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Dorian resigned as junior senator then put an elaborate plan into motion. Victor poisoned a decanter of alcohol in Todd's hotel room. Todd tried to repair his damaged relationships. Dani moved in with Matthew and Jeffrey.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 6, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Victor played back his conversation with Téa about their baby in his head. He sat down at the computer and typed something in. He ended up on a website entitled "500 Ways to Kill." He was scrolling through a list of poisons when Téa entered the house with Dani. He slammed the laptop shut.

Dani was glad to be out of the hospital and added that she felt good. She grabbed her purse and told Téa and Victor that she was going out to get good coffee. Téa thought it was too soon for Dani to leave the house and offered to make her daughter a latte. Dani refused and said that she wanted to see her friends. She acknowledged that doing drugs had been stupid and embarrassing.

Dani continued that life had been easier when Téa "didn't notice that I was alive." Téa responded that Dani's hospital stay had been a wakeup call. Dani reminded her mother that she was 21 years old and capable of making her own decisions. She stormed out of the house. Téa tried to follow, but Victor grabbed her arm.

Victor told Téa that she couldn't blame herself for what Dani had been going through, especially because of what Todd had done to Téa. Victor wanted to get some fresh air. Téa offered to go with him, but he replied that he needed time alone to clear his head. He put on his black sweatshirt and left the house.

A short while later, Victor was at a hotel. He peered into an open room where a maid was vacuuming. He looked at his watch and walked away.

At the coffee shop, Jeffrey was on his computer, looking at a girl's Facebook page. Matthew looked at her picture and approved. Jeffrey tried to think of something "cool" to say to her, but Matthew grabbed the computer and started to type a message to her.

A short while later, Dani arrived. She grabbed Matthew's coffee and took a sip, explaining that the coffee at the hospital tasted "like cat piss." Jeffrey offered to get Dani her own coffee and got up from his seat. Matthew told Dani that he and Jeffrey had promised Téa they would help Dani stay off drugs. She shot back that he'd done them, too, but he responded that there was a difference between partying and ending up in the emergency room.

Dani admitted that what had happened to her had scared her. She continued that she didn't need any more lectures because she'd given them to herself. Changing the subject, Matthew thought that Victor returning to his family was a good thing. Dani laughed at the comment, as Matthew was no "family man." Jeffrey returned with Dani's coffee. The guys walked off to build furniture for their new apartment, leaving Dani questioning where the apartment was.

A short while later, Matthew arrived in Clint's office while Clint was in the middle of a heated phone call. He ended the call and asked Matthew to be his "special assistant" and answer phones at Buchanan Enterprises. Matthew informed Clint that the job offer was well timed. "You always come through for me," Matthew said, smiling. Clint was in a hurry, so he told Matthew that he could start the job immediately, and Clint left his office.

Later, Matthew arrived at his new apartment. Jeffrey sat on the floor in front of his computer, surrounded by boxes. Jeffrey congratulated his roommate on the "rent money" and told Matthew that he'd hooked up the wireless Internet connection. Jeffrey was still talking to the girl on Facebook and told Matthew that she wanted a picture of the roommates together. Jeffrey took a picture of them on his phone.

Jeffrey and Matthew tried putting together some of their furniture but were having a very hard time. Jeffrey wanted to take a break to work on his new story, and he left the apartment. Matthew heard a sound from his computer. He found a friend request on his Facebook page from the girl that Jeffrey had been talking to. He accepted the request and messaged the girl.

Natalie slept at her desk. Nora entered and woke Natalie up, asking if she were all right. Nora handed her a file and remarked that Natalie looked tired. Natalie admitted that she wasn't sleeping much and related that Liam had been sleeping better than she had. Nora responded that it wasn't easy being a single working mother, but Nora also wondered if Natalie was missing John.

Natalie confided that, with John leaving her for someone else, she felt like something was wrong with her. She needed and wanted a do-over. Nora suggested that they go shopping for a whole new wardrobe for Natalie. Natalie thought it was something inside her that needed a change. Nora thought that Natalie needed to start with the outside and said that Natalie would feel better if she looked better. They made a date for the weekend.

A short while later, Natalie was gathering her things to leave when Clint entered. He asked about Liam and wondered if Natalie had been working too much, since she looked stressed. He offered to babysit Liam at Llanfair because it was bigger than Natalie's place. Knowing the direction Clint was going, she told her father that she wasn't moving back to Llanfair.

Clint reminded Natalie that she wouldn't be alone at Llanfair. Natalie appreciated his concern but stated that she needed to figure out a way through the hard times on her own. Clint reminded her that he and Viki were there if she needed anything, and he left.

Téa and Dani looked ready to go out. Téa promised Dani that she would make it up to Dani for being a "rotten mother." Victor entered, and Téa wondered why he wasn't dressed to go out. He explained that he had a migraine and told his "girls" to go out without him. He rubbed his head and lay down on the couch. Téa and Dani reluctantly left without him.

As soon as the door closed, Victor jumped up from the couch. He got his wallet, put on his sweatshirt, and left the house.

At Shelter, David talked to Todd as his cameraman filmed. David wanted stories from Todd because he believed that Todd would be a perfect reality show character. David wanted to interview Todd about his ex-wives and urged him to "speak freely at length."

Each question David asked Todd was answered with "No comment." "You're a real natural," David said sarcastically, making Todd laugh. David asked about Blair, making Todd's amusement fade. "I'll tell you if you turn the camera off," Todd said, turning serious. The camera stayed on, unbeknownst to Todd. "All I seem to do is break her heart," he started.

Todd continued that the last time he'd seen Blair, she'd yelled at him for lying about a "long list" of things. David related that she'd transformed the club, but it was "too bad" about what had happened to Dani at the opening of the club. The two were toasting to David's reality show as Blair entered with bottles for the bar.

"You're done," Blair said as she put the check down in front of David and Todd. David looked at the check and promised to "get the next one." He walked away, saying that he could hear Dorian calling him. Todd stood next to Blair, who wondered why he wanted to hang out at Shelter. He said he liked it there, but she didn't want him there.

Todd wondered if he and Blair could be civil to one another. Blair promised civility in front of their kids, but when it was just the two of them, they would be "real." She informed him that she would never trust him again because the last time she had, he'd lied to her. "Maybe I should just go," he said, and he walked away.

On his way out, Todd bumped into Jack. "Get out of my way," Jack said, pushing past Todd. Todd wondered why Jack was alone. Blair admitted that Jack wouldn't be alone for long. Right on cue, Téa and Dani entered and sat with Jack at a table. Todd asked Blair where Victor was, but she just told him to leave. He walked away. Unbeknownst to him, there was a hidden camera in the club, watching Todd.

Victor opened the door of a hotel room with gloves on his hands. There was a suitcase on the floor, labeled "Manning." Victor opened a decanter of liquor and squeezed some type of liquid into the decanter with an eye-dropper. The door to the room opened, and Todd entered. Victor slipped out of the room, unnoticed. Todd poured some of the liquor into a glass, put his feet up, and took a drink.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Part 2, Chapter 2

An affectionate Vimal let it be known that he didn't want Rama to get dressed for work at the club. He couldn't understand why she enjoyed it so much. He inquired whether she got undressed for men, or if they undressed her. She advised him that it was "fun and exciting" to work at the club. She also reminded him that they had decided to have an open marriage, and she'd chosen it to have her own space. "Promise that you'll choose me," Vimal replied.

Matthew quickly slammed his laptop shut so that Jeffrey wouldn't see that Matthew was messaging Jeffrey's friend on Facebook. The guys decided to go out for the evening.

At Club Shelter, Cutter introduced Nervo, who entertained the attendees with dance music. Cutter ran into an acquaintance of his, Jamie, who demanded that Cutter pay back the money that was owed him. Cutter assured Jamie he'd get the money. Later, Cutter presented Jamie with an expensive bottle of wine and promised to pick up Jamie's tab.

"Are we cool?" Cutter asked. Jamie informed Cutter that the debt was greater than that. "I came for business, and I need my money," Jamie stated. Acknowledging the man's job, Cutter encouraged Jamie to return to Miami in order to sell more of his "shitty artwork."

On the dance floor, Dani danced with an older man who began to make moves on her, and Dani advised him that she wasn't interested. Jeffrey and Matthew watched as Dani and her partner departed for a private room. Jeffrey explained that the area was probably reserved for "high rollers." Matthew insisted that he check to make sure that Dani was okay, even though Jeffrey tried to dissuade him.

Matthew told the bouncers guarding the door that he wanted to see his friend, but he was refused admittance. Jeffrey showed his press ID, stated that he was writing an article, and explained that Matthew was with him. They were permitted to enter the room.

Matthew found Dani on a sofa with the man, and he demanded that Dani return home, as she had just been released from the hospital recently. Dani refused, and the man rushed to her aid. He ordered the bouncers to remove Matthew immediately. Cutter offered the man a bottle to appease him, but the man didn't want any trouble. He requested another girl instead.

"What is wrong with you?" Dani shouted at Matthew. Furious, she rushed out of the club.

As Rama walked around with a tray full of shots, Jamie approached her and introduced himself. He asked Rama for her phone number, but Rama refused, and advised him that she was working. Jamie suggested that Rama mention him to Cutter and inform Cutter that one night with Rama "would settle everything" between the men.

An angry Cutter handed Jamie a roll of money and ordered him out of the club. He noted that Rama wasn't for sale, and he never wanted to see Jamie in the club again.

Destiny found Matthew and asked him to dance with her for "old times' sake." The couple drew closer, and things grew tense. "You know what comes next," Destiny whispered. "Not you!" she snapped, pushing Matthew away.

Working diligently at home, Nora expressed her amazement at having to "pull an all-nighter." "Here's to responsibility," Bo toasted as they raised their wine glasses. "So much for hot nights in an empty nest," Nora replied. The wine kept flowing, and work seemed to be grinding to a halt.

Nora reminisced about the short-term stint she'd had in college as a disc jockey. She explained that she had given callers advice on a wide variety of problems, and she'd made up her responses as she went along. She'd enjoyed it immensely, Nora added. Bo was surprised that he hadn't heard about Nora's job in the past.

As the wine level in the bottle grew lower, work was forgotten. Bo picked up his phone and called Nora on hers. Pretending to be calling the radio station, he confided that though he was married, he had a "thing" for the woman on the radio. Nora replied in a husky, sexy voice. The two play-acted for a few minutes until Bo mentioned his handcuffs. Nora turned up her nose, but the two made love.

In his hotel room, Todd continued to refill his glass from the liquor decanter.

Dani arrived home and found her angry parents waiting up for her. Téa shouted that she'd already lost one child and wasn't about to lose another. In fact, she'd been so anxious that she'd wanted to kill herself, Téa stated. She couldn't believe that Dani had returned to the club where she'd almost died.

Téa was certain that her daughter was either high or drunk, but Dani swore that the only thing she'd done was dance. Victor put Dani through a brief sobriety test, and he declared her sober.

Téa ordered Dani to bed and promised that things weren't over. "Don't you ever make me worry over you again," Téa demanded. "I love you," Téa added before Dani ran to her room. "Sometimes I really hate her," Téa told Victor after Dani was gone. Victor didn't want Téa to doubt her skills as a mother.

"Can we relax and go to bed?" Victor asked. He kissed his wife and hugged her. "Let's definitely go to bed," she replied.

Matthew returned to his new apartment and immediately sent his new friend, Michelle, a message on Facebook.

During the night, Téa rose from bed and stared at a sleeping Victor.

Todd finished the alcohol, looked as though he knew that something was not right, and sat himself on the sofa. The glass dropped from his hand as he closed his eyes.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dorian sat in front of her computer and watched a commercial she had filmed. In the commercial, she said that the country should be focusing on "life and death issues" and that anything else was not in the best interest of the citizens. She announced that she was resigning from the United States Senate. As Dorian watched the video, she said, "I am Dorian Lord, and I do not approve this message." She put her head down.

Dorian looked at the headline of the Banner: "Senator Dorian Lord Resigns." The doorbell rang, and Dorian opened the door and found a man holding two boxes. She instructed him on where to put them as David entered. The man carried in two more boxes, and David told her that they needed to do something special in order to cheer Dorian up.

Dorian insisted that she didn't need cheering up. Dorian tipped the man, and he left. She asked for David's help to "pore through" the files in the boxes.

Unbeknownst to Viki, there was a camera watching her as she sat in her living room. Clint entered and noticed that she looked unhappy. She confided that the Banner was in financial trouble. She continued that the online version of the newspaper was helping, but the ten years' worth of debt was "swallowing up" any progress.

Viki told Clint that, for the first time, she was really worried. She only wanted to make the paper a success and wondered how to do so. Clint suggested that she needed to start cutting staff.

Dani walked into Matthew and Jeffrey's apartment and gave herself a tour of the place. She noted that there were three bedrooms, but Jeffrey told her that the smallest one would be his office. "It'll do. I'll take that room!" Dani announced, informing them that she was moving in.

Dani shared her vision for the living room with Matthew and Jeffrey, who were both confused. Matthew reasoned that Dani moving in would help with the rent. She insisted that she could easily work a job and go to school at the same time. After thinking it over, Jeffrey agreed to get a key made for Dani. Screaming happily, Dani hugged them both and promised to cook for them. She left to start packing.

"What the hell did we just do?" Jeffrey wondered, dumbfounded. "I'm not sure," Matthew responded. He realized that Jeffrey would lose his office. Matthew rationalized that the two could easily keep an eye on Dani.

A short while later, Jeffrey was giving building the furniture another try when Viki called him. Viki admitted that, though she would have liked to have taken him on as a full-time staff member, the Banner did not have the money to do so. Dani returned wielding a tape measure and immediately noticed Jeffrey's somber expression.

Viki continued that she would love for Jeffrey to stay on as a freelance writer but would understand if he didn't want to. She asked him to think about it and call her back. Jeffrey filled Dani in on the phone call. He wondered whether he should keep freelancing for Viki or go to New York or Washington, DC, for a full-time job.

Destiny bumped into Natalie at the coffee shop, and both had their little ones in tow. Natalie remarked on how big Drew was getting, and Destiny said the same about Liam. Destiny admitted that she wished she could share stories about Drew with "the other half." Natalie agreed.

Natalie confided that her parents wanted her to move back in to Llanfair, but that wasn't what she wanted to do. Clint and Matthew entered and made a beeline for Destiny and Natalie. Clint proclaimed Liam and Drew "the most beautiful kids in Llanview." Clint fussed over Drew and tried to get Matthew to hold his son.

A short while later, Clint and Matthew had to leave. Clint thanked Destiny for taking such good care of his grandnephew, and turned to help Natalie with the door. Outside the café, Clint told Matthew that he didn't understand what his nephew was doing. He angrily informed Matthew that Buchanans always took care of their "blood."

Matthew told Clint that things were complicated. Clint shot back that Drew was Matthew's flesh and blood. "It's as uncomplicated as that," he stated. He continued that it was time for Matthew to "man up," "make peace with the past," and "be a Buchanan." "Do you hear me, Matthew?" Clint demanded. "I do, sir," Matthew responded. Clint left, and Matthew looked in the window of the café at Destiny and Drew.

A short while later, Clint and Viki met with a financial planner. He told them that, if Clint and Viki moved their own personal money to the Banner and the newspaper ended up failing, Clint and Viki would be broke within six months. The man apologized, but Viki appreciated the truth. The man left, and Viki, her voice breaking, admitted that the truth had been hard to hear. Clint promised to help Viki out and knew that she would pay him back.

Viki's phone rang, and she was surprised to answer it to Jeffrey. Jeffrey told Viki that he wouldn't desert her. She had given him his first big chance, and he believed that he owed her. She let out a sigh of relief and thanked him profusely. Off the phone, she vowed to Clint that she would make the Banner a success, "if it's the last thing I do."

Matthew returned to his apartment, and Jeffrey informed Matthew that he still had a job with Viki, "sort of." Dani told the guys that she would be moving into the apartment the next day. Jeffrey handed her a key, and she left. Matthew's computer made a sound, and Jeffrey wondered if Matthew were still talking to the girl on Facebook. He was, and he reminded Jeffrey that Jeffrey hadn't been interested.

There was a knock on Victor's door, and he was surprised to find Todd on his doorstep. Victor refused to let him in. Todd knew that they hated each other but had something to say that he believed Victor needed to hear. Victor reluctantly waved Todd into the house. Victor remarked that Todd didn't "look so hot." Todd related that he had some kind of bug.

Todd told Victor that the two were brothers, and that they should try to stop fighting. "That's tough considering you tried to kill me," Victor observed. Todd continued that, for the sake of the kids, he wanted them to at least pretend to like each other.

Todd was worried about Jack, who had fallen apart when Victor was gone. Todd thought that Jack was in trouble. Victor promised to talk to Jack. Todd believed that part of the problem was his and Victor's hatred toward each other and suggested that they "bury it" for Jack's sake.

Todd wondered where Victor had been, but Victor only said that it was a long story. Todd related that, wherever Victor had been, it had "screwed up" Jack. Todd admitted that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Jack, and held out his hand. "For Jack," Victor said and shook Todd's hand. Clearly sick, Todd left the house.

At La Boulaie, Jack picked up his backpack, and Blair wondered where he was going. She informed him that the principal had called to tell Blair that Jack had been skipping school. He told his mother that school had been "bugging" him. Blair implored her son to talk to her about what was bothering him. "Whatever," he replied.

A short while later, Jack was playing video games when Sam rushed in to give his brother some pointers. Dorian entered with one of her boxes. Blair wondered what Dorian was doing. Dorian explained that she was looking through all of her files so she could hold on to some important ones. Blair recognized that Dorian had "a plan brewing."

There was a knock at the door, and Blair was happy to answer it to Victor. He went into the living room and sat down to play video games with Jack and Sam. A short while later, the doorbell rang, and Blair opened the door and found Todd. She told Todd that he should return another time, but he informed her that he and Victor had made peace.

Surprised, Blair wanted details. Todd explained that it was for Jack's sake. Blair related that Victor had made a difference in Jack's life. She noticed that Todd wasn't looking well. Ignoring her, Todd wondered if Jack would ever be all right with him. Blair told him that he needed to let Jack talk to Todd in his own time.

Todd looked into the living room and spotted Victor playing video games with Jack and Sam. Victor gave Todd a nod and went back to playing. Todd left. Victor asked if Blair knew about one of the courses Jack had been taking at school. "If he stays in school," she remarked. She informed Victor that Jack had been skipping school. Victor told Jack that he had a bright future and to not mess it up by skipping school.

Victor had to leave and fist-bumped Jack and Sam on his way out. Blair thanked Victor for being a positive influence on Jack. She related that Jack had been lost without Victor. Victor kissed her on the cheek and left.

In her office, Dorian pulled a file out of one of the boxes. It was labeled, "Pellegrino Fund: Confidential." Dorian looked in the file and smiled.

Clearly sick, Todd lay down on the couch in his hotel room. Victor knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Todd called out. Disappointed that there was a response, Victor walked away. Todd poured out a drink from the decanter. He opened the door to the balcony and took a sip of his drink.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chapter 2, Part 4

Jack and Dorian were sitting outside of the coffee shop when a young female approached Dorian. "You did the right thing ma'm," the woman said as she praised Dorian for all of her actions in the political scandal. Dorian offered to pose for a picture with the young woman, who was thrilled.

Jack updated Dorian on the latest computer equipment that he longed for as they moved inside. Another woman, who had quite different views, told Dorian off and stalked away angrily. "One of your many fans, I see," Todd noted as he walked over to the table. Dorian stood up quickly and volunteered to take Jack home.

Jack admitted that he was okay with Todd's presence. "You look horrible," Dorian told Todd as she departed. Todd sat down with Jack and asked what Jack was "drooling over" online. Jack explained that it was a computer that he could use for gaming, but it was $3500. Todd whipped out his credit card and started to enter the information online.

Jack preferred that Todd didn't buy the equipment for him. "I just changed my mind," Jack said.

Téa found Dani packing her belongings and learned that her daughter was moving out. Angrily, Dani confessed that she couldn't stand her mother "breathing down my neck." Dani pointed out that living with Jeffrey and Matthew would enable the guys to keep tabs on her and ensure that she was okay. Téa was not happy with Dani's decision.

Todd stopped by as Dani was finishing up her packing. As Téa raged against Dani's choice, Todd wanted to help his daughter. He offered to buy her furniture for the new place, and the pair agreed on a sofa. While Todd was offering to buy, Dani also asked for a California sleigh bed.

Victor, who had been asleep in the bedroom, joined the group. He admitted that he'd had a tough night, and Todd agreed that he was not feeling well either. Packing completed, Dani left the house with Todd. Téa was furious that her daughter was moving out so soon after overdosing. She also had her doubts about Todd's interference.

Victor thought that maybe Todd's intent was from a good place. Téa didn't believe it for a minute. "Do you know something I don't know?" she asked her husband. Victor acknowledged that he just wanted the kids to have a break, but Téa was annoyed that she'd just witnessed Todd buying Dani off.

Later, Téa was dressed and ready to leave for work. She leaned over to kiss Victor goodbye as he sat at the laptop. She noticed the tattoo on his arm, but Victor refused to answer any questions pertaining to it. He only noted that he'd obtained the tattoo while he'd been away. Victor remained engrossed in his online activity as Téa kissed him. "I love you," she said. "Love you too," Victor replied.

Matthew chatted with his new Facebook friend while Jeffrey determined that they should clean the place up before Dani's arrival. When Dani and Todd arrived, the men quickly reminded her that she had the small room. Dani was undeterred, announcing that she would take over closet space elsewhere in the apartment.

The young men learned that a sofa would be arriving, and Todd also offered to throw in a new LED big screen TV for the Super Bowl that they would all be able to enjoy. "We're enforcing a no-parents rule here," Dani quickly stated.

At La Boulaie, Dorian made a phone call to the SEC regarding investments and the Pellegrino fund. She verified that the fund would not be taking any new investors, and she noted that she felt sorry for anyone who had invested their money in the scam.

Next, Dorian called her financial advisor, Frank Baker, and asked about that same fund. Frank thought it was a good investment. Dorian replied that she'd heard great things about the fund, but due to being on the Senate Finance Committee and insider trading laws, she didn't want to take a chance and invest.

Frank thought he "can work around it," and Dorian promised to call her lawyer for advice. "I didn't want to have a Martha Stewart moment," Dorian noted. She reminded Frank that their conversation was to remain a secret.

Dorian visited Viki at the Banner office. Her tone was quite curious, as she pleasantly greeted Viki and pronounced that she was merely there to thank Viki. Hesitantly, Viki stated that she'd been doing her job. Dorian responded that her own job had been to serve, but she'd been too naïve.

Dorian was hopeful that their relationship hadn't been ruined. She held out her hand. Reluctantly, Viki firmly grasped it. Dorian hoped they were still friends. "Sure, Dorian," Viki said, adding, "Whatever you want."

Victor let himself into Todd's hotel room, and he replaced the liquor in the decanter with liquor from a new bottle.

Bo hid Nora's eyes as he led her into his office. Releasing his hand, Nora was astonished to see that he'd decorated it like a tropical island. He reminded her of the vacation to Bora Bora he'd once promised and conceded that it was the closest they'd get for a while. They donned floral shirts and leis, and Bo tossed a bucketful of crabs' legs onto his paper-covered desk.

Bo handed Nora a drink in a coconut shell, embellished with an umbrella. He assured her it was non-alcoholic. "You're crazy, Bo Buchanan," Nora confirmed. Bo admitted that he had a proposition for Nora.

During lunch, Bo explained that he'd set up a blog talk radio show with some help from others. He wondered if Nora would like to start her own advice show the following week. "Next week?" Nora gasped. After some initial reluctance, Nora explained that she would have to prepare and think about it. "Thinking is the enemy of action," Bo told her.

Finally, Nora agreed that she could do it, though she was worried that a desperate person might call her for advice. Bo thought that would be a good thing, and he suggested she jump in with both feet, much like jumping into the water pictured on his tropical island screensaver.

In Viki's office, Clint took a phone call from Frank about the Pellegrino fund. The information had been obtained from a reliable source that apparently the fund was about to explode. It appeared to be a great opportunity for them to make some money.

Todd arrived to wait for Viki, and when she finally returned, Clint told her about the investment he thought they should make. It was sure to save the newspaper, he thought.

Dani wanted new rules for the apartment. She, Jeffrey, and Matthew agreed no parents were ever permitted except for Todd during the Super Bowl. They touched on cleaning duties, and Jeffrey wanted Dani to provide hot girlfriends.

"Are you all right?" Viki asked her brother after Clint was gone. Todd appeared to be dizzy. Viki explained that she needed to save her newspaper, and she even felt obligated to do it for her father, despite all that had happened. The investment sounded like a sure thing. Todd told her it wouldn't be easy.

Viki advised Todd that it was his paper, too, even though he had the Sun, and she was thrilled that he had chosen the newspaper business as his profession. Todd thought it could be risky to put everything into one fund, and while Viki agreed, she thought that a monthly paycheck from interest alone could solve her money issue.

Todd admitted that Viki was quite inspirational, and he admired her. "I love you. I really, really love you," Viki replied.

Victor entered the coffee shop, spotted some arms with similar tattoos to his, along with a gun beneath one man's jacket. Victor quickly left the shop.

Friday, May 10, 2013

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