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Kimberly Andrews
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Actor History
Amanda Setton


Born November 4, 1976

Other Names

Birth name is Aubrey Wentworth


Former stripper at the Spotted Pony, Anchorage, Kentucky

Former executive assistant to Clint Buchanan

Former stripper in Las Vegas

Resides At


Previously Llanview, PA

Formerly Anchorage, Kentucky

Formerly in the Buchanan mansion, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Formerly Rex's loft, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Formerly Las Vegas, Nevada

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Clint Buchanan (annulled) [Married: March 11, 2010; Annulled April 2, 2010]


Billy Joe Wentworth, Jr. (father; deceased)

Alex Olanov (mother)

Billy Joe Wentworth, Sr. (paternal grandfather)

Nat Olanov (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Cutter Wentworth (brother)



Flings & Affairs

Schuyler Joplin (dated briefly)

Clint Buchanan

Crimes Committed

Stole money from Rama Patel to pay for plastic surgery (pre-2009)

Participated in various cons with brother Cutter Wentworth (pre-2009)

Failed to go to police after Cutter killed a mark with an accidental drug overdose at the Spotted Pony in Anchorage, Kentucky (pre-2009)

Accomplice in Stacy's drugging of Schuyler [August 2009]

Falsified her resume and planted evidence to get hired at Buchanan Enterprises [2009]

Failed to tell police of Stacy's plan to take over Gigi's life (2011)

Health and Vitals

Had plastic surgery to improve her appearance

Brief Character History

In August, after Stacy Morasco miscarried Rex Balsom's baby, she asked her friend Kimberly Andrews to come to Llanview. Kim and Stacy had been exotic dancers in Las Vegas. Stacy confided in Kim about the pregnancy and together they set out to get Stacy pregnant again, so she could fool Rex into thinking that the baby was his. They made up a list of possible suitors, beginning with lab technician Kyle Lewis. Stacy and Kim both tried to seduce Kyle, but he told them he was gay. After a failed attempt to bed Oliver Fish, Stacy turned her attention to her former boyfriend Schuyler Joplin. Kim provided Stacy with a drug to put Schuyler in the mood, but that plan failed. Stacy decided she should tell Rex the truth, but when she and Kim showed up at the carriage house, Rex's girlfriend Gigi Morasco and their son Shane laid into Kim and Stacy for being no-good trash. Kim ushered Stacy out of the carriage house before she could tell Rex she had lost the baby. Stacy later hooked up with a drunken Oliver after all, after he'd been dumped by Layla. When Kim and Stacy later went to the doctor's, they were shocked to discover she was pregnant with Oliver's baby. Kim vowed to help Stacy pass off the child as Rex's.

After discovering that Rex and Gigi had been fighting about Schuyler's role in Gigi's life, Kim and Stacy launched a plan to break them up for good. Kim asked Schuyler out on a date and made out with him in full view of Gigi, making her jealous enough to storm out of the movie she and Rex were watching. Kim encouraged Schuyler to make the moves on Gigi, since he was obviously attracted to her, but Schuyler balked when he realized what Kim and Stacy were trying to do. After Schuyler walked in on Kim and Stacy adjusting the pregnancy padding Stacy wore to make it appear she was further along in her pregnancy, Kim acted fast on her feet and told Schuyler that Stacy had in fact lost Rex's baby but was now pregnant with Schuylers! His first impulse was to tell Rex and Gigi the truth but he decided to keep quiet after Kim and Stacy convinced him that he would lose any chance he had with Gigi if she found out he had slept with Stacy.

Kim decided she needed to go after one of the rich Buchanan men if she was going to stay in Llanview and she set her sights on Clint. She arrived at the Buchanan mansion on the day of Jared Banks' funeral and lied to Clint that Jared had agreed to hire her as Clint's new executive assistant just before he died. Clint first told Kim to resubmit her resume, but after she cried about having quit her job to take the new position, Clint reconsidered and told her she was hired. Kim overheard Nigel's look-alike cousin Neville tell Nigel that Nora and Bo were carrying on behind Clint's back and, after Nigel refused to tell Clint, she convinced Neville to pretend to be Nigel and tell Clint himself. When Clint broke the news to Kim, she urged him to get even with Nora. Clint then arranged for Nora to walk in on him and Kimberly in bed together so she would know what it felt like to be betrayed. After kicking Nora out of the mansion, Clint went to Kim's apartment and they shared a bottle of liquor. Clint told Kim he knew all about her past in Las Vegas and Kim admitted that Jared never hired her, that she only pretended so she could get to meet him. Clint then stunned Kim by not firing her, saying she could still prove useful to him.

Kim made a good ally to Clint when he helped Dorian publicly fire Bo on New Year's Eve for carrying on Nora. When the clock struck midnight to ring in 2010, he gave Kim for a kiss. When Kim was forced to move out of her apartment with Stacy, Clint offered her a room at the mansion with him and she excitedly agreed. Clint served Nora with divorce papers and asked for $42 million in damages. When Nora's attorney threatened to sell the mansion, which was in Nora's name, to raise the cash, Kim urged Clint to withdraw the lawsuit in exchange for Nora signing over ownership of the mansion to him. Renee and Nigel called out Kim for being an opportunistic tramp, but Kim said she would have the last word and vowed to kick them out of the mansion. When David Vickers threatened to tell Clint that Kim arranged for Neville to spill the beans about Nora and Bo, Kim turned the tables on David and confessed everything to Clint, who thanked her for looking out for him when no one else did.

After Kyle and Oliver realized that Oliver could be the father of Stacy's baby, they confronted Stacy and Kim, who stuck to the lie that Schuyler was the daddy. To help Stacy deliver her baby early, Kim concocted a plan to have Schuyler administer a drug that induces labor to Stacy on Valentine's Day. When Rex and Stacy made out their wills to ensure their baby would be cared for if anything happened to them, Kim reluctantly agreed to be the guardian of the baby. But when Schuyler learned this he insisted that he be named as guardian in exchange for helping Stacy induce labor. Schuyler had a change of heart and refused to administer the drug as planned. When Kim went after Schuyler Stacy was kidnapped from the hospital by Nurse Charles, one of Mitch Laurence's minions. Kim was relieved to find Stacy alive at Viki's cabin but was shocked to learn that Stacy had just given birth, naturally. When Kim was out of the room, Stacy left the cabin to find Gigi and her baby and ended fell through the ice into a frozen lake and drowned. Kim was devastated and vowed to care for Stacy's baby as she had requested. She asked Clint to marry her to help win custody of baby Sierra Rose and he agreed - but only after Kim agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement written to ensure Kim would lose all monetary claims to the Buchanan fortune if she cheated on him during their marriage. Kim reluctantly signed the papers after getting a vision from Stacy. During a brief ceremony in the Buchanan mansion's living room, Kim exchanged "I dos" with Clint before a justice of the peace. Kim relished her new role as Clint's wife, telling Gigi and Schuyler that her high-priced army of attorneys would win her custody of Sierra, and flaunting her marriage to an unbelieving Dorian.

Just weeks after the wedding, however, David Vickers showed up at the Buchanan mansion and said he wanted Kim out of the family before she spent everything he hoped to inherit. David then presented Kim with a document containing a secret about Kim's past that was so devastating Kim admitted it would kill Clint if he found out. Kim saw little choice but to leave, but before she could make a clean exit Clint returned home and saw her packed bags. As David hid within earshot, Kim told Clint she was leaving him and revealed how she and Stacy had conspired to get Stacy pregnant and keep the truth about Sierra's parentage from the true father, Oliver Fish. When Clint signaled he was willing to forgive Kim's duplicity, Kim then claimed she had cheated on him after their wedding. Clint maintained a stiff upper lip, pretending not to have developed feelings for Kim, even as she told him she did care for him and would never forget him. As Kim left, she privately vowed revenge on David. Clint later found out from Nigel that David had forced Kim to leave him and pulled a shotgun on David at Bo and Nora's wedding; later he told Viki that he had been unable to find Kim, despite his best efforts.

In August 2011, Kimberly was performing as a stripper at the Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky, when she came face to face with Rex Balsom. Rex had been having visions of his late wife, Gigi Morasco, and a clue from psychic Madame Delphina led him to the club, where Kimberly was performing under the stage name Gigi. Kim told Rex she was using the name to pay respects to Stacy, who also used the name Gigi when she was stripping in Las Vegas. Rex told Kim that Gigi was dead but that he had been having visions of her. Rex wondered if Kim could help find Gigi, but Kim said she couldn't. Rex informed Kim that Clint was his father and that he had extorted Clint's fortune in exchange for giving him Gigi's heart. He also told Kim of all the crimes Clint had committed and that Clint was under house arrest at Llanfair. Kim asked how Stacy's daughter Sierra Rose was doing, and Rex said she was doing fine. Later, Kim visited a female patient at the hospital who appeared to be comatose and shared her encounter with Rex, including the condition of Sierra Rose. She then told the woman that she was going to return to Llanview to reunite with Clint. Kim assured the woman that the hospital staff would take care of her in Kim's absence, and Kim left behind a framed photo of Kim and Stacy.

Kim returned to Llanview and first confronted David Vickers for forcing her to leave town. When David learned that Kim wanted to be with Clint, even though he was penniless, he promised not to get in her way and not to expose the secret she was keeping in Kentucky. Kim surprised Clint at Llanfair and evaded Clint's questions about why she had left in the first place. The reunion was cut short when Natalie barged in and threw Kim out of the house. Kim went to Gigi's gravesite, where someone had scratched off the date of Gigi's death. When Rex had Gigi's grave exhumed, Kim watched undetected as the casket was opened to reveal Gigi's corpse inside. After Gigi was reburied, Kim left flowers on the gravesite. Kim later got a call from the Kentucky hospital, and she assured the caller that she would find the money to pay for her friend's medical bills.

Kim stunned Cutter Wentworth by showing up at his motel room, and it was revealed that Kim was Cutter's sister and the real Aubrey Wentworth. Kim discovered that Cutter had come in possession of Rex Balsom's gun, which Cutter believed was used to murder Victor Lord Jr. Kim stole the gun when Cutter wasn't looking so she could use it as leverage to get Clint's fortune back from Rex. Kim blackmailed Echo into forging a document from Rex in which he handed over Clint's fortune. Cutter followed Kim to the hospital room in Anchorage and was stunned to see that Kim's friend looked exactly like Rex's dead fiancé Gigi.

Kim explained that the woman in the bed was actually Gigi's sister Stacy, who had survived a fall into a frozen lake more than a year ago and launched a plan to win back Rex by switching places with Gigi. Stacy had plastic surgery to look exactly like Gigi and intended to switch places with Gigi on her wedding day, but fell victim to the same carbon monoxide leak that killed Gigi. Kim rescued Stacy and took her to Kentucky, where she remained in a coma. Cutter threatened to reveal Stacy's whereabouts if Kim didn't hand over the document she had obtained which transferred all of the Buchanan assets back to Clint. Cutter tried to use the document to blackmail Clint, but Clint knew the document was a fake so Cutter was out of luck.

Seeking retribution against Kim, Cutter worked with Rama to set up Kim for a crime Cutter had committed at the Spotted Pony. Cutter had accidentally given a lethal drug overdose to a man that he and Kim were trying to scam. Rama had showed up, looking for Kim because Kim had stolen money from Rama to have plastic surgery, and took a picture of Cutter crouched over the dead man. Cutter doctored the photo to make it appear that it was Kim crouched over the body and took the evidence to the police, who arrested Kim in front of Cutter and Rama.

Some time later, Kim was visited in jail by Rex and Aubrey. Rex shocked Kim by telling her that they knew all about Stacy's plan to take over Gigi's life and that Stacy had awoken from her coma. Kim told Rex about Stacy's plan in exchange for her freedom, which was secured when Aubrey convinced Rama to hand over the undoctored photo. Kim returned to Llanview, intent on giving Clint a piece of her mind since she had received a letter from him saying he wanted nothing to do with her. But Clint explained that he had never sent Kim that letter and had received his own letter from Kim in which she claimed to have met another man.

They both realized that Cutter had sent the letters to keep Clint from trying to track Kim down. Kim wanted to be with Clint, but Clint told her that he also had developed feelings for his ex-wife Viki. Forced to choose, Clint chose Viki and Kim told her cowboy goodbye. After Cutter was arrested for the Spotted Pony murder, he phoned Kim and told her that Stacy was in fact dead and that the woman Kim had been caring for all those months was actually Gigi. Cutter told Kim that he had located their mother, who turned out to be Asa Buchanan's ex-wife Alex Olanov, and that she was really wealthy. Cutter begged Kim to break him out of jail so they could scam their mother for all her money, but Kim refused and hung up on him.

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