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Aubrey Wentworth Buchanan
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Actor History

Other Names

Aubrey Wentworth (alias she used to scam people)

Christine Carr (name she was given at birth)


Former bartender at Capricorn

Con artist



Previously Minute Man Motel

Previously Llanfair

Previously Buchanan mansion

Previously Palace Hotel, Room #428, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Previously London

Previously Paris, France

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Joey Buchanan [Engaged: Dec 7, 2010; married: Feb 14, 2011; divorced: Jul 21, 2011]

Past Marriages

Joey Buchanan [Engaged: Dec 7, 2010; married: Feb 14, 2011; divorced: Jul 21, 2011]





Flings & Affairs

Robert Ford (dated, 2006)

Cutter Wentworth (dated, pre-Nov 2010 to Jun 2011)

Joey Buchanan (dated, Nov 2010 to Feb 2011)

Rex Balsom (flirtation, kissed, Nov 2011 to Dec 2011)

Crimes Committed

Con artist who hooked up with wealthy men and bilked them out of their money

Impersonating the real Aubrey Wentworth (pre-2010 to Present)

Health and Vitals


Brief Character History

Aubrey Wentworth met Joey Buchanan while he was taking photographs overseas, and they immediately fell in love. Weeks later, Aubrey flew from London to Llanview so she could meet up with Joey, who had just arrived home on Thanksgiving Day after years away. On the flight Aubrey met Kelly Cramer, who confided that she was going to Llanview to try to reunite with a former boyfriend. Once in Llanview, Aubrey checked in with someone over the phone and said that no one knew she was in town other than Joey and some girl she had met on the plane. While waiting to meet Joey and his parents, Aubrey ran into Kelly again and the two realized they had attended the same boarding school in Paris. Joey introduced Aubrey to Viki and Clint as the woman he was going to marry and then shocked Aubrey by proposing marriage to her right then. Aubrey politely declined, saying she wanted time to get to know Joey before rushing into marriage.

When Joey introduced Aubrey to his former girlfriend Kelly, Aubrey realized that Kelly was still in love with Joey. But before Aubrey could say anything, Kelly exclaimed how happy she was for both of them. With Kelly as a witness, Joey again asked Aubrey to marry her and Aubrey excitedly said yes.

Aubrey ran into Robert Ford at the Palace Hotel and they recalled having met each other at a film festival in Milan in 2008. Bobby said he thought they had a good thing going at the time, but Aubrey reminded him that he was a player and she had dumped him for not being honest with her. Bobby told her that he had changed, and Aubrey thought he was joking when he told her that he was abstaining from sex with the woman he was currently seeing.

During one of Aubrey's mysterious phone calls, she learned that a photograph of her in a compromising situation had been published in a French magazine called Maintenant. She hurried downstairs to the Palace gift shop and purchased all of the copies of the magazine, although she was told one copy had already been sold. Aubrey was devastated when she saw Kelly with the magazine, but she feigned illness so she could take the magazine and dispose of it. In her hotel room as the clock struck midnight to usher in 2011, Aubrey answered the door and an attractive man walked in and began to passionately kiss her. It was revealed that Aubrey and the man, named Cutter, were both con artists who were only after Joey for his money. Aubrey begged Cutter to return to Europe and wait for her there, but Cutter said he would stay in Llanview to ensure her cover didn't get blown.

When Joey grilled Aubrey about the photo in the magazine, which he had received from Kelly, Cutter appeared wearing nothing but a towel and introduced himself as Aubrey's brother. Dimwitted Joey believed the story and even agreed to ask Clint if he could hire Cutter at Buchanan Enterprises. Cutter worried that Aubrey was starting to have real feelings for Joey, but Aubrey assured him that she was only acting. The pair caught a lucky break when Cutter intercepted a yearbook from Aubrey's Paris boarding school that proved she was not who she claimed to be. Cutter switched out the page containing the real Aubrey Wentworth's photo, ensuring that no one would learn that Aubrey was actually an imposter.

Aubrey ran into an old friend and former boarding school classmate, Rama Patel, in Llanview and learned that Rama's husband Vimal was working at Buchanan Enterprises. Rama confided in Aubrey that Vimal had done criminal things for Clint, and Aubrey pressed Rama to tell her everything since she was engaged to marry Clint's son Joey. She then assured Rama that they can use this information to ensure that Vimal will have a long and successful career at BE. After learning that Clint had disowned Joey for refusing to have Aubrey sign a prenuptial agreement, Aubrey went to Clint and revealed that she knew that Rex was Clint's son and that he had tampered with the DNA evidence to change the results. Clint played it cool and said that he wouldn't be intimidated by a two-bit con artist like her. But then Aubrey dropped the bombshell that she knew that Rex's wasn't the only DNA test that Clint had tampered with and said how it would be a shame if his daughter found out at the christening that her baby's father wasn't who she thought it was. Clint blinked and publically apologized to Joey, leaving Aubrey feeling satisfied.

Aubrey didn't suspect a thing when hotel maintenance workers came in to work on her thermostat. But when the workers returned a few days later, Cutter realized that they had installed cameras in the room and had caught Aubrey and Cutter having sex and talking about their plans to con Joey. Not knowing whether Clint or Kelly was behind it, they prepared for the worst. On the day of Jessica and Natalie's double wedding, Vimal exposed Clint's manipulations of the DNA tests involving Rex and Jessica. After he was arrested, Kelly showed Joey a flash drive that Cutter and Aubrey recognized as the one that had been in the hotel room. A quick-thinking Cutter offered to play the flash drive on his laptop and switched out the flash drive for another one that showed a fake scene of Cutter and Aubrey talking in her hotel room about how much she loved Joey. Before Kelly could explain that the flash drive actually came from Clint, Aubrey suggested that she and Joey marry right then and Joey agreed. The next day, Aubrey paid Clint a visit and promised to make the charges against him go away if he didn't expose her as a fraud. When Rama told Aubrey and Cutter that Vimal was prepared to implicate Clint in everything in exchange for immunity, they convinced Rama that BE would crumble and Vimal would be out of a job if Clint was prosecuted. If Vimal "took one for the team," then Aubrey would make sure that Rama was well compensated.

Aubrey maneuvered Joey into destroying Clint's copy of the hard drive before Joey could see what was on it. Armed with the upper hand, Aubrey forced Clint to allow Rama to move into the mansion after Rama threatened to expose her to Joey. Aubrey was jealous when Cutter began seeing Tess, the alternate personality of Joey's sister Jessica, but Cutter refused to break things off with Tess if Aubrey didn't dump Joey. Aubrey got into a heated fight with Joey after learning that Joey had kissed Kelly the night before their wedding and had failed to tell her. Aubrey stormed into the steam room and began kissing Cutter, not realizing that Tess was in the room. Tess quickly realized that Aubrey and Cutter were con artists who were out to bilk the Buchanans out of their fortune, and she leveraged for a large piece of the pie in exchange for her silence.

Aubrey stood by Joey's side after Clint suffered a major heart attack, making Cutter more jealous than ever. To prevent Jessica's baby, Ryder, from being put in a foster home, Aubrey stood up in court and convinced the judge to allow her and Joey to care for the baby. An incensed Ford told Joey that Aubrey was a gold digger who dumped him after she learned that Ford wasn't wealthy, but Aubrey convinced Joey that Ford was lying. Aubrey was stunned to learn that Tess had divorced Ford and married Cutter to keep from going to St. Anne's. Cutter shocked Aubrey by admitting to Joey that he was a con artist who was after the Buchanan fortune all along. Aubrey pretended to know nothing about Cutter's schemes, but Joey eventually got the truth out of Clint and attempted to kick Aubrey out of the house. But Aubrey won a reprieve when she reminded Joey that they would lose custody of Ryder if the judge found out that their marriage was over. After Clint handed over control of the Buchanan mansion to Cutter in exchange for him having Tess committed to St. Anne's, Cutter threw Aubrey and Joey out of the house. They moved into Llanfair, but Joey kicked Aubrey out after Jessica reemerged and reunited with her children.

After Cutter refused to let Aubrey stay at the mansion, she took a room at the Minute Man Motel. Rama soon showed up, explaining that Rex had taken over control of the mansion and had kicked everyone out. Cutter soon showed up as well, freshly divorced from Tess, and tried to convince Aubrey to team up once again and look for a new mark.

Cutter convinced Aubrey to go after a newly widowed and wealthy Rex Balsom. Rex paid no attention to Aubrey's advances, however, since he was too busy researching a cryptic clue from psychic Madame Delphina about a "spotted pony" that was connected to visions of Gigi that he kept seeing. A dejected Aubrey told Cutter about the clue, unaware that the clue referred to a strip club in Kentucky that was connected to a secret about Cutter's past that only Rama knew. Aubrey was packing her bags to leave town when Cutter showed up and stopped her from walking out the door by calling her by her real name: Christine Carr. Cutter reminded Aubrey about the time they met across a crowded room. A lifelong grifter, Cutter convinced Aubrey to change her name and pose as his sister so they could pull a scam on a rich person and help Aubrey get out of debt. One scam turned into many, however, as Aubrey and Cutter enjoyed all the luxuries they were able to buy. After the walk down memory lane, Aubrey decided to stay with Cutter until she could get back on her feet. Aubrey went to return the wedding ring Joey had given her and learned that Joey and Kelly were moving back to London. Joey told Aubrey to keep the ring and they parted on good terms.

Aubrey got a job tending bar at Capricorn and tried to live life on the straight and narrow. Cutter and Aubrey were stunned when they found a gun inside a stuffed porcupine Cutter had purchased from Roxy Balsom. They realized that the gun may have been the one that was used to kill Victor Lord Jr. Aubrey convinced a reluctant Cutter to hand over the gun to the police. However, Aubrey later learned from Bo Buchanan that the gun had never been turned in. Tired of Cutter's lies, Aubrey dumped him on the spot and threw him out of the motel.

Aubrey and Rex became friends when they realized they were both ex-con artists who were trying to turn over new leafs. Rex asked Aubrey to help him plan a Halloween-themed engagement party for Natalie and Brody. Aubrey was repulsed when Rex told her that Cutter had tried to con him yet again by alleging that Gigi was alive. Later, Cutter and his mystery girl showed up in disguises at the Halloween party. When Aubrey realized it was Cutter, he whisked the woman away before Rex could see her. At the airport, Rex came face to face with the woman, who looked exactly like Gigi, as she boarded a plane to Brazil with Cutter. Rex and Aubrey flew to Brazil to track them down and found evidence that Stacy Morasco had survived her fall into the frozen lake and had had plastic surgery to look like Gigi.

Rex couldn't understand the connection between Cutter and Stacy, but then Aubrey explained that Cutter and Kimberly Andrews were siblings and that Kim was the real Aubrey Wentworth. While in Brazil, Aubrey impulsively kissed Rex but then apologized. Rex and Aubrey confronted Kim, who was in jail on bogus charges in Anchorage, Kentucky, and Kim agreed to tell Rex about Stacy's plan in exchange for her freedom. Kim revealed that Stacy had planned to take over Gigi's life on Gigi and Rex's wedding day but had fallen victim to the same carbon monoxide leak that killed Gigi. Kim had rescued Stacy and taken her to a hospital, where she was in a coma for months before recently awaking. Aubrey convinced Rama Patel to turn over the evidence that would free Kim, and Kim promised to track Stacy down.

Rex invited Aubrey to spend Christmas with him and Shane, and Aubrey excitedly decorated the house. But before Christmas, Rex and Shane took a last-minute trip to Paris, Texas, to support Noelle in a pie baking contest in Gigi's honor. Rex told Aubrey he would be back before Christmas and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Aubrey was disappointed when Rex didn't return by Christmas, and told Rama that she felt Rex wasn't telling her something. When Rex and Aubrey next met, Rex told her that Gigi in fact was alive and that the woman who had died of carbon monoxide poisoning was Stacy. Aubrey understood that her relationship with Rex was over but was glad for the friendship they had shared. After Rex left to be with Gigi, Aubrey wistfully took one last look around the Buchanan mansion before leaving for parts unknown.

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