawyer. Tess wondered what Ford would live on. Starr's supplies wouldn't last long, and Ford couldn't go very far with his job at the mall. Ford swore he would get the money. Tess said that he would get the money from her.

Tess mentioned the trust fund Clint had set up for Ryder, and said that they would never have to worry about money again. She knew that, without her and the money, Ford would have to give Ryder back to the Buchanans. There was a knock on the door, and Tess ordered Ford to answer it. Ford opened the door to his lawyer, and two orderlies from St. Anne's. Ford's lawyer explained that the men were ready to transport Tess to St. Anne's.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rex and Bo arrived at a Moroccan hotel. Rex told Bo that Clint could not control everything, and that they would find David. Bo feared that Clint had killed David to keep him from testifying. Bo insisted that Rex return home, but Rex stated that Gigi could hold down the fort, and that he would stay to find David.

Rex believed that David was alive. However, Rex acknowledged that if David was not, Rex would never be able to live with himself. Rex insisted that he could not just quit, which was a lesson that Bo had taught him. Bo answered a knock on the door and found the guard, Kahlid. When Bo asked Kahlid if he had news of David, Kahlid hesitated to answer. Rex explained to Kahlid that Bo was not like Clint, and that Bo was actually David's "pa."

Kahlid revealed that David Vickers had been in the prison, and that he had often spoken of his pa. Kahlid explained that David had arrived at the prison in the summer, and that David had believed his charge to be bogus. Bo asked how David had been, and Kahlid remarked that David had been a strong man, and that he had liked to talk a lot. Kahlid revealed that David had even called Dorian at one time.

When Bo began to yell that Dorian had known all along that David had been in prison, Kahlid explained that Dorian had not understood and had not believed David when he had told her. Bo asked where David was. Kahlid stated that although he did not know the fate of David Vickers, David had been in the cell until the previous night, when he had been placed in a van that had traveled down the airport road. Kahlid thought that he had heard the word, Siberia, on the phone, and that the man who had spoken had been a Russian. Kahlid believed that the name was Olanov, and Bo asked, "As in Alex Olanov?"

Kahlid said that he was not sure, but that he hoped that Bo found his son. Bo thanked Kahlid and escorted him out. Rex wondered why Alex would help Clint, and Bo replied, "Because she never got over losing Pa. She knew that she never had a shot at me, so why not go with Clint." Bo then informed Rex that Alex's last known address was St. Blaise's Island.

Outside of Ford's apartment, Clint, Viki, and Téa walked up to the door to deliver the contract for Ford to sign. Clint demanded to know if Viki really wanted Ford as a son. Téa calmed them both down and insisted that they take the agreement inside to Ford.

Inside the apartment, Ford's attorney, Morgan, enlisted two men to escort Tess to St. Ann's. Morgan handed Bobby the papers to sign, but Ford tore them up. Ford claimed that it was due to the trust fund, as they heard a knock on the door. Tess opened the door to Clint, Viki, and Téa and refused to let them in. Bobby then jerked open the door and greeted them. Tess chased the two escorts out of the door.

When Viki asked to speak to Ford, Tess informed Viki and Clint that Ford and Tess were partners, and anything that Viki had to say to Ford, she could say to Tess. Viki pleaded with Bobby to listen to Téa. Tess greeted Téa and then told Ford that Téa was back from the dead. Tess joked that Ford hold a mirror up to Téa.

Téa interrupted Tess and announced that she had drawn up an agreement for Ryder, when Tess saw Téa's ring and shouted, "Look at that rock. Oh, my God, is this the reason why you married my crazy uncle again?" Viki informed Ford that the contract guaranteed him very liberal visiting rights, however, Ford feared that Clint would prevent that.

Clint acknowledged that although he would like to prevent Ford from seeing the baby, he just wanted to help Jessica. Tess realized that Clint and Viki meant for her to return to St. Ann's. Viki cried, "Mr. Ford, I have given you what you need. I guarantee you access to your son, and you can give me back my daughter. Please, please consider this very carefully."

Morgan warned Ford to take his time in signing the agreement, because Bobby would be allowing full custody to Clint and Viki. Tess cautioned that Ryder's feeding schedule would somehow get in the way of his visiting rights, and that Viki and Clint could not guarantee that Jessica would allow Ford visitation, if Jessica were to return.

Tess reflected that Bobby already had both the baby and the trust fund and questioned why he would sign the contract. However, Téa asked if Bobby would be able to take care of the baby by himself. Téa suggested, "Sign. You are not going to get a better offer." When Viki begged Ford to sign, Bobby refused and insisted that he could handle both Tess and the baby.

After Ford announced that Viki and Clint were trespassing, Viki cried that Tess would be a disaster for Bobby and his son. When Viki warned Tess that it was not over, Tess yelled that she would see them in court, as she threw Clint, Viki, and Téa out. Tess turned to Ford and smiled.

As Langston sat with Starr and James inside of the Buenos Dias Café, she wondered where Ford was. Starr reminded Langston that Bobby had a baby to care for, and James and Starr joked that Langston could be called Mommy Langston. Langston pointed out that Jessica was still Ryder's mother. Langston feared that she would become too attached to Ryder, and that Jessica would take him away.

After Langston left to check on Bobby, Starr and James discussed Ford and Langston's situation, and James mentioned Hope and claimed that he already loved her. Starr noted that everything seemed to be perfect for them and was worried that something would happen. James questioned if Starr had noticed that something was wrong with her father. When Starr laughed and wondered if James missed Todd, James said that he was not complaining about Todd's absence.

Morgan pointed out to Tess and Ford that Téa would file an emergency motion, and that he would be in touch with Bobby regarding his testimony. Once Morgan had left, Tess reminded Ford that they would be spending the trust fund and left the room. Bobby answered a knock at the door and discovered Langston, who threw her arms around Bobby. Langston cheered that she was glad that it was finally over. Tess then walked into the room and demanded to know why Langston was there. Langston wondered why Tess was not at St. Ann's.

Outside of the apartment, Téa advised Viki to give Ford time to arrive at his senses, and to keep the faith. Téa also suggested that Viki keep Clint on a leash. Téa then left a message on Todd's phone and wondered why he did not pick up. Outside of the Buenos Dias, Clint was on the phone and asked the person if they were still on track. Clint then thanked Alex and hung up the phone.

At Llanfair, Dorian arrived and told Charlie that she wanted to see Viki. Charlie informed Dorian that Viki was not at home, and that he would let Viki know that Dorian stopped by. When Dorian wanted to know when Viki had left and asked Charlie if he had checked his watch, Charlie looked at the watch on his wrist. Dorian noted that Charlie had a cool watch, and that she had last seen it on Echo's wrist.

Dorian then revealed that she knew that Charlie had slept with Echo. Dorian declared that Charlie owed Viki, because he had taken vows with her. Dorian then demanded to know how Charlie could dream of laying his hands on a slut like Echo. When Dorian asked how Charlie could turn to Echo, and Charlie cried out that it had not been like that, Dorian knew, for certain, that Charlie had slept with Echo.

Dorian exclaimed that she could see that Charlie had hit bottom again. Charlie admitted that he had and insisted that he could not believe that it had happened again. Charlie explained that he had told Echo what had happened with Rex, and that she had been devastated about it. Dorian laughed and said that Charlie had been very gullible, and that Echo had been in on the scam from the very beginning.

Dorian declared that Echo and Clint had both wanted the same thing. Dorian stated that Clint had not wanted Rex to be his son, and that Echo had used that as a way to get to Charlie. However, Charlie defended Echo and claimed that Echo did not need to have the rug pulled out from under her, since she had needed to start over in Llanview. When Dorian questioned if Charlie was in love with Echo, Charlie maintained that he loved his wife.

Dorian admitted that she had not said anything to Viki, because Viki had been overwhelmed, but that Charlie had to end it with Echo. Dorian demanded Charlie find Echo and end it, or she would tell Viki. Dorian cried, "You used to be a better man than this, Charlie. Right now, you're no better than David." Dorian announced that she would remain at Llanfair, waiting for Charlie's return. After Charlie left, Viki found Dorian and demanded to know why Dorian was in her house.

Echo arrived at the Carriage House with a pizza in hand. After Gigi greeted her, Echo stated that she had thought that Gigi would be working at Rodi's. Gigi revealed that she had been fired and warned Echo not to ever get on John's bad side. When Echo asked to see Shane, Gigi explained that Shane had been grounded and was doing his homework.

Echo then asked where Rex was, and Gigi informed her that Rex and Bo were going to nail Clint. When Echo wondered what else Clint had done, Gigi refused to say. Echo noted that Viki had not been there for Charlie lately, and Gigi asked if Echo had. Gigi then mentioned that it would be horrible if something interfered with Viki and Charlie's relationship.

Gigi then thanked Echo for the pizza and insisted that she needed to start studying. However, when Gigi realized that she had left her book at Rodi's, Echo volunteered to stay with Shane. After Gigi left, as Echo picked up the pizza box, she remembered kissing Charlie in her hotel room. Charlie then called Echo and told her that he would be right there.

When Charlie arrived, Echo told him that Shane would be very glad to see him. However, Charlie revealed that Dorian knew about Charlie and Echo, and that Dorian had demanded that he end it with Echo, or else Dorian would tell Viki. Echo admitted that she had felt that Charlie had pulled away from her the last time that she had seen him and then asked Charlie to leave. Charlie insisted that he had to end it with Echo, and that he should leave. Charlie pulled Echo into his arms and kissed her.

In the Rodi's parking lot, Todd talked to John about investigating Tomas, as a laser light beam from a rifle bore on his back. John insisted that Todd forget about Téa's brother, because Todd was starting to sound paranoid. John grabbed Todd and told him to get down.

Todd demanded to know what John was doing, and John revealed that someone was lining up a shot on Todd's back. A shot rang out. John stated that the shooter was after Todd and yelled for Todd to hand John his phone, so he could call it in. Todd saw that the phone was out of their reach.

John insisted that he refused to die in the parking lot with Todd, as Todd tried to get the phone and the keys to his car. Another shot zinged by, and Todd remarked that he did not want to have a "Butch and Sundance" moment with John either. As more gunshots flew, John noticed that the shooter was in a third-floor window. John shot at the window, and Gigi screamed.

When Gigi asked what was happening, John told Gigi to stay down. John informed Gigi that they would leave the same way that Gigi had arrived. John got Gigi back to safety and asked her to call the Llanview Police Department.

As more shots zipped by, Todd ran to his car. John crawled over to the car and slipped into the passenger seat. "What, you trying to split without me? Come on, Manning, start the damn car. Manning, snap out of it." Todd slumped over, as his head lay on the steering wheel.

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