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Passions Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on PS
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Noah and Fancy worry that the goons they stole the money from will track them to Harmony. At the same time, the goons search through Las Vegas hotel security footage hoping to ID the pair.

Rebecca is suspicious of Ethan's motives for allowing Theresa around the clock access to see Jane. Theresa tells Rebecca she knows that Gwen and Rebecca framed her for the tabloid scandal and she will soon prove it.

Luis and Sheridan chase "Beth" across the Crane grounds as she attempts to make a getaway on a helicopter. Luis catches her, only to realize it was a decoy sent by Alistair, and the real Beth is still on the loose with Marty!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Spike walked into his burned out club, bemoaning both his loss and Alistair's wrath. He swore that somebody would pay. He ranted and raved, kicking things and then dug out his gun from the rubble.

Down the street from the club, Noah carried Fancy toward the Crane mansion since she's lost her sandals and her feet hurt. Despite the fact that he helped her, Fancy kept insisting that he put her down and let her get home by herself. She still thought he might have tried to kill her in the club. She kept saying she wasn't helpless and he kept calling her a rich princess. She started screaming to get a guy's attention (he was across the street), saying that she was being kidnapped by an arsonist. She demanded to be put down and Spike came across the street to "help." Noah told him that he was glad to see that he made it out of the fire. Stupid Fancy told him she was glad he'd come to rescue her from the creep who was manhandling her. Spike recommended she call the cops and Fancy replied that he get away with it because he's the police chief's son. Spike perked up at that. He noted that Noah smelled like gasoline. He accused Noah of setting the fire to his club. Noah played dumb saying "You're Spike? The sleazebag who hurt my sister!" Spike said that Jessica asked for everything she got and she was pretty wild. Noah went after him and punches were thrown until Spike pulled a gun. Then he accused Fancy of being Noah's accomplice, checking to make sure Spike was kept busy while Noah did the dirty work. Noah swore she had nothing to do with it. He pushed them together and asked which wanted to die first-Paris Hilton or the police chief's son.

At the Crane estate the search continued for Beth and Marty. Luis decided that they needed to split up since Alistair was helping her. Ethan went back toward the mansion.

Beth put Marty in the back seat of a car in the garage and was then confronted by a very angry Sheridan who demanded she give Marty back to her. Beth tried to tell Sheridan she was crazy, but Sheridan grabbed her and struggled mightily. Beth locked the car with the remote as she and Sheridan walked around and around the car in the garage. Sheridan blathered on about how she'd always suspected it was Beth that had kidnapped her, tortured her, tried to kill her, and she knew Marty was her son. Beth accused her of being insane and tried to act innocent. Sheridan accused her of being the crazy one. Sheridan accused her of never even being pregnant. Sheridan told her that she should kill her and then demanded to know why she'd taken Marty from her. (Beth went into a memory of talking to her mother in the hospital after her heart attack and later when she was back at home. There she told her mother all the plans she had to get Luis back.) Beth told Sheridan that she deserved what she'd done and much more. Sheridan asked why and Beth snarled that Sheridan stole Luis, the man that she loves. She blamed Sheridan for her loss and Sheridan pointed out that they'd broken up years before she and Luis met. Beth claimed that he would have gone back to her if Sheridan hadn't gotten in the way-"little Miss richie bitch dripping in money." Sheridan was perplexed and crazy Beth said she had to do whatever it tool to get him back. Sheridan said it was crazy, she said Beth was her friend. Beth laughed that she'd fallen for it and it took all her nerve not to bash in Sheridan's head when she came to her whining about Luis. She swore that she hated Sheridan then and hated her even more now. Sheridan asked her what kind of person did all the things Beth did to her and Beth replied that she was more like Alistair than Sheridan ever was. Sheridan said it makes her sick to think Beth is her half-sister. Beth said that makes two of them and said Sheridan was fragile like Katherine. Sheridan told her that she was caught and she'd go to jail because she was a monster. Beth gloated that she'd destroyed Sheridan's relationship with Luis. Sheridan glanced into the car at Marty and Beth looked away with a look of triumph. Beth said that Sheridan thinks Beth has lost, but she hasn't. She claimed that she'd separated Sheridan and Luis and she still has Marty-Luis's son. She thinks that will bring Luis back to her. She taunted her saying that if she gets busy, they might be able to get married by Labor Day weekend. Sheridan told her that she was a lunatic and demanded the car key so she could get Marty and they struggled over the key. Beth taunted her further with the fact that she's have Marty if Luis had believed her all those months ago...but he didn't! He trusted Beth. Sheridan said he believes her now and Beth retorted that Luis thinks she's cuckoo. She told her that Luis doesn't love Sheridan, he pities her and that's why he never believed Sheridan but stuck up for Beth. Beth said she's the one who lives in his heart. Beth said "No one forgets their first love. That's what keeps you warm at night." She told Sheridan to try to live with the knowledge forever that Luis didn't believe her, he trusted Beth. She said that every time she looks at him she'll remember that she could have had Marty. Sheridan swore that she would get her son back. Beth said, "sorry Sher Sher, it's not happening." If Luis had loved her, he would have listened to her, but he didn't. so... Beth threw it in her face that Sheridan had declared publicly that Luis didn't need proof, he just needed to look in her heart. "But he didn't! Why? Because he trusted me. Why? Because he loved me! Why? Because you're a stupid blonde!" Sheridan angrily said she wasn't going to listen and wanted the key. Beth said she wouldn't give it to her because "her" baby was in there and she didn't want Sheridan to scare him. Sheridan tried to give her an out saying that she'd let her go, give her a plane and money if she just gave her Marty. Beth told her she didn't need her money because "daddy" already gave her everything she needed. Beth told her that Alistair had been helping her all along, from the very beginning when he didn't even know that she was his daughter yet. Beth lured her to a spot behind the car telling her that Alistair didn't want Sheridan to have Marty or Luis. Sheridan said through gritted teeth that she'd get her son back. Then Beth released an overhead net full of sports equipment that knocked Sheridan to the floor of the garage. Beth scrambled into the driver's seat of the car and as she gloated, Sheridan popped up in front of the car, ready to do battle. Sheridan yelled, "You're not going anywhere bitch!" She demanded that Beth get out pf the car and Beth refused yelling at her to get out of the way because she was leaving with her son now! She started the car and Sheridan said she would take her son over her dead body. Beth said that she was hoping she'd say that and gunned the engine, driving right at Sheridan who screamed.

Gwen searched Sheridan's cottage for Beth, Marty and Sheridan and then when she came across one of Marty's baby blankets, remembered losing Sarah at birth and felt her loss. Luis came upon her and tried to comfort her, but it was awkward since Theresa had been involved in the fight with Gwen that resulted in Sarah's death. Gwen talked about how she could relate to Sheridan's loss. Luis was frantic to find crazy Beth and Gwen made the point that maybe she was right that Beth tried to run her over. Luis only conceded that she might be right. He thanked Gwen for helping and apologized for putting her through this since she'd already been through a lot. Gwen told him it wasn't his fault. He admitted it was Theresa's. She blew off that comment, but then Luis followed it up with, "hey, I don't know what all's gone on between the two of you, but I figure it's been a two way street. Right?" Gwen was really knocked for a loop with that and suggested that they concentrate on finding Sheridan and Beth. Outside again, Gwen and Luis radioed Sam to figure out where next to look. Sam agreed to search the house again. The reconnoitered in the yard and Sam reported that Alistair was gone and they hadn't found Sheridan, Beth or Marty. Luis said they had to find them since Beth was clearly out of her mind and was capable of hurting Sheridan and Marty.

Meanwhile, Martin, Katherine and Pilar gathered around Rebecca's crumpled body at the bottom of the stairs. They assumed that Theresa had pushed her from the argument they'd overheard which was indeed Rebecca play acting after Theresa foolishly stated that she'd kill her before she'd let her steal baby Jane from her the way she did little Ethan. Ivy came upon them and accused Theresa of murder. Theresa swore she didn't touch Rebecca. Rebecca came to and asked if she was in heaven then dramatically screamed to get Theresa away from her because she pushed her down the stairs. Ethan walked in and Rebecca appealed to him saying that Theresa tried to kill her. Ethan asked her what she was still doing there and Theresa claimed to be there for Jane. Rebecca indignantly asked if Theresa was saying that she made the story up that she pushed her. Her false innocence didn't ring true with Ivy or Pilar, but Theresa has injured (and been accused of injuring) others when she gets mad. Ethan asked who witnessed what and Martin told of hearing the argument and then seeing Rebecca tumbling down the stairs. Theresa was angry that he didn't take her side. Pilar sided with him. Theresa swore that she didn't push her, but that she was being set up. Everybody looked at her accusingly. Theresa pleaded with them to believe her. Ivy wanted to call Sam. Ethan said he was searching for Marty but was on walkie-talkie. When Ivy said she'd call the police station, Rebecca suddenly backed off (like a snake coiling before the kill). Rebecca said there was so much pain on all sides and "can't we all get along?" Her innocent act continued as she said "for sweet baby Jane's sake let's all get along since she shouldn't have a mother in prison." She enumerated all the instances of violence and anger that Theresa had visited upon her friends and relations (added to by Ivy). Martin and Katherine were aghast at the long recitation of crimes. Pilar agreed that Theresa let her hot head get the best of her. Ethan asked why she hadn't just stayed home and asked Pilar to make sure she got home. Pilar said she would after they found Marty and thanked Rebecca for letting this incident go. Rebecca said she'd never meant that. Everybody was puzzled until she closed the trap saying that Theresa was too crazy and dangerous to be around Jane unsupervised. She said Theresa might come unglued and come at her with a machete. Then she said she didn't even want Theresa in her house. Theresa shouted that she's her mother and could never hurt her. Rebecca countered that she's a mother prone to violent outbursts and shouldn't go near Jane. Ethan said she was going too far and Rebecca said it would be on his head, She said that at the very least the visits should be supervised by CPS. Theresa angrily yelled that Rebecca was out of her mind. Rebecca replied, "Fine! Then we'll do as Ivy suggested and call the cops!" Theresa was stuck. She either had to agree that she would never go to the mansion and have very supervised visits or Rebecca would file charges against her. Martin and Pilar were very scared and tried to convince her to agree so she didn't go to jail. Theresa wouldn't agree, and then explained how Rebecca set her up to keep her from her child. Ethan said that nobody in their right mind would throw themselves down the stairs on purpose! Martin and Pilar pulled Theresa away as she heatedly explained what happened and asked why they wouldn't believe her. Ivy and Rebecca sat on the stairs looking like two cats with full saucers of cream. Ivy rhetorically asked Rebecca if Theresa was telling the truth and then said "you risked yourself to get Theresa out of Ethan and Gwen's life." Rebecca agreed and then asked, "wouldn't you?" (Ivy went off to a memory of when she pushed herself in her wheelchair down the stairs of the Bennett house when Theresa threatened to expose one of Ivy's secrets to Sam.). Ivy replied that she already had and Rebecca said, "Oh when Theresa "pushed" you down the stairs." They congratulated each other on protecting their children as Ethan fought with Theresa in the next room. He told her that he was siding with Rebecca and she shouldn't be alone with Jane.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fancy and Noah face certain death as an armed Spike pulls the trigger.

Luis finds Sheridan in the garage in time to save her from Beth's wrath, but not in time to prevent Beth's escape with Marty.

Theresa tries to convince Ethan that Rebecca's fall was a set-up to establish full custody of Jane. Martin and Pilar support Rebecca's story, then Theresa berates Martin just as Gwen walks in on the commotion.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Passions did not air. Programming will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off -- and there will be no "lost" episodes.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Passions did not air. Programming will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off -- and there will be no "lost" episodes.

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