Jesse Metcalfe
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Actor History

Jesse Metcalfe (contract: July 5, 1999 to July 26, 2004)

Adrian Bellani (contract: February 8, 2006 to September 7, 2007)

Blair Redford (December 24, 2007 to Present)

Joshua Alban (2001 to 2003; age 2 flashbacks)

Jaylen Moore (guest: 2005 [phone voice])


Harmony Community College

Harmony High School (graduated 2001)


College Student

Cannery Worker (former)


462 Railroad Street

Marital Status

Married to Kay Bennett [Engaged: Summer 2007; Married: Jul 21, 2008]

Past Marriages



Martin Fitzgerald (father)

Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (mother)

Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother; deceased)

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (brother)

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)

Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (sister)

Brian Fitzgerald (paternal grandfather)

Antonio Lopez (maternal grandfather)

Maria Lopez (maternal grandmother)

Florencia Lopez (maternal aunt) (nun)

Francisco Lopez (maternal uncle)

Maria Lopez (maternal aunt)

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (nephew; deceased)

Jane Winthrop (niece)

Ethan Crane (nephew)


Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (daughter; with Kay)

Flings & Affairs

Charity Standish (fiancée)

Kay Bennett (non-consensual)

Siren (flirtation)

Kay Bennett (during her engagement to Fox, adulterous)

Crimes Committed

Stole Eve's keys, broke into her office and read Fox's medical file. [Dec 28, 2006]

Brief Character History

The second-youngest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan, Miguel was a ladies' man in high-school. He had numerous girlfriends and dates, but the moment he met Charity Standish, his heart belonged to her forever. He had no idea that his best friend Kay (who just happened to be Charity's cousin) was after him in a romantic way. Miguel and Charity had been working hard to convince Faith to stay in Castleton when a fire ended Faith's life and Charity came to Harmony. Miguel and Kay went on a desperate search for her after she disappeared and luckily were able to find her, and then Charity moved into the Bennett home. Although their relationship was first hampered by amnesia (a Standish family trait), she eventually remembered who he was when he saved her life a second time. Miguel and Charity soon became the 'perfect couple', deeply in love with each other and dreaming of a future together, not realising that Kay was plotting against them the entire time.

Miguel and Charity made plans to become engaged as soon as both were 18, but then Charity started acting...strange. She would alternately push him away and then hang on to him. Miguel couldn't understand why the woman he loved was acting so strange, but none of it seemed to matter the night that Charity and he made love. Miguel was both shocked and disgusted after they made love to see that it wasn't Charity in the bed with him, but Kay. Miguel has had no luck explaining how he ended up in bed with his soulmate's cousin, mainly because he does not realize that Kay used dark magic to turn herself into her cousin. When Miguel made love to Kay, she actualy was Charity. Charity was then discovered to have been encased in an ice block for the last year (by Kay, which is as yet unknown), and Miguel threatened to kill anyone who was prepared to pull the plug when Charity was being kept at the hospital.

Charity eventually recovered enough to be released, and Miguel did what he had wanted to do for a long time...he asked her to marry him. The two began planning their wedding, oblivious to the schemes of Miguel's 'best friend' Kay. Every time they were alone together, Kay tried to make Miguel feel guilty about the night they were together, calling him down for taking her virginity then dumping her. Miguel kept trying to make her see that it was all a mistake...he had never loved her and never would, and would never have chosen to be with her. Everything came crashing down at Charity and Miguel's wedding, when Kay fainted, and it was discovered that she was pregnant with Miguel's baby! Charity immediately broke things off with Miguel, and Sam Bennett immediately launched himself at the man who had impregnated his daughter.

Miguel had to fight long and hard, especially with Kay constantly pressuring him to be with her, but thanks in part to Grace Bennett, he was able to convince Charity that he loved her. Although she was Kay's mother, Grace's special powers showed her that Kay was being ruled by evil, and Grace has always known that Miguel and Charity were soulmates. Now Miguel and Charity are planning their future together, a future that while it does not include Kay, does include their daughter. Miguel was terrified when his daughter was born early and nearly died, and doesn't realize that Kay has been manipulating the situation so that he cannot seek comfort from the woman that he loves.

After Charity's near death experience in Castleton, Miguel was horrified that the dog he thought he'd speared was really Kay, and that the injuries she sustained made it impossible for her to ever have any more children. That didn't change the fact that he was not in love with Kay; despite her numerous pleas, even his feelings of friendship for Kay had long fallen away. After saying goodbye to her, he left Harmony to bring back his true love Charity after learning that she left town.

Miguel returned to Harmony a couple of years later for his parents' vow renewal, and even though it didn't take off, decided to stick around. He wanted to be a good father, and he had realized over the years that he was in love with Kay and wanted a future with her. Kay continued to push him away, claiming she was in love with Fox, and Miguel attempted to move on with newcomer Siren.

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