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Tough choices
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Since Jonathan came to town, he has been part pain in the butt, part vulnerable teen, and it's all coming to a head this summer with Nate/Alfred in town.

We all have times in our life when we are faced with tough choices. Since Jonathan came to town, he has been part pain in the butt, part vulnerable teen. And it's all coming to a head this summer with Nate/Alfred in town.

This past week, Jonathan had the chance to put an end to his misery - and Alfred/Nate himself. Not that I'm condoning murder - but Alfred is certainly not on anyone's holiday card list. His mistreatment (which he calls "love") of Jonathan is well documented. The master puppeteer - he's been pulling Jonathan's strings since he was "abandoned" by Reva all those years ago. This historical revisionist has been planting the seeds for a big pay day for decades. Talk about dedication - and a total wacko!!

As Jonathan, Reva and Tammy each faced off with Alfred this week, I tried to put myself in their shoes. Each had some chance to kill or at least injure Alfred. Friday's cliffhanger shows that the drama will continue this week. But what would I do in such a situation? That's a tough call.

Michelle has returned to town - with a growing secret. But who's the daddy? I am very tired of these paternity issues - GL has done so many over the years. However, there is one Springfield resident more than a little desperate for a bundle of joy - so what will this mean to Michelle and her baby? Edmund has certainly made some tough choices in his life - usually all designed to suit his current wants/needs. Watch out Michelle!! Ask nearly anyone in Springfield - Edmund is not to be trusted!!

Beth has a tough choice of her own to make - whether or not to marry Alan. Ever the master manipulator, Alan wants to start off a marriage with the love of Phillip's life with a lie (that Phillip is really alive when he told Beth otherwise - shocking, I know, for this to happen on a soap). I would hope that Lillian would have talked some sense into Beth - and Lizzie's reaction will surely be volatile. Of course, what will Phillip think if/when he returns to town?

And Harley has to decide whether to pursue the leads that Phillip is really alive, or possibly lose Gus. Harley has had more than her fair share of hard luck in the love department over the years, so I can certainly see her reluctance to take the walk down the aisle again. I'd say go for it - but let Mallet or Frank keep their eyes open for signs of Phillip.

It looks like there are many dilemmas facing the citizens of Springfield as summer draws to a close. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out, though. I would like to see how each of you feels about the current stories. Here's a thread link for the Soap Central message board. Here are the questions I would love to see discussed:

# 1 - If you were Jonathan would you have killed/injured Alfred/Nate when you had the chance?

# 2- Should Michelle tell Danny about the baby?

# 3 - Given her less-than-perfect ex-spouses, and the possibility that Phillip is alive - which we all know he is - should Harley marry Gus?

# 4 - Would you marry Alan if you were Beth?

Can't wait to see what everyone has to say!! Here is the link:

For those in the Washington DC/Richmond area - GL is doing a big appearance at Kings Dominion September 10th and I plan on being there. Please email me and let me know if you plan on attending - I love to put faces with names of GL fans that I've talked to over the years. I even met a cousin yesterday that I had never met who is a fan of GL and has watched as long as I have (1976) - small world! So hi to Duina and her GL fan (and son) Will - hope to see you again soon!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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