One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on OLTL

Viki's new lab tests showed that she was okay. Todd told Kelly that he was in charge of the Sun. Kelly started to work at the Banner. Max refused Rae's request for a DNA test. Kelly ran into Joey when she picked up the rest of her things. Kevin tried to choke Todd into giving Kelly back the Sun. Will arrived in Llanview to testify against Colin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2000

Viki was thrilled to learn that her questionable test results had been due to a lab mix-up. Blindsided by Blair's scheme, Kelly was shocked to find that Todd had regained control of The Sun. Todd was furious that in the process of getting him The Sun, Blair made Kelly Starr's legal guardian. Blair reluctantly gave Todd the disk containing the computer virus he agreed to stop. When Kelly showed up and started to complain about Blair's betrayal, Joey stunned her and Kevin by suggesting that Kelly come work at the Banner.

Kevin met with mobster Jackie McNaughton to help him find the person responsible for Kelly's shooting. Kevin reluctantly agreed to let Joey help as well. As Hank and Bo searched for Nora at the hospital, she turned up at Sam's house, where she and Melanie formed an unlikely friendship. Melanie convinced Bo not to tell Nora about their relationship. Fuming over Bo's betrayal, Asa shocked Max with his intentions to leave him everything. While Max and Blair celebrated their impending good fortune, Todd showed up with the computer disk and informed Blair that she had forgotten to tell him something!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2000

Todd shows up at the Buchanan mansion with a computer disc in his hand. He tells Starr he has a game for her to play. Blair tries to get the disc and throw Todd out. Asa wants to see what's on the disc and Max asks Blair why she is so nervous. The disc turns out to be a game in which a cowboy boot stomps on Buchanan heads that pop up. After Asa and Max leave she begs Todd to let her have the life and family she has always wanted. After further taunting her, he assures her that the computer bug has been "squashed." Later, Todd loads the virus on his computer and learns that Max is a fraud.

At the Palace Hotel, Max continues to refuse Renee's request for a DNA to prove that he is Rae's son. He takes his frustration out on Skye and blames her for Rae finding out the truth about him. Confused, Skye tries to convince Max she had no part in Rae finding out who he was. Max won't listen and leaves. Skye goes over to Rae and Renee's table and throw a glass of water in Rae's faces. She accuses Rae of turning her friends against her. Rae tells her she doesn't have any friends.

Now that Kelly has lost the Sun she needs a new job. There is a job for her at the Banner, but Kevin doesn't think she should take it for Joey's sake. When she tries to refuse, Joey makes a big scene and she finally accepts the job.

Melanie and Viki discuss her feelings for Bo. Viki tells her that she can be a good listener who can keep a secret. Meanwhile at Sam's house, Bo decides he can tell Nora the truth. She wants to know exactly what the outcome of her infidelity was. He tells her all about how and why she got pregnant by Sam. She understands why he couldn't forgive her and why their marriage didn't survive. However, she hopes they will always be the best of friends. He agrees and wants her to know that he has forgiven her. Nora decides to live in her house with Sam, and begins to recognize the furniture. When she opens up her desk drawer, she finds her wedding ring...

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2000

The Penthouse

When the doorbell rings at the penthouse, Sophia tells Roseanne that it isn't Antonio at the door because he is most likely with "his little squeeze of the month" back at his place. Roseanne is offended by this remark but doesn't let on to Sophia that she is that woman; instead she opens the door to find Todd brandishing a deed and court order to change the locks and remove the ladies from his "home sweet home." Roseanne opines that Todd is doing this "because Téa left" him and Todd doesn't refute the idea, but it is Sophia who advises Roseanne to just accept their fate because "we have people who care about us who will take us in." When Todd promises to send their things to wherever they land, "my treat," the ladies leave.

Later, having heard from Sophia about Todd's actions, Viki stops by to pay her brother a visit. Todd isn't exactly glad to see his sibling, he asks Viki if her short haircut is due to a "fight with a lawnmower" and if she isn't afraid of "catching a cancer" by being out without a coat! Viki is pleased to confirm that she is in remission but advises her brother that "cancer changed me...I'm so much better at appreciating what matters in life...and so much worse at tolerating what doesn't...lies, games, nonsense..." Todd claims he knows just what she means because he is in remission from his "terrible case of Téa Delgado" and "will never let anyone feed me that line of bull again." Viki confesses that she is disappointed in how Todd has let himself down by his behavior since his return to town because he came back swearing he had changed and wanting to make amends but his actions are contrary to this claim. Todd's response is simply that he is "not a diplomat" but that his bringing Nora home "should count for something." "Only raised hate Nora...," replies Viki. But she offers that Todd can "earn my trust" by telling the truth about why he brought Nora back. Todd acts insulted that Viki could doubt him. "I'm your brother. I may not be the brother that you want me to be, but I'm the only brother you've got...that's gotta count for something. You keep asking me if I've changed...I don't know. But I'm trying and that may not be enough for you, but it means a lot to me." Viki seems to accept this and thanks him for Nora's safe return and then offers that "whatever the reason, it's a very good thing...maybe you have changed...even the hope of it is a gift."

The Banner

Viki observes Joey signing for the many boxes Todd had sent from The Sun to the Banner for Kelly. Joe breaks the news to his mother about Kelly being tricked into signing over her shares (thanks to Blair) and Todd taking over The Sun. Viki is confused by this turn of events, but especially by the fact that Kelly will be working side by side with Joey and Kevin at the Banner because this will be "so awkward" for her sons. Joey tries to convince his mother (and himself) that it's "not gonna be a should worry about Todd" and what he might be up to. They concur that Todd is trying to "pickup where he left off" which will probably turn out to be "not good." They don't have to wait long to find out Todd's next step when Sophia comes by looking for Rae and "a place to live" since she and Roseanne were "jointly kicked to the curb" by Todd. Viki offers Sophia "a reference" but not a room and goes off to confront her brother. Meanwhile, Sophia shares with Joey that she is sure she can count on Antonio to let her stay with him because they are "close." Joey thinks they are "a little too close" but Sophia claims it is the pot calling the kettle black when she observes that Kelly will now be working at the Banner, side by side with Joe, so she offers a pact: "If we can't be strong for ourselves, maybe we can be for each other...if you promise not to use what Todd did to Kelly to have her sit at this desk, I promise not to use what Todd did to me to jump on Antonio's couch." Joey claims their situations are "180 degrees different" because he and Kelly are "over...nothing's gonna change that" but he slips when he claims that "what you have is beginning...don't let Todd set your day you'll have what Kelly and I have...(I mean) had!"

Antonio and Cristian's Apartment

Roseanne lets herself into the apartment and hears the shower running. Thinking it's Antonio in there, she begins to take off her clothes but is shocked when Cristian emerges from the bathroom. She covers by claiming she didn't know anyone was home and while quickly dressing she asks Cristian how his trip to Ireland went. "Great...I did the dumbest thing in the world...I told the called it perfectly...I did the right thing and it went all wrong." When Cristian claims he is OK with losing Jessica to Will (while opening another beer) because he "made my choice," Roseanne reminds him about "dignity." "I've got my dignity...through losing you...I stood up and moved on." Cristian's rebuttal to his ex-wife is simply that, "Tell me about it...Dignity ought to be a snap for me...all I did was tell the truth...she still thinks I'm a loser like you." Finally finding her backbone, Roseanne stands up for herself. "Don't call me a loser...and don't you dare take this out on me." Cristian apologizes immediately and Roseanne is understanding. "It's easier to get mad than move on...when we fell apart I took it out on you...but it didn't bring you back." Cristian thinks a better way to deal with things is to go to Rodi's for more beer, but Roseanne thinks he's "had too much to drink" and she wants to wait for Antonio to come home because she needs "to talk about staying here" so Cristian leaves by himself.

Sam and Nora's House

With Bo still there, Nora explains to Rachel that she left the hospital because there were "some things I needed to know...what happened with Bo and the heck Matthew is Sam's son..." She assures her daughter that she is "a little sadder but a lot less's the truth...I can take it." Nora informs Rachel that she won't be going back to the hospital because "I'm not sick and the food's lousy...I want to be here with my son and with you..." Still searching for the "missing pieces of my life," Nora tells Bo she feels "somewhere in me that we should be leaving together...but my family is here now...I'll be well looked after so you can go." At first, Bo isn't convinced, but when Nora tells him she's "not fine...but I'm coping...I have a lot to think about and I really need to be alone in this new world of mine..." he promises her that he cares and will help her sort through this because she's "got a lot to get used to." Sadly, Nora confirms that fact. "Some of it I'm not so sure I ever will get used to...I hurt you in a way I never could have imagined I could and for that I will forever be sorry." As Bo hugs Nora, he simply replies, "Me, too" and then he leaves. Nora hears Matthew calling for his mommy as Rachel brings him downstairs to her and Nora embraces her son tightly. Later, holding a sleeping Matthew in her lap, Nora confesses to Rachel that it was "hard to believe everything Bo told me...I don't know what I was thinking...but he was so sweet when he told me...that was the hardest thing to take...he told me everything I did, I did for him...but I look at this little sweet thing...and maybe I did it for me...who wouldn't want to have a child like this...I'm so grateful to have both of you...I love you." Later, putting Rachel on the spot, Nora asks if Bo has someone else in his life now because "he deserves someone" but Rachel is not forthcoming with this information or with telling her mother "what happened with Sam and me." When Nora comments that "I've certainly made a mess of things," Rachel asks what she can do to make it better. Nora remembers that "peppermint stick ice cream with lots of hot fudge sauce" used to work so Rachel leaves to buy them "lots." Later, as Nora looks at a photo of herself taken with Sam and Matthew on his first birthday, Colin approaches the front door and lets himself in.

The Palace

When a man walks up behind Melanie and starts rubbing her shoulders, she thinks Bo has finally arrived and asks him about Nora. She is surprised to turn and see Colin standing behind her instead of "one man more than you'll ever be" Bo. Melanie thinks Colin is trying to make her jealous when he asks if Bo is with Nora but she gets suspicious when he continues to push her for answers about Nora's whereabouts. When Colin asks her what she told Bo about him, she claims she only told Bo "what I know" and observes that Colin is acting "like a man with something to hide." Colin claims he is only acting like a doctor but concedes that he has taken a special interest in Nora's case because her case "interests" him. Melanie wants to know if that interest is because involving himself in Nora's life means involving himself in Bo and Melanie's lives, but Colin claims he is only "concerned about Nora because she's Nora." When Melanie admits to Colin that Nora "found me" instead of Bo finding her, he figures out that Nora has gone home to Sam's and is pleasantly surprised when Melanie confirms that Sam is "not here" to be "thrilled" as Colin suspects he would be with Nora's return home. This news moves Colin to leave, but not before he taunts Melanie, "Run along and tell Bo what I said...he'll have an excuse to play hero." This time it is Bo who comes up from behind and surprises Colin with the statement, "You're all the excuse I need..." Bo refuses to apologize to Colin for intimating that he had something to do with Nora's most recent disappearance and instead tells him to leave Melanie alone. After Colin's retreat, Bo shares his feelings about his revelations to Nora with Melanie. "I told her we split up and why...this whole situation stinks...I felt like I hit her with a sucker punch." Claiming he won't be "good company," Bo gives Melanie the chance to "scratch him off her dance card" but she chooses to "stick it out with you tonight unless you don't want me around." Bo explains that Nora "didn't want to be alone" and "I don't want to be alone either...I want you to stick it out with me, too." Later, Melanie confides to Bo that Colin had seemed "a little too insistent about Nora." When Bo asks about "anything suspicious" he might have said, Melanie worries. "You don't think he's gonna go after Nora do you?" Putting on his police commissioner's hat (figuratively and backwards), Bo confirms that "whoever went after her before didn't think it was crazy...and they may try it again...I can't let that happen."

Irish Jail

Will is depressed when Jessica visits because he feels "right back where I a box waiting to be delivered to Statesville...thanks to Max and Cristian." Jessica feels it is her fault because she trusted Cristian, but Will urges her not to blame herself. Sam arrives and reunites with his son as they hug through the bars of the cell. When Sam chides Will for not keeping in touch after the initial phone call about Nora being alive, Will is confused because Sam didn't get either his letter (that Todd ate) or the phone message (that Todd erased) but he is glad that his father is with him now. When Will asks about Nora and Sam tells him that she doesn't remember the last two years of her life or that she isn't still married to Bo, Will shocks his father with the news that when he saw her at Colin's house she had been "scared...but she knew me, she was glad to see me...she knew you...she wanted to see you." Based on this news, Sam vows to "make sure Colin pays for what he did to Nora." Will doesn't understand why Colin is still free but Sam explains that they need Will's testimony to tie him to Nora's disappearance because when they searched the house she was gone. Will is glad that she got out because as he explains, "it was hell in there" but he is very apologetic for leaving Nora. "I thought she was safe...I never would have left least Todd brought her back...have you asked him...he would know more about Colin than anyone." When John Sykes asks if Will saw anyone else in Colin's house, Will is confused until Sam tells him that "your mother" is suspected of being Colin's accomplice because the two had become quite "cozy" and Lindsay's hatred of Nora is well known. Acknowledging that Lindsay "goes overboard sometimes," Will refuses to believe that she would go so far as to kidnap Nora and hold her hostage. Besides, he tells John and Sam that Nora never mentioned Lindsay, only Colin, and he tells them to "go after him." Later, when they are alone, Jessica tells Will that he has "a lot of faith in people" and hints that it sometimes is misplaced. She apologizes again for believing Cristian's lies and confides that although she didn't always tell him so, "I care what happens to you...I did even then."

Sam places an "emergency" call to Bo. When he reaches him, Sam reports that Will has just confirmed Colin's connection to Nora's abduction. "Colin is the monster who did this to Nora."

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2000

At Rodi's, a drunken Cristian taunted R.J. about his failed relationship with Téa. When R.J. responded with taunts of his own about Jessica, Cristian punched him. Sophia was forced to break up the fight between R.J. and Cristian. Cristian later shocked Sophia with a kiss - unaware that Roseanne and Antonio had just walked in. Sam suggested to Will that he stay in Ireland until he was cleared of the charges against him. As Will and Jessica progressed towards strengthening their relationship, Will resolved that it was time to return home and make sure that Colin payed for his crimes. As Colin and Nora were bonding, Bo charged in and grabbed Colin. Nora slapped Colin after she learned that Bo was convinced that Colin was the person behind her captivity. Colin continued to claim he was innocent. Bo comforted Nora after she gave in to her frustration about not being able to remember what had happened to her. Melanie was forced to watch the closeness that still existed between Bo and Nora.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 29, 2000

Ben & Viki

Viki is determined to help her family now that she's well, especially Todd. She asks for Ben's support. Ben tries to talk her out of it. Viki reminds him that she took a chance on him and it's the best risk she ever took. She takes the fact that Todd brought Nora home (even though he hates her) as a sign that he is trying to change. She has to help because he's family. Ben points out that Asa's his family and he cut Asa off because he didn't deserve love. He asks why she can't do the same with Todd. Viki insists it's different. She and Todd have a history together. Todd does things out of pain because he was never loved. She wants to give him back his family by asking him to move in with them at Llanfair. Ben insists that's too stressful, but Viki says it's worse to worry about Todd out there all by himself. She thinks he came back to Llanview for help. She has to do this, but doesn't want it to cause problems between her and Ben. Ben says since Viki changed his life, maybe she can do the same for Todd.

Todd and Kevin

Todd stuffs Roseanne and Sophia's things in trash bags, then the doorbell rings. It's Kevin. He comments that Todd is very good at pushing women around and issues a challenge to try it on him. They take verbal shots at each other. (Kevin talks about Todd's past as a rapist. Todd remarks about Kelly) Kevin tells Todd he is going to make an offer and Todd will agree to it. He brought a document for Todd to sign over The Sun back to Kelly. Kevin points out that Kelly signed the shares over to Blair, not him, and it was under false pretenses. Todd counters by saying that would mean Kelly has a problem with Blair, not him. Kevin says if Todd signs over the shares they'll forget the whole thing. Todd remarks how Kevin comes to Kelly's defense more than her own husband. He accuses Kevin of trying to get the newspaper back in return for having destroyed her marriage. Kevin tells Todd that he is not fooled and he knows Todd hasn't changed. He accuses Todd of trying to make everyone as miserable as he is since Téa left him. Todd insists it was just business, and nothing can be done about it. Kevin threatens that if Todd doesn't put a stop to trampling other people's lives, he will do it for him.

Nora, Bo, Colin and Lanie (Sam's house)

Bo tells Nora he is taking Colin down to the station. Colin claims there's no evidence, but Bo says he has Will's word. Colin implies that since Will is facing jail time, and his aunt Lanie's told him bad things about Colin, maybe that motivated him to lie. He asks Bo if he is trying to impress Nora or Lanie by taking him in. Lanie interjects before Bo can answer, telling Colin that Bo is just doing his job. Colin thinks he has the right to be arrested on a real charge, not "some cop's personal agenda". Bo only wants to ask him a few questions. Nora comments that Colin has the right not to answer anything, but it makes one wonder if he doesn't. He insists he didn't do it, so Nora tells him he should go and set the record straight. Colin finally agrees, but Nora wants to go too. She and Bo have a battle of wills, but in the end she agrees to stay home. Bo promises he'll call if he finds out anything.

Antonio, Cristian, Roseanne, and Sophia

A drunken Cris kisses Sophia. Antonio pulls him off of her as Roseanne watches. Antonio yells at Cris about not backing off when Sophia asked him. Sophia tells Antonio that Cris almost got into a fight. Cris challenges Antonio to arrest him. Antonio tells Cris to leave Sophia alone, but she steps up and says she can handle it herself. Antonio takes Cris aside to yell at him in private.

Sophia kicks herself for not being nicer when Antonio was trying to rescue her. Roseanne asks if Sophia is over him. But Sophia is more in love than ever. Roseanne tells Sophia she should have said something about her and Antonio, but Sophia admits nothing's happened yet. She hopes that will change when he gets over Andi (his wife). Roseanne says she thinks he is over Andi, and reminds her about the woman in the shower. Before Roseanne can finish, Sophia tells her Antonio doesn't care about that woman. Sophia says he is not over Andi. He told her he is not looking for a girlfriend, just a good time and that anyone expecting more from him is crazy.

Antonio tells Cris what he's doing isn't right. Cris says he tried what's right and he got dumped. Antonio thinks whatever happened could be fixed. Cris tells him that Jessica left him for Will, and from now on he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. R.J. offers to buy Cris a drink.

Kelly & Joey

Kelly goes to the house to pick up some of her stuff and finds Joey there. He brings up old memories. Kelly tells him she is trying hard to make this as easy as possible. Joey says she's making him crazy by trying so hard. She says it's her fault the marriage is over and he was so good to her it's the least she can do. He reminds her of the good times, and one of their skiing trips. He tells her she should talk to him, so he knows their love was real. She says he was the first real thing in her life. Joey finds an old medical bill from when they were trying to have a baby. He wonders what it would have been like if they had succeeded. Kelly says it would have been wrong to have a baby to save their marriage, and it's also wrong for them to rehash old memories.

Bo and Colin and Hank (police station)

Colin asks for a lawyer, but Bo convinces him a lawyer will make him seem like he has something to hide. Colin agrees to speak without one. Hank comes in and asks to speak to Bo alone. Bo tells Hank that Sam called from Ireland and Will confirmed that Nora was in Colin's house. Hank reminds Bo that until they have a sworn statement, they have nothing. He has to let Colin go now. Bo fears Colin will run, so he asks for a little time with him "for Nora". Hank agrees, but points out that if he blows this Hank will be held responsible. He will be back to make sure Colin is released. Back in the room Bo asks Colin if Nora ever handled a legal case for anyone he knows. He tries to figure out if she was involved in a judgment that hurt him (to establish motive). He tries to trick Colin into admitting something, but Colin denies everything. Bo implies that maybe Nora rejected Colin and he couldn't handle it. Colin almost gives himself away.

Nora and Lanie (Sam's house)

Nora asks if Lanie believes Colin could have kidnapped her. Lanie tells her that his tone of outraged innocence was the same one he used when he denied his affairs. She insists that if Colin did this she won't protect him. Nora says she knows a marriage connects people, but Lanie points out that she never had a real marriage. She starts talking about her new relationship, and almost accidentally tells Nora about Bo. Instead she just says that it's complicated and there are other people involved. Nora asks if that means a wife. Rachel arrives with ice cream just in time for Lanie to avoid the question. Lanie offers to get a hotel for the night, but Nora asks her to stay.

At the end...

· Cris tells Antonio and R.J. to go to hell and leaves.
· Kevin loses control. Viki walks in to find Kevin choking Todd. She yells for him to let Todd go.
· Nora wants to talk to Lanie about Bo.
· Will arrives at the police station in time for Colin to see him.

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