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Passions Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on PS
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Monday, March 26, 2001

Luis angrily declares all the Cranes twisted and warped, then hastily backpedals to reassure Sheridan that he doesn't lump her in with her disgusting family. Eve begins to wonder if Chad could really be her long- lost son. Cradling an unconscious Kay in his arms, Miguel fears that his friend may have given her life to save his. Meanwhile, Timmy suffers the slings and arrows of an outraged Hecuba as the mini-witch attempts to sizzle her way out of a bottle. Hoping to help an edgy Chad pass the time as he waits for the DNA results, Ethan and Theresa urge their friend to confess his feelings for Whitney. T.C. hears Eve crying for her firstborn and assumes she's still fretting over Whitney. Grace eavesdrops as Ivy presses Sam to admit how often he thinks about the passionate night when Ethan was conceived. Miguel struggles to reach the golden light but watches in horror as another cave-in buries the magic box. As Tabitha frantically hunts for a cork, Hecuba continues to pepper the hapless Timmy's hand with bolts of lightning. Sheridan sadly tells Luis his suspicions about her father are probably right. Grace's anger begins to ebb when she overhears Sam telling Ivy how much he loves his wife. Kay comes to and makes her way with Miguel to the mouth of Hecuba's cave.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

As Grace happily rushes into Sam's arms, Ivy fears she's lost Sam forever. Alistair berates his gloomy son for blowing yet another assignment in the wake of Sheridan's foray into the Crane archives. At the cottage, Luis puts Sheridan at ease about his feelings for her. An excited Theresa pushes Whitney and Chad to join her and Ethan in a double wedding ceremony. Eve weeps to think that her daughter and her son might have unwittingly fallen for one another. Later, Eve's guilty conscience leads her to imagine herself as the target of a tell-all talk show about dirty little secrets. Father Lonigan reminds Ivy that she must live with the consequences of her deceit. Stung when Sam reveals he knew she was eavesdropping, Grace furiously accuses her husband of lying yet again to manipulate her emotions. Theresa confidently informs a startled Whitney that she will soon be carrying Chad's baby. Alistair instructs Julian to kill Sheridan.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

In the hospital, an unconscious Eve confuses TC by saying such things as "I'm sorry," "I didn't know," and "Julian." She awakes, unsure of where she is, and recovering her composure less quickly than she would like. TC and a doctor insist that she be given a physical, despite her protests that it's just low blood sugar from not eating. Fr. Lonigan visits her, because he'd heard that she had fainted. She confesses her concern about Chad. Fr. Lonigan cautions her to come clean, echoing Grace's belief that there is an evil in Harmony who will prey on whatever makes itself vulnerable.

Whitney's hunch, that Eve's work computer and home computer have the same password, proves correct, but the results of the DNA program are incomprehensible to laymen. They must wait for Eve to translate.

Sheridan and Luis reaffirm their love to one another, as Julian aims a gun at them. He cannot bring himself to kill his own sister. He decides to try convincing her to leave Luis (so he could kill Luis and spare her), but he hears her say that Julian and Alistair will never break them up. Still, he cannot kill anyone, just yet. He goes to the Book Café and gets a non-fiction mystery about unsolved crimes, hoping for ideas to commit the perfect murder.

Ethan rails again at his mother about her and Sam Bennett. Theresa privately tells Ivy that she's trying to soften him on that subject. Ethan tells his mother that he is happy to have Theresa, whom he knows he can trust fully. A guilty Theresa looks guilty.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

ped in a bottle by Timmy and Tabitha, Hecuba threatens her tormentors with a spell which could turn them both into dumb clucks. Chad keeps a grateful Whitney company as she waits for word on her mother's health. Meanwhile, Sam scoffs at T.C.'s theory that Eve and Julian are Chad's biological parents. Grace and Ivy give Eve conflicting advice about how to maneuver through the minefield which her life has suddenly become. Certain he's uncovered the shocking secret behind Chad's paternity, T.C. breaks out in a cold sweat to think how close his elder daughter has grown to her new friend. As Sheridan and Luis tell Ethan and Theresa about their ill-fated venture into the vault, Julian reads up on how to commit the perfect murder. Unable to locate Charity, Miguel and Kay decide to return to the Bennetts'. Questioned by her worried dad, Whitney nervously assures him that she and Chad are not dating. Tabitha takes possession of Kay's soul.

Friday, March 30, 2001

The show was mostly a recap of things that have been going on in the last couple of weeks.

Rebecca continues to keep Gwen in her plot to marry Julian. Theresa's downfall keeps Gwen interested enough to ask Ethan and Theresa when the wedding date will be, which is information that Rebecca needs. Rebecca goes to the Crane mansion to find Julian drinking and brooding over something private (Alistair's orders to kill Sheridan and Luis).

Ivy and Grace continue to debate the merits and flaws of Eve telling TC about her past with Julian, but TC-who has figured out the whole story, including the part about Chad-is demanding that Eve download the results of the DNA test. The parents find their daughter kissing Chad, and each realizes privately how important this download will be. TC is so agitated that he demands to know why the download is taking so long, why it's such a large file, what this means, etc., despite the fact that the screen has blinked the word "downloading" only two or three times in rapid succession. Meanwhile, Chad has suggested to Whitney that he simply delete the file and never learn a truth that may take him away from her.

Grace tells Sam that he married her on the rebound. She says it's not a judgment, merely an observation. He denies it both to her and to Ivy.

Theresa still wants a double, or even a triple wedding (Sheridan & Luis and Chad & Whitney are the other couples she has in mind). Sheridan sees her brother lurking around the cottage, but he disappears quickly. As Theresa bubbles about true love and happiness, Sheridan & Luis go to the gazebo and discuss the wisdom of waiting, to be sure you're right before you get married.

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