LOPEZ Family Tree
Miguel/Antonio Lopez
Both Antonio and Miguel have been stated to have been named after Pilar's father.
Miguel/Antonio and his wife had a total of eight children.

m. Maria

    c. Florencia Lopez
    As a nun, Florencia is the Bride of Christ and has neither spouse nor offspring.

    c. Pilar Lopez
        m. Martin Fitzgerald (see Fitzgerald)
            c. Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (died in 2004; Deceased)
                m. Sheridan Crane (2002-2004; see Crane)
            c. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
                a. Sheridan Crane (see Crane)
                    c. Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (2003-2006; Deceased)
            m. Sheridan Crane (2006; invalid)
            c. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
                a. Ethan Winthrop
                    c. Ethan Crane (2002)
                    Adopted by Alistair in 2005.
                m. Julian Crane (invalid; see Crane)
                r. Ethan Winthrop (see Winthrop and Bennett)
                    c. Jane Winthrop
                m. Alistair Crane (2005)
                m. Jared Casey (2007; invalid)
                m. Ethan Winthrop (2007; invalid)
            c. Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
                r. Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett (see Standish and Bennett)
                    c. Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (2003)
            c. Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald

    c. Francisco Lopez
        m. Cristina

    c. Maria Lopez
    Maria raised Pilar's daughter Paloma from infancy through to her late teens.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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