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Passions Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on PS
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Monday, January 13, 2003

Beth and Luis check into the Cliffside Inn, unaware that Sheridan and Antonio are in the next room. As Sheridan and Antonio begin their honeymoon, Sheridan keeps visualizing that it is Luis that she is kissing. Antonio puts on a tango. He and Sheridan begin to dance. The music and dance triggers memories of her past with Luis.

Hank calls Luis and asks him how he is doing. Luis confesses that the plans on breaking it off with Beth tonight. He tells Hank that he can't marry Beth when he is still hopelessly in love with Sheridan. As Luis begins to let Beth down, she interjects. She tells Luis she can see things pass between Luis and Sheridan that Antonio could not possibly see. Beth tells Luis she will do anything she can to help Luis deal with losing Sheridan. Beth gets Luis all but talked back into marrying her. She tells him that they can still have a great future together. He asks him to think it over. She then plans on using champagne to get him to "loosen up" and possibly seduce him.

Chad and Whitney drive home with Liz and Jessica. Liz begs Whitney that it would be the best for everyone if she and Chad came clean with Simone. Liz says the only shot they have of not alienating Simone forever is by telling her the truth about their relationship.

Jessica agrees. She tells Whitney to listen to Liz. Liz warns Whitney that no man is worth losing her sister over. Whitney accepts that telling Simone is for the best. Whitney then tells Liz that her mother hates deception and told her to always be honest and forthright. Liz swallows this and says to herself what a hypocrite Eve is. She then believes that soon she will have Eve's husband as well as her daughters. She plans on turning them against her by telling them the truth about their sainted mother. Eve calls Whitney and tells her not to worry about coming home late. Whitney says that Eve and Tc must have a romantic evening planned. When Liz hears this, she rushes home to spoil Eve's plans.

At the Bennett's things go from bad to worse. Sam tells Grace she should have consulted him since she wanted to take a hard line with their daughter. Sam says that Kay needs them and he wants Grace to go with him to talk Kay out of moving out. Grace tells him "No way!" He can't believe what he is hearing. He tries to get Grace to change her mind. She gives Sam a nasty look and tells him "I said NO." Sam calls her cold and says Kay is right about her.

Sam and Grace go up to Kay's room and overhear Kay going at Charity.

Charity tells Kay she wishes she were dead. Kay says that makes tow of us. Kay blames Charity for ruining her life. She said that not only should Charity feel bad about coming to Harmony and disrupting everyone's life but she should be sorry she was ever born. Grace bursts into the room and yells at Kay asking how she can be so cruel.

Kay says of course take Charity's side. Kay refuses to back down. She says all Charity eve did was cause trouble. Kay reminds everyone how their house was sucked into hell, the meteor shower and the bleeding walls. Kay blames it all on Charity. Grace turns on Kay and says it was probably all Kay. She accuses her daughter of bringing evil to Harmony.

Kay storms out of the room and runs downstairs. Sam tires to stop jher from leaving. Kay explodes when Grace demands she apologizes to her cousin. Kay throws a vase and cries no one is on her side. Jessica turns on Kay for ruining their family. Kay calls Jessica a little bitch. She says that sisters are supposed to stick together and Jessica never is on her side. Kay screams at Jessica that sisters stick together no matter what. Hearing this upsets both Liz and a guilty Whitney. Kay then throws it up to Jessica that she took Reese from her.

Grace intervenes and tries to stop the shouting match. Kay goes to throw another vase and Sam stops her. Shje cries in her father's arms. Charity stands by and says this is all my fault. I caused all this. Kay yells to her that she is right. Charity runs from the room. Grace tries to go after her. Kay says that's right---go. "Go comfort your niece since you don't care about your own daughter." Grace says she will go and comfort Charity. Kay puts a hand out to stop her. Grace recoils and breaks free. Grace tells Sam she wonders just how Kay tricked Miguel into bed. Sam tells her that was a horrible thing to say.

Luis hears Sheridan's voice.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Theresa puts baby Ethan to bed. Fox walks in on her as she tries to sing to the baby. She hears Gwen and Ethan in the next room putting on mood music since they are still technically on their honeymoon. Theresa hears it and almost breaks down and cries in Fox's arms.

She tells Fox that knowing Ethan and Gwen are together is a knife in her heart. She tells Fox she doesn't want to give up on Ethan because she loves him and wants him with every fiber of her being. Theresa asks Fox if he understands and if he ever felt that way about anything. He admits he knows exactly how Theresa feels because he feels the same way about his family. He tells Theresa that there was a time when he saw Ethan get all the love and attention lavished on him. He says he got very little from his family. Theresa sympathizes with Fox and admits that when she was Ivy's assistant she noticed how Ivy slighted Fox. Theresa confesses to taking the birthday cards that held only cash and buying Fox birthday gifts "from his mother." She even admits to writing short notes in some of the cards. Fox tells Theresa that those notes meant a lot to him. Theresa apologizes for telling Fox the truth.

Phyllis interrupts their conversation. She informs Theresa that Ivy and Rebecca won't vacate the living room so she and the other staff can clean up. Theresa asks the maid if she told the pair that she is holding an important meeting there tomorrow. Phyllis reports that the two called her a "Loitering Latino." Theresa says that is enough. She storms from the room and announces that she has some evicting to do. Fox laughs and follows after her saying he wouldn't miss this for the world.

Theresa goes to the living room and listens outside the door. When she hears Ivy calling Little Ethan Theresa's barrio spawn she bursts into the room and demands that both Ivy Rebecca leave the house immediately. The two laugh in her face. Theresa takes matters in her own hands. She pushes Ivy's wheelchair out the door and Ivy falls face down in the snow. Fox grabs a hold of Rebecca who almost falls as Theresa brushes past her.

Luis and Sheridan meet in the hallway of the Cliffside Inn. They are both distant and a little cold to the other. They finally start talking and find out that neither one stood the other up at the judge's office. When Sheridan finds out Luis wanted to marry her, she throws herself into his arms. They kiss passionately. They discuss their future and agree they no longer can be a part. Luis says that if Antonio was strong enough to marry her, he is strong enough to be told the truth.

Beth overhears and goes ballistic. She picks up a knife and calls Luis a two-timer and Sheridan a slut. She vows to kill them both.

Liz tries her best to interrupt Eve and TC's romantic night. She barges in on them and asks for milk for her morning coffee. As Eve leaves the room, she puts the moves on TC. She begs him to share another dance with her. Eve walks in on the scene and deliberately spills the milk all over Liz. Liz leaves to change but takes Eve aside and promises her she will take TC and the girls away from her and there won't be a damn thing she can do about it.

Antonio collapses while waiting for Sheridan to return to give him his medication.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Beth realizes that Luis is with Sheridan. She goes ballistic and grabs a knife. She then threatens to kill both Sheridan and Luis before she will allow them to be together. Beth takes a fit and stabs the walls of her hotel room swearing revenge. After she calms down for a moment she then puts all the blame on Sheridan. She declares that Sheridan is the one ruining her life not Luis and it is Sheridan who deserves to die.

Sheridan and Luis go to tell Antonio the truth once and for all. They find him collapsed on the bedroom floor. They panic and try to call an ambulance. The maid comes in and says she was afraid this would happen. She said Antonio looked so pale and was waiting for his bride to come back to give him his medication. She then makes Sheridan feel even more guilty by saying she could not imagine where his bride would have gone to on their wedding night.

The ambulance can't get through so Luis says they will take him in his four wheel drive. They call Eve to meet them at the hospital. Sheridan calls Eve while she and TC are sharing their long awaited romantic night. TC is extremely unhappy about Eve having to leave his side once again. He explains to Eve he does understand but asks her point blank when they will have some time to their selves. TC says they haven't been alone together in months. Eve explains she wants to be a good doctor and mother. TC then asks what about being a good wife. TC says he misses her and needs her and wants her to be there for him. Eve promises to make things better in the future.

Liz dreams she sees Eve flirting with some guys. Eve leaves her and then Liz sees Antonio. She can't love Antonio because of Eve's betrayal. She wakes up to see Eve leave for the hospital.

Ethan comes to Ivy's rescue and pulls her up out of the snow. She explains that Theresa threw her out. They ask Julian to intervene. Julian tells Theresa that Rebecca could be considered his house guest. Theresa admits that is true and because of Julian, Rebecca can stay but Ivy is out. Julian says he does not care if Ivy is thrown out since he did divorce her. Ivy tries to play on everyone's sympathies. Fox tells her to save it. This house was only a home to her and her precious firstborn son Ethan. It was never a loving home for him or the rest of his siblings.

Theresa then tells Ethan how nasty and plotting Rebecca and Ivy have been to her. She explains how they would not let the maids in to clean for the morning meeting. She also tells Ethan how Ivy slandered her family, Pilar and her heritage. Ethan tells his mother there is little he can do. Theresa tells Ivy to go to a hotel or go stay at the B&B so Grace can toss her ample behind out in the street. Julian then relents a little by telling Theresa that maybe it is not such a good idea to throw Ivy out in a snowstorm. Theresa says no way and orders Ivy to move it.

Theresa then says to herself "Okay, Gwen, you are next."

Liz pretends to sleepwalk to TC. TC calls the hospital and asks for advice on what to do or not to do for a sleepwalker. The nurse says don't wake her and let her act out her dream. Liz then pulls TC in for a kiss.

Sheridan keeps blaming herself for Antonio's condition. Eve says it does not look good. Eve then gets angry with Sheridan for not giving Antonio his medication on time. She questions what was more important to her than Antonio's life. Luis says it was all his fault because they were together. Eve exclaims, "I don't believe it." Eve says that their coming together tonight just may have killed Antonio. She doesn't know how they will be able to live with themselves. Eve hopes they did not put a curse on their love.

Beth goes to the hospital chapel to pray for Antonio's life. Beth prays that if Antonio dies, Sheridan will become poisoned with guilt. Beth says that the guilt Sheridan will feel will keep her a part from Luis forever. She begs God to let Sheridan be miserable for ruining her life and once again taking Luis away. A cold wind blows through the chapel. Beth then swears that she will never let Sheridan have Luis.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Sheridan and Luis stand vigil at Antonio's hospital bed. Sheridan keeps blaming herself for Antonio's condition. Luis tells her to stop it and that it is no one's fault. Pilar rushes to her son's bedside. She asks what happened. Sheridan tells Pilar that everything is her fault. Luis insists that Pilar not listen to Sheridan. He tells his mother that he is put out with Eve for tearing into them like she did. Pilar asks why Eve would tear into them. Luis tells Pilar that Antonio did not get his medication on time. Pilar attacks Sheridan and yells at Sheridan that she killed her son. Pilar then calms down and apologizes. Eve tells Pilar that the outlook for Antonio is grim. Miguel tries to comfort his mother. Sheridan cries to Luis that Pilar will blame Antonio's death on her no matter what she may say. Sheridan feels that the Lopez-Fitzgerald family will never want to see him married to the woman who killed his brother.

Grace and Sam are working together in the kitchen. They are both a little distant to each other. Grace does tell Sam that she fears if Kay leaves the house tonight something terrible will happen to her and the baby. Grace and Sam decide to talk things out and try to band together to help Kay. Sam says he feels badly that Kay feels she is always second. Grace jumps in that it is not true. Sam does not want to argue the point but explains to Grace that Kay feels that way and they have to do whatever they can to rectify that.

Theresa goes to throw Ivy out of the house. Ivy causes a loud commotion and Ethan comes to her aide. Ivy mistakenly thinks Ethan found legal grounds to keep her in the Crane mansion. She turns on Theresa calling her filthy names and laughing that she won! Ethan breaks the news to Ivy that she jumped to the wrong conclusion and Ivy has no legal way of staying in the mansion if Theresa does not want her there. Theresa orders Ivy out immediately. Ethan does his best but can't change Theresa's mind. Rebecca and Julian toast to being rid of Ivy. Rebecca then reminds Julian that very soon they will be rid of Theresa too. Gwen saunters over to Fox and warns him to be careful around Theresa. She tells Fox that Theresa is showing her true colors. Fox calls Theresa a real Crane. Ethan asks Ivy if she could throw Theresa and the baby out in the cold. Ivy does not answer. Ethan can see the ugly truth in her eyes. Theresa then picks up the phone to get the police to get rid of Ivy. Chief Bennett goes to answer Theresa's call of a domestic disturbance. Grace is upset Sam has to go.

Mrs. Wallace walks in on Beth as she prays that Sheridan suffer for taking Luis. Beth tells her mother she is truly sorry that she did not die from that heart attack. Luis tells Sheridan nothing will ever change the way he feels about her. He says if it comes down to choosing between her or his family he will choose her. Mrs. Wallace and Beth overhear and Mrs. Wallace laughs in Beth's face and tells her to give it up. Beth gets Sheridan alone and manipulates the situation. Beth insists that Antonio's condition is her fault and the Lopez-Fitzgerald family will blame her. Beth insists that she was always supportive of Sheridan and Luis. She tells Sheridan that this time she went too far. Beth tells Sheridan she loves Luis and his family and Sheridan will be the one to tear them apart. Beth tells Sheridan to face the facts. She can never be with Luis now that she has killed his brother.

Sam begs Grace to stop Kay from leaving.He does not want to see Kay go out in the snowstorm.

Liz locks the bedroom door to have her way with TC. Chad, Whitney and Simone's car slides off the rode in the storm.

Friday, January 17, 2003

TC doesn't know how he can extricate himself from Liz's embraces. He sees that she put the bedroom key down the front of her nightgown. TC wonders how he can retrieve the key and get Liz back to her garage apartment without waking her up. The phone rings and TC tries to answer it. He pulls away from Liz. Before he can get away, she grabs him once again and pulls him in for another scorching kiss. Eve worries about both TC and the girls. She is sure that she will not be able to leave the hospital tonight since the snowstorm is causing so many accidents.

Beth jumps on Sheridan when she finds her alone and vulnerable. Beth tells Sheridan that it was just plain carelessness not giving Antonio his medication and causing him to nearly die. Beth reminds Sheridan that she did marry Antonio and that he is her husband not Luis. Beth also says that she overheard Luis say that he would leave his family for her. Beth asks Sheridan how she could be so selfish to tear the Lopez-Fitzgerald family apart. Luis goes to Sheridan's side. Eve calls the family together to tell them that Antonio is even worse off than she thought. Eve says it is time to make some life and death decisions that will effect everybody.

Sam shows up at the Crane mansion. Ivy is secretly thrilled because she is sure Sam will side with her and that she will have a reprieve from Theresa's eviction. Theresa tells Sam that maybe he should send for another officer since he is so close to the situation. Sam assures Theresa he can be partial when it comes to the law being broken and besides, there is no one else to answer the call. Ivy gets nasty with Theresa all over again, so sure that Sam will help her. Sam says he doesn't necessarily agree with Theresa but says the law is on her side. Sam insists that Ivy is out unless Julian, the other owner of the house, says Ivy can stay. Julian goes after Ivy and tells her it is payback for deceiving him all those years into thinking Ethan was his son. Fox jumps in and announces that bit of information sticks in his craw too. Julian tells Ivy to get out. Fox sides with his father. Rebecca stands behind Julian snidely smiling. Sam announces that if Ivy does not leave, he will be forced to arrest her for trespassing.

Grace is angry that Sam has to leave the house on a call. Grace then relents and tells Sam that it is alright since Kay won't be going anywhere tonight in a blizzard. Sam says to himself that there will be hell to pay if Grace knew he was going to the Crane mansion. As soon as Sam leaves, Kay clumsily stumbles down the steps struggling with her suitcases. She informs her mother that she is leaving just like Grace wants her to. Kay says she doesn't know where she is going but she is leaving tonight. Jessica and Charity both try to stop her.

Simone, Chad and Whitney recover from their car accident enough to walk home. They go upstairs and pass by their parent's bedroom, unaware that they are only a door away from seeing TC is Liz's arms. \Antonio goes code blue as Sheridan stands by and watches helplessly.

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