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July 2000
Passions yanked in Canada
Many Canadian viewers who watch Passions on CTV will find themselves without a show this fall.
Robin Mattson
July 2000
Mattson isn't joining the cast
Ever since the writers at All My Children so unceremoniously wrote her out of the show, Robin Mattson has been a wanted woman --- at least according the Internet rumors. The former General Hospital and AMC star is not, however, joining Passions.
Maureen McCormick
July 2000
Maureen McCormick leaving the Passions bunch
It's the story of a lovely lady who graced the Passions bunch for just about a month. Then she vanished.
Taylor Anne Mountz
July 2000
The tension Mountz in Kay recast scenario
Soap Central previously reported that Passions execs were in the process of renegotiating contract terms with Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay Bennett). For several weeks there were no new developments, but that has now changed.
Robin Strasser
September 2000
Robin Strasser joining Passion as a witch
Emmy Award-winning Robin Strasser, known for her decades-long portrayal of Dorian Lord on One Life to Live, will be joining the cast of Passions. Strasser's addition brings to two the total number of former Llanview residents now finding refuge in Harmony. Earlier this year, Andrea Evans (ex-Tina, One Life to Live) joined the show as Rebecca Hotchkiss.
Liza Huber
October 2000
Liza Huber leaving Passions and acting
Her mother is the most recognizable face in daytime television, but Liza Huber (Gwen) has decided that she doesn't necessarily want to follow in her famous mother's footsteps.
Mckenzie Westmore
November 2000
Is Sheridan really dead?
Passions fans are in an uproar over the death of Sheridan Crane. The character's death came as the climax to weeks of the highly publicized "One of these characters will die" advertising campaign.
Robin Strasser
November 2000
Report: Strasser gone in '01
Robin Strasser could be called the Heather Locklear of daytime television. Locklear was added to the primetime soap Melrose Place in its second season as an attempt to raise the show's visibility. Locklear helped boost the show's ratings and, though she was billed as a "special guest star" for more than a handful of years, Locklear remained on the show until its final episode in 1996.

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