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Whitney has decided, quite comically, to become a if that will erase all of her sins, or keep her from wanting Chad, or make the storyline watchable again.

Have you ever had one of those days that the longer it goes on, the worse it gets? No particular reason for having a bad day, just one of those days. Well Tuesday was one of those days for me. And I have to thank the writers of Passions for making that day a little bit better. See when I got home after a stressful day, I chose to unwind by watching Passions. I usually watch Passions in the morning while I'm eating breakfast and getting dressed. But for some reason I chose to watch it Tuesday evening. And lo and behold, perhaps the funniest moment that has ever occurred on the show took place. Little Ethan ran into Pilar's foyer, said, "Hey what's that," ripped the blanket off the coffin, and screamed bloody murder while Ethan yells, "What the hell?" I don't know why, but from that moment on, my day got tremendously better.

On Tuesday nights, my boyfriend and I have a ritual of watching "Rescue Me" on FX. It's a wonderful show, perhaps the best on television. I have been hooked since episode one and haven't missed an episode. Tuesday night was no different. For those of you that don't follow the show, Tommy, the main character, has learned in recent weeks that his father had an affair that produced two children. Tommy and his full-brother Johnny, find their half-sister attractive, and have a competition going to see whom she'll go out with. Well Tommy won Tuesday night, and not only went on a date with his half-sister, he made out with her too. And while watching this, all I could think was, Passions beat them to the punch. However, the revelation was made that the half-sister's mother was a bit loose, and it is believed that she is of no relation to Tommy. Still in all, incest is running rampant on the tube these days.

Chad just makes me sick. It's almost a given, the way he talks about a life and a family with Whitney and Miles, that they aren't siblings. It's probably true that he is the product of Julian and the frog's one-night stand. But that still makes them cousins, and while it's legal in some states, that still don't make it right. Now Whitney has decided, quite comically I might add, to become a nun. As if that will erase all her sins. As if that will keep her from wanting Chad. As if that will make this storyline watchable again.

Simone on the other hand, will probably care less that Chad is her cousin and not her brother. I gotta hand it to her, she knocked the crap out of Spike. I found myself cheering her on, hoping she'd killed him. And Jessica is the biggest dummy ever. Simone straight up said she is in an abusive relationship, and Jessica refused to listen to her. Licking all those happy stickers has caused that chick some brain damage.

What is the deal with Ivy? If she's not cutting down Fancy, she's cutting down Fox. She has made it abundantly clear she is not happy about Fox's newfound feelings for Kay, and she has taken measures to make sure they don't live happily ever after. Thing is, Kay could crush Ivy like a bug if she wanted. You'd think Ivy would be the biggest champion in this relationship. Is Ivy's problem the fact that Kay is not a blue blood? Hard to imagine because she's been in love with the poster boy of blue collar her whole life.

And Luke and Laura, I mean Noah and Fancy, enjoy a nice romantic time, until she reads some old love letters. What man carries love letters around in his wallet? My boyfriend carries Quizno's coupons around, I guess that could be the same thing. I really like these two together, but I'd also like to see them get involved in something other than each other. There lines are getting stale and old.

Sheridan stands up to her father, but it doesn't stop CPS from taking Mark from her. Sher-Sher has known this boy for a few hours and "loves him with all her heart." Does she love him, or is he just a replacement Marty? I think I would have taken the boy as well. She shouldn't worry though, Chad adopted Miles in a matter of minutes, there's no reason she shouldn't be able to do the same thing with Mark.

And there is Theresa cozying up to Alistair, while Ethan fumes. I don't understand this relationship at all. Ethan wants Theresa, but can't (why again?) leave Gwen. Theresa wants Ethan and pulls stunt after stunt, which usually disgusts Ethan and leaves her in a bad situation. And Gwen has seen this very scenario unfold time and again, and refuses to release her grip on Ethan. It is time for this storyline to end one way or the other.

High Point of the Week:: Little Ethan opening that coffin. Funniest thing on that show in years.

Low Point of the Week:: Ivy. What a witch!

Some Random Thoughts:

21 More Days until LSU Football starts!!!!!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon wants to know, "what is TPTB?" TPTB stands for The Powers That Be.

"Finally something other than the Harmonyites moaning about their painful lives. I really am loving the Kay/Fox storyline. They both could use a little firing up. I was getting really sick of Fox ranting about his son (it was getting as bad as Antonio with "Ma wife"). Now he has something else to focus on, and I really like the new more responsible Kay who has a purpose to her life other than Miguel. There was no chemistry between her and Miguel anyway, but I can see it between her and Fox! It is about time they switched up some of the storylines and gave this show new life!" Thanks Jeannie!

"Theresa and Alistair are disgusting. Why would Ethan even want to be with her after Alistair touching her? Wouldn't it be funning if she and Alistair were related? It seems on the show that only characters with chemistry and somehow related through blood ties or are step-brothers or sister." Thanks Shel!

"I don't understand the writers. They have an occasional flash of perfection, i.e.: Ms. Wallace surfing out on a sign that says "You are now leaving Harmony: Goodbye," and then drone on and on and on about Whitney and Chad, or Theresa and Ethan. Geez! The whole Kay/Fox thing was so cool, so naturally they don't show more than a few seconds, but Whit/Chad is endless. EWW? Watching Kay and Fox grinning at each other was just too cute. The whole Mark/Sheridan thing is another yawner. Here's Maureen, no ID, refusing medical treatment...with a baby...hmmmm. Beth all over again. One more comment; Ivy sucks as a mother. Yeah, she's trying (?) with Fox, but she is treating Fancy shamefully. How did Fox turn out so sweet?" My guess is a really sweet teacher at his boarding school. Thanks Mary Jane!

Brenda asks, "I noticed your last name is Prine. Are you related to John Prine, the singer/songwriter or Andrew Prine, the actor?" I married a man who claimed he was related to John Prine, but then again he also told people he was a close, personal friend of Shaquille O'Neal. I know the latter was not true, but the former I cannot prove. However, I am related to a wonderful bunch of Cajuns!!!

"One thing that really bothered me this week was Alistair and all the horrible things he said to Sheridan. And not only that, but everyone in the room at the time. If Martin, Pilar, Katherine, Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa were really furious at Alistair for what he was saying to Sheridan, then as a group, they could've shown him the door instead of just letting him go on and on and on about what a pathetic woman Sheridan is! (And while I agree with some of the things he said, most of them were just way out of line.) In my opinion, the only thing that really bites about this whole disaster storyline is that the one character who wasn't involved, not even for one episode, was Paloma. Wouldn't she have been worried about her family, Katherine, and Sheridan?" Thanks Jamison!

"To the Writers Please start writing a story of substance and start giving the viewers shockers, leave us in suspense for once in the history of Passions. Stop having us predict what you have written already, let us crave for the next and next episode and not feeling like we can miss a whole week and still not miss anything." Thanks CAS!

Quote of the week: "I think Teresa shows her love for Ethan a little more than Gwen. I also think that Sheridan should be able to keep Mark and get Marty back. It is about time Sheridan had some sort of good luck on Passion. And what ever happened to the 'demon babies'!" The "demon babies" are the writers. They are demons for making us watch the same things over and over. Thanks Crystal!

Until next week friends,

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