Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald
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Actor History

Sloane Kiley (21 July 2003 to fall 2005)

Lauren and Hannah Maddox (fall 2005)

Mercedez and Isabella Soto (23 November 2005 to December 2005)

Layla and Logan Wheeler (December 2005 to 2006)

Emma and Abby McCoy (recurring: February 2007 to present)

Anara Greene (2003; dream scene)

Other Names

Full name is Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald


Born in Harmony Hospital on 21 July 2003


Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (father)

Kay Bennett (mother)

Martin Fitzgerald (paternal grandfather)

Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal grandmother)

Sam Bennett (maternal grandfather)

Grace Standish (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Brian Fitzgerald (paternal great-grandfather)

Antonio Lopez (paternal great-grandfather)

Maria Lopez (paternal great-grandmother)

Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal uncle; deceased)

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal uncle; deceased)

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal aunt)

Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal aunt)

Noah Bennett (maternal uncle)

Jessica Bennett (maternal aunt)

Ethan Winthrop (maternal half-uncle)

Ethan Crane (paternal cousin / biological maternal half-cousin)

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal cousin; deceased)

Jane Winthrop (paternal cousin / maternal half-cousin)

Samuel Herbert Bennett (maternal cousin)

Sarah Winthrop (maternal half-cousin; stillborn)

Jonathan Winthrop (maternal half-cousin)

Florencia Lopez (great-aunt) (nun)

Francisco Lopez (great-uncle)

Maria Lopez (great-aunt)

Hank Bennett (great-uncle)

Faith Standish (great-aunt; deceased)

Charity Standish (first cousin once removed)

Brief Character History

Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald would never have been conceived if her father had been allowed to decide for himself who he made love to. Kay used the essence of Charity to physically turn herself into Charity, and when Miguel made love to her, he believed he was making love to his soulmate, and not his former best friend. Even before her birth she was used as a tool of manipulation by her mother to break up Miguel and Charity. She was born nearly two months premature, and almost died. It was Charity's promise to Death that she would give up her true love, Miguel, that saved young Maria's life. Shortly thereafter, her mother gave her a name...Maria for Miguel's aunt and grandmother, after Tabitha convinced Kay that the best way to manipulate Miguel was through using a name important to him, and Ivy for Ivy Winthrop Crane, the woman who has been seeking to destroy Kay's family for years, because Kay was furious with Grace for not supporting her manipulating and scheming to break up Miguel and Charity. She also gave the baby Miguel's last name. Kay was released soon after, but it was a number of weeks before Maria was released, going home at Thanksgiving.

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