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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on SB
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Monday, January 20, 1997

Due to the Presidential Inauguration, Sunset Beach was not shown today. Regular broadcasting resumed on Tuesday.

Tuesday January 21, 1997

At the Pier

Meg waits at the pier for SB. When its dark she notices someone at the end of the pier. You get this feeling that he knows her because he told her she is a "true romantic". The person turns out to be Cole St. John grandson of Armando DesChanel, but Meg doesn't realize it yet. She asks him if he is SB and he says, "Maybe". As he walks away he told her, "I'll be seeing you around". Could there be a possible romance between these two?


Ricardo tries to convince Annie to give him the gun. She won't budge and ask for a helicopter to fly her and Ben away. Then Paula tries to talk to Annie. It seems like when she almost has gotten the gun away from Annie that the LAPD swat team arrives. Annie panics and everybody fights for the gun. Ben ends up getting shot but not fatally. At the police station Ricardo finds out that it was Eddie that called the swat team. He removes Eddie from the case. Annie is fingerprinted and locked in jail.

Unexpected Visitors

Rae's family shows up out of the blue. They compliment her on the house and think that it is a present from her future husband. Casey shows up and her father asks who is that. She told her dad that he is her husband.

Wednesday January 22, 1997

Family Troubles

Rae's father told her that she has brought shame to their family. Casey and Rae go into the kitchen and she explains the whole story. Rae was suppose to marry this other guy as part of a business merger. She was hoping that when he was in China he would meet someone else. Apparently he hasn't so she needs Casey to masquerade as her husband. Back in the living room Rae's father starts to where the wedding rings are. Casey told him that they took them off because they didn't want to scratch them. Then Rae's father asks what his occupation he, and isn't happen to learn that their son-in-law is a lifeguard. He talks privately to Rae and told her he won't approve of the marriage. To Casey and Rae's surprise her parents announce that they are going be staying with them.

Misc. Threads
• Tiff writes an e-mail to Meg pretending to be SB. The e-mail says that SB had no intention of meeting her and that he is moving to Paris.
• A man walks into Elaine's Waffle Shop asking about the whereabouts of Vanessa.
• Ben trys to write "Dorothy" an e-mail but gets it back. He concludes she must have gone back to Kansas.

Thursday January 23, 1997


Rae and her father have a long time. She tries to explain to him why she married Casey. Meanwhile, Rae's mother has a chat with Casey. She explains to him that the reason why Rae's father likes Waylee(sp?) is because he was like a son that they have never had. Later Casey and Rae make a bet. If Casey can get her family's approval Rae owes him a kiss, if he doesn't she gets the Ocean View room.

Blackmail and Lies.

Sean told Olivia that he saw her with the black coat. She told him to keep it a secret. Paula and Ricardo show up and tell her she is under arrest. She points a gun at them and told them they'll never take her alive. Sean fights with her for gun, but she gets shot. Alas, it was only a nightmare. Sean wakes up and decides he must leave town. Gregory and Eddie meet. Eddie fills him in on the case and they exchange envelopes. Eddie later calls Olivia and told her he wants to meet her again and that she should bring money. She sells all her jewlery and went down to the pier. Sean catches up with her and he says he saw her. He told her he is going to leave town and he needs money. Just as she is about to reach in her purse and give him money, Paula and Ricardo show up. Ricardo wants to take Sean downtown to ID the suspect from a line-up.

14 Karats

Paula gets jealous when she sees Ricardo and his ex-girlfriend hug. What she doesn't know is that the ex bought him a 14 karat gift that he is going to give to Paula. When Paula informs him that she is going out to dinner with Eddie, Ricardo puts him on duty.

Misc. Threads

Two thugs threaten and almost kill Vanessa, but Michael comes to her rescue.

Friday January 24, 1997

Line Up

Ricardo told Annie that the ballistics test show the gun she had is the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Olivia pressures Sean into incriminateing Annie. When the suspects are lined up Sean can't seem to make a positive ID. When Ricardo and Sean are alone he says it was Annie and that he is positive. Annie demands to take polygraph test to prove her innocence. She later tenses up at the test and it looks like she will fail it.

On the Beachfront

A man is standing outside Michael's door and burst in. Jaylee runs to him saying "Uncle Clyde". He is about ready to take her away when Meg knocks at the door. Uncle Clyde escapes without Jaylee, but a chase ensues with Casey and Michael. While Casey is looking he feels a gun on his back. Then all of a sudden, Michael breaks a bottle over Uncle Clyde's head. The unconscious Clyde is taking back to the garage apartment where they tie him up with duct tape.

Misc. Threads

Ricardo gives Paula a 14 karat charm. She is delighted until she heards that his ex-girlfriend picked it out. Olivia pays Eddie off.

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