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Passions Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on PS
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Monday, January 6, 2003

The residents of Harmony take their seats for the double wedding of Beth and Luis as well as Sheridan and Antonio.

Julian and Rebecca plan to attend the affair. Julian is on the phone with Alistair. He is pleased that Luis and Sheridan are not marrying each other. Julian tells Alistair that once Luis marries that "Little shop girl Beth" he will stayed married to her forever and he and Sheridan will never get back together. Their problems solved! The Crane secrets are once again safe.

Gwen begs Sheridan to talk to Luis one last time. Hank asks the same of Luis. He tells his best friend that he knows him very well. He tells Luis once he makes his vows to Beth, he will never take them back. He explains that this is too important not to try to talk to his true love Sheridan one last time.

Liz shows up at the wedding. She wishes Antonio all the happiness in the world. She looks as if her heart is breaking as she watches the man she loved and lost happy over marrying someone else. Pilar asks Liz if she still loves Antonio. Liz says she loves Antonio very much and that is why she wants to see him happy, even if it means watching him marry Sheridan.

Beth hears Sheridan decide to try to talk to Luis. Beth intercedes and works once again on Sheridan's insecurities. Beth lies and tells Sheridan that she spent the night with Luis. She makes up a story about how Luis planned a romantic surprise for her. It was so special that she did not mind breaking tradition and seeing the groom before the wedding. Sheridan hears this and feels that Luis did indeed choose Beth over her. This stops Sheridan in her tracks. She feels that there is no use in trying to talk to Luis.

Fox keeps flirting with Theresa. Ethan walks in on the scene and looks annoyed. dvid and Ivy meet outside and plan their next move to break up Sam and Grace.

Tabitha reads some books on motherhood. She flings them to the floor and cries that she is too old for all of this.

A light shines in Tabitha's living room. A cradle appears with a message. "Dear Princess, You will be a wonderful mother. Take it from someone who knows. Love, Timmy." Tabitha makes up her mind to be a good mother. She tells Timmy that she will do all she needs to do to be a good mother to the baby,but she does ask Timmy to see that she gets struck dead if she starts looking up recipes for "Tomato Soup Cake." Tabitha then gets a fearful thought. She is worried her child will be an evil spawn, not inately good like Timmy.

The wedding begins. Beth walks down the aisle first smiling. Luis smiles at her until he sees Sheridan walk down the aisle toward him. Hank whispers that it is not too late. Luis agrees. He whispers back to Hank that he is right. He can't marry Beth. luis is about to speak up until Beth lies to him. Beth says that Sheridan told her in the bridal room how much she loves Antonio and how they were together last night. After hearing this, Luis feels sure Sheridan stood him up in favor of his brother. He plans on forever holding his peace.

As the wedding starts, Father Lonigan asks everyone to reflect on their hopes for the new year.

Miguel vows to get Charity back.

Charity silently pledges her undying love for Miguel now and always.

Kay vows to keep Miguel and Charity apart forever.

Sam wants to have peace in his family as Ivy vows to get Sam.

Liz swears she will ruin Eve's life. Eve swears to protect her family from Liz.

Fox plans on getting either Whitney or Theresa for his own.

Whitney plans on working hard on her tennis so she can have Chad. Chad plans on making his love for Whitney public knowledge.

Simone says she will never let her sister have Chad.

Gwen promises herself she will make Ethan stop thinking about Theresa forever.

Ethan admits to himself that he won't let Fox hurt Theresa.

Theresa vows she will do whatever it takes to get Ethan back.

Mrs. Wallace swears that if Beth marries Luis she will make her life a living hell.

Julian plans on ditching all of his "wives" and finding a new, pretty young thing.

Rebecca has a new plan on getting some damaging dirt on Theresa so she can get her out of the Crane mansion forever.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

As Beth and Luis begin to take their vows Mrs. Wallace can't stand it. She prays to the angels to stop the wedding. When her prayer is not answered she begins to remember all her run-ins with Beth. Mrs. Wallace stands up and screams "NO!" She then falls over unconscious. Beth is sure her mother is faking and does her best to get the ceremony moving again. Eve assures Beth that it is not just one of her mother's spells. Eve is certain that Mrs. Wallace had a heart attack. They call an ambulance and Mrs. Wallace is wheeled away. Beth and Luis reluctantly accompany her to the hospital. Beth urges Antonio to go ahead with the wedding as he is still very anxious to marry Sheridan.

Beth goes in to her mother's hospital room. She whispers to her that if she is faking all of this, she will really wish she were dead. Luis hears an older man cry heartbrokenly to his daughter. He is lamenting the loss of his true love. He tells the girl that they lost so many years and ruined their lives forever. This touches Luis' heart as Hank begs him to reconsider talking to Sheridan.

Sheridan does her best to stall the wedding to Antonio. Ethan guesses that Sheridan is hoping Luis will come and sweep her away. Ethan calls Luis and tells him he is sure Sheridan wants him and would be willing to marry him tonight, not his brother. Beth sees Luis on the phone and panics.

The evil forces in the basement warn Tabitha that they want her to have a healthy baby. They say that this baby will cause more pain and suffering in Harmony than Tabitha ever could. Tabitha promises to do whatever she has to in order to have a healthy baby. The evil forces give Tabby a book about witches and pregnancy. Tabitha then begins to hiccup. Every time she does, a purple haze comes out of her mouth. She can't stand it so she looks up a remedy in her book. They only thing that can stop the condition is a grassy herb that grows near the church. Tabitha hates to go anywhere near the church grounds or the drippy double wedding as she calls it but she has no choice.

The newest maid from the Crane Estate finds Julian. She calls him outside on an urgent errand. Rebecca makes a jealous mental note to fire her. Rebecca then begins to make a series of mysterious calls that unnerve Theresa. Rebecca has big plans for the news she is hoping to get. She is sure that she will soon have the ammunition she will need to be rid of Theresa forever.

The Crane maid hands Julian a large set of gambling debts that Fox had run up. She tells Julian that a very dangerous character dropped them off at the mansion. Julian confronts Fox. Fox admits that he did run up a huge debt. He tells Julian that if he had stayed dead like he was supposed to, Fox would have had enough money to pay off all his debts. Julian refuses to pay. Fox takes out the big guns. He tells his father that if the debts aren't paid, he will be killed. He reminds Julian how much Grand-Daddy Alistair would hate the scandal.

Julian then sees Tabitha in the churchyard. He awkwardly tells Tabitha his woes about his son Fox. He then lewdly whispers to Tabby that if she ever needs someone to warm her up, he is always available. He slips Tabitha his private number. Tabitha calls him a cad under her breath. She then smirks that Fox is going to look like an angel compared to the baby she is carrying.

Miguel does his best to try to reconcile with Charity. Kay interrupts them by asking Miguel if he will accompany her to her doctor's appointments. Grace knows what Kay is up to. Sam tells Grace to give everyone some space. He says that Miguel, Charity and Kay have to work this all out for themselves. He orders Grace not to interfere. As soon as Sam turns his back, Grace goes after Kay. Sam sees Grace and gets angry with her. Kay uses this for all it is worth. She cries on her dad's shoulder about how much Grace hates her. She sobs to Sam,"What did I ever do to make my own mother hate me so much?" Ivy and David watch the scene. Ivy doesn't care if Kay knows anything about their plan or not. She says that Kay is an unwilling but helpful participant in their scheme. Miguel won't let up on Charity. John steps in and orders a surprised Miguel to back off.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Simone goes in search of Chad. She interrupts a romantic moment between Chad and Whitney as they steal some private time alone in a limo. Simone finds the limo and is curious as to who may be inside. She tries the door handle and finds the limo unlocked.

Luis tells Hank that Ethan is sure Sheridan will marry him instead of Antonio if he can get to the church on time. Hank urges Luis to do it. Luis is concerned that Ethan is mistaken. He then fears for Beth. Eve finds out about Sheridan and also tells Luis to go to the church. Luis asks how he can break Beth's heart yet again. Eve says that Beth will understand, after all she loves him enough to want to see him happy.

John tries to keep Miguel from bothering Charity. Miguel tells him to stay out of their business. Charity says it is o.k. and that she will talk to Miguel. John reluctantly leaves the two alone. Miguel begins to apologize again for the mess he caused with Kay.

Kay goes after Grace. She asks Grace why her feelings do not count for anything. She asks her mother why she treats her like the dirt under her feet. She questions Grace as to where her family values are when Grace doesn't care about her grandbaby having a father. Kay reminds Grace that she always believed children were better off with two loving parents. Kay says that Grace probably does love Charity more because she is Grace's dead sister's daughter. Kay tells her mother that if she does not stop mistreating her, she will be dead to her forever and have nothing more to do with her mother. Kay then walks away.

Grace turns to Sam and asks if he can believe how Kay is acting. Sam sticks up for Kay. This causes another rift between Sam and Grace. A spying Ivy and David take this new opportunity to help push Sam and Grace further apart.

Kay runs looking for Miguel and interrupts his talk with Charity. She apologizes for the interruption. Charity says she does not mind and wants Miguel to attend to Kay and the baby. Charity walks away.

Gwen keeps begging Sheridan to put a stop to this wedding here and now. Sheridan keeps visualizing Luis coming to her rescue and whisking her away.

Alistair calls Julian and warns him that Sheridan may not go through with the wedding. He knows that Ethan called Luis and wants him to come and take Sheridan away. He orders Julian to stop Luis and get Sheridan to marry Antonio. Julian works on Sheridan and tries to get the ceremony moving again. Antonio has a little talk with Liz. Liz tells him that she may have found someone to love but he is married. She thinks of TC and Eve and tells Antonio that the man she is interested in is married to a liar and a tramp.

Antonio has another "spell" but is anxious to get on with the wedding. He says all he wants is to marry his dream girl. Sheridan can't find the heart or nerve to call off his dream wedding.

Hank and Eve finally get to Luis and he decides to go after Sheridan. Beth overhears and is heartbroken. She then turns to her mother. She looks at her and says that she caused all of this. If it weren't for Mrs. Wallace, Beth would be married to Luis by now. Beth says that her mother is through ruining her life. She goes over to the life support and pulls the plug on her mother.

Fox and Theresa get cozy. Ethan interrupts and he and Fox almost come to blows. Fox tells Gwen that her husband has a strange bond with Theresa. He warns Gwen to keep an eye on her husband. Gwen asks Ethan if she does need to worry. Ethan tells her no, because she is his wife, not Theresa.

Simone opens up the limo to find Chad alone. Whitney makes a clean escape. Simone mistakenly thinks the limo and the little celebration was planned for her and Chad not Chad and Whitney.

Alistair warns Julian that Luis is on his way to the church. Julian goes around locking doors and windows so Luis can't get in. Luis does his best to get in and is rewarded by finding an open window in Father Lonigan's ofice. He manages to get inside the church. Luis rushes in and yells " Stop!"

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Luis shows up to stop the wedding but finds that he is too late. He comes in on the part where Father Lonigan says, "kiss the bride." Antonio tells Luis to be the first to kiss the new Mrs. Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald. Luis quietly tells Sheridan "Welcome to the family."

The wedding reception begins. Julian is thrilled that Sheridan married Antonio, knowing it is what Alistair wanted to keep the Crane family secrets safe.

Sheridan goes through the motions as the happy bride at the reception. Luis bravely tries to hide the fact that he is heartbroken over being too late to stop the wedding. Ethan apologizes for not calling Luis sooner. The family does their best to cheer him up. Luis says he can't believe that by being a lousy five minutes late, he lost everything he ever dreamed of.

Beth stands by her mother's bed as an alarm goes off. She acts innocent saying she tripped over the plug. The nurse assures Beth there is no need to worry. It is only the monitor that went off. She tells Beth that her mother is breathing on her own and will recover. Beth acts like she happy over this bit of news. The nurse almost gives Mrs. Wallace the wrong injection. Eve tells the poor nurse that the injection could have been lethal. The patient in the next room goes code blue so the nurse and Eve rush out. Beth picks up the injection and tries to give it to her mother. She is interrupted by another nurse looking for the needle. Beth stashes it on another table and "finds it" for the nurse. She warns her unconscious mother that she dodged the bullet this time but not for long. Beth swears to find a way to do her mother in.

Theresa has a special surprise for the reception. TC asks Reese if he could hook up a camera to televise the reception on the hospital website so Eve can watch even if she can't attend. Eve is thrilled to actually see what is going on. She watches as Liz puts the moves on TC. Beth sees the reception and is elated to find that Sheridan married Antonio after all. Her hopes of getting Luis come alive again. Kay wants to get Miguel away from Charity. She fakes sickness and asks Miguel to take her home. Grace sees what is going on and tells Kay to give it up. She also tells her daughter, " FYI pregnant women get morning sickness not evening sickness." Sam once again takes Kay's side and tells Grace to leave Kay alone. Ivy consoles Sam.

Theresa's surprise is having a computer pick dance partners for the first dance at the reception. Theresa inputs the computer herself. The "computer" spites Rebecca by pairing Julian up with a pretty, younger girl. Theresa feeds her pocket computer the names of the couples she wants to see end up together. Out of spite, she puts Sam and Grace together. Sam professes his love for Grace all over again. Ivy sits helplessly by watching the couple share a tender moment. Ivy tells the meddling Theresa to burn in hell. Kay sees what Theresa is up to and tampers with the computer. She pairs herself up with Miguel. Grace sees this and swears she will never let Kay have Miguel. She doesn't care if Kay is her daughter, she won't let her win. The computer pairs up Chad and Whitney as Simone stands by and watches jealously. The computer then spits out Ethan and Theresa as a couple. Fox laughs and calls Theresa one scheming little vixen. Fox then rubs it in to Gwen that Ethan and Theresa look happy together and that they make quite an couple. The next couple to be paired up is Luis and Sheridan. They look heartbroken at each other as they dance. Pilar even says aloud that they look perfect together. Rebecca watches the dance but does not seem too concerned. She tells Ivy that Theresa is as good as gone. Soon they will be using her as their own personal piñata. Antonio has a spell and falls to the ground.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Antonio colapses at the reception. Eve makes it there in time to revive him. Eve warns Antonio that he must keep his medication with him at all times. Antonio wants to leave the reception but first asks to throw the garter. Luis catches it with very little effort. Beth walks in as Sheridan throws the bridal bouquet. Beth pushes everyone out of the way and dives for it. She manages to catch the flowers and assures everyone that she and Luis will be next to get married.

Theresa manages to get Ethan to continue their dance. Gwen watches and tells her mother that first thing in the morning she is going apartment hunting. She doesn't want Ethan under the same roof as Theresa. Rebecca warns Gwen not to be so hasty. She reminds her daughter that they still want to go ahead with their plan to get Ethan back into Julian's good graces so he will adopt him and once again Ethan will have claim to the Crane fortune. Gwen is not so sure about the plan but Rebecca is insistent. She also smiles to Gwen and tells her that very soon Theresa will be the one hunting for a new place to live. Rebecca insists that Theresa will soon be thrown out of the mansion. Fox overhears and whispers " No she won't. Not of I can help it."

Liz goes to work on TC since Eve had to once again leave his side. She questions him about how much time they actually have to spend together. Liz steals TC away for a private drink on the Crane grounds. Eve goes in search of her husband.

Theresa does her best to keep Ethan by her side. He finally leaves to be with his wife. After hearing this, Theresa excuses herself and goes up to bed. Fox goes up to console Theresa. He finds her dancing with the baby. He asks Theresa what Rebecca "has on her" that is going to get her thrown out of the mansion. This gets Theresa to thinking. Fox warns her to watch her back.

Grace takes Kay aside and orders her to "Knock it off." Grace tells Kay it is so transparent that she maneuvered the dance with Miguel. Grace tells Kay that the sight of her draped all over Miguel made Charity so sick that she had to go home. Kay says get used to it. She plans on being with the father of her child and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Sam overhears and tells Kay not to talk to her mother so disrespectfully. Grace is glad that Sam intervened but then gets upset when he again orders Grace to stay out of the triangle and let Miguel, Kay and Charity work everything out for themselves. Kay storms away and tells her mother she won't be living under the same roof as her anymore. Sam gets infuriated with Grace and tells her Kay needs them now more than ever and she should have consulted him before taking such a hard-line with Kay.

Luis and Beth watch as Antonio carries Sheridan over the threshold. He kisses her and says "Welcome home Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald."

Luis and Beth leave. Beth is sure that she will marry Luis very soon.

Antonio surprises Sheridan with a honeymoon stay at a nearby inn.

Luis returns home sick and disgusted. He pours himself a good strong drink and downs it. Beth walks in on him and startles him so much he almost attacks her.

Beth and Luis decide to use their reservations for the honeymoon inn that they planned on staying at as a married couple.

Beth jumps at the chance.

Luis does not know that he and Beth will have adjoining rooms next to Antonio and Sheridan.

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