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Passions Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on PS
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Monday, April 23, 2001

The little angel urges Timmy to look deep within his heart and respond to the goodness that exists there. Grace is dismayed to see a grateful Ivy clinging to Sam in the wake of Ethan's rescue. Timmy explains to his glowing guest how saving Charity would rob his beloved Tabitha of her powers. Meanwhile, Tabitha teases Theresa with hints about a double wedding on the horizon. Rebecca jumps to the wrong conclusion after overhearing Julian muttering about knocking someone off. T.C. urges Grace to show herself to Sam and save their marriage. Though Ivy and Ethan try to dissuade him, Sam remains determined to plunge into the fires of hell and save his daughter and the others. Sheridan recalls a frightening childhood encounter with a woman who looked very much like Tabitha. Father Lonigan warns Sam that he won't survive if he descends into hell. Tabitha rubs her hands together in glee to think of the nasty surprise which awaits Theresa on her wedding day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Hank returns to Harmony to find that half of Harmony is trying to fight evil. Sheridan, Luis, Theresa, and Ethan quickly update Hank on what has happened in his absence. He's thrilled to learn that Ethan and Theresa are engaged, but seems a bit saddened to find out that Sheridan and Luis have gotten so close. He tells the group that he helped Interpol take down a few drug cartels while he was gone. He also lets Ethan know that he's seen the tabloid reports, and welcomes his nephew to the family.

Tabitha predicts that Theresa's wedding will be the worst day of her life, and that Sheridan will die during her honeymoon with Luis. Whitney walks into Tabitha's house just in time to hear Tabitha say something about someone being dead, but Tabitha covers. Tabitha wants to have some "fun" with Whitney, so she fakes a dizzy spell again to keep Whitney in the house long enough to read Whitney's tea leaves. Tabitha tells Whitney that she will love a man with all her heart, and that that man will love her just as much. Whitney thinks Tabitha is talking about Chad, but Tabitha says she's speaking of a brother, not a beau. Whitney remembers the fortune cookie prediction, which was similar to Tabitha's prediction, and wonders if there could be some truth to it. She thinks maybe her parents are going to have a baby soon, but Tabitha says the tea leaves say that this man will come between Simone and Whitney. Outside, Chad tries to tell Simone about his relationship with Whitney, but they are interrupted by T.C.

Ivy eavesdrops as Grace tells Sam that she can't try to save their marriage until Sam gets closure in his relationship with Ivy. Sam tries to convince her that he doesn't need closure, but Grace refuses to listen. If Sam really wants to save their marriage, Grace says, then he has to talk to Ivy and make sure that he doesn't still have feelings for her. Ivy is pleased to hear this- she thinks that Grace is going to eventually push Sam right into Ivy's arms. Eve tries to tell Ivy not to interfere, but Ivy is convinced that she and Sam have a chance at a future together.

Father Lonigan finds Timmy in the Bennett house, and Timmy explains that he knows how to save Charity, Miguel, and Kay. Timmy keeps his and Tabitha's identity a secret, but explains that he can't betray Tabitha, confirming Father Lonigan's suspicions that evil is residing in Harmony. Timmy seems to have decided to throw the demon's claw into the portal to Hell in order to save the kids, but the Padre warns Timmy that doing so could get Timmy destroyed. Timmy says that he's willing to take the risk, and enters Charity's room as the serpent in the closet taunts him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Eve and TC continue trying to help Sam and Grace repair their marriage. TC suggests that perhaps Grace has a point, wanting to know that Ivy is completely out of Sam's system. Sam doesn't understand, but he does finally capitulate and talk to Ivy.

Tabitha confuses a clueless Whitney, telling her that the Russell girls will be torn apart by their brother. The witch modifies this from the concept of a brother to a generic guy. Whitney understands this to mean Chad, but she admits to nothing. Meanwhile, outside, Simone apologizes to Chad for being a neglectful girlfriend. Chad attempts to sit her down to talk about the situation, but they are interrupted.

Ethan suggests to Theresa that perhaps Sam should be with the woman who loves him more, whom the boy perceives to be Ivy. Theresa reads this as a statement that Ethan would divorce her as soon as the going got rough and explains that if this is his approach to marriage, she won't marry him. There is much backpedaling, and they reconcile.

When Sheridan tries to stop Luis from going back into the house, he tells her that they cannot marry until she fully understands and accepts the life of a policeman's wife. This was left unresolved.

Fr. Lonigan sends the serpent demon away from "Yours Truly" (Timmy) with a sprinkling of holy water and explains to the "small creature" that he (Fr. Lonigan) cannot go into Charity's room with him (Timmy). The priest goes back outside to lead the others in prayer.

Someone shows up with enough SWAT shields for the men in the Bennett yard (Sam, Luis, TC, Chad, Ethan, and Hank) to attempt another foray into the house. They open the front door to find the foyer engulfed in flames. Meanwhile, upstairs, as Timmy positions himself to throw the demon's claw into the portal, Tabitha grabs his wrist.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Julian and Rebecca are at it again, playing their kinky dress-up games. This time, Julian is "Headmaster Crane", and Rebecca is a school-girl who absolutely yearns to be punished. Their games get interrupted when Rebecca finds the Luis mask, which Julian has failed to dispose of. Julian lies, saying that it is a Halloween mask- the rich class likes to amuse themselves by dressing up as the local low-life's. Rebecca is skeptical, and presses the issue; a drunk Julian finally decides that he can trust her, since she IS going to be his wife soon. He tells her about the Luis impostor, and even reveals Alistair's plan to murder Sheridan. Rebecca asks Julian if he is really planning to go through with Alistair's plan, and Julian says he's planning to use the Luis mask again to break them up. Rebecca tells Julian that hearing him talk like that turns her on, and Rebecca's bedroom talk suddenly gives Julian an idea. He tells Rebecca that he knows how to use the mask to break up Luis and Sheridan, and secretly tells Rebecca about the plan. She agrees that it is brilliant, and the two "celebrate".

The men of Harmony band together with fire-proof SWAT shields to try to rescue the teens. Grace and Eve discuss Grace's future with Sam, and Grace says that she can't trust Sam's commitment to her unless she knows that he has completely resolved his feelings for Ivy. Pilar takes Ivy aside, telling her that she has to stop prying into Sam's life. Ivy says she won't have to pry- Grace will push Sam into Ivy's waiting arms without any help from Ivy. Pilar has had enough, and berates Ivy for being so selfish when Pilar's son is trapped in Hell. She tells Ivy that she can either join the rest of the women in prayer, or leave. Upstairs, Tabitha tries to convince Timmy that throwing the demon's claw into the closet will spell disaster for them. Timmy says that both the Angel Girl and Father Lonigan have told him to do the right thing, and Tabitha is hurt that he would even think of betraying her. She tells him that she didn't raise him to do the right thing. A new demon emerges from Charity's bedroom, and Tabitha recognizes him to be Damian. She and Damian reminisce about old times, and nostalgically remember the great Chicago fire, which we learn via flashback that Tabitha "O' Leary" caused. Damian asks Tabitha if there is any way she can get her pincushion doll to come to his senses, but Tabby isn't sure that she can. They are interrupted when Damian realizes that the men are downstairs, ready to make another attempt to rescue the teens.

The men enter the Bennett house, SWAT shields in hand, and the demons are waiting. The battle ensues, and Damian's demons turn the shields into ashes within seconds. The men are shocked, and are forced to retreat. Outside, Eve insists that the men wait until their wounds have been looked at before going back in to try to save the teens again. The women of Harmony help to dress the wounds of their significant others. Grace helps Sam, but when Reese is left alone, Sam tells her to go help Reese. The moment Grace leaves, Ivy runs over to help Sam, but Jessica beats her to him. Grace's suspicions are aroused once again as she sees Ivy and Sam looking at each other.

Back upstairs, Tabitha rushes to stop Timmy, who has entered Charity's room and is about to throw the claw into the closet. She is unable to stop the determined doll, and watches in horror as the claw enters Hell. Damian is furious, and the serpent in the closet tells Tabitha that Timmy has sealed their fate. Damian is pulled back into Hell, and Miguel, Charity, and Kay are released from the serpent's clutches. The demons make one last attempt to destroy the teens, and Tabitha tells Timmy that she and Timmy are as good as dead. A huge explosion erupts from the closet as the serpent is destroyed, and outside, the ground begins to split in two as the citizens of Harmony look on in terror.

Friday, April 27, 2001

Julian and Rebecca head to the docks and meet with the Luis imposter. He puts on the mask for a demonstration, and of course looks like Luis. Julian's plan this time is to have "Luis" sleep with a beautiful woman and make Sheridan walk in on them. As a result, Sheridan will hate Luis forever. Rebecca offers to to be the "beautiful woman." On their way home, Julian and Rebecca stop when they see the road is closed and make their way over to the Bennett's.

Meanwhile, all of the men are trying to get in the house to save Miguel, Kay and Charity. Sheridan is really upset that Luis has to go in there and she remembers all of their happy and romantic times together. Ethan realizes that Sam is a good man, because Julian would never have risked his life to save Ethan, even when he thought Ethan was his son. Whitney and Simone fight over Chad, and Simone insists that Chad is her boyfriend.

After throwing the demon's paw into hell, Tabitha is very angry with Timmy for causing all of these problems. The demons start to let go of Miguel, Kay and Charity and they are let free! The gang heads goes downstairs but they are trapped in the kitchen. There is fire separating them and men outside. It looks impossible to save them. To make matters worse, the house is being sucked into the ground!

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