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Chris Ramsey
Actor History
Nolan North (1 June 1997 to 3 October 2003)
Real estate investor
Chief Resident at General Hospital
Resides At
An upscale apartment
Marital Status
Single/Annulment (Julie Morris-Devlin)
Past Marriages
Julie Morris-Devlin
Henry Ramsey (father; deceased)
Mrs. Ramsey (mother; deceased)
Jack Ramsey (brother)
Unknown Ramsey (brother)
Unknown Ramsey (sister)
Unknown Ramsey (sister)
Flings & Affairs
Donna French
Courtney Kanelos
Nicole Devlin Livvie Locke
Gabriela Garza (Dated)
Doree (Dated)
Crimes Committed
Helped Julie Devlin escape Ferncliff

Blackmailed Eve Lambert into helping him break up Julie Morris and Frank Scanlon

Sent Frank a newspaper clipping about Julie and her family, thus having Frank discover Julie lied to him.

Unauthorized research on vampire blood.

Brief Character History

Chris Ramsey grew up as the son of a con artist, taking care of his brothers and sisters, staying in an expensive hotel on a good week and in a flophouse on a bad week. His self serving nature is masked by his suave exterior. He was initially interested in Julie Morris, but didn't seem to understand that she was interested in Frank Scanlon. He blackmailed Eve Lambert into helping him break them up, and when she refused, he took matter into his own hands, mailing proof that Julie lied to Frank.

Shortly after this, Chris had an affair with Julie's mother, Nicole Devlin. Nicole was simply using him for revenge against her husband Bennett. Chris was a suspect in the General Homicide murders, needled his nemesis Dr. Matt Harmon, and had a fling with Courtney Kanelos which ended badly.

Chris learned about Julie's pregnancy that no one knew about when she was in Ferncliff, a mental home Julie got put into when she was charged for murdering numerous people. Julie escaped from Ferncliff when she was about to give birth, Chris brought Julie's baby into the world, Christina (named after Chris). Christina was intercepted by Lucy and Scott, and they hoped to adopt Christina, the only problem is they didn't know who the birth mother was. Julie was determined to get her baby back with the help of Chris. She was also trying to get out of Ferncliff by saying that Greg Cooper committed the murders and brain washed her into thinking she committed the murders, Dr. Rachel Locke thought Julie is telling the truth. Chris and Julie are now married and trying to figure out the right time to get Christina back.

Chris initially married Julie because she promised him half of the DL-56 profits, but they fell in love for real. His heart was broken when she left town with Christina, leaving him behind and saying goodbye in a note. Swearing revenge on her parents (Drs. Rachel Locke and Kevin Collins), Chris learned young newcomer Livvie was Kevin's daughter and thought Rachel was her mother. Chris exposed the truth to her through others, and began an affair with her. This ended very badly when she learned of his lies.

Around this time, Jack Ramsey arrived in town. Jack was his mother's son by another man, and Chris hated him. Before long, the hatred was mutual.

Not helping the matter, Chris kidnapped Jack for experiments when he discovered Jack had strange blood work. The idea of vampirism and the profits that can bring excite Chris more than anything else, and he's currently working on a formula taken from the blood of several victims, including Jack and Gabriela. Sadly, Karen was accidentally injected with the needle he planned to use on himself.

Chris was named chief resident after Karen's pill addiction cost her the job.

The only constant in Chris' life, aside from being the town pariah, is his friendship with and deep love for Eve Lambert. They trade wisecracks and reveal emotional secrets they never let others see. They've come close to making love - he even proposed to her once - but it wasn't meant to be.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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