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Monday, May 21

Livvie sends out a frantic SOS to Jamal and Alison after Jack vanishes during their camping trip. Startled to discover that Michael is a priest, Eve feels suddenly awkward around her new acquaintance. Lucy convinces Kevin that their next move should be to consult with the chief. As he monitors Frank's vital signs, Ian detects a drop in the heart rate which the chief ascribes to some disturbance occurring back in the past. Meanwhile, in 1973, Frank is cornered by an angry Mr. Wexler. Ian stonewalls when Lucy presses him to reveal where Frank has gone. Cookie frees Frank just in the nick of time but he's forced to flee before the cops arrive. Jamal finds Jack lying unconscious in the woods. Eve sheepishly admits to Michael that she thought he was flirting with her back at the cabin. Explaining how he's been fixing up the old monastery as part of a vow he made to God, Michael asks Eve why she's on the run. After coming to, a woozy Jack told Livvie and the others he must have tripped in the dark. Ian finally discloses to Lucy and an appalled Kevin how he and the chief have put Frank into a state of suspended animation so he can travel back through time.

Tuesday, May 22

Following a long nap, Eve confides to Michael that she gets easily exhausted because she's pregnant. With Arianna growing continually weaker, Ian promises his dying wife he's still working to find her a donor. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy stick close to Frank as his vital signs begin to flag. In 1973, Frank realizes he's running out of time and decides to risk revealing the truth to Cookie. Glad to have a sympathetic ear in Michael, Eve explains why her lover doesn't know she's carrying his child. Concerned that Frank will perish in pursuit of a futile cause, Kevin snarls at Ian for recklessly endangering another human being's life. Frank told an incredulous Cookie that he's come from the year 2001 to right a wrong. Eve finally returns to Port Charles to find Chris eagerly awaiting her answer to his proposal. Using information he gleaned during their computer chats, Frank manages to convince Cookie she can trust him.

Wednesday, May 23

by Jill

As Eve returned to the cabin, she was very surprised to find Chris sitting on the couch waiting for her. He questioned where she had been all morning and she told him about her conversation with Michael, and how he had helped her to reach some decisions about her life. She told Chris how much she appreciated his support and proposal, and how she even daydreamed about the life they may have together, but she just couldn't marry him. They have a lighthearted conversation about what might have been and Chris wished her luck as he left the cabin smiling. Once on the outside, he took the ring he had bought for Eve out of his pocket and sadly gazed at it.

The Chief, Ian and Lucy tried to calm Kevin's increasing worry over Frank's condition. The Chief warned Ian that any other drug intervention could jeopardize Frank's ability to come back to the present. Under pressure from Kevin, Ian began to give Frank another drug, but was interrupted by Arianna. Her condition had worsened and Ian needed to rush her back to the hospital. Kevin and Lucy stayed to take care of Frank, and Kevin began to panic when his blood pressure dropped very low.

Back in 1973, Frank frantically tried to find the chip that would disable Nellie for good, growing weaker as he worked. He then saw an image of Karen telling him that it wasn't worth dying for, and that he needed to go back. Thinking that it was not real he ignored her plea and kept working on Nellie. He heard Cookie and her Father return home and began to get more frantic. Cookie tried to distract her Father, but he heard a noise from the basement and was angry to find the door to his den locked, and threatened to break it down.

Thursday, May 24

With Frank's vital signs growing dangerously faint, Lucy entreats him to come back to the present day. As he struggles to pull out "Nellie's" main tube, Frank collapses and finds himself surrounded by a blinding white light. Jack assures a concerned Livvie that the fall he took in the woods left no lingering ill effects. Later, Jamal reminds both Livvie and Alison to keep a safe distance from Zach. Lost in time and hovering between life and death, Frank fears that he's failed in his quest to save Karen. Zach and Sam drop by the bike shop with instructions for an irked Jamal. Meanwhile, Alison becomes terrified that her over-confident boyfriend will become just another statistic in the long list of riders injured or killed while racing. Frank hears Karen calling his name and suddenly comes to in the halls of General Hospital. Overjoyed to be reunited with the woman he loves, Frank showers Karen with kisses.

Friday, May 25

At the cabin, Eve confides to Michael why she turned down Chris' marriage proposal and how terribly she misses the father of her unborn child. As Karen prepares to donate a piece of her liver to Arianna, Frank thanks a puzzled Ian and Kevin for helping him reunite with the woman he loves. Lucy encourages Arianna to visualize positive thoughts as she heads into the operating room. Later, Arianna asks an uneasy Ian what the future holds for the two of them if the surgery is successful. Frank is pleased to bump into Rhonda, who expresses her gratitude for the way he's stood by her daughter through thick and thin. Michael advises Eve to use her talent and skills to do good works where she's needed most. An agitated Lucy reports to Kevin that her tarot cards indicate a stranger is about to disrupt their lives. Before being wheeled into the OR, Karen gives Frank her heart locket for safekeeping. Eve decides to make a fresh start for herself and her baby.

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