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Passions Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on PS
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Simone and Kay are stunned by Paloma's wild behavior at the bar, while Tabitha watches with delight.

Theresa enjoys ordering Gwen around and gloats to Pilar about what she has in store for her rival. Gwen protests when Rebecca insists they get Theresa to sign the papers her lawyer drew up to ensure Gwen gets the twins.

Ethan tries to calm Fox, who is riled up over Chad's decision to work at Crane Industries. Meanwhile, Chad makes it clear to Julian that he's not interested in building a relationship with him. Hoping to sleep with Fox right away, Whitney employs one of Theresa's past "well-conceived" plots. While carrying out her mission, Whitney is forced to reconcile with her mother to get out of a tight spot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Pilar and Theresa continue to argue over Theresa's plans to keep the babies. Theresa tells her she doesn't care who the mother is, Ethan is the father and they're in her belly, and she doesn't care if Gwen and Rebecca don't like it. Pilar tells her nothing good will come out of what she's doing. Theresa says she won't be saying that once she's holding the babies. Pilar tells her it's going to kill Gwen, but Theresa argues that she is justified in doing it. Pilar tells her that if Gwen is her enemy now, wait until she comes after her with the Crane power behind her. Theresa says Gwen won't be able to do anything; Pilar disagrees saying that Gwen will do whatever she can to get the babies.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is telling Gwen that if Theresa isn't up to anything then they won't need the legal document, and Theresa and Ethan won't know they signed it. She goes on to say that if she is right though, that Ethan will be happy to have the insurance policy. Gwen finally agrees, but only if it's necessary. Rebecca tells her she will need it. Ethan enters and asks what she'll need. Rebecca makes up some lame excuse about the Atkins diet but Ethan doesn't believe her and wants to know the truth. Rebecca covers up by saying she was just suggesting that they go on a trip together before the babies are born. Ethan thinks it's a great idea and tells Gwen to think about where she might want to go.

Rebecca asks him if he got the papers and Ethan tells her he did, and that he's talked to Theresa about them and doesn't see a problem with her signing them. Gwen asks him if she can look over them so there aren't any loopholes in it. He asks if she doesn't trust him. She says of course she does, she's being paranoid. He gives the papers to her and goes to make himself a drink. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca mix up their papers with the ones Ethan gave Gwen and then give them back to him. Ethan says he'll take them to Theresa to get signed and says when he gets back he and Gwen can talk about the trip. Gwen tells Rebecca that she's starting to feel like Theresa but Rebecca tells her better to be safe than sorry and says they should go and make sure Theresa signs the documents.

Ethan goes up to see Theresa and asks her how she is. Theresa tells him that Gwen is seeing that she gets everything she wants. Ethan tells her that Gwen wants her to be comfortable. Ethan tells her he came to bring her the documents as Pilar re-enters the room. She asks if everything is alright. Ethan says everything is fine; they were just discussing the legal documents. Theresa looks through them and says there are a lot of papers. Theresa asks if she can look over them and get them back to him in the morning. He goes on to say he'd rather get it out of the way tonight. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Gwen are listening in worried that Theresa realizes what they did. Theresa says, "what is this", she doesn't understand any of it. Rebecca and Gwen think they've been discovered but Theresa says she doesn't understand any of the terms or legal wording. She asks Ethan if he could make it easier to understand but Ethan says the courts wouldn't accept it. Ethan tells her to just look at the numbers and make sure they match with what they agreed on. Theresa tells him she's bad with numbers and wants Pilar to look at it. Pilar tells her she's sure Ethan did everything right. Theresa says she's sure too and she starts signing the documents. Gwen is worried that Ethan might see what she's signing and Rebecca says they'll get the papers back. A bit later Rebecca and Gwen ask Ethan if Theresa signed the papers and he tells them that she did. Rebecca says she'll feel better seeing them herself and he gives them to her. Gwen distracts Ethan by asking him to get his laptop so they can look at vacation information and as he leaves Rebecca takes the papers out of the stack. Back in the bedroom Pilar asks God to have mercy on Theresa's soul. Theresa wants to know what she's done wrong and Pilar says she's taking huge amounts of money for medical expenses and wants to know how she'll repay them. Theresa says she doesn't know but it's their own fault for being so gullible. She goes on to say that they owe her and she's going to keep the babies and there's nothing they could do about it.

Meanwhile, Julian comes to see Eve and finds her smiling. He tells her he hasn't seen her smile in a long time and assumes it's not because Alistair has taken a turn for the worse. She tells him that Whitney had come to her and wanted to reconcile. Julian tells her that it's wonderful news and it's only a matter of time before Chad does the same. Eve tells him it was so out of thin air, she came in and found Whitney sitting on the edge of the bed. Julian asks her if she apologized to her. Eve says she didn't but she felt like she wanted to. She goes on to say that she hopes Simone comes around too, that she wishes she could make up for the pain she caused her family. Julian tells her it might take a while. Eve asks him about Chad and Julian tells her that Chad took the job offer but it wasn't a means to bond, it was just a job. Eve tells him that it's a beginning and Julian says that in time he hopes that Chad's anger will go away. They talk a bit longer and Eve says she has hope now that things are going to be ok. Julian says he does too but there is one other thing that will make his life complete, something he's wanted for 25 years. Eve says they shouldn't talk about that now and changes the subject, asking how Fox is. Julian is upset that Fox is dating Whitney and it's hurting Chad. Eve tells him it isn't fair to Fox. Julian tells her he told Fox to stop seeing Whitney, he doesn't want Chad to be hurt anymore. Eve is still happy, however, and Julian tells her he loves to see her smile and doesn't know what he did to have this second chance with her. They tell each other they love each other and they make love.

In the bar Paloma tells the guys not to fight over her, there is enough of her to go around. But soon a big fight starts up over her. Kay and Simone look on, pouting that Paloma is getting all the attention. Simone says that Pilar would probably have a heart attack if she saw Paloma and Kay says their dad's probably would too if they were acting like that. Simone says Paloma better not try to go after Chad, even though he's her half-brother and she doesn't really have a say in the matter. She continues to whine about how she lost Chad to Whitney and now there's no chance at all because of her Eve and Julian. She goes on to say she's been in Harmony her whole life and never had a boyfriend; Paloma had been there for about five minutes and had men all over her. A drunk Tabitha recalls Robin Hood and Prince John fighting over her instead of the money everyone thought they were fighting over. While she continues to ramble about Robin Hood, Simone wonders about what she's been drinking. Kay says she hasn't been out since the baby came along.

At the bar, Chad sits thinking that all is fair in love in war, if he can't have Whitney, Fox won't either. Paloma sits down with Chad and talks to him, asking him if he thought about what she said. He tells her he did, and he took the job at Crane Industries. Paloma tells him not to let others see him in pain or they'll use it against him. Chad changes the subject and says he thought she was the quiet and shy girl of the family and says he guesses he was wrong. He says seeing her revenge will be something to watch. She tells him he's perceptive and that she likes him. The police show up and Chad tells her they should leave. Paloma says she didn't do anything, but Chad says they may not see it that way. The police arrive before Tabitha, Kay and Simone can get out and they're arrested even though they protest that they haven't done anything wrong. Kay tries to get out of it using her father but the police tell her that will get her in more trouble than she's in already and they all get taken away.

At the mansions pool house, Whitney brings Fox a drink (she's drugged it), as he's boxing. She tells him she brought him some lemonade and he says it'll hit the spot. He tells her she's an angel but the drugged drink ends up spilling! Whitney offers to get him another one but he says he'll make himself a stronger drink later. They talk about Fox's work and he tells Whitney about Julian's orders not to see her. He goes on to say he won't listen to him and tells her that Chad is convinced that he's been waiting to take advantage of her. Whitney says she tried talking to him but he wouldn't listen. Fox said his only concern was revenge. Whitney says she doesn't want to talk about Chad anymore, she tells Fox she wants to be with him and they kiss. He asks her if she's sure and she says she is and asks him to make love to her. Meanwhile, Chad brings Paloma back to the mansion and she thanks him for getting her out of the bar. Chad tells her not to let on to her family that she's as wild as she is, she'll get further on if they don't know the truth. She thanks him and they agree to look after one another. As Chad leaves he sees Fox and Whitney making love in the pool house.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Theresa and Pilar continue to argue about Theresa's plans to keep the babies. Theresa repeats again that she's keeping the babies and Gwen and Rebecca can't do anything about it. A bit later they look through photographs and Paloma watches them; she thinks that Alistair was right about nobody wanting her there. Pilar notices Paloma and asks her what she's doing. She tells them that she was going to the kitchen to eat something. Theresa tells her they want to spend some time with her and tells her they're looking at pictures of little Ethan. Paloma says she needs to go put on her robe and leaves. Pilar asks Theresa if she read the legal papers carefully and Theresa tells her she didn't understand any of it but she trusts Ethan. Paloma comes back and looks at all the pictures of little Ethan. Theresa tells her how much she treasures them because they were all she had when he was taken away from her. Paloma tells Theresa that no mother should be without her child and she knows how heartbroken she was over it. Paloma asks Pilar why it wasn't hard for her to be away from her and why it was so easy to send her to Mexico. Pilar tells Paloma that she loves her but Paloma says she doesn't. Theresa tells her not to talk to Pilar like that. Paloma tells her that Pilar doesn't care about her, why should she care about her. Theresa tells her to listen and says that Pilar used to look at pictures of her and cry waiting to hear from Tia Maria because she couldn't afford to call her. Paloma makes a snide remark about how hard it must be for them to live like they do (in the mansion). Theresa says they only live there now because of the babies she's carrying, that they lost their home because of the Cranes. She goes on to tell her that they wanted her there sooner but Pilar didn't want to take her out of school. Paloma tells her it sounds like a lot of excuses to her and that they'll send her back to Mexico the first chance they get when Pilar is better. She goes on to say that the man told her the truth about them but says she doesn't know who he was when they ask. She sees a picture of Alistair in the paper and says that it was him. They tell her that it's Alistair Crane and Paloma is shocked. Pilar tells her that they love her, all of them do. Theresa leaves to look in on little Ethan and starts to have pains in her stomach, she asks God not to let anything happen to the babies.

In Gwen and Ethan's room, Ethan says that Gwen hasn't stopped smiling since he had Theresa sign the papers and wants to know why. She says it's nothing, she's just trusting Theresa to give the babies to her as planned. Ethan is happy to hear that she no longer has ill feelings towards Theresa. A bit later Ethan surprises Gwen with dinner in their room. They dance and talk about how much they love each other and later make love. Gwen thinks to herself that nothing is going to stop her from getting everything she wants.

Meanwhile, Eve and Julian lie in bed and say they love each other. Julian says he'll always be there for her and Eve tells him that he means so much to her. They talk about Chad and wonder whether they'll be close to him. Julian thinks that there's a good chance of it but Eve isn't so sure. She's worried about Fox-Whitney-Chad situation and is worried that they'll all be hurt. Julian asks her to go swimming with him and she agrees but knows he's doing it to keep her from worrying. Julian tells her to stop worrying, that there's been enough suffering for one night.

Out at the pool house Chad barges in while Fox and Whitney are starting to make love. He shoves Fox off of her and tells him not to touch her ever again. Fox asks him why he's there and asks if he's moving in. Chad says he's the one that's moving in - on Whitney. Fox tells Chad that he loves Whitney and Chad punches him. Whitney screams at him to stop but the two continue to fight. Chad continues to beat Fox even after he passes out on the floor! Whitney keeps asking him to stop saying that he's going to kill Fox. She checks on him and says he's dead and tells Chad that he killed his own brother! We find out that it's all in Chad's imagination as he watches Fox and Whitney from outside of the pool house. Eve and Julian show up and ask him what's wrong. They look into the pool house and see what's going on and apologize to him. Chad says they can't do anything but Julian says he can end it, he's had enough of his kids hurting each other and it has to end. Julian and Eve both barge into the pool house and Julian demands that it stops. Eve asks Whitney how she can do this so soon after Chad and Whitney fires back like she did with Julian after her father? Julian forbids Fox to see Whitney anymore.

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan return from their trip. Sheridan thanks him for taking her away and says she needed it. She ponders calling to check on Alistair but Luis says that if anything had happened they'd have heard about it. Sheridan still can't believe that Mrs. Wheeler shot him and says she doesn't want to see her go to jail. Luis tells her to go take a hot bath because she's still stressed out. Sheridan asks him to join her but he says he has something he has to do. Sheridan wonders what's more important than her and he tells her he was going to see little Martin but didn't want to remind her of the loss of their own baby. Sheridan is grateful for his understanding and tells him to go even though he says it can wait. She tells him she wants to go with him and he asks if she thinks she's up to it. She promises she won't think about their loss and Luis says he'll call Beth and let her know they're coming.

At the house, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are watching a tape of Luis and Sheridan's commitment ceremony. Mrs. Wallace is drinking "MarTimmies" and Beth tells her to keep it away from her baby. Mrs. Wallace says she'd never hurt the baby and tells little Martin to come watch his real mommy on TV. Beth says she is his mommy and Mrs. Wallace says, "yeah and I'm Britney Spears." She reminds Beth how she got the baby and Beth says all of that is behind her and someday Luis will come back. She goes on to say that she, Luis, and little Martin were meant to be a family and that Sheridan didn't feel a connection with the baby the last time she saw him. Mrs. Wallace tells her she's cuckoo and to wake up. Beth gets the call from Luis and she's ecstatic until he says that he's bringing Sheridan with him to see little Martin. Mrs. Wallace asks her what's wrong and then realizes that Sheridan is coming. Beth says she's going to put the baby to bed and Sheridan wasn't going to see him. A bit later Luis and Sheridan show up and Beth sends Precious to make tea. Luis asks where the baby is and Beth says he wasn't feeling well so she put him to bed. He asks her if she took him to the doctor and Beth says yes but it was expensive. Luis says he'll take care of it. They watch the commitment video again and Mrs. Wallace keeps commenting on what a perfect match they are while Beth grumbles and fumes. Meanwhile Precious fantasizes about her own wedding to Luis (hehe). Luis makes a comment about wishing that Martin could see the video and Beth says he will when he feels better. Luis and Sheridan start to leave and Beth tells them to stay but Luis says it's late. Beth says she'll understand if Sheridan wants to go with Alistair having been shot. Sheridan says that it and the death of Antonio were shocks. Beth tells her she can't believe Antonio is gone. While they talk Mrs. Wallace schemes with Precious to go get the baby, and then she tells everyone she's going to bed. Beth tells Luis to come back the next day and see Martin and he says they will both be back. Mrs. Wallace returns with Martin and says they can see him now because he's awake! They spend some time with the baby and Martin walks to Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace says even Martin knows who his mother is. Beth wants to put him back to bed but Mrs. Wallace says they will know she's up to something if she does.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Julian forbids Fox from seeing Whitney, thinking that Fox is taking advantage of her. Fox refuses and tells Julian what a hypocrite he is being, so Julian punches Fox and tells him to get out of the Crane house and Crane Industries. Fox tells Chad that Julian is just using

him to get close to Eve, and he will let him experience firsthand what a lousy father Julian is. Fox says that he would have traded all his years in expensive boarding schools and exotic vacations for just one hug from Julian, and then leaves.

Paloma confronts Pilar about sending her away to Mexico. She tells Pilar and Theresa that the "nice man" she talked to told her that her family was just using her, and Theresa lets Paloma know that that man was Alistair Crane, and she should not listen to anything he says. Pilar tells Paloma that she sent her away because they had barely enough money to get by, and that she thought it would be best to send the youngest child, Paloma, away because she would have fewer memories of the family and it would be easier for her to adjust.

When Martin calls Sheridan "Mama," Sheridan refuses to hand him over to Beth or Luis, thinking that Martin really is her son, while Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth and says that Sheridan knows Martin is her baby. Luis talks to Beth about it and tells her that he thinks Sheridan has an unhealthy fixation on Little Martin. Beth asks him to come by himself when he visits Martin from now on. Finally, Sheridan says that there is no way Martin could be her son, and gives Martin back to Beth.

Theresa interrupts Gwen and Ethan's romantic night together when she starts having awful pains. She tries to convince herself, Gwen, Ethan and Pilar that she is just having Braxton-Hicks contractions and she is fine, but then Theresa collapses and starts bleeding!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sheridan talks to "Mrs. Wheeler" and compares the bond that she felt with Little Martin to the bond she feels with Mrs. Wheeler. "Mr. Wheeler" suggests to Luis that maybe he doesn't hate his father as much as he says he does because Luis named his son after Martin. Sheridan goes off to be alone, and Luis tells Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler that he's worried about her. Mrs. Wheeler says that she can try to comfort Sheridan.

Alistair calls Sam into his hospital room to tell him that he wants Mrs. Wheeler put back in jail. Sam says that he can't do this because Mrs. Wheeler got out on bail and she is innocent until proven guilty, so Alistair threatens to have Sam's badge taken away if he doesn't re-arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Alistair has his nurse call up the judge to revoke Mrs. Wheeler's bail, so Sam is forced to go back to the cottage and re-arrest Mrs. Wheeler.

Father Lonigan talks to Whitney and then to Alistair. Whitney tells him that she hasn't told Chad or Fox that she's pregnant with Chad's child, and she doesn't intend to. She says she will do anything to protect her baby. Whitney asks Father Lonigan for his blessing on her plan, and he tells her he can't give it to her. Father Lonigan tells Alistair that he should be concerned for his soul, and says that he is praying for him.

Paloma storms off after having another argument with Pilar about why she was sent away. Whitney apologizes to Fox, saying that it was her fault that he lost his home and his job, but Fox tells her that no mansion and no job is worth losing her. They kiss while Chad and Julian watch, and Julian tells Chad that anything he wants from the Cranes is his, because he is his only son now.

Theresa is rushed to the hospital, still in horrible pain. Eve at first thinks she might be going into premature labor, but as soon as she runs tests on Theresa, she sees that that is not the case. Gwen and Ethan are told that Theresa's life and the babies' lives are in grave danger.

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