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Clint caused a scene at the Man of the Year gala. Dani and Arturo kissed. Matthew caught Michelle in a lie. Nikki told Natalie about Nikki and Cutter's ongoing affair. Natalie had an encounter with Allison Perkins.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Episode 54, Aug 19

The prominent citizens of Llanview gathered at Club Shelter for the gala event of the Veteran's Organization and the Man of the Year award. Rama hid when she saw Dorian make her entrance. Dorian headed to her portrait and asked Cutter to move it closer to the stage. Carl Peterson approached Dorian, and they made small talk as Jo and Leo did some filming for David's show.

Awkwardly, Jo and David introduced themselves to Carl as Dorian led Carl away. Rama stopped in front of Dorian and offered up a tray of filled champagne glasses. "Champagne when served by a slut loses its bubbles," Dorian declared as she refused a glass.

A breathless Viki, who was to be mistress of ceremonies, ran toward the entrance to the club. Diego promised her that she wasn't late, and Viki apologized for Clint's behavior. Viki entered the club and spotted Jeffrey and Destiny first. "Are you two...?" she began. "Officially dating? Yes," Jeffrey replied.

Viki saw Natalie next and assured her that Clint had seemed okay when she'd stopped to see him, and he'd quit drinking. Viki related that she'd suggested that he go home to bed. Natalie was certain that Clint had hidden bottles of alcohol around his office.

Viki's next stop was to greet Carl, and she pulled him along to meet Bo. Carl thanked Bo for stepping in during an awkward time. Bo and Nora stopped to chat with Dani and Arturo, who wanted to know how the investigation into Briana's death was going. Bo stated that Briana had not been forgotten.

Téa saw her daughter with the older man and beckoned her over. "Who's that guy?" Téa asked. Dani replied that Arturo was Briana's uncle, the man she'd helped after Briana's death. Dani continued that Arturo was still at loose ends, and since he'd had an extra ticket that had been meant for Briana, Dani had agreed to accompany him to the gala.

Dani wondered about her mother's much younger date, Dean. "To be continued," Téa called out as Dani headed over to speak to Michelle. The two young women began to argue about their identical dresses, and the fact that Dani hadn't appeared at the hospital when Drew had been ill. Dani blamed everything on Michelle and accused Michelle of being jealous that Dani and Matthew were roommates. Dani stormed off.

Matthew saw the girls arguing and approached Michelle. She whined about Dani, even as she thanked Matthew for being so generous and buying the dress for her. Matthew promised to take care of it and walked over to Arturo and Dani.

Arturo received a phone call and walked away. "Lay off Michelle," Matthew ordered Dani. He urged her to "suck up to your sugar daddy" instead. He was able to stop Dani as she raised her hand to slap him.

Matthew assured a sulking Michelle that she looked better in the dress than Dani did. Bo and Nora noticed Jeffrey and Destiny together. Bo had hoped that Destiny and Matthew were getting together again, but Nora responded that the couple had only drawn closer because of Drew's illness. She made fun of Bo for being a romantic.

Carl and Dorian made small talk. He praised her and noted that she'd been treated poorly in Washington. Jo and Leo continued to film them as Jo reminded David that Dorian had accused him of being the one who had cheated.

Téa kept an eye on Dani and Arturo. Matthew wandered over and heard what Dani had told Téa about Arturo. Matthew informed Téa that not only was Arturo not Briana's uncle, but Arturo had paid Briana to sleep with him. Furious, Téa ran over and pulled Arturo away from Dani. "Why did you lie to me?" Téa shouted. As they began to create a scene, Viki encouraged everyone to take a seat.

Clint sat drinking in his office. He pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check, and then picked up the phone to ask for his limo. He stumbled around the office, barely able to stand on his feet. "Ready or not, here I come," he mumbled.

Viki welcomed everyone to the gala and spoke of the wonderful auction they'd be holding. She announced that the "glorious portrait" of Dorian would be auctioned off first. Viki opened the bidding, and silence greeted her. Viki tried to get the crowd going, but the awkward silence continued. Finally, Carl shouted that he would bid $100,000. The portrait was his.

Matthew fretted over Drew, but Destiny checked on their son and assured Matthew that the boy was fine. Natalie ordered a special martini at the bar. Nikki replied, "Your date has been banging me for months." She added that Cutter had no intention of stopping.

Cutter sat down with Natalie. He tried to say that it wasn't what it appeared to be, but Natalie didn't want to hear it. She suggested that Cutter receive a certain sex act "from the bitch behind me," instead. Cutter turned to glare at Nikki, who blew him a kiss.

Carl was introduced as the keynote speaker as outside, Clint staggered to the club's entrance. "Not you again," Diego moaned. Inside, Carl spoke about the country's freedom and security, and the high price that many who had served had paid. Blair sat and listened as tears rolled down her face. Téa promised, "He'll be back, Blair."

The crowd toasted the veterans, and Viki took to the podium again. Nikki arrived at Natalie's table with the drink, but she poured it on Natalie instead. Rama quickly rushed Natalie off to the ladies' room.

As Viki spoke of Bo's good deeds and virtues, Clint stumbled down the steps. Bo stepped up to receive his trophy, but Clint walked up, pushed Bo out of the way, and grabbed onto the trophy himself. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. From the bottom of my heart, screw all of you," he shouted.

Jack found Kate sitting in her classroom, grading papers. She didn't hear him arrive but was happy to see him. They two began to kiss, undress, and make love on Kate's desk.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clint stood at the podium and drunkenly yelled that he was the Man of the Year. Dean and Cutter each grabbed an arm to restrain Clint as he continued to scream that it was his award. Viki begged him to stop. He broke free and turned over a table.

Paramedics arrived and grabbed Clint. As he demanded that they let him go, Viki regretfully told Nora that she should have foreseen Clint's breakdown. He broke free again, causing more damage. The paramedics finally got Clint restrained on a stretcher and wheeled him out.

Rama and Natalie returned from the bathroom and wondered what was going on. Natalie saw her father being wheeled away. She told Viki, Bo, and Nora that she needed to follow Clint to the hospital. Matthew wanted to go too. Viki, Bo, and Nora all agreed that they'd been enabling Clint for too long and that he needed to face the consequences of his actions for once. Natalie believed that Clint would need his family and left. Bo tried to forbade Matthew from going. "The hell I'm not," Matthew said, and left.

On the way out, Matthew passed by Dani. She wondered where he was going, and he told her that he was going to the hospital to be with Clint. She offered to accompany Matthew, but he said that Michelle was going with him, and the two left.

Cutter offered to drive Natalie to the hospital, but she refused. He told her that they needed to talk. "Talk to the slut you've been screwing behind my back," Natalie spat, leaving the club. Cutter followed her outside. She told him that her father was more important than Cutter and "the whore you're sleeping with" and stormed away.

Cutter demanded to know why Diego had let Clint into the club. Diego divulged that Clint had given Diego one hundred thousand dollars. "I guess I'm a better negotiator than you," he added.

Viki apologized to Christopher, the head of the Veterans' Organization, for the ruined gala. He said that there was no such thing as bad publicity and assured her that it hadn't been her fault. Dorian added that between the ticket sales and the auction items, the night had been a financial success. Christopher and his date left. Jeffrey appeared and assumed that he had a story to write. He offered to downplay the incident. Viki told him not to do that, because Clint needed to face the consequences of his actions.

Carl expressed his sympathy for what Viki had been going through. He told Dorian that he'd called for a car, and he offered to see her home. As they walked out together, she wondered what he was going to do with her portrait. "Admire it!" he responded, and they left.

Viki asked Bo what would happen to Clint. He answered that he would be sedated. Bo said he would go to the hospital the next day, even though he was the last person Clint would want to see. Viki prayed that the situation would be a wakeup call for Clint, and he would get help.

Blair told Nikki and Rama that they had to get the club back in order. Cutter walked up to the bar and demanded to know why Nikki had told Natalie that he and Nikki had slept together. "Someone had to," she said nonchalantly. She added that he'd been ignoring her ever since Natalie had entered the picture. He reminded her that he wasn't a commitment kind of guy. Nikki needed to help clean up the club and instructed him to clean up his own messes.

Dean offered to drive Téa home. "One minute," she said and walked over to Dani. Dani wondered if there hadn't been enough drama that night and began to walk out of the club with Arturo. Téa followed them, and Dean followed Téa.

Finally, outside the club, Téa wondered why Dani had lied about who Arturo was if she hadn't been sleeping with him. Arturo began to answer, but Téa yelled that she was talking to her daughter. Arturo began again and said, "Because people jump to conclusions." Arturo promised that he hadn't laid a finger on Dani. Téa called Arturo a predator and told Dani that if she wasn't careful, she would end up like Briana. Dani ran away, and Arturo followed.

Nikki cleaned up glass from the floor. Cutter reminded her that she couldn't leave until they talked. She walked away, ignoring him. Later, when all the cleaning was done, Rama left.

Cutter took the opportunity to ask Nikki why she had felt she needed to interfere in his relationship with Natalie. She replied that he'd used her. He wanted to make things work with Natalie and didn't want Nikki to interfere. She apologized and kissed him. She informed him that Natalie would never be enough for him, and she left.

Blair told Viki that the damage to the club wasn't nearly as bad as she'd originally thought. "Send the bill to Clint," Viki told her. Changing the subject, Viki had observed how upset Blair had been during Carl's speech and wondered if Blair had been thinking about Todd. "Weren't you?" Blair questioned. Viki asked Blair what kind of trouble Todd was in, but Blair played dumb. Viki knew there was always a secret with Todd and assured Blair that she could trust Viki with anything.

A short while later, Viki left the club, and Diego expressed his sympathy for all that had happened. She reasoned that the Veterans' Organization had still raised a lot of money. "You and me both," he said. He explained that he'd only let Clint into the club because he'd finally given Diego money for his medical bills, "and then some." Viki muttered that Clint wouldn't be able to buy his way out of his current problem.

Arturo let Dani into his hotel room. "Maybe we shouldn't have come here," she said. He reminded her that she'd said she had nowhere else to go. He offered to get Dani her own room. She didn't want him to feel like she was using him. He assured her that he didn't and reminded her that he had offered, and he could afford it.

Dani admitted that between the story she'd made up and the denial about who she and Arturo were to each other, she was confused. He kissed her. "That's how I feel about you," he whispered. "I see," she said, bewildered. He walked over to the phone and asked if he should call to get another room. "That won't be necessary," she said and kissed him.

Later, neither Dani nor Arturo was wearing very much clothing. "I can stop if you want," Arturo offered, breaking their kiss. Dani didn't want that. Arturo carried her to the bed and laid her down. "You are beautiful," he uttered and kissed her.

Kate straightened her clothes as Jack turned the classroom lights back on. She wondered how they would get out of the school without being seen. Jack replied that he would say he'd only been there for private tutoring. He kissed her. He turned the lights back off, and the two left.

A short while later, Jack entered La Boulaie, smiling. He heard Blair crying from the living room and went to her. "Let me guess," he said as he sat down, guessing, "Todd." Jack wondered when Blair would learn. Blair said she loved Todd and admitted that she and Todd had been "connected at the heart" throughout the years.

Jack saw that Blair was miserable and didn't think love was supposed to make a person feel like that. She told him that he might understand one day, but she hoped he wouldn't. He wondered what had really been going on, but she told him she had to keep it a secret. "I'm older and wiser than you think," he told his mother and hugged her.

Clint argued as the paramedics strapped him into a bed, and a nurse wielded a syringe of sedatives. He threatened to call his lawyer as the nurse injected him. All three left the room with Clint screaming for help.

Natalie told a hospital administrator that she was Clint's daughter, and she had every right to see him. "And I'm his nephew," Matthew added. The administrator explained that the psychiatric ward was restricted, and that they would need an escort. He needed to check with a floor nurse first. Natalie ordered the administrator to go check. He told them to sit and wait, and he left. Natalie walked away so she could update Viki.

Michelle told Matthew that there was probably nothing more they could do that night. If Clint was sedated, she continued, he wouldn't even know that anyone was at his bedside. Matthew observed that it seemed like Michelle had experience with the situation. She told him that her father had been a drunk, and her mother had constantly tried to cover it up.

The administrator returned to the waiting room. He informed Natalie and Matthew that Clint had been sedated, so he was out for the night. Natalie told Matthew and Michelle that they could leave, but she still wanted to see Clint.

A short while later, Matthew and Michelle returned to Matthew's apartment. She wished she could make him feel better, but she assured him that everything would be all right. Matthew kicked himself for going to the gala and leaving Clint alone. Michelle told him to relax and began to rub his shoulders. She told him a story about her drunken father once leaving the house at three in the morning "butt naked." He'd been found the next morning, passed out in a lawn chair in the backyard. "I thought you lived in an apartment," Matthew said.

The hospital administrator led Natalie to Clint's room. Before letting her in, he warned her that Clint had been sedated and strapped down for his own safety, and for the safety of others. When she walked in, Clint was coughing, and Natalie began screaming at what she saw. "Hello, Natalie," said a smiling, needle-wielding Allison Perkins.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Friday, August 23, 2013

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