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Passions Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on PS
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Kay stops Simone before they enter the house, and tells her about David. Kay vents about all the bad things that happen to all the good people she knows. She declares that you have to take what you want. Simone tells Kay that Grace would not let David come between her family; Grace is good and Kay should be more like her. They enter the house to see David and Grace embraced in a passionate kiss. Kay demands to know who he thinks he is, taking advantage of her mother. Grace tells Kay it is all right; she let David kiss her. Sam walks in while Kay is yelling at Grace and David, and wants to know what David has done know. Grace tells Kay they will discuss it later. Kay wants to know why she is taking up for David kissing her. Kay tells her father she is sorry, but it is true, they were kissing. Sam sends Kay off and tells her everything will be all right. Sam starts toward David demanding to know what is going on. Sam is stunned when Grace stops him from confronting David.

Ethan ask Theresa if she is married to the man he grew up thinking was his father. Before she answers, Rebecca walks in and states she would like to know also. Rebecca reads the annulment papers and remembers how everyone acted on the island, she declares it has to be so. Theresa tells them she didn't know what she was signing. She shows the check and tells them she thought she was signing a loan agreement paper. Ethan tells her she needs to be careful; Rebecca and Ivy want to know why Julian has annulment papers. Julian tells them Harper drew up the papers. Ethan declares that Harper should know better, Ivy is not excepting a Bermuda divorce or a annulment.

Rebecca and Ivy are in agreement that something more is going on, they also agree Theresa is going to be trouble for both of them.

Julian demands another set of annulment papers from Harper.

Sam tells Luis not to get his hopes up. Luis tells him he is not worried, he knows someone has seen Sheridan. Sam ask Luis not to take it the wrong way, but he needs to take a leave of absence. He tells Luis this as a friend.

Liz tells Brian he needs to be careful, he could get hurt. The cover sheet comes in, but the fax runs out of paper before the photo comes in. While waiting for Liz to find paper, "Diana" thanks Brian for helping her. She tells Brian she can tell from the memories that this man is the love of her life. She knows the fax is about her and she can't wait to get home.

Beth stops by the station to visit Luis. When she inquirers how Luis is feeling, he declares he is on top of the world. He hurriedly explains about the rose. Beth tells Luis she sent him the rose because she saw him buying roses like that for Sheridan. She apologies and tells Luis she never thought he would think it was from Sheridan. Luis is crushed. He calls the Bermuda Captain and tells him to cancel the fax that Sheridan is dead, he was wrong. Luis tells Beth about the pain Sheridan felt when he died in the vault. He is glad Sheridan is not suffering the pain he is feeling over her death.

The fax comes in as soon as Liz gets the paper in but it is nothing but a few lines. Liz looks at it and tells "Diana" she will call the Captain and see what is wrong. She tells "Diana" the Caption said he was mistaken, there will not be a fax. Brian consoles 'Diana, he tells her to look on the bright side, she is remembering things. "Diana" suddenly has a memory. She remembers the time Luis died in the vault at Crane Industries. Brian holds her. He comforts her while she tells him the love of her life is dead...

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Grace tells Sam why she allowed David to kiss her. Angered, Sam tells David he tricked Grace; he knew she would refuse and that David took advantage of her. David response that he wanted to surprise Grace, he adds that Sam is the one who took advantage of Grace by seducing her in his absence. David tries to convince Grace that she remembered their passion. Grace tells him she did not. When Sam asks him to leave, David informs them he needs to get back to work on the house. Sam can't believe David is helping, he tells Grace that David has an ulterior motive. Grace tells him that David wants to do something for her and that she would not have given her heart to a man who lies and schemes.

Tabitha and Timmy spy on Charity and Miguel who are sitting on a bench in the park. When Tabitha spots Kay and Simone, she decides to eavesdrop on them.

After trashing David, Kay tells Simone she is lucky, that her parents don't have anything to hide. Kay is talking about the lost love in Harmony when Tabitha interrupts. She eggs Kay on by pointing out Charity and Miguel, who are kissing. Before leaving Tabby adds that she does not think anything could break them up. Kay informs Simone that if her and Miguel's baby is a boy they will name him Sam. Simone protests and begs Kay not to do this. Kay spies on Charity and Miguel, she hears them agree to become engaged on Charity's eighteenth birthday. They debate whether to make love after they are engaged. Kay whispers to Simone that she is going to sleep with, marry, and have Miguel's baby before Charity knows what is going on.

Ethan tells Chad and Whitney about the misunderstanding with the annulment papers. When Ethan and Theresa excuse themselves, Chad ask Whitney if Theresa and Julian are married. Whitney says she can't answer him. Chad tells her he can't keep this from Ethan. Whitney tells Chad what happened, and that Theresa could have stopped drinking champagne. Chad agrees that Ethan would kill Julian and go to jail. Chad tells Whitney that he will kill Julian for what he did to Theresa. Chad realizes the annulment papers were real. Whitney tells Chad if Julian marries Rebecca before new papers are signed, everyone will find out and all hell will break loose.

Ivy tells Pilar that all her problems are because of Theresa. Pilar runs down everything Ivy has done. She hands Ivy a mirror and tells her to look at the person who cause all her problems. Pilar tells her that Theresa has made mistakes in the name of love, not malicious intent. Ivy ask Pilar to look her in the eyes and tell her Theresa is not hiding anything. Pilar does so and is mad at herself for lying for Theresa. Ivy knows she is lying and calls James, the head of security. She tells him that Julian and Theresa are hiding something that happened in Bermuda, she wants to know what it is as soon as possible.

Rebecca entices Julian to play a sexual role. She is an assistant and they are working late on a merger. After getting him hot and bothered, she gives him a paper and tells him that he must sign the merger before they close the deal. Julian gladly signs the paper she puts before him. Rebecca tells Julian she is glad to merge now that he has signed their marriage license. Stunned, Julian asks her what she talking about. Rebecca shows him the license he signed and informs him that he just agreed to marry her tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Rebecca insists that she and Julian will be married tomorrow. Rebecca throws around some suspicions about Theresa. She then asks Julian point blank if he is married to Theresa. Julian lies of course. He tells Rebecca that no amount of alcohol could get him to marry someone of Theresa's low social standing. Rebecca is glad to hear this but assures Julian that the only thing standing between her telling all she knows about Sheridan's death is the promise of becoming Mrs. Julian Crane. Rebecca gloatingly shows Ivy the marriage license and tells Ivy that Julian will marry her tomorrow where Ivy is contesting the divorce or not. Ivy warns her of all the baggage that goes along with being Mrs. Julian Crane. Then Ivy sees a worried and worn Julian and asks him if one of his dirty little secrets is about to come out.

Ivy finances Jerry's trip to Bermuda by giving him a diamond bracelet. She tells him as head of Crane security, he can help her by getting the dirt on what went on in Bermuda between Ethan and Theresa. Ivy vows that if Theresa is hiding anything, she will cause her more pain than any medication could take away.

Sam and Grace discuss David as David eavesdrops in on their conversation. Sam assures Grace that she is the great love of his life and not Ivy. Grace tells Sam that she loves only him but does not want to see David leave Harmony. She reminds Sam that David is her only link to her past. Grace says that David is not the threat to their relationship, Ivy is.

Theresa has to sign the marriage license that Ethan has prepared. Whitney tells her that it will be illegal to sign it and have it filed while still married to Julian. Theresa stalls him so the papers will not be filed, in the hopes that her annulment will come through.

Luis tells Hank how he admires David Hastings for never giving up hope of finding Grace. Luis tells Hank he wished he had that kind of hope. Hank voices his suspicions about David. He tells Luis that something just does not ring true. Hank believes that David could have found Grace in Boston all those years ago if he really tried. Hank also finds it strange that David would help Grace and Sam rebuild their home. David offers his condolences to Luis. Luis pegs David as an O.K. guy. "Diana" believes she has nothing to live for. She tells Brian that she may have been so lonely since she lost her true love she may have tried to take her own life. Brian assures her that was not the case and tells her that she is at home on the island. She may feel lost but never alone. He tells her that she has become one of them. She is now one of the "islanders."

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Ivy calls Jerry in Bermuda to see if he had any luck tracking down Julian and Theresa's secret. He tells her that he has some leads and hangs up to go and question the Justice of the Peace that married Julian and Theresa.

Ivy baits Rebecca by telling her that she is not Mrs. Julian Crane yet. She also tells Rebecca that she has a wedding present for her and Julian. Ivy says she has someone searching for the perfect present. Ivy promises that it will be a present Rebecca will never forget.

Beth tells Luis about how some thieves stole the boat that her father left her. She tells Luis that she spent her last dime trying to get it back. She says her hopes of ever buying back the Book Cafe from the Cranes are gone forever. Beth informs Luis that the boat had been located but the person she hired to bring it back ran off with her money. Now she is penniless and has no hope of seeing the boat again.

As Theresa and Ethan plan their wedding, Chad asks Whitney who all knows about Theresa's secret. Whitney tells Chad that besides the three of them, Pilar, the Justice of the Peace, Bruce, Julian's lawyer and Father Lonigan. Chad says that there are too many people who know and someone is bound to spill the secret even if Theresa does get the annulment in time. Tabitha runs into Father Lonigan who dismisses her. Tabitha tries a spell that will get her and Timmy to Hecuba's lair. Father Lonigan goes to Theresa's house and warns her to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa tries to rush him off but he warns her that he will not marry her and Ethan under this cloud of lies.

Liz sets Brian to fixing a ramshackle boat she found near the hotel. Liz wants Brian to spend some time trying to work off the bills he owes her. Brian is only too happy to since "Diana" volunteered to help. Luis volunteers to help Beth. He says it would help him get over Sheridan and get his head clear by being out at sea. Beth tells him no. Say informs him that the boat is on a little island near Bermuda, right around the place that he lost Sheridan.

Rebecca forces Julian to help her run errands. He tosses about invitations to the wedding as he follows Rebecca around. Julian also runs into Tabitha and Timmy. Julian sees that Timmy is alive again and stops dead in his tracks. Tabitha runs smack into Rebecca and grabs one of the wedding invitations. She is thrilled to be on the Crane estate again so she can get into Hecuba's lair. She is also happy to know she will have a ring side seat to the wedding that will rock Harmony to it's core.

Brian finds "Diana" crying. She tells Brian that the man from her memories loved her so much and it hurts to think that she will never see him again. Jerry finally corners the Justice of the Peace.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Ethan wakes Theresa up by bringing her breakfast in bed. He kisses her and she imagines it is Julian, she wakes up screaming and pushes Ethan away, knocking the tray off. She explains he startled her from a dead sleep. Picking up the tray, he sees Rebecca and Julian's photo and announcement of the wedding in the paper. He asks Theresa to go with him to the mansion. She tells him no, she is too uncomfortable being around Ivy.

Ivy calls Jerry in Bermuda first thing in the morning, she ask him what he has learned. Jerry tells her the JP froze up when he mentioned Julian and Theresa. Ivy tells him she thinks she knows, but it so unspeakable that no one would believe her without proof.

Julian has a nightmare and wakes up to find he is blindfolded and handcuffed to Rebecca. She tells him it is their wedding day, and he cannot see the bride before the wedding. Julian stumbles around trying to find his way out and falls out the bedroom window. He makes his way to the library to find Harper, who tells him the annulment papers will be there before the wedding. Julian calls Theresa and tells her to get over there to sign the papers.

Ivy interrupts Rebecca getting ready for the wedding. She gloats that see was just checking on her gift to them. Before Ivy leaves she tells Rebecca the gift will be one that people talk about for years to come. Gwen tells Rebecca she does not have a good feeling about today. To Gwen's horror, Rebecca shows her a pistol and tells her that today, she will either marry Julian or shoot him.

Theresa tells Ethan she will go with him to the mansion. When they arrive, she tells him she should stay downstairs until Ivy wants to see her. When Ethan goes to Ivy's room she runs to the library to sign the papers. Julian tells her she is to early, but the least she could do is fulfill her conjugal duties as a wife. Theresa hauls off and hits him in the face. She tells him she made the biggest mistake of her life and to get the papers there now.

Ivy ask Ethan to promise he will break it off with Theresa if they find out she is hiding something from them. He says Theresa has learned her lesson, but if it makes her happy he will agree.

Liz warns Brian he is flying to close to the flame, that "Diana" will never be one of them. She tells him he will be left with a big ol empty hole where his heart was. While helping Brian with the boat "Diana" tells him one day, the right girl will come along. Brian whispers to himself that she already has. "Diana remembers becoming engaged, she tells Brian her fiancÚ must have died before they were married.

Luis tells Hank he is going to Bermuda to find Beth's boat. Hank tells Luis he is going to get Beth's boat in the hope he will find Sheridan. Luis tells Hank he hopes getting the boat will make up for hurting Beth. Hank tells him he could make it up by going on a date with her. Luis tells Hank to give it up, but Hank hopes they will get back together. Beth brings Luis an envelope with information on the boat before he leaves.

Beth calls the island to inform them that someone will be coming to get the boat and sail it home. The lady Beth calls is none other than Liz, who tells her she has someone working on the boat right now.

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