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Monday, April 30

Following a close call outside the bike shop, an angry Alison accuses Sam of deliberately trying to run her down. Ian promises Arianna they'll go back to the loft together. Stunned by Chris' announcement, Eve wonders how to break the big news to Ian. Baffled when Joe swears he never heard of any Karen Wexler, Frank becomes more perplexed to discover that the photo of his girlfriend has vanished from his wallet. Later, a worried Joe confides to Gabriela his fear that his brother may be losing his grip. Meanwhile, Rhonda takes her "usual" barstool at Jake's. Sam feigns innocence in front of Alison but afterwards warns Jamal that the next time his blonde cookie might not be so lucky. Frank hurries to Karen's apartment and finds a total stranger living there. Eve rushes to tell Ian that she's carrying his child but falters when she learns how he's planning to take his wife home. Frank tracks down an inebriated Rhonda, who insists she has no daughter. Jamal orders Zach to back off Alison or else forget about their deal. Guessing too late that Rhonda was "Cookie" back in 1973, Frank is devastated to realize what his mistake has cost him.

Tuesday, May 1

At Jake's Frank presses Rhonda for details about the night of the school dance. Recalling how she was communicating with some guy on her dad's computer, Rhonda is startled when Frank repeats verbatim the messages they exchanged in 1973. Kevin steels himself for an evening of small talk with Jack while Lucy tries to keep the mood light during their dinner with Livvie and her beau. Summoned by Ian's urgent call, the chief arrives in Port Charles and told Arianna he feels her life spirit still strong deep within her ailing body. Frank brought Rhonda back to his garage to show her "Nellie" but discovers that the computer has vanished. Desperate to convince a wary Rhonda that he's not crazy, Frank shows her the note she left for him behind the loose brick in front of Kelly's. Astonished to recognize her own handwriting, Rhonda bitterly describes for Frank how his misguided advice all those years ago completely ruined her life. Kevin, Jack and Lucy are amused to learn that Estelle's "imaginary" boyfriend is anything but. Realizing he's destroyed not only Karen but possibly Arianna as well, Frank vows to find a way to put things right.

Wednesday, May 2

Ian continues to make Arianna comfortable, and she told him how nice it is to be back home.

Chris accompanies Eve to her doctor's appointment. Eve introduces herself as "Eve Miller", and Chris pretends to be her husband. Eve admits to Chris that this was not the way she had planned - that she and Ian should be celebrating this day instead of her having to use a false name at an out-of-town doctor.

Joe talks to Kevin about his concerns with Frank's behavior and obsession with "Karen Wexler". As they are talking Joe receives a phone call from Rhonda asking him to come and get Frank who has just broken into her house and is ranting about needing to find Karen.

Against Rhonda's wishes, Frank went downstairs and finds the computer in her father's den. The calendar on the wall still reflects April 1973 and the flyer for the high school dance is still on the desk. Frantically, Frank tries to get the computer to work as Kevin comes down to talk to him, trying to get him to leave before Rhonda calls the police.

Lucy went to the loft to take Ian some hospital information and is very surprised when the chief answers the door. From past conversations with Ian, she realizes who he is and told him how honored she is to meet him and how much she believes in having a soul mate and living in past lives. The chief finds her charming and told her that they would talk again. As Eve and Chris wait for the test results, they each wonder why events in their lives never have happy endings.

Lucy tries to convince Ian that things will work out, and how he is turning his back on his own destiny.

Joe calls for help as Rhonda faints on the couch. Kevin told Frank that he believes him and will help him figure everything out.

Thursday, May 3

Jamal confides to Jack how crucial it is that he win the evening's race and force Zach to back off. Meanwhile, Alison and Livvie plan a romantic dinner for four. Frank explains to an incredulous Kevin how he accidentally erased Karen from existence. Joe rushes an unconscious Rhonda to the ER, where she's treated for a bad case of alcohol poisoning. Alison is disappointed when Jamal told her he won't be able to make dinner that night. Later, Jamal privately reminds Jack to stick close to Alison until the debt is repaid. After Kevin promises to keep an open mind, Frank discloses the details of his peculiar connection to the past which radically altered the present. Eve learns that Rhonda may be a medical match for Arianna. Listening to Frank's description of the girl he loved and lost, Kevin makes a sketch of Karen. Alison is startled to learn that the $25,000 windfall didn't come from her grandmother after all.

Friday, May 4

Kevin spoke to Rhonda to ascertain whether or not there really was a Karen Wexler. Rhonda insisted that Frank was crazy and that she didn't have a daughter. Ian overheard Kevin and asked if there was even the slightest chance that Karen really did exist. Kevin found out from Victor that there were no records anywhere of Karen.

Frank ran from everyone because he knew they believed he was crazy. He remained determined to not only find evidence of Karen's life, but to return her to the present time. Ian found him in the park and asked for information about Karen. Frank recounted the whole story again, but Ian didn't believe it. When Frank mentioned something that only Eve, Ian, and Karen could know, Ian realized Frank could be telling the truth.

Livvie and Alison commanded Jack to tell them where Jamal was and what was going on. Jack hemmed and hawed and tried not to tell them anything. A customer came in talking about the motorcycle races and Alison figured out that Jamal was racing. They all rushed to the track just as Jamal was crossing the winning line. Alison pulled him away from Zach and Sam and demanded to know why he was racing again.

Eve attempted to tell Ian about the baby, but a series of interruptions prevented her from doing so. She finally gave up and made up a story that he believed. Chris chastised her for not telling Ian the truth, but Eve didn't feel that the time was right. She told Chris that whether or not Ian was a part of her life didn't matter. She was prepared to raise and love her child on her own. Chris told her that she didn't have to do that because he was willing to help her. He asked her if she would consider marrying him.

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