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Victor Jr. and Todd returned to Llanview. Dani overdosed during Blair's nightclub opening. Vimal and Rama agreed to have an open marriage. The feud between Viki and Dorian reignited when Viki printed a story about a political scandal involving Dorian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 29, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, April 29, 2013

A copy of the Banner sat in front of Llanfair, and Viki bent down to pick it up. She walked back into the house, and Clint grabbed her hand, admiring her engagement ring. "It is beautiful," she said. Changing the subject, Viki gleefully showed Clint the headline of the paper: "Dorian Lord at Center of Brewing Senate Scandal."

A short while later, Viki sat in the living room as the doorbell rang. Nigel answered the door and found Jeffrey King, who claimed that Viki was expecting him. He walked into the living room, and Viki complimented Jeffrey on the story he had written about Dorian. She double-checked that he had confirmation on the story. He promised that he did, and Viki informed him that the Associated Press had picked up the story. He suggested that she hire him at the Banner; she said that she would consider it but told him to keep digging.

At la Boulaie, David stood in front of the fireplace, facing a cameraman. "Welcome to my life," he started. He explained that, after the box office failure, but DVD success, of The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo, he wanted his "Vicker Man fans" to see him in a new medium, hence his new reality show. "I'm back!" somebody yelled from the front door. Dorian entered the living room.

Dorian explained to David that she was there for damage control, and showed him a copy of the Banner. David read from the article that Dorian had somehow been in possession of classified CIA documents about "black sites" even though they had been banned. Dorian shooed away the cameraman, and David asked if what the article said was true. She explained that she had given the documents to the appropriate person as soon as she had gotten them.

A short while later, Dorian left an angry message for someone and demanded that he call her back over an issue of "national importance." David returned with the cameraman and asked if Dorian had any words of encouragement for Blair about the opening of Blair's new club. Dorian wished her niece "good luck and success."

David again broached the subject of the CIA documents, and wondered where Dorian had gotten them. She explained that a constituent who happened to be a CIA staff member had sent them to Dorian, and she figured that the constituent had cried to the newspaper when nothing had immediately been done about the black sites. Dorian suddenly realized that the article had appeared in Viki's newspaper, so Viki was to blame for the article.

A short while later, Dorian pushed her way past Nigel and found Viki in the Llanfair living room. Viki wondered what she could do for Dorian. Dorian asked that Viki "take your well-manicured claws out of my back."

"Where are you going?" Bo yelled at Matthew, and Matthew replied that he was going to the opening of Club Shelter. Bo explained to a confused Nora that he'd found drugs in Matthew's things and held up a small baggie of pills. Matthew refused to tell Bo whose drugs they were and turned to leave. Outside the apartment, Matthew ran into Jeffrey, who was wheeling a suitcase behind him. Matthew grabbed Jeffrey's suitcase and told him that there had been a "change of plans."

A short while later, there was a knock at Bo and Nora's door. Bo answered the door to Clint and expressed how strange it was to see Clint out and about. Nora commented that Téa was an amazing lawyer for getting Clint out of house arrest. Clint cut to the chase and told Bo and Nora that he and Viki were talking about having a June wedding. He asked Bo to be his best man. Bo happily accepted and hugged his brother.

Natalie looked through her closet to find something to wear to the club opening. Liam wandered in and told Natalie that he couldn't sleep. He asked where she was going. As she walked him to his room, she told him that she was going to a party and that Jody, the babysitter, would take care of him. A short while later, Natalie gave Jody a few instructions and left to go to the club.

Téa stood in the baby's nursery, looking around and straightening up. As she refolded a blanket, Dani, dressed for the club opening, entered. She tried to get her mother's attention, but Téa was clearly distracted. Dani tearfully left the room as Téa picked up a stuffed animal. Téa sat down in a rocking chair, hugging the stuffed animal, and sang a lullaby in Spanish.

A hooded figure ran down a fire escape, chased by another hooded figure. The first figure had a tattoo on his arm of a circle with three spirals inside. The hooded figure giving chase caught up to the first one and hit him. He choked the first man, and the man fell to the ground. The second hooded figure dragged the first man away. A short while later, the second hooded figure stood by a river and walked away.

Outside of Shelter, there was a huge crowd. Cutter checked with one of the bouncers outside to make sure everything was all right then went back inside. Destiny walked up to the door and told the bouncer that her name was on the list. She gave her name and was let inside. She walked into the club, observing the lights, music, dancing, and alcohol. She began to dance.

Rama found Cutter inside the club and praised him for its success. Clearly flirting, they complimented each other on their looks, and Cutter told her that "you wear separation well." Cutter found a waitress and grabbed two shots off of a tray. The two toasted to the club and to the future.

Blair saw a handsome, younger stranger at the bar. She walked up to him and made sure he was enjoying himself, which he was. She offered him a drink, but he told her that he wasn't "into cougars."

Jeffrey and Matthew arrived at the club, and Jeffrey wondered where the two were going to sleep that night if they weren't going to be at Bo and Nora's. "Depends on how lucky we get," Matthew replied. Suddenly, he was surprised to catch sight of Destiny. He wondered about Drew, and Destiny replied that she'd hired a babysitter. She advised him not to judge her parenting when he'd been the one to decide against being a father, and she stormed off.

Jeffrey wondered who Destiny was. "My baby mama," Matthew responded. Jeffrey was surprised that Matthew had a child and hadn't told him. "It happens," Matthew commented nonchalantly.

Cutter got up on the stage and grabbed a microphone. He welcomed everyone to the club, and urged them to tell their friends that if they wanted to "get hot," they should "seek Shelter." Cutter got off the stage and spotted Natalie; he complimented her looks. Natalie sarcastically spat that the comment meant a lot coming from the town's biggest scam artist.

Cutter begged Natalie to "let bygones be bygones" and asserted that "I'm a club promoter now!" They started to dance, far apart, but got closer and closer. They were practically nose to nose when Rama suddenly ran by, yelling to Cutter that there was "a situation." Cutter reluctantly followed Rama.

A short while later, Natalie arrived home. The babysitter was surprised to see Natalie so early and assured her that Liam had been sleeping since Natalie had left. Natalie replied that the club had been "more your scene than mine" and said goodbye to the babysitter. She undressed, draped a blanket across herself, and lay down on the couch.

At Shelter, Dani bumped into Jack, who told her that "you look like shit." "I feel like shit," she responded. Stumbling and grabbing every drink that she could get her hands on, Dani reminded Jack that it was their father's, meaning Victor's, birthday. Upset, Jack walked away. "I know what it's like to miss someone!" Dani called after him, clearly tipsy.

Dani spotted Jeffrey and ran over to give him a hug. She wondered why he was there, and he admitted that he'd been writing for the Banner. She was happy to see him and was excited to hang out with him. Just then, Dani saw Matthew. "Where's my shit?" she demanded. Matthew confessed that Bo had taken the drugs, but Matthew had covered for Dani.

Téa arrived inside the club. Dani saw her and hid behind a chair. Téa walked over to Blair, who offered to get her a drink, "on me." Téa complimented Blair on the club, but Blair confided that she felt like she was babysitting. Their drinks arrived, and they clinked glasses.

A man got into a limo, and the driver closed the door behind him. The man was Todd, who demanded to be taken to Capricorn. The driver reminded him that the club was called Shelter and pulled away. Todd pulled a card out of his wallet with the same symbol as the tattoo on the arm of one of the hooded figures. The limo pulled up to the club, which had a huge crowd outside.

David arrived in front of the club in a white, 70s-style suit, being filmed by his cameraman, and dancing in the style of Saturday Night Fever. Every person in front of the club begged and screamed for his autograph. He snapped out of his daydream and saw that every person in front of the club was instead actually laughing at him and his suit.

Todd walked up to the club, with the hooded figure stalking him in the distance, and demanded to be let inside. He gave his name, but the bouncer informed him that there was no Todd Manning on the list. Todd hopped over the velvet rope anyway, and threw a pile of money as a distraction. As everyone scrambled to pick the money up, David slipped inside the club just behind Todd, and the hooded figure just behind David.

Multiple bouncers stopped Todd from walking into the club. David and his cameraman slipped right past the commotion. Blair saw Todd and assured the bouncers that they could let him into the club. She demanded to know why he was there. He asserted that he was looking for Dani. Just then, Dani appeared, stumbling and falling into a table, breaking glasses. She fell to the floor.

Téa, Todd, and Jack ran straight to Dani, trailed by Matthew, Jeffrey, and Destiny. Blair followed and told Cutter to call 9-1-1. Todd picked Dani up and carried her out, followed by the rest of her friends and family. The hooded man lurked in the shadows. It was Victor.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Part I, Chapter 2

At Llanfair, Dorian continued to shout at Viki. "You're clueless about how Washington works," Dorian pronounced. Viki wondered how Dorian had ended up on the Intelligence Committee, of all things, but Dorian demanded that Viki publish a retraction to the morning's newspaper story. "We have the smoking gun," Viki replied. She assured Dorian there would be no retraction.

Viki disclosed that she had possession of the airplane manifests to the black sites, courtesy of the very same CIA agent who had given them to Dorian. The junior senator explained that she had given those documents to her committee members in the Senate. Viki suggested that she publish a quote from Dorian, but Dorian refused, citing the issue a matter of national security. Viki deemed the entire incident a cover-up, but Dorian insisted that everything was under control.

Dorian headed for the door, advising Viki that Viki would regret printing the story full of lies. Viki's phone rang, and as Clint headed down the stairs, Viki informed him that they were needed at the hospital.

After Dani had been carried out of Club Shelter, the music stopped playing, and the establishment full of young people surged toward the front door. "Do not let them leave!" Cutter shouted at the bouncers. He restarted the music and grabbed a bottle of liquor, sloppily filling a myriad of shot glasses at the same time.

Pulling Rama behind the bar, Cutter ordered her to do the same. He loudly announced that there were free shots for everyone, and suddenly the crowd reversed its direction and headed back to the center of the club. When a customer demanded a free bottle, Cutter gladly provided it. He was certain that he would be held to blame for the evening's events, although Rama tried to reassure him otherwise.

Family and friends gathered at Llanview Hospital to await word on Dani's condition. Todd glared at Jack as the doctor announced that they had pumped Dani's stomach. Téa wondered why Matthew had never told her about Dani's drug use, though Matthew informed her that he had removed Dani's stash from her things. He hadn't known that Dani would have more of the drug somewhere else. Todd accused Téa of being a terrible mother, and he ordered her to stop bothering Matthew.

Inside Dani's room, Victor gently laid a hand on Dani's forehead.

Jack was furious when he saw Todd, and Jack accused Todd of making bad things happen whenever he appeared. Téa could only agree with her stepson's assessment. As everyone stood around in the hallway, Todd and Téa began to argue. Suddenly, Victor rushed into the hallway, grabbed Todd, and threw him up against the wall. The men began to tussle until a couple of security guards separated them.

"Oh, my God," Téa kept repeating as she looked at Victor. They wandered away. He kissed her hand. "How are you here?" Téa asked him as she ran her hands across Victor's face. "Just let it be enough that I am," Victor replied softly. He was also certain that Dani would be okay. Téa felt that Todd had been right about her skill as a mother, but Victor only wanted to kill Todd for stealing a year of his life. Victor didn't want to be around all of the gathered friends and family, but Téa urged him to go to Jack.

Viki and Clint arrived, and everyone learned that officially, Dani had overdosed. Todd noted that he had hopped on a plane after his daughter had drunk-dialed him. Off to the side, Matthew admitted to Jeffrey and Destiny that he and Dani had gotten high in the past; however, he hadn't enjoyed it the way Dani had. He had removed her stash from her things, but apparently, Dani had had more of the same elsewhere.

Matthew confided that his father had found the stash that he'd taken. Belatedly, he introduced Destiny and Jeffrey to each other. Destiny told her new acquaintance to "butt out," since none of it was any of his business. Clint wondered if his nephew had been involved with the drugs, and Matthew swore that he hadn't. "Keep it that way," Clint growled.

Viki wondered if Téa might be with Dani, and Todd revealed that she was with Victor. Téa and Victor reappeared, and Victor walked over to Jack. He patted the boy's shoulder. Jack stood up and embraced Victor, and Todd walked away. Jack wished Victor a happy birthday and said that Dani had remembered the occasion also. Victor acknowledged how much he'd missed Dani and Jack, and Jack assured him that they'd missed him as well.

Viki spotted Jeffrey and asked if he had a second source on the manifests. Jeffrey was pleased about reaction to his article and assured Viki that he did. He rushed off.

Matthew wondered who was watching Drew, and Destiny assured him that all was under control. She noted how much Bo and Nora loved their grandson. Matthew revealed that he and Jeffrey were searching for their own place, and he also confessed how much he cared about Dani. Destiny was sorry that she hadn't known about Dani's problem.

Blair found Todd in the coffee shop across the street, and she told him that she was aware that he wanted to kill Victor. Todd reminded her that he thought he'd already done that. She wanted to know what Todd's plan was, but he was speechless. He informed Blair that it had been a bad idea for her to run a nightclub, and that the cops were sure to shut it down after Dani's OD.

Blair thought that was ridiculous and that her club had nothing to do with drugs. Todd responded that all clubs had something to do with drugs. "This is Llanview, stupid," Blair retorted, clarifying, "It's not Miami, not New York." Todd wondered why she'd opened it in the first place, and she confessed it was for the excitement. "Ever try knitting?" he asked.

Blair got up, and Todd apologized for taking his mood out on her. Blair reminded him that Jack loved Victor, and he shouldn't take it out on Jack either. Todd confessed that he wanted to fight to keep his kids, but Blair advised him, "Think before you act."

Dorian returned home, found David, and began to rant about Viki. David had been looking at his iPad, and he showed Dorian the CIA documents that had been printed in the newspaper. They were full of dates and locations. Dorian phoned her senator friend who advised her to "sit tight." She was excited to learn that they were waiting for word from the White House.

Dorian wanted to take her friend's advice and call a lawyer, however David was opposed to it. He thought that perhaps Dorian was being set up to take a fall. David noted that he was proud of Dorian for serving her country, but he thought that it was not possible for her to be a good person and not get in over her head. Dorian was mortified that she'd be known as the "pariah." She had wanted to do a good job, but there had been too much pressure. She was afraid of being exposed like Richard Nixon who had never bounced back after his own scandal.

Dorian wondered why she had been the one picked to leak the documents. David felt that it was because Dorian was generous and good-natured -- and had a habit of trusting the wrong people. They thought it might be nice to get out of the house, but they changed their minds after flashbulbs began popping in their faces at the front door.

Jeffrey made a phone call to the senator.

Todd and Blair returned to the corridor outside of Dani's room. The doctor advised everyone that the young girl would be okay. Victor and Todd exchanged deadly looks.

Back at the club, Rama fought off a drunk who was making advances towards her. Cutter pulled him away and urged the bouncers to toss the man out. He announced that the club was closing, turned off the music, and ordered everyone out. Rama got back behind the bar and poured a couple of shots. "To our first night. May it be the worst," she toasted. Cutter wondered if that might be a "traditional Indian toast," as Rama turned the music back on in order to dance. She wanted him to cheer up.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Viki entered the waiting room at the hospital and found Todd asleep in a chair. She woke him up, and he immediately asked about Dani. Viki assured him that Dani would be fine, but he got up to go see her. Viki stopped him and cryptically said that there was someone else Dani needed to see first. Todd knew that she was talking about Victor.

Viki related that seeing Victor would be a shock for Dani, especially after what she had been through. "Thank God you were at the club," Viki added. She instructed Todd that he needed to learn how to coexist with Victor in Dani's life, for Dani's sake.

Changing the subject, Todd gleefully mentioned how Viki had "nailed Dorian." Viki maintained that she had printed the story in order to save the Banner, and that it had nothing to do with the way Viki felt about Dorian. Viki told Todd that she had missed him while he had been gone, and she wanted all the details about his time in Port Charles. Todd replied that he'd had a woman, then he hadn't, and he was fine with it.

Matthew and Jeffrey entered, and Viki introduced Jeffrey to Todd. "You did an okay job with the Dorian story," Todd told Jeffrey. Jeffrey informed Viki that the story about Dorian had spread all over the Internet and all over the world. Matthew asked if they could see Dani, but Todd insisted that it was his turn to see her. He turned to leave, but Viki once again stopped him.

Matthew and Jeffrey departed to the coffee shop in order to search for apartments online. Viki advised Todd to give Dani time with Victor. Todd cried that everyone seemed to forget that Dani was his daughter, but Viki insisted that no one had forgotten. She continued that Todd was only thinking about himself. Victor needed time to explain his return from the dead to Dani. Todd told her that Victor would only "crucify" Todd more, and Todd refused to let that happen.

Dorian held up the newest issue of the Banner, which read: "Senate Intel Chrmn Denies Knowledge of Alleged CIA Documents." She slammed the paper down and ranted to David and Blair about her fellow senators hanging her out to dry. Dorian was angry at herself for being naïve and overly trusting, and she knew that she had to figure out a way to save herself.

Sam entered, wanting to play a game with Dorian, but Blair told him that his aunt was busy. Blair assured Dorian that she would get through the tough time. Dorian wondered if Blair would and advised her not to repeat history, since Todd had returned. Blair promised that she wouldn't. Blair turned to Sam, who was showing David how to send text messages the right way, and sent the boy to get his homework done.

Dorian placed a call to a man named Bernard, and instructed him to get her booked on all of the television shows that he possibly could. She wanted to tell her side of the story. She demanded to be booked on Anderson Cooper.

Téa sat with Dani, who was just waking up. Téa poured water for her daughter, whose throat hurt from the tube that had pumped the drugs from her stomach. Dani confided that she felt stupid, but her mother assured Dani that she wasn't stupid -- it was just her decision to take drugs that was stupid. Téa informed her daughter that there was someone who wanted to see Dani, and Téa waved Victor into the room. He entered, but Dani covered her face, screaming "no" over and over again.

Dani demanded to know who the man was and why he was pretending to be Victor. Victor hugged Dani and assured her that "it's me." Crying, she finally hugged him back. Dani couldn't believe that Victor was there, and he asked what had happened to her. Victor told her that she'd collapsed at Shelter, and that Todd had picked her up and taken her to the hospital. He promised that he would help Dani get better.

"I'm sorry to break up this family reunion, but I'd like to see my daughter," Todd said as he entered Dani's room. Victor demanded that Todd leave, and Téa began to yell at him as well. Finally, Dani asked them to stop and said that she would be fine to talk to Todd. Téa left with Victor.

Todd wondered what Dani had been thinking and informed her that she had called him for help. She responded that she'd called him because she'd wanted to punch him, but she'd been "too messed up" to drive. He asked why she was taking drugs, but she refused to answer. She tried to leave, but Todd made her get back into bed.

Finally, Dani admitted that she felt invisible. She explained that Téa had "ditched" her to look for Tomas, When Téa had returned, she'd spent her time wallowing "about her dead baby," and hadn't so much as looked at Dani. Todd answered that Téa was grieving. Dani sarcastically asked whose fault it was and called Todd a psychopath. Todd wondered if drugs were really the answer. "If the question is you, hell yes," she replied.

Viki was happy to see Victor. In order to give them time to talk, Téa left to get coffee. Viki had heard that Allison Perkins had been holding Victor hostage and wondered how he'd gotten away. "Not just Allison," Victor replied and simply explained that he'd outsmarted Allison. She asked what his plans were, but he only wanted to take care of Dani. Viki was glad to have Victor back. She wished she could talk for longer, but she had business to take care of, so she left.

Matthew and Jeffrey were in the coffee shop, searching for apartments on their computers, when Nora entered. Jeffrey greeted her and walked away to get more coffee. Nora explained that she was there to apologize for not trusting Matthew and for treating him like a child. She related that she and Bo were just scared for their child and thought that Matthew would eventually understand that with Drew.

Nora wondered what Matthew was working on, and he replied that he and Jeffrey were searching for an apartment. Nora offered to help, but Matthew insisted that he and Jeffrey could handle it. She informed him that, no matter how old he was, he would always be her baby. Warming to her, he promised to take his laundry over. "No panties!" she called back as she left.

Téa entered the coffee shop and caught sight of Matthew. She told him that she needed him to be a real friend to Dani and help her get better. He promised not to let Dani out of his sight. She continued that she loved Matthew but that if she found out that Dani was on drugs again, and Matthew knew but didn't tell her, "you will live to regret it."

A short while later, Téa arrived at the hospital. Not seeing Victor, she frantically called out for him.

Nora entered her apartment and found Bo sitting on the couch. She explained that she'd apologized to Matthew. She further informed Bo that their son was apartment shopping. After what had happened to Dani, Nora admitted that she would be scared with Matthew no longer under her roof. They both noticed how quiet it was without Matthew there. Nora and Bo agreed that the best part about not having kids around was "not having kids around," and the couple shared a kiss.

The doorbell rang at La Boulaie, and Blair opened the door to Viki. Viki wanted to see Dorian, so Blair led her into the living room, warning her that Dorian was very busy. David was happy to see Viki but figured Dorian wouldn't be. Dorian entered, happily yelling that she was scheduled to be on Meet the Press. "How dare you show your face here?" Dorian growled when she caught sight of Viki.

Viki said that she sympathized with Dorian, but as a journalist, she had to report the news. Dorian wondered if Viki was there to gloat. Viki was there to ask Dorian if the Banner could break the news of Dorian's resignation, because she believed that she could put the "best spin" on it. "Not if you were the last person on earth," Dorian said, laughing. Viki apologized for interrupting and left.

Dani told Todd that she'd only gotten into trouble once, so he needed to get off her back. Todd maintained that he wasn't angry, only worried. As Dani continued to yell at Todd, Victor and Téa entered. They ordered Todd to leave because he was upsetting Dani. Téa hugged her daughter as Todd walked out. "Don't go near my family again," Victor said, and slammed the door shut.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Part I, Chapter 4

Jeffrey ran into Viki's office to share the latest news. The Senate Ethics Committee had launched an investigation into Dorian's cover-up of the black sites. He advised his boss that he thought it a good idea to also publish Dorian's comments regarding her thoughts about the American public being nothing more than idiots.

Viki was opposed, as she wanted her reporting on the incident to be straightforward. She didn't want it to appear as though she were conducting a personal attack on Dorian. The pair argued over how to proceed and the ethics of their reporting. Viki was taken aback with Jeffrey's aggressiveness but had to smile when he called her "boss." She admitted that she almost felt sorry for Dorian.

Dorian prepared for an interview at La Boulaie, but David suggested that they go to Plan B, a vacation, instead. Dorian vowed to stay and fight so as not to appear guilty in the public's eye, but her husband pointed out that it was merely her word against that of the senior senators. He thought she should resign instead, but Dorian stood her ground after receiving a phone call. The caller accused her of avoiding the press.

David began to shout orders to everyone for setting the cameras up, even though Dorian wanted him to pretend to be the reporter. She wanted to practice what she would say during the interview; however, she accused David of not being serious enough. All of a sudden, the reporter appeared on the monitor from another location, ready to ask Dorian questions.

Clint entered Viki's office with a bottle of champagne, and the two of them, along with Jeffrey, prepared to watch Dorian's interview.

The reporter began her questioning. Dorian stated that her only crime had been trusting the senator and the vice chairman. She had assumed that they would have done the right thing with the documents she'd provided them, Dorian continued. She felt that the public would be able to judge her actions accordingly.

Bethany, the reporter, announced that there had been a quote of Dorian's that had gone viral online, thanks to the Banner. Bethany wanted to know about Dorian's quote on the American public: "...a bunch of idiots who can't be trusted to spell their own names right." Dorian was speechless.

David chased everyone out of the room. Dorian remained quiet, and David looked for the right words in order to console his wife. Having difficulty, he finally decided to leave Dorian alone. "Viki, you are going to pay," Dorian muttered as she stabbed her address book with the envelope opener.

Rama encountered Vimal at the coffee shop, where he had been reading the news of the previous evening's incident at the club. "So, you're paid to get men drunk?" Vimal inquired. "Oh, my God, Vimal, please," Rama replied. She reminded him that she had moved out for that very reason. She was tired of his judging, though Vimal quickly denied that he had that habit.

A "traditional Indian girl" would be more suitable for Vimal, Rama suggested. Vimal whined that he only wanted Rama, and he had missed her with both his head and heart. Rama admitted that she loved him, too, but being together wouldn't work. They had tried it. She was convinced that she didn't want to spend the rest of her life with only one man, and she wanted to enjoy life and be with other men first.

Rama was afraid that if she didn't experience life, she and Vimal would eventually cheat on each other in ten or twenty years. They had been together since they were very young, with no life experience.

Victor and Téa were finally alone at the house, and they made love. "You're really here," Téa whispered afterwards. She longed for Victor to confide in her, and she was concerned with his withdrawal.

"Who did this to you?" she asked. Suddenly, she saw the tattoo on his arm. Full of questions, Téa did not receive any answers from Victor. "We could go after them," Téa offered. "I'd rather not," Victor responded. "Stop pressing. Let me be," he stated firmly.

Later, Victor found himself opening the door to the baby's nursery. He walked in and was looking around the room curiously when Téa found him. "Hey, what's this?" Victor inquired. "We had a baby. Our baby," Téa informed him sadly. "Where is he?" Victor wanted to know. "He's nowhere. Our baby died," Téa said haltingly. Tearfully, Téa filled Victor in on the details of Victor Jr.'s birth and death.

By the time Téa was finished, Victor knew all about how Todd had delivered the baby in the rain, how Téa had never heard the baby make any sound, and how she had known that something had been wrong. Todd had gone to the hospital, and the next time Téa had seen him, he had presented her with her baby. She had been very relieved.

Then Téa had learned that her baby had died, and that Todd had switched babies. Téa began to cry, and Victor wrapped his arms around his wife. Téa confessed that she hadn't wanted to burden Victor after all he'd been through, and she was worried about the relationship between Victor and Todd. Victor assured her that Todd was only part of their past, not their future.

Victor suggested that they visit Dani, and after Téa left the room to get ready, Victor wandered around the room and turned towards the huge stuffed giraffe sitting on the floor. In anger, he ripped the stuffing from the toy. There was a camera on Victor, and someone was watching his every move.

As Cutter stood outside the club, two men approached him. One was a uniformed cop. Cutter was under the impression that he was being arrested. However, the young man who was an acquaintance laughed. He introduced Cutter to the cop, Bruce Hunter. The men thought that Cutter's club could use some extra security.

Inside the club, Jack rocked out to some music and was oblivious to Todd's proximity until Todd turned off the music. Grabbing a couple of beers behind the bar, Todd offered one to Jack. Todd thought that the two of them could hang out and have a talk, "man to man." Jack thought otherwise and handed his beer to Blair who had been working behind the bar. He advised his parents to have fun catching up and stormed out.

Blair gave Todd a difficult time. She advised him that he couldn't just return to his old life and "slide back" into Jack's life. She accused him of getting away with murder, leaving town, and then returning in time to save Dani's life like a "knight in shining armor."

Blair advised her ex-husband to get back on his jet and return to Port Charles. She considered him to be useless as a husband and lover, and pathetic as a father. Todd was quiet, and she wondered why Todd didn't have anything to say in response. Todd admitted that there really was nothing to say if it were all true.

Rama and Vimal stopped outside of the club. Rama had promised to help Cutter out. Vimal was desperate to stay with Rama, and she mentioned open marriage to him. Vimal thought quickly, and he told her that he wanted to stay with her no matter the cost. He would be able to date other women, and his parents wouldn't have to know, he confirmed.

The couple agreed on a couple of ground rules. "Don't ask, don't tell" and to always find their way back to each other.

Friday, May 3, 2013

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