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Passions Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on PS
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Monday, April 21, 2003

TC and Eve prepare to go to sleep after the events with Chad and Whitney. TC praises his wife for stepping up to the plate and stopping Whitney from running off with Chad.

Liz goes to see Whitney. Whitney explains all that happened between her, Chad and her parents. Whitney then makes a startling confession to Liz. She tells Liz that she is interested in music. She explains that going to L.A. with Chad would be a dream come true for more reasons than one. She confesses that she wants to be a singer and both she and Chad could chase their dream out on the west coast.

Whitney then sadly tells Liz that this would not just put TC over the edge but her mother as well. Whitney never could figure out what her mother has against singers but tells Liz that her mother would just die if she knew her daughter wanted to sing. Liz smiles. She knows exactly why Eve reacts the way she does and plans on using Whitney and her dream to destroy Eve. Liz suggests that she and Whitney go out for a little while since neither of them seem to be able to sleep.

Liz carts Whitney off to the Blue Note. Knowing full well that was the club that Eve used to sing in all those years ago.

Julian and Rebecca show up at the Blue Note. Rebecca is a little taken back when the waiters seem to know Julian and that he has a regular table. Rebecca then realizes that Julian must share memories of the place with his mysterious past love.

Rebecca tells Julian as much and then absently tries to figure out who his past love is. Rebecca deduces that since Julian is not with her, she must be married or hates him now. She then starts mentally pairing him up with the good ladies of Harmony.

She knows that Ivy hates Julian as much as he hates her so Ivy is out as the woman. She knows Julian worked way too hard to get rid of Theresa so she doubts it could be her. She knows Julian would run for miles to get away from Grace Bennett and her dreadful "Tomato Soup Cake." She then brings up Eve's name and laughs. She tells Julian that she KNOWS the good upstanding doctor would never have anything to do with him. Julian looks at Rebecca and asks her why she said that.

Fox shows up at the recording studio to check it out. Chad sees him and jumps all over him. He accuses Fox of wanting him kicked out of the studio and calls him a bastard. Fox tells him to slow down. He explains that he did not know Chad lived at the studio and does not want to see him kicked out. Chad calms down and apologizes to Fox. He tells Fox that he is upset over Whitney and took it out on him. He explains how much in love he is with Whitney and how he has to move to L.A. without her. Fox does not understand that kind of love. He tells Chad that he didn't even know it existed until he met him and Theresa. He then goes off on how Theresa is in love with his upright half-brother. Chad then asks Fox how it feels to now be the heir and not the "spare."

Fox suggests that he and Chad leave the studio and go to a club that the Cranes own. It is called the Blue Note. Chad tells Fox that the Blue Note was the only clue he had in finding his real parents. They joke that his real father is Julian and that would make the heir and Fox once again the "spare."

Theresa is desperate to keep her son. He begs Ethan on her knees to help her. Gwen gets angry and jealous. She reminds Ethan that he swore that he would be there for his wife and son. Ethan refuses to help Theresa then relents when he sees how pitiful she is. She tells him she has nothing but her baby. She has no money or future and neither does Little Ethan if he stays with Julian. Ethan promises to help Theresa and then turns to Gwen. He says he can help Theresa and not neglect her or their baby. Gwen swears to get Theresa out of their lives forever.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Eve gets stuck in traffic on her way to get Whitney out of the Blue Note. She curses Liz for dragging her daughter to a place like that knowing how much it would hurt her.

Julian is as surprised to see Fox as Fox is to see him. Fox asks his father if he would allow him to run the club since the Cranes own it. Julian looks at his son and tells him to tell the bartender that Fox is the new manager.

Chad can't believe his luck when he sees Whitney walk into the club. They run to each other and share a kiss. Whitney closely watches the singer on stage. Chad urges her to go up on stage and sing the song he wrote for her. Liz smiles when she hears this, saying she couldn't have scripted it better herself. Julian gets up and goes to Liz. He knows what she is up to and warns her off from hurting Eve. Rebecca sits back and still tries to unravel the mystery of who Julian's past love is. Julian is shocked at how much Whitney sounds like Eve when she sings.

Eve walks into the club and hears a voice singing. She is puzzled because it sounds so much like her but she does not remember ever singing that particular song.

Fox is stunned when he hears Whitney. He tells the waitress that he feels like a thousand roman candles just when off inside his heart. Fox is falling hard for Chad's girl.

Sheridan wakes from her clownish nightmares. Antonio tries to comfort her but it's no use. She can't calm down or shake the feeling that she and her baby are doomed to die. She slips past the guards outside the house to take a walk by the wharf and clear her head.

Beth gets scared when she sees how over the edge Charlie has become. She also remembers Luis vowing to track down anyone who would hurt Sheridan. Beth reconsiders the murder plan. She tells Charlie that they can't kill Sheridan because Luis is a cop and will track them down. Charlie just shrugs and says that they will kill Luis too. Beth tries to get her to reconsider but Charlie just leaves. She promises herself that she will kill Sheridan and Beth will thank her for it.

Charlie spies Sheridan all alone at the wharf. She can't believe her good luck. She plans on killing Sheridan now and knows that Beth will be pleased that she killed the blonde that has caused her so much pain. Luis rushes to Beth's house in the hope that Sheridan is there. He plans on searching until he finds Sheridan.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Eve loses it when she sees Whitney singing on stage at the Blue Note. She verbally attacks Liz for using an innocent girl in her scheme for revenge. Liz tells her sister that she did not plan on having Whitney sing it just happened. Eve isn't buying it. She has a sick fantasy that Whitney is singing in a seedy dive. She sees Chad run up on stage and kiss Whitney then offer her drugs. The fantasy is too much for Eve she freaks out and runs screaming up on stage. She drags Whitney off. Whitney tells her outraged mother that she did nothing wrong she just sang a song.

A love sick Fox rushes to Whitney's rescue. He explains to Eve that the Harmony Blue Note is not the seedy dive that the Blue Note in Boston was. Eve lets it slip that she knows the old club was a dive. Whitney asks how Eve would know. Julian jumps in and tells Whitney that the old Blue Note was infamous for its reputation.

Rebecca questions Julian why he recreated the old club complete with its fixtures. She knows it is more than business that he is a regular at the club with a special private stock of champagne. He seems to always be waiting for "the woman" from his past.

Eve is shocked at hearing this. She can't believe that Julian is still pining for her. Whitney and Chad tell Eve that there is nothing wrong with Whitney wanting a career in music. Eve says yes there is and tries to drag Whitney out the door. Whitney digs in her heels and refuses to go. She tells her mother she is not leaving the club or ever leaving Chad.

Liz overhears and calls TC to add fuel to the fire.

Charlie corners an unsuspecting Sheridan on the wharf. She comes at Sheridan with a knife. When Sheridan turns and sees her she shrieks.

Charlie drops down to the ropes on the dock and begins using the knife on them. She acts like Sheridan misunderstood what she saw Charlie do. As the pair talk, Charlie gets angry with Sheridan. She can't control her rage. Charlie blurts out that Sheridan is the bitch that ruined her best friend's life. Sheridan asks Charlie who and what she is talking about. Charlie just raises the knife. Sheridan then hears Luis call to her. She screams his name as Charlie holds the knife to her throat. As Sheridan screams Luis' name again, we hear Luis shout back for her to hold on. This frightens Charlie and she runs off.

Sheridan tells Luis all about the crazy and scary woman who wants to kill her.

Beth witnesses Charlie's menacing and gets angry with her. She tells Charlie that she is very upset with her for breaking her promise. She tells Charlie to go home and wait for her to call. Beth explains that they can't afford to be seen together and she does not want Sheridan killed anymore.

Beth then thinks of a new plan to get rid of Sheridan, Charlie and keep Luis.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Liz purposely puts TC on the phone as she stands in the middle of the Blue Note Jazz Club. She is childishly excited over telling TC that there is trouble between Whitney and Eve. She even puts the phone out so he can hear the two of them arguing. TC bolts out of bed and rushes to the Blue Note.

Whitney raises her voice to Eve and tells her she is not leaving the Blue Note. Whitney accuses her mother of being as pushy about her future just like TC. Whitney says from now on she will decide her future and what her dream will be and everyone else can go straight to hell.

Julian wants to jump in and help Eve and a puzzled Rebecca asks why.

Julian comes over to the argument and asks if he can help. Julian reminds Whitney that he listened to her problems before and is always willing to help her out. He urges Whitney to go home with her mother. Whitney says no and walks away.

TC shows up much to Liz's delight.

Once there he tries to attack Chad and blames him for trying to seduce Whitney away from her family. Fox steps in and asks TC not to start trouble.

The bartender tells Fox that it is obvious that he fell hard for Chad's girl.

Luis calls for help while down on the wharf. He tells Hank and Antonio to help him search for the crazy woman who is stalking Sheridan. Hank says it sounds like the same woman he saw mangling blonde Barbie dolls earlier. More of Harmony's finest show up to search. Luis even gets s helicopter to search as both Beth and Charlie try to make a break for it. The helicopter has them cornered.

Gwen is thrilled that she felt a twinge. She tells Ethan that it is the first time she really felt their baby. They kiss and Ethan once again pledges his love and loyalty to Gwen and their baby. He lays down and starts to think of Theresa and Little Ethan. He remembers making love to Theresa. He closes his eyes and says, "No I am a happily married man."

Theresa is at the cottage thinking and fantasizing about Ethan. Pilar comes to be with her daughter. She tells Theresa to rest and she will watch over the baby.

Theresa goes to the garden. Ethan looks out the window and sees her. He wonders what is wrong. Theresa begs God to help her and to show her a sign that everything will be alright. Ethan shows up when Theresa turns around, she sees him.

As the helicopters close in Beth shows herself to Luis and the police.

Julian follows Eve outside the club and apologizes for being the one who made her hate music so much. Eve cries that her daughter will turn into a whore just like she did.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Everyone seems shocked to find Beth cornered on the wharf. Mrs. Wallace knows Beth is hiding Charlie. She does her best to subtly try to get Luis to believe that Beth is hiding something. Beth makes some of her veiled threats to her mother about putting her in a nursing home. Luis just laughs off Mrs. Wallace's accusations. Luis leaves Sheridan in Beth's "care" and goes off to find the crazy woman who is stalking Sheridan. Charlie whispers to Beth that they can kill Sheridan now.

As Charlie goes after Sheridan, Mrs. Wallace trips her and Beth hits her in the head with a log and knocks her out.

TC makes a lot of wild accusations about Chad. He gets mad at Fox for sticking up for Chad. He accuses Chad of drinking and trying to get Whitney drunk. Fox explains that Chad did not drink all night and it was purely coincidence that they even ran into Whitney. TC tells Fox that he is only sticking up for Chad because Chad probably supplies him with drugs. Everyone is outraged at TC's stupid accusation. Whitney refuses to go home with her father and blames this whole mess on his controlling ways.

Rebecca casually talks to the bartender and says she can't understand why Fox is trying so hard to help Chad and Whitney. The bartender tells Rebecca it is probably because Fox is in love with Whitney. Rebecca laughs that no Crane heir would be allowed to date a black girl. She tells the bartender that she knows Alistair and Julian and it would never happen because they are too prejudice. The bartender tells Rebecca that rumor has it that Julian was involved with a black woman years ago. Rebecca is shocked at this bit of gossip.

Julian is really touched that Eve admits she did love him all those years ago. Eve cries in Julian's arms that she wants Whitney home. Liz sees this tender scene and sets TC up to find the couple together.

Gwen is outraged at finding Ethan and Theresa alone in the garden. She damns Theresa and slaps Ethan across the face. She says she is tired of being odd man out. She accuses Theresa of taking everything from her relationship with her husband, even the name she should give her own unborn son... Ethan. Gwen is sure that Julian will fire Ethan if he helps Theresa. Theresa begs Gwen to reconsider. She explains she will get another lawyer for court, but wants Ethan to work behind the scenes. Gwen reluctantly agrees.

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