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Arianna Shapour Thornhart
Actor History
Opal Anchel (January 2001 to 29 May 2001)
Resides At
Formerly at Frank's old apartment
Formerly at Scanlon home basement
Marital Status
Married (Dr. Ian Thornhart)
Past Marriages
Ben Shapour (Brother; Deceased)
One Miscarriage (father unknown)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
Ran down Eve by accident (charges dropped)

Broke into the Scanlon house for a place to stay

Agree to married Ian to escape deportation

Brief Character History

Before hightailing it to Port Charles, Arianna was raped by an unknown man. The sexual assualt left her pregnant -- and her family felt she had "dishonored" them. Her family ordered their son Ben, to do an "honor killing". When Arianna arrived in Port Charles, she hit Eve, who was crossing the street to start a life with love Ian. Arianna was visibly shaken but bolted from the scene.

Arianna was arrested, but Ian posted bail. Arianna followed Ian home and broke into the Scanlon basement and slept on the floor. Eve recovered from her injuries and no charges were brought upon her. Arianna filled Ian in on her brother being sent to do an honor killing and take her life for bringing shame to her family. A sickened Ian offered to protect and help her. Arianna then realized she was pregnant from her rape. Arianna was then tracked down by her brother, Ben at the Scanlon home. Arianna tried to escape but Ben grabbed her and they struggled, and she fell down the stairs, losing the baby.

Ben arrived at GH with INS agents and said that he would deport his sister. Ian again vowed to protect her and they went on the run to the cabin in the woods. Ben convinced an oblivious Eve to help him track them down. Once they arrived, Eve's life was put in danger when Ian and Arianna escaped. Arianna and Ian married so she could stay in the country.

They moved into Frank and Courtney's old apartment and took some photographs for a scrapbook to fool the INS. Unknowingly to Ian, Arianna, who was aware of Ian's love for Eve, was falling in love with him. Feeling Ben was no longer a threat, Arianna agreed to go into the witness protection program. But on that fateful night, Ian left to go to GH while Arianna stayed home. Arianna was instructed to keep the door locked, but she left for a split second to get her and Ian's photo album. During that time, Ben snuck in the apartment and stabbed Arianna several times. During that time, Ian and Eve slept together at GH, which resulted in Eve's pregnancy. Kevin arrived on the scene and rushed Arianna to GH.

Ben arrived at the PCPD and announced he could not be arrested because he had immunity from his country. Ben arrived at the hospital, where he and Ian had a face off on the roof, which caused Ben to fall to his death. Arianna desperately needed a liver to live. Eve wanted to donate, but during that time, Chris found out she was pregnant and Eve decided to keep it from Ian due to Arianna's health. Arianna was getting weaker, so Karen, who was a perfect match (as was Rhonda) decided to donate but changed her mind due to fear of returning to her addiction. Karen changed her mind again when she disappeared and no one ever even heard of her. Rhonda was a match, but cirrhosis of the liver prevented Rhonda from donating. Frank rescued Karen from time and Karen successfully donated a liver to Arianna. Arianna stepped aside from Ian and left town to start life anew again.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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