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Amy (Stradling) Harris
Actor History
Tamara Davies (2 January 2002 to 1 April 2002)
Was shot and killed in 1999.
Resides At
Formerly in a spare bedroom at Eve and Ian's house.
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Mr. Harris (father; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Unnamed college sweetheart
Unnamed boyfriend
Health and Vitals
Suffers from total loss of vision.
Crimes Committed
Broke into Ian and Eve's apartment.

Knocked Ian out with her blow dryer. [Mar 2002]

Plotted to kill Ian. [Mar 2002]

Received her PhD from Berkeley. Final Words

(when Eve asks what's going to happen to her next)
"Come on, I'll show you the way."

Brief Character History

Amy first appeared when a mysterious bright light caused Casey, a feisty college student, to lose control of her motorcycle and nearly mow her down. Casey blasted Amy for causing the accident, angrily asking, "What are you blind, lady?" Amy nodded, confirming that she did suffer from total loss of vision.

Despite her disability, Amy remained extremely perceptive. Her heightened other senses could, at times, be eerily insightful. Ian and Eve offered the woman a place to stay, but Amy's situation turned even worse when she realized that she had lost her wallet. What she didn't know was that Casey had stolen it from her.

Amy lost her vision during her teens, but feels her loss of vision "has its advantage." According to Amy, losing her sight taught her "to understand the sense of touch in a whole new way."

Amy's secret was revealed in mid-January 2002 -- she was an angel who returned to earth to complete her life's mission. That mission involved proving that a blind woman could succeed in life without help and special assistance from others. In life, Amy had left home and fallen for a man that she thought truly cared for her. She found out that he was just using her for his money. When her boyfriend became aware that Amy was on to his plot, he shot and killed her. Amy was never seen again.

As Ian and Amy spent more time together, Amy developed feelings for him, and the secrets he kept from wife Eve created a strain between Ian/Eve and animosity between Eve and Amy. At one point they struggled on a rooftop and Amy fell dozens of stories, only to survive since she was already dead.

Ian and Kevin worked together to dig into Amy and Paige's pasts. Ian discovered crime scene photos of Amy's corpse. As Amy was about to tell Ian she was an angel, Ed beamed her, Rafe, Casey and Paige upstairs. He instructed them not to disobey orders, and convinced Kevin and Ian that Paige and Amy were in the witness protection program.

Soon after this, Ed sensed the presence of a "Dark Angel", a person who was hiding behind goodness. The Dark Angel was Amy, whose friendship with Ian was a mask for her true goal. Even though she had previously identified her parents as the Stradlings (and Ian even called them, after which the father told him their daughter was dead), Amy was actually the daughter of Harris, Ian's old enemy who had been killed in 'Fate'. On his deathbed, he had elicited a promise from Amy to end Ian's life. Amy had tearfully agreed.

What Amy hadn't prepared herself for was actually falling in Ian. She saw Ian and Eve's marriage falling apart and misinterpreted Ian's actions as meaning he wanted a relationship with her. In reality, he had reconciled with Eve and met Amy alone to tell her they would be only friends.

With her final weeks looming, Amy embraced her Dark Angel role with a vengeance, breaking into Ian and Eve's apartment to steal a photo of herself and Harris at a party, taunting Chris (who had been digging into her past after she dared him to, and gave Eve the photo Amy later stole), and making a deadly poison from the extract of a spider. Her desire was to make Ian the fifth chair.

Amy told Ian she was an angel, and only had a week left. She asked him to make love to her as a parting gift. He gently turned her down. Assuming he would change his mind, she repeatedly called him until her last day, when he showed up at her hotel room. Amy prepared the poison and handed the wine to Ian. His toasts to what a true friend and wonderful woman she had been rattled her, and seconds before he drank, she knocked the glass from his hands.

After she explained her past and her initial plans, Ian was stunned, but forgave her. To her amazement, her vision cleared. Her last moments were spent hugging him and finally seeing his handsome face.

Beamed back upstairs, Ed congratulated Amy on overcoming her dark legacy. Her restored vision had been a reward for her good behavior. Amy then had to explain her origins and altered plans to the stunned fifth chair - Eve. Eve realized if Amy had not summoned Ian, he would have been in the car accident with Eve, and Danny would've lost both his parents. With Eve grateful to Amy, the women bonded for the first time.

Promising Eve that she would help her understand her new surroundings, Amy left, confident and happy after proving once and for all that she had her own mind and was her own person.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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